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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  63-47   .573
Result:   th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Tom Lasorda
General Manager:   Al Campanis
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  2,381,292
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Yankees)

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jerry Grote (38)
Youngest Player:  Fernando Valenzuela (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bill Russell, Steve Garvey (13)
Top Hitter:  Steve Garvey (11)
Top Pitcher:  Fernando Valenzuela (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Dave Anderson (#22)

Roster Continuity:  80.72%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers6347.5734.0
SF Giants5655.50511.5
San Diego4169.37326.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-04-09vs HOU1W  2-01-0250,511 Fernando ValenzuelaJoe NiekroFernando ValenzuelaJoe Niekro 202
1981-04-11vs HOU2W  7-42-0151,691 Burt HootonDon SuttonBurt HootonDon Sutton 945
1981-04-12vs HOU3W  3-23-0150,734 Rick SutcliffeVern RuhleRick SutcliffeVern RuhleSteve Howe1266
1981-04-13@ SFN4W  4-34-0120,698Bob WelchAllen RipleyDave StewartAllen RipleyBobby Castillo1697
1981-04-14@ SFN5W  7-15-0123,790Fernando ValenzuelaVida BlueFernando ValenzuelaVida Blue 231013
1981-04-15@ SFN6W  4-26-0120,775Burt HootonEd WhitsonBurt HootonEd WhitsonBobby Castillo271215
1981-04-17@ SDN7L  2-36-1126,157Rick SutcliffeJuan EichelbergerTim LollarSteve Howe 291514
1981-04-18@ SDN8W  2-07-1119,776Fernando ValenzuelaRick WiseFernando ValenzuelaRick Wise 311516
1981-04-19@ SDN9W  6-18-1111,498Bob WelchJohn CurtisBob WelchJohn CurtisBobby Castillo371621
1981-04-20@ HOU10W  5-29-1121,730Burt HootonJoaquin AndujarBurt HootonJoaquin AndujarDave Goltz421824
1981-04-21@ HOU11L  0-19-2121,904Jerry ReussBob KnepperBob KnepperJerry Reuss 421923
1981-04-22@ HOU12W  1-010-2122,830Fernando ValenzuelaDon SuttonFernando ValenzuelaDon Sutton 431924
1981-04-23vs SDN13W  3-111-2135,027 Rick SutcliffeRick WiseRick SutcliffeRick WiseSteve Howe462026
1981-04-24vs SDN14L  5-611-3149,256 Bob WelchJohn CurtisGary LucasBobby CastilloTim Lollar512625
1981-04-25vs SDN15W  2-112-3144,985 Burt HootonSteve MuraSteve HoweJohn Littlefield 532726
1981-04-26vs SDN16W  3-213-3150,533 Jerry ReussJuan EichelbergerJerry ReussGary Lucas 562927
1981-04-27vs SFN17W  5-014-3149,478 Fernando ValenzuelaTom GriffinFernando ValenzuelaTom Griffin 612932
1981-04-28vs SFN18L  1-614-4139,899 Rick SutcliffeAllen RipleyAllen RipleyRick Sutcliffe 623527
1981-04-29vs SFN19L  2-314-5139,110 Bob WelchVida BlueVida BlueBob WelchGreg Minton643826
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-05-01@ MON20L  8-914-6128,179Burt HootonRay BurrisBill LeeBobby Castillo 724725
1981-05-02@ MON21W  4-015-6122,820Jerry ReussScott SandersonJerry ReussScott Sanderson 764729
1981-05-03@ MON22W  6-116-6146,405Fernando ValenzuelaBill GullicksonFernando ValenzuelaBill Gullickson 824834
