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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  76-77   .497
Result:   6th in American League
Manager(s):  Kerby Farrell
General Manager:   Hank Greenberg
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  722,256
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Early Wynn (37)
Youngest Player:  Kenny Kuhn (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Lemon, Jim Hegan (14)
Top Hitter:  Vic Wertz (7)
Top Pitcher:  Early Wynn (7)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  86.26%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9856.636--
Chi White Sox9064.5848.0
KC Athletics5994.38638.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-04-16vs CHA1L  2-30-1631,145 Herb ScoreBilly PierceBilly PierceHerb Score 23-1
1957-04-18@ DET2W  8-31-1531,227Bob LemonBilly HoeftRay NarleskiAl Aber 1064
1957-04-20@ DET3L  0-71-2611,907Early WynnFrank LaryFrank LaryEarly Wynn 1013-3
1957-04-21@ DET4L  2-31-3816,806Mike GarciaSteve GromekJim BunningCal McLish 1216-4
1957-04-23@ CHA5W  5-02-367,398Herb ScoreBilly PierceHerb ScoreBilly Pierce 17161
1957-04-24@ KC16L  6-172-4720,294Bob LemonNed GarverNed GarverBob LemonVirgil Trucks2333-10
1957-04-25@ KC17W  5-33-458,135Early WynnWally BurnetteEarly WynnWally BurnetteRay Narleski2836-8
1957-04-26vs DET8L  0-53-5614,396 Bob LemonFrank LaryDuke MaasBob Lemon 2841-13
1957-04-27vs DET9W  2-14-565,215 Herb ScorePaul FoytackHerb ScorePaul Foytack 3042-12
1957-04-28vs DET10L  0-25-660 Early WynnDon LeeAl AberEarly Wynn 3044-14
1957-04-28vs DET11W  3-25-6612,467 Mike GarciaBilly HoeftRay NarleskiAl Aber 3346-13
1957-04-30vs WS112W  5-16-645,569 Bob LemonPedro RamosBob LemonPedro RamosRay Narleski3847-9
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-05-01vs WS113W  7-67-641,943 Herb ScoreCamilo PascualRay NarleskiDick Brodowski 4553-8
1957-05-04vs BOS14W  5-28-632,796 Early WynnDean StoneEarly WynnDean Stone 5055-5
1957-05-05vs BOS15L  1-58-850 Bob LemonWillard NixonWillard NixonBob Lemon 5160-9
1957-05-05vs BOS16L  3-48-8512,454 Mike GarciaDave SislerDave SislerMike GarciaIke Delock5464-10
1957-05-07vs NYA17W  2-19-8518,386 Herb ScoreTom SturdivantBob LemonTom Sturdivant 5665-9
1957-05-08vs NYA18W  10-410-8415,629 Early WynnArt DitmarEarly WynnTommy ByrneRay Narleski6669-3
1957-05-10vs KC119W  4-111-835,457 Mike GarciaGene HostMike GarciaGene HostRay Narleski70700
1957-05-11vs KC120W  2-112-832,874 Bob LemonTom MorganBob LemonTom MorganDon Mossi72711
1957-05-12vs KC121L  2-913-930 Early WynnMickey McDermottVirgil TrucksEarly Wynn 7480-6
1957-05-12vs KC122W  7-413-939,923 Bud DaleyRyne DurenDon MossiRyne DurenRay Narleski8184-3
1957-05-15@ BAL23W  11-814-9312,978Bob LemonConnie JohnsonCal McLishMike Fornieles 92920
1957-05-16@ BAL24W  4-315-935,876Early WynnRay MooreEarly WynnBilly LoesDon Mossi96951
1957-05-17@ WS125W  3-116-925,425Bud DaleyCamilo PascualBud DaleyCamilo PascualRay Narleski99963
1957-05-18@ WS126W  8-117-924,085Mike GarciaTed AbernathyCal McLishTed Abernathy 1079710
