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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  97-65   .599
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Hank Bauer
General Manager:   Lee MacPhail
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  1,116,215
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Harvey Haddix (38)
Youngest Player:  Wally Bunker (19)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson (10)
Top Hitter:  Brooks Robinson (2)
Top Pitcher:  Milt Pappas (4)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  85.17%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9963.611--
Chi White Sox9864.6051.0
LA Angels8280.50617.0
KC Athletics57105.35242.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-04-14@ CHA1W  5-31-0120,766Milt PappasGary PetersStu MillerHoyt Wilhelm 532
1964-04-16@ CHA2W  4-32-014,037Dave McNallyRay HerbertDave McNallyRay HerbertStu Miller963
1964-04-17vs NYA3W  4-33-0135,141 Steve BarberJim BoutonStu MillerJim Bouton 1394
1964-04-18vs NYA4W  2-14-0112,433 Robin RobertsAl DowningWes StockPete Mikkelsen 15105
1964-04-19vs NYA5L  3-54-1126,144 Milt PappasBud DaleyBud DaleyMilt PappasSteve Hamilton18153
1964-04-23vs BOS6L  1-35-220 Steve BarberJack LamabeJack LamabeSteve BarberDick Radatz19181
1964-04-23vs BOS7W  1-05-229,636 Robin RobertsDave MoreheadRobin RobertsDave Morehead 20182
1964-04-25@ NYA8L  1-45-3313,659Milt PappasJim BoutonJim BoutonMilt PappasSteve Hamilton2122-1
1964-04-26@ NYA9L  4-55-4318,988Dave McNallyWhitey FordHal ReniffHarvey Haddix 2527-2
1964-04-28@ BOS10L  4-65-562,085Robin RobertsJack LamabeBob HeffnerStu Miller 2933-4
1964-04-29@ BOS11W  4-26-551,199Chuck EstradaDave MoreheadWes StockDave MoreheadHarvey Haddix3335-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-05-02vs CLE12L  4-66-664,974 Milt PappasJack KralickTed AbernathyHarvey HaddixDon McMahon3741-4
1964-05-03vs CLE13W  5-27-760 Dave McNallyMudcat GrantDave McNallyMudcat GrantStu Miller4243-1
1964-05-03vs CLE14L  0-37-7611,583 Robin RobertsTommy JohnTommy JohnRobin Roberts 4246-4
1964-05-04vs WS215W  11-48-733,199 Chuck EstradaTom CheneyDick HallTom Cheney 53503
1964-05-05vs WS216W  2-19-734,599 Wally BunkerJim HannanWally BunkerJim Hannan 55514
1964-05-06@ CLE17L  5-79-845,653Mike McCormickJack KralickGary BellMike McCormick 60582
1964-05-07@ CLE18L  4-99-943,962Dave McNallyMudcat GrantMudcat GrantDave McNallyTed Abernathy6467-3
1964-05-08@ DET19W  4-310-949,305Robin RobertsMickey LolichStu MillerLarry Sherry 6870-2
1964-05-09@ DET20W  7-611-944,431Chuck EstradaHank AguirreHarvey HaddixLarry SherryDick Hall7576-1
1964-05-10@ DET21W  2-113-930Milt PappasDave WickershamMilt PappasDave WickershamDick Hall77770
1964-05-10@ DET22W  7-113-9313,440Wally BunkerEd RakowWally BunkerEd Rakow 84786
1964-05-11@ WS223L  4-613-1043,813Mike McCormickBennie DanielsBennie DanielsMike McCormickRon Kline88844
1964-05-12@ WS224W  5-014-1042,188Dave McNallyDave StenhouseDave McNallyDave Stenhouse 93849
1964-05-14@ WS225L  1-414-1144,224Robin RobertsBuster NarumBuster NarumRobin Roberts 94886
1964-05-15vs LAA26W  6-116-1130 Wally BunkerDean ChanceWally BunkerDean Chance 1008911
1964-05-15vs LAA27W  12-016-11315,392 Milt PappasBob LeeMilt PappasBob Lee 1128923
1964-05-16vs LAA28W  5-117-1137,089 Steve BarberFred NewmanDick HallFred NewmanStu Miller1179027
