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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  85-77   .525
Result:   3rd in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Tony LaRussa
General Manager:   Roland Hemond
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,669,888
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tom Seaver (40)
Youngest Player:  Ed Correa (19)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Squires (10)
Top Hitter:  Harold Baines (12)
Top Pitcher:  Britt Burns (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Kurt Brown (#5)

Roster Continuity:  72.29%
Top Prospect:   Daryl Boston
American League Standings
KC Royals9171.562--
Chi White Sox8577.5256.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-09@ MIL1W  4-21-0153,027Tom SeaverMoose HaasTom SeaverMoose HaasBob James422
1985-04-11@ MIL2L  1-81-139,695Tim LollarRay BurrisRay BurrisTim Lollar 510-5
1985-04-13@ BOS3L  2-71-2424,718Floyd BannisterOil Can BoydOil Can BoydFloyd Bannister 717-10
1985-04-14@ BOS4W  11-62-2218,401Britt BurnsBruce KisonBritt BurnsSteve Crawford 1823-5
1985-04-15@ BOS5W  6-53-2233,535Tom SeaverBruce HurstAl JonesBob Stanley 2428-4
1985-04-16@ NYA6L  4-53-3253,019Tim LollarEd WhitsonDave RighettiDan Spillner 2833-5
1985-04-18@ NYA7L  2-33-4415,126Floyd BannisterDennis RasmussenRich BordiFloyd BannisterDave Righetti3036-6
1985-04-19vs BOS8W  8-14-4440,087 Britt BurnsMike TrujilloBritt BurnsMike Trujillo 38371
1985-04-20vs BOS9L  8-124-5419,343 Tom SeaverBruce HurstSteve CrawfordGene NelsonBob Stanley4649-3
1985-04-21vs BOS10W  7-25-5422,987 Tim LollarRoger ClemensTim LollarRoger Clemens 53512
1985-04-22vs MIL11L  2-45-6513,455 Richard DotsonDanny DarwinDanny DarwinJuan AgostoRollie Fingers55550
1985-04-23vs MIL12W  6-56-6410,719 Floyd BannisterTeddy HigueraBob JamesRollie Fingers 61601
1985-04-24vs MIL13L  2-36-7510,707 Britt BurnsPete VuckovichPete VuckovichBritt BurnsRay Searage63630
1985-04-26vs NYA14W  4-27-7319,174 Tom SeaverEd WhitsonTom SeaverEd WhitsonBob James67652
1985-04-27vs NYA15W  5-48-7222,788 Tim LollarDennis RasmussenGene NelsonBob Shirley 72693
1985-04-28vs NYA16W  4-39-7227,367 Richard DotsonJoe CowleyBritt BurnsJoe Cowley 76724
1985-04-30@ BAL17L  7-99-8418,093Floyd BannisterMike BoddickerMike BoddickerFloyd BannisterSammy Stewart83812
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ BAL18L  1-39-9418,381Britt BurnsKen DixonKen DixonBritt BurnsDon Aase84840
1985-05-03@ DET19W  7-110-9334,273Tom SeaverDan PetryTom SeaverDan Petry 91856
1985-05-04@ DET20L  1-710-10337,865Tim LollarWalt TerrellWalt TerrellTim Lollar 92920
1985-05-05@ DET21L  3-410-11429,376Richard DotsonJuan BerenguerJuan BerenguerRichard DotsonGuillermo Hernandez9596-1
1985-05-07@ CLE22W  7-411-1135,076Floyd BannisterBert BlylevenFloyd BannisterBert BlylevenBob James1021002
