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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  79-75   .513
Result:   5th in American League
Manager(s):  Bucky Harris
General Manager:   Muddy Ruel
Stadium:  Briggs Stadium
Attendance:  1,181,838
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Steve Souchock (36)
Youngest Player:  Jim Small (18)
Longest Tenure:  Steve Souchock, Dick Marlowe (5)
Top Hitter:  Al Kaline (2)
Top Pitcher:  Billy Hoeft (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  74.34%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9658.623--
Chi White Sox9163.5915.0
KC Athletics6391.40933.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-04-12@ KC11L  2-6-32,147Ned GarverAlex KellnerAlex KellnerNed GarverEwell Blackwell26-4
1955-04-13@ KC12W  10-2-21,868Steve GromekArnie PortocarreroSteve GromekArnie Portocarrero 1284
1955-04-14vs CLE3L  3-5-42,684 Billy HoeftMike GarciaMike GarciaBilly Hoeft 15132
1955-04-15vs CLE4L  3-7-3,786 Frank LaryHerb ScoreHerb ScoreFrank Lary 1820-2
1955-04-16vs KC15W  8-3-7,006 Ned GarverArnie PortocarreroNed GarverArnie Portocarrero 26233
1955-04-17vs KC16W  16-0-16,662 Steve GromekJohnny GraySteve GromekJohnny Gray 422319
1955-04-21vs CHA7L  1-9-5,980 Ned GarverMike FornielesMike FornielesNed Garver 433211
1955-04-22@ CLE8L  5-8-16,957Steve GromekBob LemonBob LemonSteve GromekRay Narleski48408
1955-04-23@ CLE9W  3-0-6,737Billy HoeftMike GarciaBilly HoeftMike Garcia 514011
1955-04-24@ CLE10W  6-4-13,319Frank LaryHerb ScoreFrank LaryHerb Score 574413
1955-04-26vs BAL11W  3-2-1,319 Ned GarverErv PalicaNed GarverErv Palica 604614
1955-04-27vs BAL12W  11-3-3,969 Steve GromekJim WilsonSteve GromekJim Wilson 714922
1955-04-28vs WS113W  4-1-20,820 Billy HoeftDean StoneBilly HoeftDean Stone 755025
1955-04-29vs WS114W  3-2-3,534 Frank LaryCamilo PascualFrank LaryCamilo Pascual 785226
1955-04-30vs WS115W  11-7-9,341 Duke MaasBob PorterfieldAl AberBob Porterfield 895930
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-05-01vs NYA16L  1-6-48,813 Ned GarverBob TurleyBob TurleyNed Garver 906525
1955-05-02vs NYA17W  7-1-7,563 Steve GromekBob WieslerSteve GromekBob Wiesler 976631
1955-05-03vs BOS18W  4-2-4,521 Billy HoeftIke DelockBilly HoeftIke Delock 1016833
1955-05-04vs BOS19L  2-3-32,485 Frank LaryWillard NixonWillard NixonFrank LaryEllis Kinder1037132
1955-05-05vs BOS20W  3-2-4,687 Duke MaasTom BrewerDuke MaasTom Brewer 1067333
1955-05-06@ CHA21L  0-1-27,234Ned GarverVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksNed Garver 1067432
1955-05-07@ CHA22W  7-1-3,917Steve GromekBilly PierceSteve GromekBilly Pierce 1137538
1955-05-08@ CHA23L  4-5-0Billy HoeftSandy ConsuegraMike FornielesGeorge Zuverink 1178037
1955-05-08@ CHA24L  0-1-17,532Frank LaryDick DonovanDick DonovanFrank Lary 1178136
1955-05-10@ WS125L  4-7-5,651Duke MaasBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldDuke MaasCamilo Pascual1218833
