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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  86-75   .534
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Alvin Dark
General Manager:   Gabe Paul
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  857,994
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Leon Wagner (34)
Youngest Player:  Mike Hedlund (21)
Longest Tenure:  Sam McDowell (8)
Top Hitter:  Jose Cardenal (20)
Top Pitcher:  Luis Tiant (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Robert Weaver (#6)

Roster Continuity:  63.77%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8379.51220.0
Chi White Sox6795.41436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-04-10@ CHA1W  9-01-047,756Sonny SiebertJoe HorlenSonny SiebertJoe Horlen 909
1968-04-11vs CAL2L  5-71-1429,241 Sam McDowellRickey ClarkBobby LockeLuis TiantMinnie Rojas1477
1968-04-13vs BOS3L  1-31-276,816 Steve HarganGary WaslewskiGary WaslewskiSteve HarganLee Stange15105
1968-04-14vs BOS4W  7-42-246,025 Sonny SiebertJerry StephensonSonny SiebertJerry StephensonEddie Fisher22148
1968-04-16vs CHA5W  3-13-245,108 Luis TiantJoe HorlenLuis TiantJoe Horlen 251510
1968-04-17@ DET6L  3-43-349,970Sam McDowellDenny McLainJon WardenEddie Fisher 28199
1968-04-18@ DET7L  0-53-469,753Steve HarganJoe SparmaJoe SparmaSteve Hargan 28244
1968-04-19@ BOS8L  2-93-5834,863Sonny SiebertGary WaslewskiGary WaslewskiSonny Siebert 3033-3
1968-04-20@ BOS9L  2-33-6828,955Luis TiantJerry StephensonJerry StephensonLuis Tiant 3236-4
1968-04-21@ BOS10W  7-04-6719,814Sam McDowellRay CulpSam McDowellRay Culp 39363
1968-04-24vs DET11W  2-05-674,636 Steve HarganJoe SparmaSteve HarganJoe Sparma 41365
1968-04-26@ WS212L  4-55-7810,922Sonny SiebertFrank BertainaDennis HigginsTommy Gramly 45414
1968-04-27@ WS213L  1-25-882,284Sam McDowellCamilo PascualCamilo PascualSam McDowell 46433
1968-04-28@ WS214L  0-16-980Stan WilliamsPhil OrtegaPhil OrtegaStan Williams 46442
1968-04-28@ WS215W  2-06-9823,739Luis TiantBarry MooreLuis TiantBarry Moore 48444
1968-04-29vs CAL16L  2-36-1094,430 Steve HarganJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinSteve HarganJack Hamilton50473
1968-04-30vs CAL17L  3-56-1193,638 Sonny SiebertGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetSonny SiebertClyde Wright53521
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-05-01vs OAK18W  3-17-1193,864 Sam McDowellBlue Moon OdomSam McDowellBlue Moon Odom 56533
1968-05-03vs MIN19W  4-08-1195,106 Luis TiantJim PerryLuis TiantJim Perry 60537
1968-05-04vs MIN20W  2-09-1174,420 Steve HarganDave BoswellSteve HarganDave Boswell 62539
1968-05-05vs MIN21W  2-110-1177,888 Sonny SiebertJim MerrittSonny SiebertAl WorthingtonStan Williams645410
1968-05-06@ NYA22W  3-211-1156,237Sam McDowellMel StottlemyreSam McDowellMel Stottlemyre 675611
1968-05-07@ NYA23W  8-012-1146,630Luis TiantJim BoutonLuis TiantJim Bouton 755619
1968-05-08@ NYA24L  1-212-1254,436Steve HarganBill MonbouquetteJoe VerbanicEddie Fisher 765818
1968-05-10@ BAL25W  12-013-12410,964Sonny SiebertJim HardinSonny SiebertJim Hardin 885830
1968-05-11@ BAL26W  4-314-1236,511Sam McDowellGene BrabenderSam McDowellEddie Watt 926131
1968-05-12@ BAL27W  2-016-1230Luis TiantTom PhoebusLuis TiantTom Phoebus 946133
1968-05-12@ BAL28W  4-116-12318,982Stan WilliamsDave LeonhardStan WilliamsDave Leonhard 986236
