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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Cincinnati,OH
Team Record:  93-61   .604
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Fred Hutchinson
General Manager:   Bill DeWitt
Stadium:  Crosley Field
Attendance:  1,117,603
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Yankees)

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Willie Jones (35)
Youngest Player:  Jim Maloney (21)
Longest Tenure:  Gus Bell, Ed Bailey (9)
Top Hitter:  Frank Robinson (1)
Top Pitcher:  Jim O'Toole (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  71.85%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8965.5784.0
SF Giants8569.5528.0
St. Louis8074.51913.0
Chi Cubs6490.41629.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-04-11vs CHN1W  7-11-0128,713 Jim O'TooleGlen HobbieJim O'TooleGlen Hobbie 716
1961-04-13vs CHN2W  5-22-011,216 Bob PurkeyDick EllsworthBob PurkeyJoe Schaffernoth 1239
1961-04-14@ SLN3W  7-33-0119,077Jay HookCurt SimmonsBill HenryAl CicotteJim Brosnan19613
1961-04-15@ SLN4L  0-43-114,197Joey JayErnie BroglioErnie BroglioJoey Jay 19109
1961-04-16@ SLN5L  3-53-224,470Jim O'TooleRay SadeckiRay SadeckiJim O'Toole 22157
1961-04-18@ SFN6W  9-14-2112,405Bob PurkeyBilly LoesBob PurkeyBilly Loes 311615
1961-04-19@ SFN7W  4-25-217,564Ken HuntJack SanfordKen HuntJack SanfordJim Brosnan351817
1961-04-20@ SFN8L  1-25-317,014Jim O'TooleMike McCormickMike McCormickJim O'Toole 362016
1961-04-21@ LAN9L  3-55-4116,487Jay HookSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJay Hook 392514
1961-04-22@ LAN10L  0-15-5617,744Joey JayJohnny PodresJohnny PodresJoey JayLarry Sherry392613
1961-04-23@ LAN11L  1-55-6725,289Bob PurkeyRoger CraigRoger CraigBob Purkey 40319
1961-04-26@ CHN12L  2-35-775,116Jim O'TooleGlen HobbieDon ElstonJim Maloney 42348
1961-04-27@ CHN13L  2-55-872,463Ken HuntDon CardwellDon CardwellKen HuntDon Elston44395
1961-04-29vs PIT14L  3-65-979,173 Joey JayVern LawVern LawJoey JayRoy Face47452
1961-04-30vs PIT15L  3-66-1080 Jay HookBob FriendBob FriendJay HookRoy Face5051-1
1961-04-30vs PIT16W  4-26-10811,743 Bob PurkeyJoe GibbonBob PurkeyJoe Gibbon 54531
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-05-01vs PHI17W  3-27-1072,089 Jim O'TooleRobin RobertsJim O'TooleRobin Roberts 57552
1961-05-02vs PHI18W  3-28-1063,026 Ken HuntDallas GreenKen HuntDallas GreenJim Brosnan60573
1961-05-03vs PHI19W  9-39-1064,018 Jim MaloneyJohn BuzhardtJim MaloneyJohn BuzhardtBill Henry69609
1961-05-04vs PHI20W  4-010-1053,087 Joey JayArt MahaffeyJoey JayArt Mahaffey 736013
1961-05-05@ MLN21W  6-511-1048,496Bob PurkeyLew BurdetteJim BrosnanRon PicheBill Henry796514
1961-05-07@ MLN22W  5-413-1020Ken HuntWarren SpahnHowie NunnWarren Spahn 846915
1961-05-07@ MLN23W  4-013-10219,852Jim O'TooleDon NottebartJim O'TooleDon Nottebart 886919
1961-05-10vs SLN24W  3-214-10310,144 Joey JayCurt SimmonsJoey JayCurt SimmonsBill Henry917120
1961-05-12@ PIT25L  5-814-11420,662Bob PurkeyVinegar Bend MizellBobby ShantzMarshall Bridges 967917
1961-05-13@ PIT26L  5-1314-12413,343Jim O'TooleJoe GibbonClem LabineJim O'Toole 101929
