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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  90-72   .556
Result:   2nd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Clyde King
General Manager:   Horace Stoneham, Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Candlestick Park
Attendance:  873,603
Playoffs:  -

San Francisco Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don McMahon (39)
Youngest Player:  George Foster (20)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Davenport, Willie Mays (12)
Top Hitter:  Willie McCovey (2)
Top Pitcher:  Juan Marichal (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Mike Phillips (#18)

Roster Continuity:  85.14%
National League Standings
SF Giants9072.5563.0
LA Dodgers8577.5258.0
San Diego52110.32141.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-04-07@ ATL1L  4-50-1636,316Juan MarichalPat JarvisGeorge StoneFrank Linzy 45-1
1969-04-08@ ATL2L  2-100-2610,173Gaylord PerryPhil NiekroPhil NiekroGaylord Perry 615-9
1969-04-09@ ATL3L  1-40-3610,145Bobby BolinMilt PappasMilt PappasBobby BolinCecil Upshaw719-12
1969-04-11@ SDN4W  8-01-3515,757Ray SadeckiClay KirbyRay SadeckiClay Kirby 1519-4
1969-04-12@ SDN5W  5-12-3520,356Juan MarichalAl McBeanJuan MarichalAl McBean 20200
1969-04-13@ SDN6W  5-13-3413,635Gaylord PerryDick SelmaGaylord PerryDick Selma 25214
1969-04-15@ CIN7L  10-113-455,726Bobby BolinJim MaloneyGeorge CulverGaylord Perry 35323
1969-04-17vs SDN8W  5-44-4330,722 Juan MarichalClay KirbyJuan MarichalClay KirbyJoe Gibbon40364
1969-04-18vs SDN9L  1-34-537,262 Ray SadeckiAl SantoriniAl SantoriniRay SadeckiFrank Reberger41392
1969-04-19vs SDN10W  5-35-538,066 Gaylord PerryDick SelmaGaylord PerryDick Selma 46424
1969-04-20vs SDN11W  3-26-5312,871 Bobby BolinTommie SiskBobby BolinTommie SiskFrank Linzy49445
1969-04-21@ LAN12L  5-76-6421,201Juan MarichalBill SingerBill SingerJuan MarichalAl McBean54513
1969-04-22@ LAN13W  6-07-6419,253Ray SadeckiDon DrysdaleRay SadeckiDon Drysdale 60519
1969-04-24vs ATL14W  5-18-634,261 Gaylord PerryMilt PappasGaylord PerryMilt Pappas 655213
1969-04-25vs HOU15W  12-89-636,094 Bobby BolinDenny LemasterJoe GibbonDan Schneider 776017
1969-04-26vs HOU16W  2-110-6332,243 Juan MarichalWade BlasingameJuan MarichalWade Blasingame 796118
1969-04-27vs HOU17W  8-512-620 Ray SadeckiDon WilsonRon HerbelDon WilsonFrank Linzy876621
1969-04-27vs HOU18W  4-312-6218,852 Mike McCormickTom GriffinMike McCormickTom GriffinFrank Linzy916922
1969-04-28vs CIN19W  4-313-622,766 Gaylord PerryTony CloningerGaylord PerryTony Cloninger 957223
1969-04-29vs CIN20W  4-314-623,247 Bobby BolinJack FisherFrank LinzyGeorge Culver 997524
1969-04-30vs LAN21W  3-015-6114,129 Juan MarichalBill SingerJuan MarichalBill Singer 1027527
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-05-01vs LAN22L  0-515-728,193 Ray SadeckiDon SuttonDon SuttonRay Sadecki 1028022
1969-05-02@ HOU23L  1-315-8312,055Gaylord PerryTom GriffinJack BillinghamGaylord Perry 1038320
1969-05-03@ HOU24L  3-415-9317,624Bobby BolinLarry DierkerLarry DierkerBobby BolinFred Gladding1068719
1969-05-04@ HOU25L  1-315-10327,801Juan MarichalDenny LemasterDooley WomackJuan MarichalFred Gladding1079017
1969-05-06@ SLN26L  0-315-11317,442Ray SadeckiBob GibsonBob GibsonRay Sadecki 1079314
1969-05-07@ SLN27W  5-316-1139,708Gaylord PerryNelson BrilesGaylord PerryNelson Briles 1129616