1985-05-08@ CLE23W  4-012-1134,808Britt BurnsNeal HeatonBritt BurnsNeal Heaton 1061006
1985-05-10vs DET24L  1-312-12328,241 Tom SeaverWalt TerrellWalt TerrellTom SeaverGuillermo Hernandez1071034
1985-05-11vs DET25W  7-413-12333,636 Richard DotsonJuan BerenguerRichard DotsonJuan BerenguerBob James1141077
1985-05-12vs DET26W  4-014-12321,216 Floyd BannisterJack MorrisFloyd BannisterJack Morris 11810711
1985-05-13vs CLE27W  8-015-12214,389 Britt BurnsNeal HeatonBritt BurnsNeal Heaton 12610719
1985-05-14vs CLE28W  2-116-12213,007 Tim LollarVern RuhleGene NelsonRich ThompsonBob James12810820
1985-05-15vs BAL29W  5-217-12216,120 Tom SeaverDennis MartinezTom SeaverDon AaseBob James13311023
1985-05-16vs BAL30L  1-317-13218,733 Floyd BannisterMike BoddickerMike BoddickerFloyd Bannister 13411321
1985-05-17vs TEX31W  4-218-13221,834 Richard DotsonDickie NolesRichard DotsonDickie NolesBob James13811523
1985-05-18vs TEX32L  2-718-14221,581 Britt BurnsBurt HootonBurt HootonBritt BurnsGreg Harris14012218
1985-05-19vs TEX33W  5-119-14223,952 Tim LollarCharlie HoughGene NelsonCharlie Hough 14512322
1985-05-20@ TOR34L  1-619-15344,715Tom SeaverJimmy KeyJimmy KeyTom Seaver 14612917
1985-05-21@ TOR35L  3-419-16320,159Floyd BannisterLuis LealGary LavelleBob James 14913316
1985-05-22@ TOR36L  0-1019-17322,447Richard DotsonDave StiebDave StiebRichard Dotson 1491436
1985-05-24@ KCA37L  4-819-18432,599Britt BurnsDanny JacksonDanny JacksonBritt BurnsDan Quisenberry1531512
1985-05-25@ KCA38L  0-319-19425,920Tom SeaverCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtTom Seaver 153154-1
1985-05-26@ KCA39L  2-319-20432,563Floyd BannisterBuddy BlackBuddy BlackBob JamesDan Quisenberry155157-2
1985-05-28vs TOR40L  1-619-21514,598 Richard DotsonDave StiebDave StiebRichard Dotson 156163-7
1985-05-29vs TOR41W  8-520-21418,953 Britt BurnsJim ClancyBritt BurnsJim ClancyBob James164168-4
1985-05-30vs KCA42W  4-321-21316,041 Tom SeaverCharlie LeibrandtTom SeaverCharlie LeibrandtBob James168171-3
1985-05-31vs KCA43W  8-322-21325,493 Floyd BannisterBuddy BlackFloyd BannisterBuddy BlackGene Nelson1761742
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01vs KCA44W  8-723-21332,398 Tim LollarBret SaberhagenBob JamesMike Jones 1841813
1985-06-02vs KCA45W  4-124-21223,153 Richard DotsonMark GubiczaRichard DotsonMark GubiczaBob James1881826
1985-06-03@ TEX46L  3-724-22211,653Britt BurnsBurt HootonGreg HarrisBritt Burns 1911892
1985-06-04@ TEX47L  3-724-23314,249Tom SeaverCharlie HoughCharlie HoughTom Seaver 194196-2
1985-06-06@ TEX48W  4-325-2326,492Floyd BannisterMike MasonFloyd BannisterMike MasonBob James198199-1
1985-06-07@ MIN49L  3-625-24319,103Richard DotsonPete FilsonPete FilsonRichard Dotson 201205-4
1985-06-08@ MIN50W  3-126-24329,001Britt BurnsJohn ButcherBritt BurnsJohn ButcherBob James204206-2
