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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Philadelphia,PA
Team Record:  87-75   .537
Result:   4th in National League
Manager(s):  Gene Mauch
General Manager:   John Quinn
Stadium:  Connie Mack Stadium
Attendance:  1,108,201
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Buhl (37)
Youngest Player:  Rick Wise (20)
Longest Tenure:  Chris Short (8)
Top Hitter:  Dick Allen (1)
Top Pitcher:  Jim Bunning (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Michael Biko (#9)

Roster Continuity:  68.96%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9567.586--
SF Giants9368.5781.5
St. Louis8379.51212.0
NY Mets6695.41028.5
Chi Cubs59103.36436.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-04-13@ SLN1W  3-21-038,219Chris ShortCurt SimmonsRoger CraigDennis AustRay Culp321
1966-04-14@ SLN2W  5-42-027,223Ray HerbertLarry JasterDarold KnowlesLarry Jaster 862
1966-04-15vs CIN3W  4-33-0129,007 Jim BunningSammy EllisRoger CraigJack Baldschun 1293
1966-04-16vs CIN4L  0-43-126,298 Ray CulpJim MaloneyJim MaloneyRay Culp 1213-1
1966-04-17vs CIN5W  3-14-1213,852 Chris ShortJoe NuxhallChris ShortJoe Nuxhall 15141
1966-04-19vs ATL6L  1-34-237,476 Jim BunningWade BlasingameClay CarrollJim Bunning 1617-1
1966-04-20vs ATL7L  1-84-346,855 Ray CulpKen JohnsonKen JohnsonRay Culp 1725-8
1966-04-21vs ATL8L  4-54-455,744 Chris ShortDenny LemasterPhil NiekroChris Short 2130-9
1966-04-22@ CIN9W  9-75-4510,266John BoozerJoe NuxhallDarold KnowlesDon NottebartBob Buhl3037-7
1966-04-24@ CIN10L  2-35-557,248Ray CulpSammy EllisSammy EllisRay Culp 3240-8
1966-04-25@ PIT11W  5-06-549,564Jim BunningBob VealeJim BunningBob Veale 3740-3
1966-04-29@ CHN12W  5-17-554,053Jim BunningDick EllsworthJim BunningDick Ellsworth 42411
1966-04-30@ CHN13W  12-08-524,495Chris ShortKen HoltzmanChris ShortKen Holtzman 544113
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-05-01@ CHN14L  1-68-647,783Larry JacksonBill FaulBill FaulLarry Jackson 55478
1966-05-03@ ATL15L  8-98-7610,485Jim BunningClay CarrollPhil NiekroRay Herbert 63567
1966-05-04@ ATL16W  2-19-7511,588Chris ShortKen JohnsonChris ShortKen Johnson 65578
1966-05-05@ ATL17L  3-49-8611,236Larry JacksonTony CloningerChi-Chi OlivoGary WagnerBilly O'Dell68617
1966-05-06vs PIT18W  8-710-8518,982 Bob BuhlDon SchwallDarold KnowlesRoy Face 76688
1966-05-07vs PIT19W  7-311-847,006 Jim BunningTommie SiskJim BunningTommie Sisk 837112
1966-05-08vs PIT20L  2-311-948,411 John BoozerBob VealeBob VealeRay Herbert 857411
1966-05-10vs LAN21L  1-611-10514,895 Chris ShortSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxChris Short 86806
1966-05-11vs LAN22L  0-511-11611,756 Larry JacksonDon SuttonDon SuttonLarry Jackson 86851
1966-05-12vs LAN23W  5-112-11510,205 Jim BunningDon DrysdaleJim BunningDon DrysdaleDarold Knowles91865
1966-05-13vs HOU24L  0-112-12510,559 Chris ShortTurk FarrellTurk FarrellChris ShortClaude Raymond91874
1966-05-14vs HOU25L  5-612-1363,957 Bob BuhlLarry DierkerDon LeeTerry FoxClaude Raymond96933
1966-05-15vs HOU26W  5-213-1359,208 Larry JacksonMike CuellarLarry JacksonBarry LatmanJim Bunning101956
1966-05-17vs SLN27W  5-314-1348,731 Chris ShortCurt SimmonsChris ShortNelson Briles 106988
