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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  98-56   .636
Result:   1st in American League
Manager(s):  Casey Stengel
General Manager:   George Weiss
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium
Attendance:  1,497,134
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Braves)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Enos Slaughter (41)
Youngest Player:  Tony Kubek (20)
Longest Tenure:  Yogi Berra (12)
Top Hitter:  Mickey Mantle (1)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Turley (6)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  78.67%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9856.636--
Chi White Sox9064.5848.0
KC Athletics5994.38638.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-04-16vs WS11W  2-11-0331,644 Whitey FordChuck StobbsWhitey FordChuck Stobbs 211
1957-04-18@ BOS2W  3-22-0230,468Johnny KucksFrank SullivanBob GrimFrank Sullivan 532
1957-04-20@ BOS3W  10-73-0221,997Don LarsenWillard NixonBobby ShantzIke Delock 15105
1957-04-21@ BOS4L  4-53-1217,565Tom SturdivantDave SislerDave SislerBob Grim 19154
1957-04-22@ WS15W  15-64-1216,054Whitey FordChuck StobbsWhitey FordChuck StobbsAl Cicotte342113
1957-04-23@ WS16L  1-34-225,619Johnny KucksTed AbernathyDick HydeJohnny Kucks 352411
1957-04-24vs BAL7W  3-25-2212,914 Art DitmarConnie JohnsonBob GrimConnie Johnson 382612
1957-04-26vs BOS8L  2-65-3319,394 Tom SturdivantDave SislerDave SislerTom Sturdivant 40328
1957-04-27vs BOS9L  1-25-4333,575 Bobby ShantzTom BrewerTom BrewerBobby ShantzIke Delock41347
1957-04-28vs BOS10W  3-26-4337,958 Whitey FordFrank SullivanDon LarsenIke Delock 44368
1957-04-30@ DET11L  1-26-5312,072Johnny KucksDuke MaasDuke MaasBob Grim 45387
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-05-01@ DET12W  7-47-5316,256Art DitmarFrank LaryTommy ByrneFrank Lary 524210
1957-05-02@ KC113W  3-18-5227,347Tom SturdivantRyne DurenTom SturdivantRyne Duren 554312
1957-05-03@ KC114W  8-59-5211,536Bob TurleyWally BurnetteDon LarsenRip Coleman 634815
1957-05-04@ CHA15W  3-210-5214,796Whitey FordJim WilsonArt DitmarJim WilsonTommy Byrne665016
1957-05-05@ CHA16W  4-212-510Bobby ShantzBilly PierceBobby ShantzBilly Pierce 705218
1957-05-05@ CHA17W  3-012-5141,304Johnny KucksJack HarshmanJohnny KucksJack Harshman 735221
1957-05-07@ CLE18L  1-212-6118,386Tom SturdivantHerb ScoreBob LemonTom Sturdivant 745420
1957-05-08@ CLE19L  4-1012-7115,629Art DitmarEarly WynnEarly WynnTommy ByrneRay Narleski786414
1957-05-10@ BAL20L  1-412-8231,195Johnny KucksConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonJohnny Kucks 796811
1957-05-11@ BAL21W  6-413-8225,516Don LarsenRay MooreBob GrimMike FornielesArt Ditmar857213
1957-05-12@ BAL22W  4-314-8220,893Bobby ShantzHal BrownBob GrimHal Brown 897514
1957-05-15vs KC123W  3-015-827,038 Tom SturdivantNed GarverTom SturdivantNed Garver 927517
1957-05-16vs KC124W  3-016-8211,081 Bob TurleyAlex KellnerBob TurleyAlex Kellner 957520
1957-05-17vs DET25L  1-416-9333,210 Johnny KucksBilly HoeftBilly HoeftJohnny Kucks 967917
1957-05-18vs DET26L  1-216-10319,891 Don LarsenPaul FoytackAl AberDon Larsen 978116
