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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  79-75   .513
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Pinky Higgins
General Manager:   Joe Cronin
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,077,047
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ted Williams (39)
Youngest Player:  Bill Monbouquette (21)
Longest Tenure:  Ted Williams (17)
Top Hitter:  Jackie Jensen (2)
Top Pitcher:  Frank Sullivan (16)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  84.63%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9262.597--
Chi White Sox8272.53210.0
KC Athletics7381.47419.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-04-14@ WS11L  2-50-1326,675Frank SullivanPedro RamosPedro RamosFrank Sullivan 25-3
1958-04-15vs NYA2L  0-30-2635,233 Willard NixonDon LarsenDon LarsenWillard Nixon 28-6
1958-04-16vs NYA3W  3-11-2613,337 Dave SislerTom SturdivantDave SislerTom Sturdivant 59-4
1958-04-17vs NYA4L  1-31-3815,033 Tom BrewerJohnny KucksJohnny KucksTom Brewer 612-6
1958-04-19@ WS15L  3-41-486,469Mike FornielesPedro RamosTex ClevengerLeo Kiely 916-7
1958-04-20@ WS16L  5-61-5810,803Frank SullivanCamilo PascualBud ByerlyMurray Wall 1422-8
1958-04-21@ NYA7L  1-41-6810,450Willard NixonDon LarsenDon LarsenWillard NixonWhitey Ford1526-11
1958-04-22@ NYA8L  7-121-787,994Dave SislerTom SturdivantTom SturdivantDave SislerRyne Duren2238-16
1958-04-23vs BAL9W  7-52-786,695 Tom BrewerHal BrownTom BrewerCharlie BeamonMurray Wall2943-14
1958-04-24vs BAL10W  4-33-776,690 Mike FornielesMilt PappasMike FornielesBilly O'Dell 3346-13
1958-04-25vs WS111L  0-23-885,799 Frank BaumannPedro RamosPedro RamosFrank Baumann 3348-15
1958-04-26vs WS112L  5-73-9810,287 Willard NixonHal GriggsDick HydeWillard NixonTex Clevenger3855-17
1958-04-27vs WS113W  7-54-9711,908 Dave SislerRuss KemmererDave SislerRuss KemmererMurray Wall4560-15
1958-04-30vs KC114L  4-114-1070 Tom BrewerNed GarverNed GarverTom Brewer 4971-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-05-01vs KC115W  7-65-1070 Mike FornielesWally BurnetteIke DelockTom Gorman 5677-21
1958-05-02vs DET16W  6-06-1075,653 Dave SislerJim BunningDave SislerJim Bunning 6277-15
1958-05-04vs CLE17L  1-27-1170 Tom BrewerBob KellyMike GarciaTom BrewerDon Ferrarese6379-16
1958-05-04vs CLE18W  2-17-11723,029 Frank BaumannHoyt WilhelmFrank BaumannSteve Ridzik 6580-15
1958-05-05vs CLE19W  8-58-1172,387 Bob SmithRay NarleskiBob SmithRay NarleskiFrank Sullivan7385-12
1958-05-06vs CHA20W  7-59-1163,376 Mike FornielesBilly PierceMurray WallRay Moore 8090-10
1958-05-09@ BAL21W  13-510-11313,918Dave SislerBilly O'DellDave SislerBilly O'Dell 9395-2
1958-05-10@ BAL22L  2-510-1258,311Tom BrewerJack HarshmanJack HarshmanTom Brewer 95100-5
1958-05-11@ BAL23L  2-310-1470Frank BaumannBilly LoesBilly O'DellMike Fornieles 97103-6
1958-05-11@ BAL24L  0-410-14719,056Willard NixonArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroWillard NixonGeorge Zuverink97107-10
1958-05-12@ WS125L  4-510-1577,487Frank SullivanHal GriggsDick HydeMurray Wall 101112-11
