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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  95-65   .594
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Darrell Johnson
General Manager:   Dick O'Connell
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,748,587
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Reds)

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Diego Segui (37)
Youngest Player:  Kim Andrew (21)
Longest Tenure:  Carl Yastrzemski (15)
Top Hitter:  Fred Lynn (2)
Top Pitcher:  Rick Wise (12)
Top Draft Pick:  Otis Foster (#15)

Roster Continuity:  84.69%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8377.51912.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-04-08vs MIL1W  5-21-0134,055 Luis TiantJim SlatonLuis TiantJim Slaton 523
1975-04-09vs MIL2L  4-71-127,643 Bill LeePete BrobergPete BrobergBill LeeTom Murphy990
1975-04-11@ BAL3W  6-52-1138,655Rick WiseMike CuellarDiego SeguiDoyle Alexander 15141
1975-04-12@ BAL4W  3-23-118,752Reggie ClevelandRoss GrimsleyReggie ClevelandJesse JeffersonDick Drago18162
1975-04-13@ BAL5L  3-113-2114,528Luis TiantMike TorrezMike TorrezLuis Tiant 2127-6
1975-04-15@ NYA6W  5-34-217,773Bill LeeCatfish HunterBill LeeCatfish Hunter 2630-4
1975-04-16@ NYA7W  4-25-218,854Rick WisePat DobsonRick WisePat Dobson 3032-2
1975-04-18vs BAL8L  7-95-318,219 Reggie ClevelandRoss GrimsleyDoyle AlexanderReggie Cleveland 3741-4
1975-04-20vs BAL9W  10-26-3117,765 Luis TiantMike TorrezLuis TiantMike Torrez 47434
1975-04-21vs NYA10L  1-126-4128,381 Bill LeePat DobsonPat DobsonBill Lee 4855-7
1975-04-22vs NYA11L  0-56-5316,922 Rick WiseDoc MedichDoc MedichRick Wise 4860-12
1975-04-23vs NYA12W  11-77-5122,243 Reggie ClevelandCatfish HunterRoger MoretSparky LyleDiego Segui5967-8
1975-04-25@ DET13L  0-17-6310,109Luis TiantMickey LolichMickey LolichLuis Tiant 5968-9
1975-04-26@ DET14L  2-37-749,594Bill LeeVern RuhleJohn HillerBill Lee 6171-10
1975-04-27@ DET15L  4-57-8417,414Rick WiseLerrin LaGrowLerrin LaGrowRick WiseJohn Hiller6576-11
1975-04-30vs CLE16L  1-87-969,307 Luis TiantGaylord PerryGaylord PerryLuis Tiant 6684-18
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-05-01vs CLE17W  7-68-946,016 Bill LeeJim PerryBill LeeJim PerryDiego Segui7390-17
1975-05-03vs DET18W  12-29-9313,153 Rick WiseLerrin LaGrowRick WiseLerrin LaGrow 8592-7
1975-05-05@ CLE19W  7-510-937,462Luis TiantJim PerryLuis TiantJim PerryDick Drago9297-5
1975-05-06@ CLE20W  4-111-933,880Bill LeeDick BosmanBill LeeDick Bosman 9698-2
1975-05-07@ CLE21W  4-212-924,857Reggie ClevelandFritz PetersonReggie ClevelandFritz PetersonDiego Segui1001000
1975-05-09@ CAL22W  4-113-9212,411Rick WiseAndy HasslerRick WiseAndy Hassler 1041013
1975-05-10@ CAL23L  0-213-10243,112Luis TiantFrank TananaFrank TananaLuis Tiant 1041031
1975-05-11@ CAL24W  5-214-10210,826Bill LeeBill SingerBill LeeBill Singer 1091054
1975-05-12@ OAK25L  3-514-11228,984Reggie ClevelandDave HamiltonRollie FingersDiego SeguiPaul Lindblad1121102
1975-05-13@ OAK26L  5-914-1224,239Rick WiseGlenn AbbottKen HoltzmanRick WiseJim Todd117119-2
1975-05-15vs KCA27L  0-314-13210,300 Luis TiantSteve BusbySteve BusbyLuis Tiant 117122-5