1966-05-18vs SLN28W  4-315-13411,169 Jim BunningBob GibsonRay CulpBob Gibson 1101019
1966-05-19vs SLN29L  0-215-1448,972 Larry JacksonAl JacksonAl JacksonLarry JacksonJoe Hoerner1101037
1966-05-20@ HOU30W  6-516-14429,763Bo BelinskyLarry DierkerDarold KnowlesJim Owens 1161088
1966-05-21@ HOU31L  3-416-15530,229Chris ShortMike CuellarDon LeeBob Buhl 1191127
1966-05-22@ HOU32W  6-117-15420,991Jim BunningBarry LatmanJim BunningBarry Latman 12511312
1966-05-23@ HOU33W  9-018-15412,384Larry JacksonDave GiustiLarry JacksonDave Giusti 13411321
1966-05-24@ LAN34L  2-318-16420,286Bob BuhlDon SuttonDon SuttonBob BuhlRon Perranoski13611620
1966-05-25@ LAN35L  1-218-17519,572Chris ShortDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleChris Short 13711819
1966-05-26@ SFN36L  0-118-1867,529Jim BunningJuan MarichalJuan MarichalDarold Knowles 13711918
1966-05-27@ SFN37W  9-219-18616,063Larry JacksonRay SadeckiLarry JacksonRay Sadecki 14612125
1966-05-28@ SFN38W  2-020-18517,331Ray CulpRon HerbelRay CulpJoe GibbonDarold Knowles14812127
1966-05-29@ SFN39L  5-620-19525,237Chris ShortBobby BolinLindy McDanielBo Belinsky 15312726
1966-05-30@ NYN40W  7-221-2050Jim BunningGordie RichardsonJim BunningGordie Richardson 16012931
1966-05-30@ NYN41L  1-321-2054,682Bob BuhlDick SelmaJack FisherBob Buhl 16113229
1966-05-31@ NYN42W  6-422-2059,946Chris ShortJack HamiltonRay HerbertLarry BearnarthDarold Knowles16713631
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-06-01vs CHN43W  4-324-2050 Ray CulpBill HandsTerry FoxChuck EstradaDarold Knowles17113932
1966-06-01vs CHN44W  7-424-20512,330 Gary WagnerBob HendleyBob BuhlBob Hendley 17814335
1966-06-02vs CHN45W  5-425-2056,010 Rick WiseFergie JenkinsDarold KnowlesFergie Jenkins 18314736
1966-06-03vs SFN46W  6-126-20427,759 Jim BunningRay SadeckiJim BunningRay Sadecki 18914841
1966-06-04vs SFN47W  6-127-20436,494 Chris ShortJuan MarichalChris ShortJuan Marichal 19514946
1966-06-05vs SFN48L  6-727-21422,587 Ray CulpRon HerbelFrank LinzyBo Belinsky 20115645
1966-06-06vs SFN49W  6-228-21419,200 Rick WiseBobby BolinRick WiseBobby Bolin 20715849
1966-06-07vs CIN50W  5-129-21412,422 Jim BunningMilt PappasJim BunningMilt Pappas 21215953
1966-06-08vs CIN51W  10-630-21314,637 Chris ShortSammy EllisChris ShortSammy EllisDarold Knowles22216557
1966-06-09vs CIN52L  0-130-22313,566 Bob BuhlJoey JayJoey JayBob Buhl 22216656
1966-06-10vs SLN53L  4-530-23417,693 Rick WiseCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsRick WiseJoe Hoerner22617155
1966-06-11vs SLN54L  0-230-24420,895 Jim BunningBob GibsonBob GibsonJim Bunning 22617353
1966-06-12vs SLN55W  5-331-24413,421 Chris ShortNelson BrilesChris ShortNelson Briles 23117655
1966-06-13vs ATL56W  6-233-2440 Larry JacksonTony CloningerLarry JacksonTony Cloninger 23717859
1966-06-13vs ATL57W  6-433-24421,642 Bob BuhlWade BlasingameBob BuhlWade BlasingameTerry Fox24318261
1966-06-14vs ATL58L  6-1133-25416,759 Rick WiseKen JohnsonKen JohnsonRick WiseChi-Chi Olivo24919356
1966-06-15@ CIN59L  6-733-2750Jim BunningMilt PappasBilly McCoolEd Roebuck 25520055
1966-06-15@ CIN60L  6-933-2759,538Ray CulpJim O'TooleDon NottebartEd Roebuck 26120952
1966-06-16@ CIN61W  12-534-2746,359Chris ShortSammy EllisChris ShortSammy Ellis 27321459
1966-06-17@ SLN62W  6-535-27423,965Larry JacksonCurt SimmonsDarold KnowlesDon Dennis 27921960
