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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Sparky Anderson
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,636,058
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mick Kelleher (34)
Youngest Player:  Howard Johnson (21)
Longest Tenure:  John Wockenfuss (9)
Top Hitter:  Larry Herndon (24)
Top Pitcher:  Jack Morris (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Rich Monteleone (#20)

Roster Continuity:  72.30%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7983.48816.0

Larry Pashnick1982-04-101982L  5-2 @ KCA000000000000000100001st career game
John Wockenfuss1982-04-131982W  4-2 @ TOR4241000000000005183666320834 hits
Howard Johnson1982-04-141982L  5-4 @ TOR411000000000000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Glenn Wilson1982-04-151982W  4-2 vs DET100000000010000100001st career game
Glenn Wilson1982-04-161982L  10-2 vs DET401100000000000210001st career hit
Chet Lemon1982-04-171982W  5-3 vs DET10000000100200078980873351452 hit by pitches
Glenn Wilson1982-04-191982W  3-2 vs DET412001101000000541101st career home run, 1st career RBI
Mark DeJohn1982-04-281982L  4-2 @ MIN301100000000000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Howard Johnson1982-04-281982L  4-2 @ MIN4110011000200001041101st career home run, 1st career RBI
Chet Lemon1982-04-291982L  3-2 @ CHA21000000000200080081774357452 hit by pitches
Eddie Miller1982-05-101982W  3-1 @ TEX30000000101200011975015362 hit by pitches
Mark DeJohn1982-05-141982W  4-2 vs DET201000100000100420101st career RBI
Kirk Gibson1982-05-141982W  4-2 vs DET6150012010000001741812376275 hits
Larry Herndon1982-05-181982W  11-9 vs DET43300370000000072860831208633 home runs, 7 RBis
Mike Ivie1982-05-181982W  11-9 vs DET51100000004000077266269373224 strikeouts
Larry Herndon1982-05-201982W  11-3 vs DET52502010000000073061331209631 Triples, 5 hits
Mike Ivie1982-05-201982W  11-3 vs DET52200240000000077466571379222 home runs
Lance Parrish1982-05-201982W  11-3 vs DET3110012002000005004697625415500th career game
Lou Whitaker1982-05-281982W  6-4 @ OAK42200230000000057250514199432 home runs
Chet Lemon1982-06-081982W  8-3 vs DET42200220010000082784377362452 home runs
Kirk Gibson1982-06-091982W  4-3 vs DET6042000000000001941992484304 hits
Mike Ivie1982-06-111982L  8-6 @ MIL40421040010000079068073387224 hits
Mark DeJohn1982-06-141982L  2-1 @ CLE1000000101000001940111st career stolen base
Richie Hebner1982-06-291982L  4-2 vs DET32200220000000016521565188817252 home runs
Chet Lemon1982-07-031982L  8-3 vs DET50410010000000084485477364454 hits
Lance Parrish1982-07-061982W  11-6 vs DET43200230010000153751383276162 home runs
Larry Herndon1982-07-151982W  18-2 @ MIN62310050000000077966639235685 RBis
Lou Whitaker1982-07-151982W  18-2 @ MIN64210010001000061353617211454 runs scored
Dave Gumpert1982-07-251982W  7-2 vs DET000000000000000100001st career game
Lou Whitaker1982-07-251982W  7-6 vs DET51202010000000062354818216461 Triples
Enos Cabell1982-08-041982W  7-1 @ KCA51400001000000011791203434352004 hits, 200th career stolen base
Lou Whitaker1982-08-051982W  7-4 vs DET42400000010000063457019224474 hits
Lance Parrish1982-08-061982W  6-0 vs DET42200240000000056454490293162 home runs
Lou Whitaker1982-08-101982W  10-1 vs DET52300250001000064058221232472 home runs, 5 RBis
Glenn Wilson1982-08-101982W  10-1 vs DET424001200000000404641704 hits
Lou Whitaker1982-08-131982W  10-1 vs DET53310230000000064258723235472 home runs
Howard Johnson1982-08-151982L  6-1 vs DET4010000100100001571211st career stolen base
Chet Lemon1982-08-171982W  3-2 vs DET32200230000000088188985384452 home runs
Lance Parrish1982-08-181982W  7-2 vs DET42200230000000057755794301162 home runs
Glenn Wilson1982-08-201982W  8-6 @ CAL422001210000100495772311st career stolen base
Mike Laga1982-09-011982W  5-3 vs DET200000000100000100001st career game
Mike Laga1982-09-021982W  6-3 vs DET301100200000001210201st career hit, 1st career RBI
Lance Parrish1982-09-021982W  6-3 vs DET42200220001000058856896309162 home runs
Mike Laga1982-09-031982W  6-3 vs DET212001200000000331401st career home run
Chet Lemon1982-09-081982L  9-7 @ MIL52410000000000088789785384454 hits
Alan Trammell1982-09-101982W  6-4 @ BOS41330010000000068462526230533 Doubles
John Wockenfuss1982-09-111982L  13-3 @ BOS4040002000000005784146823434 hits
Rick Leach1982-09-141982L  6-3 vs DET3110000101100001275842311st career stolen base
Lou Whitaker1982-09-151982L  5-3 vs DET51400120001000067061227246484 hits
Lance Parrish1982-09-211982W  11-1 @ BAL42300120011000060358110031917100th career home run
Larry Herndon1982-09-231982W  10-5 @ BAL53310240000000084273947270712 home runs
Mike Laga1982-10-031982W  9-1 @ CLE222100010000000272331111st career stolen base

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