1969-05-09@ CHN28W  11-117-1135,189Bobby BolinBill HandsBobby BolinBill HandsJoe Gibbon1239726
1969-05-11@ CHN29L  0-817-12318,572Ray SadeckiKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanRay Sadecki 12310518
1969-05-12@ PIT30L  3-417-1333,396Gaylord PerryBob VealeChuck HartensteinJoe Gibbon 12610917
1969-05-13@ PIT31W  11-818-1335,846Rich RobertsonBob MooseRon HerbelBob MooseFrank Linzy13711720
1969-05-14@ PIT32W  3-019-1328,296Juan MarichalJim BunningJuan MarichalJim Bunning 14011723
1969-05-16@ PHI33L  1-319-14312,587Mike McCormickWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanMike McCormick 14112021
1969-05-17@ PHI34W  5-020-14312,514Gaylord PerryGary WagnerGaylord PerryGary Wagner 14612026
1969-05-18@ PHI35L  8-920-15317,534Juan MarichalGrant JacksonTurk FarrellBobby Bolin 15412925
1969-05-20vs SLN36L  0-320-1638,775 Mike McCormickBob GibsonBob GibsonMike McCormick 15413222
1969-05-21vs SLN37W  4-321-1634,419 Gaylord PerryNelson BrilesGaylord PerryGary Waslewski 15813523
1969-05-22vs SLN38L  3-821-1734,746 Juan MarichalRay WashburnJoe HoernerJoe Gibbon 16114318
1969-05-23vs PIT39W  3-022-1738,217 Rich RobertsonDock EllisRich RobertsonDock Ellis 16414321
1969-05-24vs PIT40W  5-223-17318,616 Mike McCormickBob VealeMike McCormickBob Veale 16914524
1969-05-25vs PIT41L  1-223-1930 Gaylord PerryJim BunningJim BunningGaylord Perry 17014723
1969-05-25vs PIT42L  2-623-19324,041 Ray SadeckiBob MooseBob MooseRay SadeckiBruce Dal Canton17215319
1969-05-27vs CHN43W  5-424-1936,608 Bobby BolinFergie JenkinsFrank LinzyPhil ReganRon Herbel17715720
1969-05-28vs CHN44L  8-924-2034,447 Rich RobertsonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanRich RobertsonPhil Regan18516619
1969-05-30@ NYN45L  3-424-21452,272Mike McCormickTom SeaverTom SeaverFrank LinzyRon Taylor18817018
1969-05-31@ NYN46L  2-424-22432,178Gaylord PerryGary GentryGary GentryGaylord PerryTug McGraw19017416
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-06-01@ NYN47L  4-524-23441,294Bobby BolinJim McAndrewRon TaylorJoe Gibbon 19417915
1969-06-03@ MON48W  9-325-23419,399Ray SadeckiBill StonemanRay SadeckiBill StonemanFrank Linzy20318221
1969-06-04@ MON49W  8-326-2349,510Mike McCormickMike WegenerMike McCormickMike WegenerFrank Linzy21118526
1969-06-06vs PHI50W  4-027-2346,355 Gaylord PerryRick WiseGaylord PerryRick Wise 21518530
1969-06-07vs PHI51W  3-128-2337,522 Juan MarichalGrant JacksonJuan MarichalGrant Jackson 21818632
1969-06-08vs PHI52W  9-829-2339,055 Ray SadeckiJerry JohnsonFrank LinzyAl Raffo 22719433
1969-06-10vs NYN53L  4-929-2436,038 Mike McCormickDon CardwellDon CardwellMike McCormickRon Taylor23120328
1969-06-11vs NYN54W  7-230-2433,935 Gaylord PerryGary GentryGaylord PerryGary Gentry 23820533
1969-06-13vs MON55W  4-231-2435,893 Juan MarichalDon ShawJuan MarichalDon Shaw 24220735
1969-06-14vs MON56L  0-831-25311,724 Bobby BolinMike WegenerMike WegenerBobby Bolin 24221527
1969-06-15vs MON57W  7-433-2530 Gaylord PerryBill StonemanFrank LinzyDan McGinn 24921930
1969-06-15vs MON58W  6-133-25316,483 Mike McCormickLarry JasterMike McCormickLarry Jaster 25522035
1969-06-16vs CIN59L  6-833-2634,284 Rich RobertsonJack FisherJack FisherRon KlineWayne Granger26122833
1969-06-17vs CIN60W  4-034-2638,465 Juan MarichalGeorge CulverJuan MarichalGeorge Culver 26522837
1969-06-18vs CIN61L  2-1134-2735,266 Ray SadeckiTony CloningerTony CloningerRay Sadecki 26723928