1966-06-18@ SLN63L  2-335-28436,932Bob BuhlAl JacksonAl JacksonRoger Craig 28122259
1966-06-19@ SLN64L  0-135-3040Jim BunningRay WashburnRay WashburnJim Bunning 28122358
1966-06-19@ SLN65L  1-535-30444,940Rick WiseBob GibsonBob GibsonRick Wise 28222854
1966-06-20@ ATL66L  5-735-31516,790Chris ShortTony CloningerTony CloningerTerry Fox 28723552
1966-06-21@ ATL67L  1-435-32511,649Larry JacksonDenny LemasterDenny LemasterLarry Jackson 28823949
1966-06-22@ ATL68W  7-336-32512,544Bob BuhlJoey JayBob BuhlJoey Jay 29524253
1966-06-24vs PIT69L  1-336-33526,791 Jim BunningBob VealeBob VealeJim Bunning 29624551
1966-06-25vs PIT70W  8-737-33523,160 Chris ShortVern LawRay CulpPete MikkelsenRoger Craig30425252
1966-06-26vs PIT71L  0-237-34518,734 Larry JacksonWoodie FrymanWoodie FrymanLarry Jackson 30425450
1966-06-28@ NYN72W  1-038-34522,693Jim BunningBob FriendJim BunningBob Friend 30525451
1966-06-29@ NYN73W  5-239-34413,918Bob BuhlRob GardnerBob BuhlRob GardnerDarold Knowles31025654
1966-06-30@ NYN74W  1-040-34419,895Chris ShortBob ShawChris ShortBob Shaw 31125655
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-07-01vs CHN75W  7-041-34410,670 Larry JacksonBill FaulLarry JacksonBill Faul 31825662
1966-07-02vs CHN76W  12-942-3444,251 Jim BunningDick EllsworthRick WiseDick EllsworthRay Herbert33026565
1966-07-03vs CHN77W  6-243-3435,058 Bob BuhlCurt SimmonsBob BuhlCurt SimmonsDarold Knowles33626769
1966-07-04vs NYN78L  6-943-3640 Chris ShortBob ShawBob ShawChris ShortJack Hamilton34227666
1966-07-04vs NYN79L  1-843-36419,208 Ray CulpJack FisherJack FisherRay Culp 34328459
1966-07-05vs NYN80W  3-144-3648,047 Larry JacksonBill HeplerLarry JacksonBill Hepler 34628561
1966-07-06vs NYN81L  5-744-37412,469 Jim BunningDennis RibantDarrell SutherlandDarold KnowlesJack Hamilton35129259
1966-07-07vs NYN82L  6-944-3847,447 Bob BuhlBob FriendGerry ArrigoRay Herbert 35730156
1966-07-08@ CHN83W  5-445-3845,166Chris ShortKen HoltzmanChris ShortKen HoltzmanDarold Knowles36230557
1966-07-09@ CHN84W  11-646-3847,193Larry JacksonBill HandsLarry JacksonBill HandsDarold Knowles37331162
1966-07-10@ CHN85L  2-1046-39413,863Jim BunningDick EllsworthDick EllsworthJim Bunning 37532154
1966-07-14vs SFN86W  5-047-39424,347 Larry JacksonGaylord PerryLarry JacksonGaylord Perry 38032159
1966-07-15vs SFN87L  1-847-40429,966 Jim BunningJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJim Bunning 38132952
1966-07-16vs SFN88W  6-548-40414,484 Bob BuhlRay SadeckiTerry FoxJoe Gibbon 38733453
1966-07-17vs LAN89W  3-049-4140 Chris ShortJoe MoellerChris ShortJoe Moeller 39033456
1966-07-17vs LAN90L  1-349-41431,832 Ray HerbertClaude OsteenClaude OsteenRay HerbertPhil Regan39133754
1966-07-18vs LAN91W  4-050-41434,755 Larry JacksonSandy KoufaxLarry JacksonSandy Koufax 39533758
1966-07-19@ HOU92L  2-850-42427,648Jim BunningTurk FarrellTurk FarrellJim Bunning 39734552
1966-07-20@ HOU93W  13-951-42427,266Bob BuhlBarry LatmanRay HerbertDon ArlichDarold Knowles41035456
1966-07-21@ HOU94L  2-351-43420,002Chris ShortDave GiustiDave GiustiChris ShortMike Cuellar41235755
1966-07-22@ SFN95L  1-451-44423,420Larry JacksonGaylord PerryGaylord PerryLarry Jackson 41336152
1966-07-23@ SFN96W  8-052-44423,846Jim BunningBobby BolinJim BunningBobby Bolin 42136160