1957-05-19@ NYA27L  3-617-10228,103Bob LemonBobby ShantzBobby ShantzBob LemonJohnny Kucks1101037
1957-05-21@ BOS28W  8-218-1024,280Early WynnDave SislerEarly WynnDave Sisler 11810513
1957-05-22@ BOS29L  0-1118-1126,257Bud DaleyTom BrewerTom BrewerBud Daley 1181162
1957-05-24vs CHA30W  4-319-11222,208 Bob LemonJack HarshmanDick TomanekBill FischerRay Narleski1221193
1957-05-25vs CHA31L  0-419-1228,138 Early WynnDick DonovanDick DonovanEarly Wynn 122123-1
1957-05-26vs CHA32L  0-120-1320 Bud DaleyBilly PierceBilly PierceBud Daley 122124-2
1957-05-26vs CHA33W  4-320-13224,518 Dick TomanekJack HarshmanRay NarleskiBob Keegan 126127-1
1957-05-27@ DET34L  5-1120-14324,862Mike GarciaFrank LaryPaul FoytackEarly Wynn 131138-7
1957-05-28@ DET35W  4-321-1436,627Don MossiBilly HoeftDon MossiBilly HoeftRay Narleski135141-6
1957-05-29@ CHA36W  8-422-1426,646Early WynnJack HarshmanCal McLishDixie Howell 143145-2
1957-05-30@ CHA37L  4-622-1630Bud DaleyDick DonovanDick DonovanBud Daley 147151-4
1957-05-30@ CHA38L  1-222-16338,150Mike GarciaBilly PierceBilly PierceMike Garcia 148153-5
1957-05-31@ KC139L  1-322-17312,819Cal McLishNed GarverNed GarverCal McLish 149156-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-06-01@ KC140W  3-023-17214,414Early WynnWally BurnetteEarly WynnWally BurnetteRay Narleski152156-4
1957-06-02@ KC141L  2-823-18312,774Mike GarciaAlex KellnerMickey McDermottRay Narleski 154164-10
1957-06-04vs NYA42L  4-723-19323,466 Bud DaleyTom SturdivantTom SturdivantBud DaleyBob Grim158171-13
1957-06-05vs NYA43L  3-1323-20322,221 Early WynnBobby ShantzBobby ShantzEarly Wynn 161184-23
1957-06-06vs NYA44L  5-1423-2137,461 Mike GarciaJohnny KucksJohnny KucksMike Garcia 166198-32
1957-06-07vs WS145L  7-1123-2246,182 Bud DaleyChuck StobbsTex ClevengerDick Tomanek 173209-36
1957-06-08vs WS146W  6-424-2242,859 Don MossiCamilo PascualDon MossiCamilo PascualRay Narleski179213-34
1957-06-09vs WS147W  7-225-2330 Early WynnRuss KemmererEarly WynnRuss Kemmerer 186215-29
1957-06-09vs WS148L  6-725-2338,263 Mike GarciaPedro RamosRuss KemmererBud DaleyTex Clevenger192222-30
1957-06-11vs BOS49W  7-626-23310,233 Dick TomanekDean StoneCal McLishIke DelockRay Narleski199228-29
1957-06-12vs BOS50W  6-127-23311,959 Don MossiBob PorterfieldDon MossiBob Porterfield 205229-24
1957-06-13vs BOS51L  3-927-2444,719 Early WynnTom BrewerTom BrewerEarly Wynn 208238-30
1957-06-14vs BAL52W  7-228-24411,735 Mike GarciaBill WightMike GarciaBill Wight 215240-25
1957-06-15vs BAL53L  3-828-2544,158 Bud DaleyBilly LoesBilly LoesBud DaleyGeorge Zuverink218248-30
1957-06-16vs BAL54W  4-330-2540 Don MossiConnie JohnsonRay NarleskiConnie Johnson 222251-29
1957-06-16vs BAL55W  5-130-25419,504 Early WynnBilly O'DellEarly WynnBilly O'Dell 227252-25
1957-06-18@ BOS56W  7-631-25328,510Bob LemonTom BrewerBob LemonTom BrewerRay Narleski234258-24
1957-06-19@ BOS57L  0-631-2636,699Mike GarciaFrank SullivanFrank SullivanMike Garcia 234264-30
1957-06-20@ BOS58L  7-931-2736,437Early WynnDave SislerDave SislerEarly WynnRudy Minarcin241273-32