1969-06-19vs CIN62L  7-834-2835,391 Gaylord PerryJim MerrittClay CarrollRon Herbel 27424727
1969-06-20@ ATL63L  3-434-29320,490Mike McCormickRon ReedCecil UpshawFrank Linzy 27725126
1969-06-21@ ATL64W  7-135-29333,206Bobby BolinPhil NiekroBobby BolinPhil Niekro 28425232
1969-06-22@ ATL65W  5-136-3030Juan MarichalMilt PappasJuan MarichalMilt Pappas 28925336
1969-06-22@ ATL66L  5-736-30346,414Rich RobertsonPat JarvisJim BrittonFrank LinzyCecil Upshaw29426034
1969-06-23@ HOU67L  3-936-31315,524Ray SadeckiDon WilsonDon WilsonRay Sadecki 29726928
1969-06-24@ HOU68L  1-436-32318,715Gaylord PerryLarry DierkerLarry DierkerGaylord Perry 29827325
1969-06-25@ HOU69L  2-336-33420,588Mike McCormickTom GriffinTom GriffinMike McCormickFred Gladding30027624
1969-06-26@ CIN70W  4-237-3338,922Bobby BolinTony CloningerBobby BolinTony CloningerFrank Linzy30427826
1969-06-27@ CIN71L  3-437-3550Juan MarichalGerry ArrigoClay CarrollJuan MarichalWayne Granger30728225
1969-06-27@ CIN72L  1-937-35520,340Rich RobertsonJim MerrittJim MerrittRich Robertson 30829117
1969-06-28@ CIN73W  12-538-35419,277Ron HerbelJack FisherRon HerbelJack Fisher 32029624
1969-06-29@ CIN74L  6-738-36416,658Gaylord PerryGeorge CulverWayne GrangerRon Kline 32630323
1969-06-30@ SDN75W  6-139-3645,405Mike McCormickClay KirbyMike McCormickClay Kirby 33230428
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-07-01@ SDN76W  5-440-3635,063Bobby BolinDick KelleyBobby BolinBilly McCool 33730829
1969-07-02@ SDN77W  6-341-3636,930Juan MarichalJoe NiekroJuan MarichalJoe Niekro 34331132
1969-07-03vs ATL78L  4-541-3734,648 Gaylord PerryGeorge StoneGeorge StoneGaylord PerryCecil Upshaw34731631
1969-07-04vs ATL79W  7-643-3730 Mike McCormickMilt PappasFrank LinzyGary Neibauer 35432232
1969-07-04vs ATL80W  7-343-37322,014 Ron HerbelRon ReedRon HerbelRon Reed 36132536
1969-07-05vs ATL81L  1-743-38315,988 Bobby BolinPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBobby Bolin 36233230
1969-07-06vs ATL82W  3-145-3830 Juan MarichalJim BrittonJuan MarichalJim Britton 36533332
1969-07-06vs ATL83W  5-045-38320,375 Gaylord PerryPat JarvisGaylord PerryPat Jarvis 37033337
1969-07-07vs HOU84L  2-845-3933,153 Ray SadeckiDon WilsonDon WilsonRay Sadecki 37234131
1969-07-08vs HOU85W  7-446-3933,177 Mike McCormickLarry DierkerFrank LinzyLarry Dierker 37934534
1969-07-09vs HOU86W  10-347-3934,118 Bobby BolinDenny LemasterRon BryantDenny LemasterFrank Linzy38934841
1969-07-10@ LAN87W  3-048-39334,816Juan MarichalDon SuttonJuan MarichalDon Sutton 39234844
1969-07-11@ LAN88W  6-449-39335,359Gaylord PerryAlan FosterFrank LinzyJim Brewer 39835246
1969-07-12@ LAN89L  2-349-40345,593Ron HerbelClaude OsteenPete MikkelsenFrank Linzy 40035545
1969-07-13@ LAN90W  3-250-40336,455Mike McCormickBill SingerMike McCormickBill Singer 40335746
1969-07-15vs SDN91L  3-1050-4133,586 Juan MarichalClay KirbyClay KirbyJuan MarichalGary Ross40636739
1969-07-16vs SDN92W  4-351-4133,215 Gaylord PerryDave RobertsGaylord PerryDave Roberts 41037040
1969-07-17vs LAN93W  14-1352-41313,398 Ron HerbelJoe MoellerRon BryantJim Brewer 42438341
1969-07-18vs LAN94L  2-352-42326,912 Mike McCormickBill SingerBill SingerMike McCormickJim Brewer42638640
1969-07-19vs LAN95W  5-453-42326,216 Juan MarichalDon SuttonJuan MarichalAl McBean 43139041
1969-07-20vs LAN96W  7-354-42332,560 Gaylord PerryClaude OsteenGaylord PerryClaude Osteen 43839345
