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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Los Angeles,CA
Team Record:  88-68   .564
Result:   1st in National League
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Attendance:  2,071,045
Playoffs:  Won World Series (White Sox)

Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Carl Furillo (37)
Youngest Player:  Tommy Davis (20)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Charlie Neal (9)
Top Pitcher:  Don Drysdale (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  78.78%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8868.564--
SF Giants8371.5394.0
Chi Cubs7480.48113.0
St. Louis7183.46116.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-11@ CHN1L  1-60-1612,288Don DrysdaleBob AndersonBob AndersonDon Drysdale 16-5
1959-04-12@ CHN2W  5-31-1610,824Sandy KoufaxTaylor PhillipsJohnny KlippsteinTaylor PhillipsClem Labine69-3
1959-04-14vs SLN3L  2-61-2661,552 Johnny PodresLindy McDanielLindy McDanielJohnny Podres 815-7
1959-04-15vs SLN4W  5-02-2514,491 Don DrysdaleLarry JacksonDon DrysdaleLarry Jackson 1315-2
1959-04-16vs SLN5W  7-63-2514,274 Sandy KoufaxErnie BroglioJohnny KlippsteinErnie BroglioClem Labine2021-1
1959-04-17vs CHN6L  4-93-3519,894 Stan WilliamsDick DrottBill HenryClem Labine 2430-6
1959-04-18vs CHN7W  8-74-3522,091 Danny McDevittJoe SchaffernothArt FowlerJohn BuzhardtJohnny Klippstein3237-5
1959-04-19vs CHN8W  8-35-3329,663 Johnny PodresDave HillmanJohnny PodresDave Hillman 40400
1959-04-20vs SFN9W  2-16-3232,946 Don DrysdaleSam JonesDon DrysdaleSam Jones 42411
1959-04-21vs SFN10W  9-77-3230,423 Stan WilliamsStu MillerArt FowlerAl Worthington 51483
1959-04-22vs SFN11L  3-67-4238,036 Carl ErskineJack SanfordJack SanfordCarl ErskineSam Jones54540
1959-04-24@ SLN12W  3-28-4211,856Johnny PodresLarry JacksonJohnny PodresHowie NunnClem Labine57561
1959-04-25@ SLN13L  5-68-526,889Don DrysdaleGary BlaylockAlex KellnerArt Fowler 62620
1959-04-26@ SLN14W  17-119-5212,345Sandy KoufaxVinegar Bend MizellGene SnyderPhil Clark 79736
1959-04-27@ PIT15W  9-310-5110,689Don DrysdaleRed WittDon DrysdaleRed Witt 887612
1959-04-29@ PHI16L  4-510-6213,775Johnny PodresRobin RobertsJack MeyerJohnny Podres 928111
1959-04-30@ PHI17W  6-411-6211,547Sandy KoufaxRay SemprochJohnny KlippsteinRay SemprochArt Fowler988513
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01@ CIN18L  3-511-7211,143Don DrysdaleOrlando PenaOrlando PenaDon DrysdaleHal Jeffcoat1019011
1959-05-02@ CIN19L  4-1611-845,247Gene SnyderJim O'TooleWillard SchmidtGene Snyder 105106-1
1959-05-03@ CIN20L  3-612-940Stan WilliamsBrooks LawrenceBob MabeClem Labine 108112-4
1959-05-03@ CIN21W  7-112-9427,962Danny McDevittJoe NuxhallDanny McDevittJoe Nuxhall 1151132
1959-05-04@ MLN22W  5-313-9315,262Johnny PodresWarren SpahnJohnny PodresWarren SpahnArt Fowler1201164
1959-05-05@ MLN23L  2-313-1040Don DrysdaleCarl WilleyBob RushClem Labine 1221193
1959-05-06@ MLN24L  4-513-1140Gene SnyderJoey JayBob GiggieArt FowlerBob Trowbridge1261242
1959-05-07@ SFN25W  2-114-11314,216Stan WilliamsJack SanfordStan WilliamsJack Sanford 1281253
1959-05-08@ SFN26L  3-914-12422,706Danny McDevittJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliDanny McDevitt 131134-3