1981-05-04@ MON23L  3-416-7121,527Rick SutcliffeSteve RogersSteve RogersRick SutcliffeElias Sosa855233
1981-05-05@ PHI24L  7-816-8127,241Bob WelchLarry ChristensonSparky LyleBobby Castillo 926032
1981-05-06@ PHI25W  2-117-8125,850Burt HootonNino EspinosaBurt HootonNino Espinosa 946133
1981-05-07@ PHI26W  2-118-8129,259Jerry ReussMarty BystromJerry ReussMarty Bystrom 966234
1981-05-08@ NYN27W  1-019-8139,848Fernando ValenzuelaMike ScottFernando ValenzuelaMike Scott 976235
1981-05-09@ NYN28L  4-719-9116,776Rick SutcliffeDave RobertsNeil AllenBobby CastilloJeff Reardon1016932
1981-05-10@ NYN29W  5-320-9112,102Bob WelchRandy JonesBob WelchRandy JonesSteve Howe1067234
1981-05-12vs MON30W  5-021-9134,367 Burt HootonRay BurrisBurt HootonRay BurrisSteve Howe1117239
1981-05-13vs MON31W  8-622-9142,712 Jerry ReussScott SandersonSteve HoweWoodie Fryman 1197841
1981-05-14vs MON32W  3-223-9153,906 Fernando ValenzuelaBill GullicksonFernando ValenzuelaSteve Ratzer 1228042
1981-05-15vs NYN33W  6-524-9149,860 Bob WelchRandy JonesSteve HoweNeil Allen 1288543
1981-05-16vs NYN34W  9-025-9151,000 Burt HootonDave RobertsBurt HootonDave Roberts 1378552
1981-05-17vs NYN35W  6-126-9150,746 Jerry ReussPat ZachryJerry ReussPat Zachry 1438657
1981-05-18vs PHI36L  0-426-10152,439 Fernando ValenzuelaMarty BystromMarty BystromFernando Valenzuela 1439053
1981-05-19vs PHI37L  2-326-11143,812 Bob WelchDick RuthvenDick RuthvenBob Welch 1459352
1981-05-20vs PHI38W  3-227-11150,917 Burt HootonSteve CarltonSteve HoweTug McGraw 1489553
1981-05-22@ CIN39W  4-228-11127,943Jerry ReussMike LaCossDave StewartDoug Bair 1529755
1981-05-23@ CIN40W  9-629-11140,928Fernando ValenzuelaMario SotoDave StewartPaul MoskauBobby Castillo16110358
1981-05-24@ CIN41L  2-330-1210Bob WelchTom SeaverPaul MoskauBob WelchJoe Price16310657
1981-05-24@ CIN42W  10-330-12136,113Dave GoltzBruce BerenyiBobby CastilloBruce Berenyi 17310964
1981-05-25@ ATL43W  7-131-12111,911Burt HootonBob WalkBurt HootonBob WalkBobby Castillo18011070
1981-05-27@ ATL44L  2-331-13117,581Jerry ReussTommy BoggsRick CampSteve Howe 18211369
1981-05-28@ ATL45L  4-931-14126,597Fernando ValenzuelaGaylord PerryGaylord PerryFernando Valenzuela 18612264
1981-05-29vs CIN46W  5-232-14145,749 Bob WelchMike LaCossBob WelchMike LaCossSteve Howe19112467
1981-05-30vs CIN47L  1-932-15143,582 Burt HootonFrank PastoreFrank PastoreBurt Hooton 19213359
1981-05-31vs CIN48W  16-433-15146,411 Jerry ReussMario SotoDave GoltzMario Soto 20813771
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-06-01vs ATL49W  5-234-15149,136 Fernando ValenzuelaTommy BoggsFernando ValenzuelaTommy Boggs 21313974
1981-06-02vs ATL50L  1-334-16137,448 Bob WelchGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDave StewartRick Camp21414272
1981-06-03vs ATL51L  2-434-17142,649 Burt HootonPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBurt HootonRick Camp21614670
1981-06-05@ CHN52L  3-434-1817,815Jerry ReussRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJerry ReussDick Tidrow21915069