1961-05-14@ PIT27W  4-115-12417,459Ken HuntBob FriendKen HuntBob FriendJim Brosnan1059312
1961-05-16@ PHI28W  4-216-1235,428Joey JayFrank SullivanJoey JayFrank Sullivan 1099514
1961-05-17@ PHI29W  2-117-1234,641Bob PurkeyJohn BuzhardtBob PurkeyJohn Buzhardt 1119615
1961-05-19vs MLN30W  3-218-12215,589 Jim O'TooleLew BurdetteJim O'TooleLew Burdette 1149816
1961-05-20vs MLN31L  5-918-1346,785 Ken HuntDon NottebartDon McMahonKen HuntMoe Drabowsky11910712
1961-05-21vs MLN32W  7-619-1440 Joey JayWarren SpahnJoey JayMoe Drabowsky 12611313
1961-05-21vs MLN33L  2-319-14425,809 Jim MaloneyCarl WilleyCarl WilleyJim MaloneyClaude Raymond12811612
1961-05-22vs LAN34L  1-219-1543,141 Bob PurkeyStan WilliamsStan WilliamsBob Purkey 12911811
1961-05-23vs LAN35W  2-020-1546,628 Ken HuntDon DrysdaleKen HuntDon DrysdaleBill Henry13111813
1961-05-24vs SFN36L  4-520-16410,699 Jim O'TooleMike McCormickMike McCormickJim O'TooleBobby Bolin13512312
1961-05-27vs PHI37W  5-421-1647,690 Joey JayJohn BuzhardtJoey JayJohn BuzhardtJim Brosnan14012713
1961-05-28vs PHI38W  4-222-1636,632 Bob PurkeyFrank SullivanBob PurkeyFrank Sullivan 14412915
1961-05-29@ SFN39W  5-123-16310,852Ken HuntMike McCormickKen HuntMike McCormick 14913019
1961-05-30@ SFN40W  7-625-1610Jim MaloneySam JonesJim MaloneySam JonesBill Henry15613620
1961-05-30@ SFN41W  6-425-16141,692Jim O'TooleJuan MarichalJim O'TooleJuan MarichalBob Purkey16214022
1961-05-31@ LAN42W  8-726-16113,143Joey JayDon DrysdaleJoey JayTurk FarrellJim Brosnan17014723
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-06-02vs CHN43L  6-726-17112,656 Bob PurkeyJack CurtisJack CurtisBob PurkeyDon Elston17615422
1961-06-03vs CHN44L  7-1026-1825,756 Ken HuntDick EllsworthGlen HobbieJim Brosnan 18316419
1961-06-04vs CHN45W  3-127-1920 Jim MaloneyBob AndersonJim MaloneyBob Anderson 18616521
1961-06-04vs CHN46L  2-827-19219,262 Jim O'TooleDon CardwellDon CardwellJim O'Toole 18817315
1961-06-05vs MLN47W  5-328-19116,841 Joey JayLew BurdetteJim BrosnanLew BurdetteBill Henry19317617
1961-06-06vs MLN48W  7-329-19110,234 Bob PurkeyCarl WilleyBob PurkeyCarl WilleyJim Brosnan20017921
1961-06-07vs MLN49L  1-329-20213,073 Ken HuntDon NottebartDon NottebartKen Hunt 20118219
1961-06-08vs MLN50W  10-830-2015,149 Jim MaloneyWarren SpahnJim MaloneyWarren SpahnJim Brosnan21119021
1961-06-09@ SLN51L  4-830-21214,814Jim O'TooleBob GibsonBob GibsonJim O'Toole 21519817
1961-06-10@ SLN52W  4-231-2129,603Joey JayCurt SimmonsJoey JayCurt SimmonsBill Henry21920019
1961-06-11@ SLN53W  6-233-2110Ken HuntRay SadeckiKen HuntRay Sadecki 22520223
1961-06-11@ SLN54W  9-333-21124,438Bob PurkeyErnie BroglioBob PurkeyErnie BroglioJim Brosnan23420529
1961-06-13@ PIT55L  1-233-22119,423Jim MaloneyJoe GibbonJoe GibbonJim Maloney 23520728
1961-06-14@ PIT56L  4-533-23214,270Jim O'TooleBob FriendBobby ShantzJim Brosnan 23921227
1961-06-15@ PIT57W  8-134-23219,209Joey JayVinegar Bend MizellJoey JayVinegar Bend Mizell 24721334
1961-06-16@ PHI58W  4-135-23110,508Ken HuntJohn BuzhardtKen HuntJohn BuzhardtJim Brosnan25121437
1961-06-17@ PHI59W  10-536-2315,205Bob PurkeyRobin RobertsBob PurkeyRobin Roberts 26121942
