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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  86-76   .531
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Whitey Herzog
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  3,080,980
Payroll:  $15,555,333
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dan Quisenberry (36)
Youngest Player:  Ken Hill (23)
Longest Tenure:  Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee (8)
Top Hitter:  Pedro Guerrero (5)
Top Pitcher:  Jose DeLeon (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Paul Coleman (#6)

Roster Continuity:  67.02%
Top Prospect:   Todd Zeile
National League Standings
Chi Cubs9369.574--
NY Mets8775.5376.0
St. Louis8676.5317.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-04-03@ NYN1L  4-80-1638,539Joe MagraneDwight GoodenDwight GoodenJoe MagraneDon Aase48-4
1989-04-05@ NYN2W  3-11-1617,873Jose DeLeonBob OjedaJose DeLeonBob OjedaTodd Worrell79-2
1989-04-08@ PHI3L  4-51-2423,741Scott TerryDon CarmanJeff ParrettJohn Costello 1114-3
1989-04-09@ PHI4W  15-32-2431,631Joe MagraneBruce RuffinJoe MagraneBruce Ruffin 26179
1989-04-11@ CHN5L  4-52-347,943Jose DeLeonGreg MadduxCalvin SchiraldiJose DeLeonMitch Williams30228
1989-04-12@ CHN6L  2-32-4521,187Scott TerryPaul KilgusPaul KilgusScott TerryMitch Williams32257
1989-04-14vs NYN7L  4-92-5651,257 Joe MagraneDavid ConeDavid ConeJoe Magrane 36342
1989-04-15vs NYN8W  3-23-5540,477 Don HeinkelDwight GoodenDan QuisenberryDon Aase 39363
1989-04-16vs NYN9W  5-34-5440,168 Jose DeLeonBob OjedaJose DeLeonBob Ojeda 44395
1989-04-17vs PIT10W  4-25-5425,277 Scott TerryNeal HeatonScott TerryBrian FisherTodd Worrell48417
1989-04-18vs PIT11L  3-45-6422,198 Cris CarpenterJohn SmileyMorris MaddenTodd WorrellJeff Robinson51456
1989-04-19vs PIT12L  5-75-7529,132 Don HeinkelBob WalkBob WalkDon HeinkelJeff Robinson56524
1989-04-20vs MON13W  5-26-7422,839 Ken HillRandy JohnsonKen HillRandy JohnsonTodd Worrell61547
1989-04-21vs MON14W  1-07-7432,227 Jose DeLeonPascual PerezJose DeLeonTim Burke 62548
1989-04-22vs MON15W  5-28-7341,325 Scott TerryKevin GrossScott TerryKevin Gross 675611
1989-04-23vs MON16L  3-98-8444,956 Cris CarpenterBryn SmithBryn SmithCris Carpenter 70655
1989-04-25vs SFN17L  0-48-9527,911 Ken HillDon RobinsonDon RobinsonKen HillCraig Lefferts70691
1989-04-26vs SFN18W  3-19-9327,514 Jose DeLeonKelly DownsJose DeLeonKelly DownsKen Dayley73703
1989-04-27vs SFN19W  10-110-9230,825 Scott TerryScott GarreltsScott TerryScott Garrelts 837112
1989-04-28vs LAN20W  6-311-9239,918 Don HeinkelTim LearyDon HeinkelTim Leary 897415
1989-04-29vs LAN21W  1-012-9240,282 Ken HillFernando ValenzuelaCris CarpenterRay Searage 907416
1989-04-30vs LAN22W  4-313-9148,726 Joe MagraneTim BelcherJoe MagraneTim BelcherKen Dayley947717
