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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  65-91   .417
Result:   6th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Del Crandall, Dave Bristol, Roy McMillan
General Manager:   Frank Lane
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  600,440
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Joe Azcue (32)
Youngest Player:  Darrell Porter (20)
Longest Tenure:  Skip Lockwood, Ken Sanders, Dave May (3)
Top Hitter:  George Scott (13)
Top Pitcher:  Ken Sanders (30)
Top Draft Pick:  Dan Thomas (#6)

Roster Continuity:  47.66%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7976.5106.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-04-15@ CLE1W  5-1-22,831Bill ParsonsGaylord PerryBill ParsonsGaylord PerryKen Sanders514
1972-04-18@ NYA2L  0-2-11,319Jim SlatonSteve KlineSteve KlineJim Slaton 532
1972-04-19@ NYA3L  2-3-5,502Ken BrettMike KekichMike KekichKen BrettSparky Lyle761
1972-04-22vs DET4L  2-8-8,968 Bill ParsonsJoe ColemanJoe ColemanBill ParsonsFred Scherman914-5
1972-04-23vs DET5W  3-0-10,031 Jim SlatonLes CainJim SlatonLes CainKen Sanders1214-2
1972-04-25vs CAL6L  1-4-3,824 Ken BrettClyde WrightClyde WrightKen Brett 1318-5
1972-04-26vs CAL7L  1-3-4,084 Bill ParsonsRickey ClarkRickey ClarkBill ParsonsRudy May1421-7
1972-04-28vs OAK8L  1-5-5,616 Jim SlatonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanJim Slaton 1526-11
1972-04-29vs OAK9L  1-2-6,119 Skip LockwoodCatfish HunterCatfish HunterSkip LockwoodRollie Fingers1628-12
1972-04-30vs OAK10W  3-1-6,714 Ken BrettDenny McLainKen BrettDenny McLainKen Sanders1929-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-05-03vs MIN11L  0-7-3,833 Jim SlatonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim Slaton 1936-17
1972-05-05@ CAL12L  0-4-20,061Ken BrettNolan RyanNolan RyanKen Brett 1940-21
1972-05-06@ CAL13L  0-2-19,440Jim LonborgAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithJim Lonborg 1942-23
1972-05-07@ CAL14W  5-2-7,940Bill ParsonsRickey ClarkBill ParsonsRickey ClarkKen Sanders2444-20
1972-05-09@ OAK15L  2-10-0Jim SlatonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanJim Slaton 2654-28
1972-05-09@ OAK16L  0-3-12,552Skip LockwoodBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomSkip LockwoodRollie Fingers2657-31
1972-05-10@ OAK17W  4-0-3,079Ken BrettCatfish HunterKen BrettCatfish Hunter 3057-27
1972-05-12@ MIN18W  4-3-8,628Bill ParsonsDick WoodsonJim ColbornBert BlylevenJim Lonborg3460-26
1972-05-13@ MIN19L  4-5-7,871Jim LonborgBert BlylevenDave LaRocheJim Slaton 3865-27
1972-05-14@ MIN20L  2-4-7,496Skip LockwoodJim KaatJim KaatSkip Lockwood 4069-29
1972-05-16vs BOS21L  1-5-8,423 Ken BrettRay CulpRay CulpKen Sanders 4174-33
1972-05-17vs BOS22W  4-1-4,935 Jim LonborgSonny SiebertJim LonborgSonny SiebertKen Sanders4575-30
1972-05-19vs BAL23W  4-2-10,073 Bill ParsonsDave McNallyBill ParsonsDave McNallyKen Sanders4977-28
1972-05-20vs BAL24L  0-6-8,362 Skip LockwoodJim PalmerJim PalmerSkip LockwoodGrant Jackson4983-34
1972-05-21vs BAL25L  0-5-21,897 Ken BrettPat DobsonPat DobsonKen Brett 4988-39
1972-05-23@ DET26W  3-0-11,620Jim LonborgJoe ColemanJim LonborgJoe Coleman 5288-36