1975-05-16vs KCA28L  2-514-14212,213 Bill LeeDennis LeonardDennis LeonardBill Lee 119127-8
1975-05-17vs KCA29L  3-514-15210,907 Reggie ClevelandAl FitzmorrisAl FitzmorrisReggie ClevelandDoug Bird122132-10
1975-05-18vs KCA30W  4-215-15216,657 Rick WiseNelson BrilesRick WiseNelson Briles 126134-8
1975-05-19vs OAK31W  10-516-15214,700 Luis TiantDave HamiltonLuis TiantBlue Moon Odom 136139-3
1975-05-20vs OAK32W  7-017-15217,201 Bill LeeVida BlueBill LeeVida Blue 1431394
1975-05-21vs OAK33W  7-318-15214,665 Reggie ClevelandKen HoltzmanReggie ClevelandKen Holtzman 1501428
1975-05-22vs CAL34L  3-618-1629,155 Rick WiseBill SingerBill SingerRick Wise 1531485
1975-05-23vs CAL35W  6-119-16220,587 Luis TiantNolan RyanLuis TiantNolan Ryan 15914910
1975-05-24vs CAL36W  6-020-16111,805 Bill LeeAndy HasslerBill LeeAndy Hassler 16514916
1975-05-25vs CAL37L  1-620-17116,401 Reggie ClevelandEd FigueroaEd FigueroaReggie Cleveland 16615511
1975-05-26@ TEX38W  7-521-17115,478Rick WiseSteve HarganRick WiseSteve FoucaultDick Drago17316013
1975-05-28@ TEX39W  4-122-1718,091Bill LeeFergie JenkinsBill LeeFergie Jenkins 17716116
1975-05-30@ MIN40L  3-422-18111,666Dick PoleDave GoltzDave GoltzDiego SeguiTom Burgmeier18016515
1975-05-31@ MIN41W  12-823-18110,873Rick WiseBert BlylevenRoger MoretTom Burgmeier 19217319
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-06-01@ MIN42W  11-924-18125,493Luis TiantJim HughesLuis TiantJim HughesDick Drago20318221
1975-06-02vs CHA43L  2-924-19115,681 Bill LeeStan BahnsenStan BahnsenBill Lee 20519114
1975-06-03vs CHA44W  4-025-19110,625 Dick PoleLloyd AllenDick PoleLloyd Allen 20919118
1975-06-04vs CHA45W  7-626-19112,366 Rick WiseJim KaatRoger MoretRich Gossage 21619719
1975-06-06vs MIN46W  13-1027-19118,120 Luis TiantJoe DeckerLuis TiantMike PazikDick Drago22920722
1975-06-07vs MIN47W  3-128-19118,649 Bill LeeRay CorbinBill LeeRay Corbin 23220824
1975-06-08vs MIN48L  5-728-20118,301 Dick PoleDave GoltzDave GoltzDick PoleTom Burgmeier23721522
1975-06-09vs TEX49L  4-1228-21113,597 Rick WiseBill HandsJackie BrownRick Wise 24122714
1975-06-10vs TEX50L  3-828-22120,919 Luis TiantFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsLuis Tiant 2442359
1975-06-11@ CHA51W  9-729-2215,228Bill LeeStan BahnsenRoger MoretRich GossageDiego Segui25324211
1975-06-12@ CHA52L  2-929-2315,944Jim BurtonJim KaatJim KaatJim Burton 2552514
1975-06-13@ KCA53W  10-430-2410Rick WiseAl FitzmorrisRick WiseAl Fitzmorris 26525510
1975-06-13@ KCA54L  5-630-24125,311Dick PolePaul SplittorffDoug BirdDick Pole 2702619
1975-06-14@ KCA55W  4-331-24119,352Luis TiantMarty PattinLuis TiantMarty Pattin 27426410
1975-06-15@ KCA56W  8-732-24117,583Bill LeeDennis LeonardBill LeeLindy McDanielRoger Moret28227111
1975-06-16@ DET57W  6-233-24117,074Jim BurtonMickey LolichReggie ClevelandTom Walker 28827315
1975-06-17@ DET58W  7-634-2419,803Rick WiseLerrin LaGrowRick WiseLerrin LaGrowDick Drago29527916
1975-06-18@ DET59W  15-135-24113,029Luis TiantJoe ColemanLuis TiantJoe Coleman 31028030
1975-06-20@ BAL60W  4-336-24120,130Bill LeeMike TorrezDick DragoDyar Miller 31428331
1975-06-21@ BAL61L  0-336-25112,210Dick PoleJim PalmerJim PalmerDick Pole 31428628
1975-06-22@ BAL62L  0-337-2610Rick WiseMike CuellarMike CuellarRick Wise 31428925
