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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Toronto,ON
Team Record:  96-66   .593
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Jimy Williams
General Manager:   Pat Gillick
Stadium:  Exhibition Stadium
Attendance:  2,778,429
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Phil Niekro (48)
Youngest Player:  Greg Myers (21)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Clancy (11)
Top Hitter:  George Bell (2)
Top Pitcher:  Jimmy Key (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Alex Sanchez (#17)

Roster Continuity:  76.38%
Top Prospect:   Matt Stark
American League Standings
NY Yankees8973.5499.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-04-06vs CLE1W  7-31-0440,404 Jimmy KeyTom CandiottiJimmy KeyTom Candiotti 734
1987-04-08vs CLE2W  5-12-0320,388 Jim ClancyGreg SwindellJim ClancyGreg Swindell 1248
1987-04-09vs CLE3L  3-142-1421,088 Joe JohnsonPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJoe JohnsonSteve Carlton1518-3
1987-04-10@ BOS4L  0-32-2533,679Dave StiebBruce HurstBruce HurstDave Stieb 1521-6
1987-04-11@ BOS5W  11-13-2533,365Jimmy KeyRoger ClemensJimmy KeyRoger Clemens 26224
1987-04-12@ BOS6L  3-83-3527,521Jim ClancyBob StanleyBob StanleyJim Clancy 2930-1
1987-04-14vs CHA7W  4-34-3517,324 Joe JohnsonFloyd BannisterMark EichhornJoel McKeon 33330
1987-04-15vs CHA8L  0-54-4617,285 Dave StiebJose DeLeonJose DeLeonDave Stieb 3338-5
1987-04-16vs BOS9W  4-25-4422,065 Jimmy KeyRoger ClemensJimmy KeyRoger ClemensTom Henke3740-3
1987-04-17vs BOS10W  10-56-4436,400 Duane WardBob StanleyJohn CeruttiBob StanleyMark Eichhorn47452
1987-04-18vs BOS11L  4-66-5539,107 Jim ClancyJeff SellersJeff SellersJim ClancyCalvin Schiraldi51510
1987-04-19vs BOS12L  1-46-6628,140 Joe JohnsonAl NipperAl NipperJoe JohnsonWes Gardner5255-3
1987-04-20@ CLE13W  8-77-6411,164Dave StiebScott BailesJeff MusselmanDoug Jones 6062-2
1987-04-21@ CLE14L  0-57-757,203Jimmy KeyTom CandiottiTom CandiottiJimmy Key 6067-7
1987-04-22@ CLE15W  6-38-756,000Jim ClancyKen SchromMark EichhornSteve CarltonTom Henke6670-4
1987-04-24@ CHA16W  4-29-7310,105Joe JohnsonRichard DotsonMark EichhornBob JamesTom Henke7072-2
1987-04-25@ CHA17L  4-59-8318,644Dave StiebFloyd BannisterBob JamesMark Eichhorn 7477-3
1987-04-26@ CHA18W  5-210-8320,443Jimmy KeyJose DeLeonJimmy KeyJose DeLeonTom Henke79790
1987-04-28vs MIN19W  5-111-8321,182 Jim ClancyFrank ViolaJim ClancyFrank Viola 84804
1987-04-29vs MIN20W  8-112-8319,020 Joe JohnsonMike SmithsonJoe JohnsonMike Smithson 928111
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-05-01vs TEX21W  3-213-8322,154 Jimmy KeyJose GuzmanJeff MusselmanMitch Williams 958312
1987-05-02vs TEX22W  9-814-8328,352 Dave StiebCharlie HoughMark EichhornGreg Harris 1049113
1987-05-03vs TEX23W  3-115-8232,325 Jim ClancyEd CorreaJim ClancyEd CorreaTom Henke1079215
1987-05-05@ KCA24L  4-615-9219,245Joe JohnsonCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJoe JohnsonJerry Gleaton1119813
1987-05-06@ KCA25L  3-615-10328,083Jimmy KeyBuddy BlackBuddy BlackJimmy KeyJerry Gleaton11410410
1987-05-08@ TEX26W  7-416-10321,832Jim ClancyJose GuzmanJim ClancyJose GuzmanMark Eichhorn12110813
1987-05-09@ TEX27W  15-417-10228,847Dave StiebEd CorreaDave StiebEd Correa 13611224
1987-05-10@ TEX28L  8-917-11317,356Joe JohnsonBobby WittBobby WittMark EichhornDale Mohorcic14412123