1964-05-17vs LAA29L  4-917-1245,442 Dave McNallyKen McBrideDon LeeChuck EstradaDean Chance1219922
1964-05-19vs KC130W  3-218-1228,496 Robin RobertsMoe DrabowskyDick HallJohn Wyatt 12410123
1964-05-20vs KC131W  8-319-1226,197 Milt PappasDiego SeguiMilt PappasDiego Segui 13210428
1964-05-21vs KC132W  7-620-1228,996 Wally BunkerJohn O'DonoghueWally BunkerJohn O'DonoghueStu Miller13911029
1964-05-22vs MIN33W  6-521-12214,009 Steve BarberJim KaatDick HallBill Fischer 14511530
1964-05-23vs MIN34L  1-521-1327,336 Dave McNallyLee StangeLee StangeDave McNally 14612026
1964-05-24vs MIN35W  2-023-1320 Robin RobertsJim RolandRobin RobertsJim Roland 14812028
1964-05-24vs MIN36W  7-623-13215,917 Milt PappasDick StigmanStu MillerLee Stange 15512629
1964-05-25vs DET37L  3-523-1427,092 Steve BarberHank AguirreEd RakowSteve Barber 15813127
1964-05-26vs DET38W  2-124-14210,683 Wally BunkerMickey LolichWally BunkerMickey LolichStu Miller16013228
1964-05-27vs DET39L  3-624-1529,068 Dave McNallyPhil ReganEd RakowDave McNally 16313825
1964-05-29@ LAA40W  3-225-1527,802Robin RobertsDean ChanceRobin RobertsDean ChanceStu Miller16614026
1964-05-30@ LAA41W  6-026-1527,258Milt PappasKen McBrideMilt PappasKen McBride 17214032
1964-05-31@ LAA42W  2-127-1527,567Steve BarberBo BelinskySteve BarberBo BelinskyStu Miller17414133
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-06-01@ KC143W  8-428-1524,310Wally BunkerAurelio MonteagudoWally BunkerAurelio MonteagudoDick Hall18214537
1964-06-02@ KC144W  4-029-1515,943Dave McNallyOrlando PenaDave McNallyOrlando Pena 18614541
1964-06-03@ KC145W  5-130-1515,906Robin RobertsDiego SeguiRobin RobertsDiego Segui 19114645
1964-06-05@ MIN46L  5-1130-16215,949Milt PappasLee StangeLee StangeMilt Pappas 19615739
1964-06-06@ MIN47W  2-131-16118,736Steve BarberDick StigmanSteve BarberDick StigmanStu Miller19815840
1964-06-07@ MIN48L  2-531-17224,637Wally BunkerCamilo PascualCamilo PascualWally Bunker 20016337
1964-06-09@ CHA49L  5-931-18229,465Dave McNallyJuan PizarroJuan PizarroDave McNallyHoyt Wilhelm20517233
1964-06-10@ CHA50L  1-231-19222,080Robin RobertsGary PetersGary PetersRobin RobertsEddie Fisher20617432
1964-06-11@ CHA51W  3-132-1929,344Milt PappasFred TalbotMilt PappasHoyt WilhelmStu Miller20917534
1964-06-12@ BOS52L  3-732-20219,629Steve BarberDave MoreheadDave MoreheadSteve Barber 21218230
1964-06-13@ BOS53L  2-632-2127,286Wally BunkerEarl WilsonEarl WilsonWally Bunker 21418826
1964-06-14@ BOS54W  10-134-2110Dave McNallyJack LamabeDave McNallyJack Lamabe 22418935
1964-06-14@ BOS55W  8-134-21129,853Chuck EstradaEd ConnollyChuck EstradaEd ConnollyDick Hall23219042
1964-06-15vs CHA56L  1-934-22223,492 Robin RobertsFred TalbotEddie FisherRobin Roberts 23319934
1964-06-16vs CHA57L  0-535-2320 Milt PappasJuan PizarroJuan PizarroMilt Pappas 23320429
1964-06-16vs CHA58W  3-135-23221,057 Steve BarberJoe HorlenSteve BarberJoe Horlen 23620531
1964-06-17vs CHA59W  6-136-23113,435 Wally BunkerJohn BuzhardtWally BunkerJohn Buzhardt 24220636
1964-06-18vs CHA60L  0-236-24228,315 Dave McNallyFrank KreutzerFrank KreutzerDave McNallyHoyt Wilhelm24220834
1964-06-19vs BOS61W  2-138-2410 Robin RobertsEd ConnollyRobin RobertsEd ConnollyStu Miller24420935
1964-06-19vs BOS62W  6-538-24122,151 Chuck EstradaBill SpanswickChuck EstradaBill SpanswickStu Miller25021436
