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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  95-67   .586
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Paul Richards, Lum Harris
General Manager:   Lee MacPhail
Stadium:  Memorial Stadium
Attendance:  951,089
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Philley (41)
Youngest Player:  Boog Powell (19)
Longest Tenure:  Brooks Robinson, Gus Triandos, Hal Brown (7)
Top Hitter:  Jim Gentile (4)
Top Pitcher:  Steve Barber (6)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  74.58%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10953.673--
Chi White Sox8676.53123.0
LA Angels7091.43538.5
KC Athletics61100.37947.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-04-11vs LAA1L  2-70-1737,352 Milt PappasEli GrbaEli GrbaMilt Pappas 27-5
1961-04-14vs MIN2L  2-30-2109,185 Jack FisherCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJack Fisher 410-6
1961-04-15vs MIN3W  8-01-277,555 Steve BarberChuck StobbsSteve BarberChuck Stobbs 12102
1961-04-16vs MIN4L  5-101-490 Chuck EstradaPedro RamosPedro RamosChuck EstradaRay Moore1720-3
1961-04-16vs MIN5L  4-61-4914,146 Hal BrownJack KralickBill PleisBilly HoeftChuck Stobbs2126-5
1961-04-21vs NYA6L  2-41-5912,368 Steve BarberWhitey FordWhitey FordSteve Barber 2330-7
1961-04-22vs NYA7W  5-33-5812,536 Jack FisherRalph TerryHoyt WilhelmRyne Duren 2833-5
1961-04-22vs NYA8W  5-53-5814,126 Hal BrownJim Coates 3338-5
1961-04-23vs NYA9W  4-14-5618,704 Chuck EstradaDanny McDevittChuck EstradaDanny McDevittDick Hall3739-2
1961-04-24vs CLE10L  1-54-6710,194 Milt PappasJim PerryJim PerryMilt PappasFrank Funk3844-6
1961-04-25vs CLE11W  5-25-668,474 Steve BarberGary BellSteve BarberGary BellHoyt Wilhelm4346-3
1961-04-26vs CLE12L  3-65-7712,383 Jack FisherMudcat GrantBarry LatmanJack FisherBob Allen4652-6
1961-04-27@ WS213W  5-06-774,541Dick HallJoe McClainDick HallJoe McClain 5152-1
1961-04-28@ WS214W  4-27-774,112Chuck EstradaBennie DanielsHoyt WilhelmBennie Daniels 55541
1961-04-29@ WS215W  5-08-743,605Milt PappasEd HobaughMilt PappasEd Hobaugh 60546
1961-04-30@ DET16L  2-89-850Steve BarberDon MossiPhil ReganSteve BarberHank Aguirre62620
1961-04-30@ DET17W  4-29-8526,094Hal BrownPaul FoytackHal BrownPaul Foytack 66642
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-05-02@ LAA18W  7-610-846,664Dick HallEli GrbaHoyt WilhelmTom Morgan 73703
1961-05-03@ LAA19L  6-710-955,093Chuck EstradaRon KlineTex ClevengerHal Brown 79772
1961-05-04@ LAA20W  8-711-944,886Milt PappasKen McBrideHoyt WilhelmNed Garver 87843
1961-05-06@ KC121W  6-012-937,650Steve BarberKen JohnsonSteve BarberKen Johnson 93849
1961-05-07@ KC122L  4-512-10310,123Jack FisherJerry WalkerBud DaleyHoyt Wilhelm 97898
1961-05-09@ MIN23W  13-513-1034,514Chuck EstradaPedro RamosChuck EstradaPedro RamosGordon Jones1109416
1961-05-10@ MIN24L  6-1013-1135,410Dick HallJack KralickJack KralickDick HallRay Moore11610412
1961-05-11@ MIN25W  8-714-1137,471Steve BarberCamilo PascualSteve BarberCamilo PascualHoyt Wilhelm12411113
1961-05-12@ CLE26W  4-215-1139,240Jack FisherJohnny AntonelliJack FisherJohnny Antonelli 12811315
1961-05-13@ CLE27W  4-116-1123,417Hal BrownWynn HawkinsHal BrownWynn HawkinsHoyt Wilhelm13211418