1968-05-14vs NYA29W  4-217-1227,290 Steve HarganAl DowningEddie FisherJoe Verbanic 1026438
1968-05-15vs NYA30W  2-218-1225,476 Sonny SiebertStan Bahnsen 1046638
1968-05-16vs WS231L  1-418-1325,447 Sam McDowellBarry MooreBarry MooreSam McDowellDennis Higgins1057035
1968-05-17vs BAL32L  2-618-14314,125 Luis TiantGene BrabenderGene BrabenderLuis Tiant 1077631
1968-05-18vs BAL33W  1-019-1425,394 Stan WilliamsTom PhoebusStan WilliamsTom Phoebus 1087632
1968-05-19vs BAL34W  11-621-1420 Steve HarganDave LeonhardSteve HarganDave Leonhard 1198237
1968-05-19vs BAL35W  2-021-14215,363 Sonny SiebertDave McNallySonny SiebertDave McNally 1218239
1968-05-21@ OAK36W  1-022-1520Sam McDowellChuck DobsonSam McDowellChuck Dobson 1228240
1968-05-21@ OAK37L  0-222-1528,342Luis TiantBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomLuis Tiant 1228438
1968-05-22@ OAK38L  0-222-1624,246Stan WilliamsJim NashJim NashStan Williams 1228636
1968-05-23@ CAL39W  9-223-1627,892Sonny SiebertSammy EllisSonny SiebertSammy Ellis 1318843
1968-05-24@ CAL40L  1-223-17212,610Steve HarganGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetSteve Hargan 1329042
1968-05-25@ CAL41L  1-523-18316,024Sam McDowellJim McGlothlinJim McGlothlinSam McDowell 1339538
1968-05-26@ CAL42W  5-224-18332,002Luis TiantMarty PattinLuis TiantMarty Pattin 1389741
1968-05-27@ MIN43W  3-125-1837,206Stan WilliamsDean ChanceStan WilliamsDean ChanceMike Paul1419843
1968-05-28@ MIN44L  1-325-19310,109Sonny SiebertJim PerryJim PerrySonny SiebertAl Worthington14210141
1968-05-29@ MIN45L  0-125-20411,417Steve HarganDave BoswellDave BoswellSteve Hargan 14210240
1968-05-30@ MIN46W  3-126-20325,843Sam McDowellJim KaatSam McDowellJim Kaat 14510342
1968-05-31vs WS247W  8-327-20312,463 Luis TiantPhil OrtegaLuis TiantPhil Ortega 15310647
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-06-01vs WS248L  2-627-2135,614 Stan WilliamsDick BosmanDarold KnowlesStan Williams 15511243
1968-06-02vs WS249W  10-528-2230 Steve HarganFrank BertainaSteve HarganFrank BertainaBilly Rohr16511748
1968-06-02vs WS250L  3-1128-22349,952 Sonny SiebertJim HannanJim HannanSonny Siebert 16812840
1968-06-03vs CHA51W  3-229-2235,505 Sam McDowellBob PriddyHal KurtzJack Fisher 17113041
1968-06-04vs CHA52W  2-130-2227,215 Luis TiantGary PetersLuis TiantGary Peters 17313142
1968-06-05vs CHA53W  1-031-2227,280 Stan WilliamsCisco CarlosStan WilliamsCisco CarlosHal Kurtz17413143
1968-06-06vs CHA54W  2-132-22215,439 Sonny SiebertJack FisherBilly RohrDon McMahon 17613244
1968-06-07@ DET55L  4-532-23231,646Steve HarganJohn HillerFred LasherMike Paul 18013743
1968-06-08@ DET56L  1-332-24228,100Sam McDowellMickey LolichMickey LolichSam McDowell 18114041
1968-06-09@ DET57W  2-033-24252,938Luis TiantDenny McLainLuis TiantDenny McLain 18314043
1968-06-10vs OAK58W  7-234-2426,374 Stan WilliamsLew KrausseStan WilliamsLew KrausseMike Paul19014248
1968-06-11vs OAK59L  0-234-2526,858 Sonny SiebertChuck DobsonChuck DobsonSonny Siebert 19014446
1968-06-12vs OAK60L  0-734-2636,838 Steve HarganBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomSteve Hargan 19015139
1968-06-13vs OAK61L  0-134-2734,323 Sam McDowellJim NashEd SpragueSam McDowell 19015238
1968-06-14vs BOS62L  2-734-28321,771 Luis TiantDick EllsworthDick EllsworthLuis Tiant 19215933
