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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  99-63   .611
Result:   1st in American League
Manager(s):  Yogi Berra
General Manager:   Ralph Houk
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium I
Attendance:  1,305,638
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Cardinals)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Whitey Ford (35)
Youngest Player:  Mike Hegan (21)
Longest Tenure:  Mickey Mantle (14)
Top Hitter:  Mickey Mantle (3)
Top Pitcher:  Whitey Ford (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  88.21%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9963.611--
Chi White Sox9864.6051.0
LA Angels8280.50617.0
KC Athletics57105.35242.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-04-16vs BOS1L  3-40-1812,709 Whitey FordBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzWhitey FordBob Heffner34-1
1964-04-17@ BAL2L  3-40-2835,141Jim BoutonSteve BarberStu MillerJim Bouton 68-2
1964-04-18@ BAL3L  1-20-3812,433Al DowningRobin RobertsWes StockPete Mikkelsen 710-3
1964-04-19@ BAL4W  5-31-3926,144Bud DaleyMilt PappasBud DaleyMilt PappasSteve Hamilton1213-1
1964-04-20@ BOS5L  0-41-4915,401Bob MeyerBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteBob Meyer 1217-5
1964-04-22@ CHA6W  3-02-4729,703Whitey FordGary PetersWhitey FordGary Peters 1517-2
1964-04-25vs BAL7W  4-13-4713,659 Jim BoutonMilt PappasJim BoutonMilt PappasSteve Hamilton19181
1964-04-26vs BAL8W  5-44-4618,988 Whitey FordDave McNallyHal ReniffHarvey Haddix 24222
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-05-01vs WS29W  1-05-4310,967 Whitey FordBennie DanielsWhitey FordBennie Daniels 25223
1964-05-02vs WS210L  4-55-557,712 Jim BoutonClaude OsteenSteve RidzikBud DaleyJim Duckworth29272
1964-05-03vs WS211W  4-06-650 Al DowningDave StenhouseAl DowningDave Stenhouse 33276
1964-05-03vs WS212L  5-66-6520,487 Ralph TerryBuster NarumBuster NarumRalph TerryDave Stenhouse38335
1964-05-05vs DET13W  4-37-6412,867 Whitey FordHank AguirreSteve HamiltonLarry Sherry 42366
1964-05-06@ WS214W  9-28-730Jim BoutonBennie DanielsJim BoutonBennie Daniels 513813
1964-05-06@ WS215L  4-58-7332,026Stan WilliamsClaude OsteenRon KlineBob Meyer 554312
1964-05-07@ WS216W  9-69-7310,485Al DowningDave StenhousePete MikkelsenMarshall BridgesHal Reniff644915
1964-05-08@ CLE17W  10-310-7320,877Ralph TerryTommy JohnRalph TerryTommy John 745222
1964-05-09@ CLE18W  6-211-728,106Whitey FordPedro RamosWhitey FordPedro RamosPete Mikkelsen805426
1964-05-10@ CLE19W  12-213-720Jim BoutonDick DonovanJim BoutonDick Donovan 925636
1964-05-10@ CLE20W  3-213-7228,694Stan WilliamsJack KralickBill StaffordTed Abernathy 955837
1964-05-12@ DET21L  2-713-8218,688Al DowningMickey LolichMickey LolichBob Meyer 976532
1964-05-13@ DET22L  1-113-9312,017Whitey FordHank Aguirre 986632
1964-05-14@ DET23L  3-713-1037,511Jim BoutonPhil ReganPhil ReganJim BoutonMickey Lolich1017328
1964-05-15vs KC124L  0-1113-11513,445 Ralph TerryDiego SeguiDiego SeguiRalph Terry 1018417
1964-05-16vs KC125W  10-614-11411,145 Stan WilliamsMoe DrabowskySteve HamiltonMoe DrabowskyHal Reniff1119021
1964-05-17vs KC126W  11-916-1120 Bill StaffordJohn O'DonoghueHal ReniffJohn O'Donoghue 1229923
1964-05-17vs KC127W  8-016-11224,007 Whitey FordOrlando PenaWhitey FordOrlando Pena 1309931
1964-05-19vs MIN28L  2-716-12318,603 Jim BoutonJim RolandJim RolandHal Reniff 13210626
