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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  94-60   .610
Result:   1st in American League
Manager(s):  Al Lopez
General Manager:   Charlie Comiskey
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,423,144
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Dodgers)

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Early Wynn (39)
Youngest Player:  Johnny Callison (20)
Longest Tenure:  Billy Pierce (11)
Top Hitter:  Nellie Fox (2)
Top Pitcher:  Early Wynn (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  87.14%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox9460.610--
NY Yankees7975.51315.0
KC Athletics6688.42928.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-10@ DET1W  9-71-0138,332Billy PierceJim BunningGerry StaleyDon MossiDon Rudolph972
1959-04-11@ DET2W  5-32-015,529Early WynnPaul FoytackEarly WynnRay Narleski 14104
1959-04-12@ DET3W  5-33-0111,228Dick DonovanFrank LaryDick DonovanFrank LaryBob Shaw19136
1959-04-14vs KC14W  2-04-0119,303 Billy PierceRalph TerryBilly PierceRalph Terry 21138
1959-04-15vs KC15L  8-104-134,713 Barry LatmanBob GrimBob GrimBarry LatmanTom Gorman29236
1959-04-16vs KC16L  0-64-233,211 Early WynnNed GarverNed GarverEarly Wynn 29290
1959-04-17vs DET7W  6-55-222,656 Dick DonovanFrank LaryRudy AriasRay NarleskiTurk Lown35341
1959-04-18vs DET8L  2-55-337,159 Ray MooreBilly HoeftBilly HoeftRay MooreTom Morgan3739-2
1959-04-21@ KC19L  3-85-446,569Billy PierceBob GrimBob GrimBilly Pierce 4047-7
1959-04-22@ KC110W  20-66-437,446Early WynnNed GarverBob ShawBud Daley 60537
1959-04-24@ CLE11L  4-66-5528,498Dick DonovanHerb ScoreHumberto RobinsonGerry Staley 64595
1959-04-25@ CLE12W  8-67-537,290Barry LatmanCal McLishTurk LownDick BrodowskiBob Shaw72657
1959-04-26@ CLE13W  6-59-530Early WynnDon FerrareseEarly WynnDon FerrareseGerry Staley78708
1959-04-26@ CLE14W  5-29-5314,358Billy PierceGary BellBilly PierceGary Bell 837211
1959-04-29vs NYA15L  2-59-639,952 Ray MooreBob TurleyBob TurleyRay Moore 85778
1959-04-30vs NYA16W  4-310-6226,944 Billy PierceWhitey FordBilly PierceRyne Duren 89809
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01vs BOS17W  1-011-6213,022 Early WynnTom BrewerEarly WynnTom Brewer 908010
1959-05-02vs BOS18L  4-511-727,718 Barry LatmanIke DelockIke DelockBarry LatmanMurray Wall94859
1959-05-03vs BAL19L  2-411-8311,208 Dick DonovanBilly O'DellBilly LoesTurk Lown 96897
1959-05-05vs WS120L  3-811-932,087 Billy PierceChuck StobbsChuck StobbsBilly PierceTex Clevenger99972
1959-05-06vs WS121L  4-611-1041,710 Early WynnCamilo PascualCamilo PascualEarly WynnTex Clevenger1031030
1959-05-08vs CLE22L  1-311-11419,170 Dick DonovanCal McLishCal McLishDick Donovan 104106-2
1959-05-09vs CLE23W  9-512-1146,325 Barry LatmanHerb ScoreRay MooreHerb Score 1131112
1959-05-10vs CLE24W  5-414-1120 Billy PierceMudcat GrantBilly PierceDick Brodowski 1181153
1959-05-10vs CLE25W  5-014-11224,346 Early WynnMike GarciaEarly WynnMike Garcia 1231158
1959-05-12@ BOS26W  4-315-11222,012Dick DonovanIke DelockRudy AriasMurray Wall 1271189