1958-05-13@ WS126W  9-611-1578,195Bob SmithPedro RamosBob SmithPedro RamosIke Delock110118-8
1958-05-14@ WS127W  7-512-1565,125Dave SislerRalph LumentiLeo KielyTex Clevenger 117123-6
1958-05-17vs BAL28W  7-413-16510,610 Tom BrewerJack HarshmanMurray WallJack HarshmanLeo Kiely124127-3
1958-05-17vs BAL29L  3-513-16516,266 Frank BaumannArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroFrank BaumannGeorge Zuverink127132-5
1958-05-18vs BAL30W  8-414-16617,933 Frank SullivanBilly LoesFrank SullivanBilly LoesLeo Kiely135136-1
1958-05-20@ CLE31W  6-115-1648,864Bob SmithRay NarleskiBob SmithRay Narleski 1411374
1958-05-21@ CLE32L  2-315-1762,554Dave SislerDick TomanekDick TomanekMurray Wall 1431403
1958-05-22@ KC133W  8-515-1759,759Tom BrewerJack UrbanMike FornielesJack Urban 1511456
1958-05-23@ KC134W  9-115-1758,999Willard NixonDuke MaasWillard NixonDuke Maas 16014614
1958-05-24@ KC135W  5-416-1730Frank SullivanAlex KellnerMurray WallTom GormanLeo Kiely16515015
1958-05-25@ CHA36W  6-317-1830Frank BaumannDick DonovanFrank BaumannDick Donovan 17115318
1958-05-25@ CHA37L  3-417-18319,121Bob SmithBilly PierceBilly PierceMike Fornieles 17415717
1958-05-27@ DET38L  2-317-19417,224Tom BrewerPaul FoytackPaul FoytackTom BrewerVito Valentinetti17616016
1958-05-28@ DET39L  2-417-2065,787Willard NixonFrank LaryFrank LaryWillard Nixon 17816414
1958-05-30@ BAL40W  2-018-2150Frank SullivanConnie JohnsonFrank SullivanConnie Johnson 18016416
1958-05-30@ BAL41L  0-218-21521,094Bob SmithArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroBob Smith 18016614
1958-05-31vs NYA42L  4-518-22627,455 Dave SislerDon LarsenRyne DurenWillard Nixon 18417113
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-06-01vs NYA43L  4-1018-23728,954 Frank BaumannBob TurleyBob TurleyMurray Wall 1881817
1958-06-03vs CLE44W  7-319-23620,665 Tom BrewerMudcat GrantTom BrewerMudcat GrantMurray Wall19518411
1958-06-04vs CLE45L  5-719-2465,745 Frank SullivanRay NarleskiHoyt WilhelmDave Sisler 2001919
1958-06-05vs CLE46W  5-320-2464,129 Bob SmithGary BellMike FornielesHoyt WilhelmLeo Kiely20519411
1958-06-06vs CHA47W  3-221-24322,506 Willard NixonJim WilsonIke DelockGerry StaleyLeo Kiely20819612
1958-06-07vs CHA48W  7-622-24313,924 Frank BaumannBob KeeganIke DelockBill FischerLeo Kiely21520213
1958-06-08vs CHA49W  6-524-2430 Tom BrewerBilly PierceLeo KielyBilly Pierce 22120714
1958-06-08vs CHA50W  4-124-24324,983 Dave SislerDick DonovanDave SislerDick Donovan 22520817
1958-06-09vs DET51W  9-425-24318,473 Frank SullivanPaul FoytackFrank SullivanPaul Foytack 23421222
1958-06-11vs DET52L  0-725-2644,983 Mike FornielesFrank LaryFrank LaryMike Fornieles 23421915
1958-06-11vs DET53L  3-925-26412,833 Murray WallJim BunningJim BunningMurray WallHerb Moford2372289
1958-06-12vs DET54W  4-226-2635,168 Dave SislerPaul FoytackDave SislerPaul FoytackIke Delock24123011
1958-06-13vs KC155W  9-327-26325,000 Tom BrewerNed GarverTom BrewerNed Garver 25023317
1958-06-14vs KC156W  7-128-2620 Frank SullivanJack UrbanFrank SullivanJack Urban 25723423
1958-06-15vs KC157L  6-1728-2830 Willard NixonRalph TerryRalph TerryWillard NixonJack Urban26325112