1964-05-20vs MIN29L  4-716-1358,175 Ralph TerryCamilo PascualCamilo PascualRalph Terry 13611323
1964-05-22vs LAA30W  4-317-13413,030 Whitey FordKen McBridePete MikkelsenKen McBrideHal Reniff14011624
1964-05-23vs LAA31L  5-917-14512,912 Al DowningBo BelinskyBob DulibaAl DowningBob Lee14512520
1964-05-24vs LAA32L  0-318-1540 Jim BoutonDean ChanceDean ChanceJim Bouton 14512817
1964-05-24vs LAA33W  8-518-15420,609 Ralph TerryFred NewmanSteve HamiltonDan OsinskiHal Reniff15313320
1964-05-26vs CLE34W  3-219-15415,906 Whitey FordMudcat GrantPete MikkelsenMudcat Grant 15613521
1964-05-27vs CLE35W  7-220-1536,299 Al DowningJack KralickAl DowningJack Kralick 16313726
1964-05-29@ KC136L  1-420-16416,670Jim BoutonDiego SeguiDiego SeguiJim BoutonJohn Wyatt16414123
1964-05-30@ KC137W  9-121-16420,989Whitey FordMoe DrabowskyWhitey FordMoe Drabowsky 17314231
1964-05-31@ KC138L  2-421-17518,764Al DowningJohn O'DonoghueJohn O'DonoghueHal ReniffJohn Wyatt17514629
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-06-01@ MIN39L  1-221-18529,649Ralph TerryDick StigmanDick StigmanRalph Terry 17614828
1964-06-02@ MIN40L  2-621-19531,392Jim BoutonGerry ArrigoGerry ArrigoJim Bouton 17815424
1964-06-03@ MIN41W  3-022-19535,743Whitey FordJim RolandWhitey FordJim Roland 18115427
1964-06-04@ MIN42W  9-723-19527,579Al DowningJim PerryPete MikkelsenJim Perry 19016129
1964-06-05@ LAA43L  2-323-20529,711Ralph TerryBo BelinskyBo BelinskyRalph TerryBob Lee19216428
1964-06-06@ LAA44W  2-024-20530,496Jim BoutonDean ChanceBill StaffordWillie Smith 19416430
1964-06-07@ LAA45W  9-325-20526,933Whitey FordKen McBrideWhitey FordKen McBride 20316736
1964-06-09@ BOS46L  2-525-21431,049Al DowningEarl WilsonEarl WilsonAl DowningDick Radatz20517233
1964-06-10@ BOS47L  6-726-22310,264Stan WilliamsJack LamabeBob HeffnerBud Daley 21117932
1964-06-10@ BOS48W  10-626-22328,516Ralph TerryBill SpanswickRalph TerryBob HeffnerPete Mikkelsen22118536
1964-06-11@ BOS49W  8-427-22328,494Jim BoutonBill MonbouquetteJim BoutonBill Monbouquette 22918940
1964-06-12vs CHA50W  6-129-2230 Steve HamiltonJohn BuzhardtSteve HamiltonFrank Baumann 23519045
1964-06-12vs CHA51W  3-029-22338,135 Whitey FordJoe HorlenWhitey FordJoe Horlen 23819048
1964-06-13vs CHA52W  6-330-22315,531 Al DowningFrank KreutzerBill StaffordHoyt WilhelmPete Mikkelsen24419351
1964-06-14vs CHA53W  8-332-2230 Bud DaleyJuan PizarroBud DaleyJuan PizarroHal Reniff25219656
1964-06-14vs CHA54W  4-332-22337,148 Rollie SheldonGary PetersHal ReniffHoyt Wilhelm 25619957
1964-06-16vs BOS55L  5-633-2330 Jim BoutonDave MoreheadDave MoreheadJim BoutonDick Radatz26120556
1964-06-16vs BOS56W  7-533-23322,658 Whitey FordBill MonbouquetteWhitey FordBill MonbouquettePete Mikkelsen26821058
1964-06-17vs BOS57L  3-433-2439,668 Al DowningEarl WilsonDick RadatzRalph TerryBob Heffner27121457
1964-06-18vs BOS58W  6-334-24313,973 Rollie SheldonJack LamabeRollie SheldonJack Lamabe 27721760
1964-06-20@ CHA59W  1-035-24322,453Whitey FordGary PetersWhitey FordGary Peters 27821761
1964-06-21@ CHA60W  2-037-2420Jim BoutonJuan PizarroJim BoutonJuan PizarroPete Mikkelsen28021763
1964-06-21@ CHA61W  2-137-24239,316Al DowningJoe HorlenBill StaffordDon Mossi 28221864
1964-06-22@ CHA62W  6-538-24126,026Steve HamiltonJohn BuzhardtSteve HamiltonFrank BaumannBill Stafford28822365
1964-06-23@ BAL63L  8-938-25231,860Rollie SheldonWally BunkerChuck EstradaPete MikkelsenStu Miller29623264