1972-05-24@ DET27L  3-5-10,012Bill ParsonsLes CainChuck SeelbachKen SandersJoe Niekro5593-38
1972-05-25@ DET28W  2-0-10,336Skip LockwoodMickey LolichSkip LockwoodMickey Lolich 5793-36
1972-05-26@ BOS29L  4-5-16,340Ken BrettRay CulpBill LeeKen Sanders 6198-37
1972-05-27@ BOS30L  3-9-17,332Jim SlatonSonny SiebertSonny SiebertJim SlatonKen Tatum64107-43
1972-05-28@ BOS31L  1-4-18,356Jim LonborgLew KrausseJohn CurtisJim Lonborg 65111-46
1972-05-29@ BOS32W  11-3-15,486Bill ParsonsMarty PattinBill ParsonsMarty Pattin 76114-38
1972-05-30vs NYA33W  3-1-4,185 Skip LockwoodMike KekichSkip LockwoodMike Kekich 79115-36
1972-05-31vs NYA34L  4-5-6,211 Ken BrettMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreKen BrettSparky Lyle83120-37
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-06-01vs NYA35W  9-8-8,241 Jim SlatonRich HintonKen SandersJim Roland 92128-36
1972-06-02vs TEX36W  7-5-9,724 Jim LonborgBill GogolewskiJim LonborgBill GogolewskiFrank Linzy99133-34
1972-06-03vs TEX37W  3-1-8,337 Bill ParsonsPete BrobergBill ParsonsPete Broberg 102134-32
1972-06-04vs TEX38L  0-10-11,472 Skip LockwoodRich HandRich HandSkip LockwoodHoracio Pina102144-42
1972-06-06@ KCA39L  2-4-7,415Ken BrettTom MurphyTom MurphyKen BrettTom Burgmeier104148-44
1972-06-07@ KCA40L  4-5-7,216Jim LonborgDick DragoTom BurgmeierKen Sanders 108153-45
1972-06-08@ KCA41W  4-3-8,170Bill ParsonsPaul SplittorffBill ParsonsPaul SplittorffKen Sanders112156-44
1972-06-09@ CHA42L  2-3-11,871Skip LockwoodWilbur WoodWilbur WoodSkip Lockwood 114159-45
1972-06-10@ CHA43L  1-6-5,558Ken BrettTom BradleyTom BradleyKen Brett 115165-50
1972-06-11@ CHA44L  4-6-0Jim LonborgStan BahnsenStan BahnsenJim LonborgTerry Forster119171-52
1972-06-11@ CHA45L  4-5-23,868Jim SlatonDave LemondsCy AcostaKen Sanders 123176-53
1972-06-12@ TEX46L  1-7-4,041Bill ParsonsMike PaulMike PaulBill ParsonsCasey Cox124183-59
1972-06-13@ TEX47L  0-4-7,741Skip LockwoodPete BrobergPete BrobergSkip Lockwood 124187-63
1972-06-14@ TEX48L  1-7-5,790Ken BrettRich HandRich HandKen BrettPaul Lindblad125194-69
1972-06-16vs KCA49L  2-3-5,471 Jim LonborgDick DragoDick DragoKen SandersTom Burgmeier127197-70
1972-06-17vs KCA50L  3-6-8,722 Bill ParsonsPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffBill Parsons 130203-73
1972-06-18vs KCA51W  3-0-26,735 Skip LockwoodJim RookerSkip LockwoodJim Rooker 133203-70
1972-06-20vs CHA52W  7-1-8,140 Jim LonborgWilbur WoodJim LonborgWilbur Wood 140204-64
1972-06-21vs CHA53L  3-9-8,460 Bill ParsonsTom BradleyTom BradleyBill ParsonsTerry Forster143213-70
1972-06-22vs CHA54L  2-5-9,515 Skip LockwoodStan BahnsenStan BahnsenSkip LockwoodCy Acosta145218-73
1972-06-23vs BOS55W  8-1-20,865 Ken BrettJohn CurtisKen BrettJohn CurtisKen Sanders153219-66
1972-06-24vs BOS56W  5-2-10,994 Jim LonborgSonny SiebertJim LonborgSonny Siebert 158221-63
1972-06-25vs BOS57L  1-8-0 Bill ParsonsMarty PattinMarty PattinBill Parsons 159229-70
1972-06-25vs BOS58W  2-0-12,963 Earl StephensonLynn McGlothenEarl StephensonLynn McGlothenKen Sanders161229-68
1972-06-26@ BAL59W  3-0-6,563Skip LockwoodPat DobsonSkip LockwoodPat DobsonKen Sanders164229-65