1955-05-11@ WS126W  7-0-1,271Ned GarverDean StoneNed GarverDean Stone 1288840
1955-05-13@ NYA27L  2-5-7,177Steve GromekWhitey FordWhitey FordSteve GromekTom Morgan1309337
1955-05-14@ NYA28L  6-7-18,577Billy HoeftBob GrimJim KonstantyBilly Hoeft 13610036
1955-05-15@ BOS29L  4-10-0Frank LaryFrank SullivanFrank SullivanFrank Lary 14011030
1955-05-15@ BOS30W  9-3-28,752Duke MaasTom BrewerDuke MaasTom Brewer 14911336
1955-05-17@ BAL31L  2-3-28,532Ned GarverErv PalicaErv PalicaNed Garver 15111635
1955-05-18@ BAL32W  6-3-4,975Frank LarySaul RogovinFrank LaryRay Moore 15711938
1955-05-20vs CLE33W  11-4-50,004 Billy HoeftBob LemonAl AberBob Lemon 16812345
1955-05-21vs CLE34W  3-2-17,734 Duke MaasMike GarciaDuke MaasMike Garcia 17112546
1955-05-22vs CLE35L  0-4-35,743 Ned GarverEarly WynnEarly WynnNed Garver 17112942
1955-05-24@ KC136W  9-6-18,217Steve GromekArt DitmarAl AberJohnny Sain 18013545
1955-05-25@ KC137W  8-2-12,026Frank LaryRay HerbertFrank LaryRay Herbert 18813751
1955-05-27vs CHA38W  1-0-31,236 Billy HoeftDick DonovanBilly HoeftDick Donovan 18913752
1955-05-28vs CHA39L  4-16-3,962 Duke MaasVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksDuke Maas 19315340
1955-05-29vs CHA40L  3-9-16,211 Ned GarverMike FornielesMike FornielesNed Garver 19616234
1955-05-30vs KC141L  6-8-0 Frank LaryArt DitmarArt DitmarFrank LaryJohnny Sain20217032
1955-05-30vs KC142L  4-5-19,480 Duke MaasVic RaschiArt CeccarelliGeorge Zuverink 20617531
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-06-01vs WS143W  9-0-3,512 Billy HoeftDean StoneBilly HoeftDean Stone 21517540
1955-06-02vs WS144W  4-3-2,741 Steve GromekChuck StobbsSteve GromekChuck StobbsAl Aber21917841
1955-06-03vs BAL45W  7-2-19,968 Ned GarverDuane PilletteNed GarverArt Schallock 22618046
1955-06-04vs BAL46W  5-2-6,070 Frank LaryHarry ByrdFrank LaryHarry Byrd 23118249
1955-06-05vs BAL47W  10-0-0 Duke MaasJim McDonaldDuke MaasJim McDonald 24118259
1955-06-05vs BAL48L  5-6-21,282 George ZuverinkJim WilsonJim WilsonGeorge ZuverinkDon Johnson24618858
1955-06-06vs NYA49L  5-7-9,528 Billy HoeftJohnny KucksJohnny KucksBilly HoeftJim Konstanty25119556
1955-06-07vs NYA50W  4-3-5,259 Ned GarverBob GrimNed GarverTom Sturdivant 25519857
1955-06-08vs NYA51W  3-1-43,139 Frank LaryBob TurleyFrank LaryBob Turley 25819959
1955-06-09vs NYA52L  3-7-10,777 Steve GromekWhitey FordJim KonstantySteve Gromek 26120655
1955-06-10vs BOS53L  2-5-5,160 Duke MaasWillard NixonWillard NixonDuke Maas 26321152
1955-06-11vs BOS54W  7-5-11,499 Billy HoeftTom BrewerBabe BirrerLeo Kiely 27021654
1955-06-14@ NYA55L  6-7-21,024Ned GarverBob WieslerTom MorganGeorge Zuverink 27622353
1955-06-15@ NYA56W  8-6-9,635Billy HoeftJohnny KucksBilly HoeftJohnny KucksBabe Birrer28422955
1955-06-16@ NYA57L  2-3-16,955Frank LaryTommy ByrneTommy ByrneFrank Lary 28623254