1966-07-24@ SFN97L  1-452-45430,835Bob BuhlRon HerbelRon HerbelBob BuhlFrank Linzy42236557
1966-07-25@ LAN98L  3-652-46424,184Chris ShortDon SuttonRon PerranoskiDarold Knowles 42537154
1966-07-26@ LAN99L  2-352-47454,365Larry JacksonClaude OsteenRon PerranoskiLarry Jackson 42737453
1966-07-27@ LAN100L  1-252-48544,937Jim BunningSandy KoufaxPhil ReganDarold Knowles 42837652
1966-07-29@ PIT101L  3-552-49525,358Chris ShortDon CardwellBilly O'DellChris ShortRoy Face43138150
1966-07-30@ PIT102W  4-153-49515,804Larry JacksonWoodie FrymanLarry JacksonWoodie Fryman 43538253
1966-07-31@ PIT103W  8-155-4950Jim BunningVern LawJim BunningVern Law 44338360
1966-07-31@ PIT104W  6-555-49528,947Bob BuhlSteve BlassJoe VerbanicRoy FaceRay Herbert44938861
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-08-01vs HOU105W  6-556-49411,602 Ray CulpBob BruceTerry FoxJim Owens 45539362
1966-08-02vs HOU106W  4-357-49410,949 Chris ShortRon TaylorRick WiseBarry LatmanTerry Fox45939663
1966-08-03vs HOU107W  7-658-49414,918 Larry JacksonChris ZacharyLarry JacksonCarroll SemberaDarold Knowles46640264
1966-08-04vs HOU108W  12-259-49415,389 Jim BunningDave GiustiJim BunningDave Giusti 47840474
1966-08-05vs ATL109L  2-959-50422,520 Bob BuhlDick KelleyDick KelleyJoe VerbanicTed Abernathy48041367
1966-08-06vs ATL110W  6-560-50424,330 Chris ShortJoey JayChris ShortClay CarrollDarold Knowles48641868
1966-08-07vs ATL111L  0-360-51414,582 Larry JacksonTony CloningerTony CloningerLarry Jackson 48642165
1966-08-09@ SLN112L  2-360-52426,191Jim BunningLarry JasterLarry JasterJim BunningNelson Briles48842464
1966-08-10@ SLN113W  5-161-52423,090Chris ShortSteve CarltonChris ShortSteve Carlton 49342568
1966-08-11@ SLN114L  1-561-53422,404Larry JacksonAl JacksonAl JacksonLarry Jackson 49443064
1966-08-13@ ATL115W  4-263-5340Jim BunningKen JohnsonJim BunningKen JohnsonDarold Knowles49843266
1966-08-13@ ATL116W  7-463-53427,770Ray CulpPat JarvisRay CulpPat JarvisTerry Fox50543669
1966-08-14@ ATL117L  1-763-54416,855Bob BuhlDenny LemasterDenny LemasterBob Buhl 50644363
1966-08-15vs CHN118W  11-564-5447,627 Chris ShortBill HandsChris ShortBill HandsTerry Fox51744869
1966-08-16vs CHN119W  5-365-54411,321 Larry JacksonRobin RobertsLarry JacksonFergie Jenkins 52245171
1966-08-17vs CHN120L  3-565-5549,954 Jim BunningKen HoltzmanCurt SimmonsBob Buhl 52545669
1966-08-19vs NYN121W  5-466-55417,462 Chris ShortDennis RibantJohn MorrisBob Friend 53046070
1966-08-20vs NYN122W  5-467-5547,643 Larry JacksonBob ShawRay CulpDick Selma 53546471
1966-08-21vs NYN123L  5-667-5740 Rick WiseJack FisherBill HeplerRick WiseJack Hamilton54047070
1966-08-21vs NYN124L  1-567-57436,625 Jim BunningTug McGrawTug McGrawJim Bunning 54147566
1966-08-22@ PIT125L  5-667-58415,119Bob BuhlWoodie FrymanDon CardwellBob BuhlPete Mikkelsen54648165
1966-08-23@ PIT126W  5-468-58425,504Chris ShortVern LawChris ShortBilly O'Dell 55148566
1966-08-24@ PIT127L  4-668-59419,899Larry JacksonTommie SiskVern LawLarry Jackson 55549164
1966-08-25@ PIT128W  4-169-59425,658Jim BunningBob VealeJim BunningBob Veale 55949267
1966-08-26@ CIN129L  0-269-60416,203Rick WiseJim O'TooleJim O'TooleRick WiseBilly McCool55949465
1966-08-27@ CIN130L  7-1469-6243,528Chris ShortSammy EllisTed DavidsonChris Short 56650858