1985-06-09@ MIN51W  5-127-24221,812Tom SeaverKen SchromTom SeaverKen Schrom 2092072
1985-06-10@ SEA52W  9-428-24213,433Floyd BannisterMatt YoungFloyd BannisterMatt YoungBob James2182117
1985-06-11@ SEA53W  7-129-2419,174Tim LollarBill SwiftTim LollarBill Swift 22521213
1985-06-12@ SEA54W  6-330-2419,808Bruce TannerBrian SnyderBruce TannerBrian SnyderBob James23121516
1985-06-13@ CAL55L  1-230-25228,269Britt BurnsJim SlatonDonnie MooreGene Nelson 23221715
1985-06-14@ CAL56W  4-231-25133,846Tom SeaverRon RomanickTom SeaverRon RomanickBob James23621917
1985-06-15@ CAL57W  3-232-25127,206Floyd BannisterKirk McCaskillDan SpillnerKirk McCaskillBob James23922118
1985-06-16@ CAL58L  1-332-26140,212Tim LollarUrbano LugoUrbano LugoTim LollarDonnie Moore24022416
1985-06-18vs OAK59W  4-333-26122,171 Bruce TannerChris CodiroliGene NelsonKeith Atherton 24422717
1985-06-19vs OAK60W  8-734-26122,239 Britt BurnsBill KruegerBob JamesRick Langford 25223418
1985-06-20vs OAK61L  1-1234-27117,734 Tom SeaverTim BirtsasTim BirtsasTom Seaver 2532467
1985-06-21vs CAL62L  2-534-28233,252 Floyd BannisterKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillFloyd BannisterDonnie Moore2552514
1985-06-22vs CAL63L  3-634-29230,578 Tim LollarUrbano LugoUrbano LugoTim LollarStew Cliburn2582571
1985-06-23vs CAL64L  1-1134-30226,888 Bruce TannerMike WittMike WittBruce Tanner 259268-9
1985-06-24@ OAK65W  7-135-30215,232Britt BurnsTim BirtsasDan SpillnerTim BirtsasGene Nelson266269-3
1985-06-25@ OAK66L  4-535-31212,178Tom SeaverRick LangfordKeith AthertonGene Nelson 270274-4
1985-06-26@ OAK67L  0-1035-32316,476Floyd BannisterDon SuttonDon SuttonFloyd Bannister 270284-14
1985-06-28vs MIN68L  4-535-33331,097 Bruce TannerFrank ViolaFrank ViolaBruce TannerRon Davis274289-15
1985-06-29vs MIN69L  0-135-34328,402 Britt BurnsMike SmithsonMike SmithsonBritt BurnsFrank Eufemia274290-16
1985-06-30vs MIN70L  3-435-35426,038 Tom SeaverJohn ButcherJohn ButcherTom SeaverRon Davis277294-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01vs SEA71L  1-335-36530,041 Floyd BannisterFrank WillsFrank WillsFloyd BannisterEd Nunez278297-19
1985-07-02vs SEA72W  12-436-36420,360 Tim LollarBrian SnyderTim LollarBrian SnyderBob James290301-11
1985-07-03vs SEA73L  1-536-37522,909 Gene NelsonBill SwiftBill SwiftDan Spillner 291306-15
1985-07-04@ CLE74W  5-037-37530,167Britt BurnsBert BlylevenBritt BurnsBert Blyleven 296306-10
1985-07-05@ CLE75W  8-338-3746,025Tom SeaverJerry ReedTom SeaverJerry Reed 304309-5
1985-07-06@ CLE76W  6-439-3748,030Floyd BannisterVern RuhleBob JamesRich Thompson 310313-3
1985-07-07@ CLE77L  3-1039-3849,705Tim LollarRamon RomeroTom WaddellTim Lollar 313323-10
1985-07-08@ DET78W  9-440-38332,699Gene NelsonDan PetryGene NelsonDan Petry 322327-5
1985-07-09@ DET79L  5-640-39329,408Britt BurnsWalt TerrellGuillermo HernandezBob James 327333-6
