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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  87-75   .537
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Frank Robinson
General Manager:   Roland Hemond
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  2,535,208
Payroll:  $8,176,666
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Keith Moreland (35)
Youngest Player:  Juan Bell (21)
Longest Tenure:  Cal Ripken (9)
Top Hitter:  Cal Ripken (27)
Top Pitcher:  Jeff Ballard (20)
Top Draft Pick:  Ben McDonald (#1)

Roster Continuity:  55.38%
Top Prospect:   Pete Harnisch
American League Standings
NY Yankees7487.46014.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-04-03vs BOS1W  5-41-0152,161 Dave J. SchmidtRoger ClemensBrian HoltonBob Stanley 541
1989-04-06vs BOS2W  6-42-0122,041 Jose BautistaMike BoddickerJose BautistaMike SmithsonMark Williamson1183
1989-04-07@ MIN3L  3-82-1124,671Bob MilackiRoy SmithRoy SmithBob Milacki 1416-2
1989-04-08@ MIN4L  5-62-2235,969Dave J. SchmidtFreddie ToliverGerman GonzalezBrian HoltonJeff Reardon1922-3
1989-04-09@ MIN5W  8-13-2242,307Jeff BallardFrank ViolaJeff BallardFrank Viola 27234
1989-04-10@ KCA6L  0-33-3217,476Pete HarnischBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenPete Harnisch 27261
1989-04-11@ KCA7L  5-63-4317,623Jose BautistaFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterJose BautistaSteve Farr32320
1989-04-12@ KCA8W  5-44-4220,261Bob MilackiMark GubiczaGregg OlsonSteve Farr 37361
1989-04-14@ BOS9L  4-74-5324,460Dave J. SchmidtJohn DopsonJohn DopsonDave J. SchmidtBob Stanley4143-2
1989-04-15@ BOS10W  12-45-5128,457Jeff BallardMike BoddickerJeff BallardMike BoddickerGregg Olson53476
1989-04-17@ BOS11L  4-65-6332,923Jose BautistaWes GardnerLee SmithBrian HoltonBob Stanley57534
1989-04-18vs KCA12L  4-75-7513,408 Bob MilackiMark GubiczaTom GordonMark WilliamsonSteve Farr61601
1989-04-19vs KCA13W  6-56-7215,354 Dave J. SchmidtCharlie LeibrandtDave J. SchmidtCharlie LeibrandtMark Williamson67652
1989-04-20vs KCA14W  2-07-7222,925 Jeff BallardBret SaberhagenJeff BallardBret SaberhagenMark Williamson69654
1989-04-21vs MIN15L  1-77-8324,807 Jose BautistaAllan AndersonAllan AndersonJose Bautista 7072-2
1989-04-22vs MIN16W  4-18-8134,698 Mark ThurmondFreddie ToliverGregg OlsonFreddie Toliver 74731
1989-04-23vs MIN17W  3-09-8135,311 Bob MilackiShane RawleyBob MilackiShane Rawley 77734
1989-04-24@ CAL18L  2-39-9122,213Dave J. SchmidtJim AbbottJim AbbottDave J. SchmidtBryan Harvey79763
1989-04-25@ CAL19W  8-110-9121,165Jeff BallardMike WittJeff BallardMike Witt 877710
1989-04-26@ OAK20W  2-111-9117,060Jose BautistaBob WelchJose BautistaBob WelchGregg Olson897811
1989-04-27@ OAK21L  4-911-10221,423Pete HarnischCurt YoungTodd BurnsMark Thurmond 93876
1989-04-28@ SEA22L  5-1111-11110,929Bob MilackiErik HansonJerry ReedBrian Holton 98980
