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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  74-80   .481
Result:   6th in National League
Manager(s):  Bob Scheffing
General Manager:   John Holland
Stadium:  Wrigley Field
Attendance:  858,255
Playoffs:  -

Chicago Cubs affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Elmer Singleton (41)
Youngest Player:  Billy Williams (21)
Longest Tenure:  Ernie Banks (7)
Top Hitter:  Ernie Banks (3)
Top Pitcher:  Glen Hobbie (10)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  80.13%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8868.564--
SF Giants8371.5394.0
Chi Cubs7480.48113.0
St. Louis7183.46116.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-11vs LAN1W  6-11-0112,288 Bob AndersonDon DrysdaleBob AndersonDon Drysdale 615
1959-04-12vs LAN2L  3-51-1410,824 Taylor PhillipsSandy KoufaxJohnny KlippsteinTaylor PhillipsClem Labine963
1959-04-14@ SFN3W  5-22-1322,522Dave HillmanJack SanfordDave HillmanJack SanfordDon Elston1486
1959-04-15@ SFN4L  1-72-2415,479Moe DrabowskyJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliMoe Drabowsky 15150
1959-04-16@ SFN5W  11-33-2411,056Glen HobbieSam JonesGlen HobbieSam JonesDon Elston26188
1959-04-17@ LAN6W  9-44-2219,894Dick DrottStan WilliamsBill HenryClem Labine 352213
1959-04-18@ LAN7L  7-84-3422,091Joe SchaffernothDanny McDevittArt FowlerJohn BuzhardtJohnny Klippstein423012
1959-04-19@ LAN8L  3-84-4529,663Dave HillmanJohnny PodresJohnny PodresDave Hillman 45387
1959-04-21vs SLN9W  1-05-432,501 Glen HobbieGary BlaylockGlen HobbieGary Blaylock 46388
1959-04-22vs SLN10L  2-85-544,917 Taylor PhillipsVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellTaylor Phillips 48462
1959-04-23vs SLN11W  6-16-545,788 Moe DrabowskyLindy McDanielMoe DrabowskyLindy McDanielDon Elston54477
1959-04-24vs SFN12L  3-46-643,511 Dave HillmanJohnny AntonelliStu MillerJohn Buzhardt 57516
1959-04-25vs SFN13W  5-37-6413,873 Bob AndersonSam JonesBob AndersonSam JonesDon Elston62548
1959-04-26vs SFN14L  2-37-758,427 Glen HobbieJack SanfordJack SanfordGlen Hobbie 64577
1959-04-29@ CIN15L  8-187-856,910Moe DrabowskyBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceMoe DrabowskyBob Mabe7275-3
1959-04-30@ CIN16W  3-28-853,377Bob AndersonBob PurkeyBill HenryBob Mabe 7577-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01@ PHI17L  2-48-959,054Glen HobbieJim OwensJim OwensGlen Hobbie 7781-4
1959-05-02@ PHI18W  4-39-954,171Dave HillmanSeth MoreheadJoe SchaffernothSeth MoreheadDon Elston8184-3
1959-05-03@ PHI19W  4-310-1050Dick DrottChris ShortJohn BuzhardtTurk FarrellDon Elston8587-2
1959-05-03@ PHI20L  4-510-10513,660Moe DrabowskyRuben GomezJack MeyerBill Henry 8992-3
1959-05-04@ PIT21L  1-210-11514,421Bob AndersonRon KlineRon KlineBob AndersonRoy Face9094-4
1959-05-05@ PIT22W  6-311-11517,429Glen HobbieBob FriendGlen HobbieBob Friend 9697-1
1959-05-06@ PIT23W  3-012-1150Dave HillmanHarvey HaddixDave HillmanHarvey Haddix 99972
1959-05-07@ SLN24L  3-412-1257,291Moe DrabowskyLindy McDanielHowie NunnDon Elston 1021011
1959-05-08@ SLN25W  3-213-1259,245Bob AndersonGary BlaylockBill HenryJim Brosnan 1051032
1959-05-09@ SLN26L  1-1113-1356,964Glen HobbieLarry JacksonLarry JacksonGlen Hobbie 106114-8