1957-05-19vs CLE27W  6-317-10328,103 Bobby ShantzBob LemonBobby ShantzBob LemonJohnny Kucks1038419
1957-05-21vs CHA28L  1-317-11328,059 Whitey FordBilly PierceBilly PierceWhitey Ford 1048717
1957-05-22vs CHA29L  4-817-12311,756 Johnny KucksJim WilsonJim WilsonJohnny Kucks 1089513
1957-05-24vs WS130W  8-118-1234,735 Tom SturdivantChuck StobbsTom SturdivantChuck Stobbs 1169620
1957-05-25vs WS131W  8-119-12311,750 Bobby ShantzPedro RamosBobby ShantzPedro Ramos 1249727
1957-05-26vs WS132L  7-920-1330 Don LarsenCamilo PascualBud ByerlyTommy Byrne 13110625
1957-05-26vs WS133W  7-620-13322,782 Bob TurleyTed AbernathyBob GrimDick Hyde 13811226
1957-05-27@ BOS34W  17-821-13229,865Johnny KucksTom BrewerJohnny KucksTom BrewerBob Grim15512035
1957-05-28@ BOS35W  8-522-13213,063Don LarsenWillard NixonArt DitmarIke Delock 16312538
1957-05-29@ WS136L  2-622-1433,115Tom SturdivantPedro RamosPedro RamosTom Sturdivant 16513134
1957-05-30@ WS137L  1-523-1520Al CicotteCamilo PascualCamilo PascualAl CicotteBud Byerly16613630
1957-05-30@ WS138W  9-023-15224,892Bobby ShantzTed AbernathyBobby ShantzTed Abernathy 17513639
1957-05-31vs BAL39L  1-323-16217,297 Bob TurleyRay MooreRay MooreBob Turley 17613937
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-06-01vs BAL40L  3-423-17313,642 Johnny KucksConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonJohnny Kucks 17914336
1957-06-02vs BAL41L  2-324-1820 Art DitmarBill WightBill WightArt Ditmar 18114635
1957-06-02vs BAL42W  4-024-18225,321 Ralph TerryHal BrownRalph TerryHal Brown 18514639
1957-06-04@ CLE43W  7-425-18223,466Tom SturdivantBud DaleyTom SturdivantBud DaleyBob Grim19215042
1957-06-05@ CLE44W  13-326-18222,221Bobby ShantzEarly WynnBobby ShantzEarly Wynn 20515352
1957-06-06@ CLE45W  14-527-1827,461Johnny KucksMike GarciaJohnny KucksMike Garcia 21915861
1957-06-07@ DET46L  3-627-19243,474Don LarsenJim BunningJim BunningDon LarsenFrank Lary22216458
1957-06-08@ DET47L  4-727-20227,065Ralph TerryPaul FoytackPaul FoytackRalph Terry 22617155
1957-06-09@ DET48W  5-428-20241,189Tom SturdivantDuke MaasBob GrimLou SleaterJohnny Kucks23117556
1957-06-10@ DET49L  4-928-21217,644Bob TurleyFrank LaryFrank LaryBob TurleyAl Aber23518451
1957-06-11@ CHA50W  3-229-21249,114Bobby ShantzJim WilsonBobby ShantzJim WilsonBob Grim23818652
1957-06-12@ CHA51L  6-729-22240,033Johnny KucksJack HarshmanJack HarshmanJohnny KucksDixie Howell24419351
1957-06-13@ CHA52W  4-330-22223,401Art DitmarBilly PierceArt DitmarBilly PierceBob Grim24819652
1957-06-14@ KC153W  10-131-22224,369Tom SturdivantWally BurnetteTom SturdivantWally Burnette 25819761
1957-06-15@ KC154W  9-232-22227,610Bob TurleyVirgil TrucksBob TurleyVirgil Trucks 26719968
1957-06-16@ KC155W  8-633-22230,419Johnny KucksTom MorganBob GrimTom GormanArt Ditmar27520570
1957-06-18vs DET56W  2-134-22233,124 Bobby ShantzBilly HoeftBobby ShantzBilly Hoeft 27720671
1957-06-19vs DET57W  10-235-22210,561 Tom SturdivantDuke MaasTom SturdivantDuke Maas 28720879
1957-06-20vs DET58W  3-136-22210,169 Bob TurleyFrank LaryBob TurleyFrank Lary 29020981
1957-06-21vs CHA59W  4-237-22251,947 Johnny KucksJim WilsonJohnny KucksJim WilsonBob Grim29421183
