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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Queens,NY
Team Record:  82-79   .509
Result:   1st in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Yogi Berra
General Manager:   Bob Scheffing
Stadium:  Shea Stadium
Attendance:  1,912,390
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Athletics)

New York Mets affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Willie Mays (42)
Youngest Player:  Craig Swan (22)
Longest Tenure:  Ed Kranepool (12)
Top Hitter:  Felix Millan (21)
Top Pitcher:  Tom Seaver (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Lee Mazzilli (#14)

Roster Continuity:  79.44%
National League Standings
NY Mets8279.509--
St. Louis8181.5001.5
Chi Cubs7784.4785.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-04-06vs PHI1W  3-01-0227,326 Tom SeaverSteve CarltonTom SeaverSteve CarltonTug McGraw303
1973-04-07vs PHI2W  3-22-0218,738 Jon MatlackJim LonborgJon MatlackDick Selma 624
1973-04-11@ SLN3W  5-43-0112,290Jerry KoosmanReggie ClevelandJerry KoosmanReggie ClevelandPhil Hennigan1165
1973-04-12@ SLN4W  2-14-016,356Tom SeaverBob GibsonTom SeaverBob GibsonPhil Hennigan1376
1973-04-13@ PHI5L  1-74-127,127Jon MatlackLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonJon Matlack 14140
1973-04-14@ PHI6L  3-74-2211,063Jim McAndrewSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJim McAndrew 1721-4
1973-04-15@ PHI7W  2-15-2230,718Harry ParkerJim LonborgHarry ParkerJim LonborgTug McGraw1922-3
1973-04-17vs CHN8L  0-15-3314,549 Tom SeaverFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsTom Seaver 1923-4
1973-04-18vs CHN9L  0-15-4314,874 Jon MatlackRay BurrisRay BurrisJon MatlackJack Aker1924-5
1973-04-19vs CHN10W  3-16-530 Jerry KoosmanRick ReuschelJerry KoosmanRick Reuschel 2225-3
1973-04-19vs CHN11L  0-76-5338,079 Jim McAndrewBurt HootonBurt HootonJim McAndrew 2232-10
1973-04-21vs MON12W  5-07-5340,011 Harry ParkerBalor MooreHarry ParkerBalor MooreTug McGraw2732-5
1973-04-22vs MON13L  1-28-630 Tom SeaverJohn StrohmayerMike MarshallPhil HenniganTom Walker2834-6
1973-04-22vs MON14W  13-38-6327,230 Jim McAndrewSteve RenkoJim McAndrewSteve RenkoGeorge Stone41374
1973-04-24@ HOU15L  2-48-7312,759Jon MatlackKen ForschKen ForschJon MatlackJim Ray43412
1973-04-25@ HOU16W  5-29-7315,248Jerry KoosmanDon WilsonJerry KoosmanDon Wilson 48435
1973-04-26@ HOU17W  2-110-7212,295Jim McAndrewJerry ReussJim McAndrewJerry ReussTug McGraw50446
1973-04-27@ ATL18L  0-210-837,527Tom SeaverPat DobsonPat DobsonTom Seaver 50464
1973-04-28@ ATL19W  4-211-839,752Jon MatlackRon ReedJon MatlackRon ReedTug McGraw54486
1973-04-29@ ATL20W  1-012-8212,152Jerry KoosmanCarl MortonJerry KoosmanCarl Morton 55487
