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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  108-54   .667
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Earl Weaver
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  1,057,069
Playoffs:  Won World Series (Reds)

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dick Hall (39)
Youngest Player:  Don Baylor (21)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson (16)
Top Hitter:  Boog Powell (8)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Cuellar (1)
Top Draft Pick:  James West (#24)

Roster Continuity:  98.29%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9369.57415.0

Don Buford1970-04-091970W  13-1 @ CLE422002500000010898854542811572 home runs, 5 RBis
Paul Blair1970-04-291970W  18-2 @ CHA63300360001000072061759250523 home runs, 6 RBis
Terry Crowley1970-05-011970W  9-3 vs BAL42200130001000018111701st career home run
Brooks Robinson1970-05-061970W  3-1 vs BAL42410000000000019061962199926234 hits
Brooks Robinson1970-05-091970W  4-3 vs BAL3110012000000001909196520092923200th career home run
Ellie Hendricks1970-05-121970W  5-4 @ MIN414100000000000201125216604 hits
Paul Blair1970-05-151970W  4-3 @ WS251330010001000073463259256553 Doubles
Terry Crowley1970-05-211970W  3-1 @ DET10000001020000123111711st career stolen base
Chico Salmon1970-05-261970W  7-0 vs BAL52400001000000054637023124364 hits
Don Buford1970-06-131970L  10-7 vs BAL524001200000000948901582991594 hits
Ellie Hendricks1970-06-171970L  5-1 vs BAL402000010000000225138227011st career stolen base
Boog Powell1970-06-191970W  12-10 vs BAL52420041000000011801073219725134 hits
Brooks Robinson1970-06-201970W  5-4 vs BAL31100130010000019462000204948232000th career hit
Don Buford1970-06-251970W  13-8 @ BOS714100100100000959914593021644 hits
Merv Rettenmund1970-06-251970W  13-8 @ BOS824101300020000174104166194 hits
Don Buford1970-06-261970W  12-2 @ WS2534001300100000960918603051644 hits
Frank Robinson1970-06-261970W  12-2 @ WS24220028001000002112234646314141882 home runs, 8 RBis
Bobby Grich1970-06-291970L  5-3 @ WS2310000000100000100001st career game
Bobby Grich1970-06-301970W  4-2 vs BAL401000000010000210001st career hit
Boog Powell1970-06-301970W  4-2 vs BAL42300230001000011921088222735132 home runs
Brooks Robinson1970-07-011970W  3-0 vs BAL42330000001000019572014205952233 Doubles
Brooks Robinson1970-07-071970W  6-2 vs BAL52310150000000019622022206960235 RBis
Frank Robinson1970-07-081970W  9-8 vs BAL5240023000000002123236146614211882 home runs, 4 hits
Bobby Grich1970-07-091970L  7-5 vs BAL423010100000000540101st career RBI
Merv Rettenmund1970-07-121970W  13-3 @ DET5242012100100001831151764114 hits
Frank Robinson1970-07-181970L  6-3 vs BAL5040001000000002129236746614221884 hits
Don Buford1970-07-201970W  14-5 @ CHA421000300012000981943633171642 hit by pitches
Ellie Hendricks1970-07-201970W  14-5 @ CHA332101600200000250155278416 RBis
Boog Powell1970-07-261970W  11-1 @ MIN51200160000000112141115228763136 RBis
Merv Rettenmund1970-08-011970W  9-1 vs BAL5440001000000001961321870134 runs scored, 4 hits
Paul Blair1970-08-021970W  10-8 vs BAL52420001000000078467163273604 hits
Curt Motton1970-08-021970W  10-8 vs BAL42201150001010019692187045 RBis
Paul Blair1970-08-041970W  5-2 vs BAL42300231011000078567465276612 home runs
Bobby Grich1970-08-061970W  7-1 @ CLE4000000101300001590511st career stolen base
Don Buford1970-08-091970W  12-9 @ NYA634200200010000999955653271664 hits
Don Buford1970-08-111970W  7-0 @ CAL2211000003000001000956653271661000th career game
Brooks Robinson1970-08-161970W  2-1 @ OAK40000000000000020002060209973232000th career game
Mark Belanger1970-08-261970W  5-1 vs BAL000000000000000500360510640500th career game
Frank Robinson1970-08-271970W  6-4 vs BAL4220023001100002158239247014361882 home runs
Brooks Robinson1970-09-041970W  8-6 @ BOS53510240000000020182080213987232 home runs, 5 hits
Johnny Oates1970-09-171970L  2-0 @ WS2101000000000000110001st career game, 1st career hit
Don Baylor1970-09-181970W  4-3 vs BAL502000300000000120301st career game, 1st career hit, 1st career RBI
Roger Freed1970-09-181970W  4-3 vs BAL400000000100000100001st career game
Mark Belanger1970-09-201970W  7-0 vs BAL4340103100000005203736115424 hits
Roger Freed1970-09-201970W  7-0 vs BAL401000000010000210001st career hit
Andy Etchebarren1970-09-221970W  10-2 vs BAL5131016000000004593173116466 RBis
Paul Blair1970-09-241970W  7-4 vs BAL53400231000000183072472299682 home runs, 4 hits
Roger Freed1970-09-241970W  7-4 vs BAL301000100020010320101st career RBI
Brooks Robinson1970-09-241970W  7-4 vs BAL511001200000000203520962141000231000th career RBI
Johnny Oates1970-09-251970W  9-7 @ CLE602000100100000450101st career RBI
Mark Belanger1970-09-261970W  7-4 @ CLE4430100100001005253826117434 runs scored

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