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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  88-74   .543
Result:   2nd in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Hank Bauer, John McNamara
General Manager:   Charlie Finley
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  778,232
Playoffs:  -

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tito Francona (35)
Youngest Player:  Vida Blue (19)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Reggie Jackson (1)
Top Pitcher:  Catfish Hunter (15)
Top Draft Pick:  Don Stanhouse (#9)

Roster Continuity:  82.13%
American League Standings
KC Royals6993.42628.0
Chi White Sox6894.42029.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-04-08vs CHA1W  5-21-0223,610 Blue Moon OdomGary PetersBlue Moon OdomGary Peters 523
1969-04-09vs CHA2L  0-31-132,236 Jim NashTommy JohnTommy JohnJim Nash 550
1969-04-11vs KCA3W  5-02-125,505 Catfish HunterDave MoreheadCatfish HunterDave Morehead 1055
1969-04-12vs KCA4L  3-92-244,204 Chuck DobsonSteve JonesSteve JonesChuck DobsonDave Wickersham1314-1
1969-04-13vs KCA5L  1-43-340 Blue Moon OdomBill ButlerBill ButlerBlue Moon OdomMoe Drabowsky1418-4
1969-04-13vs KCA6W  3-03-3411,264 Jim NashWally BunkerJim NashWally Bunker 1718-1
1969-04-15vs MIN7L  4-53-452,381 Catfish HunterJim KaatJim KaatCatfish HunterRon Perranoski2123-2
1969-04-16vs CAL8W  6-14-433,552 Chuck DobsonGeorge BrunetChuck DobsonGeorge Brunet 27243
1969-04-19@ KCA9W  2-15-4316,747Blue Moon OdomRoger NelsonBlue Moon OdomRoger NelsonLew Krausse29254
1969-04-20@ KCA10W  5-16-540Jim NashBill ButlerJim NashBill Butler 34268
1969-04-20@ KCA11L  5-76-5431,872Catfish HunterWally BunkerMoe DrabowskyJohn Wyatt 39336
1969-04-21@ MIN12L  4-86-644,130Chuck DobsonDean ChanceDean ChanceChuck DobsonBob Miller43412
1969-04-22@ MIN13W  7-07-644,445Rollie FingersTom HallRollie FingersTom Hall 50419
1969-04-23@ MIN14L  6-77-744,482Catfish HunterJim KaatJim PerryCatfish HunterRon Perranoski56488
1969-04-24@ MIN15W  6-48-747,085Blue Moon OdomDave BoswellBlue Moon OdomDave BoswellLew Krausse625210
1969-04-25@ SE116W  14-29-726,617Jim NashGary BellJim NashGary Bell 765422
1969-04-26@ SE117L  3-69-846,658Chuck DobsonSteve BarberSteve BarberChuck DobsonDiego Segui796019
1969-04-27@ SE118W  13-510-825,802Rollie FingersMike MarshallRollie FingersMike MarshallLew Krausse926527
1969-04-30@ CAL19W  9-411-826,282Blue Moon OdomGeorge BrunetBlue Moon OdomGeorge Brunet 1016932
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-05-01@ CAL20L  2-311-925,492Catfish HunterRudy MayHoyt WilhelmLew Krausse 1037231
1969-05-02vs SE121W  8-712-924,823 Jim NashSteve BarberPaul LindbladJack Aker 1117932
1969-05-03vs SE122W  3-213-924,565 Chuck DobsonMike MarshallChuck DobsonMike Marshall 1148133