1957-06-21@ WS159L  3-631-2839,462Don MossiChuck StobbsChuck StobbsDon Mossi 244279-35
1957-06-22@ WS160W  7-132-2832,872Bob LemonCamilo PascualBob LemonCamilo Pascual 251280-29
1957-06-23@ WS161W  14-234-2830Early WynnTed AbernathyEarly WynnTed Abernathy 265282-17
1957-06-23@ WS162W  7-534-2838,520Mike GarciaRuss KemmererMike GarciaRuss KemmererBud Daley272287-15
1957-06-25@ NYA63W  11-235-28337,636Don MossiTom SturdivantDon MossiTom Sturdivant 283289-6
1957-06-26@ NYA64L  1-335-2939,172Bob LemonJohnny KucksJohnny KucksBob LemonBob Grim284292-8
1957-06-27@ NYA65W  2-036-29313,289Early WynnTommy ByrneEarly WynnTommy Byrne 286292-6
1957-06-28@ BAL66L  0-636-30313,945Mike GarciaRay MooreRay MooreMike Garcia 286298-12
1957-06-29@ BAL67W  2-137-3130Stan PitulaBilly O'DellStan PitulaBilly O'DellBud Daley288299-11
1957-06-29@ BAL68L  1-537-31340,699Don MossiBill WightBill WightDon MossiGeorge Zuverink289304-15
1957-06-30@ BAL69L  3-1237-32311,937Bob LemonBilly LoesBilly LoesBob Lemon 292316-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-07-01vs KC170L  3-1037-33310,682 Early WynnArnie PortocarreroTom GormanEarly Wynn 295326-31
1957-07-03vs DET71W  6-038-3336,262 Don MossiDuke MaasDon MossiDuke Maas 301326-25
1957-07-04vs DET72W  3-139-3430 Early WynnPaul FoytackEarly WynnPaul Foytack 304327-23
1957-07-04vs DET73L  3-439-34321,227 Ray NarleskiBilly HoeftHarry ByrdBud Daley 307331-24
1957-07-05@ CHA74L  4-1439-35338,744Stan PitulaJim WilsonJim WilsonStan Pitula 311345-34
1957-07-06@ CHA75L  1-539-36419,099Bob LemonBilly PierceBilly PierceBob Lemon 312350-38
1957-07-07@ CHA76L  8-939-3840Don MossiDick DonovanDixie HowellCal McLish 320359-39
1957-07-07@ CHA77L  2-739-38428,612Early WynnJack HarshmanJack HarshmanEarly Wynn 322366-44
1957-07-11vs BAL78L  4-539-4050 Ray NarleskiRay MooreKen LehmanCal McLishGeorge Zuverink326371-45
1957-07-11vs BAL79L  4-539-4058,647 Bob LemonBill WightGeorge ZuverinkBob LemonBilly Loes330376-46
1957-07-12vs BAL80W  8-640-4058,922 Early WynnConnie JohnsonMike GarciaRay Moore 338382-44
1957-07-13vs BAL81W  5-241-4043,906 Don MossiBilly O'DellDon MossiBilly O'DellRay Narleski343384-41
1957-07-14vs BOS82W  3-243-4030 Bob LemonWillard NixonBob LemonWillard Nixon 346386-40
1957-07-14vs BOS83W  17-443-40320,255 Stan PitulaDave SislerStan PitulaDave Sisler 363390-27
1957-07-16vs WS184W  9-344-4037,065 Early WynnTed AbernathyEarly WynnTed Abernathy 372393-21
1957-07-17vs WS185L  6-1144-4136,463 Don MossiChuck StobbsChuck StobbsDon MossiBud Byerly378404-26
1957-07-18vs WS186L  0-444-4243,499 Stan PitulaCamilo PascualCamilo PascualStan Pitula 378408-30
1957-07-19vs NYA87L  1-944-43439,141 Don MossiWhitey FordWhitey FordDon MossiArt Ditmar379417-38
1957-07-20vs NYA88W  4-245-43418,941 Early WynnBobby ShantzEarly WynnTommy Byrne 383419-36
1957-07-21vs NYA89L  3-446-4430 Bob LemonTom SturdivantTom SturdivantBob LemonBob Grim386423-37
1957-07-21vs NYA90W  7-446-44351,670 Ray NarleskiJohnny KucksRay NarleskiJohnny Kucks 393427-34
