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+    Level: MLB
Location:  New York,NY
Team Record:  69-85   .448
Result:   6th in National League
Manager(s):  Bill Rigney
General Manager:   Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Polo Grounds
Attendance:  653,923
Playoffs:  -

New York Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Hank Sauer (40)
Youngest Player:  Mike McCormick (18)
Longest Tenure:  Wes Westrum (11)
Top Hitter:  Willie Mays (1)
Top Pitcher:  Ruben Gomez (13)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  67.06%
National League Standings
St. Louis8767.5658.0
NY Giants6985.44826.0
Chi Cubs6292.40333.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-04-16@ PIT1L  2-90-0833,405Johnny AntonelliBob FriendBob FriendJohnny Antonelli 29-7
1957-04-18vs PHI2W  6-21-038,585 Ruben GomezCurt SimmonsRuben GomezCurt Simmons 811-3
1957-04-20vs PHI3L  5-61-158,875 Al WorthingtonHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixAl WorthingtonBob Miller1317-4
1957-04-21vs PHI4W  2-12-250 Johnny AntonelliRobin RobertsJohnny AntonelliRobin Roberts 1518-3
1957-04-21vs PHI5L  5-82-2514,230 Curt BarclayJack SanfordJack SanfordCurt BarclayDon Cardwell2026-6
1957-04-22vs PIT6W  3-12-235,403 Ruben GomezLuis ArroyoRuben GomezLuis Arroyo 2327-4
1957-04-23vs PIT7W  1-03-233,445 Pete BurnsideRon KlinePete BurnsideRon Kline 2427-3
1957-04-24@ BRO8L  3-43-3321,998Curt BarclaySandy KoufaxRene ValdesCurt BarclayClem Labine2731-4
1957-04-26@ PHI9L  0-53-4514,118Johnny AntonelliDon CardwellDon CardwellJohnny Antonelli 2736-9
1957-04-27@ PHI10W  10-24-437,577Ruben GomezRobin RobertsRuben GomezRobin Roberts 3738-1
1957-04-28@ PHI11L  2-115-530Al WorthingtonJack SanfordJack SanfordAl WorthingtonBob Miller3949-10
1957-04-28@ PHI12W  8-75-5319,482Pete BurnsideJim HearnCurt BarclayJack MeyerMarv Grissom4756-9
1957-04-30vs MLN13W  4-06-5313,833 Johnny AntonelliBob BuhlJohnny AntonelliBob Buhl 5156-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-05-01vs MLN14L  1-56-645,961 Curt BarclayWarren SpahnWarren SpahnMax Surkont 5261-9
1957-05-02vs CIN15L  7-96-750 Pete BurnsideJohnny KlippsteinHersh FreemanMarv Grissom 5970-11
1957-05-03vs CIN16L  10-116-865,352 Al WorthingtonArt FowlerRaul SanchezPete Burnside 6981-12
1957-05-04vs CIN17L  2-56-967,389 Johnny AntonelliWarren HackerWarren HackerJohnny AntonelliHersh Freeman7186-15
1957-05-05vs CHN18L  3-86-960 Curt BarclayBob RushDick DrottGordon Jones 7494-20
1957-05-05vs CHN19W  6-26-969,765 Joe MargoneriMoe DrabowskyJoe MargoneriMoe Drabowsky 8096-16
1957-05-06vs CHN20L  2-66-1061,504 Ruben GomezDon KaiserDon KaiserRuben Gomez 82102-20
1957-05-07vs SLN21W  8-57-1064,934 Pete BurnsideHerm WehmeierAl WorthingtonHerm Wehmeier 90107-17
1957-05-08vs SLN22L  4-137-1163,263 Johnny AntonelliTom CheneyWillard SchmidtJohnny AntonelliLarry Jackson94120-26
1957-05-10vs BRO23W  2-18-11634,435 Ruben GomezSal MaglieRuben GomezSal Maglie 96121-25
1957-05-11vs BRO24W  6-59-1167,424 Curt BarclayRoger CraigAl WorthingtonDon Bessent 102126-24
1957-05-12vs BRO25L  0-59-12617,696 Pete BurnsideJohnny PodresJohnny PodresPete Burnside 102131-29
1957-05-14@ SLN26W  5-310-1269,301Ruben GomezVinegar Bend MizellRuben GomezVinegar Bend MizellAl Worthington107134-27