1955-06-17@ BAL58L  2-3-11,430Steve GromekDon JohnsonArt SchallockSteve Gromek 28823553
1955-06-18@ BAL59W  7-0-8,781Duke MaasFritz DorishDuke MaasFritz Dorish 29523560
1955-06-21@ BOS60L  4-5-25,332Ned GarverWillard NixonTom HurdNed GarverEllis Kinder29924059
1955-06-22@ BOS61L  7-12-11,484Frank LaryTom BrewerTom BrewerFrank LaryLeo Kiely30625254
1955-06-23@ BOS62L  0-7-9,316Duke MaasFrank SullivanFrank SullivanDuke Maas 30625947
1955-06-24@ WS163W  18-7-4,188Billy HoeftBob PorterfieldBilly HoeftBob Porterfield 32426658
1955-06-25@ WS164W  4-0-1,843Steve GromekTed AbernathySteve GromekTed Abernathy 32826662
1955-06-26@ WS165W  6-4-0Ned GarverDean StoneAl AberDean Stone 33427064
1955-06-26@ WS166L  4-12-7,407Frank LaryMickey McDermottMickey McDermottFrank Lary 33828256
1955-06-28@ CHA67W  5-4-37,567Duke MaasDick DonovanFrank LaryDixie Howell 34328657
1955-06-29@ CHA68W  8-2-9,608Billy HoeftHarry ByrdBilly HoeftHarry Byrd 35128863
1955-06-30@ CHA69W  4-3-6,016Steve GromekMike FornielesSteve GromekSandy Consuegra 35529164
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-07-01@ KC170L  2-3-0Babe BirrerCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerBabe BirrerTom Gorman35729463
1955-07-01@ KC171L  5-7-18,770Ned GarverRay HerbertTom GormanNed Garver 36230161
1955-07-02@ KC172L  10-11-17,024Frank LaryArnie PortocarreroJohnny SainAl Aber 37231260
1955-07-03@ KC173L  8-9-20,275Duke MaasVic RaschiLou SleaterGeorge Zuverink 38032159
1955-07-04@ CLE74L  5-6-0Billy HoeftArt HouttemanBob LemonFrank Lary 38532758
1955-07-04@ CLE75L  5-8-26,153Steve GromekMike GarciaDon MossiSteve Gromek 39033555
1955-07-06vs CHA76W  5-3-9,186 Ned GarverVirgil TrucksNed GarverVirgil Trucks 39533857
1955-07-07vs CHA77L  1-12-7,346 Duke MaasDick DonovanDick DonovanDuke Maas 39635046
1955-07-08vs KC178W  11-8-27,770 Billy HoeftArnie PortocarreroAl AberJohnny Sain 40735849
1955-07-09vs KC179L  1-2-6,487 Frank LaryArt DitmarArt DitmarFrank Lary 40836048
1955-07-10vs KC180L  5-9-0 Steve GromekCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerSteve GromekBill Harrington41336944
1955-07-10vs KC181W  10-1-23,751 Ned GarverVic RaschiNed GarverVic Raschi 42337053
1955-07-14vs BOS82W  6-0-0 Frank LaryIke DelockFrank LaryIke Delock 42937059
1955-07-14vs BOS83L  3-7-44,676 Duke MaasGeorge SusceGeorge SusceDuke Maas 43237755
1955-07-16vs NYA84W  6-3-0 Ned GarverJohnny KucksNed GarverJim Konstanty 43838058
1955-07-16vs NYA85W  2-1-32,985 Billy HoeftWhitey FordBilly HoeftWhitey Ford 44038159
1955-07-17vs NYA86W  6-5-33,301 Steve GromekBob WieslerJoe ColemanEddie Lopat 44638660
1955-07-19vs BAL87W  12-4-6,527 Frank LaryJim McDonaldFrank LaryJim McDonaldBabe Birrer45839068
1955-07-20vs BAL88L  3-6-28,796 Jim BunningRay MooreRay MooreJim BunningFritz Dorish46139665
1955-07-21vs BAL89W  1-0-4,442 Billy HoeftHal BrownBilly HoeftHal Brown 46239666
1955-07-22vs WS190W  11-3-4,891 Ned GarverCamilo PascualNed GarverCamilo Pascual 47339974
