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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  80-81   .497
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Wes Westrum
General Manager:   Horace Stoneham
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  522,919
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bobby Murcer (29)
Youngest Player:  Jack Clark (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ed Goodson (6)
Top Hitter:  Willie Montanez (17)
Top Pitcher:  John Montefusco (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Ted Barnicle (#8)

Roster Continuity:  68.37%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8874.54320.0
SF Giants8081.49727.5
San Diego7191.43837.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-04-10@ SDN1W  2-01-0217,670Jim BarrRandy JonesJim BarrRich Folkers 202
1975-04-11vs ATL2L  2-41-1517,649 Mike CaldwellBuzz CapraBuzz CapraMike Caldwell 440
1975-04-12vs ATL3L  4-71-254,863 John D'AcquistoCarl MortonCarl MortonJohn D'Acquisto 811-3
1975-04-13vs ATL4W  5-03-220 John MontefuscoRon ReedJohn MontefuscoRon Reed 13112
1975-04-13vs ATL5W  4-23-2210,527 Pete FalconeGary GentryPete FalconeTom HouseRandy Moffitt17134
1975-04-14vs SDN6L  1-33-34987 Jim BarrSonny SiebertSonny SiebertJim BarrBill Greif18162
1975-04-15vs SDN7L  1-23-461,965 Mike CaldwellRandy JonesRandy JonesMike CaldwellDanny Frisella19181
1975-04-16vs SDN8W  7-14-441,343 John D'AcquistoDan SpillnerJohn D'AcquistoDan Spillner 26197
1975-04-18@ LAN9W  3-15-4253,060John MontefuscoDoug RauJohn MontefuscoDoug Rau 29209
1975-04-19@ LAN10L  2-35-5547,053Pete FalconeDon SuttonDon SuttonPete FalconeCharlie Hough31238
1975-04-20@ LAN11W  6-36-5247,595Jim BarrRick RhodenRandy MoffittGeoff Zahn 372611
1975-04-21@ CIN12W  4-37-5212,397Mike CaldwellFred NormanGary LavellePedro Borbon 412912
1975-04-22@ CIN13L  4-57-6214,235John D'AcquistoGary NolanClay KirbyCharlie Williams 453411
1975-04-23@ HOU14L  2-38-730John MontefuscoDoug KoniecznyDoug KoniecznyJohn MontefuscoKen Forsch473710
1975-04-23@ HOU15W  3-08-739,413Pete FalconeDave RobertsPete FalconeDave Roberts 503713
1975-04-24@ HOU16W  6-59-725,960Jim BarrJ.R. RichardGary LavelleKen ForschDave Heaverlo564214
1975-04-25vs LAN17L  5-69-8314,153 Mike CaldwellAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithMike CaldwellJim Brewer614813
1975-04-26vs LAN18L  3-139-9511,304 John D'AcquistoDoug RauDoug RauJohn D'Acquisto 64613
1975-04-27vs LAN19L  3-79-10535,517 John MontefuscoDon SuttonDon SuttonJohn Montefusco 6768-1
1975-04-29vs CIN20W  4-310-1054,609 Pete FalconeDon GullettRandy MoffittClay Carroll 71710
1975-04-30vs CIN21L  1-410-1154,340 Jim BarrJack BillinghamJack BillinghamJim BarrWill McEnaney7275-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-05-02vs HOU22W  5-411-1144,110 Mike CaldwellDoug KoniecznyRandy MoffittJim York 7779-2
1975-05-04vs HOU23W  8-612-1240 John MontefuscoDave RobertsJim BarrJim York 85850
1975-05-04vs HOU24L  8-1212-1249,451 John D'AcquistoJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardJohn D'AcquistoWayne Granger9397-4
1975-05-06@ ATL25W  7-113-1235,102Pete FalconeBuzz CapraPete FalconeBuzz Capra 100982
1975-05-07@ ATL26W  6-214-1232,687Jim BarrCarl MortonJim BarrCarl Morton 1061006
1975-05-08@ ATL27L  2-314-1333,656Mike CaldwellRon ReedRon ReedMike CaldwellTom House1081035