1957-05-15@ SLN27L  5-610-1368,642Johnny AntonelliSam JonesLarry JacksonAl Worthington 112140-28
1957-05-16@ CIN28L  2-310-1467,337Stu MillerHal JeffcoatTom AckerSteve Ridzik 114143-29
1957-05-17@ CIN29L  1-1110-15619,192Curt BarclayDon GrossDon GrossCurt Barclay 115154-39
1957-05-18@ CIN30W  6-311-1568,538Ruben GomezJoe NuxhallRuben GomezJoe Nuxhall 121157-36
1957-05-19@ MLN31W  6-312-15621,817Al WorthingtonBob BuhlJohnny AntonelliRed Murff 127160-33
1957-05-21@ CHN32L  3-412-1661,957Stu MillerDick DrottTurk LownStu Miller 130164-34
1957-05-22@ CHN33W  4-312-1665,731Ruben GomezBob RushAl WorthingtonBob Rush 134167-33
1957-05-24@ BRO34L  0-612-17627,299Johnny AntonelliDon NewcombeDon NewcombeJohnny Antonelli 134173-39
1957-05-25@ BRO35W  8-713-17617,607Al WorthingtonJohnny PodresCurt BarclayDon Drysdale 142180-38
1957-05-26@ BRO36L  3-513-18622,971Ruben GomezSandy KoufaxSandy KoufaxRuben GomezClem Labine145185-40
1957-05-28vs PHI37L  6-1613-1964,977 Johnny AntonelliJack SanfordBob MillerJohnny Antonelli 151201-50
1957-05-29vs PHI38L  5-713-2062,216 Stu MillerHarvey HaddixRobin RobertsMarv Grissom 156208-52
1957-05-30vs PHI39L  1-214-2160 Ruben GomezCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsRuben Gomez 157210-53
1957-05-30vs PHI40W  8-114-21619,887 Curt BarclayDon CardwellCurt BarclayDon Cardwell 165211-46
1957-05-31@ PIT41W  3-215-21613,070Joe MargoneriLuis ArroyoAl WorthingtonRoy Face 168213-45
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-06-01@ PIT42W  3-215-2165,301Stu MillerBob FriendAl WorthingtonBob Friend 171215-44
1957-06-02@ PIT43L  2-315-2360Curt BarclayRon KlineRon KlineCurt BarclayLuis Arroyo173218-45
1957-06-02@ PIT44L  0-215-23612,792Pete BurnsideBob PurkeyBob PurkeyPete Burnside 173220-47
1957-06-03@ PIT45L  5-615-2467,504Ruben GomezVern LawNellie KingJoe MargoneriRoy Face178226-48
1957-06-04vs MLN46W  8-716-24610,290 Stu MillerRay CroneAl WorthingtonGene Conley 186233-47
1957-06-05vs MLN47L  8-916-2564,892 Pete BurnsideJuan PizarroErnie JohnsonSteve RidzikTaylor Phillips194242-48
1957-06-06vs MLN48W  2-017-2564,787 Ruben GomezBob BuhlRuben GomezBob Buhl 196242-46
1957-06-07vs SLN49L  3-517-2668,419 Curt BarclayLarry JacksonLarry JacksonCurt BarclayLloyd Merritt199247-48
1957-06-08vs SLN50L  4-517-2767,646 Al WorthingtonWillard SchmidtWillard SchmidtAl WorthingtonHoyt Wilhelm203252-49
1957-06-09vs SLN51L  1-217-2960 Stu MillerVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellStu Miller 204254-50
1957-06-09vs SLN52L  7-1017-29616,403 Pete BurnsideLindy McDanielLindy McDanielPete BurnsideHoyt Wilhelm211264-53
1957-06-11vs CHN53W  5-117-2974,440 Ruben GomezDon KaiserRuben GomezDon Kaiser 216265-49
1957-06-12vs CHN54W  4-317-2972,203 Curt BarclayBob RushAl WorthingtonTurk Lown 220268-48
1957-06-13vs CHN55W  7-417-2971,875 Pete BurnsideDave HillmanJim DavisDave HillmanMarv Grissom227272-45
1957-06-14vs CIN56L  4-517-3079,917 Stu MillerJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallStu MillerHersh Freeman231277-46
1957-06-15vs CIN57W  8-418-3077,859 Ruben GomezBrooks LawrenceRuben GomezBrooks LawrenceMarv Grissom239281-42
1957-06-16vs CIN58W  4-319-30711,242 Ray CroneDon GrossMarv GrissomTom Acker 243284-41
1957-06-18@ MLN59W  5-420-30733,945Johnny AntonelliWarren SpahnRay CroneWarren Spahn 248288-40