1961-06-18@ PHI60W  7-238-2310Jim MaloneyDon FerrareseHowie NunnDon Ferrarese 26822147
1961-06-18@ PHI61W  10-038-23116,369Jim O'TooleChris ShortJim O'TooleChris Short 27822157
1961-06-20vs SLN62W  4-339-2410 Jay HookRay SadeckiJim BrosnanBob Miller 28222458
1961-06-20vs SLN63L  3-639-24132,019 Joey JayBob GibsonBob GibsonJoey Jay 28523055
1961-06-21vs SLN64W  9-240-24110,387 Ken HuntErnie BroglioKen HuntErnie Broglio 29423262
1961-06-22vs SLN65W  7-541-24110,066 Bob PurkeyLarry JacksonBob PurkeyLarry JacksonJim Brosnan30123764
1961-06-23vs LAN66W  5-442-24127,868 Jim O'TooleDon DrysdaleJim BrosnanRon Perranoski 30624165
1961-06-24vs LAN67L  7-942-25114,380 Jim MaloneySandy KoufaxRon PerranoskiBill HenryRoger Craig31325063
1961-06-25vs LAN68W  3-243-25128,763 Joey JayStan WilliamsJoey JayStan WilliamsJim Brosnan31625264
1961-06-27@ CHN69W  10-844-2517,849Ken HuntDick EllsworthJay HookBob AndersonSherman Jones32626066
1961-06-28@ CHN70L  5-1644-2710Bob PurkeyGlen HobbieGlen HobbieBob Purkey 33127655
1961-06-28@ CHN71L  2-744-27112,785Jim O'TooleJack CurtisJack CurtisJim O'Toole 33328350
1961-06-29@ CHN72L  8-1544-2817,925Jim MaloneyDon CardwellDon CardwellJim MaloneyDon Elston34129843
1961-06-30@ MLN73W  4-045-28124,184Joey JayWarren SpahnJoey JayWarren SpahnBill Henry34529847
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-07-01@ MLN74L  1-545-29112,980Ken HuntLew BurdetteLew BurdetteKen HuntDon McMahon34630343
1961-07-02@ MLN75W  8-547-2910Jim O'TooleDon NottebartJim BrosnanWarren Spahn 35430846
1961-07-02@ MLN76W  4-347-29129,487Bob PurkeyTony CloningerBob PurkeyTony CloningerBill Henry35831147
1961-07-03vs PIT77W  4-348-29131,839 Jim MaloneyJoe GibbonJim MaloneyJoe GibbonJim Brosnan36231448
1961-07-04vs PIT78W  2-049-29111,802 Joey JayEarl FrancisJoey JayEarl Francis 36431450
1961-07-05@ SFN79W  3-250-29120,755Sherman JonesMike McCormickSherman JonesMike McCormickBill Henry36731651
1961-07-06@ SFN80W  3-251-29115,938Jim O'TooleJuan MarichalJim O'TooleJuan Marichal 37031852
1961-07-07@ LAN81W  11-753-2910Ken HuntSandy KoufaxKen HuntSandy KoufaxBill Henry38132556
1961-07-07@ LAN82W  4-153-29168,742Bob PurkeyStan WilliamsBob PurkeyStan Williams 38532659
1961-07-08@ LAN83L  1-1053-30139,937Jim MaloneyJohnny PodresJohnny PodresJim Maloney 38633650
1961-07-09@ LAN84W  14-354-30120,040Joey JayRoger CraigJoey JayRoger Craig 40033961
1961-07-13vs CHN85W  4-355-30114,601 Jim O'TooleDon CardwellJim O'TooleDon Cardwell 40434262
1961-07-14vs CHN86L  7-855-31116,364 Bob PurkeyGlen HobbieBarney SchultzJim BrosnanDon Elston41135061
1961-07-15vs CHN87W  2-156-31124,201 Joey JayJack CurtisJoey JayJack Curtis 41335162
1961-07-16vs CHN88L  2-456-32116,617 Ken HuntDick EllsworthDick EllsworthKen HuntBob Anderson41535560
1961-07-17vs MLN89L  4-1356-33115,917 Sherman JonesWarren SpahnWarren SpahnHowie Nunn 41936851
1961-07-18vs MLN90L  8-1256-34114,561 Jim O'TooleTony CloningerLew BurdetteJim O'Toole 42738047
1961-07-19vs LAN91L  3-856-35122,664 Bob PurkeyJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob Purkey 43038842
