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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  62-92   .403
Result:   7th in National League
Manager(s):  Bobby Bragan, Danny Murtaugh
General Manager:   Joe Brown
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  850,732
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Kuzava (34)
Youngest Player:  Red Swanson (20)
Longest Tenure:  Frank Thomas, Bob Friend (7)
Top Hitter:  Frank Thomas (15)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Friend (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  79.58%
National League Standings
St. Louis8767.5658.0
NY Giants6985.44826.0
Chi Cubs6292.40333.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-04-16vs NY11W  9-20-0733,405 Bob FriendJohnny AntonelliBob FriendJohnny Antonelli 927
1957-04-18@ BRO2L  1-60-1811,202Luis ArroyoSal MaglieSal MaglieLuis Arroyo 1082
1957-04-20@ BRO3L  0-20-2811,083Bob FriendJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob Friend 10100
1957-04-21@ BRO4W  6-31-370Vern LawDon NewcombeBob PurkeyDon NewcombeRoy Face16133
1957-04-21@ BRO5L  4-71-3719,635Ron KlineDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRon KlineClem Labine20200
1957-04-22@ NY16L  1-31-375,403Luis ArroyoRuben GomezRuben GomezLuis Arroyo 2123-2
1957-04-23@ NY17L  0-11-483,445Ron KlinePete BurnsidePete BurnsideRon Kline 2124-3
1957-04-24@ PHI8L  5-81-5815,849Bob FriendCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBob FriendBob Miller2632-6
1957-04-26vs BRO9W  7-12-5726,918 Bob PurkeyJohnny PodresBob PurkeyJohnny Podres 33330
1957-04-27vs BRO10L  2-62-680 Ron KlineDon NewcombeDon NewcombeRon Kline 3539-4
1957-04-28vs BRO11W  3-03-6717,317 Bob FriendRoger CraigBob FriendRoger Craig 3839-1
1957-04-30vs SLN12L  5-63-7719,291 Luis ArroyoSam JonesLarry JacksonRoy Face 4345-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-05-01vs SLN13L  2-93-874,919 Bob PurkeyWillard SchmidtWillard SchmidtBob PurkeyBob Smith4554-9
1957-05-02vs MLN14L  5-83-9714,131 Ron KlineLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRoy FaceRed Murff5062-12
1957-05-03vs MLN15L  7-83-10716,621 Bob FriendGene ConleyRed MurffRoy FaceWarren Spahn5770-13
1957-05-04vs MLN16W  1-04-1076,398 Vern LawJuan PizarroVern LawJuan Pizarro 5870-12
1957-05-05vs CIN17L  2-64-1270 Luis ArroyoBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceLuis Arroyo 6076-16
1957-05-05vs CIN18L  3-74-12723,629 Bob PurkeyDon GrossDon GrossBob Purkey 6383-20
1957-05-07vs CHN19L  8-104-1289,957 Bob FriendTom PoholskyTurk LownLaurin PepperJackie Collum7193-22
1957-05-08vs CHN20L  1-74-1287,896 Vern LawDick DrottDick DrottVern Law 72100-28
1957-05-10vs PHI21L  1-34-13810,027 Ron KlineJack SanfordJack SanfordRon Kline 73103-30
1957-05-11vs PHI22L  2-74-1484,994 Bob FriendHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixBob Friend 75110-35
1957-05-12vs PHI23L  2-65-1570 Luis ArroyoCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsLuis ArroyoBob Miller77116-39
1957-05-12vs PHI24W  6-15-15710,457 Vern LawRobin RobertsVern LawRobin Roberts 83117-34
1957-05-14@ CHN25W  8-66-1572,478Ron KlineDick DrottLuis ArroyoDick DrottRoy Face91123-32
