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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  85-77   .525
Result:   4th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Al Campanis
Stadium:  Dodger Stadium
Attendance:  1,784,527
Playoffs:  -

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ken Boyer (38)
Youngest Player:  Bobby Valentine (19)
Longest Tenure:  Ron Fairly, Don Drysdale (12)
Top Hitter:  Maury Wills (24)
Top Pitcher:  Bill Singer (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Terry McDermott (#8)

Roster Continuity:  68.35%
National League Standings
SF Giants9072.5563.0
LA Dodgers8577.5258.0
San Diego52110.32141.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-04-07@ CIN1W  3-21-0230,111Don DrysdaleGary NolanDon DrysdaleGary NolanBill Singer321
1969-04-09@ CIN2L  1-31-148,835Don SuttonJim MaloneyWayne GrangerDon Sutton 45-1
1969-04-11@ HOU3W  9-32-1317,010Claude OsteenDenny LemasterClaude OsteenDenny Lemaster 1385
1969-04-12@ HOU4W  5-13-1212,585Bill SingerWade BlasingameBill SingerWade BlasingameJim Brewer1899
1969-04-13@ HOU5L  2-53-229,352Don DrysdaleDon WilsonDon WilsonDon Drysdale 20146
1969-04-14@ HOU6L  5-113-326,434Don SuttonLarry DierkerLarry DierkerDon SuttonFred Gladding25250
1969-04-15vs SDN7W  14-04-3222,200 Claude OsteenJohnny PodresClaude OsteenJohnny Podres 392514
1969-04-16vs SDN8W  9-15-3212,180 Bill SingerDick KelleyBill SingerDick Kelley 482622
1969-04-18vs HOU9W  5-46-3216,035 Don DrysdaleDon WilsonAl McBeanJack Billingham 533023
1969-04-19vs HOU10W  5-47-3219,108 Don SuttonLarry DierkerPete MikkelsenLarry Dierker 583424
1969-04-20vs HOU11W  2-18-3216,540 Claude OsteenDenny LemasterClaude OsteenDenny Lemaster 603525
1969-04-21vs SFN12W  7-59-3221,201 Bill SingerJuan MarichalBill SingerJuan MarichalAl McBean674027
1969-04-22vs SFN13L  0-69-4219,253 Don DrysdaleRay SadeckiRay SadeckiDon Drysdale 674621
1969-04-23vs CIN14W  6-310-4211,672 Don SuttonGary NolanDon SuttonGary Nolan 734924
1969-04-24vs CIN15L  7-810-5211,815 Claude OsteenTony CloningerClay CarrollClaude OsteenWayne Granger805723
1969-04-25vs ATL16W  3-111-5140,751 Bill SingerPhil NiekroBill SingerPhil Niekro 835825
1969-04-26vs ATL17L  4-611-6224,057 Alan FosterRon ReedRon ReedAlan FosterCecil Upshaw876423
1969-04-27vs ATL18W  10-012-6118,161 Don SuttonPat JarvisDon SuttonPat Jarvis 976433
1969-04-28@ SDN19W  4-313-6113,368Claude OsteenJoe NiekroClaude OsteenDick KelleyJim Brewer1016734
1969-04-29@ SDN20W  2-114-6113,265Joe MoellerAl SantoriniJoe MoellerAl SantoriniJim Brewer1036835
1969-04-30@ SFN21L  0-314-7314,129Bill SingerJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBill Singer 1037132
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-05-01@ SFN22W  5-015-718,193Don SuttonRay SadeckiDon SuttonRay Sadecki 1087137
1969-05-02@ ATL23L  4-715-8218,476Claude OsteenPat JarvisJim BrittonPete Mikkelsen 1127834
1969-05-03@ ATL24L  5-615-9222,825Alan FosterGeorge StoneCecil UpshawJim Brewer 1178433
1969-05-04@ ATL25L  1-415-10230,933Bill SingerMilt PappasMilt PappasBill SingerPhil Niekro1188830
1969-05-06@ CHN26L  1-715-1127,253Don SuttonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanDon Sutton 1199524
1969-05-07@ CHN27W  4-216-1129,747Claude OsteenFergie JenkinsJim BrewerFergie JenkinsAl McBean1239726
1969-05-09@ PIT28W  13-317-1126,837Bill SingerDock EllisBill SingerDock EllisJoe Moeller13610036