1975-05-09@ SLN28L  4-614-14321,410John D'AcquistoLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenJohn D'AcquistoAl Hrabosky1121093
1975-05-10@ SLN29L  2-914-15418,919Charlie WilliamsJohn CurtisJohn CurtisCharlie Williams 114118-4
1975-05-11@ SLN30L  3-414-16510,692Pete FalconeBob ForschBob ForschPete FalconeAl Hrabosky117122-5
1975-05-12@ NYN31L  2-314-17510,836Jim BarrJon MatlackJon MatlackJim BarrTom Hall119125-6
1975-05-14@ NYN32L  1-514-18513,586Mike CaldwellJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanMike Caldwell 120130-10
1975-05-16vs SLN33W  4-315-1855,764 John MontefuscoBob GibsonGary LavelleElias Sosa 124133-9
1975-05-17vs SLN34L  2-1715-1956,891 Pete FalconeBob ForschBob ForschPete Falcone 126150-24
1975-05-18vs SLN35W  2-016-19511,332 Jim BarrLynn McGlothenJim BarrLynn McGlothen 128150-22
1975-05-19vs PIT36W  6-417-1951,795 Mike CaldwellJerry ReussMike CaldwellJerry Reuss 134154-20
1975-05-20vs PIT37W  12-418-1951,759 Ed HalickiDock EllisEd HalickiDock Ellis 146158-12
1975-05-21vs PIT38W  2-119-1953,513 John MontefuscoBruce KisonJim BarrDave Giusti 148159-11
1975-05-23vs CHN39W  3-220-1932,675 Pete FalconeRick ReuschelPete FalconeRick ReuschelGary Lavelle151161-10
1975-05-24vs CHN40W  10-321-1936,655 Jim BarrBill BonhamJim BarrBill Bonham 161164-3
1975-05-25vs CHN41W  9-722-19312,341 Mike CaldwellGeoff ZahnCharlie WilliamsKen FrailingGary Lavelle170171-1
1975-05-26@ PHI42L  0-122-20315,693Ed HalickiWayne TwitchellTug McGrawEd Halicki 170172-2
1975-05-27@ PHI43W  1-023-20318,735John MontefuscoTom UnderwoodJohn MontefuscoGene Garber 171172-1
1975-05-28@ PHI44L  6-823-21315,706Pete FalconeSteve CarltonSteve CarltonPete FalconeTug McGraw177180-3
1975-05-31@ MON45L  2-323-22311,492Jim BarrSteve RogersDan WarthenGary Lavelle 179183-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-06-01@ MON46W  13-524-22312,710Mike CaldwellDave McNallyMike CaldwellDan WarthenRandy Moffitt1921884
1975-06-03@ CHN47L  5-624-23311,082Ed HalickiRay BurrisGeoff ZahnRandy Moffitt 1971943
1975-06-04@ CHN48W  10-825-2339,126John MontefuscoRick ReuschelCharlie WilliamsOscar ZamoraMike Caldwell2072025
1975-06-05@ CHN49L  4-825-24313,211Pete FalconeSteve StoneDarold KnowlesRandy Moffitt 2112101
1975-06-06@ PIT50L  2-725-25311,923Jim BarrBruce KisonBruce KisonJim Barr 213217-4
1975-06-07@ PIT51L  6-725-2638,668Mike CaldwellJim RookerRamon HernandezTommy TomsDave Giusti219224-5
1975-06-08@ PIT52W  3-127-2630Ed HalickiJohn CandelariaEd HalickiJohn Candelaria 222225-3
1975-06-08@ PIT53W  4-227-26324,128Charlie WilliamsLarry DemeryGary LavelleLarry DemeryRandy Moffitt226227-1
1975-06-09vs NYN54W  5-428-2634,644 John MontefuscoJerry KoosmanDave HeaverloJerry Koosman 2312310
1975-06-10vs NYN55L  0-528-2736,151 Jim BarrTom SeaverTom SeaverJim Barr 231236-5
1975-06-11vs PHI56W  8-329-2733,472 Mike CaldwellTom UnderwoodMike CaldwellTom Underwood 2392390
1975-06-12vs PHI57L  1-429-2833,869 Ed HalickiSteve CarltonSteve CarltonEd Halicki 240243-3
1975-06-13vs MON58L  2-429-2933,230 Pete FalconeFred SchermanDan WarthenPete Falcone 242247-5
1975-06-14vs MON59L  1-329-3034,890 John MontefuscoWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJohn Montefusco 243250-7
1975-06-15vs MON60L  1-229-3240 Jim BarrSteve RenkoSteve RenkoJim BarrDan Warthen244252-8
1975-06-15vs MON61L  2-529-32412,131 Mike CaldwellDennis BlairDennis BlairMike CaldwellDon DeMola246257-11
