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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  84-70   .545
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Danny Murtaugh
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  1,311,988
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Porterfield (34)
Youngest Player:  George Perez (20)
Longest Tenure:  Frank Thomas, Bob Friend (8)
Top Hitter:  Frank Thomas (8)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Friend (5)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  73.04%
National League Standings
SF Giants8074.51912.0
Chi Cubs7282.46820.0
St. Louis7282.46820.0
LA Dodgers7183.46121.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-04-15@ MLN1W  4-31-0343,339Bob FriendWarren SpahnRon BlackburnGene ConleyCurt Raydon431
1958-04-17@ MLN2L  1-61-1412,854Vern LawLew BurdetteLew BurdetteVern Law 59-4
1958-04-18vs CIN3L  1-41-2734,032 Ron KlineBob PurkeyBob PurkeyRon KlineHal Jeffcoat613-7
1958-04-19vs CIN4L  6-91-3712,171 Bob SmithHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixBob SmithHal Jeffcoat1222-10
1958-04-20vs CIN5W  4-32-3615,142 Bob FriendJoe NuxhallBob FriendWillard Schmidt 1625-9
1958-04-22vs MLN6L  2-52-376,991 Ron KlineBob BuhlBob BuhlRon Kline 1830-12
1958-04-23@ PHI7L  1-82-477,668Ron BlackburnJack SanfordJack SanfordRon Blackburn 1938-19
1958-04-24@ PHI8W  7-43-467,456Bob FriendCurt SimmonsBob FriendCurt SimmonsRoy Face2642-16
1958-04-25@ CIN9W  4-34-457,744Vern LawHarvey HaddixVern LawHarvey HaddixRoy Face3045-15
1958-04-26@ CIN10W  8-45-443,291Bob SmithTom AckerDon GrossCharlie Rabe 3849-11
1958-04-29@ LAN11W  7-16-4319,778Bob FriendCarl ErskineBob FriendCarl Erskine 4550-5
1958-04-30@ LAN12W  3-17-4213,890Ron KlineDon DrysdaleRon KlineDon Drysdale 4851-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-05-01@ LAN13W  8-38-4116,503Vern LawDon NewcombeVern LawDon NewcombeRon Blackburn56542
1958-05-02@ LAN14L  5-98-5322,940Bennie DanielsJohnny PodresJohnny PodresGeorge PerezClem Labine6163-2
1958-05-03@ LAN15W  3-19-5116,288Bob FriendFred KippBob FriendFred KippRoy Face64640
1958-05-04@ SFN16W  6-210-610Ron KlineJohnny AntonelliRon KlineJohnny AntonelliRoy Face70664
1958-05-04@ SFN17L  3-410-6122,721Bob SmithRay CroneAl WorthingtonRoy Face 73703
1958-05-05@ SFN18W  11-1011-615,506Vern LawRuben GomezVern LawRuben GomezDon Gross84804
1958-05-06@ SFN19L  0-711-7210,849Bennie DanielsMike McCormickMike McCormickBennie Daniels 8487-3
1958-05-07@ SFN20L  6-811-848,052Bob FriendCurt BarclayAl WorthingtonBob FriendMarv Grissom9095-5
1958-05-09vs PHI21W  1-012-8321,304 Ron KlineRobin RobertsRon KlineRobin Roberts 9195-4
1958-05-10vs PHI22W  14-413-8311,807 Vern LawRay SemprochVern LawRay Semproch 105996
1958-05-11vs PHI23W  10-415-820 Bob FriendJack SanfordBob FriendJack Sanford 11510312
1958-05-11vs PHI24W  1-015-8220,544 Bob PorterfieldCurt SimmonsBob PorterfieldCurt Simmons 11610313
1958-05-13vs CIN25W  6-316-8124,123 Ron KlineBrooks LawrenceRon KlineBrooks LawrenceDon Gross12210616
1958-05-14vs CIN26W  5-417-8124,102 Vern LawBob PurkeyVern LawCharlie Rabe 12711017
1958-05-15vs CIN27L  4-917-9112,022 Bob FriendHarvey HaddixJohnny KlippsteinBob FriendHal Jeffcoat13111912