1959-05-13@ BOS27W  4-016-1124,787Bob ShawFrank SullivanBob ShawFrank Sullivan 13111813
1959-05-14@ BOS28W  14-617-1123,554Early WynnBilly HoeftEarly WynnBilly HoeftTurk Lown14512421
1959-05-15@ NYA29W  6-018-11227,863Billy PierceWhitey FordBilly PierceWhitey Ford 15112427
1959-05-16@ NYA30W  4-319-11226,899Ray MooreBob TurleyTurk LownArt Ditmar 15512728
1959-05-17@ WS131L  2-420-1220Dick DonovanPedro RamosPedro RamosDick Donovan 15713126
1959-05-17@ WS132W  10-720-12222,240Bob ShawBill FischerBob ShawBill FischerTurk Lown16713829
1959-05-18@ WS133W  9-221-1213,995Early WynnChuck StobbsEarly WynnChuck Stobbs 17614036
1959-05-19@ BAL34L  1-221-1326,819Billy PierceBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBilly PierceJerry Walker17714235
1959-05-20@ BAL35W  5-222-13216,026Dick DonovanJack HarshmanDick DonovanJack Harshman 18214438
1959-05-22@ KC136W  2-123-13213,527Bob ShawBob GrimBob ShawBob GrimTurk Lown18414539
1959-05-23@ KC137L  0-1623-14212,416Early WynnBud DaleyBud DaleyEarly Wynn 18416123
1959-05-24@ KC138L  6-823-15214,985Billy PierceRay HerbertRay HerbertBilly Pierce 19016921
1959-05-26vs CLE39L  0-323-16240,018 Dick DonovanDon FerrareseDon FerrareseDick DonovanJim Perry19017218
1959-05-27vs CLE40W  5-124-1626,883 Early WynnGary BellEarly WynnGary BellGerry Staley19517322
1959-05-29vs DET41L  1-424-1724,114 Bob ShawDon MossiDon MossiBob Shaw 19617719
1959-05-30vs DET42L  2-425-1820 Billy PierceFrank LaryFrank LaryBilly Pierce 19818117
1959-05-30vs DET43W  4-325-18223,621 Dick DonovanJim BunningTurk LownTom Morgan 20218418
1959-05-31vs KC144L  1-925-19211,414 Early WynnNed GarverNed GarverEarly Wynn 20319310
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-01vs KC145L  1-325-2028,221 Ray MooreBud DaleyBud DaleyRay Moore 2041968
1959-06-02vs BAL46L  2-325-21312,482 Bob ShawHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmBob Shaw 2061997
1959-06-03vs BAL47W  6-126-2123,607 Billy PierceBilly O'DellBilly PierceBilly O'Dell 21220012
1959-06-04vs BAL48W  6-527-2113,514 Dick DonovanJack HarshmanBob ShawJerry Walker 21820513
1959-06-05vs BOS49W  5-228-21132,321 Early WynnFrank BaumannGerry StaleyMurray WallRudy Arias22320716
1959-06-06vs BOS50L  2-428-22110,301 Ray MooreTed WillsTed WillsRay MooreMike Fornieles22521114
1959-06-07vs BOS51W  9-429-2310 Dick DonovanIke DelockDick DonovanIke DelockGerry Staley23421519
1959-06-07vs BOS52L  2-429-23125,844 Billy PierceFrank SullivanFrank SullivanBilly PierceMike Fornieles23621917
1959-06-09@ WS153L  4-729-24219,157Bob ShawBill FischerTex ClevengerTurk Lown 24022614
1959-06-10@ WS154W  4-130-2419,121Early WynnHal WoodeshickEarly WynnHal Woodeshick 24422717
1959-06-11@ WS155W  3-131-2416,738Billy PierceCamilo PascualBilly PierceCamilo Pascual 24722819
1959-06-13@ BAL56L  4-631-2518,081Bob ShawHal BrownBilly LoesGerry Staley 25123417
1959-06-14@ BAL57W  9-633-2510Early WynnJack HarshmanEarly WynnGeorge ZuverinkTurk Lown26024020
1959-06-14@ BAL58W  3-233-25120,257Dick DonovanBilly O'DellDick DonovanBilly O'DellRudy Arias26324221