1969-05-10@ PIT29W  4-118-1124,979Don SuttonJim BunningDon SuttonJim BunningJim Brewer14010139
1969-05-12@ SLN30L  2-618-12215,767Claude OsteenBob GibsonBob GibsonClaude Osteen 14210735
1969-05-14@ SLN31L  1-218-13314,325Bill SingerNelson BrilesNelson BrilesBill SingerJoe Hoerner14310934
1969-05-16vs PIT32W  4-319-13219,016 Don SuttonSteve BlassJim BrewerRon Kline 14711235
1969-05-17vs PIT33W  6-020-13250,120 Claude OsteenDock EllisClaude OsteenDock Ellis 15311241
1969-05-18vs PIT34W  6-521-13221,086 Bill SingerBob VealeJim BrewerPedro Ramos 15911742
1969-05-20vs CHN35L  0-721-14221,266 Don SuttonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanDon Sutton 15912435
1969-05-21vs CHN36W  3-122-14216,688 Claude OsteenBill HandsClaude OsteenBill Hands 16212537
1969-05-22vs CHN37L  0-322-15217,974 Bill SingerFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsBill Singer 16212834
1969-05-23vs SLN38L  0-122-16226,563 Alan FosterSteve CarltonSteve CarltonAlan Foster 16212933
1969-05-24vs SLN39W  5-023-16218,436 Don SuttonMike TorrezDon SuttonMike Torrez 16712938
1969-05-25vs SLN40L  0-423-17228,362 Claude OsteenBob GibsonBob GibsonClaude Osteen 16713334
1969-05-27@ MON41W  5-324-17221,412Bill SingerLarry JasterBill SingerDan McGinn 17213636
1969-05-28@ MON42W  6-025-17211,042Don SuttonJerry RobertsonDon SuttonJerry Robertson 17813642
1969-05-29@ MON43W  5-326-17212,414Claude OsteenBill StonemanClaude OsteenBill Stoneman 18313944
1969-05-30@ PHI44L  6-1326-18210,737Alan FosterWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanAlan FosterAl Raffo18915237
1969-05-31@ PHI45W  7-627-18211,345Bill SingerGrant JacksonBill SingerGrant JacksonJim Brewer19615838
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-06-01@ PHI46W  12-428-18211,713Don SuttonRick WiseDon SuttonRick WiseAl McBean20816246
1969-06-02@ NYN47L  1-228-19222,600Claude OsteenJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanClaude Osteen 20916445
1969-06-03@ NYN48L  2-528-20224,212Alan FosterTom SeaverTom SeaverAlan FosterTug McGraw21116942
1969-06-04@ NYN49L  0-128-21231,331Bill SingerJack DiLauroRon TaylorPete Mikkelsen 21117041
1969-06-06vs MON50W  4-229-21216,644 Don SuttonDan McGinnDon SuttonDan McGinnJim Brewer21517243
1969-06-07vs MON51W  9-530-21218,243 Claude OsteenBill StonemanClaude OsteenBill Stoneman 22417747
1969-06-08vs MON52L  3-430-22215,628 Bill SingerJerry RobertsonJerry RobertsonBill SingerRoy Face22718146
1969-06-10vs PHI53W  2-131-22213,166 Don SuttonWoodie FrymanDon SuttonWoodie Fryman 22918247
1969-06-11vs PHI54L  0-331-23213,249 Claude OsteenBill ChampionBill ChampionClaude Osteen 22918544
1969-06-12vs PHI55L  0-131-24213,846 Bill SingerGrant JacksonGrant JacksonBill Singer 22918643
1969-06-13vs NYN56W  1-032-24220,042 Alan FosterJerry KoosmanAlan FosterJerry Koosman 23018644
1969-06-14vs NYN57L  1-332-25226,727 Don SuttonTom SeaverTom SeaverDon SuttonTug McGraw23118942
1969-06-15vs NYN58W  3-233-25228,086 Don DrysdaleJack DiLauroDon DrysdaleJack DiLauroJim Brewer23419143
1969-06-16vs SDN59L  2-333-26211,588 Claude OsteenDick KelleyJack BaldschunAl McBeanTommie Sisk23619442
1969-06-17vs SDN60W  7-335-2620 Bill SingerGary RossPete MikkelsenGary RossJim Brewer24319746
1969-06-17vs SDN61W  11-035-26219,282 Alan FosterJoe NiekroAlan FosterJoe Niekro 25419757
1969-06-18vs SDN62W  10-136-26216,648 Don SuttonJohnny PodresDon SuttonJohnny Podres 26419866