1958-05-16@ PHI28L  2-617-10212,401Bob PorterfieldCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBob Porterfield 1331258
1958-05-17@ PHI29L  3-417-1136,262Bennie DanielsRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBennie Daniels 1361297
1958-05-18@ PHI30L  4-617-1330Ron KlineJack SanfordJack SanfordRon KlineTurk Farrell1401355
1958-05-18@ PHI31L  2-617-13319,068Vern LawRay SemprochRay SemprochVern Law 1421411
1958-05-20vs CHN32W  12-318-13315,848 Bob FriendDick DrottBob FriendDick Drott 15414410
1958-05-21vs CHN33L  1-518-1435,393 Bob PorterfieldTaylor PhillipsTaylor PhillipsBob Porterfield 1551496
1958-05-23vs SLN34W  3-219-14329,369 Ron KlineVinegar Bend MizellRon KlineVinegar Bend MizellDon Gross1581517
1958-05-24vs SLN35W  6-120-14313,330 Bob FriendLarry JacksonBob FriendLarry Jackson 16415212
1958-05-25vs SFN36L  2-520-1630 Vern LawRuben GomezRuben GomezVern Law 1661579
1958-05-25vs SFN37L  1-620-16335,797 Curt RaydonRamon MonzantRamon MonzantCurt Raydon 1671634
1958-05-27vs LAN38W  5-321-16315,705 Ron KlineDon DrysdaleRon KlineDon DrysdaleRon Blackburn1721666
1958-05-28vs LAN39L  1-721-17314,320 Bob FriendSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxBob Friend 1731730
1958-05-30vs MLN40L  4-722-1830 Vern LawBob RushDon McMahonRoy FaceBob Trowbridge177180-3
1958-05-30vs MLN41W  12-622-18332,428 Curt RaydonLew BurdetteDon GrossHumberto Robinson 1891863
1958-05-31vs MLN42L  3-822-19317,596 Ron KlineWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRon Kline 192194-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-06-01vs MLN43W  5-122-19317,485 Bob FriendGene ConleyBob FriendGene Conley 1971952
1958-06-02@ CIN44L  2-822-2032,827Bob SmithJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob Smith 199203-4
1958-06-03@ SLN45L  4-822-21311,465Vern LawLarry JacksonLarry JacksonCurt Raydon 203211-8
1958-06-04@ SLN46L  3-622-22312,264Ron KlineJim BrosnanJim BrosnanRon KlineBilly Muffett206217-11
1958-06-05@ SLN47L  3-422-2357,570Bob FriendVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellBob Friend 209221-12
1958-06-06@ CHN48L  1-622-2464,567Vern LawDick DrottDick DrottVern Law 210227-17
1958-06-07@ CHN49W  8-623-24514,487Don GrossTaylor PhillipsRoy FaceDolan NicholsBob Smith218233-15
1958-06-08@ CHN50L  0-423-25615,670Ron KlineMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyRon Kline 218237-19
1958-06-10@ SFN51W  5-424-25616,621Bob FriendRamon MonzantBob FriendRamon Monzant 223241-18
1958-06-11@ SFN52W  14-625-2557,912Vern LawRuben GomezVern LawRuben GomezRoy Face237247-10
1958-06-12@ SFN53W  2-126-2549,273Curt RaydonPaul GielCurt RaydonPaul Giel 239248-9
1958-06-13@ LAN54L  4-526-26427,748Ron KlineSandy KoufaxClem LabineRon Kline 243253-10
1958-06-14@ LAN55L  2-426-27635,345Bob FriendJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob Friend 245257-12
1958-06-15@ LAN56W  12-127-27430,752Vern LawDon NewcombeVern LawDon Newcombe 257258-1
1958-06-17vs SFN57W  6-128-27427,763 Curt RaydonJohnny AntonelliCurt RaydonJohnny AntonelliRoy Face2632594
1958-06-18vs SFN58L  1-228-28421,512 Bob FriendPaul GielPaul GielBob FriendMarv Grissom2642613
