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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  89-65   .578
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Joe Gordon
General Manager:   Frank Lane
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  1,497,976
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Elmer Valo (38)
Youngest Player:  Ray Webster (21)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Garcia (12)
Top Hitter:  Rocky Colavito (6)
Top Pitcher:  Gary Bell (11)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  49.70%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox9460.610--
NY Yankees7975.51315.0
KC Athletics6688.42928.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-10@ KC11W  6-41-0222,630Gary BellBob GrimGary BellBob GrimDick Brodowski642
1959-04-11@ KC12W  3-22-028,181Don FerrareseNed GarverDon FerrareseNed GarverDick Brodowski963
1959-04-14vs DET3W  8-13-0233,098 Herb ScoreJim BunningHerb ScoreJim Bunning 17710
1959-04-15vs DET4W  2-14-013,424 Cal McLishPaul FoytackCal McLishRay Narleski 19811
1959-04-17vs KC15W  4-35-0118,850 Gary BellRip ColemanDick BrodowskiBud Daley 231112
1959-04-18vs KC16W  13-46-013,959 Don FerrareseRalph TerryDon FerrareseRalph Terry 361521
1959-04-19vs KC17L  3-46-1111,264 Herb ScoreRay HerbertRay HerbertHerb Score 391920
1959-04-21@ DET8W  14-17-1112,935Cal McLishPaul FoytackCal McLishPaul Foytack 532033
1959-04-22@ DET9W  10-18-113,253Gary BellFrank LaryGary BellFrank Lary 632142
1959-04-23@ DET10W  10-49-113,197Jim PerryRay NarleskiDick BrodowskiRay Narleski 732548
1959-04-24vs CHA11W  6-410-1128,498 Herb ScoreDick DonovanHumberto RobinsonGerry Staley 792950
1959-04-25vs CHA12L  6-810-217,290 Cal McLishBarry LatmanTurk LownDick BrodowskiBob Shaw853748
1959-04-26vs CHA13L  5-610-410 Don FerrareseEarly WynnEarly WynnDon FerrareseGerry Staley904347
1959-04-26vs CHA14L  2-510-4114,358 Gary BellBilly PierceBilly PierceGary Bell 924844
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01vs NYA15W  4-211-4136,682 Cal McLishArt DitmarCal McLishBobby Shantz 965046
1959-05-02vs NYA16W  5-212-4114,484 Herb ScoreTom SturdivantHerb ScoreTom Sturdivant 1015249
1959-05-03vs WS117W  5-013-510 Mudcat GrantPedro RamosMudcat GrantPedro Ramos 1065254
1959-05-03vs WS118L  1-313-5119,586 Mike GarciaHal GriggsHal GriggsMike GarciaDick Hyde1075552
1959-05-05vs BAL19W  9-114-5111,182 Don FerrareseJack HarshmanDon FerrareseJack Harshman 1165660
1959-05-06vs BAL20L  5-614-6111,313 Gary BellMilt PappasMilt PappasGary BellBilly Loes1216259
1959-05-08@ CHA21W  3-115-6119,170Cal McLishDick DonovanCal McLishDick Donovan 1246361
1959-05-09@ CHA22L  5-915-716,325Herb ScoreBarry LatmanRay MooreHerb Score 1297257
1959-05-10@ CHA23L  4-515-910Mudcat GrantBilly PierceBilly PierceDick Brodowski 1337756
1959-05-10@ CHA24L  0-515-9124,346Mike GarciaEarly WynnEarly WynnMike Garcia 1338251
1959-05-12@ NYA25W  7-616-9136,130Cal McLishArt DitmarCal McLishArt DitmarJim Perry1408852