1969-05-04vs SE123L  4-614-1020 Rollie FingersMarty PattinMarty PattinRollie FingersJohn O'Donoghue1188731
1969-05-04vs SE124W  11-714-10210,852 Blue Moon OdomBucky BrandonBlue Moon OdomBucky BrandonPaul Lindblad1299435
1969-05-06vs WS225W  4-115-1025,655 Catfish HunterJim HannanCatfish HunterJim Hannan 1339538
1969-05-07vs WS226W  5-416-1024,194 Lew KrausseDick BosmanRollie FingersDennis HigginsPaul Lindblad1389939
1969-05-09vs NYA27W  3-217-10210,644 Chuck DobsonMel StottlemyreChuck DobsonMel Stottlemyre 14110140
1969-05-10vs NYA28W  4-318-10235,243 Blue Moon OdomBill BurbachBlue Moon OdomBill Burbach 14510441
1969-05-11vs NYA29W  2-019-10211,574 Catfish HunterFritz PetersonCatfish HunterFritz Peterson 14710443
1969-05-13vs BOS30W  5-420-1027,873 Jim NashMike NagyPaul LindbladVicente RomoRollie Fingers15210844
1969-05-14vs BOS31L  1-220-1129,865 Chuck DobsonRay CulpRay CulpChuck Dobson 15311043
1969-05-16@ CLE32W  3-021-1117,572Blue Moon OdomMike PaulBlue Moon OdomMike Paul 15611046
1969-05-17@ CLE33L  4-521-1215,162Catfish HunterDick EllsworthStan WilliamsCatfish Hunter 16011545
1969-05-20@ NYA34L  1-221-1317,330Jim NashFritz PetersonFritz PetersonJim Nash 16111744
1969-05-21@ NYA35L  5-621-14110,463Chuck DobsonStan BahnsenSteve HamiltonRollie Fingers 16612343
1969-05-23@ BAL36L  3-421-15112,130Blue Moon OdomJim PalmerDave LeonhardBlue Moon Odom 16912742
1969-05-24@ BAL37L  1-221-1629,994Catfish HunterMike CuellarMike CuellarCatfish Hunter 17012941
1969-05-25@ BAL38L  3-521-17232,860Jim NashDave McNallyMarcelino LopezLew KrausseEddie Watt17313439
1969-05-27vs DET39W  4-322-1727,272 Chuck DobsonMickey LolichChuck DobsonDon McMahon 17713740
1969-05-28vs DET40L  2-322-1826,818 Blue Moon OdomEarl WilsonEarl WilsonBlue Moon OdomPat Dobson17914039
1969-05-29vs DET41L  4-822-1924,059 Catfish HunterDenny McLainDenny McLainCatfish Hunter 18314835
1969-05-30vs CLE42L  2-923-2020 Rollie FingersLuis TiantLuis TiantRollie FingersHoracio Pina18515728
1969-05-30vs CLE43W  5-123-20213,995 George LauzeriqueMike PaulGeorge LauzeriqueMike Paul 19015832
1969-05-31vs CLE44L  2-523-21229,477 Jim NashSam McDowellSam McDowellJim NashJuan Pizarro19216329
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-06-01vs CLE45W  11-124-2129,699 Chuck DobsonDick EllsworthChuck DobsonDick Ellsworth 20316439
1969-06-03vs BAL46L  1-324-2226,470 Blue Moon OdomMike CuellarEddie WattLew Krausse 20416737
1969-06-04vs BAL47L  1-624-2325,549 Catfish HunterTom PhoebusTom PhoebusCatfish Hunter 20517332
1969-06-06@ DET48W  5-325-23225,632George LauzeriqueEarl WilsonGeorge LauzeriqueEarl WilsonRollie Fingers21017634
1969-06-07@ DET49L  0-225-24217,007Chuck DobsonDenny McLainDenny McLainChuck Dobson 21017832
1969-06-10@ WS250W  6-426-2427,559Blue Moon OdomJoe ColemanPaul LindbladDennis HigginsRollie Fingers21618234