1966-08-27@ CIN131L  7-869-62417,966Ray CulpMilt PappasBilly McCoolRay Herbert 57351657
1966-08-28@ CIN132L  2-569-63412,698Larry JacksonJim MaloneyJim MaloneyLarry JacksonDon Nottebart57552154
1966-08-29vs SFN133W  5-170-63425,994 Jim BunningRay SadeckiJim BunningRay Sadecki 58052258
1966-08-30vs SFN134L  1-770-64425,086 Rick WiseBobby BolinBobby BolinRick WiseFrank Linzy58152952
1966-08-31vs HOU135W  10-571-6449,420 Chris ShortBob BruceChris ShortBob Bruce 59153457
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-09-01vs HOU136W  3-172-6448,974 Larry JacksonTurk FarrellLarry JacksonTurk Farrell 59453559
1966-09-02@ NYN137W  6-073-64424,541Jim BunningLarry MillerJim BunningLarry Miller 60053565
1966-09-03@ NYN138W  8-474-64419,921Rick WiseBob ShawRick WiseBob Shaw 60853969
1966-09-04@ NYN139W  5-075-64417,770Chris ShortTug McGrawChris ShortTug McGraw 61353974
1966-09-05@ CHN140L  4-576-6540Larry JacksonCal KoonceArnold EarleyDarold Knowles 61754473
1966-09-05@ CHN141W  7-276-65420,669Ray CulpDick EllsworthRay CulpDick Ellsworth 62454678
1966-09-06@ CHN142L  2-776-6643,218Jim BunningFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJim BunningBob Hendley62655373
1966-09-09vs CIN143W  7-677-66414,866 Rick WiseJoe NuxhallLarry JacksonMilt Pappas 63355974
1966-09-10vs CIN144L  1-277-67514,819 Jim BunningSammy EllisSammy EllisJim BunningBilly McCool63456173
1966-09-11vs CIN145W  9-378-6759,363 Chris ShortJim MaloneyChris ShortJim Maloney 64356479
1966-09-13@ SFN146L  2-778-68511,930Larry JacksonJuan MarichalJuan MarichalLarry Jackson 64557174
1966-09-14@ SFN147W  2-079-6858,328Jim BunningGaylord PerryJim BunningGaylord Perry 64757176
1966-09-16@ HOU148L  4-679-69510,920Chris ShortMike CuellarMike CuellarChris Short 65157774
1966-09-17@ HOU149L  2-1179-70510,291Rick WiseLarry DierkerLarry DierkerJohn Morris 65358865
1966-09-18@ LAN150W  4-080-70536,183Larry JacksonClaude OsteenLarry JacksonClaude Osteen 65758869
1966-09-19@ LAN151L  1-680-71524,900Jim BunningDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJim Bunning 65859464
1966-09-20@ LAN152L  1-1180-72541,726Chris ShortSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxChris Short 65960554
1966-09-21@ LAN153W  3-281-72535,770Rick WiseClaude OsteenRick WiseClaude Osteen 66260755
1966-09-23vs SLN154W  5-482-7256,896 Larry JacksonLarry JasterRay CulpDick Hughes 66761156
1966-09-24vs SLN155W  5-483-7258,186 Jim BunningAl JacksonJim BunningAl Jackson 67261557
1966-09-25vs SLN156W  4-384-7254,628 Chris ShortSteve CarltonBob BuhlNelson Briles 67661858
1966-09-26vs PIT157W  5-485-7258,289 Rick WiseWoodie FrymanJim BunningBilly O'Dell 68162259
1966-09-28vs PIT158L  1-285-7450 Jim BunningBilly O'DellSteve BlassJim BunningTommie Sisk68262458
1966-09-28vs PIT159L  2-485-7457,213 Larry JacksonBob VealeBob VealeLarry Jackson 68462856
1966-09-30vs LAN160W  5-386-74516,603 Chris ShortClaude OsteenChris ShortClaude Osteen 68963158
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1966-10-02vs LAN161W  4-387-7550 Larry JacksonDon DrysdaleChris ShortBob Miller 69363459
1966-10-02vs LAN162L  3-687-75523,215 Jim BunningSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJim Bunning 69664056

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