1959-05-15@ BOS26W  4-317-9123,412Mudcat GrantTom BrewerMudcat GrantTom BrewerJim Perry1449153
1959-05-16@ BOS27W  12-618-9116,057Herb ScoreFrank BaumannHerb ScoreFrank Baumann 1569759
1959-05-17@ BAL28L  7-819-1010Cal McLishArnie PortocarreroJerry WalkerJim Perry 16310558
1959-05-17@ BAL29W  8-319-10121,177Gary BellMilt PappasGary BellMilt Pappas 17110863
1959-05-18@ BAL30L  0-319-1129,167Don FerrareseHal BrownHal BrownDon FerrareseBilly Loes17111160
1959-05-19@ WS131W  5-220-11112,681Mudcat GrantHal GriggsMudcat GrantHal GriggsDick Brodowski17611363
1959-05-20@ WS132W  5-321-11113,395Herb ScoreRuss KemmererHerb ScoreRuss KemmererJim Perry18111665
1959-05-22vs DET33W  1-022-11124,317 Gary BellPaul FoytackGary BellPaul Foytack 18211666
1959-05-23vs DET34L  4-622-1215,864 Cal McLishJim BunningJim BunningCal McLish 18612264
1959-05-24vs DET35W  3-223-1310 Herb ScoreDon MossiHerb ScoreRay Narleski 18912465
1959-05-24vs DET36L  3-623-13122,735 Mike GarciaFrank LaryFrank LaryMike GarciaDave Sisler19213062
1959-05-26@ CHA37W  3-024-13140,018Don FerrareseDick DonovanDon FerrareseDick DonovanJim Perry19513065
1959-05-27@ CHA38L  1-524-1416,883Gary BellEarly WynnEarly WynnGary BellGerry Staley19613561
1959-05-28vs KC139L  2-724-15112,785 Mudcat GrantBud DaleyBud DaleyMudcat Grant 19814256
1959-05-30vs KC140W  3-225-1610 Herb ScoreJohnny KucksAl CicotteJohnny Kucks 20114457
1959-05-30vs KC141L  1-325-16120,338 Cal McLishRip ColemanRip ColemanCal McLish 20214755
1959-05-31@ DET42L  4-725-17127,706Don FerrareseJerry DavieJerry DavieMike Garcia 20615452
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-01@ DET43L  1-325-1818,224Gary BellPaul FoytackPaul FoytackGary Bell 20715750
1959-06-02vs WS144L  2-325-1917,016 Mudcat GrantPedro RamosPedro RamosBud Podbielan 20916049
1959-06-03vs WS145L  0-425-2017,644 Herb ScoreBill FischerBill FischerHerb Score 20916445
1959-06-05vs NYA46L  2-1125-21251,935 Gary BellArt DitmarArt DitmarGary Bell 21117536
1959-06-06vs NYA47L  1-225-22217,156 Don FerrareseBob TurleyBob TurleyDon Ferrarese 21217735
1959-06-07vs NYA48W  7-526-2330 Herb ScoreDon LarsenHerb ScoreDon Larsen 21918237
1959-06-07vs NYA49L  3-426-23359,823 Cal McLishDuke MaasDuke MaasCal McLishRyne Duren22218636
1959-06-09@ BAL50L  3-726-24346,601Mudcat GrantBilly O'DellErnie JohnsonMudcat GrantBilly Loes22519332
1959-06-10@ BAL51W  11-827-24315,883Gary BellJerry WalkerGary BellJerry WalkerMike Garcia23620135
1959-06-11@ BAL52W  2-128-2428,712Don FerrareseMilt PappasDon FerrareseMilt Pappas 23820236
1959-06-13@ WS153W  8-729-2429,342Mike GarciaPedro RamosJim PerryHal GriggsDick Brodowski24620937
1959-06-14@ WS154W  9-531-2420Mudcat GrantRuss KemmererMudcat GrantRuss Kemmerer 25521441
1959-06-14@ WS155W  12-631-24216,641Herb ScoreBill FischerHerb ScoreBill FischerDick Brodowski26722047
1959-06-15@ BOS56W  5-132-24112,322Gary BellBill MonbouquetteGary BellBill Monbouquette 27222151
1959-06-16@ BOS57W  4-133-24116,656Cal McLishTed WillsCal McLishTed Wills 27622254
1959-06-18@ BOS58L  6-733-2513,386Bobby LockeFrank SullivanJack HarshmanMike Garcia 28222953
