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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Kansas City,MO
Team Record:  66-88   .429
Result:   7th in American League
Manager(s):  Harry Craft
General Manager:   Parke Carroll
Stadium:  Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  963,683
Playoffs:  -

Kansas City Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Murry Dickson (42)
Youngest Player:  Lou Klimchock (19)
Longest Tenure:  Tom Gorman, Hector Lopez, Joe DeMaestri (5)
Top Hitter:  Hector Lopez (14)
Top Pitcher:  Bud Daley (9)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  78.17%
American League Standings
Chi White Sox9460.610--
NY Yankees7975.51315.0
KC Athletics6688.42928.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-04-10vs CLE1L  4-60-1822,630 Bob GrimGary BellGary BellBob GrimDick Brodowski46-2
1959-04-11vs CLE2L  2-30-288,181 Ned GarverDon FerrareseDon FerrareseNed GarverDick Brodowski69-3
1959-04-14@ CHA3L  0-20-3819,303Ralph TerryBilly PierceBilly PierceRalph Terry 611-5
1959-04-15@ CHA4W  10-81-364,713Bob GrimBarry LatmanBob GrimBarry LatmanTom Gorman1619-3
1959-04-16@ CHA5W  6-02-363,211Ned GarverEarly WynnNed GarverEarly Wynn 22193
1959-04-17@ CLE6L  3-42-4718,850Rip ColemanGary BellDick BrodowskiBud Daley 25232
1959-04-18@ CLE7L  4-132-573,959Ralph TerryDon FerrareseDon FerrareseRalph Terry 2936-7
1959-04-19@ CLE8W  4-33-5611,264Ray HerbertHerb ScoreRay HerbertHerb Score 3339-6
1959-04-21vs CHA9W  8-34-566,569 Bob GrimBilly PierceBob GrimBilly Pierce 4142-1
1959-04-22vs CHA10L  6-204-667,446 Ned GarverEarly WynnBob ShawBud Daley 4762-15
1959-04-24vs DET11W  10-15-668,727 Ralph TerryBilly HoeftRalph TerryBilly Hoeft 5763-6
1959-04-25vs DET12W  8-76-669,499 Ned GarverPaul FoytackNed GarverPaul FoytackDick Tomanek6570-5
1959-04-26vs DET13W  4-37-647,430 Bob GrimJim BunningBob GrimJim BunningBud Daley6973-4
1959-04-28vs WS114L  3-87-747,566 Ray HerbertRuss KemmererRuss KemmererRay Herbert 7281-9
1959-04-29vs WS115W  7-68-744,769 Ralph TerryPedro RamosTom GormanVito Valentinetti 7987-8
1959-04-30vs BAL16W  4-39-748,446 Ned GarverJack HarshmanNed GarverBilly Loes 8390-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-05-01vs BAL17W  6-310-7310,343 Bob GrimJerry WalkerRuss MeyerErnie Johnson 8993-4
1959-05-02vs BAL18L  1-310-848,089 Ray HerbertHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmRay Herbert 9096-6
1959-05-03vs BOS19W  7-311-8412,635 Ralph TerryFrank SullivanRalph TerryFrank Sullivan 9799-2
1959-05-04vs BOS20L  4-811-945,457 John TsitourisFrank BaumannBill MonbouquetteRip ColemanMurray Wall101107-6
1959-05-05vs NYA21L  2-311-10519,092 Ned GarverWhitey FordBob TurleyRip Coleman 103110-7
1959-05-06vs NYA22L  4-711-11518,802 Bob GrimArt DitmarArt DitmarBob GrimBobby Shantz107117-10
1959-05-08@ DET23L  4-511-12516,176Ray HerbertDon MossiRay NarleskiRay Herbert 111122-11
1959-05-09@ DET24L  4-711-1356,691Bob GrimJim BunningJim BunningBob Grim 115129-14
1959-05-10@ DET25L  6-711-1479,783Ralph TerryPaul FoytackPaul FoytackRalph TerryRay Narleski121136-15