1964-06-20vs BOS63W  11-539-24112,186 Milt PappasDave MoreheadMilt PappasDave Morehead 26121942
1964-06-21vs BOS64L  6-939-2516,723 Steve BarberEarl WilsonEarl WilsonSteve BarberBill Monbouquette26722839
1964-06-23vs NYA65W  9-840-25131,860 Wally BunkerRollie SheldonChuck EstradaPete MikkelsenStu Miller27623640
1964-06-24vs NYA66W  7-441-25134,528 Robin RobertsWhitey FordDick HallStan Williams 28324043
1964-06-25vs NYA67W  3-142-25136,369 Steve BarberJim BoutonSteve BarberJim Bouton 28624145
1964-06-26@ WS268W  9-443-25110,519Dave McNallyBuster NarumHarvey HaddixJim Duckworth 29524550
1964-06-27@ WS269W  3-144-2513,052Milt PappasJim HannanMilt PappasJim HannanStu Miller29824652
1964-06-28@ WS270W  6-445-25114,645Wally BunkerAlan KochHerm StarretteDave StenhouseDick Hall30425054
1964-06-29vs MIN71W  6-346-25116,610 Robin RobertsCamilo PascualRobin RobertsCamilo Pascual 31025357
1964-06-30vs MIN72L  1-346-2618,365 Steve BarberGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoSteve BarberAl Worthington31125655
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-07-01vs LAA73W  4-247-26123,217 Dave McNallyDean ChanceDave McNallyDean ChanceStu Miller31525857
1964-07-02vs LAA74L  6-1047-2718,689 Milt PappasBob MeyerDan OsinskiStu Miller 32126853
1964-07-03vs KC175W  4-048-27111,035 Wally BunkerOrlando PenaWally BunkerOrlando Pena 32526857
1964-07-04vs KC176W  6-649-27137,922 Robin RobertsMoe Drabowsky 33127457
1964-07-05vs KC177L  1-349-2817,653 Steve BarberJohn O'DonoghueJohn O'DonoghueSteve BarberWes Stock33227755
1964-07-09@ CLE78W  4-351-2810Wally BunkerDick DonovanWally BunkerDick DonovanStu Miller33628056
1964-07-09@ CLE79W  2-151-28115,684Milt PappasSam McDowellHarvey HaddixSam McDowell 33828157
1964-07-10@ CLE80L  0-851-29117,429Steve BarberJack KralickJack KralickSteve Barber 33828949
1964-07-11@ CLE81W  7-452-2919,395Dave McNallyTommy JohnDave McNallyTommy JohnStu Miller34529352
1964-07-12@ DET82W  4-253-3010Robin RobertsHank AguirreHarvey HaddixHank AguirreStu Miller34929554
1964-07-12@ DET83L  3-453-30119,982Chuck EstradaMickey LolichLarry SherryStu Miller 35229953
1964-07-13@ DET84L  3-453-3118,185Wally BunkerDave WickershamFred GladdingDick Hall 35530352
1964-07-14@ NYA85L  3-453-32138,102Milt PappasAl DowningAl DowningStu Miller 35830751
1964-07-15@ NYA86L  0-253-33126,476Dave McNallyWhitey FordWhitey FordDave McNally 35830949
1964-07-16@ NYA87W  6-154-33127,221Steve BarberJim BoutonSteve BarberJim Bouton 36431054
1964-07-17vs DET88W  5-055-33122,629 Robin RobertsDave WickershamRobin RobertsDave Wickersham 36931059
1964-07-18vs DET89W  6-156-3410 Milt PappasHank AguirreMilt PappasHank Aguirre 37531164
1964-07-18vs DET90L  0-356-34124,957 Dave VineyardMickey LolichMickey LolichDave Vineyard 37531461
1964-07-19vs DET91W  5-457-3417,172 Wally BunkerDenny McLainWally BunkerDenny McLainStu Miller38031862
1964-07-21vs CLE92L  2-457-3610 Dave McNallyLee StangeLee StangeDave McNallyDon McMahon38232260
1964-07-21vs CLE93L  5-857-36120,493 Steve BarberPedro RamosGary BellStu Miller 38733057
1964-07-22vs CLE94L  4-757-3718,903 Milt PappasDick DonovanDick DonovanMilt PappasTed Abernathy39133754
1964-07-23vs CLE95W  7-158-3717,642 Robin RobertsSam McDowellRobin RobertsSam McDowell 39833860
1964-07-24vs WS296W  2-160-3710 Wally BunkerBuster NarumWally BunkerBuster Narum 40033961
1964-07-24vs WS297W  7-260-37113,282 Dave VineyardSteve RidzikDave VineyardSteve Ridzik 40734166