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-05-01@ SDN23W  6-014-9132,486Jose DeLeonBruce HurstJose DeLeonBruce Hurst 1007723
1989-05-02@ SDN24L  1-714-10220,920Scott TerryEd WhitsonEd WhitsonScott Terry 1018417
1989-05-03@ LAN25L  3-414-11234,861Don HeinkelTim LearyRay SearageKen Dayley 1048816
1989-05-04@ LAN26W  12-015-11236,689Ken HillFernando ValenzuelaKen HillFernando Valenzuela 1168828
1989-05-05@ SFN27W  3-116-11124,401Joe MagraneScott GarreltsFrank DiPinoMike LaCossTodd Worrell1198930
1989-05-06@ SFN28L  0-916-12226,925Jose DeLeonRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJose DeLeonMike LaCoss1199821
1989-05-07@ SFN29L  1-516-13350,492Scott TerryDon RobinsonDon RobinsonScott Terry 12010317
1989-05-09vs SDN30W  4-317-13235,809 Ken HillDennis RasmussenKen DayleyGreg HarrisTodd Worrell12410618
1989-05-10vs SDN31W  3-118-13234,996 Joe MagraneWalt TerrellJoe MagraneWalt TerrellTodd Worrell12710720
1989-05-11vs SDN32W  6-519-13140,146 Jose DeLeonEric ShowJose DeLeonEric ShowDan Quisenberry13311221
1989-05-12vs CIN33L  0-519-14150,023 Ted PowerRick MahlerRick MahlerTed Power 13311716
1989-05-13vs CIN34L  2-319-15248,121 Cris CarpenterJose RijoJose RijoCris CarpenterJohn Franco13512015
1989-05-14vs CIN35L  2-519-16243,619 Ken HillDanny JacksonDanny JacksonKen HillJohn Franco13712512
1989-05-16@ HOU36L  7-819-17212,685Jose DeLeonJim ClancyDan SchatzederCris Carpenter 14413311
1989-05-17@ HOU37L  2-319-18311,605Joe MagraneJim DeshaiesLarry AndersenJoe Magrane 14613610
1989-05-18@ HOU38W  4-320-18317,124Don HeinkelBob KnepperKen DayleyLarry Andersen 15013911
1989-05-19@ ATL39L  2-320-19318,594Ken HillPete SmithJoe BoeverDan Quisenberry 15214210
1989-05-20@ ATL40W  1-021-19326,840Scott TerryDerek LilliquistKen DayleyJoe BoeverDan Quisenberry15314211
1989-05-21@ ATL41W  6-122-19336,560Jose DeLeonJohn SmoltzFrank DiPinoJose Alvarez 15914316
1989-05-23@ CIN42L  4-622-20321,872Matt KinzerDanny JacksonDanny JacksonMatt KinzerJohn Franco16314914
1989-05-24@ CIN43L  1-522-21321,055Ken HillTom BrowningTom BrowningKen Hill 16415410
1989-05-26vs ATL44W  3-023-21334,818 Scott TerryJohn SmoltzScott TerryJohn SmoltzDan Quisenberry16715413
1989-05-27vs ATL45L  1-423-22348,866 Jose DeLeonTom GlavineJose AlvarezJose DeLeonJoe Boever16815810
1989-05-28vs ATL46W  3-324-22335,832 Joe MagraneZane Smith 17116110
1989-05-29vs HOU47L  2-324-23430,012 Ken HillBob KnepperBob KnepperKen HillDave Smith1731649
1989-05-30vs HOU48L  4-824-24436,370 Scott TerryBob ForschDanny DarwinScott Terry 1771725
1989-05-31vs HOU49L  3-424-25434,258 Jose DeLeonJim ClancyDan SchatzederCris CarpenterDave Smith1801764
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-06-02vs CHN50L  2-524-26446,448 Joe MagraneRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeJoe MagraneMitch Williams1821811