1975-06-22@ BAL63W  5-137-26129,242Luis TiantDoyle AlexanderLuis TiantDoyle Alexander 31929029
1975-06-23vs CLE64L  3-1137-27119,591 Jim BurtonEric RaichEric RaichJim Burton 32230121
1975-06-24vs CLE65L  6-837-28215,411 Bill LeeJim KernTom BuskeyDick Drago 32830919
1975-06-25vs CLE66L  5-837-29220,847 Dick PoleRoric HarrisonRoric HarrisonDick PoleTom Buskey33331716
1975-06-26vs NYA67W  6-138-29234,293 Luis TiantPat DobsonLuis TiantPat Dobson 33931821
1975-06-27vs NYA68W  9-139-29135,489 Rick WiseLarry GuraRick WiseLarry Gura 34831929
1975-06-28vs NYA69L  6-839-30232,631 Bill LeeDoc MedichDick TidrowReggie Cleveland 35432727
1975-06-29vs NYA70W  3-240-30133,752 Roger MoretCatfish HunterRoger MoretCatfish Hunter 35732928
1975-06-30vs BAL71W  5-241-3110 Dick PoleJim PalmerDick PoleJim PalmerDiego Segui36233131
1975-06-30vs BAL72L  2-841-31132,817 Luis TiantDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderLuis TiantGrant Jackson36433925
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-07-01vs BAL73L  6-1041-32122,239 Dick DragoPaul MitchellGrant JacksonReggie Cleveland 37034921
1975-07-02@ MIL74W  6-342-3310Rick WiseBill CastroRick WiseBill Castro 37635224
1975-07-02@ MIL75L  3-442-33134,455Bill LeeTom HausmanPete BrobergBill Lee 37935623
1975-07-03@ MIL76L  2-342-34116,225Roger MoretJim SlatonRick AustinDiego Segui 38135922
1975-07-04@ CLE77L  2-342-35136,124Luis TiantEric RaichEric RaichLuis TiantDave LaRoche38336221
1975-07-05@ CLE78L  2-1242-36122,361Steve BarrRoric HarrisonRoric HarrisonSteve Barr 38537411
1975-07-06@ CLE79W  5-343-3710Bill LeeJim BibbyBill LeeJim BibbyDick Drago39037713
1975-07-06@ CLE80L  10-1143-37159,161Reggie ClevelandJackie BrownFred BeeneReggie ClevelandDave LaRoche40038812
1975-07-07vs MIN81W  6-344-37121,885 Rick WiseJim HughesRick WiseJim HughesJim Willoughby40639115
1975-07-08vs MIN82W  6-545-37117,519 Luis TiantBill CampbellReggie ClevelandTom Johnson 41239616
1975-07-09vs MIN83W  9-846-37121,103 Roger MoretDave GoltzDiego SeguiTom Burgmeier 42140417
1975-07-10vs TEX84W  8-747-37117,365 Steve BarrGaylord PerryReggie ClevelandGaylord Perry 42941118
1975-07-11vs TEX85W  11-848-37127,178 Dick DragoBill HandsJim BurtonStan ThomasDiego Segui44041921
1975-07-12vs TEX86W  10-449-37120,694 Luis TiantFergie JenkinsLuis TiantFergie Jenkins 45042327
1975-07-13vs TEX87W  7-550-37126,170 Rick WiseSteve HarganRick WiseSteve HarganJim Willoughby45742829
1975-07-17vs KCA88W  8-351-37128,794 Luis TiantAl FitzmorrisLuis TiantAl Fitzmorris 46543134
1975-07-18vs KCA89W  9-352-37130,226 Bill LeeSteve BusbyBill LeeSteve Busby 47443440
1975-07-19@ TEX90W  8-053-37130,076Rick WiseBill HandsRick WiseBill Hands 48243448
1975-07-20@ TEX91L  5-1054-3810Roger MoretClyde WrightClyde WrightRoger MoretJim Umbarger48744443
1975-07-20@ TEX92W  3-254-38113,775Reggie ClevelandSteve HarganReggie ClevelandSteve HarganJim Willoughby49044644
1975-07-21@ TEX93L  0-654-39111,147Luis TiantFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsLuis Tiant 49045238
1975-07-22@ MIN94W  5-455-3919,531Bill LeeDave GoltzBill LeeDave Goltz 49545639
1975-07-23@ MIN95W  4-256-3919,452Roger MoretJim HughesRoger MoretJim HughesJim Willoughby49945841