1969-07-24@ SLN97L  1-254-43322,785Juan MarichalNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJuan MarichalJoe Hoerner43939544
1969-07-25@ SLN98L  1-254-44332,655Gaylord PerryBob GibsonBob GibsonFrank Linzy 44039743
1969-07-26@ SLN99W  7-655-44325,557Mike McCormickSteve CarltonFrank LinzyJoe HoernerRon Bryant44740344
1969-07-27@ SLN100L  2-855-45327,784Bobby BolinMike TorrezMike TorrezBobby Bolin 44941138
1969-07-28@ CHN101L  3-455-4639,439Juan MarichalBill HandsRich NyeJuan Marichal 45241537
1969-07-29@ CHN102W  4-256-46334,008Ron BryantJim ColbornFrank LinzyTed Abernathy 45641739
1969-07-30@ CHN103W  6-357-46331,642Gaylord PerryDick SelmaGaylord PerryRich Nye 46242042
1969-07-31@ CHN104L  2-1257-47324,168Bobby BolinFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBobby Bolin 46443232
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-08-01@ PIT105W  5-158-47210,500Mike McCormickJim BunningMike McCormickJim Bunning 46943336
1969-08-02@ PIT106L  3-758-48212,566Juan MarichalBob VealeBob VealeJuan Marichal 47244032
1969-08-03@ PIT107W  3-259-48114,841Gaylord PerryDock EllisGaylord PerryDock Ellis 47544233
1969-08-05@ PHI108W  6-261-4810Mike McCormickJohn BoozerMike McCormickJohn Boozer 48144437
1969-08-05@ PHI109W  5-361-4818,712Bobby BolinWoodie FrymanBobby BolinWoodie FrymanFrank Linzy48644739
1969-08-06@ PHI110L  4-561-4928,586Juan MarichalRick WiseRick WiseJuan MarichalBill Champion49045238
1969-08-08vs SLN111L  3-461-50313,999 Gaylord PerryChuck TaylorChuck TaylorGaylord Perry 49345637
1969-08-09vs SLN112L  3-561-51314,774 Mike McCormickNelson BrilesNelson BrilesMike McCormick 49646135
1969-08-10vs SLN113L  4-761-52420,677 Juan MarichalBob GibsonMudcat GrantDon McMahon 50046832
1969-08-12vs PIT114W  6-362-5245,496 Gaylord PerryLuke WalkerGaylord PerryLuke Walker 50647135
1969-08-13vs PIT115L  5-1062-5355,966 Mike McCormickJim BunningJim BunningMike McCormickBob Moose51148130
1969-08-15vs CHN116W  3-063-53412,224 Juan MarichalKen HoltzmanJuan MarichalKen Holtzman 51448133
1969-08-16vs CHN117L  0-363-54416,236 Gaylord PerryFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsGaylord Perry 51448430
1969-08-17vs CHN118W  5-364-5540 Bobby BolinBill HandsFrank LinzyBill Hands 51948732
1969-08-17vs CHN119L  1-364-55425,586 Ron BryantDick SelmaDick SelmaRon BryantPhil Regan52049030
1969-08-19@ NYN120L  0-164-56448,968Juan MarichalGary GentryTug McGrawJuan Marichal 52049129
1969-08-20@ NYN121L  0-664-57548,414Gaylord PerryJim McAndrewJim McAndrewGaylord Perry 52049723
1969-08-21@ NYN122W  7-665-57442,795Ron BryantTom SeaverDon McMahonRon Taylor 52750324
1969-08-22@ MON123W  7-567-5730Bobby BolinMike WegenerBobby BolinMike WegenerFrank Linzy53450826
1969-08-22@ MON124W  10-267-57328,561Mike McCormickSteve RenkoMike McCormickSteve Renko 54451034
1969-08-23@ MON125W  6-068-57223,951Ray SadeckiGary WaslewskiRay SadeckiGary Waslewski 55051040
1969-08-24@ MON126W  6-469-57123,784Juan MarichalBill StonemanJuan MarichalClaude Raymond 55651442
1969-08-26vs PHI127W  13-470-5715,208 Gaylord PerryJerry JohnsonGaylord PerryJerry Johnson 56951851
1969-08-27vs PHI128W  8-771-5714,973 Mike McCormickRick WiseFrank LinzyTurk Farrell 57752552
1969-08-28vs PHI129W  4-372-5715,555 Ray SadeckiBill ChampionFrank LinzyBill Champion 58152853
1969-08-29vs NYN130W  5-073-57113,843 Juan MarichalGary GentryJuan MarichalGary Gentry 58652858