1959-05-09@ SFN27W  6-515-12322,679Don DrysdaleSam JonesClem LabineGordon Jones 137139-2
1959-05-10@ SFN28W  3-216-12222,641Johnny PodresMike McCormickJohnny PodresMike McCormickClem Labine140141-1
1959-05-11vs PHI29W  11-1017-12213,524 Stan WilliamsJim OwensArt FowlerJim Hearn 1511510
1959-05-12vs PHI30W  3-118-12112,562 Danny McDevittGene ConleyDanny McDevittGene Conley 1541522
1959-05-13vs PIT31L  4-618-13216,718 Don DrysdaleRon KlineRoy FaceDon Drysdale 1581580
1959-05-14vs PIT32L  6-718-14215,416 Johnny PodresBob FriendRoy FaceClem Labine 164165-1
1959-05-16vs MLN33L  0-618-15354,389 Danny McDevittBob BuhlBob BuhlDanny McDevitt 164171-7
1959-05-17vs MLN34L  3-818-16449,347 Don DrysdaleLew BurdetteLew BurdetteDon Drysdale 167179-12
1959-05-18vs CIN35L  7-918-17513,002 Stan WilliamsBob MabeOrlando PenaClem Labine 174188-14
1959-05-19vs CIN36W  6-419-17414,927 Johnny PodresWillard SchmidtJohnny KlippsteinWillard SchmidtClem Labine180192-12
1959-05-20vs CIN37W  8-420-1840 Danny McDevittBrooks LawrenceDanny McDevittBrooks Lawrence 188196-8
1959-05-20vs CIN38L  5-720-18432,252 Carl ErskineDon NewcombeDon NewcombeCarl Erskine 193203-10
1959-05-22vs SFN39W  2-121-18231,014 Don DrysdaleJohnny AntonelliDon DrysdaleAl Worthington 195204-9
1959-05-23vs SFN40L  2-421-19337,258 Stan WilliamsSam JonesSam JonesStan Williams 197208-11
1959-05-24vs SFN41L  1-621-20330,518 Danny McDevittJack SanfordJack SanfordDanny McDevitt 198214-16
1959-05-25@ SFN42W  8-022-2039,173Johnny PodresMike McCormickJohnny PodresMike McCormick 206214-8
1959-05-26@ SFN43L  4-622-21418,471Sandy KoufaxStu MillerGordon JonesSandy Koufax 210220-10
1959-05-27vs CHN44W  4-123-21312,701 Don DrysdaleGlen HobbieDon DrysdaleGlen Hobbie 214221-7
1959-05-28vs CHN45L  5-723-22413,079 Stan WilliamsSeth MoreheadDave HillmanArt FowlerDon Elston219228-9
1959-05-29vs CHN46L  4-923-23418,297 Danny McDevittMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyDanny McDevittBill Henry223237-14
1959-05-30vs SLN47W  7-624-23422,692 Johnny PodresTom CheneyClem LabineLindy McDaniel 230243-13
1959-05-31vs SLN48W  5-325-23324,829 Sandy KoufaxGary BlaylockSandy KoufaxGary BlaylockDanny McDevitt235246-11
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-02@ CIN49L  4-525-2446,949Don DrysdaleBrooks LawrenceBob MabeClem LabineTom Acker239251-12
1959-06-03@ CIN50W  5-126-2449,191Stan WilliamsOrlando PenaStan WilliamsOrlando Pena 244252-8
1959-06-04@ CIN51L  3-526-2547,163Danny McDevittJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallDanny McDevitt 247257-10
1959-06-05@ MLN52W  5-127-25430,826Johnny PodresWarren SpahnJohnny PodresWarren Spahn 252258-6
1959-06-06@ MLN53W  3-228-25326,699Sandy KoufaxBob RushSandy KoufaxBob RushClem Labine255260-5
1959-06-07@ MLN54L  2-828-26432,399Don DrysdaleBob BuhlBob BuhlDon Drysdale 257268-11
1959-06-09@ PHI55W  3-229-26416,575Stan WilliamsRay SemprochStan WilliamsRay SemprochSandy Koufax260270-10
1959-06-10@ PHI56L  1-229-27411,079Danny McDevittGene ConleyGene ConleyDanny McDevitt 261272-11
1959-06-11@ PHI57W  11-030-27315,819Johnny PodresRobin RobertsJohnny PodresRobin Roberts 2722720
1959-06-12@ PIT58W  9-631-27327,970Don DrysdaleHarvey HaddixDanny McDevittBennie DanielsCarl Erskine2812783