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-05-02vs CIN21L  1-612-9219,163 Tom SeaverRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyTom SeaverPedro Borbon56542
1973-05-03vs CIN22L  5-612-1039,163 Jon MatlackJim McGlothlinTom HallJon Matlack 61601
1973-05-04vs HOU23L  5-912-11317,397 Jerry KoosmanKen ForschJim RayPhil HenniganFred Gladding6669-3
1973-05-05vs HOU24L  2-912-12414,178 Jim McAndrewDon WilsonDon WilsonJim McAndrew 6878-10
1973-05-06vs HOU25L  8-1412-13322,594 Harry ParkerJerry ReussMike CosgroveTug McGrawJim Crawford7692-16
1973-05-07vs ATL26W  7-213-13311,729 Tom SeaverPat DobsonTom SeaverPat Dobson 8394-11
1973-05-08vs ATL27L  6-1013-1436,840 Jon MatlackRon ReedRon ReedJon MatlackRoric Harrison89104-15
1973-05-09vs ATL28W  8-114-1428,125 Jerry KoosmanCarl MortonJerry KoosmanCarl Morton 97105-8
1973-05-11@ PIT29W  4-315-14217,564Harry ParkerDock EllisHarry ParkerDock EllisTug McGraw101108-7
1973-05-12@ PIT30W  6-016-14213,058Tom SeaverBob MooseTom SeaverBob Moose 107108-1
1973-05-13@ PIT31W  6-417-14214,310Jim McAndrewLuke WalkerJim McAndrewLuke WalkerTug McGraw1131121
1973-05-15@ CHN32L  3-417-15211,517Jerry KoosmanBurt HootonBurt HootonJerry KoosmanJack Aker1161160
1973-05-16@ MON33W  8-318-15210,023Harry ParkerMike TorrezHarry ParkerMike TorrezTug McGraw1241195
1973-05-18vs PIT34W  4-319-15234,565 Tom SeaverLuke WalkerTom SeaverLuke Walker 1281226
1973-05-19vs PIT35L  1-419-16232,622 Jon MatlackNelson BrilesDave GiustiTug McGraw 1291263
1973-05-22vs SLN36L  3-519-17217,425 Jerry KoosmanRick WiseRick WiseJerry KoosmanDiego Segui1321311
1973-05-24@ LAN37W  7-320-17227,580Tom SeaverTommy JohnGeorge StoneDoug RauJim McAndrew1391345
1973-05-25@ LAN38L  4-620-18253,624Jon MatlackClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJon MatlackPete Richert1431403
1973-05-26@ LAN39L  5-920-19228,635Harry ParkerAl DowningGeorge CulverJim McAndrewPete Richert148149-1
1973-05-27@ LAN40L  1-220-20231,108Jerry KoosmanDon SuttonDon SuttonJerry Koosman 149151-2
1973-05-28@ SFN41L  5-620-21218,101Tommy MooreJuan MarichalJuan MarichalTommy MooreElias Sosa154157-3
1973-05-29@ SFN42W  5-221-2127,289Tom SeaverJim BarrTom SeaverRandy Moffitt 1591590
1973-05-30@ SFN43L  2-321-2225,296Jon MatlackTom BradleyTom BradleyJon MatlackSam McDowell161162-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-06-01@ SDN44L  0-421-2336,394Jerry KoosmanBill GreifBill GreifJerry Koosman 161166-5
1973-06-02@ SDN45L  0-321-2437,376George StoneClay KirbyClay KirbyGeorge Stone 161169-8
1973-06-03@ SDN46W  9-222-2439,665Tom SeaverMike CaldwellTom SeaverMike Caldwell 170171-1
1973-06-04@ CIN47L  0-522-25413,145Jon MatlackJack BillinghamJack BillinghamJon Matlack 170176-6
1973-06-05@ CIN48L  5-622-26514,654Jerry KoosmanRoss GrimsleyDon GullettPhil Hennigan 175182-7
1973-06-08vs LAN49L  3-522-27542,500 Tom SeaverTommy JohnTommy JohnTom SeaverPete Richert178187-9
