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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  94-68   .580
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Al Lopez
General Manager:   Ed Short
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,158,848
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Hoyt Wilhelm (39)
Youngest Player:  Bruce Howard (20)
Longest Tenure:  Nellie Fox (14)
Top Hitter:  Pete Ward (5)
Top Pitcher:  Gary Peters (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  70.90%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10457.646--
Chi White Sox9468.58010.5
KC Athletics7389.45131.5
LA Angels7091.43534.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-04-09@ DET1W  7-51-0237,781Ray HerbertJim BunningFrank BaumannJim BunningHoyt Wilhelm752
1963-04-10@ DET2L  1-21-162,875Eddie FisherHank AguirreHank AguirreEddie Fisher 871
1963-04-11@ LAA3W  3-12-1310,003Joe HorlenBo BelinskyJoe HorlenBo BelinskyHoyt Wilhelm1183
1963-04-13@ LAA4L  0-12-2513,675Juan PizarroKen McBrideJulio NavarroGary Peters 1192
1963-04-16vs KC15L  4-72-3724,760 Eddie FisherTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldEddie FisherJohn Wyatt1516-1
1963-04-18vs KC16W  3-03-352,588 Ray HerbertEd RakowRay HerbertEd Rakow 18162
1963-04-19vs MIN7W  3-14-3417,191 Juan PizarroCamilo PascualJuan PizarroCamilo Pascual 21174
1963-04-20vs MIN8W  10-75-327,137 Joe HorlenJim KaatFrank BaumannJim KaatHoyt Wilhelm31247
1963-04-21vs MIN9L  0-76-420 Eddie FisherJim RolandJim RolandEddie Fisher 31310
1963-04-21vs MIN10W  8-06-4220,625 John BuzhardtJack KralickJohn BuzhardtJack Kralick 39318
1963-04-24@ NYA11W  6-47-424,525Juan PizarroStan WilliamsHoyt WilhelmLuis Arroyo 453510
1963-04-27@ BOS12L  5-97-535,683Ray HerbertGene ConleyJack LamabeRay Herbert 50446
1963-04-28@ BOS13L  3-47-750John BuzhardtIke DelockDick RadatzHoyt Wilhelm 53485
1963-04-28@ BOS14L  2-67-7518,412Eddie FisherBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteEddie Fisher 55541
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-05-01vs BAL15W  7-09-7316,717 Ray HerbertMike McCormickRay HerbertMike McCormick 62548
1963-05-01vs BAL16W  6-49-7316,717 Joe HorlenRobin RobertsJoe HorlenRobin RobertsHoyt Wilhelm685810
1963-05-02vs BAL17L  7-89-8410,501 Juan PizarroDave McNallyDean StoneGary PetersStu Miller75669
1963-05-03vs WS218L  2-59-9511,953 John BuzhardtDon RudolphDon RudolphJohn Buzhardt 77716
1963-05-04vs WS219W  8-110-955,132 Eddie FisherDave StenhouseEddie FisherDave StenhouseHoyt Wilhelm857213
1963-05-05vs WS220W  8-011-1050 Ray HerbertTom CheneyRay HerbertTom Cheney 937221
1963-05-05vs WS221L  7-811-10510,984 Joe HorlenArt QuirkJim HannanHoyt WilhelmRon Kline1008020
1963-05-06@ KC122W  5-112-1049,495Gary PetersTed BowsfieldGary PetersTed BowsfieldJim Brosnan1058124
1963-05-07@ KC123W  2-113-10410,176John BuzhardtDave WickershamJohn BuzhardtDave WickershamHoyt Wilhelm1078225
1963-05-08@ KC124W  8-314-10112,692Eddie FisherEd RakowEddie FisherEd RakowJim Brosnan1158530
1963-05-09vs NYA25W  2-015-10132,405 Ray HerbertRalph TerryRay HerbertRalph Terry 1178532
1963-05-10vs LAA26W  2-016-1019,016 Juan PizarroKen McBrideJuan PizarroKen McBride 1198534
1963-05-11vs LAA27W  4-217-1015,374 Gary PetersBo BelinskyGary PetersBo BelinskyJim Brosnan1238736