1972-06-27@ BAL60W  6-4-9,281Ken BrettDoyle AlexanderKen BrettRoric HarrisonKen Sanders170233-63
1972-06-28vs CLE61W  4-2-0 Gary RyersonDick TidrowGary RyersonDick Tidrow 174235-61
1972-06-28vs CLE62W  5-2-9,306 Jim LonborgMilt WilcoxJim LonborgMilt WilcoxRay Newman179237-58
1972-06-29vs CLE63W  3-1-8,930 Earl StephensonRay LambEarl StephensonRay LambFrank Linzy182238-56
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-07-01@ BOS64L  4-5-17,691Bill ParsonsMarty PattinMarty PattinBill ParsonsLuis Tiant186243-57
1972-07-02@ BOS65L  4-15-0Skip LockwoodRay CulpRay CulpSkip Lockwood 190258-68
1972-07-02@ BOS66L  2-3-20,478Gary RyersonJohn CurtisJohn CurtisFrank Linzy 192261-69
1972-07-04@ CAL67W  4-2-41,086Jim LonborgLloyd AllenJim LonborgLloyd AllenFrank Linzy196263-67
1972-07-05@ CAL68L  0-1-7,225Earl StephensonNolan RyanNolan RyanEarl Stephenson 196264-68
1972-07-06@ CAL69W  6-5-5,421Skip LockwoodClyde WrightJim ColbornDon Rose 202269-67
1972-07-07@ OAK70W  9-4-6,348Ken BrettVida BlueKen BrettVida BlueKen Sanders211273-62
1972-07-08@ OAK71L  0-7-7,087Gary RyersonCatfish HunterCatfish HunterGary Ryerson 211280-69
1972-07-09@ OAK72L  1-3-9,056Jim LonborgBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomJim LonborgRollie Fingers212283-71
1972-07-10@ MIN73L  1-8-18,058Earl StephensonJim PerryJim PerryEarl StephensonDave LaRoche213291-78
1972-07-11@ MIN74W  5-4-9,682Skip LockwoodDick WoodsonFrank LinzyWayne Granger 218295-77
1972-07-12@ MIN75L  1-7-8,874Ken BrettBert BlylevenBert BlylevenKen Brett 219302-83
1972-07-14vs CAL76W  7-3-13,697 Jim LonborgNolan RyanFrank LinzyNolan RyanKen Sanders226305-79
1972-07-15vs CAL77L  3-4-7,160 Gary RyersonClyde WrightClyde WrightKen SandersTom Dukes229309-80
1972-07-16vs CAL78L  0-1-0 Jim ColbornRudy MayRudy MayJim Colborn 229310-81
1972-07-16vs CAL79W  2-1-10,789 Bill ParsonsLloyd AllenBill ParsonsRickey ClarkFrank Linzy231311-80
1972-07-18vs OAK80L  0-4-0 Earl StephensonCatfish HunterCatfish HunterEarl Stephenson 231315-84
1972-07-18vs OAK81W  7-4-10,185 Jim LonborgJoe HorlenJim LonborgJoe HorlenFrank Linzy238319-81
1972-07-19vs OAK82L  6-9-5,358 Archie ReynoldsBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomJerry BellRollie Fingers244328-84
1972-07-20vs MIN83W  2-1-5,282 Gary RyersonDick WoodsonGary RyersonDick Woodson 246329-83
1972-07-21vs MIN84W  2-0-9,258 Bill ParsonsBert BlylevenBill ParsonsBert Blyleven 248329-81
1972-07-22vs MIN85L  5-9-7,374 Jim ColbornRay CorbinRay CorbinJim ColbornJim Strickland253338-85
1972-07-23vs MIN86L  0-3-0 Jim LonborgJim PerryJim PerryJim LonborgJim Strickland253341-88
1972-07-23vs MIN87L  5-6-13,048 Earl StephensonDave GoltzDave GoltzEarl StephensonJim Strickland258347-89
1972-07-27vs DET88L  2-3-0 Bill ParsonsMickey LolichChuck SeelbachBill ParsonsFred Scherman260350-90
1972-07-27vs DET89L  5-8-12,123 Gary RyersonFred HoldsworthChris ZacharyGary RyersonFred Scherman265358-93
1972-07-28vs DET90W  3-2-14,306 Jim LonborgJoe ColemanJim LonborgChuck Seelbach 268360-92
1972-07-29vs DET91W  8-3-15,450 Jim ColbornBill SlaybackJim ColbornBill Slayback 276363-87
1972-07-30@ CLE92L  2-3-0Earl StephensonMilt WilcoxPhil HenniganFrank Linzy 278366-88