1959-06-13@ PIT59L  3-531-28311,944Sandy KoufaxRon KlineRon KlineArt Fowler 2842831
1959-06-14@ PIT60L  3-631-3050Stan WilliamsRed WittRoy FaceClem Labine 287289-2
1959-06-14@ PIT61L  2-531-30530,082Carl ErskineVern LawVern LawCarl Erskine 289294-5
1959-06-15vs MLN62W  4-032-30524,792 Don DrysdaleBob BuhlDon DrysdaleBob Buhl 293294-1
1959-06-16vs MLN63L  4-532-31531,366 Johnny PodresLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJohnny PodresDon McMahon297299-2
1959-06-17vs MLN64W  10-234-3130 Sandy KoufaxWarren SpahnSandy KoufaxWarren Spahn 3073016
1959-06-17vs MLN65W  4-034-31354,999 Danny McDevittJoey JayDanny McDevittJoey Jay 31130110
1959-06-18vs MLN66L  6-734-32452,278 Stan WilliamsBob RushBob TrowbridgeStan WilliamsDon McMahon3173089
1959-06-19vs CIN67W  6-235-3240 Roger CraigBrooks LawrenceRoger CraigBrooks Lawrence 32331013
1959-06-20vs CIN68W  9-236-32325,448 Don DrysdaleBob PurkeyDon DrysdaleBob Purkey 33231220
1959-06-21vs CIN69L  3-1736-33424,965 Johnny PodresDon NewcombeDon NewcombeJohnny Podres 3353296
1959-06-22vs PHI70W  6-237-33310,290 Sandy KoufaxJim OwensSandy KoufaxJim Owens 34133110
1959-06-23vs PHI71W  4-338-33311,978 Danny McDevittGene ConleyDanny McDevittGene Conley 34533411
1959-06-24vs PHI72W  9-639-3330 Roger CraigRay SemprochRoger CraigDon CardwellClem Labine35434014
1959-06-25vs PHI73W  5-240-33314,662 Don DrysdaleRobin RobertsDon DrysdaleRobin Roberts 35934217
1959-06-26vs PIT74W  6-541-33322,719 Johnny PodresRon KlineJohnny PodresRon KlineDanny McDevitt36534718
1959-06-27vs PIT75W  3-042-33231,649 Sandy KoufaxVern LawSandy KoufaxVern Law 36834721
1959-06-28vs PIT76W  9-443-33227,785 Danny McDevittBob FriendDanny McDevittBob FriendDon Drysdale37735126
1959-06-29vs SFN77L  4-643-34344,771 Roger CraigJack SanfordMike McCormickStan Williams 38135724
1959-06-30vs SFN78L  0-243-35359,312 Don DrysdaleSam JonesSam JonesDon Drysdale 38135922
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-02@ SLN79W  4-044-35325,704Danny McDevittDick RickettsDanny McDevittDick Ricketts 38535926
1959-07-03@ SLN80L  2-344-36315,384Sandy KoufaxMarshall BridgesMarshall BridgesSandy KoufaxLindy McDaniel38736225
1959-07-04@ CHN81L  1-245-3730Larry SherryBob AndersonBob AndersonLarry Sherry 38836424
1959-07-04@ CHN82W  5-245-37329,440Don DrysdaleMoe DrabowskyDon DrysdaleMoe Drabowsky 39336627
1959-07-05@ CHN83W  4-347-3730Roger CraigJohn BuzhardtRoger CraigJohn BuzhardtDanny McDevitt39736928
1959-07-05@ CHN84W  5-347-37332,728Stan WilliamsDick DrottClem LabineGlen HobbieJohnny Klippstein40237230
1959-07-09@ MLN85W  4-348-37333,449Danny McDevittJoey JayRoger CraigWarren Spahn 40637531
1959-07-11@ MLN86W  7-549-37334,009Sandy KoufaxCarl WilleyDon DrysdaleCarl Willey 41338033
1959-07-12@ CIN87L  3-449-38314,443Larry SherryBob PurkeyBob PurkeyLarry Sherry 41638432
1959-07-13@ CIN88L  5-1349-39312,073Danny McDevittJoe NuxhallBrooks LawrenceClem Labine 42139724
1959-07-14@ PIT89L  1-949-40330,199Johnny PodresVern LawVern LawJohnny Podres 42240616
1959-07-15@ PIT90W  3-050-40328,268Don DrysdaleBob FriendDon DrysdaleBob Friend 42540619
1959-07-17@ PHI91L  2-350-41316,686Roger CraigJim OwensJim OwensRoger Craig 42740918
1959-07-18@ PHI92L  2-550-4238,132Danny McDevittDon CardwellDon CardwellDanny McDevitt 42941415