1957-06-19@ MLN60L  0-620-31729,380Ruben GomezBob BuhlBob BuhlRuben Gomez 248294-46
1957-06-20@ MLN61W  4-321-31622,131Curt BarclayJuan PizarroJohnny AntonelliTaylor PhillipsAl Worthington252297-45
1957-06-21@ CHN62W  12-1022-3166,442Ray CroneBob RushStu MillerDave Hillman 264307-43
1957-06-22@ CHN63L  4-1222-32612,118Ruben GomezTom PoholskyTom PoholskyRuben Gomez 268319-51
1957-06-23@ CHN64W  7-524-3260Johnny AntonelliDick DrottJohnny AntonelliDick DrottStu Miller275324-49
1957-06-23@ CHN65W  5-124-32626,732Curt BarclayMoe DrabowskyCurt BarclayMoe Drabowsky 280325-45
1957-06-25@ CIN66L  2-324-3360Ray CroneBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceRay Crone 282328-46
1957-06-26@ CIN67W  17-725-33614,097Ruben GomezJoe NuxhallStu MillerJohnny Klippstein 299335-36
1957-06-27@ CIN68W  7-226-3368,025Johnny AntonelliDon GrossJohnny AntonelliDon Gross 306337-31
1957-06-28@ SLN69W  4-127-33615,388Curt BarclayLarry JacksonCurt BarclayLarry JacksonMarv Grissom310338-28
1957-06-29@ SLN70W  1-028-33610,339Stu MillerSam JonesStu MillerHoyt WilhelmMarv Grissom311338-27
1957-06-30@ SLN71W  5-329-3460Ruben GomezVinegar Bend MizellRuben GomezVinegar Bend Mizell 316341-25
1957-06-30@ SLN72L  1-729-34625,071Ray CroneLindy McDanielLindy McDanielRay Crone 317348-31
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-07-01vs BRO73L  0-329-35637,409 Johnny AntonelliDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleJohnny Antonelli 317351-34
1957-07-02vs BRO74L  0-629-36628,667 Curt BarclaySal MaglieSal MaglieCurt Barclay 317357-40
1957-07-04@ PHI75L  1-229-3860Ruben GomezHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixRuben Gomez 318359-41
1957-07-04@ PHI76L  2-629-38630,442Stu MillerCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsStu MillerTurk Farrell320365-45
1957-07-05vs PIT77W  11-630-3864,998 Johnny AntonelliJoe TrimbleJohnny AntonelliJoe TrimbleMarv Grissom331371-40
1957-07-06vs PIT78L  2-330-3865,334 Curt BarclayVern LawBob PurkeyStu Miller 333374-41
1957-07-07vs PIT79L  6-1030-3860 Al WorthingtonRed SwansonRed SwansonAl WorthingtonNellie King339384-45
1957-07-07vs PIT80L  1-830-38610,825 Ruben GomezBob FriendBob FriendRuben Gomez 340392-52
1957-07-11vs SLN81W  1-031-3868,021 Johnny AntonelliLindy McDanielJohnny AntonelliLindy McDaniel 341392-51
1957-07-12vs SLN82L  1-531-39611,617 Ruben GomezSam JonesSam JonesRuben Gomez 342397-55
1957-07-14vs CHN83W  8-631-3960 Ray CroneDave HillmanMarv GrissomJim Brosnan 350403-53
1957-07-15vs CHN84W  5-331-3962,675 Johnny AntonelliDon ElstonJohnny AntonelliDon ElstonAl Worthington355406-51
1957-07-16vs CIN85W  6-132-3969,114 Ruben GomezHal JeffcoatRuben GomezHal Jeffcoat 361407-46
1957-07-17vs CIN86L  4-532-4066,117 Curt BarclayBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceCurt BarclayRaul Sanchez365412-47
1957-07-18vs CIN87L  1-232-4164,007 Stu MillerJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinStu MillerRaul Sanchez366414-48
1957-07-19vs MLN88L  1-332-42611,628 Johnny AntonelliGene ConleyGene ConleyJohnny Antonelli 367417-50
1957-07-20vs MLN89L  5-732-4367,638 Ruben GomezBob TrowbridgeErnie JohnsonMarv Grissom 372424-52
1957-07-21vs MLN90W  5-433-4460 Ray CroneWarren SpahnStu MillerDon McMahon 377428-51