1972-07-30@ CLE93L  1-6-13,281Archie ReynoldsTom HilgendorfTom HilgendorfArchie Reynolds 279372-93
1972-07-31@ CLE94L  2-3-0Bill ParsonsRay LambMike KilkennyBill Parsons 281375-94
1972-07-31@ CLE95L  0-1-15,153Gary RyersonDick TidrowDick TidrowGary Ryerson 281376-95
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-08-01@ DET96W  9-0-14,507Skip LockwoodBill SlaybackSkip LockwoodBill Slayback 290376-86
1972-08-02@ DET97W  13-1-10,860Jim LonborgJoe ColemanJim LonborgJoe ColemanKen Sanders303377-74
1972-08-03@ DET98W  6-3-12,795Jim ColbornFred HoldsworthJim ColbornFred Holdsworth 309380-71
1972-08-04vs NYA99L  4-9-15,934 Earl StephensonFritz PetersonFritz PetersonEarl StephensonSparky Lyle313389-76
1972-08-05vs NYA100W  4-0-8,653 Bill ParsonsMel StottlemyreBill ParsonsMel Stottlemyre 317389-72
1972-08-06vs NYA101L  0-3-0 Gary RyersonSteve KlineSteve KlineGary RyersonSparky Lyle317392-75
1972-08-06vs NYA102L  4-6-10,616 Skip LockwoodMike KekichSparky LyleKen Sanders 321398-77
1972-08-07vs BAL103L  2-5-6,629 Jim LonborgMike CuellarMike CuellarJim LonborgGrant Jackson323403-80
1972-08-08vs BAL104L  2-4-5,288 Jim ColbornPat DobsonPat DobsonJim ColbornEddie Watt325407-82
1972-08-09vs BAL105L  0-10-8,069 Bill ParsonsDave McNallyDave McNallyBill Parsons 325417-92
1972-08-10vs BAL106W  1-0-12,509 Gary RyersonJim PalmerGary RyersonJim Palmer 326417-91
1972-08-11@ NYA107W  4-2-13,883Skip LockwoodMike KekichSkip LockwoodMike KekichFrank Linzy330419-89
1972-08-12@ NYA108L  6-10-12,734Jim LonborgFritz PetersonFritz PetersonJim LonborgSparky Lyle336429-93
1972-08-13@ NYA109L  3-5-0Ken BrettMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreKen BrettSparky Lyle339434-95
1972-08-13@ NYA110L  4-5-56,238Jim ColbornRob GardnerFred BeeneJim ColbornRon Klimkowski343439-96
1972-08-15@ CHA111L  1-2-15,234Bill ParsonsTom BradleyTom BradleyBill ParsonsTerry Forster344441-97
1972-08-16@ CHA112L  6-8-17,542Gary RyersonWilbur WoodWilbur WoodGary RyersonTerry Forster350449-99
1972-08-18@ KCA113W  7-2-24,762Jim LonborgPaul SplittorffJim LonborgPaul SplittorffFrank Linzy357451-94
1972-08-19@ KCA114L  1-2-10,182Skip LockwoodDick DragoDick DragoSkip LockwoodTed Abernathy358453-95
1972-08-20@ KCA115W  2-1-8,908Jim ColbornBruce Dal CantonJim ColbornBruce Dal CantonFrank Linzy360454-94
1972-08-22vs TEX116L  1-2-6,328 Bill ParsonsRich HandRich HandBill ParsonsCasey Cox361456-95
1972-08-24vs TEX117L  1-4-0 Gary RyersonMike PaulMike PaulGary RyersonPete Broberg362460-98
1972-08-24vs TEX118W  4-3-5,491 Jim LonborgDick BosmanJim LonborgPaul Lindblad 366463-97
1972-08-26vs CHA119L  1-3-0 Skip LockwoodTom BradleyTerry ForsterKen Sanders 367466-99
1972-08-26vs CHA120W  4-0-15,451 Jim ColbornStan BahnsenJim ColbornStan BahnsenFrank Linzy371466-95
1972-08-27vs CHA121W  4-3-18,914 Bill ParsonsWilbur WoodJerry BellTerry Forster 375469-94
1972-08-29vs KCA122L  4-6-5,358 Gary RyersonRoger NelsonRoger NelsonGary Ryerson 379475-96
1972-08-30vs KCA123L  2-6-5,214 Jim LonborgPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffJim Lonborg 381481-100
1972-08-31vs KCA124W  7-3-4,040 Skip LockwoodMike JacksonSkip LockwoodMike Jackson 388484-96