1989-06-03vs CHN51W  6-525-26444,719 Ken HillMike BieleckiDan QuisenberryCalvin Schiraldi 1881862
1989-06-04vs CHN52L  3-1125-27445,659 Scott TerryScott SandersonScott SandersonScott Terry 191197-6
1989-06-05@ MON53W  5-426-27417,261Jose DeLeonBryn SmithJose DeLeonBryn SmithJohn Costello196201-5
1989-06-06@ MON54L  2-326-28416,435Joe MagranePascual PerezPascual PerezJoe MagraneTim Burke198204-6
1989-06-07@ MON55W  5-227-28430,214Ken HillMark LangstonKen HillMark LangstonKen Dayley203206-3
1989-06-08@ MON56W  7-228-28412,402Scott TerryKevin GrossFrank DiPinoKevin Gross 2102082
1989-06-09@ CHN57W  1-029-28434,937Jose DeLeonScott SandersonJose DeLeonScott SandersonTodd Worrell2112083
1989-06-10@ CHN58W  6-030-28338,045Joe MagraneGreg MadduxJoe MagraneGreg Maddux 2172089
1989-06-11@ CHN59W  10-731-28335,450Ken HillPaul KilgusCris CarpenterCalvin Schiraldi 22721512
1989-06-12@ CHN60L  3-1031-29327,154Scott TerrySteve WilsonSteve WilsonScott Terry 2302255
1989-06-13vs MON61L  0-231-30335,828 Jose DeLeonMark LangstonMark LangstonJose DeLeon 2302273
1989-06-14vs MON62W  10-032-30336,246 Joe MagraneKevin GrossJoe MagraneKevin Gross 24022713
1989-06-15vs MON63W  4-333-30326,698 Ken HillDennis MartinezTodd WorrellAndy McGaffigan 24423014
1989-06-16vs PIT64W  6-234-30347,186 Scott TerryRandy KramerScott TerryRandy KramerKen Dayley25023218
1989-06-17vs PIT65L  2-734-31443,924 Jose DeLeonJeff RobinsonJeff RobinsonJose DeLeonBob Kipper25223913
1989-06-18vs PIT66L  4-1234-32440,198 Joe MagraneMorris MaddenMorris MaddenJoe MagraneBill Landrum2562515
1989-06-20@ PHI67W  6-436-3220Ken HillTerry MulhollandKen HillTerry MulhollandKen Dayley2622557
1989-06-20@ PHI68W  5-336-32227,285Ted PowerSteve OntiverosFrank DiPinoSteve OntiverosTodd Worrell2672589
1989-06-22@ PHI69L  2-1136-33326,006Jose DeLeonDennis CookDennis CookJose DeLeon 2692690
1989-06-23@ PIT70W  3-237-33322,904Joe MagraneMorris MaddenJoe MagraneMorris MaddenTodd Worrell2722711
1989-06-24@ PIT71L  2-537-34436,064Scott TerryBob WalkBob WalkScott TerryBill Landrum274276-2
1989-06-25@ PIT72L  3-537-35422,514Ted PowerJohn SmileyJohn SmileyTed PowerBill Landrum277281-4
1989-06-26vs PHI73L  4-537-36432,723 Ken HillBruce RuffinJeff ParrettTodd WorrellRoger McDowell281286-5
1989-06-27vs PHI74L  2-437-37430,482 Jose DeLeonDennis CookDennis CookJose DeLeonRoger McDowell283290-7
1989-06-28vs PHI75W  2-138-37437,018 Joe MagraneKen HowellJoe MagraneKen Howell 285291-6
1989-06-30vs SDN76W  4-339-37448,145 Scott TerryWalt TerrellScott TerryWalt TerrellTodd Worrell289294-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-07-01vs SDN77W  9-340-37442,270 Ken HillPat ClementsTed PowerPat Clements 2982971
1989-07-02vs SDN78L  2-540-38434,248 Jose DeLeonBruce HurstBruce HurstJose DeLeon 300302-2
1989-07-04vs LAN79W  2-141-38435,532 Joe MagraneFernando ValenzuelaJoe MagraneFernando Valenzuela 302303-1
