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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Washington,DC
Team Record:  59-95   .383
Result:   7th in American League
Manager(s):  Chuck Dressen
General Manager:   Calvin Griffith
Stadium:  Griffith Stadium
Attendance:  431,647
Playoffs:  -

Washington Senators I affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bud Byerly (35)
Youngest Player:  Harmon Killebrew (20)
Longest Tenure:  Eddie Yost (12)
Top Hitter:  Roy Sievers (9)
Top Pitcher:  Chuck Stobbs (13)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  61.96%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9757.630--
Chi White Sox8569.55212.0
KC Athletics52102.33845.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-04-17vs NYA1L  4-10-27,837 Camilo PascualDon LarsenDon LarsenCamilo Pascual 410-6
1956-04-18vs NYA2L  5-9-5,206 Bob WieslerJohnny KucksJohnny KucksBob Wiesler 919-10
1956-04-19vs NYA3W  7-3-2,778 Chuck StobbsMickey McDermottChuck StobbsMickey McDermott 1622-6
1956-04-20@ BAL4L  2-3-29,083Dick BrodowskiJim WilsonJim WilsonDick Brodowski 1825-7
1956-04-21@ BAL5W  8-4-11,067Dean StoneBill WightDean StoneBill Wight 2629-3
1956-04-22@ BAL6L  3-7-0Bob WieslerFred BesanaFred BesanaBob WieslerGeorge Zuverink2936-7
1956-04-22@ BAL7W  4-1-21,797Camilo PascualRay MooreCamilo PascualRay Moore 3337-4
1956-04-24@ NYA8L  1-4-4,377Chuck StobbsJohnny KucksJohnny KucksChuck Stobbs 3441-7
1956-04-25@ BOS9W  4-1-4,638Pedro RamosBob PorterfieldPedro RamosBob Porterfield 3842-4
1956-04-27vs BAL10W  8-5-4,753 Dean StoneFred BesanaConnie GrobErv Palica 4647-1
1956-04-28vs BAL11W  5-3-3,873 Camilo PascualBill WightCamilo PascualBill Wight 51501
1956-04-29vs BAL12L  6-8-0 Chuck StobbsRay MooreRay MooreConnie GrobGeorge Zuverink5758-1
1956-04-29vs BAL13W  5-4-9,532 Bob WieslerJim WilsonBob ChakalesGeorge Zuverink 62620
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-05-01vs CLE14L  2-3-9,639 Pedro RamosEarly WynnEarly WynnPedro Ramos 6465-1
1956-05-03vs CHA15W  7-4-6,162 Dean StoneBilly PierceBob ChakalesBilly Pierce 71692
1956-05-04vs CHA16L  2-5-6,302 Camilo PascualDick DonovanDick DonovanCamilo Pascual 7374-1
1956-05-05vs CHA17W  4-2-4,686 Chuck StobbsConnie JohnsonChuck StobbsConnie Johnson 77761
1956-05-06vs KC118L  7-10-0 Pedro RamosTroy HerriageBill HarringtonConnie GrobTom Gorman8486-2
1956-05-06vs KC119L  3-13-10,942 Dick BrodowskiArt DitmarMoe BurtschyDick BrodowskiJack Crimian8799-12
1956-05-08vs DET20L  6-14-2,464 Dean StoneDuke MaasDick MarloweBob ChakalesSteve Gromek93113-20
1956-05-09vs DET21L  3-7-2,852 Camilo PascualPaul FoytackPaul FoytackCamilo Pascual 96120-24
1956-05-11vs BOS22W  4-3-8,701 Chuck StobbsIke DelockBob ChakalesIke Delock 100123-23
1956-05-12vs BOS23W  12-9-7,098 Pedro RamosTom BrewerBunky StewartDave SislerBob Chakales112132-20
1956-05-13vs BOS24L  3-5-10,415 Camilo PascualFrank SullivanGeorge SusceCamilo Pascual 115137-22
1956-05-15@ CHA25L  1-5-11,528Chuck StobbsBob KeeganBob KeeganChuck Stobbs 116142-26
1956-05-16@ CHA26L  1-3-2,233Hal GriggsDick DonovanDick DonovanHal Griggs 117145-28