1957-06-22vs CHA60W  6-538-22133,130 Art DitmarJack HarshmanTommy ByrnePaul LaPalme 30021684
1957-06-23vs CHA61W  9-239-2310 Bobby ShantzBilly PierceBobby ShantzBilly Pierce 30921891
1957-06-23vs CHA62L  3-439-23163,787 Al CicotteDick DonovanDick DonovanAl CicottePaul LaPalme31222290
1957-06-25vs CLE63L  2-1139-24237,636 Tom SturdivantDon MossiDon MossiTom Sturdivant 31423381
1957-06-26vs CLE64W  3-140-2429,172 Johnny KucksBob LemonJohnny KucksBob LemonBob Grim31723483
1957-06-27vs CLE65L  0-240-25113,289 Tommy ByrneEarly WynnEarly WynnTommy Byrne 31723681
1957-06-28vs KC166W  5-441-25119,084 Bob TurleyVirgil TrucksBob GrimWally Burnette 32224082
1957-06-29vs KC167W  7-642-25112,861 Bobby ShantzAlex KellnerAl CicotteWally Burnette 32924683
1957-06-30vs KC168W  2-144-2510 Tom SturdivantRalph TerryTom SturdivantRalph TerryBob Grim33124784
1957-06-30vs KC169W  5-144-25126,941 Don LarsenJack UrbanDon LarsenJack Urban 33624888
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-07-01@ BAL70W  3-245-25145,276Johnny KucksHal BrownWhitey FordGeorge ZuverinkBob Grim33925089
1957-07-02@ BAL71W  6-446-25124,293Tommy ByrneConnie JohnsonWhitey FordKen Lehman 34525491
1957-07-03vs BOS72W  10-047-25123,065 Bob TurleyTom BrewerBob TurleyTom Brewer 355254101
1957-07-04vs BOS73L  2-348-2610 Bobby ShantzDave SislerDave SislerBob GrimIke Delock357257100
1957-07-04vs BOS74W  4-148-26152,791 Don LarsenDean StoneDon LarsenDean Stone 361258103
1957-07-05@ WS175W  5-349-26116,829Tom SturdivantPedro RamosArt DitmarBud Byerly 366261105
1957-07-06@ WS176W  10-650-26110,511Johnny KucksRuss KemmererJohnny KucksRuss KemmererArt Ditmar376267109
1957-07-07@ WS177W  7-551-26114,279Whitey FordCamilo PascualArt DitmarCamilo PascualBobby Shantz383272111
1957-07-11@ KC178W  3-252-26120,115Bob TurleyVirgil TrucksArt DitmarTom Morgan 386274112
1957-07-12@ KC179W  4-253-26123,721Don LarsenRalph TerryDon LarsenRalph TerryAl Cicotte390276114
1957-07-13@ KC180L  4-653-27117,031Tom SturdivantArnie PortocarreroGlenn CoxTom SturdivantTom Morgan394282112
1957-07-14@ CHA81L  1-354-2810Bobby ShantzBilly PierceBilly PierceBobby Shantz 395285110
1957-07-14@ CHA82W  6-454-28148,244Whitey FordDick DonovanTommy ByrneJim Wilson 401289112
1957-07-16@ DET83W  10-455-28143,737Johnny KucksFrank LaryTommy ByrnePaul Foytack 411293118
1957-07-17@ DET84W  5-156-28140,715Bob TurleyJim BunningBob TurleyJim Bunning 416294122
1957-07-18@ DET85W  3-257-28121,552Don LarsenBilly HoeftAl CicotteBilly HoeftBob Grim419296123
1957-07-19@ CLE86W  9-158-28139,141Whitey FordDon MossiWhitey FordDon MossiArt Ditmar428297131
1957-07-20@ CLE87L  2-458-29118,941Bobby ShantzEarly WynnEarly WynnTommy Byrne 430301129
1957-07-21@ CLE88W  4-359-3010Tom SturdivantBob LemonTom SturdivantBob LemonBob Grim434304130
1957-07-21@ CLE89L  4-759-30151,670Johnny KucksRay NarleskiRay NarleskiJohnny Kucks 438311127
1957-07-23vs CHA90W  10-660-30142,422 Don LarsenBob KeeganArt DitmarJack HarshmanBob Grim448317131
1957-07-24vs CHA91L  2-760-31124,596 Whitey FordBilly PierceBilly PierceWhitey Ford 450324126
1957-07-25vs CHA92L  2-660-32117,971 Bobby ShantzDick DonovanDick DonovanBobby Shantz 452330122