1959-05-14@ BAL26W  2-112-1457,268Ned GarverBilly O'DellBud DaleyBilly O'Dell 123137-14
1959-05-15@ WS127W  4-213-1454,875Ray HerbertRuss KemmererRay HerbertRuss Kemmerer 127139-12
1959-05-16@ WS128L  2-713-1555,290Ralph TerryCamilo PascualCamilo PascualRalph Terry 129146-17
1959-05-17@ NYA29L  2-314-1650Bud DaleyDon LarsenDon LarsenBud Daley 131149-18
1959-05-17@ NYA30W  10-014-16529,046Bob GrimTom SturdivantBob GrimTom Sturdivant 141149-8
1959-05-20@ BOS31W  8-215-1643,256Ray HerbertBilly HoeftRay HerbertBilly Hoeft 149151-2
1959-05-21@ BOS32L  0-515-1742,572Ned GarverTom BrewerTom BrewerNed GarverLeo Kiely149156-7
1959-05-22vs CHA33L  1-215-18413,527 Bob GrimBob ShawBob ShawBob GrimTurk Lown150158-8
1959-05-23vs CHA34W  16-016-18412,416 Bud DaleyEarly WynnBud DaleyEarly Wynn 1661588
1959-05-24vs CHA35W  8-617-18414,985 Ray HerbertBilly PierceRay HerbertBilly Pierce 17416410
1959-05-25vs DET36L  3-417-1958,766 Rip ColemanJerry DavieJerry DavieRip ColemanRay Narleski1771689
1959-05-26vs DET37L  5-917-2057,502 Ned GarverPaul FoytackPaul FoytackNed GarverTom Morgan1821775
1959-05-28@ CLE38W  7-218-20412,785Bud DaleyMudcat GrantBud DaleyMudcat Grant 18917910
1959-05-30@ CLE39L  2-319-2140Johnny KucksHerb ScoreAl CicotteJohnny Kucks 1911829
1959-05-30@ CLE40W  3-119-21420,338Rip ColemanCal McLishRip ColemanCal McLish 19418311
1959-05-31@ CHA41W  9-120-21411,414Ned GarverEarly WynnNed GarverEarly Wynn 20318419
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-06-01@ CHA42W  3-121-2148,221Bud DaleyRay MooreBud DaleyRay Moore 20618521
1959-06-02vs BOS43W  5-322-21414,047 Ray HerbertFrank SullivanTom SturdivantFrank SullivanRip Coleman21118823
1959-06-03vs BOS44W  5-322-21412,545 Johnny KucksBill MonbouquetteJohnny KucksBill MonbouquetteRay Herbert21619125
1959-06-04vs BOS45L  2-522-2249,210 Rip ColemanJerry CasaleJerry CasaleRip Coleman 21819622
1959-06-05vs BAL46L  1-622-23417,025 Ned GarverMilt PappasMilt PappasNed Garver 21920217
1959-06-06vs BAL47W  5-123-23430,319 Bud DaleyHal BrownBud DaleyHal Brown 22420321
1959-06-07vs BAL48L  0-323-24615,600 Ray HerbertHoyt WilhelmHoyt WilhelmRay Herbert 22420618
1959-06-09@ NYA49L  8-923-25623,707Johnny KucksWhitey FordJim CoatesTom Sturdivant 23221517
1959-06-10@ NYA50L  4-623-2668,002Bud DaleyArt DitmarArt DitmarBud DaleyJim Bronstad23622115
1959-06-11@ NYA51W  9-524-26611,617Ned GarverBob TurleyNed GarverBob TurleyRuss Meyer24522619
1959-06-12@ BOS52W  3-225-26613,434Rip ColemanFrank SullivanRip ColemanFrank SullivanTom Sturdivant24822820
1959-06-13@ BOS53L  1-625-2765,513Ray HerbertTom BrewerTom BrewerRay Herbert 24923415
1959-06-14@ BOS54L  1-625-2868,160Johnny KucksJerry CasaleJerry CasaleJohnny Kucks 25024010
1959-06-15@ WS155L  5-825-2963,661Bud DaleyJohn RomonoskyJohn RomonoskyBud DaleyChuck Stobbs2552487
1959-06-17@ WS156L  2-725-3064,166Ned GarverCamilo PascualCamilo PascualNed Garver 2572552
1959-06-18@ WS157L  5-725-3165,767Ray HerbertBill FischerBill FischerRay HerbertTex Clevenger2622620
1959-06-19@ BAL58L  2-825-3380Johnny KucksBilly O'DellBilly O'DellJohnny Kucks 264270-6