1989-04-29@ SEA23L  3-411-12114,688Dave J. SchmidtMark LangstonMark LangstonDave J. SchmidtMike Schooler101102-1
1989-04-30@ SEA24W  4-312-1219,452Jeff BallardScott BankheadJeff BallardSteve TroutMark Williamson1051050
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-05-02vs CAL25W  4-313-12117,668 Jose BautistaChuck FinleyGregg OlsonWillie Fraser 1091081
1989-05-03vs CAL26L  0-213-13219,564 Bob MilackiBert BlylevenRich MonteleoneBob Milacki 109110-1
1989-05-06vs SEA27L  1-213-1540 Dave J. SchmidtMark LangstonMark LangstonDave J. SchmidtMike Schooler110112-2
1989-05-06vs SEA28L  5-613-15419,975 Jeff BallardScott BankheadScott BankheadJeff BallardMike Schooler115118-3
1989-05-07vs SEA29L  3-513-16525,982 Jose BautistaBill SwiftBill SwiftJose BautistaDennis Powell118123-5
1989-05-08vs OAK30L  1-613-17519,159 Bob MilackiMike MooreMike MooreBob Milacki 119129-10
1989-05-11vs OAK31W  6-214-1741,201 Jeff BallardDave StewartJeff BallardDave Stewart 125131-6
1989-05-12vs CHA32W  9-615-17320,484 Dave J. SchmidtJerry ReussMark ThurmondTom McCarthyKevin Hickey134137-3
1989-05-13vs CHA33L  2-815-18423,032 Bob MilackiEric KingEric KingBob Milacki 136145-9
1989-05-14vs CHA34L  5-815-19435,124 Jose BautistaShawn HillegasSteve RosenbergMark WilliamsonBobby Thigpen141153-12
1989-05-17@ TEX35W  8-216-19412,558Dave J. SchmidtCharlie HoughDave J. SchmidtCharlie Hough 149155-6
1989-05-18vs CLE36W  3-217-19323,576 Bob MilackiGreg SwindellMark WilliamsonKeith Atherton 152157-5
1989-05-19vs CLE37L  1-417-20421,933 Jose BautistaTom CandiottiTom CandiottiJose BautistaDoug Jones153161-8
1989-05-20vs CLE38W  5-118-20330,372 Jeff BallardJohn FarrellJeff BallardJohn Farrell 158162-4
1989-05-21vs CLE39L  0-218-21435,428 Brian HoltonRich YettRich YettBrian HoltonDoug Jones158164-6
1989-05-22@ CHA40W  5-119-2138,528Dave J. SchmidtSteve RosenbergDave J. SchmidtSteve Rosenberg 163165-2
1989-05-23@ CHA41W  9-320-2129,251Bob MilackiBill LongBob MilackiBill Long 1721684
1989-05-24@ CHA42W  8-021-2117,911Jay TibbsEric KingJay TibbsEric KingMark Williamson18016812
1989-05-26@ CLE43W  5-222-21120,515Jeff BallardRich YettJeff BallardRich YettGregg Olson18517015
1989-05-27@ CLE44W  5-123-21113,260Dave J. SchmidtBuddy BlackDave J. SchmidtBuddy BlackMark Huismann19017119
1989-05-28@ CLE45L  0-123-22133,918Bob MilackiGreg SwindellGreg SwindellBob Milacki 19017218
1989-05-29vs TEX46W  6-124-22132,263 Brian HoltonNolan RyanBrian HoltonNolan Ryan 19617323
1989-05-30vs TEX47W  6-225-22119,044 Jay TibbsJamie MoyerMark WilliamsonJamie MoyerGregg Olson20217527
1989-05-31vs TEX48W  8-526-22125,236 Jeff BallardBobby WittMark WilliamsonBobby WittGregg Olson21018030
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-06-01@ DET49W  8-327-22114,861Dave J. SchmidtRandy NosekDave J. SchmidtRandy NosekMark Thurmond21818335
1989-06-02@ DET50W  4-128-22119,758Bob MilackiMike TrujilloBob MilackiMike TrujilloKevin Hickey22218438