1973-06-09vs LAN50W  4-223-27547,800 Jon MatlackAl DowningJon MatlackAl Downing 182189-7
1973-06-10vs LAN51L  0-423-28541,139 Jerry KoosmanClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJerry Koosman 182193-11
1973-06-11vs SFN52L  1-223-29529,160 George StoneRon BryantRon BryantGeorge StoneRandy Moffitt183195-12
1973-06-12vs SFN53W  5-424-29424,135 Jim McAndrewJuan MarichalHarry ParkerJuan MarichalPhil Hennigan188199-11
1973-06-13vs SFN54W  3-125-29425,776 Tom SeaverTom BradleyTom SeaverTom Bradley 191200-9
1973-06-15vs SDN55W  5-226-29427,524 Jon MatlackSteve ArlinJon MatlackSteve Arlin 196202-6
1973-06-16vs SDN56W  10-227-29424,452 Jerry KoosmanMike CaldwellJerry KoosmanMike Caldwell 2062042
1973-06-17vs SDN57W  3-128-29332,641 George StoneBill GreifGeorge StoneBill GreifTug McGraw2092054
1973-06-18@ PHI58L  6-928-30413,190Jim McAndrewKen BrettKen BrettJim McAndrew 2152141
1973-06-19@ PHI59L  1-628-31417,481Harry ParkerJim LonborgJim LonborgHarry ParkerMac Scarce216220-4
1973-06-20@ PHI60L  3-428-32424,302Jon MatlackWayne TwitchellWayne TwitchellJon Matlack 219224-5
1973-06-21@ PIT61L  1-228-33410,099Jerry KoosmanLuke WalkerLuke WalkerBuzz Capra 220226-6
1973-06-22@ PIT62W  5-429-33421,129George StoneSteve BlassGeorge StoneSteve Blass 225230-5
1973-06-23@ PIT63L  2-329-34424,337Jim McAndrewDock EllisRamon HernandezPhil Hennigan 227233-6
1973-06-24@ PIT64W  5-230-34420,984Tom SeaverBob MooseTom SeaverBob Moose 232235-3
1973-06-25vs CHN65L  2-330-35531,984 Jon MatlackRick ReuschelDave LaRocheJon MatlackBill Bonham234238-4
1973-06-26vs CHN66L  1-530-36518,861 Jerry KoosmanBurt HootonBurt HootonJerry Koosman 235243-8
1973-06-27vs PHI67W  7-631-3750 George StoneBarry LerschGeorge StoneBarry LerschBuzz Capra242249-7
1973-06-27vs PHI68L  1-731-37531,095 Harry ParkerMike WallaceMike WallaceHarry Parker 243256-13
1973-06-28vs PHI69L  4-1131-3869,965 Jim McAndrewJim LonborgJim LonborgJim McAndrew 247267-20
1973-06-29@ CHN70L  3-431-39622,293Tom SeaverRick ReuschelDave LaRocheBuzz Capra 250271-21
1973-06-30@ CHN71W  2-132-39629,512Jon MatlackBurt HootonJon MatlackBurt Hooton 252272-20
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-07-01@ CHN72W  6-533-4060Jerry KoosmanFergie JenkinsJerry KoosmanFergie JenkinsTug McGraw258277-19
1973-07-01@ CHN73L  5-633-40642,497Harry ParkerLarry GuraJack AkerTug McGraw 263283-20
1973-07-02@ MON74L  1-233-41614,618George StoneSteve RenkoSteve RenkoBuzz Capra 264285-21
1973-07-03@ MON75L  8-1933-42612,279Jim McAndrewErnie McAnallyErnie McAnallyJim McAndrewMike Marshall272304-32
1973-07-04@ MON76L  5-733-43615,801Tom SeaverBalor MooreJoe GilbertBuzz CapraMike Marshall277311-34
1973-07-05@ MON77W  7-334-43615,628Jon MatlackBill StonemanJon MatlackMickey ScottTug McGraw284314-30