1959-07-19@ PHI93W  8-451-4320Larry SherryRay SemprochClem LabineRay Semproch 43741819
1959-07-19@ PHI94L  2-351-43225,114Johnny PodresTaylor PhillipsTaylor PhillipsJohnny Podres 43942118
1959-07-20@ SFN95W  3-252-43222,777Don DrysdaleJohnny AntonelliDon DrysdaleJohnny Antonelli 44242319
1959-07-21@ SFN96W  1-053-43222,252Roger CraigSam JonesRoger CraigSam Jones 44342320
1959-07-22vs CHN97L  2-753-44229,790 Danny McDevittBob AndersonBob AndersonDanny McDevitt 44543015
1959-07-23vs CHN98W  5-354-44221,418 Larry SherryMoe DrabowskyLarry SherryMoe DrabowskyDon Drysdale45043317
1959-07-24vs SLN99L  1-254-45234,418 Johnny PodresErnie BroglioErnie BroglioJohnny PodresLindy McDaniel45143516
1959-07-25vs SLN100L  2-454-46231,105 Roger CraigLarry JacksonLindy McDanielRoger Craig 45343914
1959-07-26vs SLN101W  8-255-46314,453 Don DrysdaleDick RickettsDon DrysdaleDick Ricketts 46144120
1959-07-28vs PIT102W  9-456-46223,493 Larry SherryBennie DanielsStan WilliamsRon Blackburn 47044525
1959-07-29vs PIT103W  2-057-46124,324 Roger CraigVern LawRoger CraigVern Law 47244527
1959-07-30vs PIT104L  4-557-47324,221 Johnny PodresBob FriendBennie DanielsStan WilliamsDon Gross47645026
1959-07-31vs PHI105W  5-458-47321,900 Don DrysdaleGene ConleyDon DrysdaleGene Conley 48145427
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01vs PHI106W  5-359-47330,536 Sandy KoufaxJim OwensClem LabineJim Owens 48645729
1959-08-02vs PHI107W  4-360-47310,201 Roger CraigDon CardwellLarry SherryDon Cardwell 49046030
1959-08-04vs CIN108L  1-460-48317,446 Stan WilliamsJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallStan Williams 49146427
1959-08-05vs CIN109W  6-361-48318,956 Johnny PodresBob PurkeyJohnny PodresBob Purkey 49746730
1959-08-08vs MLN110W  4-262-48267,312 Don DrysdaleJoey JayDon DrysdaleJoey Jay 50146932
1959-08-09vs MLN111L  7-862-49229,234 Roger CraigBob BuhlBob BuhlRoger CraigDon McMahon50847731
1959-08-11@ CHN112L  4-562-50215,793Johnny PodresMoe DrabowskyBill HenryClem Labine 51248230
1959-08-12@ CHN113L  8-1162-5130Don DrysdaleBob AndersonBob AndersonDon DrysdaleBill Henry52049327
1959-08-13@ SLN114W  7-663-51215,140Sandy KoufaxBob MillerSandy KoufaxBob MillerDanny McDevitt52749928
1959-08-14@ SLN115L  1-263-52316,025Don DrysdaleBob GibsonLindy McDanielClem Labine 52850127
1959-08-15@ SLN116W  4-364-5220Johnny PodresErnie BroglioLarry SherryErnie Broglio 53250428
1959-08-16@ SLN117L  3-564-53217,944Roger CraigLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRoger Craig 53550926
1959-08-17@ MLN118L  1-865-5420Sandy KoufaxBob BuhlBob BuhlSandy Koufax 53651719
1959-08-17@ MLN119W  4-365-54240,265Stan WilliamsCarl WilleyJohnny PodresBob Rush 54052020
1959-08-18@ MLN120W  7-666-54230,260Don DrysdaleJoey JayLarry SherryWarren Spahn 54752621
1959-08-19@ CIN121L  4-966-5529,490Sandy KoufaxJoe NuxhallJim BrosnanSandy KoufaxBrooks Lawrence55153516
1959-08-20@ CIN122W  8-567-5520Danny McDevittBob PurkeyDanny McDevittBob PurkeyLarry Sherry55954019
1959-08-21@ PIT123W  6-568-55224,678Johnny PodresRon KlineJohnny PodresRon KlineSandy Koufax56554520
1959-08-22@ PIT124L  0-268-56210,260Roger CraigBennie DanielsBennie DanielsRoger CraigDon Gross56554718