1985-07-10@ DET80L  0-140-40333,748Tom SeaverJack MorrisJack MorrisTom Seaver 327334-7
1985-07-11@ BAL81L  6-740-41423,958Floyd BannisterScott McGregorSammy StewartMike Stanton 333341-8
1985-07-12@ BAL82L  3-1040-42448,744Gene NelsonKen DixonKen DixonGene NelsonDon Aase336351-15
1985-07-13@ BAL83W  10-841-42432,705Britt BurnsDennis MartinezBritt BurnsDennis Martinez 346359-13
1985-07-14@ BAL84W  5-342-42445,149Tom SeaverMike BoddickerTom SeaverMike BoddickerDan Spillner351362-11
1985-07-18vs CLE85W  10-043-42325,410 Britt BurnsVern RuhleBritt BurnsVern Ruhle 361362-1
1985-07-19vs CLE86W  1-044-42326,459 Tom SeaverBert BlylevenTom SeaverBert Blyleven 3623620
1985-07-20vs CLE87W  8-645-42328,120 Floyd BannisterRamon RomeroJuan AgostoBryan Clark 3703682
1985-07-21vs CLE88L  3-445-43319,374 Bill LongJerry ReedRich ThompsonDan Spillner 3733721
1985-07-22vs DET89W  9-446-43335,202 Gene NelsonRandy O'NealGene NelsonRandy O'NealJerry Gleaton3823766
1985-07-23vs DET90W  5-347-43223,577 Britt BurnsFrank TananaBritt BurnsFrank Tanana 3873798
1985-07-24vs DET91L  4-547-44327,214 Tom SeaverDan PetryDan PetryTom Seaver 3913847
1985-07-25vs BAL92L  1-547-45417,275 Floyd BannisterMike FlanaganMike FlanaganFloyd Bannister 3923893
1985-07-26vs BAL93W  9-848-45431,099 Bill LongDennis MartinezJuan AgostoDon Aase 4013974
1985-07-27vs BAL94L  1-948-46436,239 Gene NelsonStorm DavisStorm DavisGene Nelson 402406-4
1985-07-28vs BAL95L  1-648-47429,153 Britt BurnsScott McGregorScott McGregorBritt Burns 403412-9
1985-07-30@ BOS96W  7-549-47429,610Tom SeaverOil Can BoydTom SeaverOil Can BoydJuan Agosto410417-7
1985-07-31@ BOS97L  1-149-48419,777Floyd BannisterBob Ojeda 411418-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-01@ BOS98W  7-250-4940Gene NelsonAl NipperGene NelsonAl Nipper 418420-2
1985-08-01@ BOS99L  3-450-49425,216Dan SpillnerTim LollarSteve CrawfordJuan Agosto 421424-3
1985-08-02@ NYA100W  6-551-49427,118Britt BurnsMarty BystromJuan AgostoRich Bordi 427429-2
1985-08-03@ NYA101L  4-851-50437,276Bill LongEd WhitsonEd WhitsonBill LongDave Righetti431437-6
1985-08-04@ NYA102W  4-152-50454,032Tom SeaverJoe CowleyTom SeaverJoe Cowley 435438-3
1985-08-05@ NYA103L  3-752-51428,320Floyd BannisterRon GuidryRon GuidryFloyd Bannister 438445-7
1985-08-08vs BOS104W  7-653-5240 Britt BurnsBob OjedaDave WehrmeisterBruce KisonBob James445451-6
1985-08-08vs BOS105L  1-653-52420,927 Gene NelsonTim LollarTim LollarGene NelsonSteve Crawford446457-11
1985-08-09vs MIL106L  7-853-53421,330 Tom SeaverDanny DarwinRick WaitsBob JamesRollie Fingers453465-12
1985-08-10vs MIL107L  2-553-54425,381 Floyd BannisterTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraJuan AgostoBob Gibson455470-15
1985-08-11vs MIL108W  4-154-54421,170 Joel DavisRay BurrisJoel DavisRay BurrisBob James459471-12