1957-07-21vs MLN91L  4-733-44613,768 Curt BarclayLew BurdetteErnie JohnsonJohnny Antonelli 381435-54
1957-07-23@ CHN92L  0-433-4569,589Ramon MonzantDick DrottDick DrottRamon Monzant 381439-58
1957-07-24@ CHN93L  1-233-4668,908Johnny AntonelliDon ElstonDon ElstonJohnny Antonelli 382441-59
1957-07-25@ CHN94W  5-234-4667,557Mike McCormickMoe DrabowskyMike McCormickMoe DrabowskyMarv Grissom387443-56
1957-07-26@ MLN95L  3-634-47633,743Ruben GomezLew BurdetteGene ConleyStu Miller 390449-59
1957-07-27@ MLN96L  2-534-48634,430Ray CroneBob BuhlBob BuhlRay Crone 392454-62
1957-07-28@ MLN97W  2-035-4960Johnny AntonelliBob TrowbridgeJohnny AntonelliBob Trowbridge 394454-60
1957-07-28@ MLN98L  3-535-49640,503Curt BarclayGene ConleyGene ConleyAl Worthington 397459-62
1957-07-29@ MLN99L  8-935-50624,170Stu MillerWarren SpahnBob TrowbridgeAl Worthington 405468-63
1957-07-30@ SLN100L  3-735-51616,140Ruben GomezLindy McDanielLarry JacksonRuben Gomez 408475-67
1957-07-31@ SLN101L  1-535-52615,192Ray CroneHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierRay Crone 409480-71
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-08-01@ SLN102L  0-835-53615,783Johnny AntonelliSam JonesSam JonesJohnny Antonelli 409488-79
1957-08-02@ CIN103L  6-935-54617,896Curt BarclayHal JeffcoatHersh FreemanAl Worthington 415497-82
1957-08-03@ CIN104W  5-436-5468,854Ruben GomezArt FowlerJohnny AntonelliBrooks Lawrence 420501-81
1957-08-04@ CIN105W  7-637-5560Mike McCormickJoe NuxhallMarv GrissomTom Acker 427507-80
1957-08-04@ CIN106L  2-337-55626,024Stu MillerVicente AmorVicente AmorStu Miller 429510-81
1957-08-05@ BRO107L  2-537-56615,070Ray CroneDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRay CroneClem Labine431515-84
1957-08-06@ BRO108W  5-038-56618,202Curt BarclayJohnny PodresCurt BarclayJohnny Podres 436515-79
1957-08-07@ BRO109W  8-539-56625,913Johnny AntonelliDon NewcombeMarv GrissomDon Newcombe 444520-76
1957-08-08@ BRO110W  12-340-56618,753Ruben GomezSal MaglieRuben GomezSal Maglie 456523-67
1957-08-09vs PHI111W  6-241-5666,247 Ray CroneRobin RobertsRay CroneRobin Roberts 462525-63
1957-08-11vs PHI112W  5-042-5760 Curt BarclayHarvey HaddixCurt BarclayHarvey Haddix 467525-58
1957-08-11vs PHI113L  0-242-57613,880 Johnny AntonelliJack SanfordJack SanfordJohnny Antonelli 467527-60
1957-08-13vs BRO114W  4-243-57627,234 Ruben GomezSal MaglieRuben GomezEd Roebuck 471529-58
1957-08-14vs BRO115L  6-743-58613,704 Ray CroneDanny McDevittDanny McDevittRay CroneEd Roebuck477536-59
1957-08-15vs BRO116W  9-444-5867,587 Curt BarclayDon DrysdaleRamon MonzantDon DrysdaleAl Worthington486540-54
1957-08-16@ PHI117W  2-145-58616,733Johnny AntonelliRobin RobertsStu MillerRobin Roberts 488541-53
1957-08-17@ PHI118L  1-345-5967,929Ruben GomezJack SanfordJack SanfordRuben Gomez 489544-55
1957-08-18@ PHI119W  5-447-5960Ray CroneWarren HackerMike McCormickWarren HackerMarv Grissom494548-54
1957-08-18@ PHI120W  1-047-59614,591Al WorthingtonHarvey HaddixAl WorthingtonHarvey Haddix 495548-53
1957-08-20vs SLN121L  3-447-6160 Curt BarclaySam JonesSam JonesJim Constable 498552-54
1957-08-20vs SLN122L  2-347-61613,198 Johnny AntonelliVon McDanielVon McDanielJohnny Antonelli 500555-55
1957-08-21vs SLN123W  13-648-6165,296 Stu MillerLindy McDanielMike McCormickLindy McDaniel 513561-48
