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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  93-69   .574
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Johnny Keane
General Manager:   Bing Devine
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  1,170,546
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Diomedes Olivo (44)
Youngest Player:  Jerry Buchek (21)
Longest Tenure:  Stan Musial (22)
Top Hitter:  Bill White (3)
Top Pitcher:  Ernie Broglio (11)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  69.00%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9963.611--
St. Louis9369.5746.0
SF Giants8874.54311.0
Chi Cubs8280.50617.0
NY Mets51111.31548.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-04-09@ NYN1W  7-01-0325,049Ernie BroglioRoger CraigErnie BroglioRoger Craig 707
1963-04-10@ NYN2W  4-02-036,074Ray WashburnAl JacksonRay WashburnAl Jackson 11011
1963-04-13vs PHI3W  7-03-0122,050 Curt SimmonsArt MahaffeyCurt SimmonsArt Mahaffey 18018
1963-04-14vs PHI4L  3-43-240 Ernie BroglioChris ShortJack BaldschunBobby ShantzJack Hamilton21417
1963-04-14vs PHI5L  4-53-2419,257 Ray SadeckiMarcelino LopezJack BaldschunRon Taylor 25916
1963-04-16vs PIT6W  4-34-238,301 Bob GibsonEarl FrancisHarry FanokRoy Face 291217
1963-04-17vs PIT7W  7-35-227,481 Ray WashburnDon CardwellRay WashburnDon Cardwell 361521
1963-04-18vs PIT8L  2-35-336,497 Ernie BroglioDon SchwallDon SchwallDiomedes OlivoRoy Face381820
1963-04-19@ PHI9W  5-16-3314,712Curt SimmonsChris ShortCurt SimmonsChris Short 431924
1963-04-20@ PHI10L  2-66-445,353Ray SadeckiMarcelino LopezMarcelino LopezRay SadeckiJack Baldschun452520
1963-04-21@ PHI11L  3-47-530Ron TaylorCal McLishDallas GreenEd Bauta 482919
1963-04-21@ PHI12W  10-57-5323,187Bob GibsonArt MahaffeyHarry FanokArt Mahaffey 583424
1963-04-22@ HOU13W  5-28-5210,047Ray WashburnKen JohnsonRay WashburnKen Johnson 633627
1963-04-23@ HOU14W  15-09-512,551Ernie BroglioJim GoldenErnie BroglioJim Golden 783642
1963-04-24@ SFN15W  4-310-518,773Curt SimmonsBilly PierceCurt SimmonsBilly Pierce 823943
1963-04-25@ SFN16L  4-810-616,157Ray SadeckiBilly O'DellBobby BolinRay SadeckiJohn Pregenzer864739
1963-04-26@ LAN17W  8-711-6124,959Bob GibsonDon DrysdaleEd BautaRon PerranoskiBobby Shantz945440
1963-04-27@ LAN18W  3-012-6233,949Ray WashburnLarry SherryRay WashburnLarry Sherry 975443
1963-04-28@ LAN19W  9-513-6236,245Ernie BroglioJohnny PodresErnie BroglioJohnny PodresRon Taylor1065947
1963-04-30vs MLN20W  2-114-617,049 Curt SimmonsDenny LemasterCurt SimmonsDenny Lemaster 1086048
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-05-01vs CHN21L  8-1314-717,937 Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthJim BrewerHarry FanokLindy McDaniel1167343
1963-05-02vs CHN22W  4-315-718,629 Ray WashburnLarry JacksonRay WashburnLarry JacksonEd Bauta1207644
1963-05-03@ CIN23L  0-615-818,839Ernie BroglioJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallErnie Broglio 1208238
1963-05-04@ CIN24L  0-615-925,402Bob GibsonJim MaloneyJim MaloneyBob Gibson 1208832
1963-05-05@ CIN25L  4-516-1020Ray SadeckiJim O'TooleJim O'TooleRay SadeckiAl Worthington1249331
1963-05-05@ CIN26W  7-416-10223,424Curt SimmonsJim OwensBobby ShantzBill Henry 1319734
1963-05-07vs LAN27L  1-1116-11316,609 Ray WashburnSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxRay WashburnKen Rowe13210824