1958-06-19vs SFN59W  6-529-2848,474 Ron KlineAl WorthingtonRon KlineAl WorthingtonDon Gross2702664
1958-06-20vs LAN60W  2-130-28321,614 Red WittSandy KoufaxRed WittSandy Koufax 2722675
1958-06-21vs LAN61W  11-731-2836,633 Vern LawBob GiallombardoRoy FaceEd Roebuck 2832749
1958-06-22vs LAN62L  1-431-3050 Bob FriendFred KippFred KippBob FriendJohnny Klippstein2842786
1958-06-22vs LAN63L  2-331-30530,109 Curt RaydonStan WilliamsSandy KoufaxBob Porterfield 2862815
1958-06-23vs SLN64L  5-731-31513,529 Don GrossJim BrosnanJim BrosnanDon GrossLarry Jackson2912883
1958-06-24vs SLN65L  1-231-32515,899 Ron KlineSam JonesPhil PaineRon Kline 2922902
1958-06-25vs SLN66L  1-331-33515,375 Red WittVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellRed Witt 2932930
1958-06-26vs SLN67L  2-631-3465,048 Vern LawLindy McDanielLindy McDanielVern LawLarry Jackson295299-4
1958-06-27vs CHN68L  1-331-34617,026 Bob FriendMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyBob FriendBill Henry296302-6
1958-06-28vs CHN69W  7-332-3458,413 Curt RaydonDick DrottCurt RaydonDick DrottBob Porterfield303305-2
1958-06-29vs CHN70W  4-332-3450 Ron KlineTaylor PhillipsRoy FaceTaylor Phillips 307308-1
1958-06-29vs CHN71L  3-832-34528,968 Don GrossJohn BriggsJohn BriggsDon GrossBill Henry310316-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-07-01vs PHI72L  2-432-35617,990 Bob FriendRay SemprochRay SemprochBob Friend 312320-8
1958-07-03@ CIN73W  2-033-35511,707Red WittJoe NuxhallRed WittJoe NuxhallRoy Face314320-6
1958-07-04@ CIN74L  3-433-3770Ron KlineDon NewcombeAlex KellnerRon Kline 317324-7
1958-07-04@ CIN75L  3-833-37715,999Vern LawBob PurkeyBob PurkeyVern Law 320332-12
1958-07-05@ MLN76W  4-234-37723,833Bob FriendLew BurdetteBob FriendLew BurdetteRoy Face324334-10
1958-07-06@ MLN77L  0-234-38726,288Curt RaydonJoey JayJoey JayCurt Raydon 324336-12
1958-07-10@ CHN78L  7-834-39735,000Vern LawTaylor PhillipsTaylor PhillipsVern LawBill Henry331344-13
1958-07-11@ CHN79W  7-235-3978,070Ron KlineMoe DrabowskyRon KlineMoe Drabowsky 338346-8
1958-07-12@ SLN80L  0-235-40712,956Bob FriendVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellBob Friend 338348-10
1958-07-13@ SLN81W  10-837-40727,844Curt RaydonJim BrosnanRon BlackburnLarry JacksonVern Law348356-8
1958-07-13@ SLN82W  8-637-40727,844Red WittLindy McDanielVern LawChuck Stobbs 356362-6
1958-07-15@ LAN83W  6-238-40520,827Ron KlineDon DrysdaleRon KlineDon DrysdaleDon Gross362364-2
1958-07-16@ LAN84W  7-439-40519,706Bob FriendFred KippBob FriendFred KippRoy Face3693681
1958-07-17@ LAN85L  3-539-41518,677Red WittStan WilliamsStan WilliamsRed WittClem Labine372373-1
1958-07-18@ SFN86L  4-539-42622,770Vern LawStu MillerStu MillerVern LawMarv Grissom376378-2
1958-07-19@ SFN87L  4-539-43619,685Curt RaydonAl WorthingtonRamon MonzantBob PorterfieldJohnny Antonelli380383-3
1958-07-20@ SFN88L  3-739-44622,814Bob FriendPaul GielPaul GielBob FriendRuben Gomez383390-7
1958-07-23vs LAN89W  11-341-4460 Ron KlineStan WilliamsRon KlineStan Williams 3943931
1958-07-23vs LAN90W  6-341-44618,938 Bob FriendSandy KoufaxBob FriendClem LabineRoy Face4003964