1957-05-16@ MLN26W  2-17-15715,622Bob FriendJuan PizarroBob FriendJuan Pizarro 93124-31
1957-05-18@ MLN27L  5-67-16718,850Vern LawWarren SpahnLew BurdetteBob Smith 98130-32
1957-05-19@ CIN28L  7-87-1870Luis ArroyoBrooks LawrenceTom AckerBob Purkey 105138-33
1957-05-19@ CIN29L  4-57-18724,564Ron KlineWarren HackerTom AckerRon Kline 109143-34
1957-05-24@ PHI30L  3-77-19717,340Bob FriendJack SanfordJack SanfordBob FriendTurk Farrell112150-38
1957-05-25@ PHI31L  6-87-2086,445Ron KlineHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixRon KlineTurk Farrell118158-40
1957-05-26@ PHI32W  13-58-2180Vern LawCurt SimmonsRoy FaceCurt Simmons 131163-32
1957-05-26@ PHI33L  3-68-21813,557Laurin PepperDon CardwellDon CardwellLuis Arroyo 134169-35
1957-05-28vs BRO34W  3-29-21813,259 Bob FriendDon NewcombeRoy FaceDon Newcombe 137171-34
1957-05-29vs BRO35L  0-19-2283,610 Ron KlineJohnny PodresJohnny PodresRon Kline 137172-35
1957-05-30vs BRO36L  3-410-2380 Vern LawSal MaglieSal MaglieVern LawClem Labine140176-36
1957-05-30vs BRO37W  2-110-23824,263 Bob PurkeySandy KoufaxBob PurkeySandy Koufax 142177-35
1957-05-31vs NY138L  2-310-24813,070 Luis ArroyoJoe MargoneriAl WorthingtonRoy Face 144180-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-06-01vs NY139L  2-310-2485,301 Bob FriendStu MillerAl WorthingtonBob Friend 146183-37
1957-06-02vs NY140W  3-212-2470 Ron KlineCurt BarclayRon KlineCurt BarclayLuis Arroyo149185-36
1957-06-02vs NY141W  2-012-24712,792 Bob PurkeyPete BurnsideBob PurkeyPete Burnside 151185-34
1957-06-03vs NY142W  6-513-2477,504 Vern LawRuben GomezNellie KingJoe MargoneriRoy Face157190-33
1957-06-04vs SLN43W  5-414-24712,178 Bob SmithWillard SchmidtLuis ArroyoHoyt WilhelmRoy Face162194-32
1957-06-05vs SLN44L  1-514-25712,570 Bob FriendLindy McDanielLindy McDanielBob Friend 163199-36
1957-06-06vs SLN45L  0-614-2674,017 Ron KlineMurry DicksonMurry DicksonRon Kline 163205-42
1957-06-07vs MLN46L  0-514-27721,762 Bob PurkeyWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Purkey 163210-47
1957-06-09vs MLN47L  1-215-2870 Bob FriendBob TrowbridgeBob TrowbridgeBob FriendErnie Johnson164212-48
1957-06-09vs MLN48W  5-315-28721,888 Ron KlineJuan PizarroRon KlineJuan PizarroRoy Face169215-46
1957-06-10vs CIN49W  5-216-28711,471 Vern LawJoe NuxhallVern LawJoe Nuxhall 174217-43
1957-06-11vs CIN50W  8-117-28610,653 Bob PurkeyDon GrossBob PurkeyDon Gross 182218-36
1957-06-12vs CIN51W  4-318-28614,920 Luis ArroyoJohnny KlippsteinRoy FaceTom Acker 186221-35
1957-06-13vs CIN52W  3-219-2867,346 Bob FriendHal JeffcoatBob FriendHal Jeffcoat 189223-34
1957-06-14vs CHN53L  5-1119-28617,088 Ron KlineDick DrottDick DrottRon KlineDon Elston194234-40
1957-06-15vs CHN54L  1-519-2967,495 Vern LawMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyVern Law 195239-44
1957-06-16vs CHN55L  1-420-3060 Luis ArroyoDon KaiserDon KaiserLuis ArroyoTurk Lown196243-47
1957-06-16vs CHN56W  5-420-30618,525 Bob PurkeyBob RushVern LawJim Brosnan 201247-46
1957-06-17@ MLN57W  7-521-30626,664Bob FriendBob TrowbridgeBob PurkeyDave JollyVern Law208252-44
1957-06-18@ SLN58W  8-122-30617,694Red SwansonLarry JacksonRed SwansonLarry Jackson 216253-37
1957-06-19@ SLN59L  2-522-3260Ron KlineSam JonesSam JonesRon Kline 218258-40