1959-06-19@ BAL59L  0-225-33817,028Rip ColemanHal BrownHal BrownRip ColemanBilly Loes264272-8
1959-06-20@ BAL60W  6-226-33725,970Bud DaleyHoyt WilhelmBud DaleyHoyt WilhelmBob Grim270274-4
1959-06-21@ BAL61W  7-027-3379,002Ned GarverArnie PortocarreroNed GarverArnie Portocarrero 2772743
1959-06-22vs NYA62L  6-1127-34821,451 Ray HerbertBob TurleyBobby ShantzRay Herbert 283285-2
1959-06-23vs NYA63L  2-1027-35822,259 Rip ColemanWhitey FordWhitey FordRip Coleman 285295-10
1959-06-24vs NYA64W  4-328-35821,857 Bud DaleyJim BronstadBud DaleyJim Bronstad 289298-9
1959-06-25vs NYA65L  4-528-36821,006 Tom SturdivantDuke MaasDuke MaasTom SturdivantRyne Duren293303-10
1959-06-26vs WS166L  4-828-3788,272 Ned GarverCamilo PascualCamilo PascualNed GarverChuck Stobbs297311-14
1959-06-27vs WS167W  5-429-3789,371 Ray HerbertBill FischerBob GrimTex Clevenger 302315-13
1959-06-28vs WS168L  3-729-38810,148 Howie ReedRuss KemmererRuss KemmererHowie Reed 305322-17
1959-06-29@ DET69W  10-330-3885,114Bud DaleyJim BunningBud DaleyBarney SchultzNed Garver315325-10
1959-06-30@ DET70L  0-430-39817,948Rip ColemanFrank LaryFrank LaryRip Coleman 315329-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-07-01@ DET71L  4-530-4086,189Ned GarverPaul FoytackPaul FoytackNed GarverRay Narleski319334-15
1959-07-02vs CLE72W  6-431-4079,416 Ray HerbertGary BellRay HerbertGary BellJohnny Kucks325338-13
1959-07-03vs CLE73L  4-831-4177,989 Howie ReedHerb ScoreHerb ScoreHowie Reed 329346-17
1959-07-04vs CHA74L  4-732-4270 Bud DaleyDick DonovanBob ShawBob Grim 333353-20
1959-07-04vs CHA75W  8-332-42718,884 Rip ColemanBilly PierceJohnny KucksBilly Pierce 341356-15
1959-07-05vs CHA76L  3-432-4389,669 Ned GarverBarry LatmanTurk LownNed Garver 344360-16
1959-07-09vs DET77W  5-034-4370 Ray HerbertFrank LaryRay HerbertFrank Lary 349360-11
1959-07-09vs DET78W  4-034-43715,187 Johnny KucksRay NarleskiJohnny KucksRay Narleski 353360-7
1959-07-10vs DET79L  2-534-44814,766 Howie ReedJim BunningJim BunningBob Grim 355365-10
1959-07-11@ CHA80L  3-834-4587,346Ned GarverBarry LatmanBarry LatmanNed Garver 358373-15
1959-07-12@ CHA81L  3-534-4780Bud DaleyDick DonovanRay MooreBud DaleyGerry Staley361378-17
1959-07-12@ CHA82L  7-934-47818,426Rip ColemanBob ShawBob ShawRip ColemanGerry Staley368387-19
1959-07-14@ BAL83W  1-035-4880Ray HerbertBilly O'DellRay HerbertBilly O'Dell 369387-18
1959-07-14@ BAL84L  1-335-4888,088Johnny KucksMilt PappasMilt PappasJohnny Kucks 370390-20
1959-07-16@ BAL85W  4-336-4889,497Bud DaleyJerry WalkerBud DaleyJerry WalkerTom Sturdivant374393-19
1959-07-17@ WS186W  7-437-4889,842Ned GarverRuss KemmererNed GarverRuss KemmererBob Grim381397-16
1959-07-18@ WS187W  10-338-4885,822Ray HerbertPedro RamosRay HerbertPedro Ramos 391400-9
1959-07-19@ WS188L  0-739-4980Johnny KucksCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJohnny Kucks 391407-16
1959-07-19@ WS189W  6-539-49813,420Tom SturdivantHal GriggsBob GrimPedro Ramos 397412-15
1959-07-21vs BAL90W  8-140-49710,134 Bud DaleyMilt PappasBud DaleyMilt Pappas 405413-8
1959-07-22vs BAL91W  6-341-4977,602 Ray HerbertJerry WalkerRay HerbertJerry Walker 411416-5