1959-06-19@ NYA59L  2-333-26153,448Gary BellWhitey FordJim CoatesGary Bell 28423252
1959-06-20@ NYA60L  2-1033-27147,167Herb ScoreDuke MaasDuke MaasHerb Score 28624244
1959-06-21@ NYA61W  4-235-2710Cal McLishArt DitmarCal McLishArt Ditmar 29024446
1959-06-21@ NYA62W  5-435-27168,680Mudcat GrantDon LarsenMudcat GrantJim Coates 29524847
1959-06-23vs BAL63L  1-535-28119,979 Gary BellMilt PappasMilt PappasGary Bell 29625343
1959-06-24vs BAL64L  4-735-29111,694 Herb ScoreHal BrownHal BrownHerb ScoreBilly Loes30026040
1959-06-25vs BAL65W  3-236-2917,433 Bobby LockeHoyt WilhelmMike GarciaJack Fisher 30326241
1959-06-26vs BOS66W  11-537-29125,416 Cal McLishJerry CasaleCal McLishJerry Casale 31426747
1959-06-27vs BOS67L  4-637-30110,919 Mudcat GrantFrank SullivanFrank SullivanMudcat GrantTom Brewer31827345
1959-06-28vs BOS68W  5-439-3010 Gary BellIke DelockJim PerryJack Harshman 32327746
1959-06-28vs BOS69W  1-039-30127,610 Herb ScoreTed WillsHerb ScoreTed Wills 32427747
1959-06-30vs CHA70W  3-140-30123,416 Cal McLishBilly PierceCal McLishBilly Pierce 32727849
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-01vs CHA71L  5-640-31116,700 Mudcat GrantBarry LatmanBarry LatmanMudcat GrantTurk Lown33228448
1959-07-02@ KC172L  4-640-3219,416Gary BellRay HerbertRay HerbertGary BellJohnny Kucks33629046
1959-07-03@ KC173W  8-441-3217,989Herb ScoreHowie ReedHerb ScoreHowie Reed 34429450
1959-07-04@ DET74W  6-143-3210Cal McLishFrank LaryCal McLishFrank Lary 35029555
1959-07-04@ DET75W  12-943-32135,799Bobby LockeRay NarleskiGary BellBob Smith 36230458
1959-07-05@ DET76W  5-444-32116,676Mike GarciaPaul FoytackGary BellTom Morgan 36730859
1959-07-09@ CHA77L  3-444-33136,742Herb ScoreBilly PierceBilly PierceHerb Score 37031258
1959-07-10@ CHA78W  8-445-33141,588Cal McLishEarly WynnCal McLishEarly WynnGary Bell37831662
1959-07-11vs DET79W  8-746-33129,895 Mike GarciaDon MossiJim PerryDave SislerGary Bell38632363
1959-07-12vs DET80L  2-647-3410 Bobby LockePaul FoytackPaul FoytackBobby Locke 38832959
1959-07-12vs DET81W  8-447-34154,727 Al CicotteTom MorganJim PerryTom Morgan 39633363
1959-07-14@ NYA82L  0-147-35132,210Herb ScoreWhitey FordWhitey FordHerb ScoreRyne Duren39633462
1959-07-16@ NYA83L  5-747-3720Cal McLishArt DitmarDuke MaasGary Bell 40134160
1959-07-16@ NYA84L  0-447-37238,674Bob SmithBobby ShantzBobby ShantzBob Smith 40134556
1959-07-17@ BOS85W  8-748-37226,432Bobby LockeIke DelockBobby LockeIke DelockGary Bell40935257
1959-07-18@ BOS86W  7-549-37214,453Herb ScoreFrank SullivanMike GarciaMurray WallCal McLish41635759
1959-07-19@ BOS87L  5-650-3810Gary BellBill MonbouquetteLeo KielyJim Perry 42136358
1959-07-19@ BOS88W  5-350-38127,753Mudcat GrantFrank BaumannAl CicotteFrank Baumann 42636660
1959-07-21vs NYA89W  5-151-38146,912 Cal McLishBobby ShantzCal McLishBobby Shantz 43136764
1959-07-22vs NYA90L  5-851-39242,747 Herb ScoreDuke MaasDuke MaasHerb ScoreRyne Duren43637561
1959-07-23vs NYA91W  8-552-39250,766 Bob SmithRalph TerryJim PerryEli GrbaMudcat Grant44438064