1958-07-24vs LAN91W  5-342-4467,437 Red WittStan WilliamsRed WittStan WilliamsRoy Face4053996
1958-07-25vs SFN92W  10-043-44530,545 Curt RaydonStu MillerCurt RaydonStu Miller 41539916
1958-07-26vs SFN93L  0-143-45615,549 Vern LawJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliVern LawMarv Grissom41540015
1958-07-27vs SFN94W  2-145-4540 Ron KlineAl WorthingtonDon GrossRamon Monzant 41740116
1958-07-27vs SFN95W  4-345-45431,718 Ron BlackburnPaul GielBob PorterfieldPaul Giel 42140417
1958-07-29vs CHN96W  6-446-45320,325 Bob FriendJohn BriggsBob FriendJohn BriggsRoy Face42740819
1958-07-30vs CHN97W  7-147-45320,869 Red WittTaylor PhillipsRed WittTaylor PhillipsBob Porterfield43440925
1958-07-31vs CHN98L  4-547-45313,060 Curt RaydonMarcelino SolisGlen HobbieDon GrossBill Henry43841424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-08-01vs SLN99W  2-048-45327,862 Ron KlineBob MabeRon KlineBob Mabe 44041426
1958-08-02vs SLN100W  1-049-45315,028 Vern LawSam JonesVern LawSam Jones 44141427
1958-08-03vs SLN101W  2-051-4520 Bob FriendSal MaglieBob FriendSal Maglie 44341429
1958-08-03vs SLN102W  2-151-4520 Red WittVinegar Bend MizellRed WittVinegar Bend Mizell 44541530
1958-08-04@ MLN103W  4-352-45224,096Curt RaydonJuan PizarroCurt RaydonJuan PizarroRoy Face44941831
1958-08-05@ MLN104L  1-652-46225,545Ron KlineLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRon Kline 45042426
1958-08-06@ MLN105L  1-252-47228,760Vern LawCarl WilleyCarl WilleyVern Law 45142625
1958-08-07@ MLN106L  2-352-48224,525Bob FriendWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Friend 45342924
1958-08-08vs CIN107W  1-053-48226,040 Red WittJoe NuxhallRed WittJoe Nuxhall 45442925
1958-08-09vs CIN108W  5-254-48213,122 Curt RaydonAlex KellnerCurt RaydonAlex KellnerRoy Face45943128
1958-08-10vs CIN109W  3-256-4820 Ron KlineHarvey HaddixDon GrossHal Jeffcoat 46243329
1958-08-10vs CIN110W  4-356-48226,426 Vern LawDon NewcombeRoy FaceBrooks Lawrence 46643630
1958-08-11vs MLN111W  6-457-48238,938 Bob FriendWarren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnRoy Face47244032
1958-08-12vs MLN112W  10-058-48236,867 Red WittBob RushRed WittBob Rush 48244042
1958-08-13@ PHI113W  10-959-48219,132Curt RaydonJack MeyerBob SmithJack MeyerVern Law49244943
1958-08-15@ CIN114L  1-659-49211,277Ron KlineBob PurkeyBob PurkeyRon Kline 49345538
1958-08-16@ CIN115W  13-460-4929,564Bob FriendHarvey HaddixBob FriendBrooks LawrenceBob Porterfield50645947
1958-08-17@ CIN116L  3-460-5120Red WittTom AckerTom AckerBob Porterfield 50946346
1958-08-17@ CIN117L  5-760-51217,416Vern LawJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallDon GrossDon Newcombe51447044
1958-08-19@ CHN118W  4-361-51212,929Curt RaydonTaylor PhillipsCurt RaydonTaylor PhillipsBob Porterfield51847345
1958-08-20@ CHN119W  4-262-5120Ron KlineDave HillmanRon KlineDave HillmanRoy Face52247547
1958-08-20@ CHN120L  1-562-51220,974Bob FriendDick DrottDick DrottBob Friend 52348043
1958-08-21@ CHN121L  3-562-52210,027Vern LawMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyVern LawGlen Hobbie52648541
1958-08-22@ CHN122W  8-263-5228,507Red WittMarcelino SolisRed WittMarcelino SolisVern Law53448747