1957-07-26vs DET93L  2-360-33131,812 Bob TurleyJim BunningJim BunningBob Turley 454333121
1957-07-27vs DET94W  4-361-33144,184 Tom SturdivantDuke MaasBob GrimHarry Byrd 458336122
1957-07-28vs DET95L  5-662-3410 Don LarsenPaul FoytackPaul FoytackDon LarsenLou Sleater463342121
1957-07-28vs DET96W  4-362-34137,436 Johnny KucksBilly HoeftBob GrimBilly Hoeft 467345122
1957-07-30vs KC197W  10-463-3419,968 Whitey FordRip ColemanWhitey FordRip Coleman 477349128
1957-07-31vs KC198W  2-065-3410 Bob TurleyVirgil TrucksBob TurleyVirgil Trucks 479349130
1957-07-31vs KC199W  5-465-34115,709 Don LarsenArnie PortocarreroDon LarsenTom GormanArt Ditmar484353131
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-08-02vs CLE100W  3-266-34136,599 Tom SturdivantDon MossiTom SturdivantDon MossiBob Grim487355132
1957-08-03vs CLE101W  5-367-34119,571 Art DitmarEarly WynnArt DitmarEarly WynnBob Grim492358134
1957-08-04vs CLE102W  5-269-3410 Whitey FordJohnny GrayWhitey FordJohnny Gray 497360137
1957-08-04vs CLE103W  6-569-34134,125 Tommy ByrneRay NarleskiBob TurleyBob Lemon 503365138
1957-08-05vs CLE104L  2-769-35115,096 Don LarsenMike GarciaMike GarciaDon Larsen 505372133
1957-08-06vs WS1105W  4-070-35115,455 Bob TurleyChuck StobbsBob TurleyChuck Stobbs 509372137
1957-08-07vs WS1106L  2-370-36110,069 Tom SturdivantCamilo PascualBud ByerlyTom SturdivantTex Clevenger511375136
1957-08-08vs WS1107L  1-670-3719,108 Art DitmarRuss KemmererRuss KemmererArt Ditmar 512381131
1957-08-09@ BAL108L  3-470-38126,918Whitey FordBill WightBill WightWhitey FordGeorge Zuverink515385130
1957-08-10@ BAL109W  6-371-38136,366Bob TurleyRay MooreBob TurleyRay MooreTommy Byrne521388133
1957-08-11@ BAL110W  7-272-38125,699Johnny KucksKen LehmanJohnny KucksKen LehmanBob Grim528390138
1957-08-13@ BOS111W  3-273-38135,647Tom SturdivantFrank SullivanTom SturdivantFrank SullivanBobby Shantz531392139
1957-08-14@ BOS112L  4-673-39136,207Whitey FordTom BrewerTom BrewerWhitey FordMike Fornieles535398137
1957-08-15@ BOS113W  6-374-39130,004Bob TurleyWillard NixonBob TurleyWillard NixonBob Grim541401140
1957-08-16vs BAL114L  3-474-40121,804 Johnny KucksBill WightBill WightArt DitmarKen Lehman544405139
1957-08-17vs BAL115W  6-275-40117,711 Bobby ShantzRay MooreBobby ShantzBilly O'Dell 550407143
1957-08-18vs BAL116W  7-077-4010 Tom SturdivantArt CeccarelliTom SturdivantArt Ceccarelli 557407150
1957-08-18vs BAL117W  3-277-40132,938 Don LarsenConnie JohnsonDon LarsenConnie JohnsonBob Grim560409151
1957-08-20@ KC1118L  0-177-41123,737Bob TurleyRalph TerryRalph TerryBob Turley 560410150
1957-08-21@ KC1119L  3-677-42124,740Johnny KucksJack UrbanJack UrbanJohnny KucksVirgil Trucks563416147
1957-08-22@ KC1120W  11-478-42119,202Don LarsenWally BurnetteJohnny KucksWally Burnette 574420154
1957-08-23@ CLE121L  4-578-43126,196Bobby ShantzRay NarleskiDick TomanekBob Grim 578425153
1957-08-24@ CLE122W  10-479-43114,506Tom SturdivantDon MossiTom SturdivantDon MossiArt Ditmar588429159
1957-08-25@ DET123L  2-779-44137,157Bob TurleyBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBob Turley 590436154