1969-06-11@ WS251W  6-427-2426,609Catfish HunterBarry MoorePaul LindbladFrank BertainaJim Roland22218636
1969-06-12@ WS252L  1-427-2526,092George LauzeriqueJim ShellenbackJim ShellenbackGeorge Lauzerique 22319033
1969-06-13@ BOS53W  4-128-25233,745Chuck DobsonJim LonborgChuck DobsonJim LonborgRollie Fingers22719136
1969-06-14@ BOS54W  21-729-25122,395Blue Moon OdomRay JarvisBlue Moon OdomRay JarvisPaul Lindblad24819850
1969-06-15@ BOS55W  13-530-25125,733Jim NashRay CulpJim NashRay CulpLew Krausse26120358
1969-06-16@ KCA56W  7-531-2620Catfish HunterBill ButlerMarcel LachemannDave WickershamLew Krausse26820860
1969-06-16@ KCA57L  2-331-26215,603George LauzeriqueWally BunkerDave MoreheadJim Roland 27021159
1969-06-18@ KCA58W  16-433-2610Chuck DobsonDick DragoChuck DobsonDick Drago 28621571
1969-06-18@ KCA59W  9-233-26118,248Blue Moon OdomJim RookerBlue Moon OdomJim Rooker 29521778
1969-06-20vs MIN60W  3-234-26120,691 Jim NashDave BoswellMarcel LachemannBob Miller 29821979
1969-06-21vs MIN61L  4-1434-27116,973 Catfish HunterJim PerryJoe GrzendaPaul Lindblad 30223369
1969-06-22vs MIN62W  7-335-2810 Chuck DobsonJim KaatChuck DobsonJim Kaat 30923673
1969-06-22vs MIN63L  3-435-28131,715 Blue Moon OdomBob MillerJim PerryRollie FingersJim Kaat31224072
1969-06-24vs KCA64L  5-635-2925,715 Jim NashBill ButlerBill ButlerJim NashMoe Drabowsky31724671
1969-06-25vs KCA65W  3-136-2924,281 Catfish HunterWally BunkerCatfish HunterWally BunkerRollie Fingers32024773
1969-06-26vs KCA66W  3-237-2925,500 Chuck DobsonRoger NelsonChuck DobsonRoger NelsonRollie Fingers32324974
1969-06-27vs CHA67W  1-038-2917,825 Blue Moon OdomBilly WynneBlue Moon OdomBilly Wynne 32424975
1969-06-28vs CHA68L  2-638-30120,205 Jim NashTommy JohnTommy JohnJim Nash 32625571
1969-06-29vs CHA69W  3-240-3010 Catfish HunterGary PetersCatfish HunterGary Peters 32925772
1969-06-29vs CHA70W  6-540-30115,016 George LauzeriquePaul EdmondsonLew KrausseWilbur WoodPaul Lindblad33526273
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-07-01vs SE171L  1-740-3115,375 Chuck DobsonGene BrabenderGene BrabenderChuck Dobson 33626967
1969-07-02vs SE172W  5-041-3115,012 Blue Moon OdomMarty PattinBlue Moon OdomMarty Pattin 34126972
1969-07-03vs SE173W  6-442-3118,290 Lew KrausseGarry RoggenburkLew KrausseGarry RoggenburkRollie Fingers34727374
1969-07-04@ MIN74L  4-1042-32130,654Catfish HunterBob MillerBob MillerCatfish Hunter 35128368
1969-07-05@ MIN75L  1-1342-33221,673Chuck DobsonJim PerryJim PerryChuck Dobson 35229656
1969-07-06@ MIN76L  6-742-34223,611Blue Moon OdomDave BoswellJoe GrzendaRollie FingersRon Perranoski35830355
1969-07-07@ CHA77L  0-242-35226,659Lew KrausseGary PetersGary PetersLew Krausse 35830553
1969-07-08@ CHA78W  2-143-3620Catfish HunterPaul EdmondsonCatfish HunterPaul Edmondson 36030654
1969-07-08@ CHA79L  2-543-3628,203Jim NashJoe HorlenJoe HorlenJim NashWilbur Wood36231151