1989-07-05vs LAN80W  3-242-38434,495 Scott TerryOrel HershiserJohn CostelloJohn WettelandTodd Worrell3053050
1989-07-06vs LAN81W  14-243-38336,804 Ken HillTim LearyKen HillTim LearyDan Quisenberry31930712
1989-07-07vs SFN82W  6-444-38342,627 Jose DeLeonMike LaCossFrank DiPinoMike LaCossKen Dayley32531114
1989-07-08vs SFN83L  5-844-39447,400 Ted PowerDon RobinsonJeff BrantleyTed Power 33031911
1989-07-09vs SFN84W  6-445-39441,985 Joe MagraneTrevor WilsonJoe MagraneTrevor WilsonKen Dayley33632313
1989-07-13@ LAN85L  2-345-40433,358Ken HillOrel HershiserOrel HershiserKen HillJay Howell33832612
1989-07-14@ LAN86W  7-246-40441,599Scott TerryMike MorganScott TerryMike Morgan 34532817
1989-07-15@ LAN87W  2-047-40345,517Joe MagraneFernando ValenzuelaJoe MagraneFernando Valenzuela 34732819
1989-07-16@ LAN88L  2-347-41343,655Jose DeLeonTim BelcherTim BelcherJose DeLeonJay Howell34933118
1989-07-17@ SFN89L  4-847-42325,643Ted PowerAtlee HammakerRandy McCamentTed PowerRich Gossage35333914
1989-07-18@ SFN90L  3-747-43418,112Ken HillDon RobinsonDon RobinsonKen Hill 35634610
1989-07-19@ SFN91L  5-747-44438,282Scott TerryTrevor WilsonJeff BrantleyScott TerryCraig Lefferts3613538
1989-07-20@ SDN92W  7-148-44423,713Joe MagraneWalt TerrellJoe MagraneWalt Terrell 36835414
1989-07-21@ SDN93W  5-049-44419,241Jose DeLeonDennis RasmussenJose DeLeonDennis Rasmussen 37335419
1989-07-22@ SDN94W  5-250-44427,567Ted PowerGreg HarrisTed PowerGreg Harris 37835622
1989-07-23@ SDN95W  3-251-44420,625Ken HillBruce HurstKen HillBruce HurstTodd Worrell38135823
1989-07-24vs CHN96L  2-351-45445,183 Scott TerryMike BieleckiMike BieleckiScott TerryMitch Williams38336122
1989-07-25vs CHN97L  2-451-46446,621 Joe MagranePaul KilgusPaul KilgusJoe MagraneMitch Williams38536520
1989-07-26vs CHN98W  2-052-46443,000 Jose DeLeonRick SutcliffeJose DeLeonRick SutcliffeTodd Worrell38736522
1989-07-28@ MON99W  2-053-46341,722Ted PowerPascual PerezTed PowerPascual PerezTodd Worrell38936524
1989-07-29@ MON100L  0-253-47333,886Ken HillDennis MartinezDennis MartinezKen Hill 38936722
1989-07-30@ MON101W  8-354-47342,591Joe MagraneBryn SmithJoe MagraneBryn Smith 39737027
1989-07-31vs NYN102W  3-255-47339,657 Jose DeLeonRon DarlingJose DeLeonRon DarlingTodd Worrell40037228
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-08-01vs NYN103L  0-1155-48340,444 Scott TerrySid FernandezSid FernandezScott Terry 40038317
1989-08-02vs NYN104L  3-455-49341,438 Ted PowerFrank ViolaFrank ViolaTodd WorrellRandy Myers40338716
1989-08-03vs NYN105W  6-556-49344,496 Ken HillDavid ConeDan QuisenberryJeff MusselmanKen Dayley40939217
1989-08-04vs PHI106W  6-357-49344,149 Joe MagraneDennis CookJoe MagraneDennis CookTodd Worrell41539520
1989-08-05vs PHI107L  3-757-50346,504 Jose DeLeonTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandJose DeLeonJeff Parrett41840216