1989-06-03@ DET51W  4-229-22119,738Brian HoltonDoyle AlexanderKevin HickeyDoyle AlexanderGregg Olson22618640
1989-06-04@ DET52W  7-430-22123,621Jay TibbsFrank TananaJay TibbsFrank TananaMark Williamson23319043
1989-06-05@ NYA53W  16-331-22124,711Jeff BallardAndy HawkinsJeff BallardAndy Hawkins 24919356
1989-06-06@ NYA54L  0-431-23124,260Dave J. SchmidtDave LaPointDave LaPointDave J. Schmidt 24919752
1989-06-08vs MIL55L  2-631-24130,378 Bob MilackiBill KruegerMark KnudsonBob Milacki 25120348
1989-06-09vs MIL56W  7-132-24131,156 Brian HoltonBryan ClutterbuckMark WilliamsonBryan Clutterbuck 25820454
1989-06-10vs MIL57L  0-632-25144,294 Jeff BallardDon AugustDon AugustJeff Ballard 25821048
1989-06-11vs MIL58L  1-332-26144,993 Jay TibbsTeddy HigueraChuck CrimKevin HickeyDan Plesac25921346
1989-06-13vs NYA59W  5-233-26124,674 Dave J. SchmidtDave LaPointDave J. SchmidtDave LaPointGregg Olson26421549
1989-06-14vs NYA60L  1-233-27128,626 Bob MilackiChuck CaryLee GuettermanKevin HickeyDave Righetti26521748
1989-06-15vs NYA61W  3-234-27130,284 Jeff BallardRichard DotsonMark ThurmondLance McCullers 26821949
1989-06-16vs OAK62L  5-735-2810 Brian HoltonStorm DavisStorm DavisBrian HoltonRick Honeycutt27322647
1989-06-16vs OAK63W  5-135-28140,707 Jay TibbsMike MooreJay TibbsMike Moore 27822751
1989-06-17vs OAK64W  4-236-28136,431 Jose BautistaMatt YoungJose BautistaMatt YoungGregg Olson28222953
1989-06-18vs OAK65W  4-237-28146,541 Dave J. SchmidtCurt YoungDave J. SchmidtCurt YoungMickey Weston28623155
1989-06-19@ SEA66W  9-538-28117,623Bob MilackiBill SwiftBob MilackiMichael JacksonMark Thurmond29523659
1989-06-20@ SEA67W  8-639-28110,547Jeff BallardRandy JohnsonMickey WestonJerry ReedGregg Olson30324261
1989-06-21@ SEA68W  8-640-28111,225Jay TibbsBrian HolmanJay TibbsBrian HolmanGregg Olson31124863
1989-06-22@ CAL69W  6-541-28123,876Brian HoltonJim AbbottMark WilliamsonWillie FraserGregg Olson31725364
1989-06-23@ CAL70L  1-541-29145,452Dave J. SchmidtMike WittMike WittDave J. Schmidt 31825860
1989-06-24@ CAL71L  3-841-30145,824Bob MilackiChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBob Milacki 32126655
1989-06-25@ CAL72L  6-741-31137,528Jeff BallardKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillJeff BallardBryan Harvey32727354
1989-06-27vs TOR73W  16-642-31130,136 Jay TibbsMike FlanaganJay TibbsMike Flanagan 34327964
1989-06-28vs TOR74W  2-143-31135,757 Brian HoltonJohn CeruttiKevin HickeyJohn CeruttiGregg Olson34528065
1989-06-29vs TOR75L  1-1143-32139,528 Dave J. SchmidtSteve CummingsSteve CummingsDave J. Schmidt 34629155
1989-06-30vs DET76L  5-1643-33140,594 Bob MilackiDavid PalmerMike SchwabeBob Milacki 35130744
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-07-01vs DET77W  8-144-33139,943 Jeff BallardCharles HudsonJeff BallardCharles Hudson 35930851
1989-07-02vs DET78L  3-744-34139,609 Jay TibbsPaul GibsonEd NunezMark ThurmondMike Henneman36231547