1959-05-10@ SLN27W  10-914-1450Dave HillmanVinegar Bend MizellElmer SingletonLindy McDaniel 116123-7
1959-05-10@ SLN28L  7-814-14519,438John BuzhardtErnie BroglioLindy McDanielElmer Singleton 123131-8
1959-05-11vs MLN29L  1-814-1457,995 Moe DrabowskyBob BuhlBob BuhlMoe DrabowskyBob Giggie124139-15
1959-05-12vs MLN30W  7-315-1458,288 Bob AndersonLew BurdetteDon ElstonLew Burdette 131142-11
1959-05-13vs CIN31W  10-016-1443,705 Glen HobbieBob PurkeyGlen HobbieBob Purkey 141142-1
1959-05-14vs CIN32L  0-216-1552,163 Dave HillmanJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallDave Hillman 141144-3
1959-05-16vs PIT33W  3-217-15510,496 Moe DrabowskyHarvey HaddixDon ElstonHarvey Haddix 144146-2
1959-05-17vs PIT34L  4-518-1630 Bob AndersonVern LawVern LawBob AndersonRoy Face148151-3
1959-05-17vs PIT35W  7-618-16332,017 Glen HobbieBennie DanielsGlen HobbieBennie DanielsBill Henry155157-2
1959-05-19vs PHI36W  8-719-1622,436 Dave HillmanGene ConleyDon ElstonTaylor Phillips 163164-1
1959-05-20vs PHI37W  7-520-1624,825 Moe DrabowskyDon CardwellMoe DrabowskyDon CardwellDon Elston1701691
1959-05-21vs PHI38L  0-320-1733,725 Bob AndersonRuben GomezRuben GomezBob Anderson 170172-2
1959-05-22vs SLN39L  1-320-1843,192 Glen HobbieGary BlaylockJim BrosnanBill Henry 171175-4
1959-05-23vs SLN40L  1-520-1947,763 Dave HillmanLarry JacksonLarry JacksonDave Hillman 172180-8
1959-05-24vs SLN41L  3-720-20519,921 Moe DrabowskyVinegar Bend MizellLindy McDanielMoe Drabowsky 175187-12
1959-05-25@ SLN42W  9-421-20410,111Bob AndersonTom CheneyBob AndersonErnie BroglioBill Henry184191-7
1959-05-27@ LAN43L  1-421-21412,701Glen HobbieDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleGlen Hobbie 185195-10
1959-05-28@ LAN44W  7-522-21313,079Seth MoreheadStan WilliamsDave HillmanArt FowlerDon Elston192200-8
1959-05-29@ LAN45W  9-423-21318,297Moe DrabowskyDanny McDevittMoe DrabowskyDanny McDevittBill Henry201204-3
1959-05-30@ SFN46L  2-523-22321,890Bob AndersonMike McCormickMike McCormickBob Anderson 203209-6
1959-05-31@ SFN47L  3-623-23521,828Glen HobbieJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliGlen HobbieStu Miller206215-9
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-03@ PHI48L  3-423-2457,883Dave HillmanJim OwensJim OwensDave Hillman 209219-10
1959-06-04@ PHI49W  3-224-2457,445Bob AndersonGene ConleyDon ElstonGene Conley 212221-9
1959-06-05@ PIT50W  10-525-24527,335Glen HobbieVern LawGlen HobbieVern LawDon Elston222226-4
1959-06-06@ PIT51W  8-226-24512,953Moe DrabowskyBennie DanielsMoe DrabowskyBennie Daniels 2302282
1959-06-07@ PIT52W  4-228-2430John BuzhardtHarvey HaddixJohn BuzhardtHarvey HaddixBill Henry2342304
1959-06-07@ PIT53W  1-028-24332,078Elmer SingletonBob FriendElmer SingletonBob FriendDon Elston2352305
1959-06-08@ MLN54L  5-928-25312,288Seth MoreheadLew BurdetteLew BurdetteSeth MoreheadDon McMahon2402391
1959-06-09vs CIN55W  8-429-2539,141 Bob AndersonJoe NuxhallBill HenryJoe Nuxhall 2482435
1959-06-10vs CIN56L  4-629-2637,657 Glen HobbieBob PurkeyBob PurkeyGlen HobbieOrlando Pena2522493
1959-06-11vs CIN57L  0-829-2745,422 Moe DrabowskyDon NewcombeDon NewcombeMoe Drabowsky 252257-5