1969-06-20@ CIN63W  4-237-26216,247Don DrysdaleJack FisherDon DrysdaleJack FisherJim Brewer26820068
1969-06-21@ CIN64W  9-038-26214,432Claude OsteenGeorge CulverClaude OsteenGeorge Culver 27720077
1969-06-22@ CIN65W  5-039-26122,686Bill SingerTony CloningerBill SingerTony Cloninger 28220082
1969-06-23@ ATL66W  5-240-26115,111Don SuttonGeorge StoneDon SuttonGeorge StoneJim Brewer28720285
1969-06-24@ ATL67L  5-940-27120,442Don DrysdaleRon ReedRon ReedDon DrysdaleJim Britton29221181
1969-06-25@ ATL68L  3-540-28221,255Claude OsteenPhil NiekroPhil NiekroClaude Osteen 29521679
1969-06-26@ ATL69W  3-041-28121,000Bill SingerPat JarvisBill SingerPat JarvisJim Brewer29821682
1969-06-27@ SDN70L  0-541-29111,218Don SuttonJoe NiekroJoe NiekroDon Sutton 29822177
1969-06-28@ SDN71W  19-042-29113,432Don DrysdaleSteve ArlinDon DrysdaleSteve Arlin 31722196
1969-06-29@ SDN72W  3-143-2917,677Alan FosterAl SantoriniAlan FosterAl SantoriniJim Brewer32022298
1969-06-30vs HOU73W  7-144-29117,569 Claude OsteenTom GriffinClaude OsteenTom Griffin 327223104
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-07-01vs HOU74W  4-145-29116,434 Bill SingerDenny LemasterBill SingerDenny Lemaster 331224107
1969-07-02vs HOU75L  2-845-30215,972 Don SuttonDon WilsonDon WilsonDon SuttonFred Gladding333232101
1969-07-03vs CIN76L  3-445-31221,238 Don DrysdaleGeorge CulverPedro RamosAl McBeanWayne Granger336236100
1969-07-04vs CIN77L  1-445-32217,242 Claude OsteenTony CloningerTony CloningerClaude OsteenAl Jackson33724097
1969-07-05vs CIN78W  6-546-32247,231 Bill SingerJim MerrittBill SingerPedro Ramos 34324598
1969-07-06vs CIN79L  1-846-33219,381 Don SuttonClay CarrollClay CarrollDon SuttonAl Jackson34425391
1969-07-07vs ATL80L  2-546-34218,615 Alan FosterGeorge StoneGeorge StoneAlan Foster 34625888
1969-07-08vs ATL81W  5-348-3410 Claude OsteenMilt PappasClaude OsteenMilt PappasJim Brewer35126190
1969-07-08vs ATL82W  4-348-34142,354 Joe MoellerRon ReedAl McBeanCecil Upshaw 35526491
1969-07-09vs ATL83W  3-149-34125,375 Bill SingerPhil NiekroBill SingerPhil Niekro 35826593
1969-07-10vs SFN84L  0-349-35134,816 Don SuttonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDon Sutton 35826890
1969-07-11vs SFN85L  4-649-36235,359 Alan FosterGaylord PerryFrank LinzyJim Brewer 36227488
1969-07-12vs SFN86W  3-250-36145,593 Claude OsteenRon HerbelPete MikkelsenFrank Linzy 36527689
1969-07-13vs SFN87L  2-350-37136,455 Bill SingerMike McCormickMike McCormickBill Singer 36727988
1969-07-14@ HOU88W  4-151-37119,381Don SuttonDenny LemasterDon SuttonDenny LemasterJim Brewer37128091
1969-07-15@ HOU89L  7-1051-38119,966Alan FosterDon WilsonSkip GuinnPete MikkelsenFred Gladding37829088
1969-07-16@ HOU90W  3-252-38122,080Claude OsteenLarry DierkerClaude OsteenLarry Dierker 38129289
1969-07-17@ SFN91L  13-1452-39113,398Joe MoellerRon HerbelRon BryantJim Brewer 39430688
1969-07-18@ SFN92W  3-253-39126,912Bill SingerMike McCormickBill SingerMike McCormickJim Brewer39730889
1969-07-19@ SFN93L  4-553-40126,216Don SuttonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalAl McBean 40131388
1969-07-20@ SFN94L  3-753-41232,560Claude OsteenGaylord PerryGaylord PerryClaude Osteen 40432084
1969-07-24@ CHN95L  3-553-42226,476Don SuttonKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanDon SuttonPhil Regan40732582