1957-08-26@ DET124L  2-579-45123,550Tommy ByrneFrank LaryFrank LaryTommy Byrne 592441151
1957-08-27@ CHA125W  12-680-45146,830Art DitmarJim WilsonBob GrimBill FischerBob Turley604447157
1957-08-28@ CHA126W  5-481-45136,917Don LarsenBilly PierceDon LarsenBilly PierceBob Turley609451158
1957-08-29@ CHA127W  2-182-45139,357Tom SturdivantDick DonovanWhitey FordDick Donovan 611452159
1957-08-30vs WS1128L  2-482-4619,235 Bobby ShantzChuck StobbsChuck StobbsBobby ShantzBud Byerly613456157
1957-08-31vs WS1129L  5-682-47122,838 Art DitmarRuss KemmererPedro RamosBob GrimChuck Stobbs618462156
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-09-01vs WS1130W  3-283-47120,299 Bob TurleyTex ClevengerBob TurleyChuck Stobbs 621464157
1957-09-02@ BAL131L  7-883-4910Don LarsenBill WightKen LehmanBob Grim 628472156
1957-09-02@ BAL132L  1-683-49133,032Johnny KucksConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonJohnny Kucks 629478151
1957-09-03@ BAL133W  2-084-4919,683Tom SturdivantBilly O'DellTom SturdivantBilly O'DellSal Maglie631478153
1957-09-04vs BOS134L  5-784-50138,761 Bobby ShantzTom BrewerGeorge SusceTommy Byrne 636485151
1957-09-05vs BOS135W  5-285-50115,613 Bob TurleyWillard NixonBob GrimWillard Nixon 641487154
1957-09-06@ WS1136L  3-485-51122,467Sal MaglieTex ClevengerBud ByerlyBob Grim 644491153
1957-09-07@ WS1137W  4-186-51110,731Whitey FordPedro RamosWhitey FordPedro Ramos 648492156
1957-09-08@ WS1138W  5-287-51117,007Tom SturdivantRuss KemmererTom SturdivantRuss KemmererBobby Shantz653494159
1957-09-11vs CLE139W  5-088-5217,623 Sal MaglieEarly WynnSal MaglieEarly Wynn 658494164
1957-09-11vs CLE140L  1-488-52110,032 Bobby ShantzRay NarleskiRay NarleskiBobby Shantz 659498161
1957-09-13vs CHA141W  7-189-52113,374 Whitey FordBilly PierceWhitey FordBilly PierceBob Grim666499167
1957-09-14vs CHA142L  2-589-53129,275 Tom SturdivantDick DonovanDick DonovanBob Grim 668504164
1957-09-15vs KC1143W  5-391-5310 Bob TurleyJack UrbanBob TurleyJack UrbanSal Maglie673507166
1957-09-15vs KC1144W  3-091-53120,176 Don LarsenGeorge BrunetDon LarsenGeorge Brunet 676507169
1957-09-17vs DET145W  7-192-5315,353 Bobby ShantzBilly HoeftBobby ShantzBilly Hoeft 683508175
1957-09-18vs DET146W  4-393-5316,502 Sal MaglieDuke MaasSal MaglieDuke MaasBob Turley687511176
1957-09-20vs BOS147W  7-494-53135,541 Whitey FordTom BrewerWhitey FordTom BrewerBob Grim694515179
1957-09-21vs BOS148L  3-894-54122,617 Bob TurleyWillard NixonWillard NixonBob TurleyIke Delock697523174
1957-09-22vs BOS149W  5-195-54134,186 Tom SturdivantDave SislerTom SturdivantDave SislerSal Maglie702524178
1957-09-25vs BAL150W  5-196-5510 Don LarsenConnie JohnsonDon LarsenConnie JohnsonBobby Shantz707525182
1957-09-25vs BAL151L  2-496-5517,176 Whitey FordBilly O'DellBilly O'DellWhitey FordBilly Loes709529180
1957-09-27@ BOS152W  10-297-5516,572Bob TurleyWillard NixonBob TurleyWillard NixonBob Grim719531188
1957-09-28@ BOS153W  2-098-55119,063Tom SturdivantDave SislerTom SturdivantDave SislerBobby Shantz721531190
1957-09-29@ BOS154L  2-398-56125,406Art DitmarFrank BaumannFrank BaumannJohnny KucksMike Fornieles723534189

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