1957-07-24@ WS191W  4-347-4540Stan PitulaCamilo PascualCal McLishCamilo PascualRay Narleski397430-33
1957-07-24@ WS192L  4-547-4548,083Early WynnChuck StobbsChuck StobbsEarly Wynn 401435-34
1957-07-25@ WS193L  2-347-4641,883Mike GarciaRuss KemmererRuss KemmererMike Garcia 403438-35
1957-07-26@ BOS94L  1-1047-47528,131Don MossiWillard NixonWillard NixonDon Mossi 404448-44
1957-07-27@ BOS95W  7-248-47416,454Ray NarleskiIke DelockRay NarleskiIke Delock 411450-39
1957-07-28@ BOS96L  8-948-48422,351Early WynnFrank SullivanGeorge SusceDon Mossi 419459-40
1957-07-29@ BOS97L  2-648-49510,535Mike GarciaTom BrewerTom BrewerMike Garcia 421465-44
1957-07-30@ BAL98W  6-049-49411,931Johnny GrayBilly LoesJohnny GrayBilly Loes 427465-38
1957-07-31@ BAL99W  4-050-4947,724Ray NarleskiRay MooreRay NarleskiRay Moore 431465-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-08-02@ NYA100L  2-350-50436,599Don MossiTom SturdivantTom SturdivantDon MossiBob Grim433468-35
1957-08-03@ NYA101L  3-550-51419,571Early WynnArt DitmarArt DitmarEarly WynnBob Grim436473-37
1957-08-04@ NYA102L  2-550-5360Johnny GrayWhitey FordWhitey FordJohnny Gray 438478-40
1957-08-04@ NYA103L  5-650-53634,125Ray NarleskiTommy ByrneBob TurleyBob Lemon 443484-41
1957-08-05@ NYA104W  7-251-53515,096Mike GarciaDon LarsenMike GarciaDon Larsen 450486-36
1957-08-06@ DET105W  5-152-53536,802Don MossiJim BunningDon MossiJim Bunning 455487-32
1957-08-07@ DET106L  1-452-54511,974Johnny GrayBilly HoeftBilly HoeftJohnny Gray 456491-35
1957-08-08@ DET107W  3-153-5459,460Ray NarleskiDuke MaasRay NarleskiDuke Maas 459492-33
1957-08-09vs KC1108L  2-353-5558,991 Early WynnRalph TerryVirgil TrucksCal McLish 461495-34
1957-08-10vs KC1109L  5-853-5654,125 Mike GarciaJack UrbanTom MorganJohnny Gray 466503-37
1957-08-11vs KC1110L  0-753-5860 Bud DaleyNed GarverNed GarverBud Daley 466510-44
1957-08-11vs KC1111L  8-953-5869,617 Don MossiAlex KellnerTom MorganBob Lemon 474519-45
1957-08-13vs CHA112L  5-1053-59612,086 Ray NarleskiBilly PierceBilly PierceRay NarleskiGerry Staley479529-50
1957-08-14vs CHA113L  3-853-60611,220 Early WynnDick DonovanDick DonovanEarly Wynn 482537-55
1957-08-15vs CHA114W  5-454-6065,235 Don MossiJack HarshmanDon MossiJack Harshman 487541-54
1957-08-16@ KC1115W  4-255-60610,097Mike GarciaAlex KellnerMike GarciaAlex Kellner 491543-52
1957-08-17@ KC1116L  3-455-61613,957Early WynnNed GarverTom MorganEarly Wynn 494547-53
1957-08-18@ KC1117W  9-256-61613,202Cal McLishArnie PortocarreroCal McLishArnie Portocarrero 503549-46
1957-08-19@ KC1118L  0-156-6265,179Ray NarleskiTom GormanTom GormanRay Narleski 503550-47
1957-08-20vs BOS119W  5-457-62611,474 Don MossiTom BrewerDon MossiTom BrewerEarly Wynn508554-46
1957-08-21vs BOS120L  1-357-63610,690 Mike GarciaWillard NixonWillard NixonMike GarciaIke Delock509557-48
1957-08-22vs BOS121L  3-1157-6465,985 Early WynnMike FornielesMike FornielesEarly Wynn 512568-56
1957-08-23vs NYA122W  5-458-64626,196 Ray NarleskiBobby ShantzDick TomanekBob Grim 517572-55
1957-08-24vs NYA123L  4-1058-65614,506 Don MossiTom SturdivantTom SturdivantDon MossiArt Ditmar521582-61
