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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Lou Gorman
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,786,633
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Rick Miller (37)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Sellers (21)
Longest Tenure:  Dwight Evans (14)
Top Hitter:  Wade Boggs (3)
Top Pitcher:  Oil Can Boyd (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Dan Gabriele (#21)

Roster Continuity:  91.45%
Top Prospect:   Tom McCarthy
American League Standings
NY Yankees9764.6022.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-08vs NYA1W  9-21-0234,282 Oil Can BoydPhil NiekroOil Can BoydPhil Niekro 927
1985-04-10vs NYA2W  14-52-0219,615 Bruce HurstEd WhitsonBruce HurstEd Whitson 23716
1985-04-11vs NYA3W  6-43-0219,060 Roger ClemensDennis RasmussenRoger ClemensDennis RasmussenBob Stanley291118
1985-04-13vs CHA4W  7-24-0224,718 Oil Can BoydFloyd BannisterOil Can BoydFloyd Bannister 361323
1985-04-14vs CHA5L  6-114-1318,401 Bruce KisonBritt BurnsBritt BurnsSteve Crawford 422418
1985-04-15vs CHA6L  5-64-2433,535 Bruce HurstTom SeaverAl JonesBob Stanley 473017
1985-04-16@ KCA7L  0-24-3416,886Roger ClemensDanny JacksonDanny JacksonRoger Clemens 473215
1985-04-17@ KCA8L  1-64-4418,685Al NipperCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtAl Nipper 483810
1985-04-18@ KCA9W  4-35-4522,587Oil Can BoydBuddy BlackBob OjedaMike Jones 524111
1985-04-19@ CHA10L  1-85-5540,087Mike TrujilloBritt BurnsBritt BurnsMike Trujillo 53494
1985-04-20@ CHA11W  12-86-5519,343Bruce HurstTom SeaverSteve CrawfordGene NelsonBob Stanley65578
1985-04-21@ CHA12L  2-76-6422,987Roger ClemensTim LollarTim LollarRoger Clemens 67643
1985-04-23@ NYA13W  5-47-6325,207Oil Can BoydJoe CowleyBob OjedaDave Righetti 72684
1985-04-24@ NYA14W  7-68-6323,229Al NipperRon GuidrySteve CrawfordRon GuidryBob Stanley79745
1985-04-25@ NYA15L  1-58-7422,179Bruce HurstPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBruce HurstDave Righetti80791
1985-04-26vs KCA16W  5-29-7326,647 Roger ClemensMark GubiczaRoger ClemensMark Gubicza 85814
1985-04-27vs KCA17L  4-59-8424,430 Al NipperDanny JacksonDan QuisenberryBob Stanley 89863
1985-04-28vs KCA18L  2-59-9423,822 Oil Can BoydCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtOil Can BoydJoe Beckwith91910
1985-04-29@ CAL19L  6-79-10430,075Mike BrownRon RomanickPat ClementsSteve CrawfordDonnie Moore9798-1
1985-04-30@ CAL20L  2-39-11430,048Bruce HurstMike WittStew CliburnBob Ojeda 99101-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ SEA21L  0-79-1259,404Roger ClemensJim BeattieJim BeattieRoger Clemens 99108-9
1985-05-02@ SEA22W  2-110-12410,558Al NipperMike MooreAl NipperMike MooreBob Stanley101109-8
1985-05-03@ OAK23W  10-011-12416,793Oil Can BoydMike WarrenOil Can BoydMike Warren 1111092
1985-05-04@ OAK24W  5-412-12423,344Steve CrawfordBill KruegerSteve CrawfordBill KruegerBob Ojeda1161133
1985-05-05@ OAK25L  3-612-13427,112Bruce HurstChris CodiroliChris CodiroliBruce HurstJay Howell1191190
1985-05-07vs CAL26W  6-413-13417,788 Roger ClemensKirk McCaskillRoger ClemensKirk McCaskillBob Stanley1251232
1985-05-08vs CAL27W  6-114-13417,052 Oil Can BoydJim SlatonOil Can BoydJim Slaton 1311247
1985-05-10vs OAK28W  5-415-13423,517 Al NipperChris CodiroliMark ClearJay Howell 1361288