1959-07-24vs WS192W  5-253-39214,147 Gary BellCamilo PascualGary BellCamilo Pascual 44938267
1959-07-25vs WS193W  8-154-39212,653 Cal McLishBill FischerCal McLishBill Fischer 45738374
1959-07-26vs WS194W  9-056-3910 Jim PerryHal GriggsJim PerryHal Griggs 46638383
1959-07-26vs WS195W  4-356-39130,121 Bobby LockePedro RamosMudcat GrantPedro Ramos 47038684
1959-07-27vs BOS96L  0-456-40212,716 Herb ScoreJerry CasaleJerry CasaleHerb Score 47039080
1959-07-28vs BOS97W  5-257-4120 Gary BellFrank SullivanGary BellFrank Sullivan 47539283
1959-07-28vs BOS98L  4-857-41229,525 Don FerrareseBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteJim PerryMike Fornieles47940079
1959-07-29vs BOS99L  1-457-42214,591 Cal McLishAl SchrollAl SchrollCal McLish 48040476
1959-07-30vs BOS100W  4-358-42210,244 Mudcat GrantTom BrewerBobby LockeMike Fornieles 48440777
1959-07-31vs BAL101W  5-459-42232,864 Jim PerryArnie PortocarreroJim PerryBilly LoesAl Cicotte48941178
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01vs BAL102L  2-559-43212,115 Bobby LockeHal BrownHal BrownBobby LockeJerry Walker49141675
1959-08-02vs BAL103L  4-560-4420 Cal McLishHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmAl CicotteBilly O'Dell49542174
1959-08-02vs BAL104W  6-360-44234,682 Gary BellMilt PappasGary BellBilly O'Dell 50142477
1959-08-04@ WS1105W  8-261-4425,438Jim PerryBill FischerJim PerryBill Fischer 50942683
1959-08-05@ WS1106W  7-362-4520Mudcat GrantPedro RamosMudcat GrantPedro RamosAl Cicotte51642987
1959-08-05@ WS1107L  0-962-45212,198Cal McLishTex ClevengerTex ClevengerCal McLish 51643878
1959-08-06@ WS1108W  5-263-4527,344Gary BellRuss KemmererGary BellRuss Kemmerer 52144081
1959-08-07@ BAL109W  8-564-45216,336Herb ScoreJerry WalkerAl CicotteJerry WalkerMudcat Grant52944584
1959-08-09@ BAL110L  3-464-46212,875Jim PerryMilt PappasMilt PappasJim Perry 53244983
1959-08-10@ KC1111W  6-465-46211,478Cal McLishRay HerbertCal McLishRip ColemanJack Harshman53845385
1959-08-11@ KC1112L  3-765-47210,884Mudcat GrantBud DaleyBud DaleyMudcat Grant 54146081
1959-08-12@ KC1113W  9-466-47210,937Gary BellJohnny KucksGary BellJohnny Kucks 55046486
1959-08-13@ KC1114W  7-567-47212,510Jack HarshmanJohn TsitourisJack HarshmanJohn Tsitouris 55746988
1959-08-14@ DET115L  1-1167-48228,198Cal McLishFrank LaryFrank LaryCal McLish 55848078
1959-08-15@ DET116L  6-967-49212,330Herb ScoreJim BunningJim BunningHerb ScoreTom Morgan56448975
1959-08-17@ DET117L  4-567-5024,788Gary BellPaul FoytackPaul FoytackGary Bell 56849474
1959-08-18vs WS1118L  4-1167-51218,064 Jim PerryRuss KemmererRuss KemmererJim Perry 57250567
1959-08-19vs WS1119W  5-468-5127,795 Cal McLishBill FischerCal McLishBill FischerBobby Locke57750968
1959-08-20vs WS1120W  6-169-51210,157 Mudcat GrantPedro RamosMudcat GrantPedro Ramos 58351073
1959-08-21vs BAL121W  5-070-51228,573 Jack HarshmanHal BrownJack HarshmanHal Brown 58851078
1959-08-22vs BAL122W  4-271-51210,117 Gary BellMilt PappasGary BellMilt PappasMudcat Grant59251280