1975-07-24@ MIN96W  6-257-39114,880Rick WiseJoe DeckerRick WiseJoe Decker 50546045
1975-07-25@ NYA97L  6-857-40140,165Luis TiantRudy MayRudy MayLuis TiantTippy Martinez51146843
1975-07-26@ NYA98W  4-258-40137,387Reggie ClevelandPat DobsonReggie ClevelandPat DobsonJim Willoughby51547045
1975-07-27@ NYA99W  1-060-4010Bill LeeCatfish HunterBill LeeCatfish Hunter 51647046
1975-07-27@ NYA100W  6-060-40153,631Roger MoretTippy MartinezRoger MoretTippy Martinez 52247052
1975-07-28vs MIL101W  7-661-40133,606 Rick WisePete BrobergJim WilloughbyTom Murphy 52947653
1975-07-29vs MIL102L  0-461-41133,506 Diego SeguiJim ColbornJim ColbornDiego Segui 52948049
1975-07-30vs MIL103L  2-661-42133,763 Reggie ClevelandJim SlatonJim SlatonReggie Cleveland 53148645
1975-07-31vs DET104W  3-263-4210 Bill LeeRay BareBill LeeBob Reynolds 53448846
1975-07-31vs DET105W  6-163-42131,317 Roger MoretDave LemanczykRoger MoretDave Lemanczyk 54048951
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-08-01vs DET106W  8-764-42126,537 Luis TiantLerrin LaGrowJim WilloughbyGene Pentz 54849652
1975-08-02vs DET107W  7-265-42127,188 Rick WiseVern RuhleRick WiseVern Ruhle 55549857
1975-08-03vs DET108W  6-466-42123,575 Reggie ClevelandJoe ColemanReggie ClevelandTom WalkerJim Willoughby56150259
1975-08-04vs BAL109L  8-1266-43135,866 Bill LeePaul MitchellDoyle AlexanderJim WilloughbyDyar Miller56951455
1975-08-05vs BAL110L  0-366-44135,662 Luis TiantJim PalmerJim PalmerLuis Tiant 56951752
1975-08-06@ MIL111W  5-267-44116,556Jim BurtonJim ColbornJim WilloughbyTom Murphy 57451955
1975-08-07@ MIL112W  4-268-44124,817Rick WiseJim SlatonRick WiseJim Slaton 57852157
1975-08-08@ OAK113L  2-368-45120,575Reggie ClevelandKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanReggie ClevelandRollie Fingers58052456
1975-08-09@ OAK114W  7-269-45116,828Bill LeeSonny SiebertBill LeeSonny Siebert 58752661
1975-08-10@ OAK115W  5-370-45118,806Luis TiantDick BosmanLuis TiantDick BosmanJim Willoughby59252963
1975-08-11@ OAK116L  3-470-46146,376Roger MoretVida BlueVida BlueRoger MoretJim Todd59553362
1975-08-12@ CAL117W  8-271-46112,365Rick WiseChuck HockenberyRick WiseChuck Hockenbery 60353568
1975-08-13@ CAL118L  3-871-47113,750Reggie ClevelandEd FigueroaEd FigueroaReggie Cleveland 60654363
1975-08-14@ CAL119L  3-571-48111,984Bill LeeBill SingerBill SingerBill LeeDon Kirkwood60954861
1975-08-15@ CHA120W  3-272-48117,281Luis TiantJesse JeffersonLuis TiantJesse Jefferson 61255062
1975-08-16@ CHA121W  5-073-48115,352Roger MoretWilbur WoodRoger MoretWilbur WoodJim Willoughby61755067
1975-08-17@ CHA122L  2-674-4910Rick WiseTerry ForsterDave HamiltonRick WiseRich Gossage61955663
1975-08-17@ CHA123W  4-374-49121,995Reggie ClevelandJim KaatJim WilloughbyRich Gossage 62355964
1975-08-19@ KCA124W  5-075-49119,505Bill LeeAl FitzmorrisBill LeeAl Fitzmorris 62855969
1975-08-20@ KCA125L  1-375-50118,037Luis TiantDennis LeonardDennis LeonardLuis Tiant 62956267
1975-08-22vs CHA126W  2-176-50132,458 Roger MoretClaude OsteenRoger MoretClaude Osteen 63156368
1975-08-23vs CHA127L  4-676-51127,730 Rick WiseJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonRick WiseRich Gossage63556966