1985-05-11vs OAK29L  1-1215-14428,031 Bruce HurstBill KruegerBill KruegerBruce Hurst 137140-3
1985-05-12vs OAK30L  3-515-15418,711 Roger ClemensDon SuttonDon SuttonRoger ClemensJay Howell140145-5
1985-05-14vs SEA31L  0-515-16414,463 Oil Can BoydMike MooreMike MooreOil Can Boyd 140150-10
1985-05-15vs SEA32L  1-715-17516,981 Al NipperMark LangstonMark LangstonAl Nipper 141157-16
1985-05-17@ CLE33W  5-016-1755,502Roger ClemensBert BlylevenRoger ClemensBert Blyleven 146157-11
1985-05-18@ CLE34L  1-416-1855,843Bruce HurstNeal HeatonNeal HeatonBruce HurstTom Waddell147161-14
1985-05-19@ CLE35L  1-216-19513,544Oil Can BoydVern RuhleRich ThompsonOil Can Boyd 148163-15
1985-05-20@ MIN36L  2-516-20519,583Al NipperJohn ButcherJohn ButcherAl NipperCurt Wardle150168-18
1985-05-21@ MIN37W  9-117-20516,641Bruce KisonKen SchromBruce KisonKen Schrom 159169-10
1985-05-22@ MIN38W  4-318-20523,263Roger ClemensFrank ViolaRoger ClemensFrank ViolaBob Stanley163172-9
1985-05-23@ TEX39L  6-718-2159,595Bruce HurstBurt HootonDave RozemaMark Clear 169179-10
1985-05-24@ TEX40L  0-118-22514,216Oil Can BoydCharlie HoughCharlie HoughOil Can Boyd 169180-11
1985-05-25@ TEX41L  3-1018-23623,691Al NipperMike MasonMike MasonAl NipperGreg Harris172190-18
1985-05-26@ TEX42L  3-518-24617,898Bruce KisonFrank TananaFrank TananaBruce KisonDave Rozema175195-20
1985-05-27vs MIN43W  9-219-24618,496 Roger ClemensKen SchromRoger ClemensKen SchromSteve Crawford184197-13
1985-05-29vs MIN44W  7-020-24617,989 Oil Can BoydFrank ViolaOil Can BoydFrank Viola 191197-6
1985-05-30vs MIN45W  8-721-24613,234 Bob OjedaMike SmithsonBob StanleyRon Davis 199204-5
1985-05-31vs TEX46L  1-321-25619,623 Al NipperMike MasonMike MasonAl NipperDave Stewart200207-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01vs TEX47W  6-022-25625,346 Bruce KisonFrank TananaBruce KisonFrank Tanana 206207-1
1985-06-02vs TEX48W  12-323-25621,387 Bruce HurstDickie NolesBruce HurstDave Rozema 2182108
1985-06-03vs CLE49W  6-524-25515,180 Oil Can BoydDon SchulzeOil Can BoydDon Schulze 2242159
1985-06-04vs CLE50W  5-025-25516,336 Bob OjedaKeith CreelBob OjedaKeith Creel 22921514
1985-06-07@ BAL51W  8-426-25634,185Al NipperMike BoddickerAl NipperMike Boddicker 23721918
1985-06-08@ BAL52W  2-127-25546,302Bruce KisonScott McGregorBruce KisonScott McGregorBob Stanley23922019
1985-06-09@ BAL53W  12-028-25436,641Oil Can BoydStorm DavisOil Can BoydStorm Davis 25122031
1985-06-10vs MIL54W  4-229-25418,967 Bob OjedaTeddy HigueraBob OjedaTeddy Higuera 25522233
1985-06-11vs MIL55L  3-529-26422,243 Roger ClemensDanny DarwinDanny DarwinBruce HurstBob Gibson25822731
1985-06-12vs MIL56W  7-230-26315,155 Al NipperMoose HaasAl NipperMoose Haas 26522936
1985-06-13vs TOR57W  8-731-26322,459 Bruce KisonLuis LealMike TrujilloGary LavelleBob Stanley27323637
1985-06-14vs TOR58W  4-132-26333,809 Oil Can BoydJim ClancyOil Can BoydJim Clancy 27723740
1985-06-15vs TOR59W  7-533-26335,664 Bob OjedaDoyle AlexanderBob StanleyJim Acker 28424242
1985-06-16vs TOR60W  7-634-26327,700 Roger ClemensJimmy KeySteve CrawfordGary Lavelle 29124843
1985-06-17@ DET61W  3-235-26231,258Al NipperDan PetryAl NipperGuillermo Hernandez 29425044
1985-06-18@ DET62L  8-935-27331,766Bruce KisonDoug BairJuan BerenguerBruce HurstAurelio Lopez30225943
1985-06-19@ DET63L  3-935-28335,135Oil Can BoydWalt TerrellWalt TerrellOil Can BoydAurelio Lopez30526837