1961-07-20vs LAN92L  1-1056-36119,550 Joey JaySandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxJoey Jay 43139833
1961-07-22vs SFN93L  3-856-37114,343 Ken HuntJack SanfordJack SanfordKen Hunt 43440628
1961-07-23vs SFN94W  6-558-3710 Bob PurkeyJuan MarichalBob PurkeySam Jones 44041129
1961-07-23vs SFN95W  11-258-37126,983 Jim O'TooleBilly O'DellJim O'TooleBilly O'Dell 45141338
1961-07-24@ MLN96W  9-359-37124,537Joey JayWarren SpahnJoey JayWarren Spahn 46041644
1961-07-25@ MLN97L  0-259-38121,442Ken HuntLew BurdetteLew BurdetteKen Hunt 46041842
1961-07-26@ MLN98W  3-260-38122,337Ken JohnsonDon NottebartKen JohnsonDon NottebartJim Brosnan46342043
1961-07-27@ MLN99W  2-161-38119,917Bob PurkeyCarl WilleyBob PurkeyCarl Willey 46542144
1961-07-28@ CHN100W  4-362-3816,394Jim O'TooleDick EllsworthJim O'TooleDick EllsworthBill Henry46942445
1961-07-29@ CHN101L  6-762-39216,452Joey JayJack CurtisJack CurtisJoey JayBarney Schultz47543144
1961-07-30@ CHN102L  2-363-4020Ken HuntDon CardwellDon CardwellKen Hunt 47743443
1961-07-30@ CHN103W  5-463-40229,929Ken JohnsonJim BrewerJim MaloneyJim BrewerJim O'Toole48243844
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-08-02vs PHI104W  4-265-4010 Jim O'TooleArt MahaffeyJim O'TooleArt MahaffeyBill Henry48644046
1961-08-02vs PHI105W  3-265-40119,286 Joey JayChris ShortJoey JayChris ShortSherman Jones48944247
1961-08-03vs PHI106W  7-166-4019,625 Ken JohnsonJohn BuzhardtKen JohnsonJohn Buzhardt 49644353
1961-08-04vs PIT107W  5-467-40127,383 Bob PurkeyJoe GibbonJim BrosnanClem Labine 50144754
1961-08-05vs PIT108L  7-1167-41112,125 Ken HuntTom SturdivantAl McBeanKen Hunt 50845850
1961-08-06vs PIT109L  4-968-4220 Joey JayVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellJoey JayClem Labine51246745
1961-08-06vs PIT110W  3-268-42231,167 Jim O'TooleEarl FrancisJim BrosnanRoy Face 51546946
1961-08-07@ SLN111L  1-568-43215,811Ken JohnsonLarry JacksonLarry JacksonKen Johnson 51647442
1961-08-08@ SLN112L  5-668-44217,660Bob PurkeyErnie BroglioLindy McDanielBob Purkey 52148041
1961-08-09@ PHI113W  5-069-4429,317Joey JayDon FerrareseJoey JayDon Ferrarese 52648046
1961-08-11@ SFN114L  2-469-45222,932Jim O'TooleJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJim O'Toole 52848444
1961-08-12@ SFN115L  4-669-46222,845Bob PurkeyJack SanfordJack SanfordBob PurkeyStu Miller53249042
1961-08-13@ SFN116W  8-170-46229,559Ken JohnsonMike McCormickKen JohnsonMike McCormickBill Henry54049149
1961-08-15@ LAN117W  5-271-46247,515Joey JaySandy KoufaxJoey JaySandy Koufax 54549352
1961-08-16@ LAN118W  6-073-4610Bob PurkeyLarry SherryBob PurkeyLarry Sherry 55149358
1961-08-16@ LAN119W  8-073-46172,140Jim O'TooleJohnny PodresJim O'TooleJohnny Podres 55949366
1961-08-18vs SLN120W  6-374-46122,585 Ken JohnsonBob GibsonKen JohnsonBob Gibson 56549669
1961-08-19vs SLN121W  3-175-46127,151 Joey JayCurt SimmonsJoey JayCurt Simmons 56849771
1961-08-20vs SLN122L  4-775-47116,725 Jim O'TooleRay SadeckiRay SadeckiSherman Jones 57250468
1961-08-22vs SFN123L  2-1275-4910 Bob PurkeyMike McCormickMike McCormickBob Purkey 57451658
1961-08-22vs SFN124L  3-575-49129,383 Ken JohnsonSam JonesSam JonesKen JohnsonStu Miller57752156