1959-06-16@ NYA59L  1-533-26231,016Billy PierceArt DitmarArt DitmarBilly Pierce 26424717
1959-06-17@ NYA60L  3-733-27214,392Ray MooreBob TurleyBob TurleyRay MooreRyne Duren26725413
1959-06-18@ NYA61L  4-533-28217,882Bob ShawJim BronstadBobby ShantzGerry Staley 27125912
1959-06-20@ BOS62L  2-833-30512,997Early WynnTom BrewerTom BrewerEarly Wynn 2732676
1959-06-20@ BOS63L  0-933-30516,067Dick DonovanJerry CasaleJerry CasaleDick Donovan 273276-3
1959-06-21@ BOS64W  3-234-30221,094Billy PierceTed WillsBilly PierceTed Wills 276278-2
1959-06-23vs WS165W  4-135-30216,300 Early WynnBill FischerEarly WynnBill Fischer 2802791
1959-06-24vs WS166L  2-435-3135,370 Dick DonovanRuss KemmererTex ClevengerDick DonovanHal Griggs282283-1
1959-06-25vs WS167W  4-136-3124,848 Barry LatmanPedro RamosBarry LatmanPedro Ramos 2862842
1959-06-26vs NYA68L  4-836-32337,909 Billy PierceArt DitmarArt DitmarBilly PierceRyne Duren290292-2
1959-06-27vs NYA69W  5-437-32221,624 Bob ShawBob TurleyBob ShawBob TurleyGerry Staley295296-1
1959-06-28vs NYA70W  9-239-3220 Early WynnWhitey FordEarly WynnWhitey Ford 3042986
1959-06-28vs NYA71W  4-239-32242,121 Dick DonovanDon LarsenDick DonovanDon LarsenTurk Lown3083008
1959-06-30@ CLE72L  1-339-33223,416Billy PierceCal McLishCal McLishBilly Pierce 3093036
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-01@ CLE73W  6-540-33216,700Barry LatmanMudcat GrantBarry LatmanMudcat GrantTurk Lown3153087
1959-07-02@ DET74L  7-940-34229,312Bob ShawDon MossiDon MossiBob ShawDave Sisler3223175
1959-07-03@ DET75W  6-541-34211,729Early WynnJim BunningTurk LownTom Morgan 3283226
1959-07-04@ KC176W  7-442-3520Dick DonovanBud DaleyBob ShawBob Grim 3353269
1959-07-04@ KC177L  3-842-35218,884Billy PierceRip ColemanJohnny KucksBilly Pierce 3383344
1959-07-05@ KC178W  4-343-3529,669Barry LatmanNed GarverTurk LownNed Garver 3423375
1959-07-09vs CLE79W  4-344-35236,742 Billy PierceHerb ScoreBilly PierceHerb Score 3463406
1959-07-10vs CLE80L  4-844-36241,588 Early WynnCal McLishCal McLishEarly WynnGary Bell3503482
1959-07-11vs KC181W  8-345-3627,346 Barry LatmanNed GarverBarry LatmanNed Garver 3583517
1959-07-12vs KC182W  5-347-3620 Dick DonovanBud DaleyRay MooreBud DaleyGerry Staley3633549
1959-07-12vs KC183W  9-747-36218,426 Bob ShawRip ColemanBob ShawRip ColemanGerry Staley37236111
1959-07-14@ BOS84W  7-348-36220,606Billy PierceTed WillsBilly PierceTed WillsTurk Lown37936415
1959-07-16@ BOS85W  4-349-3710Dick DonovanTom BrewerDick DonovanTom BrewerGerry Staley38336716
1959-07-16@ BOS86L  4-549-37117,285Barry LatmanJerry CasaleMike FornielesRay Moore 38737215
1959-07-17@ NYA87W  2-050-37142,168Early WynnRalph TerryEarly WynnRalph Terry 38937217
1959-07-18@ NYA88W  2-151-37133,744Bob ShawDon LarsenBob ShawDon LarsenGerry Staley39137318
1959-07-19@ NYA89L  2-651-3920Barry LatmanWhitey FordWhitey FordBarry LatmanRyne Duren39337914
1959-07-19@ NYA90L  4-651-39253,014Billy PierceEli GrbaEli GrbaBilly PierceRyne Duren39738512
1959-07-21vs BOS91W  2-152-39228,534 Dick DonovanTom BrewerDick DonovanTom Brewer 39938613
1959-07-22vs BOS92W  5-453-39111,847 Early WynnJerry CasaleTurk LownLeo Kiely 40439014