1985-06-20@ TOR64L  5-635-29335,050Bob OjedaDoyle AlexanderJim AckerBob StanleyBill Caudill31027436
1985-06-21@ TOR65L  2-735-30336,252Bruce HurstJimmy KeyJimmy KeyBruce Hurst 31228131
1985-06-22@ TOR66W  5-336-30342,117Al NipperRon MusselmanBob StanleyJim Acker 31728433
1985-06-23@ TOR67L  1-836-31434,128Bruce KisonDave StiebDave StiebBruce Kison 31829226
1985-06-24vs DET68W  9-237-31331,777 Oil Can BoydWalt TerrellOil Can BoydWalt Terrell 32729433
1985-06-25vs DET69L  0-337-32331,359 Bob OjedaJack MorrisJack MorrisBob Ojeda 32729730
1985-06-26vs DET70L  0-337-33429,960 Al NipperRandy O'NealRandy O'NealAl NipperGuillermo Hernandez32730027
1985-06-28vs BAL71W  6-138-33431,829 Bruce HurstStorm DavisBruce HurstStorm Davis 33330132
1985-06-29vs BAL72L  4-1638-34432,976 Oil Can BoydDennis MartinezDennis MartinezOil Can BoydNate Snell33731720
1985-06-30vs BAL73L  0-338-35535,643 Bob OjedaMike BoddickerMike BoddickerBob Ojeda 33732017
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01@ MIL74L  1-538-36515,418Mike TrujilloPete VuckovichPete VuckovichMike TrujilloBob Gibson33832513
1985-07-02@ MIL75L  3-438-37517,167Roger ClemensTeddy HigueraRollie FingersBob Stanley 34132912
1985-07-03@ MIL76W  9-039-37520,673Bruce HurstDanny DarwinBruce HurstDanny Darwin 35032921
1985-07-04@ CAL77L  4-539-38562,951Oil Can BoydUrbano LugoPat ClementsOil Can BoydDonnie Moore35433420
1985-07-05@ CAL78L  4-1339-39536,780Bob OjedaRon RomanickRon RomanickBob OjedaPat Clements35834711
1985-07-06@ CAL79W  7-540-39526,952Mike TrujilloJim SlatonBob StanleyStew Cliburn 36535213
1985-07-07@ CAL80L  3-840-40531,383Jim DorseyKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillJim Dorsey 3683608
1985-07-08@ OAK81W  2-141-40524,430Bruce HurstChris CodiroliBruce HurstChris CodiroliSteve Crawford3703619
1985-07-09@ OAK82W  6-342-40514,264Oil Can BoydTim BirtsasOil Can BoydSteve Ontiveros 37636412
1985-07-10@ OAK83L  4-542-41517,401Bob OjedaBill KruegerBill KruegerBob OjedaJay Howell38036911
1985-07-11@ SEA84W  7-143-41510,473Al NipperBill SwiftAl NipperBill SwiftSteve Crawford38737017
1985-07-12@ SEA85W  5-444-41512,452Bruce KisonMike MooreMike TrujilloEd NunezMark Clear39237418
1985-07-13@ SEA86L  5-644-42532,432Bruce HurstMatt YoungBrian SnyderBob Stanley 39738017
1985-07-14@ SEA87W  6-245-42513,704Oil Can BoydFrank WillsOil Can BoydFrank Wills 40338221
1985-07-18vs CAL88W  10-146-42529,194 Bruce HurstKirk McCaskillBruce HurstKirk McCaskill 41338330
1985-07-19vs CAL89L  2-346-43531,368 Oil Can BoydRon RomanickRon RomanickOil Can BoydDonnie Moore41538629
1985-07-20vs CAL90L  3-546-44533,147 Bob OjedaMike WittMike WittBob OjedaDonnie Moore41839127
1985-07-21vs CAL91W  8-447-44528,636 Al NipperUrbano LugoAl NipperUrbano Lugo 42639531
1985-07-22vs OAK92W  6-448-44422,076 Tim LollarChris CodiroliTim LollarChris CodiroliBob Stanley43239933
1985-07-23vs OAK93W  3-249-44422,038 Bruce HurstRick LangfordBruce HurstRick Langford 43540134
1985-07-24vs OAK94W  6-550-44427,034 Oil Can BoydDon SuttonBob StanleyJay Howell 44140635
1985-07-25vs SEA95W  5-351-44424,471 Bob OjedaBill SwiftBob OjedaBill SwiftMark Clear44640937
1985-07-26vs SEA96W  6-252-44420,512 Al NipperJim BeattieAl NipperJim BeattieBob Stanley45241141
1985-07-27vs SEA97L  3-1052-45428,807 Tim LollarMark LangstonRoy ThomasTim Lollar 45542134