1964-06-24@ BAL64L  4-738-26234,528Whitey FordRobin RobertsDick HallStan Williams 30023961
1964-06-25@ BAL65L  1-338-27236,369Jim BoutonSteve BarberSteve BarberJim Bouton 30124259
1964-06-26vs DET66L  0-138-28327,816 Al DowningDave WickershamDave WickershamPete MikkelsenTerry Fox30124358
1964-06-27vs DET67W  5-439-28217,224 Whitey FordDenny McLainBill StaffordFred Gladding 30624759
1964-06-28vs DET68W  8-640-2920 Steve HamiltonHank AguirreStan WilliamsLarry SherryPete Mikkelsen31425361
1964-06-28vs DET69L  5-640-29235,383 Rollie SheldonMickey LolichJoe SparmaRollie Sheldon 31925960
1964-06-30vs LAA70W  4-042-2920 Jim BoutonBo BelinskyJim BoutonBo Belinsky 32325964
1964-06-30vs LAA71W  3-242-29220,644 Al DowningFred NewmanAl DowningFred Newman 32626165
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-07-01vs KC172L  4-542-3037,588 Whitey FordJohn O'DonoghueJohn WyattRalph Terry 33026664
1964-07-02vs KC173W  4-343-3029,606 Rollie SheldonDiego SeguiSteve HamiltonDan Pfister 33426965
1964-07-03vs MIN74L  0-143-31222,262 Stan WilliamsDick StigmanDick StigmanRalph Terry 33427064
1964-07-04vs MIN75W  7-545-3120 Jim BoutonGerry ArrigoJim BoutonAl WorthingtonPete Mikkelsen34127566
1964-07-04vs MIN76W  2-145-31230,685 Al DowningCamilo PascualAl DowningCamilo Pascual 34327667
1964-07-05vs MIN77L  2-945-32323,024 Whitey FordMudcat GrantMudcat GrantWhitey Ford 34528560
1964-07-09@ WS278W  6-546-32221,543Al DowningClaude OsteenAl DowningClaude OsteenPete Mikkelsen35129061
1964-07-10@ WS279W  4-147-32325,971Whitey FordBuster NarumWhitey FordBuster NarumBill Stafford35529164
1964-07-11@ WS280W  3-248-32211,381Jim BoutonDave StenhouseJim BoutonDave StenhousePete Mikkelsen35829365
1964-07-12@ CLE81L  2-248-33337,128Stan WilliamsPedro Ramos 36029565
1964-07-13@ CLE82W  10-449-33218,427Rollie SheldonDick DonovanRollie SheldonDick Donovan 37029971
1964-07-14vs BAL83W  4-350-33238,102 Al DowningMilt PappasAl DowningStu Miller 37430272
1964-07-15vs BAL84W  2-051-33226,476 Whitey FordDave McNallyWhitey FordDave McNally 37630274
1964-07-16vs BAL85L  1-651-34227,221 Jim BoutonSteve BarberSteve BarberJim Bouton 37730869
1964-07-17vs CLE86W  8-452-34219,652 Stan WilliamsPedro RamosSteve HamiltonPedro Ramos 38531273
1964-07-18vs CLE87L  4-652-35317,410 Al DowningDick DonovanGary BellPete Mikkelsen 38931871
1964-07-19vs CLE88W  6-253-3630 Rollie SheldonSam McDowellRollie SheldonSam McDowell 39532075
1964-07-19vs CLE89L  0-353-36330,061 Whitey FordLuis TiantLuis TiantWhitey Ford 39532372
1964-07-21vs WS290W  7-154-36312,874 Jim BoutonDave StenhouseJim BoutonDave Stenhouse 40232478
1964-07-22vs WS291W  6-355-36211,111 Al DowningAlan KochAl DowningAlan KochRalph Terry40832781
1964-07-23vs WS292L  1-255-37310,358 Stan WilliamsClaude OsteenClaude OsteenStan Williams 40932980
1964-07-24@ DET93L  5-1056-3820Rollie SheldonHank AguirreLarry SherrySteve Hamilton 41433975
1964-07-24@ DET94W  6-356-38251,044Whitey FordMickey LolichHal ReniffMickey LolichRalph Terry42034278
1964-07-25@ DET95W  14-257-38221,077Jim BoutonDave WickershamJim BoutonDave Wickersham 43434490
1964-07-26@ DET96W  11-659-3830Al DowningEd RakowAl DowningEd RakowPete Mikkelsen44535095
1964-07-26@ DET97W  5-459-38342,273Bud DaleyDenny McLainBud DaleyDenny McLainSteve Hamilton45035496
1964-07-27@ LAA98W  3-060-38232,695Ralph TerryFred NewmanRalph TerryFred Newman 45335499