1975-06-16vs SDN62L  1-729-3341,851 Ed HalickiRich FolkersRich FolkersEd Halicki 247264-17
1975-06-17vs SDN63W  3-130-3342,482 Pete FalconeDave FreislebenPete FalconeDave Freisleben 250265-15
1975-06-18vs SDN64W  8-131-3333,114 John MontefuscoJoe McIntoshJohn MontefuscoJoe McIntosh 258266-8
1975-06-20@ ATL65L  2-431-3434,373Jim BarrPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJim BarrTom House260270-10
1975-06-21@ ATL66W  4-332-34310,084Mike CaldwellCarl MortonMike CaldwellCarl MortonRandy Moffitt264273-9
1975-06-22@ ATL67L  2-833-3530Ed HalickiMike ThompsonMike BeardEd Halicki 266281-15
1975-06-22@ ATL68W  5-233-35312,410Pete FalconeBlue Moon OdomPete FalconeBlue Moon OdomGary Lavelle271283-12
1975-06-23@ SDN69L  6-733-3636,999John MontefuscoJoe McIntoshDave TomlinGary LavelleBill Greif277290-13
1975-06-24@ SDN70L  1-233-3840Jim BarrRandy JonesRandy JonesGary Lavelle 278292-14
1975-06-24@ SDN71L  0-333-38419,817Tom BradleyBrent StromBrent StromTom Bradley 278295-17
1975-06-25@ SDN72L  2-633-39411,734Mike CaldwellRich FolkersRich FolkersMike Caldwell 280301-21
1975-06-26vs LAN73W  2-034-3946,989 Ed HalickiAndy MessersmithEd HalickiAndy Messersmith 282301-19
1975-06-27vs LAN74W  10-535-39412,387 Pete FalconeBurt HootonCharlie WilliamsBurt HootonRandy Moffitt292306-14
1975-06-28vs LAN75W  2-136-39313,022 John MontefuscoDoug RauJohn MontefuscoDoug RauRandy Moffitt294307-13
1975-06-29vs LAN76W  5-237-39325,929 Tom BradleyDon SuttonTom BradleyDon SuttonRandy Moffitt299309-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-07-01vs ATL77W  9-138-3932,796 Mike CaldwellJamie EasterlyMike CaldwellJamie Easterly 308310-2
1975-07-02vs ATL78L  0-638-4035,253 Ed HalickiPhil NiekroPhil NiekroEd Halicki 308316-8
1975-07-03@ LAN79L  1-738-41335,929Pete FalconeDon SuttonDon SuttonPete Falcone 309323-14
1975-07-04@ LAN80W  1-039-41352,621John MontefuscoAndy MessersmithJohn MontefuscoAndy Messersmith 310323-13
1975-07-05@ LAN81L  4-539-42336,200Jim BarrBurt HootonAl DowningEd HalickiMike Marshall314328-14
1975-07-06@ LAN82L  1-539-43333,235Tom BradleyDoug RauDoug RauTom Bradley 315333-18
1975-07-07@ SLN83L  6-839-44315,498Mike CaldwellRon ReedRon ReedMike CaldwellAl Hrabosky321341-20
1975-07-08@ SLN84W  6-440-44315,926Pete FalconeBob GibsonPete FalconeBob GibsonGary Lavelle327345-18
1975-07-09@ SLN85L  0-940-45414,762John MontefuscoJohn DennyJohn DennyJohn Montefusco 327354-27
1975-07-11@ CHN86L  6-840-46313,415Ed HalickiBill BonhamTom DettoreRandy MoffittDarold Knowles333362-29
1975-07-12@ CHN87L  4-640-47317,155Mike CaldwellSteve StoneSteve StoneMike Caldwell 337368-31
1975-07-13@ CHN88W  4-141-47322,868John MontefuscoGeoff ZahnJohn MontefuscoGeoff ZahnCharlie Williams341369-28
1975-07-17vs SLN89L  0-141-4833,085 Jim BarrJohn DennyAl HraboskyJim Barr 341370-29
1975-07-18vs SLN90W  2-142-4833,291 Pete FalconeBob ForschGary LavelleGreg Terlecky 343371-28
1975-07-19vs SLN91W  5-243-4837,136 John MontefuscoLynn McGlothenJohn MontefuscoLynn McGlothen 348373-25
1975-07-20vs PIT92W  2-144-4930 Ed HalickiJim RookerEd HalickiJim Rooker 350374-24
1975-07-20vs PIT93L  1-744-49314,723 Mike CaldwellKen BrettKen BrettMike Caldwell 351381-30
1975-07-21vs PIT94W  7-245-4933,417 Jim BarrJohn CandelariaJim BarrJohn Candelaria 358383-25
