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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  86-70   .551
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Fred Haney
General Manager:   John McHale
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,749,112
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Enos Slaughter (43)
Youngest Player:  Bob Hartman (21)
Longest Tenure:  Del Crandall, Joe Adcock, Bill Bruton, Johnny Logan, Andy Pafko, Bob Buhl, Warren Spahn, Lew Burdette, Eddie Mathews (7)
Top Hitter:  Hank Aaron (1)
Top Pitcher:  Warren Spahn (4)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  88.95%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8868.564--
SF Giants8371.5394.0
Chi Cubs7480.48113.0
St. Louis7183.46116.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-10@ PIT1W  8-01-0333,317Warren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnBob Friend 808
1959-04-11@ PIT2W  4-32-0411,800Lew BurdetteVern LawLew BurdetteVern Law 1239
1959-04-14vs PHI3W  4-33-0142,081 Warren SpahnJim OwensDon McMahonTurk Farrell 16610
1959-04-16vs PHI4W  7-34-0111,186 Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew BurdetteJack Meyer 23914
1959-04-17vs PIT5W  2-25-018,562 Bob RushHarvey Haddix 251114
1959-04-18vs PIT6L  5-115-1115,703 Bob BuhlVern LawVern LawBob Buhl 30228
1959-04-21vs CIN7W  7-46-116,869 Warren SpahnBob PurkeyWarren SpahnBob Purkey 372611
1959-04-22@ PHI8W  2-07-1114,228Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew BurdetteRobin Roberts 392613
1959-04-23@ PHI9L  3-47-218,689Juan PizarroRay SemprochRay SemprochJuan Pizarro 423012
1959-04-24@ CIN10W  10-78-2114,874Joey JayDon NewcombeJoey JayDon NewcombeDon McMahon523715
1959-04-25@ CIN11L  6-78-315,612Warren SpahnBob PurkeyTom AckerWarren SpahnBob Mabe584414
1959-04-26@ CIN12L  10-118-4114,925Lew BurdetteJoe NuxhallBob PurkeyWarren Spahn 685513
1959-04-29vs SLN13W  9-39-4113,852 Lew BurdetteLarry JacksonLew BurdetteLarry Jackson 775819
1959-04-30vs SLN14W  1-010-4112,086 Warren SpahnAlex KellnerWarren SpahnAlex Kellner 785820
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01vs SFN15L  4-610-5116,900 Carl WilleySam JonesSam JonesCarl WilleyStu Miller826418
1959-05-02vs SFN16L  5-810-6120,127 Joey JayJack SanfordJack SanfordJoey JayGordon Jones877215
1959-05-03vs SFN17W  9-411-6122,911 Lew BurdetteJohnny AntonelliLew BurdetteJohnny Antonelli 967620
1959-05-04vs LAN18L  3-511-7115,262 Warren SpahnJohnny PodresJohnny PodresWarren SpahnArt Fowler998118
1959-05-05vs LAN19W  3-212-710 Carl WilleyDon DrysdaleBob RushClem Labine 1028319
1959-05-06vs LAN20W  5-413-710 Joey JayGene SnyderBob GiggieArt FowlerBob Trowbridge1078720
1959-05-08vs CIN21L  2-313-8116,624 Lew BurdetteBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceLew Burdette 1099019
1959-05-09vs CIN22L  0-313-9215,745 Warren SpahnBob PurkeyBob PurkeyWarren Spahn 1099316
1959-05-10vs CIN23W  12-415-910 Bob RushDon NewcombeBob RushDon NewcombeDon McMahon1219724
1959-05-10vs CIN24W  2-115-9125,334 Carl WilleyJoe NuxhallCarl WilleyJoe Nuxhall 1239825
1959-05-11@ CHN25W  8-115-917,995Bob BuhlMoe DrabowskyBob BuhlMoe DrabowskyBob Giggie1319932
