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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  85-76   .528
Result:   4th in American League
Manager(s):  Bob Scheffing
General Manager:   Rick Ferrell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,207,881
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Vic Wertz (37)
Youngest Player:  Tom Fletcher (20)
Longest Tenure:  Al Kaline (10)
Top Hitter:  Rocky Colavito (2)
Top Pitcher:  Hank Aguirre (4)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  89.04%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9666.593--
LA Angels8676.53110.0
Chi White Sox8577.52511.0
KC Athletics7290.44424.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-04-09@ WS21L  1-40-1644,383Don MossiBennie DanielsBennie DanielsDon Mossi 14-3
1962-04-13vs NYA2W  5-30-1929,411 Frank LaryBill StaffordFrank LaryLuis ArroyoJim Bunning67-1
1962-04-14vs NYA3L  5-110-1812,558 Phil ReganRalph TerryRalph TerryPhil ReganLuis Arroyo1118-7
1962-04-17vs WS24W  9-20-182,702 Jim BunningBennie DanielsJim BunningBennie Daniels 20200
1962-04-18vs WS25W  5-10-182,958 Don MossiJoe McClainDon MossiJoe McClain 25214
1962-04-19@ BOS6L  5-90-289,223Phil ReganGene ConleyGene ConleyPhil ReganDick Radatz30300
1962-04-21@ BOS7L  3-40-3912,558Frank LaryDon SchwallDon SchwallFrank LaryDick Radatz3334-1
1962-04-22@ BOS8W  8-61-398,011Jim BunningBill MonbouquetteRon KlineBill Monbouquette 41401
1962-04-24vs KC19W  1-01-3920,372 Don MossiDan PfisterDon MossiDan Pfister 42402
1962-04-25vs KC110L  8-91-389,260 Doug GallagherJerry WalkerJerry WalkerDoug GallagherBob Grim50491
1962-04-26vs KC111W  11-71-387,030 Frank LaryJohn WyattHank AguirreBob Grim 61565
1962-04-27vs LAA12W  13-41-3821,235 Jim BunningKen McBrideJim BunningKen McBrideDoug Gallagher746014
1962-04-28vs LAA13L  6-71-386,585 Don MossiTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldDon MossiRyne Duren806713
1962-04-29vs LAA14W  13-61-3815,650 Phil ReganDean ChancePhil ReganDean ChanceHank Aguirre937320
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-05-01@ KC115W  3-21-384,470Jim BunningJerry WalkerJim BunningJerry Walker 967521
1962-05-02@ KC116L  8-121-384,914Don MossiNorm BassJohn WyattDon MossiDiego Segui1048717
1962-05-03@ KC117L  4-61-383,021Doug GallagherEd RakowDiego SeguiDoug Gallagher 1089315
1962-05-04@ MIN18L  2-41-487,543Phil ReganDon LeeJoe BonikowskiRon Kline 1109713
1962-05-05@ MIN19L  2-71-5918,023Jim BunningLee StangeLee StangeJim Bunning 1121048
1962-05-06@ MIN20L  7-101-6925,650Paul FoytackCamilo PascualRay MooreHank Aguirre 1191145
1962-05-08@ LAA21W  10-12-6811,443Phil ReganEli GrbaPhil ReganEli Grba 12911514
1962-05-09@ LAA22W  6-33-6810,818Jim BunningTed BowsfieldJim BunningTed BowsfieldHank Aguirre13511817
1962-05-10@ LAA23L  4-63-783,898Jerry CasaleKen McBrideJack SpringDoug GallagherRyne Duren13912415
1962-05-11vs BOS24W  5-13-7822,588 Paul FoytackDon SchwallPaul FoytackDon Schwall 14412519
1962-05-12vs BOS25L  1-53-787,689 Don MossiGene ConleyGene ConleyDon MossiDick Radatz14513015
1962-05-13vs BOS26W  6-53-7811,307 Phil ReganGalen CiscoPhil ReganGalen CiscoHank Aguirre15113516
1962-05-15vs MIN27L  2-43-7820,601 Frank LaryJack KralickJack KralickFrank LaryLee Stange15313914