1989-08-06vs PHI108W  5-458-50338,736 Scott TerryDon CarmanTodd WorrellJeff Parrett 42340617
1989-08-07@ PIT109W  4-059-50311,772Ted PowerRick ReedTed PowerRick Reed 42740621
1989-08-08@ PIT110L  3-759-51313,884Ken HillBob WalkBob WalkKen Hill 43041317
1989-08-09@ PIT111W  5-260-51315,046Joe MagraneDoug DrabekJoe MagraneDoug Drabek 43541520
1989-08-10@ NYN112L  1-560-5340Jose DeLeonRon DarlingRon DarlingJose DeLeon 43642016
1989-08-10@ NYN113L  4-660-53448,712Ricky HortonSid FernandezJeff MusselmanJohn CostelloRandy Myers44042614
1989-08-11@ NYN114W  3-061-53424,882Scott TerryFrank ViolaScott TerryFrank ViolaKen Dayley44342617
1989-08-12@ NYN115L  1-361-54435,414Ted PowerDavid ConeDavid ConeTed PowerRandy Myers44442915
1989-08-13@ NYN116L  2-361-55439,341Ken HillBob OjedaBob OjedaKen HillRandy Myers44643214
1989-08-14vs ATL117W  7-463-5540 Joe MagraneJohn SmoltzJoe MagraneJohn SmoltzTodd Worrell45343617
1989-08-14vs ATL118W  5-263-55439,186 Ricky HortonPete SmithJohn CostelloPete SmithKen Dayley45843820
1989-08-15vs ATL119W  9-164-55439,970 Jose DeLeonDerek LilliquistJose DeLeonDerek Lilliquist 46743928
1989-08-16vs ATL120W  3-265-55442,989 Ted PowerMarty ClaryFrank DiPinoJim AckerTodd Worrell47044129
1989-08-18@ CIN121L  2-665-5740Ken HillTom BrowningTom BrowningKen Hill 47244725
1989-08-18@ CIN122L  3-865-57439,351Ricky HortonScott ScudderRob DibbleTodd Worrell 47545520
1989-08-19@ CIN123W  5-166-57433,959Joe MagraneRick MahlerJoe MagraneRick Mahler 48045624
1989-08-20@ CIN124W  8-167-57421,512Jose DeLeonTim LearyJose DeLeonTim Leary 48845731
1989-08-22@ ATL125W  10-568-5749,117Ted PowerDerek LilliquistTed PowerDerek Lilliquist 49846236
1989-08-23@ ATL126L  0-368-5847,792Ricky HortonMarty ClaryMarty ClaryRicky Horton 49846533
1989-08-24@ ATL127W  4-169-5848,174Joe MagraneTom GlavineJoe MagraneTom Glavine 50246636
1989-08-25@ HOU128W  7-470-58325,148Jose DeLeonMike ScottJose DeLeonMike Scott 50947039
1989-08-26@ HOU129W  5-371-58231,301Ken HillRick RhodenKen HillRick RhodenTodd Worrell51447341
1989-08-27@ HOU130L  3-671-59320,697Ted PowerBob ForschBob ForschTed PowerDave Smith51747938
1989-08-28vs CIN131W  3-272-59226,604 Ricky HortonScott ScudderJohn CostelloRob DibbleTodd Worrell52048139
1989-08-29vs CIN132W  4-273-59227,405 Joe MagraneTim LearyJoe MagraneTim Leary 52448341
1989-08-30vs CIN133L  0-273-60234,976 Jose DeLeonRick MahlerRob DibbleTodd WorrellJohn Franco52448539
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-09-01vs HOU134L  3-673-61233,086 Ken HillJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesJohn Costello 52749136
1989-09-02vs HOU135W  13-574-61247,580 Ted PowerBob ForschTed PowerBob Forsch 54049644
1989-09-03vs HOU136W  4-375-61241,181 Joe MagraneMark PortugalTodd WorrellDanny Darwin 54449945