1987-05-11vs KCA29W  4-018-11324,154 Jimmy KeyCharlie LeibrandtJimmy KeyCharlie Leibrandt 14812127
1987-05-12vs KCA30L  1-318-12330,034 John CeruttiBuddy BlackBuddy BlackJohn CeruttiDan Quisenberry14912425
1987-05-13@ MIN31W  7-019-1239,158Jim ClancyMark PortugalJim ClancyMark Portugal 15612432
1987-05-14@ MIN32W  16-420-12310,053Dave StiebLes StrakerDave StiebLes Straker 17212844
1987-05-15@ OAK33W  3-221-12213,139Joe JohnsonEric PlunkJoe JohnsonEric PlunkTom Henke17513045
1987-05-16@ OAK34L  3-1021-13220,900Jimmy KeyMoose HaasMoose HaasJimmy Key 17814038
1987-05-17@ OAK35L  0-321-14230,511John CeruttiDave StewartDave StewartJohn Cerutti 17814335
1987-05-18@ CAL36W  12-022-14223,710Jim ClancyMike CookJim ClancyMike Cook 19014347
1987-05-19@ CAL37L  1-222-15223,622Dave StiebDon SuttonDeWayne BuiceJeff MusselmanDonnie Moore19114546
1987-05-20@ CAL38L  4-522-16323,766Jimmy KeyJack LazorkoGary LucasTom Henke 19515045
1987-05-22@ SEA39W  7-523-16310,012John CeruttiScott BankheadMark EichhornScott BankheadTom Henke20215547
1987-05-23@ SEA40W  6-224-16213,489Jim ClancyMike MooreJim ClancyMike Moore 20815751
1987-05-24@ SEA41L  2-524-17212,751Dave StiebMark LangstonMark LangstonDave Stieb 21016248
1987-05-25@ SEA42W  6-525-1728,499Jimmy KeyMike MorganJimmy KeyMike MorganJeff Musselman21616749
1987-05-27vs OAK43L  1-425-18225,245 Joe JohnsonMoose HaasMoose HaasJoe JohnsonSteve Ontiveros21717146
1987-05-28vs OAK44L  3-425-19227,017 Jim ClancyDave StewartDave StewartJim ClancyDave Leiper22017545
1987-05-29vs CAL45W  3-126-19233,107 Dave StiebDon SuttonDave StiebDon SuttonTom Henke22317647
1987-05-30vs CAL46W  4-327-19236,055 Jimmy KeyJack LazorkoMark EichhornJack Lazorko 22717948
1987-05-31vs CAL47W  7-228-19240,313 John CeruttiJohn CandelariaJohn CeruttiJohn Candelaria 23418153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-06-01vs SEA48L  0-228-20228,294 Joe JohnsonScott BankheadScott BankheadJoe JohnsonBill Wilkinson23418351
1987-06-02vs SEA49W  4-329-20231,076 Jim ClancyMike MooreJeff MusselmanMike MooreTom Henke23818652
1987-06-03vs SEA50W  7-230-20230,502 Dave StiebMark LangstonDave StiebMark LangstonMark Eichhorn24518857
1987-06-05vs BAL51W  6-231-20232,514 Jimmy KeyEric BellJimmy KeyEric Bell 25119061
1987-06-06vs BAL52W  8-532-20236,345 Joe JohnsonJohn HabyanJeff MusselmanKen Dixon 25919564
1987-06-07vs BAL53W  3-233-20242,254 Jim ClancyMike BoddickerMark EichhornMike Boddicker 26219765
1987-06-08@ NYA54W  11-034-20125,526Dave StiebRick RhodenDave StiebRick Rhoden 27319776
1987-06-09@ NYA55W  7-235-20129,765John CeruttiRon GuidryJohn CeruttiRon Guidry 28019981
1987-06-10@ NYA56W  4-136-20126,806Jimmy KeyTommy JohnJimmy KeyTommy JohnTom Henke28420084
1987-06-11@ BAL57W  8-637-20117,409Joe JohnsonJohn HabyanJoe JohnsonJohn HabyanTom Henke29220686
1987-06-12@ BAL58W  8-538-20127,521Jim ClancyMike BoddickerMark EichhornMike BoddickerJeff Musselman30021189
1987-06-13@ BAL59W  8-239-20125,359John CeruttiScott McGregorJohn CeruttiScott McGregor 30821395
1987-06-14@ BAL60L  5-839-21131,358Jeff MusselmanDave J. SchmidtDave J. SchmidtMark EichhornLuis DeLeon31322192
1987-06-15vs DET61L  1-239-22136,225 Jimmy KeyWalt TerrellWalt TerrellJimmy KeyEric King31422391
1987-06-16vs DET62W  10-440-22136,398 Joe JohnsonJeff RobinsonGary LavelleJeff Robinson 32422797