1962-05-16vs MIN28L  4-83-785,249 Jim BunningCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJim Bunning 15714710
1962-05-18@ CLE29L  2-93-8920,012Paul FoytackDick DonovanDick DonovanPaul Foytack 1591563
1962-05-19@ CLE30W  9-34-885,325Don MossiJim PerryDon MossiJim PerryJim Bunning1681599
1962-05-20@ CLE31L  6-75-980Phil ReganPedro RamosBob AllenHank Aguirre 1741668
1962-05-20@ CLE32W  8-65-9819,642Frank LarySam McDowellJerry CasaleSam McDowellJim Bunning18217210
1962-05-21@ CHA33W  7-36-978,967Paul FoytackEarly WynnPaul FoytackEarly WynnRon Nischwitz18917514
1962-05-24@ BAL34W  5-47-9712,301Jim BunningJack FisherRon NischwitzHoyt WilhelmRon Kline19417915
1962-05-25@ NYA35W  5-48-9733,191Don MossiBill StaffordDon MossiBill Stafford 19918316
1962-05-26@ NYA36W  2-19-9629,487Hank AguirreRollie SheldonHank AguirreRollie Sheldon 20118417
1962-05-27@ NYA37L  1-410-1050Frank LaryRalph TerryJim CoatesDoug Gallagher 20218814
1962-05-27@ NYA38W  5-110-10547,680Paul FoytackBob TurleyPaul FoytackBob Turley 20718918
1962-05-28vs BAL39W  5-110-10524,110 Jim BunningMilt PappasJim BunningMilt Pappas 21219022
1962-05-29vs BAL40W  12-410-1055,286 Don MossiJack FisherDon MossiJack Fisher 22419430
1962-05-30vs CHA41W  7-310-1050 Phil ReganJohn BuzhardtPhil ReganJohn Buzhardt 23119734
1962-05-30vs CHA42L  3-610-10537,567 Sam JonesJoe HorlenJoe HorlenSam Jones 23420331
1962-05-31vs CHA43W  13-510-1065,046 Paul FoytackDom ZanniPaul FoytackDom ZanniRon Kline24720839
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-06-01vs CLE44L  1-710-10641,425 Frank LaryJim PerryJim PerryFrank Lary 24821533
1962-06-02vs CLE45W  5-310-10615,554 Jim BunningDick DonovanHank AguirreDick DonovanTerry Fox25321835
1962-06-03vs CLE46W  8-610-10627,997 Don MossiPedro RamosDon MossiPedro RamosRon Nischwitz26122437
1962-06-06@ BOS47L  1-211-1162,110Phil ReganBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquettePhil Regan 26222636
1962-06-06@ BOS48W  3-211-1166,351Jim BunningGene ConleyJim BunningDick Radatz 26522837
1962-06-07@ BOS49L  4-511-1272,586Frank LaryEarl WilsonArnold EarleyRon Kline 26923336
1962-06-08@ WS250W  7-612-1350Paul FoytackSteve HamiltonRon NischwitzCarl BouldinTerry Fox27623937
1962-06-08@ WS251L  0-112-13521,202Don MossiDave StenhouseDave StenhouseDon Mossi 27624036
1962-06-09@ WS252L  2-412-1463,326Hank AguirreTom CheneyMarty KutynaJerry Casale 27824434
1962-06-10@ WS253L  1-212-1660Phil ReganDon RudolphDon RudolphPhil Regan 27924633
1962-06-10@ WS254L  4-512-16617,480Jim BunningBennie DanielsSteve HamiltonJim Bunning 28325132
1962-06-12@ NYA55L  1-212-17719,037Frank LaryBill StaffordBill StaffordFrank Lary 28425331
1962-06-15vs BOS56L  0-312-17726,272 Don MossiGene ConleyGene ConleyDon Mossi 28425628
1962-06-16vs BOS57L  2-412-17711,447 Jim BunningEarl WilsonEarl WilsonJim BunningDick Radatz28626026
1962-06-17vs BOS58W  8-512-1770 Paul FoytackDon SchwallHank AguirreDon Schwall 29426529
1962-06-17vs BOS59L  0-512-17720,869 Phil ReganIke DelockIke DelockPhil Regan 29427024
1962-06-19vs WS260W  5-012-17712,815 Frank LaryClaude OsteenFrank LaryClaude Osteen 29927029
1962-06-20vs WS261L  4-512-1775,697 Don MossiTom CheneyJim HannanDon MossiPete Burnside30327528