1963-05-12vs LAA28W  14-218-1110 John BuzhardtDean ChanceJohn BuzhardtDean Chance 1378948
1963-05-12vs LAA29L  6-718-11113,267 Joe HorlenBob TurleyDan OsinskiHoyt Wilhelm 1439647
1963-05-13vs LAA30L  3-718-12110,248 Eddie FisherDon LeeDean ChanceEddie FisherJulio Navarro14610343
1963-05-14vs DET31W  3-019-12113,147 Ray HerbertJim BunningRay HerbertJim Bunning 14910346
1963-05-15vs DET32W  7-420-12111,363 Juan PizarroPhil ReganJuan PizarroPhil ReganJim Brosnan15610749
1963-05-16@ CLE33L  4-520-1323,079John BuzhardtDick DonovanPedro RamosJim Brosnan 16011248
1963-05-18@ BAL34L  1-220-14316,349Gary PetersSteve BarberSteve BarberHoyt Wilhelm 16111447
1963-05-19@ BAL35L  3-421-1530Juan PizarroRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJuan Pizarro 16411846
1963-05-19@ BAL36W  4-321-15316,179Ray HerbertMike McCormickJim BrosnanDean Stone 16812147
1963-05-20@ WS237W  5-422-1523,887Eddie FisherTom CheneyEddie FisherTom CheneyJim Brosnan17312548
1963-05-21@ WS238W  4-323-1521,909John BuzhardtDon RudolphJohn BuzhardtDon RudolphHoyt Wilhelm17712849
1963-05-22@ WS239W  9-324-1524,235Joe HorlenBennie DanielsJoe HorlenBennie DanielsGary Peters18613155
1963-05-24@ MIN40L  6-824-16326,765Ray HerbertDick StigmanDick StigmanEddie Fisher 19213953
1963-05-25@ MIN41L  0-624-17318,194Juan PizarroCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJuan Pizarro 19214547
1963-05-26@ MIN42L  2-524-18319,553John BuzhardtJim PerryJim PerryJohn BuzhardtBill Dailey19415044
1963-05-28vs CLE43L  2-324-19310,595 Ray HerbertJack KralickJack KralickRay HerbertTed Abernathy19615343
1963-05-30vs CLE44W  8-426-1930 Juan PizarroSam McDowellEddie FisherJerry WalkerHoyt Wilhelm20415747
1963-05-30vs CLE45W  4-226-19329,436 Gary PetersBarry LatmanGary PetersBarry LatmanFrank Baumann20815949
1963-05-31vs BOS46W  6-027-19322,290 John BuzhardtGene ConleyJohn BuzhardtGene Conley 21415955
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-06-01vs BOS47W  3-128-1939,263 Joe HorlenDave MoreheadJoe HorlenDave MoreheadJim Brosnan21716057
1963-06-02vs BOS48L  9-1129-2030 Ray HerbertBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzJim Brosnan 22617155
1963-06-02vs BOS49W  10-029-20330,255 Juan PizarroWilbur WoodJuan PizarroWilbur Wood 23617165
1963-06-03@ LAA50W  4-030-2034,636Eddie FisherBob TurleyEddie FisherBob Turley 24017169
1963-06-04@ LAA51L  0-130-2136,121Gary PetersDan OsinskiDan OsinskiGary Peters 24017268
1963-06-05@ LAA52W  3-031-2230John BuzhardtMel NelsonJohn BuzhardtMel Nelson 24317271
1963-06-05@ LAA53L  2-831-22310,004Ray HerbertKen McBrideKen McBrideRay Herbert 24518065
1963-06-07@ KC154W  7-132-22213,944Juan PizarroDave WickershamJuan PizarroDave Wickersham 25218171
1963-06-08@ KC155L  6-732-23213,730Eddie FisherTed BowsfieldJohn WyattJoe Horlen 25818870
1963-06-09@ KC156W  4-333-23114,289Gary PetersEd RakowJuan PizarroBill Fischer 26219171
1963-06-11vs MIN57L  6-833-2415,738 Ray HerbertDick StigmanBill DaileyHoyt WilhelmGarry Roggenburk26819969
1963-06-12vs LAA58W  3-134-2520 John BuzhardtDon LeeJohn BuzhardtDon Lee 27120071
1963-06-12vs LAA59L  0-534-25224,732 Juan PizarroBob TurleyBob TurleyJuan Pizarro 27120566
1963-06-14vs KC160W  3-235-25128,569 Gary PetersEd RakowJim BrosnanEd Rakow 27420767
1963-06-15vs KC161L  3-435-26210,196 Ray HerbertDiego SeguiTed BowsfieldRay HerbertJohn Wyatt27721166
