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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Philadelphia,PA
Team Record:  59-48   .551
Result:   th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Dallas Green
General Manager:   Paul Owens
Stadium:  Veterans Stadium
Attendance:  1,638,752
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Expos)

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Pete Rose (40)
Youngest Player:  Mark Davis (20)
Longest Tenure:  Larry Bowa (12)
Top Hitter:  Mike Schmidt (1)
Top Pitcher:  Steve Carlton (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Johnny Abrego (#20)

Roster Continuity:  82.71%
National League Standings
St. Louis5943.578--
NY Mets4162.39818.5
Chi Cubs3865.36921.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-04-08@ CIN1L  2-30-1451,716Steve CarltonTom SeaverTom HumeSparky Lyle 23-1
1981-04-11@ SLN2W  5-21-1438,473Dick RuthvenBob ForschDick RuthvenBob Forsch 752
1981-04-12@ SLN3L  3-71-2621,462Larry ChristensonLary SorensenLary SorensenLarry ChristensonBruce Sutter1012-2
1981-04-13vs PIT4W  5-12-2360,404 Steve CarltonJohn CandelariaSteve CarltonJohn Candelaria 15132
1981-04-15vs PIT5W  4-33-2327,450 Marty BystromJim BibbyTug McGrawEnrique Romo 19163
1981-04-16vs PIT6W  5-34-2226,780 Dick RuthvenDon RobinsonDick RuthvenDon RobinsonTug McGraw24195
1981-04-17vs CHN7W  6-25-2221,948 Larry ChristensonKen KravecLarry ChristensonKen Kravec 30219
1981-04-18vs CHN8W  4-36-2227,780 Steve CarltonMike KrukowSteve CarltonLee Smith 342410
1981-04-19vs CHN9W  7-37-2130,204 Nino EspinosaRick ReuschelNino EspinosaRick Reuschel 412714
1981-04-20@ MON10L  8-97-3324,817Marty BystromSteve RogersSteve RogersTug McGrawWoodie Fryman493613
1981-04-21@ MON11L  3-107-4310,887Dick RuthvenScott SandersonScott SandersonDick Ruthven 52466
1981-04-22@ MON12L  3-47-5314,176Larry ChristensonBill GullicksonElias SosaTug McGraw 55505
1981-04-24@ CHN13W  6-48-536,274Steve CarltonRick ReuschelSteve CarltonRick ReuschelRon Reed61547
1981-04-25@ CHN14W  7-59-5310,990Nino EspinosaLynn McGlothenSparky LyleDick Tidrow 68599
1981-04-26@ CHN15W  6-210-5310,093Marty BystromBill CaudillMarty BystromBill Caudill 746113
1981-04-27vs MON16W  3-111-5327,347 Dick RuthvenBill GullicksonDick RuthvenBill Gullickson 776215
1981-04-28vs MON17L  3-611-6326,192 Larry ChristensonCharlie LeaSteve RatzerLarry ChristensonElias Sosa806812
1981-04-29vs MON18W  6-212-6330,142 Steve CarltonSteve RogersSteve CarltonSteve Rogers 867016
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-05-02vs SFN19L  2-613-730 Nino EspinosaDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderNino EspinosaGreg Minton887612
1981-05-02vs SFN20W  3-113-7327,376 Marty BystromEd WhitsonMarty BystromEd Whitson 917714
1981-05-03vs SFN21W  7-514-7341,283 Dick RuthvenTom GriffinDick RuthvenGary LavelleTug McGraw988216