1968-06-15vs BOS63L  3-934-29310,193 Stan WilliamsRay CulpRay CulpStan WilliamsGary Waslewski19516827
1968-06-16vs BOS64L  3-534-30323,227 Sonny SiebertJim LonborgBill LandisMike PaulLee Stange19817325
1968-06-17@ CHA65L  1-234-31328,081Steve HarganJack FisherJack FisherSteve HarganBob Locker19917524
1968-06-18@ CHA66W  4-135-3137,635Sam McDowellGary PetersSam McDowellGary PetersStan Williams20317627
1968-06-19@ CHA67W  3-136-3128,643Luis TiantBob PriddyLuis TiantBob Locker 20617729
1968-06-20@ CHA68L  4-836-3223,174Stan WilliamsTommy JohnTommy JohnMike PaulWilbur Wood21018525
1968-06-21vs DET69W  4-337-32220,341 Sonny SiebertMickey LolichEddie FisherPat Dobson 21418826
1968-06-22vs DET70W  2-038-32211,433 Steve HarganEarl WilsonSteve HarganEarl WilsonStan Williams21618828
1968-06-23vs DET71W  3-039-3320 Luis TiantJohn HillerLuis TiantJohn Hiller 21918831
1968-06-23vs DET72L  1-439-33244,245 Sam McDowellJoe SparmaJoe SparmaSam McDowellPat Dobson22019228
1968-06-24vs DET73L  3-1439-34212,808 Mike PaulDenny McLainDenny McLainMike Paul 22320617
1968-06-25@ WS274W  6-140-3424,319Sonny SiebertJoe ColemanSonny SiebertJoe ColemanStan Williams22920722
1968-06-26@ WS275L  2-840-3524,846Steve HarganCamilo PascualCamilo PascualSteve Hargan 23121516
1968-06-27@ BOS76L  3-940-36321,062Sam McDowellJose SantiagoJose SantiagoSam McDowellSparky Lyle23422410
1968-06-29@ BOS77W  8-142-36222,263Luis TiantGary BellLuis TiantGary Bell 24222517
1968-06-29@ BOS78W  4-142-36225,078Sonny SiebertRay CulpSonny SiebertRay Culp 24622620
1968-06-30@ BOS79W  7-543-36227,289Steve HarganGary WaslewskiStan WilliamsJerry Stephenson 25323122
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-07-01vs MIN80W  4-144-36212,795 Sam McDowellDave BoswellSam McDowellDave BoswellStan Williams25723225
1968-07-02vs MIN81L  0-644-3729,488 Steve HarganJim KaatJim KaatSteve Hargan 25723819
1968-07-03vs MIN82W  1-045-37221,135 Luis TiantJim MerrittLuis TiantJim Merritt 25823820
1968-07-04vs MIN83W  6-346-37211,847 Mike PaulDean ChanceVicente RomoDean ChanceStan Williams26424123
1968-07-05vs CAL84W  5-147-37211,592 Sonny SiebertRickey ClarkSonny SiebertRickey ClarkStan Williams26924227
1968-07-06vs CAL85L  0-247-38211,300 Sam McDowellGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetSam McDowell 26924425
1968-07-07vs CAL86W  8-348-3920 Luis TiantJim McGlothlinLuis TiantJim McGlothlinVicente Romo27724730
1968-07-07vs CAL87L  7-948-39237,529 Steve HarganTom MurphySammy EllisSteve HarganTom Burgmeier28425628
1968-07-11@ OAK88L  3-448-4026,202Sonny SiebertChuck DobsonChuck DobsonMike Paul 28726027
1968-07-12@ OAK89W  6-349-4028,177Sam McDowellCatfish HunterSam McDowellCatfish HunterVicente Romo29326330
1968-07-13@ OAK90L  3-449-41312,145Steve HarganLew KrausseLew KrausseVicente RomoJack Aker29626729
1968-07-14@ MIN91W  6-350-41323,051Luis TiantJim MerrittLuis TiantJim MerrittStan Williams30227032
1968-07-15@ MIN92W  4-251-4138,659Sonny SiebertJim PerrySonny SiebertJim PerryStan Williams30627234
1968-07-16@ CAL93W  2-152-41311,358Sam McDowellTom MurphyStan WilliamsBobby Locke 30827335
1968-07-17@ CAL94W  4-253-41213,117Steve HarganRickey ClarkSteve HarganRickey ClarkVicente Romo31227537
1968-07-20@ NYA95W  3-054-41238,224Luis TiantFritz PetersonLuis TiantFritz Peterson 31527540
1968-07-21@ NYA96W  4-155-4220Sam McDowellMel StottlemyreSam McDowellMel StottlemyreVicente Romo31927643