1963-06-16vs KC162W  2-137-2620 John BuzhardtDave WickershamJohn BuzhardtDave Wickersham 27921267
1963-06-16vs KC163W  3-237-26228,909 Juan PizarroOrlando PenaJuan PizarroOrlando PenaJim Brosnan28221468
1963-06-18@ MIN64L  3-537-27218,576Joe HorlenJim PerryJim PerryJoe HorlenBill Dailey28521966
1963-06-19@ MIN65W  12-438-27220,770Ray HerbertDick StigmanRay HerbertDick Stigman 29722374
1963-06-20@ MIN66L  4-938-2829,173John BuzhardtJim KaatJim KaatJohn BuzhardtBill Dailey30123269
1963-06-21@ CLE67W  2-039-28219,177Juan PizarroEarly WynnJuan PizarroEarly Wynn 30323271
1963-06-22@ CLE68W  2-140-2824,573Gary PetersMudcat GrantGary PetersMudcat GrantJim Brosnan30523372
1963-06-23@ CLE69W  2-141-2920Ray HerbertJack KralickRay HerbertJack KralickHoyt Wilhelm30723473
1963-06-23@ CLE70L  0-241-29246,019Dave DeBusschereBarry LatmanBarry LatmanDave DeBusschere 30723671
1963-06-24vs NYA71W  5-242-29242,748 John BuzhardtAl DowningJohn BuzhardtAl DowningHoyt Wilhelm31223874
1963-06-25vs NYA72W  2-143-29246,177 Juan PizarroRalph TerryJuan PizarroRalph Terry 31423975
1963-06-26vs NYA73L  2-343-30244,305 Gary PetersWhitey FordWhitey FordGary PetersHal Reniff31624274
1963-06-27vs NYA74W  6-044-30248,544 Ray HerbertJim BoutonRay HerbertJim Bouton 32224280
1963-06-28vs CLE75L  3-444-31236,324 Dave DeBusschereEarly WynnTed AbernathyJim Brosnan 32524679
1963-06-29vs CLE76L  2-544-32210,749 John BuzhardtJack KralickJack KralickJohn BuzhardtBob Allen32725176
1963-06-30vs CLE77L  4-845-3320 Juan PizarroDick DonovanDick DonovanJuan PizarroTed Abernathy33125972
1963-06-30vs CLE78W  4-045-33227,805 Gary PetersMudcat GrantGary PetersMudcat Grant 33525976
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-07-02@ NYA79L  0-345-34321,691Ray HerbertAl DowningAl DowningRay Herbert 33526273
1963-07-03@ NYA80L  4-545-35320,988John BuzhardtRalph TerryHal ReniffJim Brosnan 33926772
1963-07-04@ NYA81L  1-946-3620Gary PetersWhitey FordWhitey FordGary Peters 34027664
1963-07-04@ NYA82W  4-246-36239,526Juan PizarroBill StaffordJuan PizarroBill StaffordHoyt Wilhelm34427866
1963-07-05@ BOS83L  3-846-37323,682Dave DeBusschereEarl WilsonEarl WilsonDave DeBusschere 34728661
1963-07-06@ BOS84L  2-646-38419,615Ray HerbertDave MoreheadDave MoreheadJoe Shipley 34929257
1963-07-07@ BOS85W  4-147-38217,611Hoyt WilhelmJack LamabeJuan PizarroBill Monbouquette 35329360
1963-07-11vs DET86W  6-348-38219,761 Gary PetersHank AguirreGary PetersHank AguirreJim Brosnan35929663
1963-07-12vs DET87L  6-748-39325,497 Juan PizarroDon MossiTerry FoxJim BrosnanWillie Smith36530362
1963-07-14vs BAL88L  3-649-4030 Ray HerbertMike McCormickMike McCormickRay HerbertStu Miller36830959
1963-07-14vs BAL89W  3-249-40322,607 John BuzhardtDave McNallyHoyt WilhelmSteve Barber 37131160
1963-07-15vs BAL90W  4-050-40317,764 Gary PetersRobin RobertsGary PetersRobin Roberts 37531164
1963-07-16vs WS291L  1-350-41310,215 Juan PizarroClaude OsteenClaude OsteenJuan Pizarro 37631462
1963-07-17vs WS292W  8-251-41210,217 Dave DeBusschereBennie DanielsDave DeBusschereBennie DanielsHoyt Wilhelm38431668
1963-07-20vs BOS93W  3-052-4128,442 Gary PetersEarl WilsonGary PetersEarl Wilson 38731671
1963-07-21vs BOS94L  2-352-42221,237 Juan PizarroBill MonbouquetteDick RadatzHoyt Wilhelm 38931970
1963-07-23@ DET95L  1-552-4440John BuzhardtHank AguirreHank AguirreEddie Fisher 39032466