1981-06-06@ CHN53L  5-1134-19130,556Fernando ValenzuelaBill CaudillLynn McGlothenFernando Valenzuela 22416163
1981-06-07@ CHN54W  7-035-19120,024Bob WelchRandy MartzBob WelchRandy Martz 23116170
1981-06-09@ SLN55L  1-635-20119,654Burt HootonBob ForschBob ForschBurt HootonBruce Sutter23216765
1981-06-10@ SLN56W  4-136-20117,779Jerry ReussLary SorensenJerry ReussLary Sorensen 23616868
1981-06-11@ SLN57L  1-236-21139,250Fernando ValenzuelaSilvio MartinezSilvio MartinezFernando ValenzuelaBruce Sutter23717067
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-08-10vs CIN58W  4-037-21135,120 Jerry ReussFrank PastoreJerry ReussFrank PastoreSteve Howe24117071
1981-08-11vs CIN59L  6-737-22145,817 Fernando ValenzuelaMario SotoScott BrownTerry ForsterTom Hume24717770
1981-08-12vs CIN60W  8-538-22136,494 Bob WelchTom SeaverDave StewartTom SeaverSteve Howe25518273
1981-08-13vs ATL61L  1-938-23127,418 Burt HootonTommy BoggsTommy BoggsBurt HootonGene Garber25619165
1981-08-14vs ATL62W  5-039-23135,592 Dave GoltzJohn MontefuscoDave GoltzJohn MontefuscoAlejandro Pena26119170
1981-08-15vs ATL63L  4-639-24140,510 Jerry ReussPhil NiekroSteve BedrosianJerry ReussAl Hrabosky26519768
1981-08-16vs ATL64W  6-540-24150,340 Fernando ValenzuelaGaylord PerryTom NiedenfuerSteve BedrosianDave Stewart27120269
1981-08-17@ CHN65L  1-340-25110,153Bob WelchDoug BirdDoug BirdBob Welch 27220567
1981-08-18@ CHN66W  5-041-25115,973Burt HootonMike GriffinBurt HootonMike Griffin 27720572
1981-08-19@ CHN67L  3-441-26226,860Dave GoltzMike KrukowMike KrukowDave GoltzRandy Martz28020971
1981-08-21@ SLN68W  4-042-26233,375Jerry ReussJoaquin AndujarJerry ReussJoaquin Andujar 28420975
1981-08-22@ SLN69W  3-243-26138,751Fernando ValenzuelaBob ForschFernando ValenzuelaBob ForschDave Stewart28721176
1981-08-23@ SLN70L  7-1143-27118,189Bob WelchLary SorensenBob ShirleyBob WelchBruce Sutter29422272
1981-08-24@ PIT71W  3-044-27112,308Burt HootonOdell JonesBurt HootonOdell Jones 29722275
1981-08-25@ PIT72W  9-745-27116,770Dave GoltzPascual PerezAlejandro PenaKent TekulveTom Niedenfuer30622977
1981-08-26@ PIT73W  16-646-27111,144Jerry ReussRick RhodenJerry ReussRick Rhoden 32223587
1981-08-27vs CHN74W  6-047-27148,191 Fernando ValenzuelaRandy MartzFernando ValenzuelaRandy Martz 32823593
1981-08-28vs CHN75W  6-148-27142,160 Bob WelchMike KrukowBob WelchMike KrukowDave Stewart33423698
1981-08-29vs CHN76L  1-348-28147,424 Burt HootonMike GriffinMike GriffinBurt HootonLee Smith33523996
1981-08-30vs CHN77L  1-248-29134,284 Dave GoltzDoug BirdDoug BirdDave GoltzDick Tidrow33624195
1981-08-31vs PIT78L  4-548-30135,862 Jerry ReussRick RhodenOdell JonesDave StewartDon Robinson34024694
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-09-01vs PIT79W  3-249-30150,134 Fernando ValenzuelaEddie SolomonTom NiedenfuerOdell Jones 34324895
1981-09-02vs PIT80W  6-250-30132,027 Bob WelchBob LongBob WelchBob LongAlejandro Pena34925099