1959-07-23vs BAL92W  9-342-4978,231 Ned GarverHal BrownNed GarverHal Brown 4204191
1959-07-24vs BOS93W  3-143-49612,583 Johnny KucksFrank SullivanJohnny KucksFrank Sullivan 4234203
1959-07-25vs BOS94W  3-044-49615,897 Bud DaleyAl SchrollBud DaleyAl Schroll 4264206
1959-07-26vs BOS95W  5-445-49614,905 Ray HerbertTom BrewerRay HerbertIke DelockRip Coleman4314247
1959-07-27vs WS196W  7-646-4959,181 Ned GarverJohn RomonoskyMurry DicksonHal WoodeshickBob Grim4384308
1959-07-28vs WS197W  6-147-49512,236 Johnny KucksCamilo PascualJohnny KucksCamilo Pascual 44443113
1959-07-29vs WS198W  5-448-49412,380 John TsitourisBill FischerJohn TsitourisBill FischerBob Grim44943514
1959-07-30vs WS199W  4-149-49410,514 Bud DaleyHal GriggsBud DaleyHal GriggsTom Sturdivant45343617
1959-07-31vs NYA100L  2-1149-50429,592 Ned GarverDon LarsenBobby ShantzNed Garver 4554478
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-08-01vs NYA101W  2-150-50431,977 Johnny KucksArt DitmarJohnny KucksArt Ditmar 4574489
1959-08-02vs NYA102L  5-750-51431,719 Bud DaleyRalph TerryDuke MaasBob GrimBobby Shantz4624557
1959-08-04@ BOS103L  1-451-5240John TsitourisTom BrewerTom BrewerJohn TsitourisMike Fornieles4634594
1959-08-04@ BOS104W  8-651-52421,304Rip ColemanAl SchrollMurry DicksonAl SchrollTom Sturdivant4714656
1959-08-05@ BOS105L  6-1751-53415,980Johnny KucksEarl WilsonIke DelockHowie ReedLeo Kiely477482-5
1959-08-06@ BOS106L  3-451-5457,673Ray HerbertJerry CasaleJerry CasaleRay HerbertLeo Kiely480486-6
1959-08-07@ NYA107L  0-351-55624,490Bud DaleyWhitey FordWhitey FordBud DaleyRyne Duren480489-9
1959-08-08@ NYA108L  0-351-56653,998Johnny KucksBob TurleyBob TurleyJohnny Kucks 480492-12
1959-08-09@ NYA109L  3-451-5860John TsitourisRalph TerryRyne DurenBob Grim 483496-13
1959-08-09@ NYA110L  2-351-58623,406Ned GarverEli GrbaBobby ShantzMurry Dickson 485499-14
1959-08-10vs CLE111L  4-651-59611,478 Ray HerbertCal McLishCal McLishRip ColemanJack Harshman489505-16
1959-08-11vs CLE112W  7-352-59610,884 Bud DaleyMudcat GrantBud DaleyMudcat Grant 496508-12
1959-08-12vs CLE113L  4-952-60610,937 Johnny KucksGary BellGary BellJohnny Kucks 500517-17
1959-08-13vs CLE114L  5-752-61612,510 John TsitourisJack HarshmanJack HarshmanJohn Tsitouris 505524-19
1959-08-14vs CHA115L  1-552-62711,477 Johnny KucksBob ShawBob ShawJohnny Kucks 506529-23
1959-08-15vs CHA116W  2-153-62714,497 Bud DaleyBilly PierceBud DaleyBilly Pierce 508530-22
1959-08-16vs CHA117W  7-254-62713,373 Ned GarverDick DonovanNed GarverDick Donovan 515532-17
1959-08-18vs BOS118L  4-554-63711,240 Johnny KucksTom BrewerMike FornielesRay HerbertLeo Kiely519537-18
1959-08-19vs BOS119W  6-355-6378,753 Bud DaleyFrank SullivanBud DaleyFrank Sullivan 525540-15
1959-08-20vs BOS120L  10-1155-6476,938 John TsitourisJerry CasaleEarl WilsonTom SturdivantTom Brewer535551-16
1959-08-21vs NYA121L  7-955-65722,348 Ray HerbertDuke MaasDuke MaasRip ColemanRyne Duren542560-18
1959-08-22vs NYA122W  8-756-65717,567 Ned GarverJim CoatesJohn TsitourisBob Turley 550567-17
1959-08-23vs WS1123L  3-757-6670 Bud DaleyCamilo PascualCamilo PascualBud DaleyChuck Stobbs553574-21