1964-07-25vs WS298W  5-461-3717,992 Steve BarberBennie DanielsStu MillerRon KlineHarvey Haddix41234567
1964-07-26vs WS299L  1-461-3817,303 Dave McNallyDave StenhouseDave StenhouseDave McNally 41334964
1964-07-28@ MIN100L  4-761-39122,921Robin RobertsJim KaatJim KaatRobin RobertsAl Worthington41735661
1964-07-29@ MIN101W  4-362-39124,476Milt PappasMudcat GrantMilt PappasMudcat GrantStu Miller42135962
1964-07-30@ MIN102W  7-463-39110,554Dave VineyardGerry ArrigoDave VineyardGerry Arrigo 42836365
1964-07-31@ KC1103W  6-164-4010Wally BunkerJohn O'DonoghueWally BunkerJohn O'Donoghue 43436470
1964-07-31@ KC1104L  6-764-40110,128Dave McNallyTed BowsfieldJohn WyattSteve Barber 44037169
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-08-01@ KC1105W  5-265-40125,003Frank BertainaOrlando PenaDick HallOrlando Pena 44537372
1964-08-02@ KC1106W  8-766-4017,652Robin RobertsDiego SeguiSteve BarberMoe DrabowskyHarvey Haddix45338073
1964-08-03@ LAA107W  7-067-4019,459Milt PappasBo BelinskyMilt PappasBo Belinsky 46038080
1964-08-04@ LAA108L  0-567-4119,192Dave VineyardDon LeeBarry LatmanDave Vineyard 46038575
1964-08-05@ LAA109L  0-167-42117,865Wally BunkerDean ChanceDean ChanceWally BunkerBob Lee46038674
1964-08-07@ NYA110W  2-068-42137,167Steve BarberJim BoutonSteve BarberJim BoutonHarvey Haddix46238676
1964-08-08@ NYA111W  6-569-42152,796Milt PappasWhitey FordDick HallHal Reniff 46839177
1964-08-09@ NYA112L  1-270-4310Dave McNallyAl DowningAl DowningDave McNally 46939376
1964-08-09@ NYA113W  4-270-43158,102Robin RobertsStan WilliamsRobin RobertsStan WilliamsHarvey Haddix47339578
1964-08-11vs BOS114W  8-771-43113,262 Wally BunkerBob HeffnerDick HallDick RadatzSteve Barber48140279
1964-08-12vs BOS115W  7-072-43114,005 Milt PappasEd ConnollyMilt PappasEd Connolly 48840286
1964-08-13vs BOS116W  7-173-43111,024 Robin RobertsBill MonbouquetteRobin RobertsBill Monbouquette 49540392
1964-08-14vs NYA117W  5-474-43147,424 Steve BarberRollie SheldonSteve BarberSteve HamiltonDick Hall50040793
1964-08-15vs NYA118L  1-874-44147,987 Dave McNallyJim BoutonJim BoutonDave McNally 50141586
1964-08-16vs NYA119L  1-374-45143,382 Milt PappasMel StottlemyreMel StottlemyreSteve BarberAl Downing50241884
1964-08-18@ BOS120W  5-275-45111,765Robin RobertsBill MonbouquetteRobin RobertsBill MonbouquetteDick Hall50742087
1964-08-19@ BOS121L  3-475-46112,699Wally BunkerEarl WilsonDick RadatzHarvey Haddix 51042486
1964-08-20@ BOS122L  3-475-4719,331Dave VineyardDave MoreheadDave MoreheadDave VineyardDick Radatz51342885
1964-08-21@ CHA123W  4-276-47141,616Milt PappasJuan PizarroHarvey HaddixHoyt Wilhelm 51743087
1964-08-22@ CHA124W  4-277-47119,494Frank BertainaJoe HorlenStu MillerJoe HorlenHarvey Haddix52143289
1964-08-23@ CHA125W  7-378-4810Wally BunkerRay HerbertWally BunkerEddie Fisher 52843593
1964-08-23@ CHA126L  1-378-48136,280Steve BarberGary PetersGary PetersSteve Barber 52943891
1964-08-25vs CLE127L  3-578-49116,091 Milt PappasSam McDowellPedro RamosHarvey HaddixDon McMahon53244389
1964-08-26vs CLE128L  2-378-50119,141 Robin RobertsLee StangeLee StangeStu MillerDon McMahon53444688
1964-08-28vs CHA129L  1-279-5110 Wally BunkerGary PetersGary PetersWally BunkerEddie Fisher53544887
1964-08-28vs CHA130W  8-379-51138,675 Steve BarberJohn BuzhardtSteve BarberJohn Buzhardt 54345192