1962-06-21vs WS262W  6-312-1775,027 Jim BunningDon RudolphTerry FoxMarty Kutyna 30927831
1962-06-22vs NYA63W  7-512-17743,723 Hank AguirreBill StaffordHank AguirreBill StaffordRon Nischwitz31628333
1962-06-23vs NYA64L  4-812-17716,454 Phil ReganRalph TerryRalph TerryPhil ReganMarshall Bridges32029129
1962-06-23vs NYA65W  5-412-17738,150 Paul FoytackRollie SheldonPaul FoytackRollie SheldonTerry Fox32529530
1962-06-24vs NYA66L  7-912-17735,368 Frank LaryBob TurleyJim BoutonPhil Regan 33230428
1962-06-25vs NYA67L  0-212-17724,243 Don MossiWhitey FordWhitey FordDon MossiMarshall Bridges33230626
1962-06-26vs CLE68W  6-012-1770 Jim BunningPedro RamosJim BunningPedro Ramos 33830632
1962-06-26vs CLE69L  1-312-17736,308 Sam JonesBob HartmanGary BellSam Jones 33930930
1962-06-27vs CLE70W  4-012-17810,505 Paul FoytackDick DonovanPaul FoytackDick Donovan 34330934
1962-06-29@ BAL71W  1-013-17728,363Hank AguirreChuck EstradaHank AguirreChuck Estrada 34430935
1962-06-30@ BAL72L  3-614-1870Frank LaryJack FisherJack FisherFrank LaryBilly Hoeft34731532
1962-06-30@ BAL73W  7-414-18721,271Don MossiMilt PappasDon MossiMilt PappasTerry Fox35431935
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-07-01@ BAL74W  3-215-18611,764Jim BunningRobin RobertsJim BunningRobin RobertsTerry Fox35732136
1962-07-02vs CHA75W  2-115-18714,195 Sam JonesFrank BaumannSam JonesFrank Baumann 35932237
1962-07-03vs CHA76W  5-415-1867,622 Paul FoytackEddie FisherRon NischwitzMike Joyce 36432638
1962-07-04@ CLE77L  0-115-2070Hank AguirreJim PerryJim PerryHank Aguirre 36432737
1962-07-04@ CLE78L  2-615-20721,237Don MossiBarry LatmanGary BellJerry Casale 36633333
1962-07-05@ CLE79L  6-715-21811,778Frank LaryPedro RamosBill DaileyRon Kline 37234032
1962-07-06vs BAL80W  5-415-21831,300 Jim BunningRobin RobertsJim BunningHoyt Wilhelm 37734433
1962-07-07vs BAL81L  6-715-21814,695 Sam JonesChuck EstradaBilly HoeftDon Mossi 38335132
1962-07-08vs BAL82W  5-115-2180 Paul FoytackMilt PappasPaul FoytackMilt Pappas 38835236
1962-07-08vs BAL83W  3-215-21829,180 Hank AguirreSteve BarberHank AguirreBilly Hoeft 39135437
1962-07-12@ CHA84L  2-315-22825,051Don MossiJuan PizarroJuan PizarroDon Mossi 39335736
1962-07-13@ CHA85L  1-415-23821,191Paul FoytackRay HerbertRay HerbertPaul Foytack 39436133
1962-07-14@ CHA86L  2-415-24810,367Jim BunningFrank BaumannFrank BaumannJim Bunning 39636531
1962-07-15@ CHA87L  3-515-25812,321Sam JonesEddie FisherDean StoneRon NischwitzDom Zanni39937029
1962-07-17@ LAA88L  0-115-26914,538Hank AguirreKen McBrideKen McBrideHank Aguirre 39937128
1962-07-18@ LAA89L  0-515-27913,740Paul FoytackDon LeeDon LeePaul Foytack 39937623
1962-07-19@ LAA90L  1-215-2895,797Jim BunningEli GrbaEli GrbaJim BunningJack Spring40037822
1962-07-20@ KC191W  10-315-2898,446Don MossiDiego SeguiDon MossiDiego Segui 41038129
1962-07-21@ KC192W  7-515-28911,413Hank AguirreDan PfisterPhil ReganDan PfisterTerry Fox41738631
1962-07-22@ KC193L  3-1115-2897,351Sam JonesEd RakowEd RakowSam JonesDanny McDevitt42039723
1962-07-23@ MIN94L  1-815-29925,220Paul FoytackDick StigmanDick StigmanPaul Foytack 42140516
1962-07-24@ MIN95W  4-316-29933,242Jim BunningJim KaatJim BunningLee StangeTerry Fox42540817