1959-05-12@ CHN26L  3-715-1028,288Lew BurdetteBob AndersonDon ElstonLew Burdette 13410628
1959-05-13@ SLN27W  3-216-1018,737Warren SpahnLarry JacksonWarren SpahnLarry Jackson 13710829
1959-05-14@ SLN28W  8-717-1017,356Juan PizarroLindy McDanielBob RushHowie NunnLew Burdette14511530
1959-05-16@ LAN29W  6-018-10154,389Bob BuhlDanny McDevittBob BuhlDanny McDevitt 15111536
1959-05-17@ LAN30W  8-319-10149,347Lew BurdetteDon DrysdaleLew BurdetteDon Drysdale 15911841
1959-05-18@ SFN31W  4-220-10117,524Warren SpahnSam JonesWarren SpahnSam Jones 16312043
1959-05-19@ SFN32W  8-121-10122,910Joey JayJack SanfordJoey JayJack Sanford 17112150
1959-05-20@ SFN33L  3-621-11117,825Bob BuhlMike McCormickMike McCormickBob BuhlSam Jones17412747
1959-05-22@ PHI34W  10-522-11124,043Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew BurdetteRobin Roberts 18413252
1959-05-23@ PHI35L  2-422-1218,346Warren SpahnJim OwensJim OwensWarren Spahn 18613650
1959-05-24@ PHI36L  0-623-1310Joey JayGene ConleyGene ConleyJoey Jay 18614244
1959-05-24@ PHI37W  8-323-13126,646Carl WilleyRay SemprochCarl WilleyTaylor Phillips 19414549
1959-05-25@ PHI38L  3-723-14116,681Bob BuhlDon CardwellDon CardwellBob BuhlRay Semproch19715245
1959-05-26vs PIT39W  1-024-14119,194 Lew BurdetteHarvey HaddixLew BurdetteHarvey Haddix 19815246
1959-05-27vs PIT40W  4-325-14117,721 Warren SpahnVern LawWarren SpahnVern LawDon McMahon20215547
1959-05-28vs PIT41L  0-325-15112,635 Joey JayBob FriendBob FriendJoey Jay 20215844
1959-05-29vs PHI42W  6-526-15120,334 Carl WilleyGene ConleyDon McMahonGene Conley 20816345
1959-05-30vs PHI43W  4-227-15118,945 Bob BuhlDon CardwellBob BuhlDon Cardwell 21216547
1959-05-31vs PHI44L  0-628-1610 Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLew Burdette 21217141
1959-05-31vs PHI45W  2-128-16128,590 Warren SpahnRay SemprochWarren SpahnRay Semproch 21417242
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-01vs SFN46L  2-1128-17116,666 Joey JaySam JonesSam JonesJoey Jay 21618333
1959-06-02vs SFN47W  3-029-17120,364 Bob RushStu MillerBob RushStu Miller 21918336
1959-06-03vs SFN48W  7-430-17123,071 Bob BuhlJack SanfordBob BuhlJack SanfordDon McMahon22618739
1959-06-04vs SFN49L  5-1130-18116,713 Lew BurdetteMike McCormickGordon JonesLew BurdetteStu Miller23119833
1959-06-05vs LAN50L  1-530-19130,826 Warren SpahnJohnny PodresJohnny PodresWarren Spahn 23220329
1959-06-06vs LAN51L  2-330-20126,699 Bob RushSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob RushClem Labine23420628
1959-06-07vs LAN52W  8-231-20132,399 Bob BuhlDon DrysdaleBob BuhlDon Drysdale 24220834
1959-06-08vs CHN53W  9-532-20112,288 Lew BurdetteSeth MoreheadLew BurdetteSeth MoreheadDon McMahon25121338
1959-06-09@ SLN54L  3-1232-21113,014Warren SpahnLarry JacksonLarry JacksonWarren Spahn 25422529
1959-06-10@ SLN55L  2-532-22115,195Bob RushAlex KellnerAlex KellnerBob RushLindy McDaniel25623026
1959-06-11@ SLN56W  8-033-22111,414Bob BuhlVinegar Bend MizellBob BuhlVinegar Bend Mizell 26423034
1959-06-12@ CHN57L  7-933-23111,873Lew BurdetteJohn BuzhardtJohn BuzhardtLew BurdetteBill Henry27123932
1959-06-13@ CHN58W  4-234-23123,583Warren SpahnBob AndersonWarren SpahnBob AndersonDon McMahon27524134