1985-08-12vs NYA109L  4-1054-55428,801 Gene NelsonPhil NiekroPhil NiekroGene Nelson 463481-18
1985-08-13vs NYA110W  4-355-55418,294 Britt BurnsMarty BystromBritt BurnsBrian FisherBob James467484-17
1985-08-14vs NYA111L  7-1055-56421,184 Dan SpillnerEd WhitsonBrian FisherBob JamesDave Righetti474494-20
1985-08-15@ MIL112L  5-755-57412,734Floyd BannisterTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraFloyd BannisterRollie Fingers479501-22
1985-08-16@ MIL113L  2-355-58423,390Joel DavisRay BurrisRay BurrisDave Wehrmeister 481504-23
1985-08-17@ MIL114W  12-756-58433,467Gene NelsonJaime CocanowerDan SpillnerJaime Cocanower 493511-18
1985-08-18@ MIL115W  8-457-58427,658Britt BurnsPete VuckovichBritt BurnsPete VuckovichBob James501515-14
1985-08-20vs KCA116W  2-158-58419,318 Tom SeaverBuddy BlackBob JamesDan Quisenberry 503516-13
1985-08-21vs KCA117L  1-258-59416,243 Floyd BannisterCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtFloyd BannisterDan Quisenberry504518-14
1985-08-22vs KCA118L  3-758-60422,505 Joel DavisDanny JacksonDanny JacksonJoel DavisDan Quisenberry507525-18
1985-08-23vs TOR119L  3-658-6240 Britt BurnsTom FilerTom FilerBritt BurnsTom Henke510531-21
1985-08-23vs TOR120L  3-1058-62422,021 Gene NelsonRon MusselmanJim AckerGene Nelson 513541-28
1985-08-24vs TOR121L  3-658-63426,113 Tom SeaverDave StiebDave StiebTom SeaverTom Henke516547-31
1985-08-25vs TOR122W  5-359-63422,529 Floyd BannisterJimmy KeyFloyd BannisterJimmy KeyBob James521550-29
1985-08-26vs BOS123W  7-660-6347,889 Joel DavisOil Can BoydBob JamesBob Stanley 528556-28
1985-08-27vs TEX124W  7-461-63415,040 Britt BurnsDickie NolesBritt BurnsDickie NolesDave Wehrmeister535560-25
1985-08-28vs TEX125W  5-162-63411,548 Gene NelsonDave StewartGene NelsonDave Stewart 540561-21
1985-08-29vs TEX126W  6-563-63410,978 Tom SeaverBurt HootonDan SpillnerDave J. Schmidt 546566-20
1985-08-30@ TOR127L  3-563-64433,254Floyd BannisterJimmy KeyJimmy KeyFloyd BannisterTom Henke549571-22
1985-08-31@ TOR128L  2-663-65436,153Joel DavisDoyle AlexanderGary LavelleJoel Davis 551577-26
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01@ TOR129W  4-164-65444,182Britt BurnsSteve DavisBritt BurnsSteve Davis 555578-23
1985-09-02@ KCA130L  2-364-66432,681Gene NelsonMark GubiczaMark GubiczaGene NelsonDan Quisenberry557581-24
1985-09-03@ KCA131L  2-364-67417,521Tom SeaverBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenTom Seaver 559584-25
1985-09-04@ KCA132L  5-664-68419,940Floyd BannisterBuddy BlackMike JonesBob James 564590-26
1985-09-05@ TEX133W  11-465-6847,334Joel DavisJeff RussellJoel DavisJeff Russell 575594-19
1985-09-06@ TEX134W  12-166-68411,101Britt BurnsMike MasonBritt BurnsMike Mason 587595-8
1985-09-07@ TEX135W  3-267-68411,424Gene NelsonDave StewartJuan AgostoDwayne HenryBob James590597-7