1987-06-17vs DET63L  2-340-23146,227 Jim ClancyFrank TananaFrank TananaJim ClancyGuillermo Hernandez32623096
1987-06-18vs MIL64L  3-640-24131,353 Dave StiebJuan NievesJuan NievesDave StiebDan Plesac32923693
1987-06-19vs MIL65W  15-641-24131,230 John CeruttiTeddy HigueraJeff MusselmanMark Clear 344242102
1987-06-20vs MIL66L  2-341-25138,465 Jimmy KeyBill WegmanBill WegmanJimmy KeyDan Plesac346245101
1987-06-21vs MIL67W  7-642-25144,444 Joe JohnsonChuck CrimJeff MusselmanChuck CrimTom Henke353251102
1987-06-22@ DET68L  0-242-26128,978Jim ClancyFrank TananaFrank TananaJim Clancy 353253100
1987-06-23@ DET69W  8-743-26129,275Dave StiebJeff RobinsonDave StiebJeff RobinsonTom Henke361260101
1987-06-24@ DET70W  5-344-26134,866John CeruttiJack MorrisJohn CeruttiJack MorrisJeff Musselman366263103
1987-06-26@ MIL71L  5-1044-27129,461Jimmy KeyBill WegmanDan PlesacTom Henke 37127398
1987-06-27@ MIL72W  8-145-27148,159Jim ClancyJuan NievesJim ClancyJuan Nieves 379274105
1987-06-28@ MIL73L  5-1145-28142,389Dave StiebTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraDave Stieb 38428599
1987-06-29vs NYA74L  14-1545-29242,179 John CeruttiDennis RasmussenDave RighettiTom Henke 39830098
1987-06-30vs NYA75L  0-445-30245,297 David WellsRon GuidryRon GuidryDavid Wells 39830494
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-07-01vs NYA76L  1-645-31247,828 Jimmy KeyTommy JohnPat ClementsJeff Musselman 39931089
1987-07-03@ KCA77L  4-645-3320Jim ClancyMark GubiczaMark GubiczaJim ClancyJerry Gleaton40331687
1987-07-03@ KCA78L  4-545-33240,619John CeruttiDanny JacksonSteve FarrTom Henke 40732186
1987-07-04@ KCA79L  1-945-34240,746David WellsBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDavid WellsBob Stoddard40833078
1987-07-05@ KCA80L  3-445-35325,607Dave StiebCharlie LeibrandtDan QuisenberryMark Eichhorn 41133477
1987-07-06vs TEX81W  6-446-35228,264 Jimmy KeyCharlie HoughJimmy KeyCharlie HoughTom Henke41733879
1987-07-07vs TEX82W  6-247-35228,013 Jim ClancyMike LoyndJim ClancyMike LoyndTom Henke42334083
1987-07-08vs TEX83W  5-248-35230,341 John CeruttiBobby WittJeff MusselmanBobby WittTom Henke42834286
1987-07-09vs KCA84W  7-149-35231,290 Jose NunezBuddy BlackJose NunezBuddy Black 43534392
1987-07-10vs KCA85W  7-050-35235,200 Dave StiebCharlie LeibrandtDave StiebCharlie Leibrandt 44234399
1987-07-11vs KCA86L  1-250-36238,289 Jimmy KeyBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenJimmy Key 44334598
1987-07-12vs KCA87W  3-251-36240,268 Jim ClancyMark GubiczaJim ClancyBuddy BlackTom Henke44634799
1987-07-16@ MIN88W  5-252-36234,334Jimmy KeyBert BlylevenJimmy KeyBert BlylevenTom Henke451349102
1987-07-17@ MIN89L  2-352-37228,234Jim ClancyFrank ViolaFrank ViolaMark EichhornJeff Reardon453352101
1987-07-18@ MIN90W  7-553-37238,365Dave StiebJoe NiekroDave StiebJoe Niekro 460357103
1987-07-19@ MIN91L  6-753-38232,095Jose NunezMike SmithsonDan SchatzederGary LavelleJeff Reardon466364102
1987-07-20@ TEX92W  5-354-38227,501John CeruttiCharlie HoughJohn CeruttiCharlie HoughTom Henke471367104
1987-07-21@ TEX93L  4-654-39313,791Jimmy KeyPaul KilgusDale MohorcicJeff Musselman 475373102
1987-07-22@ TEX94L  3-554-40316,380Jim ClancyBobby WittJeff RussellGary LavelleDale Mohorcic478378100
1987-07-23vs MIN95W  4-355-40235,320 Dave StiebJoe NiekroDave StiebGeorge Frazier 482381101
1987-07-24vs MIN96W  8-656-40230,382 Jose NunezMike SmithsonMark EichhornJeff ReardonTom Henke490387103