1959-08-23vs BOS123W  1-073-5120 Jim PerryTom BrewerJim PerryTom Brewer 59351281
1959-08-23vs BOS124W  6-273-51226,208 Mike GarciaAl SchrollJack HarshmanAl Schroll 59951485
1959-08-25vs NYA125W  6-374-51236,143 Cal McLishWhitey FordCal McLishWhitey Ford 60551788
1959-08-26vs NYA126W  5-475-51231,800 Gary BellDuke MaasJim PerryRyne Duren 61052189
1959-08-28vs CHA127L  3-775-52270,398 Jack HarshmanBob ShawBob ShawMudcat Grant 61352885
1959-08-29vs CHA128L  0-275-53228,107 Jim PerryDick DonovanDick DonovanJim Perry 61353083
1959-08-30vs CHA129L  3-675-5520 Cal McLishEarly WynnEarly WynnCal McLishGerry Staley61653680
1959-08-30vs CHA130L  4-975-55266,586 Gary BellBarry LatmanBarry LatmanGary BellTurk Lown62054575
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-02vs KC1131W  6-376-55215,264 Herb ScoreNed GarverGary BellNed Garver 62654878
1959-09-04@ CHA132L  2-376-56245,510Jim PerryEarly WynnEarly WynnJim PerryGerry Staley62855177
1959-09-05@ CHA133W  6-577-56226,920Cal McLishBob ShawCal McLishBob ShawGary Bell63455678
1959-09-06@ CHA134W  2-178-56234,269Mudcat GrantDick DonovanMudcat GrantDick Donovan 63655779
1959-09-07vs DET135W  15-1480-5620 Mike GarciaPaul FoytackBobby LockeJim Bunning 65157180
1959-09-07vs DET136W  6-580-56228,041 Bob SmithRay NarleskiMike GarciaPete Burnside 65757681
1959-09-09@ BAL137W  3-282-5620Jack HarshmanMilt PappasJack HarshmanMilt Pappas 66057882
1959-09-09@ BAL138W  4-182-56212,172Jim PerryHal BrownJim PerryHal Brown 66457985
1959-09-10@ BAL139L  1-682-5726,431Cal McLishHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmCal McLish 66558580
1959-09-11@ WS1140L  4-582-5826,261Mudcat GrantPedro RamosPedro RamosMike Garcia 66959079
1959-09-12@ WS1141W  7-283-5826,409Gary BellRuss KemmererGary BellRuss Kemmerer 67659284
1959-09-13@ NYA142L  1-283-6020Jack HarshmanBob TurleyEli GrbaJack Harshman 67759483
1959-09-13@ NYA143L  0-183-60241,645Jim PerryDuke MaasDuke MaasJim Perry 67759582
1959-09-14@ NYA144W  8-584-6024,953Cal McLishArt DitmarCal McLishArt DitmarGary Bell68560085
1959-09-15@ BOS145L  0-184-6128,456Mudcat GrantTom BrewerTom BrewerMudcat Grant 68560184
1959-09-16@ BOS146L  5-684-6223,006Gary BellJerry CasaleNelson ChittumJim Perry 69060783
1959-09-18@ KC1147W  11-285-6226,943Jim PerryBud DaleyJim PerryBud Daley 70160992
1959-09-19@ KC1148W  13-786-6228,852Jack HarshmanJohnny KucksJack HarshmanJohnny Kucks 71461698
1959-09-20@ KC1149W  4-387-62211,058Cal McLishNed GarverCal McLishNed Garver 71861999
1959-09-22vs CHA150L  2-487-63254,293 Jim PerryEarly WynnEarly WynnJim PerryGerry Staley72062397
1959-09-25vs KC1151W  8-289-6320 Jake StrikerJohnny KucksJake StrikerJohnny KucksBobby Locke728625103
1959-09-25vs KC1152W  8-789-63229,411 Cal McLishBud DaleyMudcat GrantBob Grim 736632104
1959-09-26vs KC1153L  4-889-6428,108 John BriggsKen JohnsonKen JohnsonJohn BriggsDick Tomanek740640100
1959-09-27vs KC1154L  5-689-65214,601 Herb ScoreNed GarverNed GarverHerb ScoreMarty Kutyna74564699

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