1969-07-09@ CHA80L  3-543-3726,464Chuck DobsonBilly WynneWilbur WoodPaul Lindblad 36531649
1969-07-10@ CHA81W  12-244-3724,897Blue Moon OdomTommy JohnBlue Moon OdomTommy John 37731859
1969-07-11vs CAL82W  3-045-3727,338 Lew KrausseTom MurphyLew KrausseTom Murphy 38031862
1969-07-12vs CAL83W  4-246-37219,738 Catfish HunterAndy MessersmithCatfish HunterAndy Messersmith 38432064
1969-07-13vs CAL84L  5-847-3820 Jim NashJim McGlothlinRudy MayJim NashKen Tatum38932861
1969-07-13vs CAL85W  7-247-38213,508 Chuck DobsonClyde WrightChuck DobsonClyde Wright 39633066
1969-07-15@ SE186W  6-248-38212,228Blue Moon OdomJohn GelnarBlue Moon OdomJohn Gelnar 40233270
1969-07-16@ SE187W  6-149-3828,688Lew KrausseGene BrabenderLew KrausseGene Brabender 40833375
1969-07-17@ SE188W  8-250-3826,793Catfish HunterMarty PattinCatfish HunterMarty Pattin 41633581
1969-07-18@ CAL89W  6-351-38211,701Chuck DobsonJim McGlothlinChuck DobsonJim McGlothlinRollie Fingers42233884
1969-07-19@ CAL90W  3-252-3828,281Blue Moon OdomTom MurphyBlue Moon OdomTom MurphyRollie Fingers42534085
1969-07-20@ CAL91L  3-753-3920Vida BlueAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithVida BlueKen Tatum42834781
1969-07-20@ CAL92W  9-653-39217,835Lew KrausseGeorge BrunetLew KrausseGeorge BrunetEd Sprague43735384
1969-07-24vs WS293W  2-154-3927,825 Catfish HunterJoe ColemanCatfish HunterJoe Coleman 43935485
1969-07-25vs WS294W  4-355-39211,197 Chuck DobsonBarry MooreChuck DobsonDarold KnowlesRollie Fingers44335786
1969-07-26vs WS295L  1-355-40218,400 Blue Moon OdomJim ShellenbackJim ShellenbackBlue Moon OdomDarold Knowles44436084
1969-07-27vs WS296W  7-256-40213,779 Lew KrausseDick BosmanLew KrausseDick Bosman 45136289
1969-07-29vs NYA97W  6-557-4029,167 Vida BlueStan BahnsenVida BlueJack AkerEd Sprague45736790
1969-07-30vs NYA98L  2-357-4128,330 Catfish HunterFritz PetersonJack AkerCatfish Hunter 45937089
1969-07-31vs NYA99W  3-258-41210,247 Chuck DobsonMel StottlemyreRollie FingersMel Stottlemyre 46237290
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-08-01vs BOS100W  4-359-41211,781 Blue Moon OdomJim LonborgRollie FingersJim Lonborg 46637591
1969-08-02vs BOS101W  5-460-41213,184 Lew KrausseVicente RomoMarcel LachemannBill Lee 47137992
1969-08-03vs BOS102W  10-761-4220 Vida BlueLee StangePaul LindbladBill Landis 48138695
1969-08-03vs BOS103L  2-361-42229,655 Catfish HunterSonny SiebertSonny SiebertCatfish HunterSparky Lyle48338994
1969-08-05@ CLE104W  8-362-4320Chuck DobsonDick EllsworthChuck DobsonDick EllsworthPaul Lindblad49139299
1969-08-05@ CLE105L  4-1062-43211,956Blue Moon OdomSam McDowellSam McDowellBlue Moon Odom 49540293
1969-08-06@ CLE106W  6-463-4326,692Lew KrausseStan WilliamsPaul LindbladJuan PizarroMarcel Lachemann50140695