1975-07-22vs CHN95W  9-546-4933,639 Pete FalconeRay BurrisCharlie WilliamsRay BurrisRandy Moffitt367388-21
1975-07-23vs CHN96W  10-247-4936,526 John MontefuscoSteve StoneJohn MontefuscoSteve Stone 377390-13
1975-07-24vs CHN97L  3-447-5035,501 Ed HalickiBill BonhamBill BonhamEd HalickiOscar Zamora380394-14
1975-07-25@ HOU98W  8-148-50314,452Jim BarrDave RobertsJim BarrDave Roberts 388395-7
1975-07-26@ HOU99W  3-250-5030Pete FalconeKen ForschRandy MoffittKen ForschGary Lavelle391397-6
1975-07-26@ HOU100W  9-350-50324,736Tom BradleyDoug KoniecznyTom BradleyDoug KoniecznyCharlie Williams4004000
1975-07-27@ HOU101W  3-151-50310,117John MontefuscoJ.R. RichardJohn MontefuscoJ.R. RichardGary Lavelle4034012
1975-07-28@ CIN102L  4-851-51328,044Ed HalickiGary NolanPedro BorbonEd Halicki 407409-2
1975-07-29@ CIN103W  4-252-51328,637Jim BarrFred NormanJim BarrRawly Eastwick 4114110
1975-07-30@ CIN104L  1-652-52328,658Pete FalconePat DarcyPat DarcyPete Falcone 412417-5
1975-07-31@ CIN105L  6-1152-53331,620John MontefuscoClay KirbyClay KirbyJohn MontefuscoClay Carroll418428-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-08-01vs HOU106W  3-253-5332,653 Ed HalickiJ.R. RichardEd HalickiJ.R. Richard 421430-9
1975-08-02vs HOU107W  8-754-5335,339 Jim BarrLarry DierkerDave HeaverloJim Crawford 429437-8
1975-08-03vs HOU108W  5-455-5430 Pete FalconeDave RobertsPete FalconeDave RobertsRandy Moffitt434441-7
1975-08-03vs HOU109L  9-1055-54312,450 Tom BradleyDoug KoniecznyJim CrawfordMike CaldwellMike Cosgrove443451-8
1975-08-04vs CIN110L  5-755-55313,561 John MontefuscoFred NormanClay CarrollMike CaldwellRawly Eastwick448458-10
1975-08-05vs CIN111L  3-655-5638,812 Ed HalickiClay KirbyPedro BorbonEd HalickiWill McEnaney451464-13
1975-08-06vs CIN112L  5-1255-57314,389 Jim BarrJack BillinghamJack BillinghamJim Barr 456476-20
1975-08-08@ PHI113L  4-555-58331,026Pete FalconeTom UnderwoodGene GarberRandy Moffitt 460481-21
1975-08-09@ PHI114L  4-1155-59343,504John MontefuscoSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJohn Montefusco 464492-28
1975-08-10@ PHI115W  8-156-59335,405Jim BarrDick RuthvenJim BarrDick Ruthven 472493-21
1975-08-11@ MON116W  9-257-59314,614Ed HalickiSteve RogersEd HalickiSteve Rogers 481495-14
1975-08-12@ MON117W  5-258-59316,254Pete FalconeSteve RenkoMike CaldwellDale Murray 486497-11
1975-08-13@ MON118W  4-359-59314,148John MontefuscoDan WarthenCharlie WilliamsWoodie Fryman 490500-10
1975-08-14@ MON119W  9-260-5938,184Jim BarrDennis BlairJim BarrDennis Blair 499502-3
1975-08-15@ NYN120W  6-261-6030Ed HalickiJerry KoosmanEd HalickiJerry KoosmanGary Lavelle5055041
1975-08-15@ NYN121L  4-961-60343,395Tom BradleyHank WebbHank WebbTom Bradley 509513-4
1975-08-16@ NYN122L  2-461-61320,751Pete FalconeCraig SwanCraig SwanPete FalconeBob Apodaca511517-6
1975-08-17@ NYN123L  0-361-62330,953John MontefuscoTom SeaverTom SeaverJohn MontefuscoJerry Koosman511520-9
1975-08-19@ PIT124L  0-461-63322,609Jim BarrJerry ReussJerry ReussJim Barr 511524-13
1975-08-20@ PIT125L  1-361-64314,033Ed HalickiJim RookerJim RookerEd HalickiDave Giusti512527-15
1975-08-22vs NYN126L  4-661-6534,428 Pete FalconeTom SeaverTom SeaverPete FalconeBob Apodaca516533-17
1975-08-23vs NYN127W  2-162-6538,060 John MontefuscoJerry KoosmanGary LavelleSkip Lockwood 518534-16
1975-08-24vs NYN128L  5-963-6630 Jim BarrJon MatlackJon MatlackJim BarrBob Apodaca523543-20