1963-05-08vs LAN28L  5-1116-12410,918 Ernie BroglioBob MillerRon PerranoskiBobby ShantzDick Scott13711918
1963-05-09vs LAN29W  10-717-12310,762 Bob GibsonPete RichertBob GibsonPete RichertHarry Fanok14712621
1963-05-10@ PIT30W  1-018-12216,739Curt SimmonsBob FriendCurt SimmonsBob Friend 14812622
1963-05-11@ PIT31L  2-318-1327,743Ray WashburnVern LawVern LawRay WashburnRoy Face15012921
1963-05-12@ PIT32W  2-119-1420Ernie BroglioJoe GibbonRon TaylorRoy FaceBobby Shantz15213022
1963-05-12@ PIT33L  3-419-14222,280Ray SadeckiEarl FrancisAl McBeanRay Sadecki 15513421
1963-05-14@ MLN34L  3-419-1525,055Bob GibsonWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Gibson 15813820
1963-05-15@ MLN35L  3-919-1624,851Curt SimmonsBob HendleyBob HendleyCurt Simmons 16114714
1963-05-16@ MLN36L  2-519-1743,157Ray WashburnDenny LemasterDenny LemasterRay Washburn 16315211
1963-05-17vs CIN37W  11-220-17322,770 Ernie BroglioJoey JayErnie BroglioJoey Jay 17415420
1963-05-18vs CIN38L  7-920-18316,947 Ray SadeckiBob PurkeyAl WorthingtonDiomedes OlivoDom Zanni18116318
1963-05-19vs CIN39L  6-1020-19412,741 Bob GibsonJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob Gibson 18717314
1963-05-21@ CHN40W  5-421-1933,281Curt SimmonsLarry JacksonCurt SimmonsLarry JacksonRon Taylor19217715
1963-05-22@ CHN41L  6-721-2042,666Ray WashburnBob BuhlDon ElstonDiomedes Olivo 19818414
1963-05-23@ CHN42W  1-022-2036,379Ernie BroglioDick EllsworthErnie BroglioDick Ellsworth 19918415
1963-05-24vs NYN43W  10-423-2036,052 Bob GibsonRoger CraigBob GibsonRoger CraigBobby Shantz20918821
1963-05-25vs NYN44W  6-324-2035,755 Ray SadeckiAl JacksonRay SadeckiAl JacksonEd Bauta21519124
1963-05-26vs NYN45W  7-425-2130 Curt SimmonsGalen CiscoEd BautaLarry Bearnarth 22219527
1963-05-26vs NYN46L  2-325-21311,594 Ron TaylorCarl WilleyGalen CiscoDiomedes Olivo 22419826
1963-05-28vs HOU47W  8-726-2136,836 Ernie BroglioDon NottebartRon TaylorKen Johnson 23220527
1963-05-29vs HOU48W  3-227-2138,346 Ray WashburnBob BruceBobby ShantzDon McMahon 23520728
1963-05-30vs HOU49W  9-528-21310,497 Ray SadeckiTurk FarrellRay SadeckiTurk FarrellEd Bauta24421232
1963-05-31vs SFN50W  6-529-21221,564 Curt SimmonsJack SanfordBob GibsonDon Larsen 25021733
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-06-01vs SFN51W  7-430-21214,152 Ron TaylorJack FisherRon TaylorJack Fisher 25722136
1963-06-02vs SFN52L  4-630-22222,857 Ernie BroglioJuan MarichalJuan MarichalErnie BroglioBobby Bolin26122734
1963-06-05@ PHI53L  0-630-23335,621Curt SimmonsRay CulpRay CulpCurt Simmons 26123328
1963-06-06@ PHI54W  5-431-2328,280Bob GibsonChris ShortBob GibsonChris ShortRay Sadecki26623729
1963-06-07@ NYN55L  2-331-24215,260Ron TaylorAl JacksonAl JacksonDiomedes Olivo 26824028
1963-06-08@ NYN56W  4-032-24112,845Ernie BroglioRoger CraigErnie BroglioRoger Craig 27224032
1963-06-09@ NYN57L  7-833-2520Curt SimmonsCarl WilleyGalen CiscoBob Humphreys 27924831
1963-06-09@ NYN58W  10-433-25226,332Ray SadeckiJay HookRay SadeckiJay Hook 28925237
1963-06-11@ PIT59W  3-134-25117,098Bob GibsonDon SchwallBob GibsonDon Schwall 29225339
1963-06-12vs PHI60L  2-634-26111,738 Ron TaylorArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyRon TaylorJohn Boozer29425935
1963-06-13vs PHI61W  7-335-2617,600 Ernie BroglioChris ShortErnie BroglioChris Short 30126239
1963-06-14vs PIT62W  5-236-26120,874 Ray WashburnBob FriendRay SadeckiBob FriendBobby Shantz30626442