1959-07-24vs BAL93W  2-154-39129,274 Billy PierceHoyt WilhelmBilly PierceHoyt Wilhelm 40639115
1959-07-25vs BAL94W  3-255-39112,562 Bob ShawBilly O'DellTurk LownBilly Loes 40939316
1959-07-26vs BAL95W  4-156-4020 Early WynnArnie PortocarreroEarly WynnArnie Portocarrero 41339419
1959-07-26vs BAL96L  0-456-40235,207 Barry LatmanMilt PappasMilt PappasBarry Latman 41339815
1959-07-28vs NYA97W  4-357-40143,829 Billy PierceRalph TerryBilly PierceRalph Terry 41740116
1959-07-29vs NYA98W  4-458-40143,599 Bob ShawWhitey Ford 42140516
1959-07-30vs NYA99W  3-159-40130,858 Early WynnEli GrbaEarly WynnEli Grba 42440618
1959-07-31vs WS1100W  7-160-40124,278 Barry LatmanPedro RamosBarry LatmanPedro Ramos 43140724
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01vs WS1101W  2-161-40112,376 Ray MooreCamilo PascualGerry StaleyDick Hyde 43340825
1959-08-02vs WS1102W  3-263-4010 Billy PierceRuss KemmererTurk LownRuss Kemmerer 43641026
1959-08-02vs WS1103W  9-363-40126,866 Bob ShawJim KaatBob ShawJim KaatGerry Staley44541332
1959-08-04@ BAL104L  2-363-41111,746Ken McBrideBilly HoeftBilly HoeftKen McBrideHal Brown44741631
1959-08-05@ BAL105W  2-064-4210Barry LatmanJack FisherBarry LatmanJack Fisher 44941633
1959-08-05@ BAL106L  1-764-42115,324Early WynnArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroEarly Wynn 45042327
1959-08-06@ BAL107L  1-164-4318,707Billy PierceBilly O'Dell 45142427
1959-08-07@ WS1108W  4-165-4317,702Bob ShawBill FischerBob ShawBill Fischer 45542530
1959-08-09@ WS1109W  4-367-4310Ken McBrideChuck StobbsGerry StaleyDick Hyde 45942831
1959-08-09@ WS1110W  9-067-43117,472Early WynnTex ClevengerEarly WynnTex Clevenger 46842840
1959-08-11@ DET111L  1-867-44134,417Billy PierceJim BunningJim BunningBilly Pierce 46943633
1959-08-12@ DET112W  11-668-44112,820Barry LatmanPaul FoytackGerry StaleyPete BurnsideTurk Lown48044238
1959-08-13@ DET113W  9-069-4419,894Early WynnDon MossiEarly WynnDon Mossi 48944247
1959-08-14@ KC1114W  5-170-44111,477Bob ShawJohnny KucksBob ShawJohnny Kucks 49444351
1959-08-15@ KC1115L  1-270-45114,497Billy PierceBud DaleyBud DaleyBilly Pierce 49544550
1959-08-16@ KC1116L  2-770-46113,373Dick DonovanNed GarverNed GarverDick Donovan 49745245
1959-08-18vs BAL117W  6-471-46134,547 Early WynnArnie PortocarreroGerry StaleyJack Fisher 50345647
1959-08-19vs BAL118L  1-371-47114,310 Bob ShawBilly O'DellBilly O'DellBob ShawJerry Walker50445945
1959-08-20vs BAL119L  6-771-48111,084 Barry LatmanHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmBarry LatmanBilly Loes51046644
1959-08-21vs WS1120W  5-472-48137,986 Dick DonovanChuck StobbsGerry StaleyChuck StobbsTurk Lown51547045
1959-08-22vs WS1121W  1-073-4819,739 Barry LatmanRuss KemmererBarry LatmanRuss Kemmerer 51647046
1959-08-23vs NYA122L  1-774-4910 Early WynnArt DitmarArt DitmarEarly Wynn 51747740
1959-08-23vs NYA123W  5-074-49144,520 Bob ShawRalph TerryBob ShawRalph Terry 52247745
1959-08-24vs NYA124W  4-275-49121,923 Ray MooreDon LarsenRay MooreDon LarsenTurk Lown52647947
1959-08-25vs BOS125W  5-476-49127,002 Dick DonovanFrank SullivanTurk LownMike Fornieles 53148348