1959-06-12vs MLN58W  9-730-27411,873 John BuzhardtLew BurdetteJohn BuzhardtLew BurdetteBill Henry261264-3
1959-06-13vs MLN59L  2-430-28423,583 Bob AndersonWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob AndersonDon McMahon263268-5
1959-06-14vs MLN60W  6-030-28436,895 Dick DrottBob RushDick DrottBob Rush 2692681
1959-06-16vs PIT61L  2-530-29410,391 Dave HillmanBob FriendBob FriendDave HillmanRoy Face271273-2
1959-06-17vs PIT62W  5-231-29510,230 John BuzhardtHarvey HaddixBill HenryHarvey Haddix 2762751
1959-06-18vs PIT63L  2-431-3057,562 Moe DrabowskyRon KlineRoy FaceBill Henry 278279-1
1959-06-19vs PHI64L  7-831-3158,516 Bob AndersonGene ConleyGene ConleyBob AndersonJim Owens285287-2
1959-06-20vs PHI65L  3-631-32513,557 Dick DrottRobin RobertsRobin RobertsDick Drott 288293-5
1959-06-21vs PHI66W  4-032-32517,995 John BuzhardtRuben GomezJohn BuzhardtRuben Gomez 292293-1
1959-06-23@ CIN67W  3-133-3258,553Glen HobbieJoe NuxhallGlen HobbieJoe Nuxhall 2952941
1959-06-24@ CIN68L  0-533-3356,510Dick DrottJim BrosnanJim BrosnanDick Drott 295299-4
1959-06-25@ CIN69W  6-234-3354,884Bob AndersonBob PurkeyBob AndersonBob PurkeyBill Henry3013010
1959-06-26@ MLN70L  1-1134-34535,262John BuzhardtWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJohn Buzhardt 302312-10
1959-06-27@ MLN71W  7-134-34526,881Glen HobbieCarl WilleyGlen HobbieCarl Willey 309313-4
1959-06-28@ MLN72L  1-234-35532,884Dave HillmanJuan PizarroJuan PizarroDave Hillman 310315-5
1959-06-30vs SLN73L  1-434-3659,885 Bob AndersonLarry JacksonLarry JacksonBob Anderson 311319-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-01vs SLN74W  6-535-3655,562 John BuzhardtErnie BroglioDon ElstonLindy McDaniel 317324-7
1959-07-02vs SFN75W  10-436-36512,320 Glen HobbieEddie FisherGlen HobbieEddie FisherDon Elston327328-1
1959-07-03vs SFN76L  0-436-37519,386 Dave HillmanJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliDave Hillman 327332-5
1959-07-04vs LAN77W  2-137-3850 Bob AndersonLarry SherryBob AndersonLarry Sherry 329333-4
1959-07-04vs LAN78L  2-537-38529,440 Moe DrabowskyDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleMoe Drabowsky 331338-7
1959-07-05vs LAN79L  3-437-4050 John BuzhardtRoger CraigRoger CraigJohn BuzhardtDanny McDevitt334342-8
1959-07-05vs LAN80L  3-537-40532,728 Dick DrottStan WilliamsClem LabineGlen HobbieJohnny Klippstein337347-10
1959-07-09@ PIT81L  3-437-40522,080Bob AndersonVern LawRoy FaceBill Henry 340351-11
1959-07-10@ PIT82L  6-737-41625,360Glen HobbieBob FriendBennie DanielsDon Elston 346358-12
1959-07-11@ PIT83W  5-138-41615,110Dave HillmanRon KlineDave HillmanRon Kline 351359-8
1959-07-12@ PHI84W  7-639-4260Art CeccarelliRuben GomezArt CeccarelliRuben GomezBill Henry358365-7
1959-07-12@ PHI85L  1-439-4266,519Moe DrabowskyRay SemprochRay SemprochMoe Drabowsky 359369-10
1959-07-14vs MLN86W  10-540-42621,157 Bob AndersonJuan PizarroBill HenryJoey Jay 369374-5
1959-07-15vs MLN87W  5-241-42522,206 Glen HobbieCarl WilleyGlen HobbieCarl Willey 374376-2
1959-07-16vs MLN88W  4-242-42523,678 Dave HillmanLew BurdetteDave HillmanLew Burdette 3783780
1959-07-17vs CIN89W  1-043-4257,748 Art CeccarelliBob PurkeyArt CeccarelliBob Purkey 3793781