1962-07-25@ MIN96L  6-716-30929,992Don MossiJack KralickRay MooreRon Nischwitz 43141516
1962-07-27vs LAA97W  4-316-30938,500 Hank AguirreEli GrbaHank AguirreDean Chance 43541817
1962-07-28vs LAA98W  6-116-30914,514 Paul FoytackBo BelinskyPaul FoytackBo Belinsky 44141922
1962-07-29vs LAA99W  7-616-3090 Jim BunningTed BowsfieldJim BunningTed BowsfieldTerry Fox44842523
1962-07-29vs LAA100L  8-1216-30930,396 Don MossiDon LeeArt FowlerFrank LaryDan Osinski45643719
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-08-01vs KC1101W  6-516-3090 Paul FoytackDan PfisterRon KlineGranny Hamner 46244220
1962-08-01vs KC1102W  9-116-30920,230 Howie KoplitzJerry WalkerHowie KoplitzJerry Walker 47144328
1962-08-02vs KC1103L  4-516-3098,794 Hank AguirreEd RakowEd RakowHank AguirreJohn Wyatt47544827
1962-08-03vs MIN104L  4-716-30926,320 Jim BunningJack KralickJack KralickJim Bunning 47945524
1962-08-04vs MIN105L  3-416-30913,252 Don MossiJackie CollumLee StangeDon Mossi 48245923
1962-08-05vs MIN106L  3-816-3090 Paul FoytackJim KaatJim KaatRon NischwitzFrank Sullivan48546718
1962-08-05vs MIN107W  5-216-30926,355 Howie KoplitzJackie CollumHowie KoplitzJackie CollumJim Bunning49046921
1962-08-06@ CLE108L  5-616-3197,542Hank AguirreSam McDowellGary BellPhil Regan 49547520
1962-08-07@ CLE109L  2-416-3295,085Jim BunningMudcat GrantMudcat GrantJim BunningPedro Ramos49747918
1962-08-08@ WS2110W  6-518-3290Don MossiDave StenhouseRon KlineDave StenhouseTerry Fox50348419
1962-08-08@ WS2111W  10-318-32911,196Phil ReganPete BurnsidePhil ReganPete Burnside 51348726
1962-08-09@ WS2112W  8-519-3295,101Howie KoplitzTom CheneyHowie KoplitzTom CheneySam Jones52149229
1962-08-10@ NYA113L  0-819-33928,108Paul FoytackWhitey FordWhitey FordPaul FoytackMarshall Bridges52150021
1962-08-11@ NYA114W  7-220-34928,004Hank AguirreRalph TerryHank AguirreRalph Terry 52850226
1962-08-11@ NYA115L  2-320-34922,304Jim BunningBob TurleyMarshall BridgesTerry Fox 53050525
1962-08-12@ NYA116L  0-220-35943,870Ron KlineBill StaffordBill StaffordRon Kline 53050723
1962-08-14vs BAL117W  13-1020-3590 Howie KoplitzJack FisherSam JonesBilly HoeftTerry Fox54351726
1962-08-14vs BAL118W  5-420-35928,366 Phil ReganHal BrownPhil ReganHal BrownJim Bunning54852127
1962-08-15vs BAL119W  3-120-35912,706 Hank AguirreRobin RobertsHank AguirreRobin Roberts 55152229
1962-08-17@ CHA120W  2-021-35935,391Jim BunningJohn BuzhardtJim BunningJohn Buzhardt 55352231
1962-08-18@ CHA121L  0-221-36913,636Ron KlineRay HerbertRay HerbertRon Kline 55352429
1962-08-19@ CHA122L  5-1122-3790Phil ReganFrank BaumannEddie FisherSam Jones 55853523
1962-08-19@ CHA123W  8-322-37936,495Howie KoplitzJuan PizarroHank AguirreDom Zanni 56653828
1962-08-21vs CLE124W  10-122-37929,404 Jim BunningJim PerryJim BunningJim Perry 57653937
1962-08-22vs CLE125L  3-722-37911,640 Ron KlineDick DonovanDick DonovanDon MossiGary Bell57954633
1962-08-23vs CLE126W  8-522-37911,933 Hank AguirreMudcat GrantHank AguirreMudcat GrantTerry Fox58755136
1962-08-24vs WS2127W  11-122-37914,636 Phil ReganPete BurnsidePhil ReganPete Burnside 59855246
1962-08-25vs WS2128W  7-522-3798,184 Howie KoplitzSteve HamiltonPaul FoytackJim HannanTerry Fox60555748