1959-08-26vs BOS126L  6-776-50122,497 Early WynnBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteEarly WynnMike Fornieles53749047
1959-08-27vs BOS127W  5-177-50111,703 Barry LatmanFrank BaumannBarry LatmanFrank BaumannGerry Staley54249151
1959-08-28@ CLE128W  7-378-50170,398Bob ShawJack HarshmanBob ShawMudcat Grant 54949455
1959-08-29@ CLE129W  2-079-50128,107Dick DonovanJim PerryDick DonovanJim Perry 55149457
1959-08-30@ CLE130W  6-381-5010Early WynnCal McLishEarly WynnCal McLishGerry Staley55749760
1959-08-30@ CLE131W  9-481-50166,586Barry LatmanGary BellBarry LatmanGary BellTurk Lown56650165
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-01vs DET132L  0-481-51127,218 Bob ShawJim BunningJim BunningBob Shaw 56650561
1959-09-02vs DET133W  7-283-5110 Dick DonovanFrank LaryDick DonovanFrank LaryGerry Staley57350766
1959-09-02vs DET134W  11-483-51143,237 Barry LatmanPaul FoytackJoe StankaPaul FoytackGerry Staley58451173
1959-09-04vs CLE135W  3-284-51145,510 Early WynnJim PerryEarly WynnJim PerryGerry Staley58751374
1959-09-05vs CLE136L  5-684-52126,920 Bob ShawCal McLishCal McLishBob ShawGary Bell59251973
1959-09-06vs CLE137L  1-284-53134,269 Dick DonovanMudcat GrantMudcat GrantDick Donovan 59352172
1959-09-07vs KC1138W  2-186-5310 Billy PierceNed GarverBilly PierceNed GarverTurk Lown59552273
1959-09-07vs KC1139W  13-786-53126,368 Barry LatmanJohn TsitourisGerry StaleyDick Tomanek 60852979
1959-09-08vs KC1140W  3-287-53128,238 Early WynnBud DaleyEarly WynnBud Daley 61153180
1959-09-09@ WS1141W  5-188-5319,616Bob ShawTex ClevengerBob ShawTex Clevenger 61653284
1959-09-10@ WS1142L  2-888-5416,530Dick DonovanCamilo PascualCamilo PascualDick Donovan 61854078
1959-09-11@ BAL143L  0-388-5610Billy PierceJack FisherJack FisherBilly Pierce 61854375
1959-09-11@ BAL144L  0-188-56122,305Barry LatmanJerry WalkerJerry WalkerGerry Staley 61854474
1959-09-12@ BAL145W  6-189-56111,904Early WynnBilly O'DellEarly WynnBilly O'Dell 62454579
1959-09-13@ BOS146W  3-190-56126,720Bob ShawFrank SullivanBob ShawFrank SullivanTurk Lown62754681
1959-09-14@ BOS147L  3-990-5713,676Dick DonovanBill MonbouquetteBill MonbouquetteDick Donovan 63055575
1959-09-15@ NYA148W  4-391-5719,108Billy PierceRalph TerryBilly PierceWhitey FordBob Shaw63455876
1959-09-16@ NYA149L  1-391-5817,550Early WynnJim CoatesJim CoatesEarly Wynn 63556174
1959-09-18vs DET150W  1-092-58137,352 Bob ShawJim BunningBob ShawJim Bunning 63656175
1959-09-19vs DET151L  4-592-59117,287 Dick DonovanPaul FoytackPaul FoytackDick DonovanRay Narleski64056674
1959-09-20vs DET152L  4-592-60127,784 Billy PierceDon MossiDon MossiBilly PierceJim Bunning64457173
1959-09-22@ CLE153W  4-293-60154,293Early WynnJim PerryEarly WynnJim PerryGerry Staley64857375
1959-09-25@ DET154L  5-693-6113,386Billy PierceDon MossiDon MossiGerry Staley 65357974
1959-09-26@ DET155W  10-594-6119,814Early WynnJim ProctorEarly WynnJim ProctorTurk Lown66358479
1959-09-27@ DET156W  6-495-61113,985Bob ShawBob BruceBob ShawBob BruceKen McBride66958881

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