1989-07-03vs DET79W  11-445-34135,656 Brian HoltonDoyle AlexanderMike SmithDoyle Alexander 37331954
1989-07-04@ TOR80W  8-046-34144,025Dave J. SchmidtDave StiebDave J. SchmidtDave StiebMark Williamson38131962
1989-07-05@ TOR81W  5-447-34149,239Bob MilackiJimmy KeyBob MilackiJimmy KeyGregg Olson38632363
1989-07-06@ TOR82L  1-447-35146,629Jeff BallardTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreJeff BallardDuane Ward38732760
1989-07-07@ MIL83L  4-647-36127,313Pete HarnischDon AugustDon AugustPete HarnischDan Plesac39133358
1989-07-08@ MIL84W  5-248-36142,237Brian HoltonTeddy HigueraBrian HoltonTeddy HigueraGregg Olson39633561
1989-07-09@ MIL85L  2-748-37139,328Dave J. SchmidtChris BosioChris BosioDave J. Schmidt 39834256
1989-07-13vs CAL86L  5-1348-38129,750 Jeff BallardBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMark Thurmond 40335548
1989-07-14vs CAL87W  6-449-38145,921 Brian HoltonKirk McCaskillBrian HoltonKirk McCaskillGregg Olson40935950
1989-07-15vs CAL88W  11-950-38147,393 Dave J. SchmidtChuck FinleyMark WilliamsonBryan Harvey 42036852
1989-07-16vs CAL89W  3-251-38140,526 Bob MilackiMike WittMike SmithWillie Fraser 42337053
1989-07-17vs SEA90W  8-452-38136,129 Pete HarnischMike DunnePete HarnischMike Dunne 43137457
1989-07-18vs SEA91W  4-353-38129,705 Jeff BallardRandy JohnsonJeff BallardRandy JohnsonGregg Olson43537758
1989-07-19vs SEA92L  0-753-39135,691 Brian HoltonBrian HolmanBrian HolmanBrian Holton 43538451
1989-07-20@ OAK93L  2-553-40130,697Dave J. SchmidtDave StewartDave StewartDave J. SchmidtDennis Eckersley43738948
1989-07-21@ OAK94L  2-353-41130,848Bob MilackiMike MooreMike MooreGregg Olson 43939247
1989-07-22@ OAK95L  1-353-42137,241Pete HarnischBob WelchBob WelchPete HarnischDennis Eckersley44039545
1989-07-23@ OAK96L  2-353-43143,570Jeff BallardStorm DavisStorm DavisJeff BallardDennis Eckersley44239844
1989-07-25@ MIN97L  3-953-44126,626Dave J. SchmidtAllan AndersonAllan AndersonDave J. Schmidt 44540738
1989-07-26@ MIN98L  4-553-45128,321Bob MilackiShane RawleyJeff ReardonMark Williamson 44941237
1989-07-27@ MIN99L  6-1053-46127,642Pete HarnischRoy SmithRoy SmithPete Harnisch 45542233
1989-07-28@ KCA100W  4-354-46138,606Jeff BallardMark GubiczaMark WilliamsonJeff Montgomery 45942534
1989-07-29@ KCA101L  0-554-47140,053Dave J. SchmidtLuis AquinoLuis AquinoDave J. Schmidt 45943029
1989-07-30@ KCA102L  6-754-48130,208Mike SmithCharlie LeibrandtSteve FarrGregg OlsonJeff Montgomery46543728
1989-07-31@ BOS103L  6-954-49133,826Bob MilackiEric HetzelBob StanleyBob MilackiLee Smith47144625
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-08-01@ BOS104L  3-554-51135,111Pete HarnischJohn DopsonRob MurphyPete HarnischLee Smith47445123
1989-08-01@ BOS105L  2-654-51134,901Dave JohnsonWes GardnerWes GardnerDave Johnson 47645719