1957-06-19@ SLN60L  1-522-32625,880Bob PurkeyLindy McDanielLindy McDanielBob PurkeyHoyt Wilhelm219263-44
1957-06-20@ SLN61L  4-722-33711,223Luis ArroyoMurry DicksonMurry DicksonLuis ArroyoLloyd Merritt223270-47
1957-06-21@ CIN62W  3-223-33719,648Bob FriendJoe NuxhallBob PurkeyHal Jeffcoat 226272-46
1957-06-22@ CIN63L  3-623-3479,299Vern LawDon GrossBrooks LawrenceBob Purkey 229278-49
1957-06-23@ CIN64L  3-523-3670Red SwansonHal JeffcoatHal JeffcoatRed Swanson 232283-51
1957-06-23@ CIN65L  2-523-36722,188Ron KlineTom AckerTom AckerRon KlineRaul Sanchez234288-54
1957-06-25@ CHN66L  3-523-3670Bob FriendDon KaiserDave HillmanBob FriendTurk Lown237293-56
1957-06-26@ CHN67W  15-523-3670Vern LawTom PoholskyVern LawTom Poholsky 252298-46
1957-06-26@ CHN68L  5-523-3677,460Joe TrimbleMoe Drabowsky 257303-46
1957-06-27@ CHN69W  5-424-3674,900Bob PurkeyDick DrottNellie KingTurk Lown 262307-45
1957-06-28@ MLN70L  2-424-37727,087Bob FriendWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Friend 264311-47
1957-06-29@ MLN71L  6-1324-38722,383Red SwansonLew BurdetteJuan PizarroJohnny O'Brien 270324-54
1957-06-30@ MLN72L  4-724-4070Vern LawBob TrowbridgeErnie JohnsonVern Law 274331-57
1957-06-30@ MLN73L  5-624-40736,283Joe TrimbleTaylor PhillipsDave JollyLuis Arroyo 279337-58
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-07-01vs PHI74L  4-524-41714,680 Ron KlineJack SanfordJim HearnBob SmithSeth Morehead283342-59
1957-07-04@ BRO75W  5-125-4270Bob FriendCarl ErskineBob FriendCarl Erskine 288343-55
1957-07-04@ BRO76L  2-825-42720,664Bob PurkeyDon NewcombeDon NewcombeBob Purkey 290351-61
1957-07-05@ NY177L  6-1125-4374,998Joe TrimbleJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJoe TrimbleMarv Grissom296362-66
1957-07-06@ NY178W  3-225-4375,334Vern LawCurt BarclayBob PurkeyStu Miller 299364-65
1957-07-07@ NY179W  10-625-4370Red SwansonAl WorthingtonRed SwansonAl WorthingtonNellie King309370-61
1957-07-07@ NY180W  8-125-43710,825Bob FriendRuben GomezBob FriendRuben Gomez 317371-54
1957-07-10vs MLN81W  5-226-43718,731 Bob PurkeyBob BuhlBob PurkeyBob Buhl 322373-51
1957-07-11vs MLN82L  2-726-44717,278 Bob FriendBob TrowbridgeBob TrowbridgeBob Friend 324380-56
1957-07-12vs MLN83L  4-526-45720,078 Vern LawWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRoy FaceDon McMahon328385-57
1957-07-13vs MLN84L  3-426-4679,330 Ron KlineLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRon Kline 331389-58
1957-07-14vs CIN85L  6-926-4870 Red SwansonArt FowlerHersh FreemanBob Friend 337398-61
1957-07-14vs CIN86L  4-1226-48724,540 Joe TrimbleJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallJoe Trimble 341410-69
1957-07-16vs CHN87W  5-326-4870 Bob FriendBob RushBob FriendBob Rush 346413-67
1957-07-17vs CHN88L  3-426-4878,534 Ron KlineMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyRon KlineDick Littlefield349417-68
1957-07-18vs CHN89W  6-527-4873,877 Bob PurkeyDick DrottLuis ArroyoTurk Lown 355422-67
1957-07-19vs SLN90W  7-028-48725,774 Vern LawVon McDanielVern LawVon McDaniel 362422-60
1957-07-20vs SLN91L  4-928-4979,230 Bob FriendMurry DicksonMurry DicksonBob FriendLloyd Merritt366431-65
1957-07-21vs SLN92L  3-728-5170 Ron KlineHerm WehmeierWillard SchmidtLuis ArroyoHoyt Wilhelm369438-69