1961-05-14@ CLE28L  0-116-1340Billy HoeftJim PerryFrank FunkJack Fisher 13211517
1961-05-14@ CLE29L  4-616-13413,238Chuck EstradaGary BellBarry LatmanChuck Estrada 13612115
1961-05-15vs DET30L  5-1016-14515,783 Dick HallPaul FoytackPaul FoytackDick Hall 14113110
1961-05-16vs DET31L  4-1016-15512,813 Steve BarberFrank LaryFrank LarySteve Barber 1451414
1961-05-17vs DET32L  1-916-16511,701 Jack FisherPhil ReganPhil ReganJack Fisher 146150-4
1961-05-19vs WS233W  4-217-1657,269 Billy HoeftTom SturdivantHoyt WilhelmTom Sturdivant 150152-2
1961-05-20vs WS234W  4-318-1646,738 Hal BrownJoe McClainHal BrownJoe McClainHoyt Wilhelm154155-1
1961-05-21@ NYA35L  2-419-1740Chuck EstradaWhitey FordWhitey FordChuck Estrada 156159-3
1961-05-21@ NYA36W  3-219-17447,890Steve BarberRollie SheldonSteve BarberRollie SheldonHoyt Wilhelm159161-2
1961-05-22@ NYA37L  2-819-18516,923Jack FisherArt DitmarJim CoatesJack FisherLuis Arroyo161169-8
1961-05-23vs CHA38W  3-120-18417,945 Billy HoeftBilly PierceBilly HoeftBilly PierceHoyt Wilhelm164170-6
1961-05-24vs CHA39W  2-122-1830 Hal BrownBob ShawHal BrownBob Shaw 166171-5
1961-05-24vs CHA40W  5-322-18314,059 Dick HallRuss KemmererWes StockFrank Baumann 171174-3
1961-05-25vs CHA41W  6-423-1838,856 Steve BarberHerb ScoreSteve BarberHerb ScoreHoyt Wilhelm177178-1
1961-05-27vs BOS42W  5-424-1836,777 Chuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteDick HydeBill Monbouquette 1821820
1961-05-28vs BOS43L  0-524-19311,519 Jack FisherDon SchwallDon SchwallJack Fisher 182187-5
1961-05-30@ CHA44W  6-026-1930Steve BarberBob ShawSteve BarberBob Shaw 1881871
1961-05-30@ CHA45W  2-126-19328,550Hal BrownBilly PierceHal BrownBilly PierceHoyt Wilhelm1901882
1961-05-31@ CHA46L  4-926-20311,447Chuck EstradaFrank BaumannFrank BaumannChuck Estrada 194197-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-06-02@ BOS47L  2-426-21417,714Billy HoeftDon SchwallDon SchwallBilly Hoeft 196201-5
1961-06-03@ BOS48W  3-127-2139,156Jack FisherIke DelockJack FisherIke Delock 199202-3
1961-06-04@ BOS49L  5-627-22414,409Steve BarberGene ConleyBilly MuffettHoyt Wilhelm 204208-4
1961-06-05vs LAA50L  0-327-2346,931 Hal BrownRon MoellerRon MoellerHal Brown 204211-7
1961-06-06vs LAA51L  3-728-2440 Milt PappasEli GrbaEli GrbaMilt PappasArt Fowler207218-11
1961-06-06vs LAA52W  2-028-24414,320 Chuck EstradaKen McBrideChuck EstradaKen McBride 209218-9
1961-06-07vs LAA53L  0-428-2547,575 Billy HoeftTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldBilly Hoeft 209222-13
1961-06-08vs MIN54L  1-328-2646,751 Jack FisherJim KaatJim KaatJack FisherChuck Stobbs210225-15
1961-06-10vs MIN55W  4-329-2648,183 Hal BrownCamilo PascualHal BrownCamilo PascualHoyt Wilhelm214228-14
1961-06-11vs CHA56W  8-230-2740 Chuck EstradaFrank BaumannChuck EstradaFrank Baumann 222230-8
1961-06-11vs CHA57L  1-730-27419,096 Steve BarberBilly PierceBilly PierceSteve Barber 223237-14
1961-06-12vs CHA58L  8-930-28412,295 Billy HoeftRuss KemmererDon LarsenDick HydeTurk Lown231246-15
1961-06-13vs WS259W  8-731-2847,205 Jack FisherPete BurnsideDick HallTom Sturdivant 239253-14
1961-06-14vs WS260L  1-531-2948,363 Steve BarberDick DonovanDick DonovanSteve Barber 240258-18
1961-06-15vs WS261L  2-531-3047,651 Hal BrownEd HobaughEd HobaughHal Brown 242263-21