1957-08-25vs WS1124W  3-260-6560 Mike GarciaChuck StobbsMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 524584-60
1957-08-25vs WS1125W  6-460-6566,475 Cal McLishRuss KemmererCal McLishRuss KemmererRay Narleski530588-58
1957-08-27vs BAL126W  5-461-6565,554 Early WynnRay MooreEarly WynnRay Moore 535592-57
1957-08-28vs BAL127L  6-1961-6664,726 Ray NarleskiConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonRay NarleskiJerry Walker541611-70
1957-08-29vs BAL128W  13-462-6662,672 Mike GarciaBilly O'DellMike GarciaBilly O'Dell 554615-61
1957-08-30vs DET129W  6-563-6658,211 Cal McLishBilly HoeftVito ValentinettiBilly Hoeft 560620-60
1957-08-31vs DET130L  7-863-6767,886 Early WynnFrank LaryJim StumpVito ValentinettiDuke Maas567628-61
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-09-01vs DET131L  1-663-6868,462 Ray NarleskiJim BunningJim BunningRay Narleski 568634-66
1957-09-02vs KC1132W  8-065-6860 Mike GarciaNed GarverMike GarciaNed Garver 576634-58
1957-09-02vs KC1133W  6-365-6867,665 Vito ValentinettiRalph TerryCal McLishRalph Terry 582637-55
1957-09-06@ DET134L  2-565-69621,810Early WynnJim BunningJim BunningEarly Wynn 584642-58
1957-09-07@ DET135W  5-466-6969,111Mike GarciaFrank LaryMike GarciaFrank LaryRay Narleski589646-57
1957-09-08@ DET136L  1-366-70613,218Cal McLishBilly HoeftBilly HoeftCal McLish 590649-59
1957-09-11@ NYA137L  0-567-7167,623Early WynnSal MaglieSal MaglieEarly Wynn 590654-64
1957-09-11@ NYA138W  4-167-71610,032Ray NarleskiBobby ShantzRay NarleskiBobby Shantz 594655-61
1957-09-13@ BOS139W  16-368-71620,064Mike GarciaDave SislerMike GarciaGeorge Susce 610658-48
1957-09-14@ BOS140L  10-1368-72610,137Cal McLishMike FornielesIke DelockHank Aguirre 620671-51
1957-09-15@ BAL141L  4-568-7460Early WynnBill WightKen LehmanCal McLish 624676-52
1957-09-15@ BAL142L  3-468-74610,623Don MossiRay MooreRay MooreDon MossiBilly O'Dell627680-53
1957-09-17@ WS1143W  7-369-7461,783Ray NarleskiCamilo PascualRay NarleskiCamilo Pascual 634683-49
1957-09-18@ WS1144W  8-370-7461,836Mike GarciaRuss KemmererMike GarciaRuss Kemmerer 642686-44
1957-09-20vs CHA145W  3-271-7466,279 Don MossiDick DonovanDon MossiDick Donovan 645688-43
1957-09-21vs CHA146L  6-771-7563,406 Early WynnBarry LatmanDixie HowellVito ValentinettiGerry Staley651695-44
1957-09-22vs CHA147L  5-971-7665,216 Mike GarciaBilly PierceBilly PierceBob AlexanderGerry Staley656704-48
1957-09-23vs DET148W  5-472-7663,021 Cal McLishJim BunningCal McLishJoe Presko 661708-47
1957-09-25@ KC1149W  9-772-7665,803Ray NarleskiTom GormanHoyt WilhelmVirgil Trucks 670715-45
1957-09-26@ KC1150W  2-172-7666,945Vito ValentinettiRalph TerryVito ValentinettiRalph Terry 672716-44
1957-09-27@ CHA151L  1-272-7766,747Don MossiJack HarshmanJack HarshmanDon Mossi 673718-45
1957-09-28@ CHA152W  4-173-7763,140Hank AguirreBilly PierceHank AguirreBilly PierceCal McLish677719-42
1957-09-29@ CHA153W  5-374-7765,750Bud DaleyBarry LatmanBud DaleyBarry LatmanHoyt Wilhelm682722-40

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