1957-07-21vs SLN93L  2-1128-51720,280 Bob PurkeyLindy McDanielLindy McDanielBob Purkey 371449-78
1957-07-23@ CIN94W  6-329-51717,551Vern LawJohnny KlippsteinVern LawBrooks LawrenceBob Purkey377452-75
1957-07-24@ CIN95L  0-229-52711,961Bob FriendJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob Friend 377454-77
1957-07-25@ CIN96L  1-929-53710,997Ron KlineArt FowlerArt FowlerRon Kline 378463-85
1957-07-26@ SLN97L  3-429-54715,352Roy FaceLindy McDanielWillard SchmidtRon Kline 381467-86
1957-07-27@ SLN98W  4-230-5479,633Bob PurkeyMurry DicksonBob PurkeyMurry Dickson 385469-84
1957-07-28@ SLN99L  0-430-5670Vern LawVon McDanielVon McDanielVern Law 385473-88
1957-07-28@ SLN100L  8-930-56721,319Bob FriendLarry JacksonHoyt WilhelmNellie King 393482-89
1957-07-29@ SLN101L  0-430-57710,302Whammy DouglasVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellWhammy Douglas 393486-93
1957-07-30@ MLN102L  2-530-58823,670Red SwansonLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRed Swanson 395491-96
1957-07-31@ MLN103L  2-430-59724,522Bob PurkeyBob BuhlBob BuhlBob Purkey 397495-98
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-08-02@ CHN104L  4-630-6085,414Vern LawDick DrottDave HillmanVern Law 401501-100
1957-08-04@ CHN105L  0-630-6280Bob FriendMoe DrabowskyMoe DrabowskyBob Friend 401507-106
1957-08-04@ CHN106L  2-330-62814,757Bob PurkeyDon ElstonDave HillmanLuis Arroyo 403510-107
1957-08-06vs PHI107W  5-331-62811,136 Ron KlineJack SanfordRon KlineJack Sanford 408513-105
1957-08-08vs PHI108L  3-631-6385,238 Vern LawCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsVern LawBob Miller411519-108
1957-08-09vs BRO109L  2-431-64814,100 Bob FriendDanny McDevittDanny McDevittBob FriendClem Labine413523-110
1957-08-10vs BRO110L  0-331-6587,751 Bob PurkeyDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleBob Purkey 413526-113
1957-08-11vs BRO111W  4-333-65818,350 Ron KlineJohnny PodresVern LawClem Labine 417529-112
1957-08-11vs BRO112W  6-233-65818,359 Whammy DouglasDon NewcombeWhammy DouglasRoger CraigRoy Face423531-108
1957-08-13@ PHI113W  6-034-65814,129Bob FriendWarren HackerBob FriendWarren Hacker 429531-102
1957-08-14@ PHI114W  10-335-6588,641Vern LawCurt SimmonsVern LawCurt Simmons 439534-95
1957-08-16@ BRO115L  1-435-6689,592Bob PurkeyJohnny PodresJohnny PodresBob PurkeyEd Roebuck440538-98
1957-08-17@ BRO116W  7-336-6686,830Ron KlineSandy KoufaxRon KlineSandy Koufax 447541-94
1957-08-18@ BRO117L  1-237-67814,416Bob FriendSal MaglieSal MaglieBob Friend 448543-95
1957-08-18@ BRO118W  8-637-67814,416Whammy DouglasRoger CraigRoy FaceClem LabineBob Purkey456549-93
1957-08-20vs MLN119L  1-337-68821,328 Vern LawWarren SpahnWarren SpahnLuis Arroyo 457552-95
1957-08-22vs CIN120W  8-338-68810,027 Bob FriendDon GrossBob FriendDon Gross 465555-90
1957-08-23vs CIN121L  0-638-69813,223 Bob PurkeyJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob Purkey 465561-96
1957-08-24vs CIN122W  4-139-6987,037 Ron KlineBrooks LawrenceRon KlineBrooks Lawrence 469562-93
1957-08-25vs CHN123W  3-040-7080 Vern LawMoe DrabowskyVern LawMoe Drabowsky 472562-90
1957-08-25vs CHN124L  2-840-70811,770 Whammy DouglasDon ElstonDon ElstonWhammy DouglasTurk Lown474570-96