1956-05-18@ CLE27W  5-4-7,747Dean StoneEarly WynnBunky StewartRay Narleski 122149-27
1956-05-19@ CLE28L  1-5-4,666Camilo PascualHerb ScoreHerb ScoreCamilo Pascual 123154-31
1956-05-20@ DET29L  2-4-0Chuck StobbsPaul FoytackPaul FoytackChuck Stobbs 125158-33
1956-05-20@ DET30L  1-7-24,606Hal GriggsVirgil TrucksSteve GromekHal Griggs 126165-39
1956-05-22@ KC131L  1-6-9,258Bunky StewartTroy HerriageTroy HerriageBunky Stewart 127171-44
1956-05-23@ KC132L  6-7-5,251Dean StoneArt DitmarTom GormanConnie Grob 133178-45
1956-05-25@ BOS33W  10-5-24,879Pedro RamosGeorge SuscePedro RamosGeorge Susce 143183-40
1956-05-26@ BOS34W  4-1-10,753Chuck StobbsIke DelockChuck StobbsIke Delock 147184-37
1956-05-27@ BOS35L  7-9-0Tex ClevengerTom BrewerTom BrewerConnie Grob 154193-39
1956-05-27@ BOS36W  11-10-11,574Camilo PascualBob PorterfieldPedro RamosTom HurdDean Stone165203-38
1956-05-28@ BAL37L  5-6-8,541Bob WieslerConnie JohnsonMike FornielesBob Chakales 170209-39
1956-05-29@ BAL38W  6-5-4,478Dean StoneErv PalicaDean StoneErv PalicaConnie Grob176214-38
1956-05-30@ NYA39L  3-4-29,825Pedro RamosJohnny KucksJohnny KucksPedro Ramos 179218-39
1956-05-30@ NYA40L  5-12-29,825Camilo PascualBob TurleyBob TurleyCamilo Pascual 184230-46
1956-05-31@ NYA41L  6-9-5,558Chuck StobbsBob GrimTom MorganChuck Stobbs 190239-49
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-06-01vs CLE42W  5-3-4,738 Bob WieslerBob LemonBob WieslerBob Lemon 195242-47
1956-06-02vs CLE43L  0-15-2,317 Dean StoneHerb ScoreHerb ScoreDean Stone 195257-62
1956-06-03vs CLE44L  4-8-0 Camilo PascualEarly WynnCal McLishBob Chakales 199265-66
1956-06-03vs CLE45W  7-1-11,817 Hal GriggsDon MossiHal GriggsDon Mossi 206266-60
1956-06-04vs CLE46L  0-7-5,021 Pedro RamosMike GarciaMike GarciaPedro Ramos 206273-67
1956-06-05vs CHA47W  3-1-9,652 Chuck StobbsJack HarshmanChuck StobbsJack Harshman 209274-65
1956-06-06vs CHA48W  12-7-3,616 Bob WieslerGerry StaleyConnie GrobDixie HowellBob Chakales221281-60
1956-06-07vs CHA49L  5-7-1,955 Dean StoneDick DonovanHowie PolletPedro Ramos 226288-62
1956-06-08vs DET50L  0-7-4,704 Camilo PascualBilly HoeftBilly HoeftCamilo Pascual 226295-69
1956-06-09vs DET51L  3-5-3,016 Hal GriggsSteve GromekSteve GromekConnie Grob 229300-71
1956-06-10vs DET52W  6-5-0 Chuck StobbsVirgil TrucksBob ChakalesAl Aber 235305-70
1956-06-10vs DET53W  12-9-8,095 Bob WieslerPaul FoytackBob WieslerPaul FoytackBob Chakales247314-67
1956-06-11vs KC154W  4-3-0 Connie GrobLou KretlowPedro RamosBobby Shantz 251317-66
1956-06-11vs KC155L  3-6-5,870 Dean StoneAlex KellnerAlex KellnerDean Stone 254323-69
1956-06-12vs KC156L  3-9-2,883 Bunky StewartJose SantiagoTom GormanBob ChakalesJack Crimian257332-75
1956-06-13vs KC157L  4-13-1,353 Pedro RamosArt DitmarArt DitmarPedro RamosBill Harrington261345-84
1956-06-15@ CHA58L  2-7-16,467Bob WieslerBilly PierceBilly PierceBob Wiesler 263352-89
1956-06-16@ CHA59L  0-7-6,756Hal GriggsJack HarshmanJack HarshmanHal Griggs 263359-96
1956-06-17@ CHA60L  2-20-0Bunky StewartDick DonovanDick DonovanBunky Stewart 265379-114