1969-07-25@ CHN96W  4-254-42220,844Claude OsteenFergie JenkinsClaude OsteenFergie JenkinsJim Brewer41132784
1969-07-26@ CHN97L  2-354-43229,172Bill SingerDick SelmaPhil ReganJim Brewer 41333083
1969-07-27@ CHN98W  6-255-43230,291Don DrysdaleFergie JenkinsDon DrysdaleFergie JenkinsPete Mikkelsen41933287
1969-07-29@ PIT99L  2-456-4420Don SuttonBob VealeJoe GibbonAl McBean 42133685
1969-07-29@ PIT100W  6-556-44218,436Alan FosterDock EllisPete MikkelsenDock Ellis 42734186
1969-07-30@ PIT101L  2-456-4528,833Claude OsteenSteve BlassSteve BlassClaude Osteen 42934584
1969-07-31@ PIT102L  1-256-4628,605Bill SingerLuke WalkerChuck HartensteinAl McBean 43034783
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-08-01@ SLN103L  2-756-47429,919Don DrysdaleSteve CarltonSteve CarltonDon Drysdale 43235478
1969-08-02@ SLN104L  6-756-48439,740Don SuttonMike TorrezMike TorrezDon SuttonJoe Hoerner43836177
1969-08-03@ SLN105W  5-057-48432,262Claude OsteenChuck TaylorClaude OsteenChuck Taylor 44336182
1969-08-04@ SLN106L  1-257-49434,135Bill SingerNelson BrilesNelson BrilesJim Brewer 44436381
1969-08-05vs PIT107L  3-1157-50422,604 Don DrysdaleSteve BlassSteve BlassAlan Foster 44737473
1969-08-06vs PIT108W  7-558-50418,347 Don SuttonLuke WalkerDon SuttonLuke WalkerJim Brewer45437975
1969-08-07vs PIT109W  6-059-50420,475 Claude OsteenJim BunningClaude OsteenJim Bunning 46037981
1969-08-08vs CHN110W  5-060-50435,173 Bill SingerFergie JenkinsBill SingerFergie Jenkins 46537986
1969-08-09vs CHN111L  0-460-51448,748 Alan FosterBill HandsBill HandsAlan Foster 46538382
1969-08-10vs CHN112W  4-261-51327,595 Don SuttonKen HoltzmanDon SuttonKen HoltzmanPete Mikkelsen46938584
1969-08-11vs SLN113L  2-461-52314,876 Claude OsteenSteve CarltonSteve CarltonClaude OsteenJoe Hoerner47138982
1969-08-12vs SLN114W  5-262-52326,650 Bill SingerRay WashburnBill SingerJoe Hoerner 47639185
1969-08-13vs SLN115L  0-562-53426,741 Alan FosterChuck TaylorChuck TaylorAlan Foster 47639680
1969-08-15@ MON116W  9-263-53324,336Don SuttonGary WaslewskiDon SuttonGary Waslewski 48539887
1969-08-16@ MON117W  9-364-53224,949Claude OsteenLarry JasterClaude OsteenLarry Jaster 49440193
1969-08-17@ MON118W  9-365-53218,512Bill SingerBill StonemanJim BrewerBill Stoneman 50340499
1969-08-19@ PHI119W  2-066-5317,850Jim BunningWoodie FrymanJim BunningWoodie FrymanJim Brewer505404101
1969-08-20@ PHI120W  8-567-5318,232Don SuttonGrant JacksonPete MikkelsenGrant JacksonAl McBean513409104
1969-08-21@ PHI121L  1-267-5418,357Claude OsteenJerry JohnsonJerry JohnsonClaude Osteen 514411103
1969-08-22@ NYN122L  3-567-55150,460Bill SingerJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBill SingerTug McGraw517416101
1969-08-23@ NYN123L  2-367-56140,974Jim BunningDon CardwellRon TaylorJim Brewer 519419100
1969-08-24@ NYN124L  4-767-57348,435Don SuttonGary GentryCal KoonceDon Sutton 52342697
1969-08-26vs MON125W  6-068-57321,639 Claude OsteenJerry RobertsonClaude OsteenJerry Robertson 529426103
1969-08-27vs MON126W  7-369-57317,309 Bill SingerHowie ReedBill SingerHowie Reed 536429107
1969-08-28vs MON127L  5-969-58316,557 Jim BunningBill StonemanClaude RaymondAl McBean 541438103
1969-08-29vs PHI128W  6-570-58319,512 Don SuttonWoodie FrymanPete MikkelsenWoodie FrymanRay Lamb547443104
1969-08-30vs PHI129W  2-071-58235,753 Claude OsteenJerry JohnsonClaude OsteenJerry JohnsonPete Mikkelsen549443106
1969-08-31vs PHI130W  4-172-58219,357 Bill SingerRick WiseBill SingerRick Wise 553444109