1958-06-15vs KC158L  4-928-2830 Mike FornielesDuke MaasDuke MaasMike Fornieles 2672607
1958-06-17@ CHA59L  0-428-29316,748Dave SislerBilly PierceBilly PierceDave Sisler 2672643
1958-06-18@ CHA60W  13-929-2924,041Tom BrewerRay MooreIke DelockGerry StaleyLeo Kiely2802737
1958-06-19@ CHA61L  0-429-3023,553Frank SullivanEarly WynnEarly WynnFrank Sullivan 2802773
1958-06-20@ KC162L  3-529-3140Bob SmithRalph TerryRalph TerryBob SmithDick Tomanek2832821
1958-06-21@ KC163L  5-829-31417,254Dave SislerRay HerbertRay HerbertDave SislerTom Gorman288290-2
1958-06-22@ KC164L  1-229-3260Tom BrewerJack UrbanJack UrbanTom Brewer 289292-3
1958-06-24@ CLE65W  4-330-3248,452Frank SullivanGary BellLeo KielyHoyt Wilhelm 293295-2
1958-06-26@ CLE66W  2-131-3240Ike DelockCal McLishIke DelockCal McLish 295296-1
1958-06-27@ DET67L  4-731-33433,756Tom BrewerFrank LaryBill FischerMurray Wall 299303-4
1958-06-28@ DET68W  6-532-33427,580Dave SislerJim BunningBob SmithBilly HoeftMurray Wall305308-3
1958-06-29@ DET69W  10-733-33318,466Frank SullivanPaul FoytackFrank SullivanBill FischerMike Fornieles3153150
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-07-01vs WS170W  10-534-33323,958 Ike DelockHal GriggsIke DelockHal Griggs 3253205
1958-07-02vs WS171L  3-534-3437,851 Tom BrewerCamilo PascualCamilo PascualTom BrewerDick Hyde3283253
1958-07-03vs BAL72L  5-734-3543,921 Duane WilsonCharlie BeamonBilly LoesMurray Wall 3333321
1958-07-04vs BAL73W  5-135-3640 Frank SullivanMilt PappasFrank SullivanConnie Johnson 3383335
1958-07-04vs BAL74L  3-535-36419,387 Mike FornielesArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroMike Fornieles 3413383
1958-07-05@ NYA75L  3-335-37443,821Dave SislerDuke Maas 3443413
1958-07-06@ NYA76W  10-436-37433,195Ike DelockDon LarsenIke DelockDon LarsenLeo Kiely3543459
1958-07-10vs CHA77W  11-237-37225,471 Frank SullivanEarly WynnFrank SullivanEarly Wynn 36534718
1958-07-11vs CHA78W  6-138-3728,914 Ike DelockJim WilsonIke DelockJim Wilson 37134823
1958-07-12vs CHA79L  4-738-3930 Dave SislerDick DonovanDick DonovanBob Smith 37535520
1958-07-12vs CHA80L  5-1338-39314,991 Duane WilsonBob ShawGerry StaleyMike Fornieles 38036812
1958-07-13vs CLE81L  4-938-40315,897 Tom BrewerCal McLishCal McLishTom Brewer 3843777
1958-07-14vs CLE82W  4-339-4037,184 Dave SislerHoyt WilhelmMurray WallMudcat Grant 3883808
1958-07-15vs KC183W  5-240-4030 Frank SullivanRay HerbertFrank SullivanRay HerbertLeo Kiely39338211
1958-07-16vs KC184W  5-241-40220,316 Ike DelockMurry DicksonIke DelockMurry DicksonLeo Kiely39838414
1958-07-17vs KC185W  6-242-4020 Tom BrewerTom GormanTom BrewerTom GormanMurray Wall40438618
1958-07-18vs DET86W  11-943-40228,430 Bill MonbouquettePaul FoytackMurray WallBill FischerMike Fornieles41539520
1958-07-19vs DET87W  7-644-40212,842 Dave SislerFrank LaryLeo KielyHank Aguirre 42240121
1958-07-20vs DET88L  0-345-41229,529 Frank SullivanJim BunningJim BunningFrank Sullivan 42240418
1958-07-20vs DET89W  5-245-41229,529 Ike DelockGeorge SusceIke DelockHerb Moford 42740621
1958-07-22@ KC190L  3-445-42223,027Tom BrewerMurry DicksonTom GormanTom Brewer 43041020
1958-07-23@ KC191L  1-345-43212,628Bill MonbouquetteRalph TerryRalph TerryBill Monbouquette 43141318