1961-06-16@ CLE62L  1-331-31412,254Chuck EstradaDick StigmanDick StigmanChuck EstradaBarry Latman243266-23
1961-06-17@ CLE63W  4-132-3145,901Milt PappasWynn HawkinsMilt PappasWynn HawkinsHoyt Wilhelm247267-20
1961-06-18@ CLE64L  1-233-3250Steve BarberJim PerryJim PerrySteve Barber 248269-21
1961-06-18@ CLE65W  8-533-32524,821Jack FisherGary BellWes StockGary BellDick Hall256274-18
1961-06-20@ MIN66L  4-533-33517,851Hal BrownJack KralickChuck StobbsJack Fisher 260279-19
1961-06-21@ MIN67W  11-534-33515,711Chuck EstradaPedro RamosHoyt WilhelmBert Cueto 271284-13
1961-06-22@ MIN68W  8-235-33510,397Milt PappasJim KaatMilt PappasJim Kaat 279286-7
1961-06-23@ LAA69W  8-636-3356,554Steve BarberTed BowsfieldSteve BarberRon KlineHoyt Wilhelm287292-5
1961-06-24@ LAA70L  1-436-3457,882Dick HallRon MoellerRon MoellerDick HallArt Fowler288296-8
1961-06-25@ LAA71W  9-837-3446,526Hal BrownEli GrbaDick HallRon KlineJack Fisher297304-7
1961-06-27@ KC172W  5-339-3440Milt PappasNorm BassMilt PappasEd RakowHoyt Wilhelm302307-5
1961-06-27@ KC173W  7-239-34410,448Chuck EstradaArt DitmarChuck EstradaArt DitmarBilly Hoeft3093090
1961-06-28@ KC174W  5-440-3446,000Steve BarberJim ArcherWes StockJim Archer 3143131
1961-06-29@ KC175W  6-241-34410,415Dick HallLew KrausseDick HallLew Krausse 3203155
1961-06-30vs DET76L  5-641-35433,710 Jack FisherJim BunningTerry FoxHoyt Wilhelm 3253214
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-07-01vs DET77L  8-1141-36410,884 Hal BrownBob BruceBill FischerDick Hyde 3333321
1961-07-02vs DET78W  6-342-36411,115 Chuck EstradaPhil ReganChuck EstradaPhil ReganBilly Hoeft3393354
1961-07-03vs CLE79W  5-043-36417,152 Milt PappasJim PerryMilt PappasJim Perry 3443359
1961-07-04vs CLE80W  5-144-36438,206 Steve BarberWynn HawkinsSteve BarberWynn Hawkins 34933613
1961-07-05@ WS281W  2-045-3636,625Dick HallBennie DanielsDick HallBennie Daniels 35133615
1961-07-06@ WS282L  0-145-3735,483Wes StockDick DonovanDick DonovanHoyt Wilhelm 35133714
1961-07-07vs KC183W  6-247-3730 Chuck EstradaEd RakowChuck EstradaEd Rakow 35733918
1961-07-07vs KC184W  5-047-37320,152 Hal BrownJim ArcherHal BrownJim Archer 36233923
1961-07-08vs KC185W  7-248-37314,046 Milt PappasLew KrausseMilt PappasLew Krausse 36934128
1961-07-09vs KC186W  8-049-3737,849 Steve BarberBob ShawSteve BarberBob Shaw 37734136
1961-07-13@ BOS87L  2-349-38318,012Milt PappasDon SchwallDon SchwallMilt PappasMike Fornieles37934435
1961-07-14@ BOS88W  7-650-38311,325Chuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteWes StockMike Fornieles 38635036
1961-07-15@ BOS89L  1-250-3937,527Dick HallGene ConleyGene ConleyDick Hall 38735235
1961-07-16vs NYA90L  1-250-40338,487 Steve BarberBud DaleyBud DaleySteve Barber 38835434
1961-07-17vs NYA91L  0-550-41344,332 Milt PappasWhitey FordWhitey FordMilt Pappas 38835929
1961-07-18@ DET92W  8-751-41331,018Chuck EstradaFrank LaryHoyt WilhelmBill Fischer 39636630
1961-07-19@ DET93W  4-252-41329,475Jack FisherJim BunningJack FisherJim BunningHal Brown40036832
1961-07-20@ DET94L  8-1552-42318,269Steve BarberDon MossiHal WoodeshickSteve BarberHank Aguirre40838325
1961-07-22@ CHA95L  4-752-44410,946Dick HallEarly WynnTurk LownHoyt Wilhelm 41239022
1961-07-22@ CHA96L  4-1152-44420,156Milt PappasBilly PierceBilly PierceMilt PappasWarren Hacker41640115