1969-08-07@ CLE107W  3-064-4328,429George LauzeriqueLuis TiantGeorge LauzeriqueLuis TiantRollie Fingers50440698
1969-08-08@ NYA108W  5-365-4420Vida BlueStan BahnsenPaul LindbladJack Aker 509409100
1969-08-08@ NYA109L  0-565-44223,337Catfish HunterAl DowningAl DowningCatfish Hunter 50941495
1969-08-09@ NYA110L  1-265-45250,945Chuck DobsonMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreChuck Dobson 51041694
1969-08-10@ NYA111L  1-565-46222,193Lew KrausseFritz PetersonFritz PetersonLew Krausse 51142190
1969-08-11@ BAL112W  7-466-46214,785Blue Moon OdomDave McNallyJim NashDave McNallyRollie Fingers51842593
1969-08-12@ BAL113L  3-466-47219,106Catfish HunterTom PhoebusPete RichertPaul Lindblad 52142992
1969-08-13@ BAL114L  0-866-48216,826Chuck DobsonJim PalmerJim PalmerChuck Dobson 52143784
1969-08-15vs DET115W  4-067-48212,761 Lew KrausseMickey LolichLew KrausseMickey Lolich 52543788
1969-08-16vs DET116W  4-368-48222,859 Blue Moon OdomEarl WilsonRollie FingersMike Kilkenny 52944089
1969-08-17vs DET117L  4-968-49214,444 Catfish HunterDenny McLainDenny McLainCatfish Hunter 53344984
1969-08-19vs CLE118L  0-368-5026,351 Chuck DobsonSam McDowellSam McDowellChuck Dobson 53345281
1969-08-20vs CLE119W  2-169-5025,471 Blue Moon OdomLuis TiantBlue Moon OdomLuis Tiant 53545382
1969-08-22vs BAL120L  3-469-51214,609 Lew KrausseJim PalmerJim PalmerPaul LindbladEddie Watt53845781
1969-08-23vs BAL121W  4-270-51212,881 Catfish HunterMike CuellarPaul LindbladMike CuellarVida Blue54245983
1969-08-24vs BAL122W  9-072-5120 Chuck DobsonDave McNallyChuck DobsonDave McNally 55145992
1969-08-24vs BAL123W  9-872-51224,970 Blue Moon OdomJim HardinJim NashMarcelino Lopez 56046793
1969-08-26@ DET124W  8-673-5220George LauzeriqueDenny McLainJim RolandFred LasherPaul Lindblad56847395
1969-08-26@ DET125L  6-973-52240,248Lew KrausseEarl WilsonEarl WilsonLew KrausseJohn Hiller57448292
1969-08-27@ DET126L  0-273-53219,887Catfish HunterMike KilkennyMike KilkennyCatfish Hunter 57448490
1969-08-28@ DET127L  3-573-54211,638Chuck DobsonJohn HillerFred SchermanGeorge Lauzerique 57748988
1969-08-29@ WS2128W  5-074-54216,780Jim NashJim HannanJim NashBarry MoorePaul Lindblad58248993
1969-08-30@ WS2129L  3-1174-55210,553Lew KrausseDick BosmanDick BosmanLew KrausseBob Humphreys58550085
1969-08-31@ WS2130L  3-874-56219,912Catfish HunterCasey CoxCasey CoxCatfish HunterDennis Higgins58850880
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-09-01@ BOS131L  2-674-57222,930Chuck DobsonLee StangeLee StangeChuck DobsonSonny Siebert59051476
1969-09-03@ BOS132W  7-475-5820Fred TalbotJim LonborgJim RolandSonny SiebertPaul Lindblad59751879
1969-09-03@ BOS133L  1-575-58210,681George LauzeriqueMike NagyMike NagyGeorge Lauzerique 59852375
1969-09-04vs MIN134L  5-1075-59211,476 Jim NashJim PerryRon PerranoskiEd Sprague 60353370