1958-07-25@ CHA92L  0-445-44321,060Frank SullivanDick DonovanDick DonovanFrank Sullivan 43141714
1958-07-26@ CHA93L  6-1145-4537,558Ike DelockRay MooreRay MooreIke DelockEarly Wynn4374289
1958-07-27@ CHA94W  7-346-45311,176Tom BrewerBilly PierceBud ByerlyBilly Pierce 44443113
1958-07-28@ DET95L  4-546-4634,993Dave SislerAl CicotteBill FischerLeo Kiely 44843612
1958-07-29@ DET96W  11-847-4622,270Frank SullivanJim BunningTom BrewerBill Fischer 45944415
1958-07-30@ DET97L  1-247-4736,334Ike DelockGeorge SusceGeorge SusceIke Delock 46044614
1958-07-31@ DET98L  2-347-4834,458Bill MonbouquetteFrank LaryFrank LaryBill Monbouquette 46244913
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-08-01@ CLE99L  1-747-5050Frank SullivanCal McLishCal McLishFrank Sullivan 4634567
1958-08-01@ CLE100L  1-347-50517,553Dave SislerHal WoodeshickHal WoodeshickDave Sisler 4644595
1958-08-02@ CLE101L  1-447-5167,125Tom BrewerMudcat GrantMudcat GrantTom Brewer 4654632
1958-08-03@ CLE102W  3-249-5140Ike DelockGary BellMurray WallGary Bell 4684653
1958-08-03@ CLE103W  4-249-51419,618Ted BowsfieldRay NarleskiMike FornielesRay NarleskiFrank Sullivan4724675
1958-08-05vs WS1104W  7-150-51323,030 Bill MonbouquetteCamilo PascualBill MonbouquetteCamilo Pascual 47946811
1958-08-06vs WS1105W  8-251-5129,783 Tom BrewerPedro RamosTom BrewerPedro Ramos 48747017
1958-08-07vs WS1106W  8-452-5125,850 Frank SullivanHal GriggsFrank SullivanHal Griggs 49547421
1958-08-08@ NYA107L  0-252-52243,606Ike DelockWhitey FordWhitey FordIke Delock 49547619
1958-08-09@ NYA108W  9-653-52267,916Dave SislerDuke MaasDave SislerDuke MaasMurray Wall50448222
1958-08-10@ NYA109L  5-754-5320Tom BrewerDon LarsenVirgil TrucksBud Byerly 50948920
1958-08-10@ NYA110W  9-354-53255,778Ted BowsfieldBob TurleyTed BowsfieldBob TurleyMurray Wall51849226
1958-08-11@ WS1111L  3-654-5436,374Bill MonbouquetteVito ValentinettiVito ValentinettiBill MonbouquetteDick Hyde52149823
1958-08-13@ BAL112L  1-254-55424,101Frank SullivanArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroFrank SullivanBilly O'Dell52250022
1958-08-14vs NYA113L  2-854-56429,728 Dave SislerDuke MaasJohnny KucksDave Sisler 52450816
1958-08-15vs NYA114W  6-255-56430,115 Ted BowsfieldBob TurleyTed BowsfieldBob Turley 53051020
1958-08-16vs NYA115W  7-456-56324,925 Tom BrewerDon LarsenTom BrewerDon Larsen 53751423
1958-08-17vs NYA116W  6-557-56330,501 Ike DelockArt DitmarIke DelockArt DitmarLeo Kiely54351924
1958-08-19vs CHA117L  1-757-57327,544 Frank SullivanDick DonovanDick DonovanFrank Sullivan 54452618
1958-08-20vs CHA118L  8-1057-58312,401 Ted BowsfieldJim WilsonTurk LownBud ByerlyGerry Staley55253616
1958-08-21vs CLE119W  8-658-58319,317 Tom BrewerHal WoodeshickTom BrewerHal WoodeshickMurray Wall56054218
1958-08-22vs CLE120W  4-359-58313,421 Ike DelockHoyt WilhelmIke DelockHoyt Wilhelm 56454519
1958-08-23vs CLE121L  1-859-59312,895 Dave SislerCal McLishCal McLishDave Sisler 56555312
1958-08-24vs KC1122W  14-361-5930 Frank SullivanNed GarverFrank SullivanNed Garver 57955623
1958-08-24vs KC1123W  3-261-5930 Ted BowsfieldRay HerbertMurray WallRay Herbert 58255824