1961-07-23@ CHA97L  2-552-45413,620Chuck EstradaCal McLishCal McLishJack FisherTurk Lown41840612
1961-07-25vs BOS98W  5-153-4538,673 Steve BarberIke DelockSteve BarberIke Delock 42340716
1961-07-26vs BOS99W  5-155-4530 Billy HoeftBill MonbouquetteWes StockBill MonbouquetteHoyt Wilhelm42840820
1961-07-26vs BOS100W  9-255-45314,950 Jack FisherGene ConleyJack FisherGene Conley 43741027
1961-07-27vs BOS101W  8-556-4539,905 Chuck EstradaTracy StallardChuck EstradaBilly Muffett 44541530
1961-07-28@ NYA102W  4-057-45339,623Hal BrownBud DaleyHal BrownBud Daley 44941534
1961-07-29@ NYA103L  4-557-46342,990Hoyt WilhelmWhitey FordWhitey FordJack Fisher 45342033
1961-07-30@ NYA104W  4-059-4630Steve BarberBill StaffordSteve BarberBill Stafford 45742037
1961-07-30@ NYA105W  2-159-46357,180Milt PappasRollie SheldonMilt PappasBud DaleyDick Hall45942138
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-08-02vs MIN106L  3-460-4730 Chuck EstradaDon LeeBill PleisChuck EstradaRay Moore46242537
1961-08-02vs MIN107W  4-360-47314,379 Dick HallPedro RamosHoyt WilhelmPedro Ramos 46642838
1961-08-03vs MIN108W  3-061-4738,806 Hal BrownJim KaatHal BrownJim Kaat 46942841
1961-08-04vs LAA109L  1-362-4830 Steve BarberTed BowsfieldTed BowsfieldSteve Barber 47043139
1961-08-04vs LAA110W  3-062-48310,972 Jack FisherEli GrbaJack FisherEli Grba 47343142
1961-08-05vs LAA111L  2-462-49310,642 Milt PappasRon KlineRon KlineHoyt WilhelmTom Morgan47543540
1961-08-07vs KC1112W  5-463-4937,106 Chuck EstradaArt DitmarChuck EstradaArt DitmarBilly Hoeft48043941
1961-08-08vs KC1113W  7-064-5030 Steve BarberBob ShawSteve BarberBob Shaw 48743948
1961-08-08vs KC1114L  5-664-50314,102 Hal BrownNorm BassNorm BassHoyt WilhelmBill Fischer49244547
1961-08-09vs KC1115L  1-264-5137,419 Jack FisherJerry WalkerJerry WalkerJack Fisher 49344746
1961-08-10vs KC1116W  8-065-5136,027 Milt PappasBill KunkelMilt PappasBill Kunkel 50144754
1961-08-11vs BOS117W  6-366-51324,076 Billy HoeftChet NicholsBilly HoeftChet NicholsWes Stock50745057
1961-08-12vs BOS118W  8-367-51314,686 Dick HallIke DelockDick HallIke DelockWes Stock51545362
1961-08-13vs BOS119W  6-568-51310,518 Steve BarberBill MonbouquetteSteve BarberMike Fornieles 52145863
1961-08-15@ DET120L  0-268-5330Chuck EstradaFrank LaryFrank LaryChuck Estrada 52146061
1961-08-15@ DET121L  2-368-53349,558Hal BrownDon MossiGerry StaleyHal Brown 52346360
1961-08-16@ DET122W  8-269-53319,754Milt PappasJim BunningMilt PappasJim Bunning 53146566
1961-08-17@ DET123W  3-170-53324,241Jack FisherPaul FoytackJack FisherPaul Foytack 53446668
1961-08-18@ WS2124W  3-271-53311,624Steve BarberJoe McClainSteve BarberJoe McClain 53746869
1961-08-19@ WS2125W  5-072-5335,874Billy HoeftMarty KutynaBilly HoeftMarty Kutyna 54246874
1961-08-20@ WS2126W  9-373-5337,221Chuck EstradaDick DonovanChuck EstradaDick Donovan 55147180
1961-08-22@ KC1127L  2-373-5434,978Milt PappasNorm BassBill FischerMilt Pappas 55347479
1961-08-23@ KC1128W  7-574-5435,429Hal BrownBob ShawBilly HoeftBill Kunkel 56047981
1961-08-24@ KC1129L  3-574-5537,695Steve BarberEd RakowBill KunkelDick Hall 56348479
1961-08-25@ MIN130W  5-275-55324,974Jack FisherJack KralickJack FisherJack Kralick 56848682