1956-06-17@ CHA61W  10-4-15,136Chuck StobbsBob KeeganChuck StobbsBob KeeganBud Byerly275383-108
1956-06-18@ KC162L  3-4-8,893Hal GriggsAlex KellnerAlex KellnerHal Griggs 278387-109
1956-06-19@ KC163W  10-5-8,829Bunky StewartJose SantiagoBunky StewartJose Santiago 288392-104
1956-06-20@ KC164W  5-4-8,250Bob WieslerTroy HerriageConnie GrobTroy HerriageBud Byerly293396-103
1956-06-21@ KC165L  6-15-6,258Dean StoneJose SantiagoJose SantiagoDean Stone 299411-112
1956-06-22@ CLE66L  0-4-9,946Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 299415-116
1956-06-23@ CLE67L  8-9-4,691Hal GriggsArt HouttemanRay NarleskiPedro Ramos 307424-117
1956-06-24@ CLE68L  2-7-13,072Bob WieslerBob LemonBob LemonBob Wiesler 309431-122
1956-06-25@ DET69W  5-3-3,281Camilo PascualBilly HoeftCamilo PascualBilly HoeftDean Stone314434-120
1956-06-26@ DET70L  2-2-15,493Bunky StewartPaul Foytack 316436-120
1956-06-27@ DET71W  3-1-4,435Bob WieslerFrank LaryBob WieslerFrank Lary 319437-118
1956-06-29@ NYA72L  1-3-20,528Pedro RamosBob GrimBob GrimPedro RamosRip Coleman320440-120
1956-06-30@ NYA73W  5-1-13,535Chuck StobbsJohnny KucksChuck StobbsJohnny Kucks 325441-116
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-07-01@ NYA74L  2-3-0Camilo PascualWhitey FordTom MorganCamilo Pascual 327444-117
1956-07-01@ NYA75L  6-8-25,702Bunky StewartTommy ByrneTom SturdivantBud Byerly 333452-119
1956-07-02vs BOS76L  2-3-9,410 Bob WieslerFrank SullivanIke DelockBud Byerly 335455-120
1956-07-03vs BOS77W  6-5-2,188 Dean StoneDave SislerCamilo PascualLeo Kiely 341460-119
1956-07-04vs BAL78W  10-8-0 Chuck StobbsHal BrownChuck StobbsHal BrownBunky Stewart351468-117
1956-07-04vs BAL79L  4-7-7,580 Hal GriggsConnie JohnsonDon FerrareseHal GriggsGeorge Zuverink355475-120
1956-07-06vs NYA80L  4-8-12,513 Bob WieslerBob TurleyBob TurleyBob WieslerTom Morgan359483-124
1956-07-07vs NYA81L  3-8-11,927 Camilo PascualMickey McDermottMickey McDermottCamilo PascualTom Sturdivant362491-129
1956-07-08vs NYA82L  2-8-14,975 Chuck StobbsTommy ByrneJohnny KucksChuck StobbsTom Sturdivant364499-135
1956-07-12vs DET83L  2-4-2,827 Bob WieslerBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBob Wiesler 366503-137
1956-07-13vs DET84W  12-11-2,690 Pedro RamosPaul FoytackConnie GrobDuke MaasChuck Stobbs378514-136
1956-07-14vs DET85L  5-6-2,771 Camilo PascualFrank LaryFrank LaryCamilo PascualWalt Masterson383520-137
1956-07-15vs KC186L  0-8-0 Chuck StobbsWally BurnetteWally BurnetteChuck Stobbs 383528-145
1956-07-15vs KC187W  7-3-5,814 Dean StoneLou KretlowPedro RamosBobby ShantzCamilo Pascual390531-141
1956-07-18vs CLE88W  7-5-0 Bob WieslerHerb ScorePedro RamosBob Feller 397536-139
1956-07-18vs CLE89L  1-11-8,022 Camilo PascualEarly WynnHank AguirreCamilo PascualBob Lemon398547-149
1956-07-19vs CLE90W  5-4-3,178 Hal GriggsMike GarciaBunky StewartCal McLish 403551-148
1956-07-21vs CHA91W  6-5-5,081 Chuck StobbsDick DonovanPedro RamosDick Donovan 409556-147
1956-07-22vs CHA92L  1-6-6,201 Bob WieslerJack HarshmanJack HarshmanBob Wiesler 410562-152