1955-07-23vs WS191W  10-4-16,627 Steve GromekDean StoneSteve GromekDean StoneJoe Coleman48340380
1955-07-24vs WS192W  7-3-0 Jim BunningPedro RamosJim BunningPedro RamosBabe Birrer49040684
1955-07-24vs WS193L  0-3-22,553 Frank LaryTed AbernathyTed AbernathyFrank Lary 49040981
1955-07-26@ BAL94W  8-6-0Billy HoeftRay MooreBabe BirrerBill Wight 49841583
1955-07-26@ BAL95W  7-2-29,150Ned GarverJim WilsonNed GarverJim Wilson 50541788
1955-07-27@ BAL96W  8-4-0Steve GromekTed GraySteve GromekTed GrayJoe Coleman51342192
1955-07-27@ BAL97L  7-8-12,707Leo CristanteHal BrownFritz DorishBilly Hoeft 52042991
1955-07-28@ BAL98W  7-5-4,218Frank LaryArt SchallockFrank LaryArt SchallockJoe Coleman52743493
1955-07-29@ BOS99L  0-5-32,631Jim BunningWillard NixonWillard NixonJim Bunning 52743988
1955-07-30@ BOS100W  5-2-22,481Babe BirrerGeorge SusceBabe BirrerGeorge Susce 53244191
1955-07-31@ BOS101L  3-8-0Ned GarverFrank SullivanFrank SullivanNed Garver 53544986
1955-07-31@ BOS102L  2-3-35,057Billy HoeftIke DelockFrank BaumannBilly Hoeft 53745285
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-08-02@ WS1103W  13-10-5,235Steve GromekJohnny SchmitzJoe ColemanPedro Ramos 55046288
1955-08-03@ WS1104W  3-0-2,888Frank LaryBob PorterfieldFrank LaryBob Porterfield 55346291
1955-08-04@ WS1105L  6-9-1,501Ned GarverTed AbernathyChuck StobbsJoe Coleman 55947188
1955-08-05@ NYA106L  0-3-25,874Jim BunningDon LarsenDon LarsenJim Bunning 55947485
1955-08-06@ NYA107W  7-5-15,002Billy HoeftBob WieslerBilly HoeftTom MorganAl Aber56647987
1955-08-07@ NYA108W  4-2-0Steve GromekTommy ByrneSteve GromekTommy ByrneAl Aber57048189
1955-08-07@ NYA109L  2-3-39,148Frank LaryBob TurleyBob TurleyBabe Birrer 57248488
1955-08-09@ CLE110L  2-4-25,107Ned GarverHerb ScoreHerb ScoreNed GarverRay Narleski57448886
1955-08-10@ CLE111L  4-6-16,778Jim BunningMike GarciaDon MossiAl Aber 57849484
1955-08-11@ CLE112L  1-3-13,562Billy HoeftEarly WynnEarly WynnBilly Hoeft 57949782
1955-08-12vs CHA113L  1-2-44,830 Steve GromekVirgil TrucksVirgil TrucksSteve GromekDixie Howell58049981
1955-08-13vs CHA114W  9-8-16,276 Frank LaryMike FornielesJim BunningDixie Howell 58950782
1955-08-14vs CHA115L  4-5-14,980 Ned GarverBilly PierceBilly PierceNed Garver 59351281
1955-08-16vs CLE116W  7-0-47,545 Billy HoeftEarly WynnBilly HoeftEarly Wynn 60051288
1955-08-17vs CLE117W  9-5-15,836 Jim BunningBob LemonBabe BirrerBob Lemon 60951792
1955-08-18vs CLE118L  3-5-15,988 Frank LaryHerb ScoreHerb ScoreFrank LaryRay Narleski61252290
1955-08-19@ CHA119L  0-3-36,473Steve GromekBilly PierceBilly PierceSteve Gromek 61252587
1955-08-20@ CHA120L  7-8-16,803Ned GarverBob KeeganDixie HowellLeo CristanteHarry Byrd61953386
1955-08-21@ CHA121L  0-2-0Billy HoeftConnie JohnsonConnie JohnsonBilly Hoeft 61953584
1955-08-21@ CHA122L  2-8-34,542Jim BunningDick DonovanDick DonovanJim Bunning 62154378