1969-08-30vs NYN131L  2-373-58114,436 Gaylord PerryDon CardwellTug McGrawGaylord Perry 58853157
1969-08-31vs NYN132L  0-874-5910 Mike McCormickTom SeaverTom SeaverMike McCormick 58853949
1969-08-31vs NYN133W  3-274-59132,327 Ron BryantJim McAndrewFrank LinzyTug McGraw 59154150
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-09-01vs MON134W  12-275-59110,002 Ray SadeckiBill StonemanRay SadeckiBill Stoneman 60354360
1969-09-03vs MON135W  2-176-5913,951 Juan MarichalMike WegenerJuan MarichalMike Wegener 60554461
1969-09-05@ HOU136L  0-276-60120,162Gaylord PerryLarry DierkerLarry DierkerGaylord Perry 60554659
1969-09-06@ HOU137W  7-677-60122,368Ron BryantDenny LemasterRon BryantDenny LemasterDon McMahon61255260
1969-09-07@ HOU138L  6-777-61120,960Ray SadeckiDon WilsonJack BillinghamMike McCormick 61855959
1969-09-08@ CIN139L  4-577-6320Juan MarichalJim MaloneyJim MaloneyJuan MarichalWayne Granger62256458
1969-09-08@ CIN140L  4-577-63216,926Bobby BolinGerry ArrigoWayne GrangerFrank Linzy 62656957
1969-09-09@ CIN141W  7-478-63114,268Gaylord PerryJim MerrittGaylord PerryJim Merritt 63357360
1969-09-10@ ATL142L  4-878-64110,705Ron BryantPat JarvisPat JarvisRon BryantCecil Upshaw63758156
1969-09-11@ ATL143L  3-578-65315,760Mike McCormickRon ReedRon ReedFrank LinzyHoyt Wilhelm64058654
1969-09-12vs CIN144W  1-079-65213,128 Juan MarichalGerry ArrigoJuan MarichalGerry Arrigo 64158655
1969-09-13vs CIN145L  4-679-66413,490 Gaylord PerryJim MaloneyJim MaloneyGaylord PerryWayne Granger64559253
1969-09-14vs CIN146W  5-380-66315,905 Bobby BolinJim MerrittDon McMahonJim MerrittFrank Linzy65059555
1969-09-15vs ATL147W  4-181-6625,194 Mike McCormickPat JarvisMike McCormickPat Jarvis 65459658
1969-09-16vs ATL148W  2-082-66113,802 Juan MarichalRon ReedJuan MarichalRon Reed 65659660
1969-09-17vs HOU149L  1-282-6724,010 Gaylord PerryLarry DierkerLarry DierkerGaylord PerryJim Bouton65759859
1969-09-18vs HOU150W  9-383-6713,675 Ron BryantDenny LemasterRon BryantDenny LemasterDon McMahon66660165
1969-09-19vs LAN151W  5-184-67121,831 Mike McCormickClaude OsteenMike McCormickClaude Osteen 67160269
1969-09-20vs LAN152W  5-485-67125,213 Juan MarichalBill SingerJuan MarichalBill Singer 67660670
1969-09-21vs LAN153W  4-386-67141,051 Gaylord PerryJim BunningFrank LinzyPete Mikkelsen 68060971
1969-09-22@ SDN154W  4-287-6714,779Ron BryantMike CorkinsDon McMahonMike Corkins 68461173
1969-09-23@ SDN155L  4-587-6825,828Mike McCormickClay KirbyJack BaldschunFrank Linzy 68861672
1969-09-24@ SDN156L  2-387-69214,614Juan MarichalAl SantoriniAl SantoriniJuan MarichalTom Dukes69061971
1969-09-26@ LAN157W  2-188-69237,078Gaylord PerryDon SuttonGaylord PerryDon Sutton 69262072
1969-09-27@ LAN158L  1-288-70232,997Mike McCormickClaude OsteenJim BrewerRon Bryant 69362271
1969-09-28@ LAN159W  8-189-70232,798Juan MarichalBill SingerJuan MarichalBill Singer 70162378
1969-09-30vs SDN160W  6-190-7028,526 Gaylord PerryAl SantoriniGaylord PerryAl Santorini 70762483
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSFN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-10-01vs SDN161L  4-990-7122,184 Bob GaribaldiJoe NiekroTom DukesBob GaribaldiTommie Sisk71163378
1969-10-02vs SDN162L  2-390-7221,995 Rich RobertsonClay KirbyClay KirbyRich RobertsonFrank Reberger71363677

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