1981-05-04vs SFN22W  6-415-7325,492 Steve CarltonAllen RipleySteve CarltonAllen Ripley 1048618
1981-05-05vs LAN23W  8-716-7327,241 Larry ChristensonBob WelchSparky LyleBobby Castillo 1129319
1981-05-06vs LAN24L  1-216-8325,850 Nino EspinosaBurt HootonBurt HootonNino Espinosa 1139518
1981-05-07vs LAN25L  1-216-9329,259 Marty BystromJerry ReussJerry ReussMarty Bystrom 1149717
1981-05-08vs SDN26W  11-717-9330,830 Dick RuthvenJohn CurtisSparky LyleGary Lucas 12510421
1981-05-09vs SDN27W  9-618-9230,907 Steve CarltonTim LollarSteve CarltonTim Lollar 13411024
1981-05-10vs SDN28L  4-818-10240,447 Larry ChristensonSteve MuraSteve MuraLarry ChristensonGary Lucas13811820
1981-05-12@ SFN29L  0-418-11210,307Nino EspinosaDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderNino Espinosa 13812216
1981-05-13@ SFN30L  2-518-1226,946Marty BystromAllen RipleyAllen RipleyMarty BystromGreg Minton14012713
1981-05-14@ SFN31W  3-119-1226,561Dick RuthvenVida BlueDick RuthvenVida BlueTug McGraw14312815
1981-05-15@ SDN32W  2-120-12215,939Steve CarltonSteve MuraSteve CarltonSteve Mura 14512916
1981-05-16@ SDN33L  1-220-13240,656Larry ChristensonTim LollarJohn LittlefieldTug McGraw 14613115
1981-05-17@ SDN34W  6-321-13218,330Nino EspinosaJuan EichelbergerNino EspinosaJuan Eichelberger 15213418
1981-05-18@ LAN35W  4-022-13252,439Marty BystromFernando ValenzuelaMarty BystromFernando Valenzuela 15613422
1981-05-19@ LAN36W  3-223-13243,812Dick RuthvenBob WelchDick RuthvenBob Welch 15913623
1981-05-20@ LAN37L  2-323-14250,917Steve CarltonBurt HootonSteve HoweTug McGraw 16113922
1981-05-22@ PIT38L  1-323-15220,695Larry ChristensonPascual PerezPascual PerezLarry Christenson 16214220
1981-05-23@ PIT39W  6-424-15220,340Nino EspinosaEddie SolomonMike ProlyKent TekulveRon Reed16814622
1981-05-24@ PIT40L  1-724-16221,771Marty BystromJim BibbyJim BibbyMarty BystromVictor Cruz16915316
1981-05-25@ NYN41L  3-1324-17220,469Dick RuthvenGreg HarrisGreg HarrisDick RuthvenJeff Reardon1721666
1981-05-26@ NYN42W  7-525-17113,973Steve CarltonRandy JonesRon ReedNeil AllenTug McGraw1791718
1981-05-27@ NYN43L  1-325-18110,930Larry ChristensonPat ZachryPat ZachryLarry Christenson 1801746
1981-05-29vs SLN44L  4-1125-19332,358 Nino EspinosaBob ForschBob ForschNino EspinosaMark Littell184185-1
1981-05-30vs SLN45W  10-226-19135,034 Dick RuthvenLary SorensenDick RuthvenLary Sorensen 1941877
1981-05-31vs SLN46W  6-127-19154,103 Steve CarltonSilvio MartinezSteve CarltonSilvio Martinez 20018812
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-06-01vs NYN47W  5-428-19127,631 Larry ChristensonPat ZachrySparky LyleNeil AllenTug McGraw20519213
1981-06-02vs NYN48W  9-729-19125,375 Nino EspinosaMike ScottMike ProlyEd LynchRon Reed21419915
1981-06-03vs NYN49L  2-629-20127,588 Dick RuthvenGreg HarrisGreg HarrisDick RuthvenNeil Allen21620511
1981-06-05@ ATL50L  1-429-21217,059Steve CarltonRick MahlerRick MahlerSteve CarltonRick Camp2172098