1958-08-27vs DET124W  3-262-60311,946 Tom BrewerJim BunningTom BrewerJim Bunning 58556025
1958-08-27vs DET125L  2-762-60317,258 Ike DelockPaul FoytackPaul FoytackIke Delock 58756720
1958-08-29vs BAL126W  5-263-60316,411 Frank SullivanArnie PortocarreroFrank SullivanArnie Portocarrero 59256923
1958-08-30vs BAL127L  2-763-6139,887 Bill MonbouquetteMilt PappasMilt PappasBill MonbouquetteBilly O'Dell59457618
1958-08-31vs BAL128W  3-264-61313,112 Tom BrewerHoyt WilhelmTom BrewerHoyt Wilhelm 59757819
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-09-01@ NYA129W  4-265-6230Ted BowsfieldBobby ShantzTed BowsfieldBobby Shantz 60158021
1958-09-01@ NYA130L  2-465-62346,145Ike DelockDuke MaasDuke MaasIke Delock 60358419
1958-09-02@ NYA131L  1-665-63323,770Dave SislerZach MonroeZach MonroeDave Sisler 60459014
1958-09-03@ NYA132L  5-865-64313,627Frank SullivanMurry DicksonRyne DurenMurray Wall 60959811
1958-09-04@ BAL133W  5-266-6439,944Bill MonbouquetteMilt PappasBill MonbouquetteMilt PappasMurray Wall61460014
1958-09-05@ BAL134W  10-267-64312,682Tom BrewerJack HarshmanTom BrewerJack Harshman 62460222
1958-09-06@ BAL135L  2-467-6539,501Ike DelockBilly O'DellBilly O'DellIke Delock 62660620
1958-09-07@ BAL136W  6-568-6539,416Ted BowsfieldHal BrownDave SislerMilt PappasLeo Kiely63261121
1958-09-09@ CHA137L  1-468-66311,447Frank SullivanEarly WynnEarly WynnFrank Sullivan 63361518
1958-09-10@ CHA138L  2-768-6732,240Tom BrewerBilly PierceBilly PierceMurray Wall 63562213
1958-09-11@ CHA139L  1-468-6831,594Ike DelockDick DonovanDick DonovanIke DelockTurk Lown63662610
1958-09-12@ CLE140L  4-568-6936,606Ted BowsfieldGary BellGary BellTed BowsfieldMudcat Grant6406319
1958-09-13@ CLE141L  1-468-7045,346Dave SislerCal McLishCal McLishDave Sisler 6416356
1958-09-14@ DET142L  1-668-7250Frank SullivanPaul FoytackPaul FoytackFrank Sullivan 6426411
1958-09-14@ DET143L  3-968-72527,541Tom BrewerBilly HoeftBilly HoeftTom BrewerTom Morgan645650-5
1958-09-17@ KC1144L  3-669-7350Ike DelockRay HerbertRay HerbertIke Delock 648656-8
1958-09-17@ KC1145W  4-269-7350Bill MonbouquetteNed GarverBill MonbouquetteNed Garver 652658-6
1958-09-18@ KC1146L  1-469-7450Ted BowsfieldBud DaleyBud DaleyTed Bowsfield 653662-9
1958-09-19vs WS1147W  2-070-7459,334 Tom BrewerCamilo PascualTom BrewerCamilo Pascual 655662-7
1958-09-20vs WS1148W  2-071-7457,400 Frank SullivanVito ValentinettiFrank SullivanVito Valentinetti 657662-5
1958-09-21vs WS1149W  2-072-7459,785 Ike DelockBill FischerIke DelockBill Fischer 659662-3
1958-09-23vs NYA150W  9-873-74521,552 Ted BowsfieldBob TurleyMurray WallJohnny KucksFrank Sullivan668670-2
1958-09-24vs NYA151L  5-773-7558,865 Tom BrewerDuke MaasDuke MaasTom BrewerRyne Duren673677-4
1958-09-26@ WS1152W  6-475-7540Ike DelockVito ValentinettiIke DelockVito Valentinetti 679681-2
1958-09-26@ WS1153W  3-175-7548,526Frank SullivanBill FischerFrank SullivanBill Fischer 6826820
1958-09-27@ WS1154W  9-576-7534,233Dave SislerPedro RamosLeo KielyPedro Ramos 6916874
1958-09-28@ WS1155W  6-477-7536,156Tom BrewerPedro RamosTed BowsfieldPedro Ramos 6976916

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