1975-08-24vs CHA128W  6-177-51122,024 Bill LeeWilbur WoodBill LeeWilbur Wood 64157071
1975-08-26vs CAL129L  2-877-52132,086 Luis TiantEd FigueroaEd FigueroaLuis Tiant 64357865
1975-08-27vs CAL130W  6-278-52134,227 Roger MoretBill SingerRoger MoretBill SingerDick Drago64958069
1975-08-29vs OAK131W  6-179-52134,341 Rick WiseStan BahnsenRick WiseStan Bahnsen 65558174
1975-08-30vs OAK132L  6-779-53128,171 Luis TiantGlenn AbbottRollie FingersDick Drago 66158873
1975-08-31vs OAK133L  6-879-54132,753 Bill LeeSonny SiebertRollie FingersDiego Segui 66759671
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-09-01vs NYA134L  2-479-55130,218 Roger MoretDoc MedichDoc MedichRoger MoretTippy Martinez66960069
1975-09-02vs NYA135W  7-480-55128,598 Reggie ClevelandPat DobsonReggie ClevelandPat DobsonDick Drago67660472
1975-09-03@ BAL136W  3-281-55130,968Rick WiseJim PalmerRick WiseJim Palmer 67960673
1975-09-04@ BAL137W  3-182-55125,334Dick PoleMike TorrezDick PoleMike TorrezDick Drago68260775
1975-09-05@ MIL138L  2-482-56111,864Bill LeePete BrobergPete BrobergBill Lee 68461173
1975-09-06@ MIL139W  20-683-56111,992Roger MoretBill TraversRoger MoretBill Travers 70461787
1975-09-07@ MIL140W  6-384-5710Reggie ClevelandJim ColbornReggie ClevelandJim ColbornDick Drago71062090
1975-09-07@ MIL141L  3-784-57111,904Dick PoleBill TraversBill TraversDick Pole 71362786
1975-09-08@ CLE142L  1-484-5817,438Rick WiseDon HoodDon HoodRick Wise 71463183
1975-09-09@ CLE143L  2-384-5917,762Bill LeeRick WaitsRick WaitsBill Lee 71663482
1975-09-10vs DET144W  7-485-6010 Roger MoretVern RuhleRoger MoretVern RuhleDick Drago72363885
1975-09-10vs DET145L  3-585-60120,189 Dick PoleFernando ArroyoFernando ArroyoJim Willoughby 72664383
1975-09-11vs DET146W  3-186-6019,508 Luis TiantDave LemanczykLuis TiantDave Lemanczyk 72964485
1975-09-13vs MIL147L  6-987-61128,515 Rick WisePete BrobergPete BrobergRick WiseTom Murphy73565382
1975-09-13vs MIL148W  6-387-61120,974 Reggie ClevelandBill TraversReggie ClevelandBill TraversJim Burton74165685
1975-09-14vs MIL149W  8-688-61128,187 Bill LeeJim SlatonJim WilloughbyTom MurphyDick Drago74966287
1975-09-15vs MIL150W  9-789-61116,302 Roger MoretJim ColbornRoger MoretJim Colborn 75866989
1975-09-16vs BAL151W  2-090-61134,724 Luis TiantJim PalmerLuis TiantJim Palmer 76066991
1975-09-17vs BAL152L  2-590-62131,806 Rick WiseMike TorrezMike TorrezRick WiseDyar Miller76267488
1975-09-19@ DET153W  7-591-6217,780Bill LeeRay BareDick PoleEd GlynnDick Drago76967990
1975-09-20@ DET154L  1-591-63110,186Luis TiantMickey LolichMickey LolichLuis Tiant 77068486
1975-09-21@ DET155W  6-592-6319,059Roger MoretVern RuhleDick DragoGene Pentz 77668987
1975-09-22@ NYA156W  6-493-63110,622Rick WiseRon GuidryRick WiseRon GuidryDick Drago78269389
1975-09-26vs CLE157W  4-095-6310 Luis TiantDennis EckersleyLuis TiantDennis Eckersley 78669393
1975-09-26vs CLE158W  4-095-63122,067 Reggie ClevelandDon HoodReggie ClevelandDon Hood 79069397
1975-09-27vs CLE159L  2-595-64122,072 Rick WiseRick WaitsRick WaitsRick Wise 79269894
1975-09-28vs CLE160L  4-1195-65125,991 Dick PoleFred BeeneEric RaichDick PoleJim Strickland79670987

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