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-09-01vs NYN131W  10-673-58228,079 Jim BunningJerry KoosmanJim BunningJerry KoosmanPete Mikkelsen563450113
1969-09-02vs NYN132L  4-573-59225,676 Don SuttonGary GentryGary GentryDon SuttonTug McGraw567455112
1969-09-03vs NYN133W  5-474-59226,625 Claude OsteenJerry KoosmanPete MikkelsenJack DiLauro 572459113
1969-09-04@ SDN134L  0-374-6026,917Bill SingerDick KelleyGary RossBill Singer 572462110
1969-09-05@ SDN135L  1-474-6129,743Jim BunningJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim Bunning 573466107
1969-09-06@ SDN136L  1-374-62310,022Don SuttonClay KirbyTommie SiskDon SuttonBilly McCool574469105
1969-09-07@ SDN137L  2-474-6348,117Claude OsteenAl SantoriniAl SantoriniClaude OsteenBilly McCool576473103
1969-09-08@ ATL138W  2-075-63310,814Bill SingerGeorge StoneBill SingerGeorge StoneJim Brewer578473105
1969-09-09@ ATL139L  1-275-64414,679Jim BunningPhil NiekroPhil NiekroPete Mikkelsen 579475104
1969-09-10@ HOU140L  1-875-65518,486Don SuttonDenny LemasterDenny LemasterDon Sutton 58048397
1969-09-11@ HOU141W  1-076-65419,822Claude OsteenDon WilsonClaude OsteenDon Wilson 58148398
1969-09-12vs SDN142W  5-377-65417,818 Bill SingerAl SantoriniBill SingerGary RossJim Brewer586486100
1969-09-13vs SDN143W  7-278-65317,712 Jim BunningJoe NiekroJim BunningJoe Niekro 593488105
1969-09-14vs SDN144W  3-179-65216,478 Don SuttonClay KirbyDon SuttonClay Kirby 596489107
1969-09-15vs CIN145L  1-479-66418,068 Claude OsteenTony CloningerTony CloningerClaude OsteenWayne Granger597493104
1969-09-16vs CIN146W  2-181-6620 Bill SingerGary NolanJim BrewerGary Nolan 599494105
1969-09-16vs CIN147W  3-281-66237,706 Joe MoellerGerry ArrigoJim BrewerPedro Ramos 602496106
1969-09-17vs ATL148L  5-681-67320,574 Jim BunningGeorge StoneCecil UpshawRay Lamb 607502105
1969-09-18vs ATL149W  5-282-67221,621 Don SuttonPhil NiekroDon SuttonPhil Niekro 612504108
1969-09-19@ SFN150L  1-582-68321,831Claude OsteenMike McCormickMike McCormickClaude Osteen 613509104
1969-09-20@ SFN151L  4-582-69325,213Bill SingerJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBill Singer 617514103
1969-09-21@ SFN152L  3-482-70341,051Jim BunningGaylord PerryFrank LinzyPete Mikkelsen 620518102
1969-09-22@ CIN153L  1-282-7146,488Don SuttonJim MaloneyWayne GrangerDon Sutton 621520101
1969-09-23@ CIN154L  3-682-7340Claude OsteenJim MerrittJim MerrittClaude Osteen 62452698
1969-09-23@ CIN155L  2-582-73410,770Alan FosterGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoAlan FosterWayne Granger62653195
1969-09-24@ CIN156L  2-782-7446,690Bill SingerTony CloningerTony CloningerBill Singer 62853890
1969-09-26vs SFN157L  1-282-75437,078 Don SuttonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDon Sutton 62954089
1969-09-27vs SFN158W  2-183-75432,997 Claude OsteenMike McCormickJim BrewerRon Bryant 63154190
1969-09-28vs SFN159L  1-883-76432,798 Bill SingerJuan MarichalJuan MarichalBill Singer 63254983
1969-09-30vs HOU160L  3-683-77411,605 Don SuttonDenny LemasterDenny LemasterDon Sutton 63555580
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1969-10-01vs HOU161W  5-284-7749,123 Claude OsteenLarry DierkerClaude OsteenLarry Dierker 64055783
1969-10-02vs HOU162W  5-485-7749,966 Bill SingerJim RayBill SingerFred Gladding 64556184

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