1956-07-24@ CLE93L  0-11-9,582Bunky StewartMike GarciaMike GarciaBunky Stewart 410573-163
1956-07-25@ CLE94L  3-11-5,099Camilo PascualHerb ScoreHerb ScoreCamilo Pascual 413584-171
1956-07-26@ CLE95L  0-1-6,804Chuck StobbsBob LemonBob LemonChuck Stobbs 413585-172
1956-07-27@ DET96L  4-5-17,298Bob WieslerFrank LaryFrank LaryBob Wiesler 417590-173
1956-07-28@ DET97W  6-5-7,143Pedro RamosPaul FoytackChuck StobbsPaul Foytack 423595-172
1956-07-29@ DET98L  0-6-0Bunky StewartBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBunky Stewart 423601-178
1956-07-29@ DET99W  4-1-18,793Dean StoneJim BunningDean StoneJim Bunning 427602-175
1956-07-31@ CHA100W  4-3-11,990Pedro RamosDick DonovanPedro RamosDick DonovanBunky Stewart431605-174
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-08-01@ CHA101W  6-2-3,140Chuck StobbsJim WilsonChuck StobbsJim Wilson 437607-170
1956-08-02@ CHA102L  4-5-3,949Bob WieslerBob KeeganEllis KinderBob Wiesler 441612-171
1956-08-03@ KC1103W  2-1-10,082Camilo PascualArt DitmarCamilo PascualArt Ditmar 443613-170
1956-08-04@ KC1104W  5-4-11,679Pedro RamosWally BurnettePedro RamosWally BurnetteDean Stone448617-169
1956-08-05@ KC1105W  10-4-8,281Chuck StobbsTroy HerriageChuck StobbsTroy Herriage 458621-163
1956-08-08vs NYA106L  2-12-17,852 Camilo PascualBob TurleyBob TurleyCamilo Pascual 460633-173
1956-08-09vs NYA107L  7-15-6,948 Bunky StewartJohnny KucksJohnny KucksBunky StewartTom Morgan467648-181
1956-08-10vs BOS108L  2-3-7,457 Chuck StobbsTom BrewerTom BrewerChuck Stobbs 469651-182
1956-08-11vs BOS109W  6-1-10,938 Pedro RamosDave SislerPedro RamosDave Sisler 475652-177
1956-08-12vs BOS110W  8-2-8,717 Dean StoneWillard NixonBud ByerlyWillard NixonCamilo Pascual483654-171
1956-08-14@ BAL111L  0-3-21,314Chuck StobbsConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonChuck Stobbs 483657-174
1956-08-15@ BAL112L  2-3-9,851Camilo PascualMike FornielesBill WightBud Byerly 485660-175
1956-08-17@ BOS113W  6-5-23,610Pedro RamosFrank SullivanPedro RamosFrank Sullivan 491665-174
1956-08-18@ BOS114W  9-7-9,762Dean StoneGeorge SusceDean StoneGeorge SusceBud Byerly500672-172
1956-08-19@ BOS115W  7-5-0Chuck StobbsTom BrewerChuck StobbsTom Brewer 507677-170
1956-08-19@ BOS116W  11-10-20,503Camilo PascualMel ParnellPedro RamosFritz Dorish 518687-169
1956-08-21vs DET117L  3-8-3,264 Hal GriggsSteve GromekSteve GromekBunky Stewart 521695-174
1956-08-22vs DET118L  5-9-3,439 Dean StonePaul FoytackPaul FoytackDean StoneAl Aber526704-178
1956-08-23vs KC1119W  5-3-11,755 Chuck StobbsJack CrimianChuck StobbsJack Crimian 531707-176
1956-08-24vs KC1120L  4-8-2,795 Pedro RamosLou KretlowBobby ShantzPedro Ramos 535715-180
1956-08-25vs KC1121W  8-4-2,352 Camilo PascualArt DitmarCamilo PascualArt Ditmar 543719-176
1956-08-26vs CLE122L  1-4-6,880 Dean StoneEarly WynnEarly WynnDean Stone 544723-179
1956-08-27vs CLE123L  2-5-4,879 Hal GriggsBob LemonBob LemonHal Griggs 546728-182
1956-08-28vs CHA124W  6-2-0 Chuck StobbsBob KeeganChuck StobbsBob Keegan 552730-178
1956-08-28vs CHA125L  3-5-4,389 Pedro RamosJack HarshmanJack HarshmanPedro RamosEllis Kinder555735-180