1958-08-23@ CHN123W  6-164-52216,097Bob PorterfieldTaylor PhillipsBob PorterfieldTaylor Phillips 54048852
1958-08-24@ SLN124W  8-465-5320Bob FriendVinegar Bend MizellBob FriendVinegar Bend MizellRoy Face54849256
1958-08-24@ SLN125L  8-1265-53225,630Curt RaydonBob MabeJim BrosnanDon GrossBill Wight55650452
1958-08-25@ SLN126L  1-765-5429,464Ron KlineLarry JacksonLarry JacksonRon Kline 55751146
1958-08-26@ SLN127W  5-366-54213,271Red WittSam JonesDon GrossSam JonesRoy Face56251448
1958-08-27@ SLN128W  14-167-54210,467Bob PorterfieldNelson ChittumVern LawNelson Chittum 57651561
1958-08-29@ MLN129W  3-267-54235,642Bob FriendWarren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnDon Gross57951762
1958-08-30@ MLN130L  1-967-55228,648Curt RaydonLew BurdetteLew BurdetteCurt Raydon 58052654
1958-08-31@ MLN131L  0-267-55232,870Ron KlineCarl WilleyCarl WilleyRon Kline 58052852
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1958-09-01vs PHI132W  5-268-5620 Vern LawJack SanfordVern LawJack Sanford 58553055
1958-09-01vs PHI133L  0-968-56225,438 Bob PorterfieldCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBob Porterfield 58553946
1958-09-02vs PHI134W  3-269-5629,911 Bob FriendDon CardwellBob FriendDon Cardwell 58854147
1958-09-03@ CIN135L  4-769-5727,917Curt RaydonTom AckerWillard SchmidtDon GrossOrlando Pena59254844
1958-09-05vs MLN136W  1-070-57230,319 Red WittCarl WilleyRed WittCarl Willey 59354845
1958-09-06vs MLN137W  7-671-57223,392 Bob FriendBob BuhlBob SmithHumberto RobinsonRoy Face60055446
1958-09-07vs MLN138L  1-371-5720 Ron KlineWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRon Kline 60155744
1958-09-07vs MLN139W  4-171-57236,567 Vern LawLew BurdetteVern LawLew BurdetteRoy Face60555847
1958-09-08vs CIN140W  4-172-57211,577 Curt RaydonTom AckerCurt RaydonTom AckerDon Gross60955950
1958-09-09vs SFN141W  2-173-57232,250 Red WittStu MillerRoy FaceGordon Jones 61156051
1958-09-10vs SFN142W  6-474-57220,260 Bob FriendPaul GielBob FriendMarv Grissom 61756453
1958-09-12vs LAN143L  3-774-58221,267 Ron KlineRoger CraigRoger CraigRon Kline 62057149
1958-09-13vs LAN144W  9-475-58214,259 Vern LawRalph MaurielloVern LawRalph MaurielloBob Porterfield62957554
1958-09-14vs CHN145W  6-276-58223,160 Bob FriendTaylor PhillipsBob FriendTaylor Phillips 63557758
1958-09-14vs CHN146W  5-476-5820 Curt RaydonBob AndersonBob PorterfieldDave HillmanRon Blackburn64058159
1958-09-16vs SLN147W  3-177-58225,977 Ron KlineBob MabeRon KlineBob Mabe 64358261
1958-09-19@ PHI148W  4-278-5828,498Bob FriendDon CardwellBob FriendDon Cardwell 64758463
1958-09-20@ PHI149W  4-379-5824,217Vern LawRobin RobertsVern LawRobin RobertsBob Smith65158764
1958-09-22@ PHI150L  2-379-6020Ron KlineSeth MoreheadJack MeyerRon Kline 65359063
1958-09-22@ PHI151L  0-179-6025,605Bennie DanielsJack SanfordJack SanfordBennie Daniels 65359162
1958-09-26vs PHI152L  2-379-61212,000 Bob FriendRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Friend 65559461
1958-09-27vs PHI153L  3-779-6229,104 Vern LawDon CardwellDon CardwellVern Law 65860157
1958-09-28vs PHI154L  4-679-63233,109 Bennie DanielsSeth MoreheadJack MeyerDon Gross 66260755

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