1957-08-27vs SLN125W  2-141-70812,845 Bob FriendVon McDanielBob FriendVon McDaniel 476571-95
1957-08-28vs SLN126W  2-042-70810,367 Ron KlineLarry JacksonRon KlineLarry Jackson 478571-93
1957-08-30@ PHI127L  3-442-7188,157Vern LawJack SanfordJack SanfordVern Law 481575-94
1957-08-31@ PHI128L  1-742-7285,141Bob FriendDon CardwellDon CardwellBob Friend 482582-100
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-09-01@ PHI129L  3-1143-7380Bob PurkeyRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Purkey 485593-108
1957-09-01@ PHI130W  6-343-73811,294Whammy DouglasCurt SimmonsWhammy DouglasCurt SimmonsRoy Face491596-105
1957-09-02@ NY1131L  5-1143-7480Ron KlineCurt BarclayRamon MonzantRoy Face 496607-111
1957-09-02@ NY1132L  3-443-74810,310Johnny O'BrienJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliJohnny O'BrienMarv Grissom499611-112
1957-09-03@ NY1133L  5-643-7580Vern LawRuben GomezStu MillerBob Smith 504617-113
1957-09-04vs NY1134W  2-044-7588,909 Bob FriendMike McCormickBob FriendMike McCormick 506617-111
1957-09-05vs NY1135W  4-244-7580 Whammy DouglasAl WorthingtonWhammy DouglasAl WorthingtonRoy Face510619-109
1957-09-06vs PHI136W  3-245-7586,915 Ron KlineHarvey HaddixRon KlineHarvey Haddix 513621-108
1957-09-07vs PHI137W  6-346-7584,612 Red SwansonJack SanfordRed SwansonJack SanfordRoy Face519624-105
1957-09-08vs PHI138L  4-747-7680 Bob FriendDon CardwellTurk FarrellBob PurkeyRobin Roberts523631-108
1957-09-08vs PHI139W  6-247-76812,021 Bob SmithWarren HackerBob SmithWarren Hacker 529633-104
1957-09-10@ MLN140L  3-447-77822,257Whammy DouglasLew BurdetteLew BurdetteWhammy Douglas 532637-105
1957-09-11@ MLN141W  2-148-77814,713Ron KlineWarren SpahnRon KlineWarren Spahn 534638-104
1957-09-13@ CHN142W  4-149-7780Bob FriendDon ElstonBob FriendDon Elston 538639-101
1957-09-13@ CHN143W  2-149-7782,197Bob SmithMoe DrabowskyBob SmithMoe DrabowskyRoy Face540640-100
1957-09-14@ CHN144W  3-150-7880Eddie O'BrienDick DrottEddie O'BrienJim Brosnan 543641-98
1957-09-14@ CHN145L  3-750-7886,170Whammy DouglasDave HillmanJim BrosnanJohnny O'BrienTurk Lown546648-102
1957-09-15@ SLN146L  6-950-8080Ron KlineHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierRon KlineBilly Muffett552657-105
1957-09-15@ SLN147L  3-1150-80824,577Red SwansonSam JonesSam JonesRed SwansonBilly Muffett555668-113
1957-09-17@ CIN148L  5-950-8183,676Bob FriendJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallBob FriendBill Kennedy560677-117
1957-09-18@ CIN149L  1-250-8283,607Bob SmithBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceBob Smith 561679-118
1957-09-21vs NY1150W  5-450-8280 Ron KlineMike McCormickBob PurkeyAl Worthington 566683-117
1957-09-21vs NY1151L  5-950-8288,110 Red WittRuben GomezRuben GomezRed WittMarv Grissom571692-121
1957-09-22vs NY1152W  5-150-82819,574 Bob FriendRamon MonzantBob FriendRamon Monzant 576693-117
1957-09-24@ BRO153L  0-250-8386,702Bennie DanielsDanny McDevittDanny McDevittBennie Daniels 576695-119
1957-09-28@ NY1154W  1-051-8380Ron KlineRuben GomezRon KlineRuben Gomez 577695-118
1957-09-29@ NY1155W  9-152-83811,606Bob FriendJohnny AntonelliBob FriendJohnny Antonelli 586696-110

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