1964-08-29vs CHA131W  5-080-51132,286 Milt PappasJuan PizarroMilt PappasJuan Pizarro 54845197
1964-08-30vs CHA132L  0-380-52122,339 Robin RobertsJoe HorlenJoe HorlenRobin RobertsHoyt Wilhelm54845494
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-09-01@ MIN133L  1-280-53114,625Steve BarberJim KaatJim KaatSteve BarberAl Worthington54945693
1964-09-02@ MIN134W  2-081-53115,621Milt PappasDick StigmanMilt PappasDick Stigman 55145695
1964-09-03@ MIN135W  4-182-5317,549Wally BunkerCamilo PascualWally BunkerCamilo Pascual 55545798
1964-09-04@ LAA136L  1-782-5419,737Robin RobertsFred NewmanFred NewmanRobin Roberts 55646492
1964-09-05@ LAA137L  0-182-5529,733Steve BarberGeorge BrunetGeorge BrunetSteve BarberBob Lee55646591
1964-09-06@ LAA138W  2-083-55110,288Milt PappasBarry LatmanMilt PappasBob Duliba 55846593
1964-09-07@ KC1139W  6-184-5610Wally BunkerOrlando PenaWally BunkerOrlando Pena 56446698
1964-09-07@ KC1140L  1-684-56115,358Dave McNallyBob MeyerBob MeyerDave McNally 56547293
1964-09-09@ WS2141W  6-385-5710Robin RobertsBuster NarumDave McNallyBuster NarumDick Hall57147596
1964-09-09@ WS2142L  3-485-57114,272Steve BarberClaude OsteenClaude OsteenSteve Barber 57447995
1964-09-10@ WS2143W  12-586-5715,744Milt PappasFrank KreutzerMilt PappasSteve Ridzik 586484102
1964-09-11vs KC1144W  5-287-5810 Wally BunkerJohn O'DonoghueWally BunkerJohn O'DonoghueHarvey Haddix591486105
1964-09-11vs KC1145L  0-887-58121,622 Dave VineyardBlue Moon OdomBlue Moon OdomDave Vineyard 59149497
1964-09-12vs KC1146W  1-088-58113,162 Frank BertainaBob MeyerFrank BertainaBob Meyer 59249498
1964-09-13vs KC1147L  5-788-5913,035 Steve BarberDiego SeguiWes StockChuck EstradaJohn Wyatt59750196
1964-09-14vs MIN148W  4-389-5917,930 Milt PappasMudcat GrantKen RoweAl Worthington 60150497
1964-09-15vs MIN149L  1-289-6019,158 Robin RobertsJim KaatBill PleisHarvey HaddixAl Worthington60250696
1964-09-16vs MIN150L  1-289-61110,555 Wally BunkerCamilo PascualCamilo PascualWally Bunker 60350895
1964-09-18vs LAA151W  10-890-61135,845 Milt PappasBarry LatmanStu MillerEd Sukla 61351697
1964-09-20vs LAA152L  5-891-6210 Frank BertainaDean ChanceBarry LatmanStu Miller 61852494
1964-09-20vs LAA153W  8-291-6218,474 Wally BunkerGeorge BrunetWally BunkerGeorge Brunet 626526100
1964-09-22@ DET154L  1-291-6321,535Milt PappasHank AguirreEd RakowMilt PappasJulio Navarro62752899
1964-09-23@ DET155L  3-1091-6422,057Steve BarberPhil ReganJohnnie SealeDave VineyardTerry Fox63053892
1964-09-25@ CLE156W  10-692-6427,583Wally BunkerLee StangeWally BunkerLee StangeHarvey Haddix64054496
1964-09-26@ CLE157W  5-393-6425,980Milt PappasLuis TiantMilt PappasLuis TiantDick Hall64554798
1964-09-27@ CLE158W  4-094-6426,347Robin RobertsSonny SiebertRobin RobertsSonny Siebert 649547102
1964-09-30vs WS2159W  8-495-6530 Wally BunkerBuster NarumWally BunkerBuster Narum 657551106
1964-09-30vs WS2160L  3-695-6539,405 Milt PappasClaude OsteenClaude OsteenMilt PappasSteve Ridzik660557103
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-10-01vs WS2161W  2-096-6522,170 Dave McNallyFrank KreutzerDave McNallyFrank Kreutzer 662557105
1964-10-02vs DET162W  10-497-6534,539 Robin RobertsJoe SparmaRobin RobertsJoe SparmaHarvey Haddix672561111
1964-10-03vs DET163W  7-698-6537,532 Milt PappasBill FaulDick HallFred Gladding 679567112

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