1973-07-06vs ATL78L  0-234-44637,266 Jerry KoosmanRon SchuelerRon SchuelerJerry Koosman 284316-32
1973-07-07vs ATL79L  8-934-45630,468 Ray SadeckiCarl MortonJoe HoernerTug McGrawAdrian Devine292325-33
1973-07-08vs ATL80L  2-434-46633,017 George StonePhil NiekroPhil NiekroGeorge Stone 294329-35
1973-07-09vs HOU81W  2-135-46619,099 Tom SeaverDon WilsonHarry ParkerJim York 296330-34
1973-07-10vs HOU82W  1-036-46619,942 Jon MatlackJerry ReussJon MatlackJerry Reuss 297330-33
1973-07-11vs HOU83L  1-736-47618,776 Jerry KoosmanDave RobertsDave RobertsJerry Koosman 298337-39
1973-07-13@ CIN84L  1-237-4860Tom SeaverJack BillinghamJack BillinghamTom Seaver 299339-40
1973-07-13@ CIN85W  7-537-48640,283Ray SadeckiJim McGlothlinRay SadeckiJim McGlothlinHarry Parker306344-38
1973-07-14@ CIN86W  5-238-48636,166George StoneTom HallGeorge StoneDon GullettBuzz Capra311346-35
1973-07-15@ CIN87L  1-338-49635,121Jon MatlackRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyJon Matlack 312349-37
1973-07-16@ ATL88L  6-838-5067,688Jerry KoosmanPhil NiekroJim PantherJerry KoosmanJimmy Freeman318357-39
1973-07-17@ ATL89W  8-739-5068,161Tug McGrawCarl MortonBuzz CapraAdrian DevineHarry Parker326364-38
1973-07-18@ ATL90W  12-240-50610,548Tom SeaverRoric HarrisonTom SeaverRoric Harrison 338366-28
1973-07-20@ HOU91L  2-640-51620,731Jon MatlackDave RobertsDave RobertsJon Matlack 340372-32
1973-07-21@ HOU92W  5-341-51628,384Jerry KoosmanKen ForschJerry KoosmanKen ForschHarry Parker345375-30
1973-07-22@ HOU93W  3-242-51627,663Tom SeaverJerry ReussTom SeaverJerry Reuss 348377-29
1973-07-26@ SLN94L  1-1342-5360Jon MatlackBob GibsonBob GibsonJon Matlack 349390-41
1973-07-26@ SLN95L  1-242-53635,557Jerry KoosmanAlan FosterAlan FosterJerry KoosmanDiego Segui350392-42
1973-07-27@ SLN96W  2-143-53626,379Tom SeaverRick WiseTom SeaverRick Wise 352393-41
1973-07-28vs MON97W  11-344-53626,600 George StoneMike TorrezGeorge StoneMike Torrez 363396-33
1973-07-29vs MON98L  4-644-54628,205 Ray SadeckiCraig CaskeyMike MarshallRay Sadecki 367402-35
1973-07-30vs MON99L  0-144-5660 Jon MatlackSteve RogersSteve RogersJon Matlack 367403-36
1973-07-30vs MON100L  2-544-56625,960 Tug McGrawSteve RenkoMike MarshallBuzz Capra 369408-39
1973-07-31vs PIT101L  1-444-57624,322 Jerry KoosmanDock EllisDock EllisJerry KoosmanRamon Hernandez370412-42
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-08-01vs PIT102W  3-046-5760 Tom SeaverSteve BlassTom SeaverSteve Blass 373412-39
1973-08-01vs PIT103W  5-246-57627,189 George StoneNelson BrilesGeorge StoneNelson BrilesHarry Parker378414-36
1973-08-02vs PIT104W  5-147-57613,429 Ray SadeckiJim RookerRay SadeckiJim RookerTug McGraw383415-32
1973-08-03vs SLN105W  7-348-57625,764 Jon MatlackRich FolkersJon MatlackRich Folkers 390418-28