1959-08-23@ PIT125L  2-968-5830Don DrysdaleHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixDon Drysdale 56755611
1959-08-23@ PIT126L  3-468-58325,173Larry SherryVern LawRoy FaceDon Drysdale 57056010
1959-08-24@ PHI127W  8-269-58210,832Sandy KoufaxEd KeeganSandy KoufaxEd Keegan 57856216
1959-08-25@ PHI128W  5-270-58318,140Johnny PodresRobin RobertsJohnny PodresRobin RobertsLarry Sherry58356419
1959-08-28vs SFN129L  0-570-59266,068 Don DrysdaleSam JonesSam JonesDon Drysdale 58356914
1959-08-30vs SFN130W  7-671-59244,391 Larry SherryJohnny AntonelliRoger CraigMike McCormick 59057515
1959-08-31vs SFN131W  5-272-59260,194 Sandy KoufaxJack SanfordSandy KoufaxJack Sanford 59557718
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttLAN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-01vs SLN132L  0-372-60218,425 Johnny PodresLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJohnny Podres 59558015
1959-09-02vs SLN133W  9-673-60215,671 Danny McDevittErnie BroglioChuck ChurnBob Duliba 60458618
1959-09-03vs SLN134L  3-573-61221,308 Don DrysdaleBob MillerBob MillerDon Drysdale 60759116
1959-09-06vs CHN135L  0-373-6320 Sandy KoufaxArt CeccarelliArt CeccarelliSandy Koufax 60759413
1959-09-06vs CHN136L  3-573-63239,432 Larry SherryMoe DrabowskyDon ElstonDon Drysdale 61059911
1959-09-07vs CHN137W  7-174-63318,439 Johnny PodresBob AndersonJohnny PodresBob Anderson 61760017
1959-09-09vs PHI138W  1-075-63313,877 Don DrysdaleJim OwensDon DrysdaleTaylor Phillips 61860018
1959-09-10vs PHI139W  5-076-63315,434 Roger CraigDon CardwellRoger CraigDon Cardwell 62360023
1959-09-11vs PIT140W  5-478-6320 Sandy KoufaxBob FriendChuck ChurnRoy Face 62860424
1959-09-11vs PIT141W  4-078-63248,526 Larry SherryFred GreenLarry SherryFred Green 63260428
1959-09-13vs PIT142L  3-478-64320,176 Johnny PodresRon KlineRon KlineChuck Churn 63560827
1959-09-14vs MLN143L  1-478-65353,765 Don DrysdaleBob BuhlBob BuhlDon DrysdaleDon McMahon63661224
1959-09-15vs MLN144W  8-779-65317,347 Roger CraigJoey JayChuck ChurnDon McMahon 64461925
1959-09-16vs CIN145L  4-779-66343,785 Sandy KoufaxOrlando PenaOrlando PenaSandy KoufaxBrooks Lawrence64862622
1959-09-17vs CIN146W  4-380-66332,992 Danny McDevittBob PurkeyDanny McDevittBob PurkeyLarry Sherry65262923
1959-09-19@ SFN147W  4-182-66122,823Roger CraigJohnny AntonelliRoger CraigJohnny Antonelli 65663026
1959-09-19@ SFN148W  5-382-66122,737Don DrysdaleMike McCormickDon DrysdaleMike McCormickChuck Churn66163328
1959-09-20@ SFN149W  8-283-66222,923Johnny PodresSam JonesJohnny PodresSam JonesClem Labine66963534
1959-09-22@ SLN150L  10-1183-67212,732Sandy KoufaxLarry JacksonMarshall BridgesChuck ChurnLindy McDaniel67964633
1959-09-23@ SLN151W  3-084-67110,715Roger CraigBob MillerRoger CraigBob Miller 68264636
1959-09-25@ CHN152W  5-485-6717,195Don DrysdaleGlen HobbieLarry SherryBill Henry 68765037
1959-09-26@ CHN153L  2-1285-6819,348Johnny PodresDave HillmanDave HillmanJohnny Podres 68966227
1959-09-27@ CHN154W  7-186-68228,346Roger CraigBob AndersonRoger CraigBob Anderson 69666333
1959-09-28@ MLN155W  3-287-68118,297Danny McDevittCarl WilleyLarry SherryCarl Willey 69966534
1959-09-29vs MLN156W  6-588-68136,528 Don DrysdaleLew BurdetteStan WilliamsBob Rush 70567035

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