1963-06-16vs PIT63L  3-437-2720 Bob GibsonDon SchwallAl McBeanEd Bauta 30926841
1963-06-16vs PIT64W  11-737-27226,020 Curt SimmonsVern LawCurt SimmonsVern LawRon Taylor32027545
1963-06-17vs NYN65W  8-138-2718,685 Ernie BroglioJay HookErnie BroglioJay Hook 32827652
1963-06-18vs NYN66W  6-239-27113,957 Lew BurdetteCarl WilleyLew BurdetteCarl Willey 33427856
1963-06-19vs NYN67W  9-440-2718,107 Ray SadeckiTracy StallardEd BautaTracy StallardBobby Shantz34328261
1963-06-21vs LAN68L  3-540-28128,423 Curt SimmonsSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxCurt SimmonsRon Perranoski34628759
1963-06-22vs LAN69W  2-141-28120,875 Bob GibsonNick WillhiteBob GibsonNick WillhiteRon Taylor34828860
1963-06-23vs LAN70L  3-441-29126,553 Ernie BroglioJohnny PodresBob MillerErnie BroglioRon Perranoski35129259
1963-06-24vs SFN71L  3-441-30222,413 Lew BurdetteJuan MarichalJuan MarichalLew BurdetteBilly Pierce35429658
1963-06-25vs SFN72W  6-542-30119,051 Ray SadeckiJim DuffaloRon TaylorBobby Bolin 36030159
1963-06-26vs SFN73W  6-543-30121,959 Curt SimmonsBilly O'DellBobby ShantzBilly Pierce 36630660
1963-06-28@ HOU74W  9-244-30118,840Bob GibsonDick DrottBob GibsonDick Drott 37530867
1963-06-29@ HOU75W  2-145-30112,734Ernie BroglioKen JohnsonErnie BroglioKen JohnsonRon Taylor37730968
1963-06-30@ HOU76L  0-145-31110,856Lew BurdetteHal BrownHal BrownLew Burdette 37731067
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-07-01@ HOU77L  3-445-3218,485Ray SadeckiBob BruceHal WoodeshickRon Taylor 38031466
1963-07-02@ LAN78L  0-145-33239,824Curt SimmonsDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleCurt Simmons 38031565
1963-07-03@ LAN79L  0-545-34251,898Bob GibsonSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob Gibson 38032060
1963-07-04@ LAN80L  7-1045-35230,726Ernie BroglioBob MillerEd RoebuckErnie BroglioRon Perranoski38733057
1963-07-05@ SFN81L  5-645-36425,665Lew BurdetteBilly O'DellJim DuffaloEd Bauta 39233656
1963-07-06@ SFN82L  3-545-37430,619Ray SadeckiBilly PierceBilly PierceRay Sadecki 39534154
1963-07-07@ SFN83L  3-446-3840Curt SimmonsJack SanfordBobby BolinErnie Broglio 39834553
1963-07-07@ SFN84W  5-046-38442,787Bob GibsonJuan MarichalBob GibsonJuan Marichal 40334558
1963-07-11vs MLN85W  6-347-3930 Ernie BroglioDenny LemasterErnie BroglioDenny LemasterRon Taylor40934861
1963-07-11vs MLN86L  3-547-39332,078 Lew BurdetteBob HendleyBob HendleyLew BurdetteBob Shaw41235359
1963-07-12vs MLN87W  5-348-39316,832 Bob GibsonTony CloningerBob GibsonTony CloningerBarney Schultz41735661
1963-07-13vs MLN88L  5-748-40413,032 Curt SimmonsHank FischerHank FischerCurt SimmonsClaude Raymond42236359
1963-07-14vs CHN89W  10-349-4140 Ray SadeckiGlen HobbieRay SadeckiGlen Hobbie 43236666
1963-07-14vs CHN90L  3-749-41429,776 Ron TaylorLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRon TaylorLindy McDaniel43537362
1963-07-15vs CHN91L  0-249-42312,958 Ernie BroglioDick EllsworthDick EllsworthErnie BroglioLindy McDaniel43537560
1963-07-16@ CIN92W  5-450-42312,164Lew BurdetteJim MaloneyBobby ShantzJoey Jay 44037961
1963-07-17@ CIN93W  3-151-42310,557Bob GibsonJim O'TooleBob GibsonJim O'Toole 44338063
1963-07-18@ CIN94L  3-651-4339,961Ray SadeckiBob PurkeyBob PurkeyRay SadeckiJim Owens44638660
1963-07-19vs HOU95W  7-252-43312,443 Ernie BroglioDick DrottRon TaylorDick Drott 45338865