1973-08-04vs SLN106L  3-448-58622,926 Jerry KoosmanBob GibsonOrlando PenaJerry KoosmanDiego Segui393422-29
1973-08-05vs SLN107L  2-348-6060 Tom SeaverAlan FosterAlan FosterTom SeaverOrlando Pena395425-30
1973-08-05vs SLN108L  1-448-60640,280 Jim McAndrewRick WiseRick WiseJim McAndrew 396429-33
1973-08-06vs SLN109W  10-349-60621,845 George StoneReggie ClevelandHarry ParkerReggie Cleveland 406432-26
1973-08-07vs SLN110W  6-550-60610,519 Ray SadeckiTom MurphyBuzz CapraTom MurphyTug McGraw412437-25
1973-08-08@ LAN111W  1-051-60624,219Jon MatlackAndy MessersmithJon MatlackAndy Messersmith 413437-24
1973-08-09@ LAN112L  0-151-61624,737Jerry KoosmanClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJerry Koosman 413438-25
1973-08-10@ SFN113W  7-152-6168,692Tom SeaverJuan MarichalTom SeaverJuan Marichal 420439-19
1973-08-11@ SFN114L  7-852-62615,762George StoneTom BradleyRandy MoffittTug McGraw 427447-20
1973-08-12@ SFN115L  1-452-63613,490Ray SadeckiRon BryantRon BryantRay Sadecki 428451-23
1973-08-13@ SDN116L  2-352-6462,440Jon MatlackBill GreifMike CaldwellJon Matlack 430454-24
1973-08-14@ SDN117L  0-952-6563,969Jerry KoosmanRandy JonesRandy JonesJerry Koosman 430463-33
1973-08-15@ SDN118W  7-053-6566,531Tom SeaverSteve ArlinTom SeaverSteve Arlin 437463-26
1973-08-17vs CIN119L  1-253-66636,803 George StoneDon GullettPedro BorbonHarry Parker 438465-27
1973-08-18vs CIN120W  12-154-66626,365 Jon MatlackFred NormanJon MatlackFred Norman 450466-16
1973-08-19vs CIN121W  2-155-66633,598 Jerry KoosmanRoss GrimsleyJerry KoosmanRoss Grimsley 452467-15
1973-08-20vs CIN122L  3-855-67629,384 Tom SeaverJack BillinghamClay CarrollTug McGraw 455475-20
1973-08-21vs LAN123W  2-156-67626,351 Ray SadeckiDon SuttonRay SadeckiDon Sutton 457476-19
1973-08-22vs LAN124W  4-357-67625,442 George StoneAndy MessersmithTug McGrawJim Brewer 461479-18
1973-08-23vs LAN125L  4-557-68626,056 Jon MatlackClaude OsteenClaude OsteenBuzz Capra 465484-19
1973-08-24vs SFN126W  1-058-68635,361 Jerry KoosmanJuan MarichalJerry KoosmanJuan Marichal 466484-18
1973-08-25vs SFN127L  0-158-69638,221 Tom SeaverTom BradleyTom BradleyTom Seaver 466485-19
1973-08-26vs SFN128L  4-558-70635,210 Ray SadeckiRon BryantRon BryantRay SadeckiElias Sosa470490-20
1973-08-27vs SDN129W  6-559-70614,790 George StoneSteve ArlinGeorge StoneSteve ArlinTug McGraw476495-19
1973-08-28vs SDN130W  8-660-70616,801 Jon MatlackClay KirbyJon MatlackClay KirbyTug McGraw484501-17
1973-08-29vs SDN131W  3-061-70518,436 Jerry KoosmanRich TroedsonJerry KoosmanRich TroedsonBuzz Capra487501-14
1973-08-30@ SLN132L  0-161-71619,373Tom SeaverReggie ClevelandAl HraboskyTom Seaver 487502-15
1973-08-31@ SLN133W  6-462-71528,594Ray SadeckiMike NagyTug McGrawDiego Segui 493506-13
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-09-01@ SLN134W  4-163-71529,197George StoneAlan FosterGeorge StoneAlan FosterHarry Parker497507-10