1989-08-02@ BOS106W  9-855-51134,970Jeff BallardJoe PriceMark WilliamsonEric HetzelMark Thurmond48546520
1989-08-04vs TEX107L  4-655-52137,754 Dave J. SchmidtCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDave J. SchmidtJeff Russell48947118
1989-08-05vs TEX108W  5-256-52148,776 Bob MilackiNolan RyanBob MilackiNolan RyanGregg Olson49447321
1989-08-06vs TEX109W  3-257-52128,592 Pete HarnischKevin BrownMark WilliamsonJeff Russell 49747522
1989-08-07vs MIN110L  2-457-53136,180 Jeff BallardRoy SmithRoy SmithJeff BallardJeff Reardon49947920
1989-08-08vs MIN111W  6-158-53127,875 Dave JohnsonRick AguileraDave JohnsonRick Aguilera 50548025
1989-08-09vs MIN112L  0-758-54130,132 Mark ThurmondAllan AndersonAllan AndersonMark Thurmond 50548718
1989-08-11vs BOS113L  4-659-5510 Bob MilackiRoger ClemensRoger ClemensBob Milacki 50949316
1989-08-11vs BOS114W  4-159-55149,003 Pete HarnischMike SmithsonPete HarnischMike Smithson 51349419
1989-08-12vs BOS115L  8-1059-56150,865 Jeff BallardWes GardnerBob StanleyKevin Hickey 52150417
1989-08-13vs BOS116W  6-160-56146,335 Dave JohnsonTom BoltonDave JohnsonTom Bolton 52750522
1989-08-14@ DET117W  4-161-56117,447Brian HoltonJack MorrisDave J. SchmidtJack MorrisGregg Olson53150625
1989-08-15@ DET118W  2-062-56116,203Bob MilackiDoyle AlexanderBob MilackiDoyle Alexander 53350627
1989-08-16@ DET119L  0-462-57117,092Pete HarnischFrank TananaFrank TananaPete Harnisch 53351023
1989-08-17vs TOR120W  11-663-57140,147 Jeff BallardJohn CeruttiJeff BallardJohn Cerutti 54451628
1989-08-18vs TOR121L  2-963-58131,668 Dave JohnsonMauro GozzoMauro GozzoDave Johnson 54652521
1989-08-19vs TOR122L  1-563-59138,111 Bob MilackiJimmy KeyJimmy KeyBob Milacki 54753017
1989-08-20vs TOR123W  7-264-59137,242 Pete HarnischDave StiebPete HarnischDave StiebMark Thurmond55453222
1989-08-21vs MIL124W  5-065-59131,912 Jeff BallardJerry ReussJeff BallardJerry Reuss 55953227
1989-08-22vs MIL125W  4-266-59131,726 Dave JohnsonChris BosioDave JohnsonChris Bosio 56353429
1989-08-23vs MIL126W  3-167-59132,702 Bob MilackiTom FilerBob MilackiTom FilerGregg Olson56653531
1989-08-24@ NYA127L  1-568-6010Pete HarnischChuck CaryChuck CaryPete Harnisch 56754027
1989-08-24@ NYA128W  9-268-60130,214Dave J. SchmidtEric PlunkDave J. SchmidtEric Plunk 57654234
1989-08-25@ NYA129W  3-169-60130,177Jeff BallardClay ParkerJeff BallardClay ParkerGregg Olson57954336
1989-08-26@ NYA130W  6-470-60138,021Dave JohnsonWalt TerrellDave JohnsonWalt TerrellGregg Olson58554738
1989-08-27@ NYA131W  8-571-60143,799Bob MilackiGreg CadaretBob MilackiGreg Cadaret 59355241
1989-08-29@ CLE132L  1-371-61110,035Pete HarnischTom CandiottiDoug JonesPete Harnisch 59455539
1989-08-30@ CLE133W  7-472-61113,020Jeff BallardGreg SwindellJeff BallardGreg SwindellGregg Olson60155942
1989-08-31@ CLE134L  0-1172-6219,735Dave JohnsonJohn FarrellJohn FarrellDave Johnson 60157031
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-09-01@ CHA135L  1-1072-63211,574Bob MilackiEric KingEric KingBob Milacki 60258022