1975-08-24vs NYN129W  6-063-66324,132 Ed HalickiCraig SwanEd HalickiCraig Swan 529543-14
1975-08-26vs MON130W  4-364-6631,795 Pete FalconeDan WarthenPete FalconeDan Warthen 533546-13
1975-08-27vs MON131W  9-165-6632,594 John MontefuscoWoodie FrymanJohn MontefuscoWoodie Fryman 542547-5
1975-08-28vs PHI132L  5-865-6734,190 Jim BarrJim LonborgTom HilgendorfJim Barr 547555-8
1975-08-29vs PHI133L  1-365-6835,007 Ed HalickiLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonEd HalickiTug McGraw548558-10
1975-08-30vs PHI134W  4-166-6835,663 Pete FalconeTom UnderwoodPete FalconeTom Underwood 552559-7
1975-08-31vs PHI135W  5-467-6838,884 John MontefuscoSteve CarltonJohn MontefuscoSteve CarltonCharlie Williams557563-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1975-09-01vs LAN136L  1-367-6939,996 Jim BarrBurt HootonBurt HootonCharlie Williams 558566-8
1975-09-02vs LAN137W  7-368-6935,098 Ed HalickiDon SuttonEd HalickiDon Sutton 565569-4
1975-09-03@ HOU138W  9-469-6934,437Pete FalconeJ.R. RichardPete FalconeJ.R. Richard 5745731
1975-09-04@ HOU139W  2-170-6934,323John MontefuscoLarry DierkerJohn MontefuscoLarry DierkerRandy Moffitt5765742
1975-09-05@ CIN140L  3-470-70324,022Jim BarrFred NormanRawly EastwickDave Heaverlo 5795781
1975-09-06@ CIN141L  2-370-71337,015Ed HalickiJack BillinghamJack BillinghamEd HalickiWill McEnaney5815810
1975-09-07@ CIN142L  4-870-72334,415Pete FalconeDon GullettDon GullettPete Falcone 585589-4
1975-09-08@ LAN143L  0-470-73317,239John MontefuscoAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithJohn Montefusco 585593-8
1975-09-09@ LAN144L  3-870-74314,344Jim BarrDoug RauCharlie HoughJim Barr 588601-13
1975-09-10vs HOU145L  3-670-7531,016 Ed HalickiMike CosgroveMike CosgroveEd Halicki 591607-16
1975-09-11vs HOU146L  3-470-7631,149 Pete FalconeJose SosaJoe NiekroRandy MoffittJim Crawford594611-17
1975-09-12vs CIN147L  3-670-7735,614 John MontefuscoFred NormanFred NormanJohn MontefuscoRawly Eastwick597617-20
1975-09-13vs CIN148W  9-271-7735,453 Jim BarrDon GullettJim BarrDon Gullett 606619-13
1975-09-14vs CIN149W  4-272-7830 Rob DresslerGary NolanDave HeaverloGary Nolan 610621-11
1975-09-14vs CIN150L  3-872-78316,997 Greg MintonPat DarcyPat DarcyGreg Minton 613629-16
1975-09-15vs ATL151L  0-1272-793851 Pete FalconeJamie EasterlyJamie EasterlyPete Falcone 613641-28
1975-09-16vs ATL152W  7-673-7931,089 John MontefuscoMike BeardJohn D'AcquistoTom House 620647-27
1975-09-17vs ATL153W  4-174-7931,141 Jim BarrPhil NiekroJim BarrPhil Niekro 624648-24
1975-09-19vs SDN154W  3-175-7931,718 Mike CaldwellRandy JonesMike CaldwellRandy Jones 627649-22
1975-09-20vs SDN155W  4-276-7932,305 Pete FalconeRich FolkersPete FalconeRich FolkersRandy Moffitt631651-20
1975-09-21vs SDN156W  2-177-79315,447 John MontefuscoBrent StromJohn MontefuscoBrent Strom 633652-19
1975-09-24@ ATL157L  6-777-8031,045Jim BarrCarl MortonElias SosaJim Barr 639659-20
1975-09-25@ SDN158L  6-877-8133,886Mike CaldwellBill GreifDave TomlinMike CaldwellDanny Frisella645667-22
1975-09-26@ SDN159W  5-078-8137,488John MontefuscoBrent StromJohn MontefuscoBrent Strom 650667-17
1975-09-27@ SDN160W  4-179-81327,655Rob DresslerJoe McIntoshRob DresslerJoe McIntosh 654668-14
1975-09-28@ SDN161W  5-380-81315,069Greg MintonRandy JonesGreg MintonRandy JonesGary Lavelle659671-12

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