1955-08-23vs NYA123W  7-2-47,979 Frank LaryBob TurleyFrank LaryBob Turley 62854583
1955-08-24vs NYA124L  2-3-17,598 Steve GromekWhitey FordBob GrimSteve GromekDon Larsen63054882
1955-08-25vs BOS125W  6-1-0 Ned GarverWillard NixonNed GarverWillard Nixon 63654987
1955-08-25vs BOS126L  4-6-19,502 Babe BirrerIke DelockIke DelockBabe BirrerEllis Kinder64055585
1955-08-26vs BOS127W  5-4-6,405 Billy HoeftGeorge SusceBilly HoeftBill Henry 64555986
1955-08-27vs BOS128L  3-4-16,022 Frank LaryFrank BaumannTom HurdAl AberEllis Kinder64856385
1955-08-29vs BAL129L  0-6-0 Steve GromekErv PalicaErv PalicaSteve Gromek 64856979
1955-08-29vs BAL130L  3-4-7,230 Ned GarverGeorge ZuverinkRay MooreNed GarverBill Wight65157378
1955-08-30vs WS1131W  4-0-20,097 Billy HoeftPedro RamosBilly HoeftPedro Ramos 65557382
1955-08-31vs WS1132W  7-4-4,566 Frank LaryJohnny SchmitzFrank LaryJohnny SchmitzJim Bunning66257785
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-09-02@ KC1133L  6-7-18,689Paul FoytackArt CeccarelliArt CeccarelliPaul FoytackTom Gorman66858484
1955-09-03@ KC1134W  11-6-20,882Steve GromekMike KumeAl AberWalt Craddock 67959089
1955-09-04@ KC1135W  17-1-22,772Ned GarverVic RaschiNed GarverVic Raschi 696591105
1955-09-05vs CHA136W  7-2-0 Billy HoeftVirgil TrucksBilly HoeftVirgil Trucks 703593110
1955-09-05vs CHA137L  0-3-38,309 Frank LaryBob KeeganBob KeeganFrank LaryBilly Pierce703596107
1955-09-07@ BOS138L  4-7-14,370Jim BunningFrank SullivanFrank SullivanJim BunningEllis Kinder707603104
1955-09-08@ BOS139W  5-4-13,514Al AberWillard NixonSteve GromekEllis KinderFrank Lary712607105
1955-09-09@ BAL140L  3-8-7,233Ned GarverBill WightBill WightNed Garver 715615100
1955-09-10@ BAL141L  3-5-5,985Bud BlackJim WilsonJim WilsonBud Black 71862098
1955-09-11@ WS1142W  8-0-0Billy HoeftJohnny SchmitzBilly HoeftJohnny Schmitz 726620106
1955-09-11@ WS1143L  0-1-6,817Frank LaryTed AbernathyTed AbernathyFrank Lary 726621105
1955-09-13@ NYA144L  0-6-11,520Bob MillerBob TurleyBob TurleyBob Miller 72662799
1955-09-14@ NYA145L  4-6-9,456Ned GarverDon LarsenDon LarsenNed Garver 73063397
1955-09-16@ CLE146W  3-0-24,185Billy HoeftEarly WynnSteve GromekEarly Wynn 733633100
1955-09-17@ CLE147W  3-1-14,639Frank LaryBob LemonFrank LaryBob Lemon 736634102
1955-09-18@ CLE148W  10-3-28,504Bob MillerMike GarciaBob MillerMike GarciaDick Marlowe746637109
1955-09-19vs KC1149W  4-0-14,255 Bud BlackWalt CraddockBud BlackWalt Craddock 750637113
1955-09-20vs KC1150W  7-3-2,213 Duke MaasGlenn CoxJim BunningGlenn Cox 757640117
1955-09-21vs KC1151W  10-1-1,880 Dick MarloweMike KumeDick MarloweMike Kume 767641126
1955-09-24vs CLE152L  2-8-0 Frank LaryHerb ScoreHerb ScoreFrank Lary 769649120
1955-09-24vs CLE153L  0-7-13,616 Ned GarverHank AguirreHank AguirreNed Garver 769656113
1955-09-25vs CLE154W  6-2-17,888 Bob MillerBud DaleyBob MillerBud Daley 775658117

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