1981-06-06@ ATL51W  3-030-21215,291Larry ChristensonTommy BoggsLarry ChristensonTommy BoggsMike Proly22020911
1981-06-07@ ATL52W  7-531-21123,482Nino EspinosaGaylord PerrySparky LyleGaylord PerryRon Reed22721413
1981-06-08vs HOU53W  4-332-21131,664 Dick RuthvenDon SuttonDick RuthvenDon SuttonTug McGraw23121714
1981-06-09vs HOU54W  10-333-21133,978 Marty BystromJoe NiekroMarty BystromJoe NiekroRon Reed24122021
1981-06-10vs HOU55W  5-434-21157,386 Steve CarltonNolan RyanSteve CarltonFrank LaCorteTug McGraw24622422
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-08-10vs SLN56L  3-734-22160,561 Larry ChristensonBob ForschBob ForschLarry ChristensonBruce Sutter24923118
1981-08-11vs SLN57W  6-535-22124,549 Nino EspinosaLary SorensenRon ReedJim Kaat 25523619
1981-08-12vs SLN58L  3-1135-23123,566 Dick RuthvenSilvio MartinezBob SykesDick RuthvenMark Littell25824711
1981-08-13vs SLN59L  2-535-24226,783 Steve CarltonJohn MartinJohn MartinSteve CarltonBruce Sutter2602528
1981-08-14@ NYN60W  8-436-24234,136Larry ChristensonMike ScottLarry ChristensonMike ScottMike Proly26825612
1981-08-15@ NYN61L  1-336-25214,309Nino EspinosaTerry LeachPete FalconeNino EspinosaNeil Allen26925910
1981-08-16@ NYN62L  2-536-26221,635Dick RuthvenPat ZachryPat ZachryDick RuthvenNeil Allen2712647
1981-08-18@ CIN63L  1-336-27225,363Steve CarltonTom SeaverTom SeaverSteve CarltonTom Hume2722675
1981-08-19@ CIN64L  3-636-28223,133Larry ChristensonBruce BerenyiTom HumeSparky Lyle 2752732
1981-08-21vs HOU65W  5-437-28231,693 Nino EspinosaDon SuttonSparky LyleVern RuhleTug McGraw2802773
1981-08-22vs HOU66W  8-438-28235,199 Dick RuthvenJoe NiekroDick RuthvenJoe Niekro 2882817
1981-08-23vs HOU67W  6-039-28230,630 Steve CarltonBob KnepperSteve CarltonBob Knepper 29428113
1981-08-24vs ATL68W  7-540-28223,383 Larry ChristensonTommy BoggsTug McGrawAl Hrabosky 30128615
1981-08-25vs ATL69L  2-1240-29233,383 Mark DavisPhil NiekroPhil NiekroMark Davis 3032985
1981-08-26vs ATL70L  3-540-30228,283 Dick RuthvenGaylord PerryRick CampRon Reed 3063033
1981-08-28@ HOU71L  2-340-31329,482Steve CarltonBob KnepperDave SmithSparky Lyle 3083062
1981-08-29@ HOU72L  1-640-3330Mark DavisVern RuhleVern RuhleMark Davis 309312-3
1981-08-29@ HOU73L  1-240-33333,327Dickie NolesBilly SmithBilly SmithDickie NolesFrank LaCorte310314-4
1981-08-30@ HOU74L  4-540-34323,102Nino EspinosaNolan RyanDave SmithSparky Lyle 314319-5
1981-08-31@ ATL75W  11-841-3438,207Dick RuthvenGaylord PerryDick RuthvenGaylord PerryRon Reed325327-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-09-01@ ATL76W  3-042-3433,374Steve CarltonRick MahlerSteve CarltonRick Mahler 3283271
1981-09-02@ ATL77L  2-342-3536,232Dickie NolesTommy BoggsGene GarberWarren Brusstar 3303300
1981-09-03vs CIN78L  3-942-36326,540 Mark DavisBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiMark Davis 333339-6