1963-07-20vs HOU96W  8-153-43215,602 Curt SimmonsTurk FarrellCurt SimmonsTurk Farrell 46138972
1963-07-21vs HOU97W  9-454-43210,310 Bob GibsonHal BrownBob GibsonHal Brown 47039377
1963-07-23@ MLN98W  5-155-43211,278Ray SadeckiBob HendleyRay SadeckiBob HendleyRon Taylor47539481
1963-07-24@ MLN99L  1-855-44210,684Ernie BroglioDenny LemasterDenny LemasterErnie Broglio 47640274
1963-07-25@ MLN100W  3-156-44222,331Lew BurdetteWarren SpahnLew BurdetteWarren Spahn 47940376
1963-07-26@ CHN101W  4-157-44217,917Bob GibsonPaul TothBob GibsonPaul Toth 48340479
1963-07-27@ CHN102W  3-258-44223,589Curt SimmonsLarry JacksonCurt SimmonsLarry JacksonBobby Shantz48640680
1963-07-28@ CHN103L  1-558-4620Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthDick EllsworthRay Sadecki 48741176
1963-07-28@ CHN104L  11-1658-46240,222Ernie BroglioGlen HobbieLindy McDanielEd Bauta 49842771
1963-07-30vs CIN105W  7-559-46317,187 Lew BurdetteJoe NuxhallErnie BroglioJoe NuxhallBobby Shantz50543273
1963-07-31vs CIN106L  2-959-47315,977 Bob GibsonJim O'TooleJim O'TooleBob Gibson 50744166
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-08-01vs CIN107W  3-260-47210,300 Curt SimmonsJoey JayCurt SimmonsJoey JayBobby Shantz51044367
1963-08-02vs PHI108W  3-261-47220,025 Ray SadeckiDennis BennettRay SadeckiDennis BennettBobby Shantz51344568
1963-08-03vs PHI109W  7-062-47211,417 Ernie BroglioCal McLishErnie BroglioCal McLish 52044575
1963-08-04vs PHI110L  3-762-4930 Lew BurdetteRay CulpRay CulpLew BurdetteJack Baldschun52345271
1963-08-04vs PHI111L  2-562-49326,039 Bob GibsonChris ShortDallas GreenBob GibsonJack Baldschun52545768
1963-08-06@ NYN112W  4-363-49215,420Curt SimmonsGalen CiscoRon TaylorGalen CiscoBobby Shantz52946069
1963-08-07@ NYN113L  3-763-5029,977Ernie BroglioTracy StallardTracy StallardErnie Broglio 53246765
1963-08-08@ NYN114L  2-363-5138,309Ray SadeckiAl JacksonAl JacksonBobby Shantz 53447064
1963-08-09@ MLN115L  3-663-52312,976Bob GibsonBob HendleyBob HendleyBob Gibson 53747661
1963-08-10@ MLN116W  6-564-52310,560Lew BurdetteDenny LemasterRon TaylorDenny LemasterSam Jones54348162
1963-08-11@ MLN117L  1-964-53314,627Curt SimmonsTony CloningerTony CloningerCurt Simmons 54449054
1963-08-13vs HOU118W  4-265-53311,085 Ernie BroglioBob BruceErnie BroglioBob Bruce 54849256
1963-08-14vs HOU119W  3-266-53312,798 Bob GibsonKen JohnsonBob GibsonKen Johnson 55149457
1963-08-15vs HOU120L  2-466-54310,111 Ray SadeckiDon NottebartDon NottebartRay SadeckiHal Woodeshick55349855
1963-08-16vs SFN121W  13-067-54330,680 Curt SimmonsJim DuffaloCurt SimmonsJim Duffalo 56649868
1963-08-17vs SFN122W  8-768-54228,306 Ernie BroglioJuan MarichalBarney SchultzBilly Pierce 57450569
1963-08-19vs SFN123W  8-769-54210,384 Bob GibsonJack SanfordSam JonesJack Fisher 58251270
1963-08-20@ LAN124L  5-769-55250,122Lew BurdetteJohnny PodresBob MillerLew Burdette 58751968
1963-08-21@ LAN125L  1-269-56254,125Curt SimmonsSandy KoufaxLarry SherryRon Taylor 58852167
1963-08-22@ LAN126W  3-270-56248,569Ernie BroglioDon DrysdaleErnie BroglioDon DrysdaleSam Jones59152368
1963-08-23@ HOU127W  4-171-56214,483Bob GibsonTurk FarrellBob GibsonTurk Farrell 59552471
1963-08-24@ HOU128L  0-471-57223,119Ron TaylorHal BrownHal BrownRon Taylor 59552867
1963-08-25@ HOU129L  1-371-5827,234Lew BurdetteChris ZacharyJim UmbrichtLew Burdette 59653165
1963-08-26@ SFN130W  6-372-58218,744Ernie BroglioJuan MarichalRon TaylorJuan MarichalBobby Shantz60253468