1968-07-21@ NYA97L  4-855-42227,896Steve HarganSteve BarberSteve BarberSteve HarganLindy McDaniel32328439
1968-07-22@ BAL98W  7-356-42221,045Sonny SiebertMike AdamsonSonny SiebertMike AdamsonEddie Fisher33028743
1968-07-23@ BAL99L  6-856-43213,039Stan WilliamsWally BunkerJohn MorrisStan WilliamsMoe Drabowsky33629541
1968-07-24@ BAL100L  0-156-44315,768Luis TiantDave McNallyDave McNallyLuis Tiant 33629640
1968-07-26vs NYA101L  0-556-45328,765 Sam McDowellMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreSam McDowell 33630135
1968-07-27vs NYA102L  3-656-46314,784 Sonny SiebertSteve BarberSteve BarberSonny SiebertLindy McDaniel33930732
1968-07-28vs NYA103W  3-258-4630 Luis TiantFritz PetersonLuis TiantFritz Peterson 34230933
1968-07-28vs NYA104W  4-158-46337,793 Stan WilliamsStan BahnsenStan WilliamsStan Bahnsen 34631036
1968-07-29vs WS2105L  2-458-4725,807 Steve HarganJim HannanJim HannanVicente Romo 34831434
1968-07-30vs WS2106W  10-159-4725,937 Sam McDowellBruce HowardSam McDowellBruce HowardMike Paul35831543
1968-07-31vs BAL107L  2-459-48310,703 Sonny SiebertTom PhoebusTom PhoebusSonny SiebertGene Brabender36031941
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-08-01vs BAL108L  1-559-49312,208 Luis TiantDave McNallyDave McNallyLuis Tiant 36132437
1968-08-02vs OAK109L  1-559-50311,865 Stan WilliamsJim NashJim NashStan WilliamsLew Krausse36232933
1968-08-03vs OAK110W  4-160-5037,292 Sam McDowellBlue Moon OdomSam McDowellBlue Moon OdomVicente Romo36633036
1968-08-04vs OAK111L  0-561-5130 Sonny SiebertChuck DobsonChuck DobsonSonny SiebertLew Krausse36633531
1968-08-04vs OAK112W  7-461-51316,186 Steve HarganCatfish HunterSteve HarganCatfish HunterVicente Romo37333934
1968-08-06@ DET113L  1-261-5340Luis TiantJohn HillerJohn WyattMike Paul 37434133
1968-08-06@ DET114L  2-561-53448,413Stan WilliamsJoe SparmaMickey LolichStan WilliamsJohn Wyatt37634630
1968-08-07@ DET115L  1-661-54430,402Sam McDowellEarl WilsonEarl WilsonSam McDowellDaryl Patterson37735225
1968-08-08@ DET116L  1-1361-55423,904Sonny SiebertDenny McLainDenny McLainSonny Siebert 37836513
1968-08-09@ CHA117L  0-161-5649,553Steve HarganTommy JohnTommy JohnSteve HarganHoyt Wilhelm37836612
1968-08-10@ CHA118W  3-262-5644,192Luis TiantWilbur WoodLuis TiantWilbur Wood 38136813
1968-08-11@ CHA119W  6-164-5640Stan WilliamsBob PriddyStan WilliamsBob Priddy 38736918
1968-08-11@ CHA120W  2-164-56410,369Sam McDowellDanny LazarEddie FisherDanny Lazar 38937019
1968-08-12vs DET121L  3-664-57415,919 Vicente RomoDenny McLainDenny McLainVicente Romo 39237616
1968-08-13vs DET122W  1-065-57416,319 Sonny SiebertPat DobsonSonny SiebertPat Dobson 39337617
1968-08-14vs DET123L  0-365-58417,312 Luis TiantJoe SparmaMickey LolichLuis Tiant 39337914
1968-08-16vs CHA124W  4-366-5848,519 Sam McDowellJack FisherEddie FisherHoyt Wilhelm 39738215
1968-08-17vs CHA125W  6-567-5849,976 Stan WilliamsBob PriddyStan WilliamsBob PriddyHoracio Pina40338716
1968-08-18vs CHA126L  2-467-6040 Sonny SiebertTommy JohnTommy JohnSonny Siebert 40539114
1968-08-18vs CHA127L  1-867-60412,178 Steve HarganJoe HorlenJoe HorlenSteve Hargan 4063997
1968-08-19vs BOS128L  0-367-6146,020 Luis TiantDave MoreheadDave MoreheadLuis Tiant 4064024
1968-08-20vs BOS129W  2-168-6146,075 Sam McDowellGary BellSam McDowellGary Bell 4084035