1985-09-08@ TEX136W  7-668-6837,132Tom SeaverCharlie HoughTom SeaverCharlie HoughBob James597603-6
1985-09-09vs MIN137L  0-568-69313,487 Floyd BannisterJohn ButcherJohn ButcherFloyd Bannister 597608-11
1985-09-10vs MIN138W  7-269-69311,251 Joel DavisBert BlylevenJoel DavisBert BlylevenBob James604610-6
1985-09-11vs MIN139W  5-070-69312,407 Britt BurnsFrank ViolaBritt BurnsFrank Viola 609610-1
1985-09-12vs MIN140W  4-271-69310,293 Gene NelsonMike SmithsonGene NelsonMike SmithsonBob James6136121
1985-09-13@ SEA141W  6-172-6938,156Dan SpillnerMatt YoungJerry GleatonMatt Young 6196136
1985-09-14@ SEA142L  5-672-70311,262Floyd BannisterBill SwiftBill SwiftFloyd BannisterEd Nunez6246195
1985-09-15@ SEA143W  6-373-7036,862Joel DavisMark LangstonDave WehrmeisterMark LangstonBob James6306228
1985-09-17vs CAL144W  5-274-70312,091 Britt BurnsMike WittBritt BurnsMike WittBob James63562411
1985-09-18vs CAL145L  3-974-71313,232 Gene NelsonDon SuttonDon SuttonGene Nelson 6386335
1985-09-19vs CAL146L  0-874-72311,404 Tom SeaverJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaTom Seaver 638641-3
1985-09-20vs OAK147W  10-475-72316,998 Floyd BannisterTommy JohnFloyd BannisterTommy John 6486453
1985-09-21vs OAK148L  3-875-73327,443 Britt BurnsChris CodiroliChris CodiroliBritt BurnsSteve Ontiveros651653-2
1985-09-22vs OAK149W  7-576-73315,770 Joel DavisTim BirtsasBob JamesJay Howell 6586580
1985-09-23@ CAL150W  6-577-73322,802Gene NelsonDon SuttonGene NelsonDon SuttonBob James6646631
1985-09-24@ CAL151W  8-178-73328,864Tom SeaverJohn CandelariaTom SeaverJohn Candelaria 6726648
1985-09-25@ CAL152L  4-778-74333,028Britt BurnsRon RomanickRon RomanickBritt BurnsDonnie Moore6766715
1985-09-26@ OAK153W  11-779-7435,267Floyd BannisterChris CodiroliFloyd BannisterChris Codiroli 6876789
1985-09-27@ OAK154W  4-380-7436,151Joel DavisBill KruegerBob JamesSteve Ontiveros 69168110
1985-09-28@ OAK155L  4-780-75313,839Gene NelsonJose RijoJose RijoDave WehrmeisterJay Howell6956887
1985-09-29@ OAK156W  3-081-75315,255Tom SeaverCurt YoungTom SeaverCurt YoungBob James69868810
1985-09-30@ MIN157L  1-781-7638,242Britt BurnsBert BlylevenBert BlylevenBritt Burns 6996954
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01@ MIN158W  12-682-7638,278Floyd BannisterMike SmithsonFloyd BannisterMike Smithson 71170110
1985-10-02@ MIN159L  1-382-7738,290Joel DavisFrank ViolaFrank ViolaJoel Davis 7127048
1985-10-03vs SEA160L  4-582-7839,666 Gene NelsonBill SwiftBill SwiftBob JamesEd Nunez7167097
1985-10-04vs SEA161W  7-583-78311,974 Tom SeaverMatt YoungTom SeaverMatt YoungDave Wehrmeister7237149
1985-10-05vs SEA162W  10-484-78315,649 Floyd BannisterFrank WillsFloyd BannisterFrank WillsBob James73371815
1985-10-06vs SEA163W  3-285-78316,231 Ed CorreaMike MooreEd CorreaMike MooreBob James73672016

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