1957-08-22vs CHN124W  6-249-6162,614 Ray CroneDick DrottRay CroneDick DrottMarv Grissom519563-44
1957-08-23vs CHN125W  3-249-6164,148 Al WorthingtonBob RushStu MillerBob Rush 522565-43
1957-08-24vs CHN126L  2-449-6264,389 Johnny AntonelliDave HillmanDave HillmanJohnny Antonelli 524569-45
1957-08-25vs CIN127W  10-150-6263,766 Ruben GomezHal JeffcoatRuben GomezHal Jeffcoat 534570-36
1957-08-26vs CIN128W  17-351-6262,383 Ray CroneVicente AmorRamon MonzantVicente Amor 551573-22
1957-08-27vs MLN129L  3-451-63614,897 Al WorthingtonLew BurdetteLew BurdetteAl WorthingtonDon McMahon554577-23
1957-08-28vs MLN130W  12-652-63611,543 Curt BarclayGene ConleyCurt BarclayGene ConleyRay Crone566583-17
1957-08-30@ BRO131L  0-1052-64616,113Ruben GomezDon DrysdaleDon DrysdaleRuben Gomez 566593-27
1957-08-31@ BRO132L  5-752-65614,222Al WorthingtonSal MaglieEd RoebuckMarv Grissom 571600-29
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1957-09-01@ BRO133W  7-553-6567,936Ray CroneJohnny PodresRay CroneJohnny PodresMarv Grissom578605-27
1957-09-02vs PIT134W  11-554-6560 Curt BarclayRon KlineRamon MonzantRoy Face 589610-21
1957-09-02vs PIT135W  4-354-65610,310 Johnny AntonelliJohnny O'BrienJohnny AntonelliJohnny O'BrienMarv Grissom593613-20
1957-09-03vs PIT136W  6-555-6560 Ruben GomezVern LawStu MillerBob Smith 599618-19
1957-09-04@ PIT137L  0-255-6668,909Mike McCormickBob FriendBob FriendMike McCormick 599620-21
1957-09-05@ PIT138L  2-455-6660Al WorthingtonWhammy DouglasWhammy DouglasAl WorthingtonRoy Face601624-23
1957-09-06vs BRO139L  0-355-67621,373 Ray CroneJohnny PodresJohnny PodresRay Crone 601627-26
1957-09-07vs BRO140L  4-555-68641,629 Ruben GomezDanny McDevittRoger CraigRuben Gomez 605632-27
1957-09-08vs BRO141W  3-256-68622,376 Curt BarclayDon DrysdaleCurt BarclayDon DrysdaleMarv Grissom608634-26
1957-09-10@ CIN142L  1-456-6964,715Johnny AntonelliBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceJohnny Antonelli 609638-29
1957-09-13@ SLN143W  7-357-69616,845Ruben GomezLarry JacksonJim ConstableLarry JacksonMarv Grissom616641-25
1957-09-14@ SLN144L  1-657-70611,726Johnny AntonelliVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellJohnny Antonelli 617647-30
1957-09-15@ CHN145L  2-657-7060Ray CroneBob RushBob RushRay Crone 619653-34
1957-09-15@ CHN146L  6-757-7069,294Mike McCormickEd MayerDon ElstonStu MillerTurk Lown625660-35
1957-09-17@ MLN147L  1-357-71625,390Curt BarclayBob TrowbridgeBob TrowbridgeCurt Barclay 626663-37
1957-09-18@ MLN148L  2-857-72631,566Johnny AntonelliLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJohnny Antonelli 628671-43
1957-09-21@ PIT149L  4-557-7260Mike McCormickRon KlineBob PurkeyAl Worthington 632676-44
1957-09-21@ PIT150W  9-557-7268,110Ruben GomezRed WittRuben GomezRed WittMarv Grissom641681-40
1957-09-22@ PIT151L  1-557-72619,574Ramon MonzantBob FriendBob FriendRamon Monzant 642686-44
1957-09-24@ PHI152L  0-557-7367,019Curt BarclayCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsCurt Barclay 642691-49
1957-09-28vs PIT153L  0-157-7460 Ruben GomezRon KlineRon KlineRuben Gomez 642692-50
1957-09-29vs PIT154L  1-957-75611,606 Johnny AntonelliBob FriendBob FriendJohnny Antonelli 643701-58

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