1959-08-23vs WS1124W  5-257-66715,246 Johnny KucksHal WoodeshickJohnny KucksHal Woodeshick 558576-18
1959-08-25vs BAL125W  6-558-6669,650 Ray HerbertBilly O'DellJohn TsitourisBilly LoesTom Sturdivant564581-17
1959-08-26vs BAL126L  3-658-6779,822 Bud DaleyJerry WalkerJerry WalkerBud DaleyMilt Pappas567587-20
1959-08-28vs DET127L  5-658-68710,459 Johnny KucksFrank LaryFrank LaryTom SturdivantTom Morgan572593-21
1959-08-29vs DET128L  3-958-69716,343 Ray HerbertPaul FoytackPaul FoytackRay Herbert 575602-27
1959-08-30vs DET129L  0-458-7079,500 Bud DaleyDon MossiDon MossiBud Daley 575606-31
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKC1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1959-09-02@ CLE130L  3-658-71715,264Ned GarverHerb ScoreGary BellNed Garver 578612-34
1959-09-04@ DET131L  2-958-7274,811Bud DaleyDon MossiDon MossiBud Daley 580621-41
1959-09-05@ DET132L  4-558-7377,612Johnny KucksJim BunningJim BunningBob GrimPete Burnside584626-42
1959-09-06@ DET133L  6-758-74713,434Ray HerbertFrank LaryPete BurnsideTom Sturdivant 590633-43
1959-09-07@ CHA134L  1-258-7670Ned GarverBilly PierceBilly PierceNed GarverTurk Lown591635-44
1959-09-07@ CHA135L  7-1358-76726,368John TsitourisBarry LatmanGerry StaleyDick Tomanek 598648-50
1959-09-08@ CHA136L  2-358-77728,238Bud DaleyEarly WynnEarly WynnBud Daley 600651-51
1959-09-09@ NYA137L  0-458-78711,980Johnny KucksArt DitmarArt DitmarJohnny KucksWhitey Ford600655-55
1959-09-10@ NYA138L  1-1258-7974,423Ray HerbertRalph TerryRalph TerryRay Herbert 601667-66
1959-09-11@ BOS139W  8-659-79710,409John TsitourisTom BrewerJohn TsitourisTom BrewerAl Grunwald609673-64
1959-09-12@ BOS140L  3-459-8077,156Tom SturdivantJerry CasaleJerry CasaleTom Sturdivant 612677-65
1959-09-13@ BAL141W  9-561-8070Ned GarverArnie PortocarreroRay HerbertBilly Loes 621682-61
1959-09-13@ BAL142W  4-161-8079,103Bud DaleyMilt PappasBud DaleyMilt Pappas 625683-58
1959-09-14@ BAL143L  4-961-8173,994Al GrunwaldHal BrownHal BrownAl Grunwald 629692-63
1959-09-15@ WS1144L  0-162-8270John TsitourisCamilo PascualCamilo PascualJohn Tsitouris 629693-64
1959-09-15@ WS1145W  6-262-8273,401Johnny KucksPedro RamosJohnny KucksPedro Ramos 635695-60
1959-09-18vs CLE146L  2-1162-8376,943 Bud DaleyJim PerryJim PerryBud Daley 637706-69
1959-09-19vs CLE147L  7-1362-8478,852 Johnny KucksJack HarshmanJack HarshmanJohnny Kucks 644719-75
1959-09-20vs CLE148L  3-462-85811,058 Ned GarverCal McLishCal McLishNed Garver 647723-76
1959-09-22@ DET149L  4-662-8682,413Ken JohnsonJim BunningJim BunningKen JohnsonTom Morgan651729-78
1959-09-23@ DET150W  7-663-8672,289John TsitourisPaul FoytackTom SturdivantBob SmithBob Grim658735-77
1959-09-25@ CLE151L  2-863-8870Johnny KucksJake StrikerJake StrikerJohnny KucksBobby Locke660743-83
1959-09-25@ CLE152L  7-863-88729,411Bud DaleyCal McLishMudcat GrantBob Grim 667751-84
1959-09-26@ CLE153W  8-464-8878,108Ken JohnsonJohn BriggsKen JohnsonJohn BriggsDick Tomanek675755-80
1959-09-27@ CLE154W  6-565-88714,601Ned GarverHerb ScoreNed GarverHerb ScoreMarty Kutyna681760-79

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