1959-06-14@ CHN59L  0-634-23136,895Bob RushDick DrottDick DrottBob Rush 27524728
1959-06-15@ LAN60L  0-434-24124,792Bob BuhlDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob Buhl 27525124
1959-06-16@ LAN61W  5-435-24131,366Lew BurdetteJohnny PodresLew BurdetteJohnny PodresDon McMahon28025525
1959-06-17@ LAN62L  2-1035-2610Warren SpahnSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxWarren Spahn 28226517
1959-06-17@ LAN63L  0-435-26154,999Joey JayDanny McDevittDanny McDevittJoey Jay 28226913
1959-06-18@ LAN64W  7-636-26152,278Bob RushStan WilliamsBob TrowbridgeStan WilliamsDon McMahon28927514
1959-06-19@ SFN65L  3-436-27122,984Bob BuhlSam JonesSam JonesBob Buhl 29227913
1959-06-20@ SFN66W  4-137-27122,905Lew BurdetteMike McCormickLew BurdetteMike McCormick 29628016
1959-06-21@ SFN67W  13-338-27122,934Warren SpahnJohnny AntonelliWarren SpahnJohnny Antonelli 30928326
1959-06-23vs SLN68W  9-539-27124,839 Carl WilleyAlex KellnerCarl WilleyHal Jeffcoat 31828830
1959-06-24vs SLN69W  4-040-27119,166 Joey JayDick RickettsJoey JayDick Ricketts 32228834
1959-06-25vs SLN70L  2-340-28119,977 Lew BurdetteVinegar Bend MizellLindy McDanielLew Burdette 32429133
1959-06-26vs CHN71W  11-141-28135,262 Warren SpahnJohn BuzhardtWarren SpahnJohn Buzhardt 33529243
1959-06-27vs CHN72L  1-741-28126,881 Carl WilleyGlen HobbieGlen HobbieCarl Willey 33629937
1959-06-28vs CHN73W  2-142-28132,884 Juan PizarroDave HillmanJuan PizarroDave Hillman 33830038
1959-06-30@ CIN74L  5-842-29114,990Lew BurdetteBob PurkeyBob PurkeyLew BurdetteOrlando Pena34330835
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-02@ PIT75L  3-442-30128,282Warren SpahnVern LawVern LawDon McMahon 34631234
1959-07-03@ PIT76W  6-043-30134,093Juan PizarroRed WittJuan PizarroRed Witt 35231240
1959-07-04@ PHI77L  1-243-31116,775Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLew Burdette 35331439
1959-07-05@ PHI78W  5-044-3119,768Carl WilleyGene ConleyCarl WilleyGene Conley 35831444
1959-07-09vs LAN79L  3-444-32133,449 Joey JayDanny McDevittRoger CraigWarren Spahn 36131843
1959-07-11vs LAN80L  5-744-33234,009 Carl WilleySandy KoufaxDon DrysdaleCarl Willey 36632541
1959-07-12vs SFN81W  4-245-33140,953 Lew BurdetteJack SanfordLew BurdetteJack Sanford 37032743
1959-07-13vs SFN82W  3-046-33135,386 Warren SpahnSam JonesWarren SpahnSam Jones 37332746
1959-07-14@ CHN83L  5-1046-34121,157Juan PizarroBob AndersonBill HenryJoey Jay 37833741
1959-07-15@ CHN84L  2-546-35222,206Carl WilleyGlen HobbieGlen HobbieCarl Willey 38034238
1959-07-16@ CHN85L  2-446-36223,678Lew BurdetteDave HillmanDave HillmanLew Burdette 38234636
1959-07-17@ SLN86L  3-446-37222,612Warren SpahnLarry JacksonLindy McDanielWarren Spahn 38535035
1959-07-18@ SLN87L  5-646-38227,406Bob RushDick RickettsMarshall BridgesBob Buhl 39035634
1959-07-19@ SLN88L  5-946-39327,559Juan PizarroVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellCarl WilleyMarshall Bridges39536530
1959-07-21vs CIN89L  2-1246-40324,447 Lew BurdetteDon NewcombeDon NewcombeLew Burdette 39737720
1959-07-22vs CIN90W  5-447-40318,843 Warren SpahnJim O'TooleWarren SpahnJim O'Toole 40238121
1959-07-23vs CIN91L  2-647-41316,423 Joey JayBob PurkeyBrooks LawrenceJoey Jay 40438717