1962-08-26vs WS2129W  5-322-3790 Jim BunningDave StenhouseJim BunningDave StenhouseTerry Fox61056050
1962-08-26vs WS2130L  2-522-37914,958 Ron KlineClaude OsteenClaude OsteenRon Kline 61256547
1962-08-27@ BOS131L  4-722-38911,265Hank AguirreGene ConleyGene ConleyHank AguirreDick Radatz61657244
1962-08-30vs CHA132L  4-522-38916,385 Phil ReganFrank BaumannTurk LownRon NischwitzMike Joyce62057743
1962-08-31vs CHA133W  5-222-38916,410 Jim BunningJohn BuzhardtJim BunningJohn BuzhardtDon Mossi62557946
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1962-09-01vs CHA134W  2-122-3899,509 Hank AguirreRay HerbertHank AguirreRay Herbert 62758047
1962-09-02vs CHA135L  8-1022-38915,997 Paul FoytackEddie FisherEddie FisherPaul FoytackTurk Lown63559045
1962-09-03@ BAL136W  1-024-3890Don MossiDick HallDon MossiDick HallTerry Fox63659046
1962-09-03@ BAL137W  4-124-38913,023Phil ReganChuck EstradaPhil ReganChuck Estrada 64059149
1962-09-05@ BAL138W  5-226-3890Jim BunningRobin RobertsJim BunningRobin Roberts 64559352
1962-09-05@ BAL139W  6-026-3896,630Hank AguirreJack FisherHank AguirreJack Fisher 65159358
1962-09-07vs MIN140L  4-626-38918,240 Phil ReganJim KaatJim KaatPhil Regan 65559956
1962-09-08vs MIN141L  2-926-3899,324 Don MossiCamilo PascualCamilo PascualDon Mossi 65760849
1962-09-09vs MIN142W  10-926-38910,137 Jim BunningJack KralickTerry FoxBill PleisBob Humphreys66761750
1962-09-10vs NYA143L  1-326-38822,810 Hank AguirreRalph TerryRalph TerryHank AguirreBud Daley66862048
1962-09-11vs NYA144L  7-826-38722,014 Frank LaryJim CoatesJim BoutonBob Humphreys 67562847
1962-09-12vs BOS145L  6-826-3890 Phil ReganGene ConleyDick RadatzRon NischwitzHal Kolstad68163645
1962-09-12vs BOS146L  2-626-3893,272 Paul FoytackDon SchwallDon SchwallPaul FoytackMike Fornieles68364241
1962-09-13vs BOS147W  14-626-3882,734 Jim BunningPete SmithJim BunningPete Smith 69764849
1962-09-14@ LAA148W  3-227-38814,882Hank AguirreDean ChanceTerry FoxDean Chance 70065050
1962-09-15@ LAA149W  7-328-38715,255Don MossiEli GrbaDon MossiEli GrbaJim Bunning70765354
1962-09-16@ LAA150W  4-229-38718,221Phil ReganKen McBridePhil ReganKen McBrideRon Nischwitz71165556
1962-09-18@ MIN151W  2-130-3877,911Jim BunningJack KralickJim BunningJack KralickTerry Fox71365657
1962-09-19@ MIN152L  5-1230-3976,570Hank AguirreDick StigmanDick StigmanHank Aguirre 71866850
1962-09-20@ MIN153W  5-131-3976,645Phil ReganJim KaatPhil ReganJim KaatTerry Fox72366954
1962-09-21@ KC1154W  6-131-3971,993Don MossiOrlando PenaDon MossiOrlando Pena 72967059
1962-09-22@ KC1155L  2-531-3973,609Jim BunningDave WickershamDave WickershamJim BunningJohn Wyatt73167556
1962-09-23@ KC1156W  3-131-3977,561Hank AguirreDan PfisterHank AguirreDan Pfister 73467658
1962-09-25vs LAA157W  3-231-3971,583 Phil ReganDon LeeRon NischwitzTed Bowsfield 73767859
1962-09-26vs LAA158L  5-831-3971,866 Jim BunningEli GrbaDean ChanceJim Bunning 74268656
1962-09-28vs KC1159W  7-331-397588 Don MossiDave WickershamPaul FoytackDave Wickersham 74968960
1962-09-29vs KC1160W  3-231-3974,245 Hank AguirreEd RakowHank AguirreEd Rakow 75269161
1962-09-30vs KC1161W  6-131-3976,229 Jim BunningBill FischerJim BunningBill Fischer 75869266

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