1985-07-28vs SEA98L  2-752-46426,708 Bruce HurstMike MooreMike MooreBruce Hurst 45742829
1985-07-30vs CHA99L  5-752-47429,610 Oil Can BoydTom SeaverTom SeaverOil Can BoydJuan Agosto46243527
1985-07-31vs CHA100W  1-153-47419,777 Bob OjedaFloyd Bannister 46343627
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-01vs CHA101L  2-754-4840 Al NipperGene NelsonGene NelsonAl Nipper 46544322
1985-08-01vs CHA102W  4-354-48425,216 Tim LollarDan SpillnerSteve CrawfordJuan Agosto 46944623
1985-08-02@ KCA103L  3-454-49437,212Bruce HurstBuddy BlackDan QuisenberryMark Clear 47245022
1985-08-03@ KCA104W  5-455-49440,370Roger ClemensMark GubiczaRoger ClemensMark GubiczaSteve Crawford47745423
1985-08-04@ KCA105W  6-556-49431,020Oil Can BoydCharlie LeibrandtBob StanleyMike LaCossMark Clear48345924
1985-08-08@ CHA106L  6-757-5040Bob OjedaBritt BurnsDave WehrmeisterBruce KisonBob James48946623
1985-08-08@ CHA107W  6-157-50420,927Tim LollarGene NelsonTim LollarGene NelsonSteve Crawford49546728
1985-08-09vs NYA108L  6-1057-51433,739 Bruce HurstEd WhitsonRich BordiBruce Hurst 50147724
1985-08-10vs NYA109L  3-757-52433,009 Oil Can BoydJoe CowleyJoe CowleyOil Can BoydDave Righetti50448420
1985-08-11vs NYA110L  3-557-53433,685 Roger ClemensRon GuidryRon GuidryRoger ClemensBrian Fisher50748918
1985-08-12vs KCA111L  2-357-54422,843 Al NipperMark GubiczaMark GubiczaAl NipperDan Quisenberry50949217
1985-08-13vs KCA112L  3-657-55523,189 Bob OjedaBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenBob OjedaDan Quisenberry51249814
1985-08-14vs KCA113W  16-358-55522,870 Bruce HurstBuddy BlackBruce HurstBuddy Black 52850127
1985-08-16@ NYA114L  4-558-56542,787Oil Can BoydJoe CowleyDave RighettiSteve Crawford 53250626
1985-08-17@ NYA115L  1-358-57540,179Al NipperRon GuidryRon GuidryAl NipperBrian Fisher53350924
1985-08-18@ NYA116L  2-458-58544,170Tim LollarPhil NiekroDave RighettiTim LollarBrian Fisher53551322
1985-08-19@ NYA117L  5-658-59538,164Bruce HurstMarty BystromMarty BystromMark ClearRich Bordi54051921
1985-08-20vs TEX118L  1-358-60517,420 Bob OjedaCharlie HoughCharlie HoughBob Ojeda 54152219
1985-08-21vs TEX119L  3-558-61518,447 Oil Can BoydJeff RussellJeff RussellOil Can BoydGreg Harris54452717
1985-08-22vs TEX120W  8-459-61517,074 Mike TrujilloDickie NolesMike TrujilloDickie Noles 55253121
1985-08-23vs MIN121L  2-559-62522,041 Tim LollarFrank ViolaFrank ViolaTim Lollar 55453618
1985-08-24vs MIN122L  0-159-63530,463 Bruce HurstMike SmithsonMike SmithsonBruce Hurst 55453717
1985-08-26@ CHA123L  6-759-6457,889Oil Can BoydJoel DavisBob JamesBob Stanley 56054416
1985-08-27@ CLE124L  2-659-6555,107Mike TrujilloCurt WardleCurt WardleMike TrujilloVern Ruhle56255012
1985-08-28@ CLE125L  4-759-6655,464Tim LollarJamie EasterlyJamie EasterlyTim LollarJerry Reed5665579
1985-08-29@ CLE126W  17-260-6656,110Bruce HurstRamon RomeroBruce HurstRamon Romero 58355924
1985-08-30@ MIN127W  7-361-66517,057Bob OjedaJohn ButcherBob OjedaJohn ButcherSteve Crawford59056228
1985-08-31@ MIN128L  5-661-6850Oil Can BoydBert BlylevenBert BlylevenSteve Crawford 59556827
1985-08-31@ MIN129L  4-561-68520,779Al NipperMark PortugalMark PortugalAl NipperRon Davis59957326
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01@ MIN130W  10-362-68516,589Mike TrujilloFrank ViolaMike TrujilloFrank Viola 60957633