1963-08-27@ SFN131L  2-772-59230,514Curt SimmonsJack SanfordJack SanfordCurt Simmons 60454163
1963-08-28@ SFN132L  3-572-60323,462Bob GibsonBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob Gibson 60754661
1963-08-30@ PHI133W  11-673-60226,988Ray SadeckiRay CulpRay SadeckiRay CulpRon Taylor61855266
1963-08-31@ PHI134W  7-574-60211,382Ernie BroglioDennis BennettBobby ShantzJohnny Klippstein 62555768
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1963-09-01@ PHI135W  7-375-60217,575Curt SimmonsChris ShortCurt SimmonsChris Short 63256072
1963-09-02vs PIT136W  6-177-6020 Bob GibsonBob VealeBob GibsonBob Veale 63856177
1963-09-02vs PIT137W  6-277-60222,458 Ron TaylorJoe GibbonRon TaylorJoe Gibbon 64456381
1963-09-03vs PIT138W  10-578-6023,925 Ray SadeckiTommie SiskBobby ShantzRoy Face 65456886
1963-09-04vs NYN139W  6-579-6028,036 Ernie BroglioCarl WilleySam JonesLarry BearnarthLew Burdette66057387
1963-09-05vs NYN140W  9-080-6027,840 Curt SimmonsGrover PowellCurt SimmonsGrover Powell 66957396
1963-09-06@ PIT141W  5-181-6120Bob GibsonDon CardwellBob GibsonDon Cardwell 674574100
1963-09-06@ PIT142L  0-581-61211,825Ron TaylorBob VealeBob VealeRon Taylor 67457995
1963-09-07@ PIT143W  6-582-6128,427Ray SadeckiJoe GibbonBarney SchultzHarvey HaddixLew Burdette68058496
1963-09-08@ PIT144W  3-283-61214,866Ernie BroglioBob FriendErnie BroglioBob FriendRon Taylor68358697
1963-09-09vs CHN145W  6-084-61212,043 Curt SimmonsCal KoonceCurt SimmonsCal Koonce 689586103
1963-09-10vs CHN146W  8-085-61213,883 Bob GibsonGlen HobbieBob GibsonGlen Hobbie 697586111
1963-09-11vs CHN147W  4-086-61211,987 Ray SadeckiDick EllsworthRay SadeckiDick EllsworthRon Taylor701586115
1963-09-12vs CHN148W  8-387-6129,000 Ernie BroglioLarry JacksonErnie BroglioLarry Jackson 709589120
1963-09-13vs MLN149W  7-088-61223,625 Curt SimmonsWarren SpahnCurt SimmonsWarren Spahn 716589127
1963-09-14vs MLN150W  3-289-61222,630 Bob GibsonBob SadowskiBob GibsonBob SadowskiRon Taylor719591128
1963-09-15vs MLN151W  3-291-6120 Lew BurdetteBob HendleyLew BurdetteBob Hendley 722593129
1963-09-15vs MLN152W  5-091-61230,308 Ray SadeckiDenny LemasterRay SadeckiDenny Lemaster 727593134
1963-09-16vs LAN153L  1-391-62232,442 Ernie BroglioJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBobby ShantzRon Perranoski728596132
1963-09-17vs LAN154L  0-491-63230,450 Curt SimmonsSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxCurt Simmons 728600128
1963-09-18vs LAN155L  5-691-64225,975 Bob GibsonPete RichertRon PerranoskiLew Burdette 733606127
1963-09-20@ CIN156L  0-191-65211,155Ray SadeckiJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisRay Sadecki 733607126
1963-09-22@ CIN157L  2-591-66225,706Curt SimmonsJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallCurt Simmons 735612123
1963-09-24@ CHN158L  3-691-6724,557Bob GibsonGlen HobbieLindy McDanielBob Gibson 738618120
1963-09-25@ CHN159W  5-292-67211,564Ernie BroglioLarry JacksonErnie BroglioLarry Jackson 743620123
1963-09-27vs CIN160L  0-392-6829,250 Ray SadeckiJohn TsitourisJohn TsitourisRay Sadecki 743623120
1963-09-28vs CIN161L  1-392-6928,740 Lew BurdetteJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallLew Burdette 744626118
1963-09-29vs CIN162W  3-293-69227,576 Bob GibsonJim MaloneyErnie BroglioJoey Jay 747628119

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