1987-07-25vs MIN97L  9-1356-41336,395 John CeruttiLes StrakerDan SchatzederJeff Musselman 49940099
1987-07-26vs MIN98W  4-257-41333,353 Jimmy KeyBert BlylevenJimmy KeyBert BlylevenTom Henke503402101
1987-07-27vs BOS99W  10-858-41335,425 Jim ClancyJeff SellersJeff MusselmanCalvin SchiraldiTom Henke513410103
1987-07-28vs BOS100W  5-459-41336,122 Dave StiebWes GardnerJeff MusselmanJoe SambitoTom Henke518414104
1987-07-29vs BOS101L  5-659-42335,052 Jose NunezBruce HurstCalvin SchiraldiGary Lavelle 523420103
1987-07-31vs CLE102W  8-360-42230,256 Jimmy KeyPhil NiekroJimmy KeyReggie Ritter 531423108
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-08-01vs CLE103L  0-360-43338,435 Jim ClancyScott BailesScott BailesJim ClancySammy Stewart531426105
1987-08-02vs CLE104W  11-561-43233,351 Dave StiebDarrel AkerfeldsDave StiebDarrel AkerfeldsGary Lavelle542431111
1987-08-03@ CHA105W  14-562-43212,193Jose NunezFloyd BannisterJeff MusselmanFloyd Bannister 556436120
1987-08-04@ CHA106W  4-163-43213,319John CeruttiNeil AllenJohn CeruttiNeil AllenTom Henke560437123
1987-08-05@ CHA107W  3-264-43213,360Jimmy KeyRichard DotsonJimmy KeyRichard DotsonTom Henke563439124
1987-08-06@ CLE108L  5-1464-4427,978Jim ClancyScott BailesScott BailesJim Clancy 568453115
1987-08-07@ CLE109W  15-165-44124,049Dave StiebDarrel AkerfeldsDave StiebDarrel Akerfelds 583454129
1987-08-08@ CLE110L  1-365-45216,706Jose NunezTom CandiottiTom CandiottiJose Nunez 584457127
1987-08-09@ CLE111W  5-166-45113,890John CeruttiKen SchromJohn CeruttiKen Schrom 589458131
1987-08-10@ BOS112L  1-966-46130,606Jim ClancyRoger ClemensRoger ClemensJim Clancy 590467123
1987-08-11@ BOS113W  8-367-46132,555Jimmy KeyBob StanleyJimmy KeyBob Stanley 598470128
1987-08-12@ BOS114W  10-468-46133,403Dave StiebJeff SellersDave StiebJeff Sellers 608474134
1987-08-13vs CHA115L  3-1068-47145,152 Phil NiekroFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterPhil Niekro 611484127
1987-08-14vs CHA116W  3-269-47137,236 John CeruttiJose DeLeonJohn CeruttiJose DeLeonTom Henke614486128
1987-08-15vs CHA117L  0-169-48137,155 Jim ClancyRichard DotsonRichard DotsonJim Clancy 614487127
1987-08-16vs CHA118W  6-470-48141,384 Jimmy KeyBill LongMark EichhornRay SearageTom Henke620491129
1987-08-18@ OAK119W  2-171-48134,823Dave StiebGene NelsonDave StiebDennis EckersleyTom Henke622492130
1987-08-19@ OAK120L  3-771-49216,039John CeruttiDave StewartDave StewartJohn Cerutti 625499126
1987-08-20@ OAK121W  7-672-49212,607Jim ClancyCurt YoungGary LavelleGreg CadaretTom Henke632505127
1987-08-21@ CAL122L  1-372-50247,925Phil NiekroJerry ReussJerry ReussPhil NiekroGreg Minton633508125
1987-08-22@ CAL123W  2-073-50234,209Jose NunezMike WittJose NunezMike WittTom Henke635508127
1987-08-23@ CAL124L  2-573-51242,000Dave StiebKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillDave StiebDeWayne Buice637513124
1987-08-24@ SEA125W  7-374-51211,869John CeruttiMike MorganJohn CeruttiMike Morgan 644516128
1987-08-25@ SEA126W  6-375-51212,367Jim ClancyMike MooreJim ClancyMike MooreMark Eichhorn650519131
1987-08-27vs OAK127W  9-476-51238,026 Jimmy KeySteve OntiverosJimmy KeyGreg Cadaret 659523136
1987-08-28vs OAK128L  2-376-52232,256 Dave StiebDave StewartDave StewartDave StiebDennis Eckersley661526135
1987-08-29vs OAK129L  5-676-53242,388 Phil NiekroGene NelsonEric PlunkMark EichhornDennis Eckersley666532134