1985-09-02@ TEX131W  11-263-6857,200Tim LollarDave StewartTim LollarDave Stewart 62057842
1985-09-03@ TEX132W  6-464-6856,449Bruce HurstCharlie HoughBruce HurstCharlie HoughBruce Kison62658244
1985-09-05vs CLE133W  13-665-6950 Oil Can BoydNeal HeatonOil Can BoydNeal Heaton 63958851
1985-09-05vs CLE134L  5-965-69516,989 Bob OjedaJamie EasterlyJamie EasterlyBob OjedaJerry Reed64459747
1985-09-07vs CLE135W  11-967-6950 Mike TrujilloRoy SmithBruce KisonJerry ReedSteve Crawford65560649
1985-09-07vs CLE136W  7-467-69519,953 Al NipperCurt WardleAl NipperCurt WardleSteve Crawford66261052
1985-09-08vs CLE137W  8-168-69518,511 Tim LollarNeal HeatonTim LollarNeal Heaton 67061159
1985-09-10vs BAL138L  5-769-7050 Bruce HurstStorm DavisStorm DavisBruce HurstDon Aase67561857
1985-09-10vs BAL139W  5-369-70514,294 Oil Can BoydMike BoddickerOil Can BoydMike BoddickerSteve Crawford68062159
1985-09-11vs BAL140W  4-170-70515,264 Bob OjedaDennis MartinezBob OjedaDennis Martinez 68462262
1985-09-12vs BAL141L  1-370-71515,014 Al NipperKen DixonKen DixonAl NipperDon Aase68562560
1985-09-13@ MIL142L  3-670-72516,931Tim LollarTim LearyTim LearyTim LollarDanny Darwin68863157
1985-09-14@ MIL143W  10-871-72512,371Bruce HurstBill WegmanBruce KisonDanny Darwin 69863959
1985-09-15@ MIL144W  4-272-72511,124Jeff SellersJaime CocanowerJeff SellersJaime CocanowerMike Trujillo70264161
1985-09-16@ MIL145L  3-572-7356,441Bob OjedaMoose HaasBob McClureBob Ojeda 70564659
1985-09-17vs TOR146W  6-573-73517,274 Oil Can BoydDave StiebOil Can BoydDave StiebSteve Crawford71165160
1985-09-18vs TOR147W  13-174-73517,598 Al NipperJim ClancyAl NipperJim Clancy 72465272
1985-09-20vs DET148L  2-674-74523,442 Bruce HurstJack MorrisJack MorrisBruce Hurst 72665868
1985-09-21vs DET149W  7-675-74525,618 Jeff SellersWalt TerrellTim LollarWalt TerrellSteve Crawford73366469
1985-09-22vs DET150W  6-276-74523,847 Oil Can BoydDan PetryOil Can BoydDan Petry 73966673
1985-09-23vs DET151L  1-276-75514,089 Bob OjedaJuan BerenguerJuan BerenguerBob OjedaGuillermo Hernandez74066872
1985-09-24@ TOR152L  2-676-76529,815Al NipperSteve DavisDennis LampAl Nipper 74267468
1985-09-25@ TOR153W  4-277-76530,542Bruce HurstJimmy KeySteve CrawfordJohn CeruttiTim Lollar74667670
1985-09-26@ TOR154W  4-178-76530,443Jeff SellersDoyle AlexanderJeff SellersDoyle Alexander 75067773
1985-09-27@ DET155L  1-578-77520,147Oil Can BoydWalt TerrellWalt TerrellOil Can BoydGuillermo Hernandez75168269
1985-09-28@ DET156W  2-079-77521,890Bob OjedaDan PetryBob OjedaGuillermo HernandezSteve Crawford75368271
1985-09-29@ DET157W  8-480-77520,486Rob WoodwardJuan BerenguerRob WoodwardJuan Berenguer 76168675
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01@ BAL158W  10-381-77513,827Bruce HurstDennis MartinezBruce HurstDennis Martinez 77168982
1985-10-03@ BAL159W  6-282-7850Bob OjedaSammy StewartBob OjedaSammy Stewart 77769186
1985-10-03@ BAL160L  8-982-78514,384Jeff SellersPhil HuffmanJohn HabyanSteve CrawfordDon Aase78570085
1985-10-04vs MIL161L  7-882-79513,128 Rob WoodwardRay BurrisBrad LesleyMike TrujilloBob McClure79270884
1985-10-05vs MIL162L  2-382-80512,754 Oil Can BoydJaime CocanowerJaime CocanowerOil Can BoydDanny Darwin79471183
1985-10-06vs MIL163L  6-982-81517,129 Bruce HurstChuck PorterDanny DarwinBruce HurstPete Ladd80072080

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