1959-07-18vs CIN90L  1-543-43510,417 John BuzhardtJay HookJay HookJohn Buzhardt 380383-3
1959-07-20@ SLN91L  0-243-44615,008Glen HobbieErnie BroglioErnie BroglioGlen Hobbie 380385-5
1959-07-21@ SLN92W  8-244-44525,585Art CeccarelliLarry JacksonArt CeccarelliLarry Jackson 3883871
1959-07-22@ LAN93W  7-245-44429,790Bob AndersonDanny McDevittBob AndersonDanny McDevitt 3953896
1959-07-23@ LAN94L  3-545-45521,418Moe DrabowskyLarry SherryLarry SherryMoe DrabowskyDon Drysdale3983944
1959-07-24@ SFN95L  5-645-46522,865Dave HillmanJohnny AntonelliSam JonesDon Elston 4034003
1959-07-25@ SFN96W  5-346-46420,261Art CeccarelliStu MillerArt CeccarelliStu Miller 4084035
1959-07-26@ SFN97W  7-347-46422,715Bob AndersonMike McCormickBob AndersonMike McCormick 4154069
1959-07-28@ MLN98W  5-448-46428,940Glen HobbieJuan PizarroGlen HobbieCarl WilleyBill Henry42041010
1959-07-29@ MLN99L  5-848-46421,236Dave HillmanLew BurdetteLew BurdetteDave HillmanDon McMahon4254187
1959-07-30@ MLN100L  2-648-47429,170Art CeccarelliWarren SpahnWarren SpahnArt Ceccarelli 4274243
1959-07-31@ CIN101L  4-548-48413,846Bob AndersonDon NewcombeJim BrosnanDon Elston 4314292
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01@ CIN102L  3-1248-4946,622Glen HobbieBob PurkeyBob PurkeyGlen Hobbie 434441-7
1959-08-02@ CIN103L  0-248-50415,750Dave HillmanJay HookJay HookDave HillmanBrooks Lawrence434443-9
1959-08-04vs PHI104L  1-248-5148,348 Bob AndersonRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Anderson 435445-10
1959-08-05vs PHI105L  4-648-5249,128 Glen HobbieGene ConleyGene ConleyBill HenryTaylor Phillips439451-12
1959-08-06vs PHI106W  4-249-5246,477 Art CeccarelliJim OwensDon ElstonHumberto Robinson 443453-10
1959-08-07vs PIT107W  4-050-5247,434 Moe DrabowskyRon KlineMoe DrabowskyRon Kline 447453-6
1959-08-08vs PIT108L  3-450-5345,693 Bob AndersonRed WittDon GrossEd Donnelly 450457-7
1959-08-09vs PIT109L  3-550-54419,138 Dave HillmanVern LawRoy FaceDon Elston 453462-9
1959-08-11vs LAN110W  5-451-54415,793 Moe DrabowskyJohnny PodresBill HenryClem Labine 458466-8
1959-08-12vs LAN111W  11-852-5440 Bob AndersonDon DrysdaleBob AndersonDon DrysdaleBill Henry469474-5
1959-08-13vs SFN112W  20-953-54417,963 Art CeccarelliJack SanfordEd DonnellyEddie FisherDon Elston4894836
1959-08-14vs SFN113W  7-554-54414,176 Glen HobbieSam JonesGlen HobbieSam JonesBill Henry4964888
1959-08-15vs SFN114L  4-654-55424,070 Moe DrabowskyJack SanfordJack SanfordMoe Drabowsky 5004946
1959-08-16vs SFN115W  5-455-55419,992 Bob AndersonJohnny AntonelliBob AndersonJohnny AntonelliDon Elston5054987
1959-08-17@ PIT116L  6-755-56412,815Dave HillmanHarvey HaddixFred GreenBill Henry 5115056
1959-08-19@ PHI117L  1-455-5850Glen HobbieGene ConleyGene ConleyGlen Hobbie 5125093
1959-08-19@ PHI118L  7-755-58513,611Art CeccarelliDon Cardwell 5195163
1959-08-20@ PHI119L  5-856-5950Moe DrabowskyRuben GomezRuben GomezMoe Drabowsky 5245240
1959-08-20@ PHI120W  6-456-5957,929Bob AndersonTaylor PhillipsBob AndersonTaylor PhillipsBill Henry5305282
1959-08-22@ MLN121L  0-756-6160Glen HobbieCarl WilleyCarl WilleyGlen Hobbie 530535-5
1959-08-22@ MLN122L  2-356-61636,211Dave HillmanJoey JayDon McMahonDon Elston 532538-6
1959-08-23@ MLN123L  0-256-61633,464Art CeccarelliBob BuhlBob BuhlArt Ceccarelli 532540-8