1981-09-04vs CIN79W  7-643-36225,020 Dick RuthvenMike LaCossSparky LyleDoug BairTug McGraw340345-5
1981-09-05vs CIN80W  5-444-36241,845 Steve CarltonMario SotoRon ReedMario Soto 345349-4
1981-09-06vs CIN81L  4-544-37230,366 Dickie NolesFrank PastoreTom HumeSparky LyleJoe Price349354-5
1981-09-07vs MON82L  4-544-38331,401 Mark DavisStan BahnsenWoodie FrymanMike ProlyJeff Reardon353359-6
1981-09-08vs MON83W  10-545-38211,812 Dan LarsonScott SandersonDan LarsonScott Sanderson 363364-1
1981-09-09vs MON84W  11-846-38225,468 Dick RuthvenBill GullicksonRon ReedWoodie FrymanSparky Lyle3743722
1981-09-11@ PIT85W  8-047-38212,799Steve CarltonRick RhodenSteve CarltonRick Rhoden 38237210
1981-09-12@ PIT86L  2-647-39211,370Dickie NolesEddie SolomonEddie SolomonDickie NolesRod Scurry3843786
1981-09-13@ PIT87L  2-347-40216,493Mark DavisOdell JonesOdell JonesRon ReedKent Tekulve3863815
1981-09-16@ NYN88W  3-148-4120Dick RuthvenPat ZachryDick RuthvenPat Zachry 3893827
1981-09-16@ NYN89L  4-548-4124,353Steve CarltonGreg HarrisMike MarshallSteve CarltonNeil Allen3933876
1981-09-17@ NYN90W  3-249-4125,501Dickie NolesMike ScottDickie NolesMike ScottRon Reed3963897
1981-09-18vs PIT91L  6-749-42224,537 Mark DavisRick RhodenRod ScurryRon ReedMark Lee4023966
1981-09-19vs PIT92W  8-250-42230,446 Dan LarsonOdell JonesDan LarsonOdell JonesLarry Christenson41039812
1981-09-20vs PIT93W  5-451-42231,489 Mike ProlyEddie SolomonSparky LyleEddie Solomon 41540213
1981-09-21@ MON94L  0-151-43224,161Steve CarltonRay BurrisBryn SmithJerry Reed 41540312
1981-09-22@ MON95L  2-651-44321,797Dick RuthvenSteve RogersSteve RogersDick Ruthven 4174098
1981-09-23@ SLN96W  9-452-44316,845Dickie NolesJohn MartinDickie NolesJohn MartinSparky Lyle42641313
1981-09-24@ SLN97W  14-653-44311,758Mark DavisLary SorensenMark DavisLary Sorensen 44041921
1981-09-25@ CHN98W  9-254-4434,482Dan LarsonKen KravecDan LarsonKen Kravec 44942128
1981-09-27@ CHN99W  5-255-4530Steve CarltonDoug BirdSteve CarltonDoug Bird 45442331
1981-09-27@ CHN100L  0-1455-45318,783Dick RuthvenMike KrukowMike KrukowDick Ruthven 45443717
1981-09-28vs NYN101W  12-456-45220,403 Dickie NolesEd LynchLarry ChristensonEd Lynch 46644125
1981-09-29vs NYN102L  0-756-46220,110 Mark DavisPete FalconePete FalconeMark Davis 46644818
1981-09-30vs SLN103W  8-557-46221,382 Dan LarsonBob ForschSparky LyleLuis DeLeonRon Reed47445321
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-10-01vs SLN104L  2-357-47320,482 Mike ProlyLary SorensenDoug BairLarry Christenson 47645620
1981-10-02vs CHN105W  9-758-47320,453 Steve CarltonDave GeiselRon ReedDick Tidrow 48546322
1981-10-03vs CHN106L  4-858-48335,169 Dickie NolesJay HowellJay HowellSparky LyleRandy Martz48947118
1981-10-04vs CHN107W  2-159-48321,912 Mark DavisLee SmithDick RuthvenLee SmithTug McGraw49147219

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