1964-07-28@ LAA99L  1-360-39235,976Stan WilliamsDean ChanceDean ChanceStan Williams 45435797
1964-07-29@ LAA100W  5-061-39239,866Jim BoutonBo BelinskyJim BoutonBo Belinsky 459357102
1964-07-31@ MIN101L  3-461-40333,690Al DowningCamilo PascualAl WorthingtonAl Downing 462361101
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-08-01@ MIN102W  6-462-40336,288Ralph TerryDick StigmanRalph TerryDick StigmanHal Reniff468365103
1964-08-02@ MIN103W  2-063-40334,394Jim BoutonJim KaatJim BoutonJim Kaat 470365105
1964-08-04@ KC1104L  1-563-41318,232Whitey FordJohn O'DonoghueJohn O'DonoghueWhitey FordWes Stock471370101
1964-08-05@ KC1105L  1-1063-42322,784Al DowningOrlando PenaOrlando PenaAl Downing 47238092
1964-08-06@ KC1106W  5-364-42214,881Ralph TerryDiego SeguiRalph TerryJose SantiagoHal Reniff47738394
1964-08-07vs BAL107L  0-264-43337,167 Jim BoutonSteve BarberSteve BarberJim BoutonHarvey Haddix47738592
1964-08-08vs BAL108L  5-664-44352,796 Whitey FordMilt PappasDick HallHal Reniff 48239191
1964-08-09vs BAL109W  2-165-4530 Al DowningDave McNallyAl DowningDave McNally 48439292
1964-08-09vs BAL110L  2-465-45358,102 Stan WilliamsRobin RobertsRobin RobertsStan WilliamsHarvey Haddix48639690
1964-08-11vs CHA111L  4-665-47314,576 Ralph TerryJoe HorlenDon MossiRalph TerryHoyt Wilhelm49040288
1964-08-11vs CHA112L  2-865-47325,203 Jim BoutonJuan PizarroJuan PizarroJim Bouton 49241082
1964-08-12vs CHA113W  7-366-47316,945 Mel StottlemyreRay HerbertMel StottlemyreRay Herbert 49941386
1964-08-13vs CHA114W  5-267-47324,711 Al DowningGary PetersAl DowningGary Peters 50441589
1964-08-14@ BAL115L  4-567-48347,424Rollie SheldonSteve BarberSteve BarberSteve HamiltonDick Hall50842088
1964-08-15@ BAL116W  8-168-48347,987Jim BoutonDave McNallyJim BoutonDave McNally 51642195
1964-08-16@ BAL117W  3-169-48343,382Mel StottlemyreMilt PappasMel StottlemyreSteve BarberAl Downing51942297
1964-08-17@ CHA118L  1-269-49332,885Ralph TerryJuan PizarroJuan PizarroRalph TerryHoyt Wilhelm52042496
1964-08-18@ CHA119L  3-469-50335,403Al DowningGary PetersEddie FisherAl Downing 52342895
1964-08-19@ CHA120L  2-469-51337,354Jim BoutonRay HerbertRay HerbertJim BoutonHoyt Wilhelm52543293
1964-08-20@ CHA121L  0-569-52336,667Whitey FordJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtWhitey Ford 52543788
1964-08-21@ BOS122L  0-769-53328,830Ralph TerryBob HeffnerBob HeffnerRalph Terry 52544481
1964-08-22@ BOS123L  3-570-54315,663Al DowningBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzAl Downing 52844979
1964-08-22@ BOS124W  8-070-54319,958Mel StottlemyreJack LamabeMel StottlemyreJack Lamabe 53644987
1964-08-23@ BOS125W  4-371-54326,518Jim BoutonEarl WilsonJim BoutonEarl Wilson 54045288
1964-08-25vs WS2126W  4-172-54316,323 Whitey FordClaude OsteenWhitey FordClaude OsteenAl Downing54445391
1964-08-26vs WS2127L  0-272-55314,237 Mel StottlemyreBuster NarumBuster NarumMel Stottlemyre 54445589
1964-08-28vs BOS128L  3-572-56322,102 Al DowningBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteAl DowningDick Radatz54746087
1964-08-29vs BOS129W  10-274-5630 Jim BoutonEarl WilsonJim BoutonEarl Wilson 55746295
1964-08-29vs BOS130W  6-174-56337,672 Whitey FordDave MoreheadWhitey FordDave Morehead 563463100
1964-08-30vs BOS131W  9-375-56323,256 Mel StottlemyreBob HeffnerMel StottlemyreBob Heffner 572466106