1987-08-30vs OAK130W  13-377-53238,211 Jim ClancyJose RijoJim ClancyJose Rijo 679535144
1987-08-31vs CAL131L  7-877-54230,224 Jose NunezJohn CandelariaWillie FraserTom HenkeGary Lucas686543143
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-09-01vs CAL132W  4-378-54231,101 Jimmy KeyMike WittJeff MusselmanMike Witt 690546144
1987-09-02vs CAL133W  7-679-54233,408 Dave StiebJerry ReussDavid WellsDeWayne Buice 697552145
1987-09-04vs SEA134W  6-580-54233,042 Jim ClancyMike MooreJose NunezDennis Powell 703557146
1987-09-05vs SEA135W  3-081-54238,436 Mike FlanaganMike CampbellMike FlanaganMike CampbellTom Henke706557149
1987-09-06vs SEA136W  3-282-54144,287 Jimmy KeyScott BankheadJose NunezEd Nunez 709559150
1987-09-07@ MIL137W  5-383-54116,935John CeruttiBill WegmanDuane WardDan PlesacTom Henke714562152
1987-09-08@ MIL138L  4-683-5528,053Dave StiebChris BosioChris BosioDave StiebChuck Crim718568150
1987-09-09@ MIL139L  4-683-56210,555Jim ClancyLen BarkerMark ClearDavid Wells 722574148
1987-09-11vs NYA140W  6-584-56238,540 Mike FlanaganTommy JohnDavid WellsDave Righetti 728579149
1987-09-12vs NYA141W  13-185-56145,648 Jimmy KeyRick RhodenJimmy KeyRick Rhoden 741580161
1987-09-13vs NYA142L  5-885-57245,312 John CeruttiSteve TroutCharles HudsonJohn CeruttiDave Righetti746588158
1987-09-14vs BAL143W  18-386-57227,446 Jim ClancyKen DixonJim ClancyKen Dixon 764591173
1987-09-15vs BAL144W  6-287-57227,192 Mike FlanaganJose MesaMike FlanaganJose Mesa 770593177
1987-09-16vs BAL145W  7-088-57229,353 Jimmy KeyMike BoddickerJimmy KeyMike Boddicker 777593184
1987-09-17@ NYA146L  5-688-58227,032John CeruttiSteve TroutDave RighettiTom Henke 782599183
1987-09-18@ NYA147W  6-389-58234,110Jim ClancyNeil AllenJim ClancyNeil AllenDavid Wells788602186
1987-09-19@ NYA148L  2-489-59238,239Mike FlanaganBill GullicksonBill GullicksonMike FlanaganDave Righetti790606184
1987-09-20@ NYA149W  6-290-59245,267Jimmy KeyAl LeiterDavid WellsAl Leiter 796608188
1987-09-21@ BAL150W  2-191-59113,683Dave StiebMike BoddickerJohn CeruttiMike BoddickerTom Henke798609189
1987-09-22@ BAL151W  8-492-59113,923Jose NunezJeff BallardDavid WellsJeff Ballard 806613193
1987-09-23@ BAL152W  6-193-59122,590Jim ClancyJohn HabyanJim ClancyJohn Habyan 812614198
1987-09-24vs DET153W  4-394-59142,436 Mike FlanaganJack MorrisMike FlanaganJack MorrisTom Henke816617199
1987-09-25vs DET154W  3-295-59146,233 Jimmy KeyFrank TananaJeff MusselmanGuillermo Hernandez 819619200
1987-09-26vs DET155W  10-996-59146,429 Dave StiebWalt TerrellJose NunezMike Henneman 829628201
1987-09-27vs DET156L  2-396-60146,346 Jim ClancyDoyle AlexanderMike HennemanJose NunezDickie Noles831631200
1987-09-28vs MIL157L  4-696-61134,113 Mike FlanaganBill WegmanBill WegmanMike FlanaganMark Clear835637198
1987-09-29vs MIL158L  3-596-62134,314 Jimmy KeyChris BosioChris BosioJimmy Key 838642196
1987-09-30vs MIL159L  2-596-63135,245 Dave StiebJuan NievesJuan NievesDave Stieb 840647193
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-10-02@ DET160L  3-496-64245,167Jim ClancyDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderJim ClancyMike Henneman843651192
1987-10-03@ DET161L  2-396-65245,026Mike FlanaganJack MorrisMike HennemanJeff Musselman 845654191
1987-10-04@ DET162L  0-196-66251,005Jimmy KeyFrank TananaFrank TananaJimmy Key 845655190

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