1956-08-29vs CHA126L  7-9-1,373 Bob WieslerJim WilsonJim WilsonBob WieslerEllis Kinder562744-182
1956-08-31vs NYA127L  4-6-15,525 Camilo PascualWhitey FordWhitey FordCamilo PascualTom Morgan566750-184
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttWS1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1956-09-01vs NYA128W  4-3-14,381 Chuck StobbsTom SturdivantChuck StobbsTom Sturdivant 570753-183
1956-09-02vs NYA129W  4-3-17,110 Dean StoneBob TurleyBud ByerlyTommy Byrne 574756-182
1956-09-03vs BOS130L  5-7-0 Hal GriggsMel ParnellTom HurdBunky Stewart 579763-184
1956-09-03vs BOS131L  0-16-13,271 Bob WieslerTom BrewerTom BrewerBob Wiesler 579779-200
1956-09-04vs BOS132L  6-7-3,407 Camilo PascualDave SislerFrank SullivanBud Byerly 585786-201
1956-09-05vs BAL133W  2-0-1,657 Chuck StobbsConnie JohnsonChuck StobbsConnie Johnson 587786-199
1956-09-06vs BAL134W  7-5-760 Dean StoneRay MooreDean StoneSandy ConsuegraBud Byerly594791-197
1956-09-07@ NYA135W  6-5-16,853Bob ChakalesJohnny KucksBunky StewartTom MorganHal Griggs600796-196
1956-09-08@ NYA136L  2-16-13,874Camilo PascualTom SturdivantTom SturdivantCamilo PascualBob Turley602812-210
1956-09-09@ NYA137L  1-2-17,711Chuck StobbsWhitey FordWhitey FordChuck Stobbs 603814-211
1956-09-11@ DET138L  0-12-2,481Dean StoneFrank LaryFrank LaryDean Stone 603826-223
1956-09-12@ DET139L  2-3-2,911Evelio HernandezBilly HoeftBilly HoeftCamilo Pascual 605829-224
1956-09-13@ DET140L  2-7-2,473Chuck StobbsPaul FoytackPaul FoytackChuck Stobbs 607836-229
1956-09-14@ KC1141W  4-1-5,884Ted AbernathyWalt CraddockTed AbernathyWalt Craddock 611837-226
1956-09-15@ KC1142L  5-10-5,013Camilo PascualCarl DuserCarl DuserCamilo PascualBobby Shantz616847-231
1956-09-16@ CHA143L  5-7-0Evelio HernandezJack HarshmanJack HarshmanEvelio Hernandez 621854-233
1956-09-16@ CHA144L  2-7-8,789Dick BrodowskiGerry StaleyGerry StaleyDick Brodowski 623861-238
1956-09-18@ CLE145L  0-1-0Bob WieslerHerb ScoreHerb ScoreBob Wiesler 623862-239
1956-09-18@ CLE146L  0-6-4,305Chuck StobbsMike GarciaMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 623868-245
1956-09-19@ CLE147L  0-6-365Ted AbernathyBob LemonBob LemonTed Abernathy 623874-251
1956-09-21@ BAL148L  3-7-5,275Camilo PascualBill WightBill WightCamilo Pascual 626881-255
1956-09-22@ BAL149L  6-8-5,151Evelio HernandezRay MooreGeorge ZuverinkDean StoneDon Ferrarese632889-257
1956-09-23@ BAL150L  0-6-8,766Chuck StobbsConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonChuck Stobbs 632895-263
1956-09-25@ BOS151L  4-10-2,073Pedro RamosDave SislerDave SislerPedro RamosIke Delock636905-269
1956-09-26@ BOS152L  4-8-2,208Ted AbernathyFrank SullivanFrank SullivanTed Abernathy 640913-273
1956-09-29vs BAL153W  7-1-1,129 Evelio HernandezRon MoellerEvelio HernandezRon Moeller 647914-267
1956-09-30vs BAL154L  2-4-0 Chuck StobbsSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraChuck StobbsMike Fornieles649918-269
1956-09-30vs BAL155L  3-6-3,060 Ted AbernathyDon FerrareseCharlie BeamonTed Abernathy 652924-272

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