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-09-01@ LAA132W  4-176-56319,983Al DowningGeorge BrunetAl DowningGeorge Brunet 576467109
1964-09-02@ LAA133L  0-476-57325,003Jim BoutonDean ChanceDean ChanceJim Bouton 576471105
1964-09-03@ LAA134L  2-476-5839,858Mel StottlemyreKen McBrideKen McBrideMel StottlemyreBob Lee578475103
1964-09-04@ KC1135W  9-777-5839,900Whitey FordJohn O'DonoghuePete MikkelsenTed Bowsfield 587482105
1964-09-05@ KC1136W  9-778-58318,759Al DowningBlue Moon OdomRalph TerryKen SandersHal Reniff596489107
1964-09-06@ KC1137W  3-279-58321,372Rollie SheldonDiego SeguiRollie SheldonDiego SeguiPedro Ramos599491108
1964-09-07@ MIN138W  5-480-58328,473Jim BoutonDick StigmanHal ReniffAl WorthingtonWhitey Ford604495109
1964-09-08@ MIN139W  2-181-58316,557Mel StottlemyreCamilo PascualMel StottlemyreCamilo Pascual 606496110
1964-09-09@ DET140L  0-481-59324,525Whitey FordMickey LolichMickey LolichWhitey Ford 606500106
1964-09-10@ DET141W  5-282-5937,697Al DowningHank AguirreAl DowningHank Aguirre 611502109
1964-09-11vs MIN142L  3-582-60325,295 Jim BoutonGerry ArrigoJim PerryJim BoutonAl Worthington614507107
1964-09-12vs MIN143W  4-383-60318,554 Mel StottlemyreCamilo PascualMel StottlemyreJohnny Klippstein 618510108
1964-09-13vs MIN144W  5-284-60321,843 Whitey FordDick StigmanPedro RamosDick Stigman 623512111
1964-09-15vs LAA145L  0-784-61314,231 Al DowningDean ChanceDean ChanceAl Downing 623519104
1964-09-16vs LAA146W  9-485-6138,271 Jim BoutonGeorge BrunetJim BoutonAubrey GatewoodPedro Ramos632523109
1964-09-17vs LAA147W  6-286-61310,957 Mel StottlemyreFred NewmanMel StottlemyreFred NewmanRollie Sheldon638525113
1964-09-18vs KC1148W  6-087-61216,094 Whitey FordBob MeyerWhitey FordBob Meyer 644525119
1964-09-19vs KC1149W  8-388-6129,458 Al DowningDiego SeguiAl DowningDiego SeguiRalph Terry652528124
1964-09-20vs KC1150W  4-089-61215,674 Jim BoutonJohn O'DonoghueJim BoutonJohn O'Donoghue 656528128
1964-09-22@ CLE151W  5-391-6110Mel StottlemyreSonny SiebertMel StottlemyreSonny SiebertPedro Ramos661531130
1964-09-22@ CLE152W  8-191-61122,557Whitey FordDick DonovanWhitey FordDick DonovanHal Reniff669532137
1964-09-23@ CLE153W  4-393-6110Al DowningSam McDowellPete MikkelsenLuis TiantPedro Ramos673535138
1964-09-23@ CLE154W  6-493-61119,117Rollie SheldonJack KralickRollie SheldonJack KralickPedro Ramos679539140
1964-09-25@ WS2155W  6-594-61111,490Jim BoutonBuster NarumHal ReniffJim Hannan 685544141
1964-09-26@ WS2156W  7-095-6117,642Mel StottlemyreClaude OsteenMel StottlemyreClaude Osteen 692544148
1964-09-27@ WS2157L  2-395-62114,985Whitey FordBennie DanielsRon KlineHal Reniff 694547147
1964-09-30vs DET158W  7-697-6210 Al DowningMickey LolichRalph TerryMickey LolichPedro Ramos701553148
1964-09-30vs DET159W  11-897-62115,243 Jim BoutonHank AguirreJim BoutonTerry FoxPedro Ramos712561151
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1964-10-01vs DET160L  2-497-6410 Mel StottlemyreDave WickershamMickey LolichMel Stottlemyre 714565149
1964-10-01vs DET161L  2-597-6417,233 Rollie SheldonDenny McLainDenny McLainRollie Sheldon 716570146
1964-10-02vs CLE162W  5-298-6417,877 Whitey FordJack KralickWhitey FordJack Kralick 721572149
1964-10-03vs CLE163W  8-399-64114,879 Al DowningLee StangePete MikkelsenLee Stange 729575154
1964-10-04vs CLE164L  1-299-65210,809 Jim BoutonLuis TiantSam McDowellStan Williams 730577153

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