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-09-01@ TEX125W  3-0-6,552Jim ColbornBill GogolewskiJim ColbornBill Gogolewski 391484-93
1972-09-02@ TEX126W  6-2-3,707Bill ParsonsPete BrobergBill ParsonsPete Broberg 397486-89
1972-09-03@ TEX127L  1-4-3,713Gary RyersonMike PaulMike PaulGary Ryerson 398490-92
1972-09-04vs BOS128L  0-2-0 Jim LonborgLuis TiantLuis TiantJim Lonborg 398492-94
1972-09-04vs BOS129W  6-2-12,011 Ken BrettLynn McGlothenKen BrettLynn McGlothenFrank Linzy404494-90
1972-09-05vs BOS130L  3-5-3,877 Skip LockwoodMarty PattinGary PetersSkip Lockwood 407499-92
1972-09-06@ CLE131L  3-4-0Jim ColbornSteve DunningTom HilgendorfJim Colborn 410503-93
1972-09-06@ CLE132W  5-2-3,798Jerry BellMilt WilcoxJerry BellMilt WilcoxKen Sanders415505-90
1972-09-07@ CLE133W  7-1-1,851Bill ParsonsDick TidrowBill ParsonsDick Tidrow 422506-84
1972-09-09@ BAL134L  1-2-0Jim LonborgDave McNallyEddie WattJim Lonborg 423508-85
1972-09-09@ BAL135L  0-8-12,344Ken BrettDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderKen Brett 423516-93
1972-09-10@ BAL136L  0-2-11,791Skip LockwoodJim PalmerJim PalmerSkip Lockwood 423518-95
1972-09-11@ BAL137L  2-3-4,069Jim ColbornMike CuellarMike CuellarJim ColbornEddie Watt425521-96
1972-09-12vs CLE138W  4-3-0 Bill ParsonsBill ButlerBill ParsonsEd FarmerKen Sanders429524-95
1972-09-12vs CLE139W  4-2-2,884 Gary RyersonMilt WilcoxKen SandersPhil Hennigan 433526-93
1972-09-13vs CLE140W  3-1-3,011 Jerry BellGaylord PerryJerry BellGaylord PerryFrank Linzy436527-91
1972-09-14vs CLE141W  4-3-3,286 Ken BrettRay LambEarl StephensonSteve Hargan 440530-90
1972-09-15vs DET142L  1-2-7,762 Jim LonborgMickey LolichFred SchermanJim Lonborg 441532-91
1972-09-16vs DET143L  1-2-7,378 Skip LockwoodWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanSkip LockwoodChuck Seelbach442534-92
1972-09-17vs DET144L  2-6-6,112 Jim ColbornJoe ColemanJoe ColemanJim Colborn 444540-96
1972-09-19vs NYA145W  7-2-4,122 Bill ParsonsRob GardnerBill ParsonsRob Gardner 451542-91
1972-09-21vs NYA146W  6-4-4,185 Jerry BellMike KekichJerry BellMike KekichKen Sanders457546-89
1972-09-23vs BAL147W  2-1-6,185 Jim LonborgDave McNallyJim LonborgPat Dobson 459547-88
1972-09-24vs BAL148L  3-4-5,932 Skip LockwoodJim PalmerJim PalmerSkip LockwoodEddie Watt462551-89
1972-09-26@ BOS149W  6-4-20,669Bill ParsonsMarty PattinJerry BellMarty PattinFrank Linzy468555-87
1972-09-27@ BOS150L  5-7-8,744Ken BrettLynn McGlothenBill LeeKen BrettBobby Bolin473562-89
1972-09-29@ DET151L  5-12-16,194Jim LonborgWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanJim LonborgChuck Seelbach478574-96
1972-09-30@ DET152L  4-13-24,538Skip LockwoodJoe ColemanJoe ColemanSkip LockwoodChuck Seelbach482587-105
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1972-10-01@ DET153L  1-5-17,429Bill ParsonsJohn HillerJohn HillerBill Parsons 483592-109
1972-10-02@ NYA154W  6-1-3,927Ken BrettSteve KlineKen BrettSteve Kline 489593-104
1972-10-03@ NYA155W  3-2-5,803Skip LockwoodMel StottlemyreSkip LockwoodMel StottlemyreChuck Taylor492595-103
1972-10-04@ NYA156W  1-0-5,210Jim LonborgLarry GowellJim LonborgLarry Gowell 493595-102

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