1989-09-04vs MON137W  4-176-61242,610 Jose DeLeonDennis MartinezJose DeLeonDennis MartinezDan Quisenberry54850048
1989-09-05vs MON138L  2-676-62224,788 Ken HillPascual PerezPascual PerezKen Hill 55050644
1989-09-06@ NYN139W  3-277-62238,283Ricky HortonRon DarlingFrank DiPinoRon DarlingKen Dayley55350845
1989-09-07@ NYN140L  1-1377-63223,354Ted PowerFrank ViolaFrank ViolaTed Power 55452133
1989-09-08@ CHN141W  11-878-63235,231Joe MagranePaul KilgusCris CarpenterMitch WilliamsDan Quisenberry56552936
1989-09-09@ CHN142L  2-378-64237,633Jose DeLeonRick SutcliffePaul AssenmacherKen Dayley 56753235
1989-09-10@ CHN143L  1-478-65237,281Ken HillSteve WilsonScott SandersonKen HillMitch Williams56853632
1989-09-11vs PIT144L  1-378-66225,642 Ricky HortonNeal HeatonNeal HeatonRicky HortonDoug Bair56953930
1989-09-12vs PIT145L  2-578-67225,370 Joe MagraneBob WalkBob WalkJoe Magrane 57154427
1989-09-13vs PIT146W  0-079-67228,561 Jose DeLeonDoug Drabek 57154427
1989-09-14vs PIT147L  3-479-6821,519 Bob TewksburyJeff RobinsonBob PattersonKen DayleyBob Kipper57454826
1989-09-15@ PHI148L  0-280-6920Ken HillPat CombsPat CombsKen Hill 57455024
1989-09-15@ PHI149W  7-680-69222,579Scott TerryTerry MulhollandJohn CostelloRoger McDowell 58155625
1989-09-17@ PHI150L  5-981-7020Joe MagraneDon CarmanDennis CookMatt Kinzer 58656521
1989-09-17@ PHI151W  2-081-70223,043Cris CarpenterKen HowellCris CarpenterKen HowellJohn Costello58856523
1989-09-18@ MON152W  3-282-70214,644Jose DeLeonBryn SmithJose DeLeonBryn SmithScott Terry59156724
1989-09-19@ MON153W  5-083-7028,740Bob TewksburyMark GardnerBob TewksburyMark Gardner 59656729
1989-09-20vs NYN154W  5-384-70235,884 Ken HillDavid ConeFrank DiPinoDavid ConeKen Dayley60157031
1989-09-21vs NYN155L  1-684-71236,600 Ricky HortonSid FernandezSid FernandezRicky Horton 60257626
1989-09-22vs PHI156W  2-185-71245,685 Joe MagraneKen HowellJohn CostelloRoger McDowell 60457727
1989-09-23vs PHI157W  11-586-71238,936 Cris CarpenterDennis CookFrank DiPinoDennis Cook 61558233
1989-09-24vs PHI158W  2-187-71238,795 Bob TewksburyBruce RuffinTed PowerJeff ParrettJohn Costello61758334
1989-09-25@ PIT159L  2-487-7224,278Jose DeLeonNeal HeatonNeal HeatonJose DeLeonBill Landrum61958732
1989-09-26@ PIT160L  1-487-7328,101Ken HillBob PattersonBob PattersonKen HillBill Landrum62059129
1989-09-27@ PIT161L  0-187-7425,051Joe MagraneDoug DrabekDoug DrabekJoe Magrane 62059228
1989-09-29vs CHN162W  7-588-74241,599 Bob TewksburySteve WilsonKen DayleyPaul AssenmacherScott Terry62759730
1989-09-30vs CHN163L  4-688-75243,570 Jose DeLeonScott SandersonJeff PicoJohn CostelloLes Lancaster63160328
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-10-01vs CHN164L  1-588-76337,846 Ken HillRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeKen Hill 63260824

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