1963-07-23@ DET96L  4-652-44421,653Dave DeBusschereWillie SmithBob AndersonDave DeBusscherePhil Regan39433064
1963-07-24@ DET97W  3-153-44312,831Gary PetersDon MossiGary PetersDon Mossi 39733166
1963-07-25@ DET98W  4-354-4426,071Joe HorlenMickey LolichJoe HorlenMickey LolichJuan Pizarro40133467
1963-07-26@ BAL99L  0-654-45323,618Dave DeBusschereMilt PappasMilt PappasDave DeBusschere 40134061
1963-07-27@ BAL100W  5-356-4520Ray HerbertSteve BarberRay HerbertSteve BarberJim Brosnan40634363
1963-07-27@ BAL101W  10-156-45218,432Juan PizarroMike McCormickJuan PizarroMike McCormickJim Brosnan41634472
1963-07-28@ BAL102W  4-157-4525,811Gary PetersDave McNallyGary PetersDave McNally 42034575
1963-07-29@ WS2103L  1-257-4624,769Joe HorlenSteve RidzikRon KlineJoe Horlen 42134774
1963-07-30@ WS2104W  5-158-4627,826Dave DeBusschereDon RudolphDave DeBusschereDon RudolphJim Brosnan42634878
1963-07-31@ WS2105W  5-259-4625,390Ray HerbertClaude OsteenRay HerbertClaude OsteenHoyt Wilhelm43135081
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-08-02@ LAA106W  5-160-4629,199Juan PizarroDean ChanceJuan PizarroDean Chance 43635185
1963-08-03@ LAA107L  5-660-47220,924Gary PetersKen McBridePaul FoytackEddie Fisher 44135784
1963-08-04@ LAA108W  8-161-4727,432Joe HorlenDon LeeJoe HorlenDon LeeHoyt Wilhelm44935891
1963-08-06@ KC1109L  3-461-4827,489Ray HerbertDiego SeguiJohn WyattHoyt Wilhelm 45236290
1963-08-07@ KC1110W  7-362-4828,080Juan PizarroOrlando PenaJuan PizarroOrlando PenaJim Brosnan45936594
1963-08-08@ KC1111W  5-363-4828,488Gary PetersDave WickershamGary PetersDave Wickersham 46436896
1963-08-09vs DET112W  2-164-4920 Joe HorlenHank AguirreEddie FisherHank Aguirre 46636997
1963-08-09vs DET113L  1-364-49233,396 Dave DeBusschereMickey LolichTerry FoxJim Brosnan 46737295
1963-08-10vs DET114W  5-165-49212,152 Ray HerbertBill FaulRay HerbertBill Faul 47237399
1963-08-11vs DET115L  2-766-5020 Juan PizarroDon MossiDon MossiJuan PizarroTerry Fox47438094
1963-08-11vs DET116W  3-266-50222,612 Gary PetersFrank LaryGary PetersFrank Lary 47738295
1963-08-13vs CLE117W  3-067-50217,902 Dave DeBusschereMudcat GrantDave DeBusschereMudcat Grant 48038298
1963-08-14vs CLE118L  0-167-51223,220 Ray HerbertDick DonovanDick DonovanRay Herbert 48038397
1963-08-16vs NYA119L  2-467-52335,444 Juan PizarroWhitey FordBill KunkelJuan Pizarro 48238795
1963-08-17vs NYA120W  2-068-52229,719 Gary PetersAl DowningGary PetersAl Downing 48438797
1963-08-18vs NYA121L  2-868-5430 Ray HerbertRalph TerryRalph TerryRay HerbertSteve Hamilton48639591
1963-08-18vs NYA122L  4-868-54344,659 Joe HorlenJim BoutonJim BoutonJoe HorlenHal Reniff49040387
1963-08-20@ BOS123W  10-269-54211,662Juan PizarroBob HeffnerJuan PizarroBob Heffner 50040595
1963-08-21@ BOS124W  7-170-54212,398Gary PetersBill MonbouquetteGary PetersBill Monbouquette 507406101
1963-08-22@ BOS125L  2-1170-5527,144Joe HorlenDave MoreheadDave MoreheadJoe Horlen 50941792
1963-08-23@ NYA126L  2-770-56230,944Hoyt WilhelmJim BoutonJim BoutonHoyt Wilhelm 51142487
1963-08-24@ NYA127L  0-370-57327,899Ray HerbertWhitey FordWhitey FordRay Herbert 51142784
1963-08-25@ NYA128L  0-471-5830Juan PizarroAl DowningAl DowningJuan Pizarro 51143180
1963-08-25@ NYA129W  2-171-58342,546Gary PetersStan WilliamsGary PetersStan Williams 51343281