1959-07-24vs PIT92W  8-047-41327,708 Juan PizarroHarvey HaddixJuan PizarroHarvey Haddix 41238725
1959-07-25vs PIT93W  3-048-41325,295 Lew BurdetteVern LawLew BurdetteVern Law 41538728
1959-07-26vs PIT94W  4-050-4120 Warren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnBob Friend 41938732
1959-07-26vs PIT95W  2-150-41239,420 Bob BuhlRed WittBob BuhlRed WittDon McMahon42138833
1959-07-27vs PIT96W  5-251-41215,817 Joey JayRon KlineJoey JayRon Kline 42639036
1959-07-28vs CHN97L  4-551-42328,940 Juan PizarroGlen HobbieGlen HobbieCarl WilleyBill Henry43039535
1959-07-29vs CHN98W  8-551-42321,236 Lew BurdetteDave HillmanLew BurdetteDave HillmanDon McMahon43840038
1959-07-30vs CHN99W  6-252-42229,170 Warren SpahnArt CeccarelliWarren SpahnArt Ceccarelli 44440242
1959-07-31vs SLN100W  6-053-42229,287 Bob BuhlDean StoneBob BuhlDean Stone 45040248
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01vs SLN101W  8-154-42226,812 Juan PizarroErnie BroglioJuan PizarroErnie Broglio 45840355
1959-08-02vs SLN102L  3-455-4320 Joey JayLarry JacksonLarry JacksonJoey JayLindy McDaniel46140754
1959-08-02vs SLN103W  11-555-43242,732 Lew BurdetteVinegar Bend MizellLew BurdetteVinegar Bend Mizell 47241260
1959-08-04@ SFN104W  6-156-43122,959Warren SpahnMike McCormickWarren SpahnMike McCormick 47841365
1959-08-05@ SFN105L  1-456-44222,807Bob BuhlJack SanfordJack SanfordBob Buhl 47941762
1959-08-06@ SFN106L  1-756-45322,923Lew BurdetteSam JonesSam JonesLew Burdette 48042456
1959-08-08@ LAN107L  2-456-46367,312Joey JayDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJoey Jay 48242854
1959-08-09@ LAN108W  8-757-46329,234Bob BuhlRoger CraigBob BuhlRoger CraigDon McMahon49043555
1959-08-11@ CIN109L  3-458-4730Warren SpahnJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallWarren Spahn 49343954
1959-08-11@ CIN110W  7-358-47329,896Lew BurdetteJay HookLew BurdetteJay Hook 50044258
1959-08-12@ CIN111W  6-459-47213,221Juan PizarroJim O'TooleBob RushJim O'Toole 50644660
1959-08-13@ CIN112L  8-959-4839,174Bob BuhlJim BrosnanJim BrosnanBob BuhlBrooks Lawrence51445559
1959-08-14@ PIT113L  1-259-48226,873Joey JayVern LawVern LawJoey Jay 51545758
1959-08-15@ PIT114L  8-1059-49334,478Lew BurdetteRon KlineRon KlineLew BurdetteFred Green52346756
1959-08-16@ PIT115W  5-259-49324,518Warren SpahnBennie DanielsWarren SpahnBennie Daniels 52846959
1959-08-16@ PIT116L  1-259-4930Juan PizarroBob FriendBob FriendJuan PizarroBob Porterfield52947158
1959-08-17vs LAN117W  8-160-5030 Bob BuhlSandy KoufaxBob BuhlSandy Koufax 53747265
1959-08-17vs LAN118L  3-460-50340,265 Carl WilleyStan WilliamsJohnny PodresBob Rush 54047664
1959-08-18vs LAN119L  6-760-51330,260 Joey JayDon DrysdaleLarry SherryWarren Spahn 54648363
1959-08-19vs SFN120W  5-261-51332,966 Lew BurdetteJack SanfordLew BurdetteJack Sanford 55148566
1959-08-20vs SFN121L  3-561-52333,846 Warren SpahnSam JonesSam JonesWarren Spahn 55449064
1959-08-22vs CHN122W  7-063-5230 Carl WilleyGlen HobbieCarl WilleyGlen Hobbie 56149071
1959-08-22vs CHN123W  3-263-52336,211 Joey JayDave HillmanDon McMahonDon Elston 56449272
1959-08-23vs CHN124W  2-063-52233,464 Bob BuhlArt CeccarelliBob BuhlArt Ceccarelli 56649274