1973-09-02@ SLN135L  4-763-72520,339Jon MatlackRick WiseEddie FisherBuzz CapraDiego Segui501514-13
1973-09-03vs PHI136W  5-064-7350 Jerry KoosmanSteve CarltonJerry KoosmanSteve Carlton 506514-8
1973-09-03vs PHI137L  3-664-73530,748 Craig SwanDick RuthvenDick RuthvenCraig SwanMac Scarce509520-11
1973-09-04vs PHI138W  7-165-73513,674 Tom SeaverJim LonborgTom SeaverJim Lonborg 516521-5
1973-09-05vs PHI139W  4-066-73412,563 Ray SadeckiWayne TwitchellRay SadeckiWayne TwitchellTug McGraw520521-1
1973-09-07@ MON140W  1-068-7340Jon MatlackSteve RenkoJon MatlackSteve RenkoTug McGraw5215210
1973-09-07@ MON141W  4-268-73424,167Jerry KoosmanMike TorrezTug McGrawMike MarshallRay Sadecki5255232
1973-09-08@ MON142L  1-368-74417,632Tom SeaverSteve RogersSteve RogersTom Seaver 5265260
1973-09-09@ MON143W  3-069-74420,743George StoneBalor MooreGeorge StoneBalor MooreTug McGraw5295263
1973-09-11@ PHI144L  4-669-7558,159Jerry KoosmanJim LonborgJim LonborgJerry Koosman 5335321
1973-09-12@ PHI145W  3-270-7548,418Jon MatlackWayne TwitchellJon MatlackWayne TwitchellTug McGraw5365342
1973-09-13@ PHI146W  4-271-7548,194Tom SeaverKen BrettTom SeaverGeorge CulverTug McGraw5405364
1973-09-15vs CHN147W  5-172-7640 George StoneFergie JenkinsGeorge StoneFergie JenkinsTug McGraw5455378
1973-09-15vs CHN148L  0-772-76425,553 Ray SadeckiRick ReuschelRick ReuschelRay Sadecki 5455441
1973-09-16vs CHN149W  4-373-76425,681 Jerry KoosmanBurt HootonTug McGrawBurt Hooton 5495472
1973-09-17@ PIT150L  3-1073-77415,000Tom SeaverBruce KisonBruce KisonTom SeaverChris Zachary552557-5
1973-09-18@ PIT151W  6-574-77412,336Jon MatlackBob MooseTug McGrawRamon HernandezBuzz Capra558562-4
1973-09-19vs PIT152W  7-375-77329,240 George StoneNelson BrilesGeorge StoneNelson BrilesTug McGraw5655650
1973-09-20vs PIT153W  4-376-77324,855 Jerry KoosmanJim RookerRay SadeckiLuke Walker 5695681
1973-09-21vs PIT154W  10-277-77251,381 Tom SeaverSteve BlassTom SeaverSteve Blass 5795709
1973-09-22vs SLN155W  2-078-77224,251 Jon MatlackReggie ClevelandJon MatlackReggie Cleveland 58157011
1973-09-23vs SLN156W  5-279-77151,926 George StoneMike ThompsonHarry ParkerOrlando PenaTug McGraw58657214
1973-09-25vs MON157W  2-180-77143,805 Jerry KoosmanSteve RogersJerry KoosmanSteve RogersTug McGraw58857315
1973-09-26vs MON158L  5-880-78130,953 Tom SeaverBalor MooreMike MarshallHarry Parker 59358112
1973-09-30@ CHN159L  0-181-7910Jon MatlackRick ReuschelBob LockerJon Matlack 59358211
1973-09-30@ CHN160W  9-281-79121,432Jerry KoosmanFergie JenkinsJerry KoosmanFergie Jenkins 60258418
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1973-10-01@ CHN161W  6-482-7911,913Tom SeaverBurt HootonTom SeaverBurt HootonTug McGraw60858820

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