1961-08-26@ MIN131W  7-476-55319,397Chuck EstradaAl SchrollChuck EstradaAl SchrollWes Stock57549085
1961-08-27@ MIN132W  3-077-55319,406Milt PappasPedro RamosMilt PappasPedro Ramos 57849088
1961-08-28@ LAA133W  8-178-5533,472Hal BrownTed BowsfieldHal BrownTed Bowsfield 58649195
1961-08-29@ LAA134L  5-678-5730Steve BarberRyne DurenRyne DurenSteve BarberTom Morgan59149794
1961-08-29@ LAA135L  5-678-5736,522Billy HoeftJack SpringEli GrbaBilly Hoeft 59650393
1961-08-30@ LAA136W  11-479-5735,253Jack FisherRon MoellerJack FisherRon Moeller 607507100
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1961-09-01vs CLE137L  4-579-58312,721 Chuck EstradaBarry LatmanBarry LatmanChuck EstradaFrank Funk61151299
1961-09-02vs CLE138W  3-280-5936,890 Milt PappasDick StigmanMilt PappasBobby LockeHoyt Wilhelm614514100
1961-09-02vs CLE139L  0-680-5937,896 Hal BrownJim PerryJim PerryHal Brown 61452094
1961-09-03vs CLE140W  1-081-5938,100 Steve BarberGary BellSteve BarberBob Allen 61552095
1961-09-04vs DET141W  6-383-5930 Jack FisherPaul FoytackJack FisherPaul FoytackHoyt Wilhelm62152398
1961-09-04vs DET142W  4-183-59319,334 Billy HoeftRon KlineBilly HoeftRon KlineHoyt Wilhelm625524101
1961-09-05vs DET143W  1-084-59313,841 Chuck EstradaDon MossiChuck EstradaDon MossiSteve Barber626524102
1961-09-07vs WS2144W  6-385-5932,836 Milt PappasCarl BouldinMilt PappasCarl Bouldin 632527105
1961-09-08vs WS2145W  2-187-5930 Steve BarberPete BurnsideHoyt WilhelmPete Burnside 634528106
1961-09-08vs WS2146W  4-287-59310,520 Dick HallEd HobaughDick HallEd Hobaugh 638530108
1961-09-09vs WS2147L  2-687-6037,891 Jack FisherBennie DanielsBennie DanielsJack Fisher 640536104
1961-09-10vs WS2148W  3-288-6036,729 Chuck EstradaJoe McClainChuck EstradaJoe McClainHoyt Wilhelm643538105
1961-09-13@ CLE149L  0-588-6134,221Steve BarberGary BellGary BellSteve Barber 643543100
1961-09-15@ BOS150L  2-388-62310,604Milt PappasGene ConleyGene ConleyMilt Pappas 64554699
1961-09-16@ BOS151W  5-489-6237,089Jack FisherDon SchwallBilly HoeftDon Schwall 650550100
1961-09-17@ BOS152L  0-189-6339,203Chuck EstradaBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteChuck Estrada 65055199
1961-09-19vs NYA153W  1-090-6430 Steve BarberWhitey FordSteve BarberWhitey Ford 651551100
1961-09-19vs NYA154L  1-390-64331,317 Hal BrownBud DaleyBud DaleyHal Brown 65255498
1961-09-20vs NYA155L  2-490-65321,032 Milt PappasRalph TerryRalph TerryMilt Pappas 65455896
1961-09-21vs NYA156W  5-391-65322,089 Jack FisherBill StaffordJack FisherBill Stafford 65956198
1961-09-22@ CHA157W  8-692-65312,276Chuck EstradaFrank BaumannChuck EstradaFrank BaumannMilt Pappas667567100
1961-09-24@ CHA158L  7-893-6630Steve BarberJoe HorlenBilly PierceSteve BarberWarren Hacker67457599
1961-09-24@ CHA159W  5-393-6637,320Billy HoeftJuan PizarroBilly HoeftJuan PizarroHoyt Wilhelm679578101
1961-09-26@ NYA160L  2-393-67319,401Jack FisherBud DaleyRollie SheldonJack Fisher 681581100
1961-09-27@ NYA161W  3-294-6737,594Steve BarberBill StaffordSteve BarberBill StaffordDick Hall684583101
1961-09-29vs CHA162W  3-295-67316,061 Chuck EstradaJuan PizarroChuck EstradaWarren Hacker 687585102
1961-09-30vs CHA163W  4-396-6736,515 Hal BrownHerb ScoreMilt PappasDon Larsen 691588103

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