1959-08-24@ MLN124W  3-057-61627,381Bob AndersonLew BurdetteBob AndersonLew Burdette 535540-5
1959-08-25@ CIN125W  8-658-6159,418John BuzhardtBob PurkeyBill HenryBob PurkeyDon Elston543546-3
1959-08-26@ CIN126W  9-559-6157,621Glen HobbieJay HookDave HillmanBrooks Lawrence 5525511
1959-08-27@ CIN127L  0-559-6256,592Art CeccarelliJim O'TooleJim O'TooleArt Ceccarelli 552556-4
1959-08-28vs MLN128L  3-959-63515,929 Bob AndersonLew BurdetteLew BurdetteBob Anderson 555565-10
1959-08-29vs MLN129L  4-1159-6450 Moe DrabowskyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBill Henry 559576-17
1959-08-30vs MLN130W  6-260-64528,158 Glen HobbieCarl WilleyGlen HobbieCarl WilleyBill Henry565578-13
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-02@ SFN131L  3-460-65616,422Art CeccarelliMike McCormickSam JonesDon Elston 568582-14
1959-09-03@ SFN132L  5-860-66615,424Bob AndersonJohnny AntonelliStu MillerDave Hillman 573590-17
1959-09-04@ SFN133W  2-161-66622,850Glen HobbieJack SanfordGlen HobbieJack Sanford 575591-16
1959-09-06@ LAN134W  3-063-6650Art CeccarelliSandy KoufaxArt CeccarelliSandy Koufax 578591-13
1959-09-06@ LAN135W  5-363-66539,432Moe DrabowskyLarry SherryDon ElstonDon Drysdale 583594-11
1959-09-07@ LAN136L  1-763-67518,439Bob AndersonJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob Anderson 584601-17
1959-09-09vs CIN137L  2-463-6960 Glen HobbieBob PurkeyBob PurkeyGlen HobbieBrooks Lawrence586605-19
1959-09-09vs CIN138L  2-763-6965,552 Dave HillmanJay HookJoe NuxhallDave Hillman 588612-24
1959-09-10vs CIN139L  4-1064-7060 Art CeccarelliJim O'TooleJim BrosnanArt Ceccarelli 592622-30
1959-09-10vs CIN140W  6-364-7063,453 Ben JohnsonJim BaileyBill HenryJim Bailey 598625-27
1959-09-11vs SLN141W  2-165-7061,662 Bob AndersonBob MillerBob AndersonBob Blaylock 600626-26
1959-09-12vs SLN142L  4-665-7168,471 Art CeccarelliBob GibsonBob GibsonArt Ceccarelli 604632-28
1959-09-13vs SLN143W  8-066-71613,490 Glen HobbieTom HughesGlen HobbieTom Hughes 612632-20
1959-09-16vs PIT144L  2-367-7260 Bob AndersonVern LawVern LawBob Anderson 614635-21
1959-09-16vs PIT145W  4-267-7261,366 Ben JohnsonBob FriendDon ElstonBob Friend 618637-19
1959-09-17vs PHI146L  2-567-736598 Glen HobbieRobin RobertsRobin RobertsGlen Hobbie 620642-22
1959-09-18vs PHI147W  5-468-736971 Art CeccarelliJim OwensDave HillmanBob Bowman 625646-21
1959-09-19@ SLN148L  1-268-7468,180Bob AndersonBob MillerBob MillerBob AndersonLindy McDaniel626648-22
1959-09-20@ SLN149L  4-1168-7569,922Moe DrabowskyBob BlaylockVinegar Bend MizellDon Elston 630659-29
1959-09-21@ SLN150W  12-369-7564,083Glen HobbieTom HughesGlen HobbieTom Hughes 642662-20
1959-09-22vs SFN151W  5-470-7555,442 Dave HillmanJack SanfordDon ElstonSam Jones 647666-19
1959-09-23vs SFN152W  9-871-7554,940 Bob AndersonJohnny AntonelliDon ElstonEddie Fisher 656674-18
1959-09-25vs LAN153L  4-571-7657,195 Glen HobbieDon DrysdaleLarry SherryBill Henry 660679-19
1959-09-26vs LAN154W  12-272-7659,348 Dave HillmanJohnny PodresDave HillmanJohnny Podres 672681-9
1959-09-27vs LAN155L  1-772-77528,346 Bob AndersonRoger CraigRoger CraigBob Anderson 673688-15

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