1981-09-03vs SLN81L  3-550-31130,122 Bobby CastilloSilvio MartinezMark LittellSteve HoweBruce Sutter35225597
1981-09-04vs SLN82L  2-750-32148,114 Dave GoltzJohn MartinJohn MartinDave Goltz 35426292
1981-09-05vs SLN83W  4-351-32136,058 Jerry ReussJoaquin AndujarTom NiedenfuerJim Kaat 35826593
1981-09-06vs SLN84W  5-052-32146,780 Fernando ValenzuelaBob ForschFernando ValenzuelaBob Forsch 36326598
1981-09-07vs SFN85W  5-153-32149,561 Bob WelchEd WhitsonBob WelchEd WhitsonTom Niedenfuer368266102
1981-09-08vs SFN86W  4-054-32131,702 Burt HootonDoyle AlexanderBurt HootonDoyle AlexanderDave Stewart372266106
1981-09-09vs SFN87L  3-654-33131,482 Dave GoltzTom GriffinAl HollandTom Niedenfuer 375272103
1981-09-11@ CIN88L  2-354-34125,237Jerry ReussMario SotoJoe PriceAlejandro Pena 377275102
1981-09-12@ CIN89L  5-654-35134,090Fernando ValenzuelaTom SeaverMike LaCossTed Power 382281101
1981-09-13@ CIN90W  4-255-35127,858Bob WelchFrank PastoreBobby CastilloFrank PastoreDave Stewart386283103
1981-09-14@ SDN91W  10-556-3517,243Burt HootonChris WelshTed PowerEric Show 396288108
1981-09-15@ SDN92L  2-856-3619,927Dave GoltzJuan EichelbergerJuan EichelbergerDave Goltz 398296102
1981-09-16vs ATL93W  3-257-36119,905 Jerry ReussGaylord PerryJerry ReussGaylord PerrySteve Howe401298103
1981-09-17vs ATL94W  2-058-36146,168 Fernando ValenzuelaRick MahlerFernando ValenzuelaRick Mahler 403298105
1981-09-18vs CIN95L  4-558-37144,258 Bob WelchFrank PastoreJoe PriceDave StewartTom Hume407303104
1981-09-19vs CIN96L  3-758-38248,352 Burt HootonBruce BerenyiJoe EdelenBurt Hooton 410310100
1981-09-20vs CIN97L  1-558-39239,560 Ted PowerMario SotoMario SotoTed Power 41131596
1981-09-22@ SFN98L  2-558-40228,046Fernando ValenzuelaEd WhitsonEd WhitsonFernando ValenzuelaGreg Minton41332093
1981-09-23@ SFN99L  4-858-41213,058Jerry ReussDoyle AlexanderGary LavelleDave GoltzFred Breining41732889
1981-09-24@ SFN100W  7-359-41212,726Bob WelchTom GriffinBob WelchTom Griffin 42433193
1981-09-25@ HOU101W  3-060-41235,481Burt HootonVern RuhleBurt HootonVern Ruhle 42733196
1981-09-26@ HOU102L  0-560-42232,115Ted PowerNolan RyanNolan RyanTed Power 42733691
1981-09-27@ HOU103L  1-460-43241,686Fernando ValenzuelaDon SuttonDon SuttonFernando Valenzuela 42834088
1981-09-28@ ATL104L  1-260-4422,348Jerry ReussRick MahlerRick MahlerJerry ReussRick Camp42934287
1981-09-29@ ATL105W  5-361-4422,150Bob WelchTommy BoggsSteve HoweGene GarberDave Stewart43434589
1981-09-30vs SDN106L  0-261-45219,467 Burt HootonSteve FireovidDanny BooneDave GoltzGary Lucas43434787
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-10-01vs SDN107L  0-161-46238,267 Fernando ValenzuelaFred KuhauluaFred KuhauluaFernando ValenzuelaEric Show43434886
1981-10-02vs HOU108W  6-162-46246,108 Jerry ReussDon SuttonJerry ReussDon Sutton 44034991
1981-10-03vs HOU109W  7-263-46242,272 Bob WelchJoe NiekroBob WelchJoe Niekro 44735196
1981-10-04vs HOU110L  3-563-47247,072 Burt HootonBob KnepperDave SmithDave Goltz 45035694

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