1959-08-24vs CHN125L  0-363-53327,381 Lew BurdetteBob AndersonBob AndersonLew Burdette 56649571
1959-08-25@ SLN126W  3-164-53217,311Warren SpahnBob GibsonDon McMahonBob Gibson 56949673
1959-08-26@ SLN127L  2-564-54313,759Carl WilleyLarry JacksonLarry JacksonCarl Willey 57150170
1959-08-27@ SLN128L  4-564-55313,772Bob BuhlVinegar Bend MizellLindy McDanielDon McMahon 57550669
1959-08-28@ CHN129W  9-365-55315,929Lew BurdetteBob AndersonLew BurdetteBob Anderson 58450975
1959-08-29@ CHN130W  11-466-5520Warren SpahnMoe DrabowskyWarren SpahnBill Henry 59551382
1959-08-30@ CHN131L  2-666-56328,158Carl WilleyGlen HobbieGlen HobbieCarl WilleyBill Henry59751978
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-01vs PHI132L  3-566-57320,522 Bob BuhlDon CardwellDon CardwellBob Buhl 60052476
1959-09-02vs PHI133L  5-1166-58318,047 Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLew Burdette 60553570
1959-09-04@ CIN134W  4-167-58319,524Warren SpahnBob PurkeyWarren SpahnBob Purkey 60953673
1959-09-05@ CIN135L  1-567-5937,359Bob RushJay HookJay HookBob Rush 61054169
1959-09-06@ CIN136W  6-268-59321,123Juan PizarroJim O'TooleJuan PizarroJim O'Toole 61654373
1959-09-07vs PIT137W  5-170-5920 Lew BurdetteBob FriendLew BurdetteBob Friend 62154477
1959-09-07vs PIT138W  4-170-59226,910 Bob BuhlBennie DanielsBob BuhlBennie Daniels 62554580
1959-09-09vs SLN139W  5-371-59219,888 Warren SpahnErnie BroglioWarren SpahnErnie Broglio 63054882
1959-09-10vs SLN140W  7-472-5921,695 Juan PizarroLarry JacksonDon McMahonLindy McDaniel 63755285
1959-09-11vs CIN141W  10-273-59325,817 Joey JayJay HookJoey JayJay Hook 64755493
1959-09-12vs CIN142W  4-374-59225,598 Lew BurdetteDon NewcombeLew BurdetteDon Newcombe 65155794
1959-09-13vs CIN143L  2-374-60235,084 Warren SpahnBob PurkeyBob PurkeyWarren Spahn 65356093
1959-09-14@ LAN144W  4-175-60253,765Bob BuhlDon DrysdaleBob BuhlDon DrysdaleDon McMahon65756196
1959-09-15@ LAN145L  7-875-61217,347Joey JayRoger CraigChuck ChurnDon McMahon 66456995
1959-09-16@ SFN146W  2-076-61222,721Lew BurdetteSam JonesLew BurdetteSam Jones 66656997
1959-09-17@ SFN147L  6-1376-62221,617Warren SpahnJack SanfordJack SanfordWarren SpahnSam Jones67258290
1959-09-19@ PHI148W  9-377-62317,216Bob BuhlDon CardwellBob BuhlDon Cardwell 68158596
1959-09-20@ PHI149W  8-578-62113,202Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsJoey JayRobin Roberts 68959099
1959-09-21@ PIT150W  8-679-62117,205Warren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnBob FriendDon McMahon697596101
1959-09-22@ PIT151W  5-379-62117,658Juan PizarroHarvey HaddixJuan PizarroHarvey HaddixDon McMahon702599103
1959-09-23@ PIT152L  4-579-63220,502Bob BuhlRon KlineRon KlineJoey JayRoy Face706604102
1959-09-25vs PHI153L  3-679-64224,912 Lew BurdetteDon CardwellJack MeyerLew Burdette 70961099
1959-09-26vs PHI154W  3-280-64223,763 Warren SpahnRobin RobertsWarren SpahnRobin Roberts 712612100
1959-09-27vs PHI155W  5-281-64148,642 Bob BuhlJim OwensBob BuhlJim OwensDon McMahon717614103
1959-09-28vs LAN156L  2-381-65218,297 Carl WilleyDanny McDevittLarry SherryCarl Willey 719617102
1959-09-29@ LAN157L  5-681-66236,528Lew BurdetteDon DrysdaleStan WilliamsBob Rush 724623101

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