1968-08-21vs BOS130W  8-269-6148,991 Horacio PinaJim LonborgHoracio PinaJim LonborgVicente Romo41640511
1968-08-22vs BOS131W  3-170-6136,049 Stan WilliamsRay CulpStan WilliamsRay CulpVicente Romo41940613
1968-08-23@ WS2132W  6-271-6135,951Mike PaulCamilo PascualMike PaulCamilo PascualEddie Fisher42540817
1968-08-24@ WS2133W  2-172-6132,733Luis TiantJim HannanSteve HarganPhil Ortega 42740918
1968-08-25@ WS2134L  9-1072-6234,467Sam McDowellBarry MooreBob HumphreysSteve HarganDennis Higgins43641917
1968-08-26@ BOS135L  0-372-63330,926Horacio PinaJim LonborgJim LonborgHoracio Pina 43642214
1968-08-27@ BOS136L  1-772-64429,018Stan WilliamsRay CulpRay CulpStan Williams 4374298
1968-08-28vs MIN137W  3-273-6435,635 Luis TiantDave BoswellVicente RomoDave Boswell 4404319
1968-08-29vs MIN138L  2-373-6548,382 Mike PaulJim KaatJim KaatMike Paul 4424348
1968-08-30vs NYA139L  0-174-6640 Sam McDowellFritz PetersonFritz PetersonSam McDowell 4424357
1968-08-30vs NYA140W  3-274-66410,229 Horacio PinaAl DowningVicente RomoDooley Womack 4454378
1968-08-31vs NYA141L  1-374-6747,581 Stan WilliamsStan BahnsenStan BahnsenStan Williams 4464406
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1968-09-01vs NYA142L  1-574-6847,479 Steve HarganJoe VerbanicJoe VerbanicSteve Hargan 4474452
1968-09-02@ CAL143W  4-275-68412,996Mike PaulGeorge BrunetMike PaulGeorge BrunetEddie Fisher4514474
1968-09-03@ CAL144W  7-276-6847,560Sam McDowellJim McGlothlinSam McDowellJim McGlothlinVicente Romo4584499
1968-09-04@ CAL145W  9-577-6847,369Luis TiantBill HarrelsonLuis TiantBill HarrelsonVicente Romo46745413
1968-09-06@ OAK146L  0-777-6944,710Stan WilliamsBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomStan Williams 4674616
1968-09-07@ OAK147L  0-277-7047,050Sam McDowellJim NashJim NashSam McDowell 4674634
1968-09-08@ OAK148L  2-1077-71413,381Mike PaulCatfish HunterCatfish HunterMike Paul 469473-4
1968-09-09@ MIN149W  6-178-7147,042Luis TiantJim MerrittLuis TiantJim Merritt 4754741
1968-09-10@ MIN150W  6-279-71413,456Stan WilliamsJim KaatStan WilliamsJim Kaat 4814765
1968-09-11@ MIN151W  1-080-7147,547Sam McDowellJim PerryVicente RomoRon PerranoskiHoracio Pina4824766
1968-09-13vs BAL152W  10-281-7146,591 Sonny SiebertGene BrabenderMike PaulGene Brabender 49247814
1968-09-14vs BAL153L  3-581-7256,395 Steve BaileyRoger NelsonRoger NelsonSteve BaileyEddie Watt49548312
1968-09-15vs BAL154W  2-082-7246,076 Stan WilliamsJim HardinStan WilliamsJim Hardin 49748314
1968-09-17vs WS2155L  2-482-7334,772 Sam McDowellBarry MooreBarry MooreSam McDowellBob Humphreys49948712
1968-09-21vs CAL156W  3-283-7343,945 Sonny SiebertAndy MessersmithMike PaulGeorge BrunetVicente Romo50248913
1968-09-22vs CAL157W  2-184-7349,200 Stan WilliamsDennis BennettVicente RomoSteve Kealey 50449014
1968-09-24@ NYA158L  1-585-7430Sam McDowellMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreSam McDowell 50549510
1968-09-24@ NYA159W  5-285-74313,453Mike PaulFritz PetersonMike PaulFritz PetersonVicente Romo51049713
1968-09-25@ NYA160W  3-086-7435,723Luis TiantStan BahnsenLuis TiantStan Bahnsen 51349716
1968-09-26@ BAL161L  1-786-7542,567Stan WilliamsDave McNallyDave McNallyStan Williams 51450410
1968-09-27@ BAL162W  2-087-7547,528Sam McDowellRoger NelsonSam McDowellRoger Nelson 51650412

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