1989-09-02@ CHA136W  2-173-63217,678Pete HarnischGreg HibbardBrian HoltonGreg HibbardGregg Olson60458123
1989-09-03@ CHA137L  2-473-64217,101Jeff BallardMelido PerezMelido PerezJeff BallardBobby Thigpen60658521
1989-09-04vs CLE138W  5-474-64232,875 Dave JohnsonGreg SwindellMark WilliamsonRod Nichols 61158922
1989-09-05vs CLE139W  3-175-64219,985 Bob MilackiJohn FarrellBob MilackiJohn FarrellGregg Olson61459024
1989-09-06vs CLE140L  0-975-65229,405 Curt SchillingBuddy BlackBuddy BlackCurt Schilling 61459915
1989-09-07@ TEX141W  8-377-6520Jeff BallardNolan RyanJeff BallardNolan RyanMark Williamson62260220
1989-09-07@ TEX142W  9-677-65215,759Pete HarnischBobby WittPete HarnischBobby Witt 63160823
1989-09-08@ TEX143L  1-377-66215,080Dave JohnsonKevin BrownKevin BrownDave JohnsonJeff Russell63261121
1989-09-09@ TEX144W  4-278-66230,332Bob MilackiMike JeffcoatGregg OlsonDrew Hall 63661323
1989-09-10@ TEX145L  1-878-67213,783Dave J. SchmidtJamie MoyerJamie MoyerDave J. Schmidt 63762116
1989-09-11vs CHA146W  6-379-67221,581 Jeff BallardSteve RosenbergJeff BallardSteve RosenbergGregg Olson64362419
1989-09-12vs CHA147L  1-1179-68219,629 Pete HarnischEric KingEric KingPete Harnisch 6446359
1989-09-13vs CHA148L  0-379-69216,484 Dave JohnsonGreg HibbardGreg HibbardDave JohnsonBobby Thigpen6446386
1989-09-15vs KCA149W  5-280-69238,029 Bob MilackiLarry McWilliamsBob MilackiSteve CrawfordGregg Olson6496409
1989-09-16vs KCA150W  7-581-69244,591 Jeff BallardMark GubiczaGregg OlsonTerry Leach 65664511
1989-09-17vs KCA151L  0-781-70242,254 Dave JohnsonBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenDave Johnson 6566524
1989-09-19vs DET152W  6-282-70222,378 Bob MilackiJack MorrisBob MilackiJack MorrisMark Williamson6626548
1989-09-20vs DET153W  9-283-70230,644 Jeff BallardFrank TananaJeff BallardFrank Tanana 67165615
1989-09-22vs NYA154L  4-583-71247,721 Dave JohnsonWalt TerrellWalt TerrellBrian HoltonDave Righetti67566114
1989-09-23vs NYA155W  10-284-71248,308 Bob MilackiEric PlunkBob MilackiEric Plunk 68566322
1989-09-24vs NYA156L  0-284-72251,173 Jeff BallardChuck CaryChuck CaryJeff BallardDave Righetti68566520
1989-09-25@ MIL157W  5-385-72212,284Pete HarnischTeddy HigueraPete HarnischTeddy HigueraGregg Olson69066822
1989-09-26@ MIL158L  3-785-73212,814Dave JohnsonJaime NavarroJaime NavarroDave Johnson 69367518
1989-09-27@ MIL159W  4-086-73214,463Bob MilackiJerry ReussBob MilackiJerry Reuss 69767522
1989-09-29@ TOR160L  1-286-74249,636Jeff BallardTodd StottlemyreTom HenkeMark Williamson 69867721
1989-09-30@ TOR161L  3-486-75249,553Dave JohnsonJimmy KeyFrank WillsMark WilliamsonTom Henke70168120
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-10-01@ TOR162W  7-587-75249,469Bob MilackiJose NunezBen McDonaldMauro Gozzo 70868622

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