1969-09-05vs MIN135W  5-476-59217,316 Catfish HunterDean ChancePaul LindbladRon PerranoskiMarcel Lachemann60853771
1969-09-06vs MIN136L  6-876-60217,599 Chuck DobsonTom HallJim KaatGeorge LauzeriqueRon Perranoski61454569
1969-09-07vs MIN137L  4-1676-61219,262 Fred TalbotDave BoswellDave BoswellFred TalbotJoe Grzenda61856157
1969-09-08vs KCA138L  3-776-6222,791 Lew KrausseJerry CramAl FitzmorrisMarcel LachemannMike Hedlund62156853
1969-09-09vs KCA139L  1-276-6322,362 Catfish HunterDick DragoDick DragoCatfish Hunter 62257052
1969-09-10vs SE1140L  4-976-6421,945 Chuck DobsonGene BrabenderGene BrabenderChuck DobsonDiego Segui62657947
1969-09-11vs SE1141W  6-377-6421,721 Jim NashBob MeyerJim NashBob MeyerFred Talbot63258250
1969-09-12@ CHA142W  12-478-6425,525Lew KrausseBilly WynneEd SpragueBilly Wynne 64458658
1969-09-13@ CHA143W  4-079-6422,665Blue Moon OdomPaul EdmondsonFred TalbotWilbur Wood 64858662
1969-09-14@ CHA144L  8-1279-6620Catfish HunterGary PetersGary PetersCatfish HunterDanny Murphy65659858
1969-09-14@ CHA145L  8-979-6626,170Chuck DobsonTommy JohnDanny MurphyFred Talbot 66460757
1969-09-15@ MIN146L  3-679-67226,497Rollie FingersDave BoswellDave BoswellRollie Fingers 66761354
1969-09-16@ MIN147L  3-1179-68212,241Jim NashJim PerryJim PerryJim Nash 67062446
1969-09-17@ KCA148W  3-280-6829,999Catfish HunterJim RookerCatfish HunterJim RookerPaul Lindblad67362647
1969-09-18@ KCA149L  1-680-6929,038Blue Moon OdomMike HedlundMike HedlundBlue Moon Odom 67463242
1969-09-19@ CAL150L  6-780-7026,749Chuck DobsonJim McGlothlinEddie FisherPaul Lindblad 68063941
1969-09-20@ CAL151L  3-780-7128,010Rollie FingersRudy MayRudy MayRollie FingersKen Tatum68364637
1969-09-21@ CAL152W  12-281-7129,147Jim RolandTom MurphyJim RolandTom Murphy 69564847
1969-09-23vs CHA153W  4-383-7120 Catfish HunterBart JohnsonCatfish HunterBart JohnsonLew Krausse69965148
1969-09-23vs CHA154W  5-383-7123,417 Blue Moon OdomBilly WynneJuan PizarroBilly Wynne 70465450
1969-09-24vs CHA155L  1-283-7221,618 Chuck DobsonTommy JohnTommy JohnChuck Dobson 70565649
1969-09-25vs CAL156W  7-684-7221,836 Rollie FingersTom MurphyMarcel LachemannKen Tatum 71266250
1969-09-26vs CAL157W  3-185-7223,275 Jim RolandAndy MessersmithJim RolandAndy MessersmithJuan Pizarro71566352
1969-09-27vs CAL158W  6-086-7225,468 Catfish HunterJim McGlothlinCatfish HunterJim McGlothlin 72166358
1969-09-28vs CAL159L  5-686-73211,837 Blue Moon OdomRudy MayKen TatumJuan PizarroAndy Messersmith72666957
1969-09-30@ SE1160W  8-487-7322,937Chuck DobsonGene BrabenderChuck DobsonGene BrabenderLew Krausse73467361
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-10-01@ SE1161L  3-487-7423,612Rollie FingersGeorge BrunetDiego SeguiPaul Lindblad 73767760
1969-10-02@ SE1162W  3-188-7425,473Jim RolandSteve BarberJim RolandSteve Barber 74067862

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