1961-08-23vs SFN125L  0-1475-50120,827 Joey JayJuan MarichalJuan MarichalJoey Jay 57753542
1961-08-24vs SFN126W  8-576-50115,376 Jim O'TooleJack SanfordJim O'TooleJack SanfordJim Maloney58554045
1961-08-25vs LAN127L  2-776-51129,013 Bob PurkeySandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob Purkey 58754740
1961-08-26vs LAN128L  6-1076-52120,328 Jay HookJohnny PodresJohnny PodresJay HookRon Perranoski59355736
1961-08-27vs LAN129W  6-578-5210 Joey JayStan WilliamsJim BrosnanRon PerranoskiJim O'Toole59956237
1961-08-27vs LAN130W  8-378-52130,195 Ken JohnsonDon DrysdaleKen JohnsonDon DrysdaleBill Henry60756542
1961-08-29@ PIT131W  3-079-52117,999Jim O'TooleBob FriendJim O'TooleBob FriendJim Maloney61056545
1961-08-30@ PIT132L  1-379-53120,000Bob PurkeyTom SturdivantTom SturdivantBob Purkey 61156843
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-09-02@ PHI133W  7-480-5314,147Joey JayJohn BuzhardtJoey JayJohn BuzhardtBill Henry61857246
1961-09-03@ PHI134L  2-380-5414,752Jim O'TooleJim OwensJim OwensJim Maloney 62057545
1961-09-04@ PHI135W  5-081-5510Ken JohnsonFrank SullivanKen JohnsonFrank Sullivan 62557550
1961-09-04@ PHI136L  3-581-55116,175Ken HuntArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyKen Hunt 62858048
1961-09-05@ SLN137W  5-282-5519,581Bob PurkeyBob GibsonBob PurkeyBob Gibson 63358251
1961-09-06@ SLN138L  5-1182-56111,857Joey JayLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJim Maloney 63859345
1961-09-08vs SLN139W  3-283-56123,527 Jim O'TooleErnie BroglioJim BrosnanErnie Broglio 64159546
1961-09-09vs SLN140W  4-384-56111,218 Ken JohnsonCurt SimmonsBill HenryAl Cicotte 64559847
1961-09-10vs SLN141W  5-285-56122,848 Bob PurkeyRay SadeckiBob PurkeyRay Sadecki 65060050
1961-09-12vs CHN142W  7-286-56112,487 Jim O'TooleDick EllsworthJim O'TooleDick Ellsworth 65760255
1961-09-13vs MLN143W  1-087-56121,632 Joey JayCarl WilleyJoey JayCarl Willey 65860256
1961-09-16vs PHI144W  3-288-5618,376 Ken JohnsonJim OwensJim O'TooleJim OwensJim Brosnan66160457
1961-09-17vs PHI145L  0-488-57114,671 Bob PurkeyArt MahaffeyArt MahaffeyBob PurkeyFrank Sullivan66160853
1961-09-19vs PIT146W  10-189-57114,225 Jim O'TooleBob FriendJim O'TooleBob Friend 67160962
1961-09-20vs PIT147W  3-290-57114,822 Joey JayJoe GibbonJoey JayRoy Face 67461163
1961-09-22vs SFN148L  0-690-58131,469 Bob PurkeyBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob Purkey 67461757
1961-09-23vs SFN149W  10-691-58115,353 Jim O'TooleJim DuffaloJim O'TooleJim DuffaloJim Brosnan68462361
1961-09-24vs SFN150L  5-1291-59129,272 Joey JayJack SanfordJack SanfordJoey JayStu Miller68963554
1961-09-26@ CHN151W  6-392-5913,327Bob PurkeyBob AndersonJim BrosnanBob Anderson 69563857
1961-09-29@ PIT152W  8-193-59110,119Jim O'TooleLarry FossJim O'TooleLarry FossSherman Jones70363964
1961-09-30@ PIT153L  6-1193-6017,158Joey JayAl JacksonAl JacksonJoey Jay 70965059
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-10-01@ PIT154L  1-393-61126,760Bob PurkeyJoe GibbonJoe GibbonJim Brosnan 71065357

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