1963-08-27@ CLE130W  6-172-5838,404Joe HorlenMudcat GrantJoe HorlenMudcat GrantHoyt Wilhelm51943386
1963-08-28@ CLE131W  8-374-5820Juan PizarroPedro RamosJuan PizarroPedro Ramos 52743691
1963-08-28@ CLE132W  3-174-5827,777Eddie FisherDick DonovanEddie FisherDick DonovanJim Brosnan53043793
1963-08-29@ CLE133W  7-275-5824,132Gary PetersBarry LatmanGary PetersBarry Latman 53743998
1963-08-30@ MIN134L  3-575-59329,745Ray HerbertCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJim Brosnan 54044496
1963-08-31@ MIN135W  2-076-59223,415Joe HorlenDick StigmanHoyt WilhelmDick Stigman 54244498
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-09-01@ MIN136W  8-377-59226,870Eddie FisherJim KaatHoyt WilhelmBill Dailey 550447103
1963-09-02vs LAA137L  5-778-6020 Gary PetersDon LeeDon LeeGary PetersDean Chance555454101
1963-09-02vs LAA138W  8-778-60215,107 Dave DeBusschereKen McBrideHoyt WilhelmPaul Foytack 563461102
1963-09-04vs KC1139L  2-478-6230 Ray HerbertOrlando PenaOrlando PenaRay HerbertJohn Wyatt565465100
1963-09-04vs KC1140L  3-778-6238,804 Joe HorlenDiego SeguiDiego SeguiJoe HorlenBill Fischer56847296
1963-09-05vs KC1141W  4-179-6221,585 Gary PetersEd RakowGary PetersEd Rakow 57247399
1963-09-06vs MIN142L  8-979-63320,208 Eddie FisherJim KaatBill DaileyJoe Horlen 58048298
1963-09-07vs MIN143L  2-479-6437,730 Hoyt WilhelmLee StangeBill PleisBruce HowardJim Perry58248696
1963-09-08vs MIN144W  5-281-6420 Joe HorlenCamilo PascualJoe HorlenCamilo Pascual 58748899
1963-09-08vs MIN145W  5-481-64218,230 Ray HerbertDick StigmanJim BrosnanGarry Roggenburk 592492100
1963-09-09vs BAL146W  9-482-6429,523 Gary PetersRobin RobertsGary PetersRobin RobertsHoyt Wilhelm601496105
1963-09-10vs BAL147L  1-282-6536,955 Frank BaumannMilt PappasMilt PappasFrank BaumannStu Miller602498104
1963-09-11vs BAL148W  3-283-6537,154 Eddie FisherMike McCormickEddie FisherMike McCormick 605500105
1963-09-13@ WS2149W  5-284-6532,301Ray HerbertClaude OsteenRay HerbertClaude Osteen 610502108
1963-09-14@ WS2150W  7-585-6521,969Gary PetersBob BairdBruce HowardBob BairdHoyt Wilhelm617507110
1963-09-17vs BOS151W  2-186-6527,338 Joe HorlenBob HeffnerJoe HorlenBob HeffnerHoyt Wilhelm619508111
1963-09-18vs BOS152W  8-388-6520 Ray HerbertDave MoreheadBruce HowardDave MoreheadJim Brosnan627511116
1963-09-18vs BOS153W  4-388-6526,677 Gary PetersEarl WilsonGary PetersArnold Earley 631514117
1963-09-20@ DET154W  2-089-652603Eddie FisherMickey LolichEddie FisherMickey LolichHoyt Wilhelm633514119
1963-09-21@ DET155L  3-489-6624,291Fritz AckleyDenny McLainDenny McLainJim Brosnan 636518118
1963-09-22@ DET156W  3-290-6625,458Joe HorlenHank AguirreJoe HorlenHank AguirreHoyt Wilhelm639520119
1963-09-24@ BAL157W  15-091-6622,661Ray HerbertSteve BarberRay HerbertSteve Barber 654520134
1963-09-25@ BAL158L  2-1091-6722,017Gary PetersMike McCormickMike McCormickGary PetersDick Hall656530126
1963-09-27vs WS2159W  11-293-6720 Joe HorlenBob BairdJoe HorlenBob Baird 667532135
1963-09-27vs WS2160W  7-193-67210,531 Fritz AckleyCarl BouldinFritz AckleyCarl BouldinHoyt Wilhelm674533141
1963-09-28vs WS2161W  7-294-6722,857 Frank KreutzerJim HannanFrank KreutzerJim HannanBruce Howard681535146
1963-09-29vs WS2162L  2-994-6825,814 Gary PetersClaude OsteenClaude OsteenGary Peters 683544139

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