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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  85-69   .552
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Charlie Grimm
General Manager:   John Quinn
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  2,005,836
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Koslo (35)
Youngest Player:  Joey Jay (19)
Longest Tenure:  Johnny Logan, Joe Adcock, Bill Bruton, Bob Buhl, Lew Burdette, Del Crandall, Jack Dittmer, Joey Jay, Ernie Johnson, Dave Jolly, Eddie Mathews, Andy Pafko, Warren Spahn, Jim Pendleton (3)
Top Hitter:  Eddie Mathews (6)
Top Pitcher:  Warren Spahn (6)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  90.97%
National League Standings
NY Giants8074.51918.5
Chi Cubs7281.47126.0
St. Louis6886.44230.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-04-12vs CIN1W  4-2-43,640 Warren SpahnGerry StaleyWarren SpahnGerry Staley 422
1955-04-14@ SLN2L  7-8-11,402Gene ConleyHarvey HaddixFrank SmithDave Koslo 11101
1955-04-16@ CIN3W  9-5-5,131Lew BurdetteJim PearceLew BurdetteJim Pearce 20155
1955-04-17@ CIN4W  10-1-21,665Warren SpahnArt FowlerWarren SpahnArt Fowler 301614
1955-04-17@ CIN5L  5-6-21,665Ray CroneGerry StaleyGerry StaleyDave Jolly 352213
1955-04-18vs CHN6W  2-1-10,306 Bob BuhlWarren HackerBob BuhlWarren HackerErnie Johnson372314
1955-04-19vs CHN7W  3-2-11,325 Gene ConleyBob RushGene ConleyBob Rush 402515
1955-04-20@ CHN8W  9-5-7,233Lew BurdetteSam JonesLew BurdetteSam JonesHumberto Robinson493019
1955-04-22vs SLN9L  1-2-29,733 Warren SpahnBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrenceWarren Spahn 503218
1955-04-23vs SLN10W  5-4-22,838 Chet NicholsLarry JacksonChet NicholsBobby Tiefenauer 553619
1955-04-26@ NY111L  2-3-12,618Bob BuhlJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliBob Buhl 573918
1955-04-27@ NY112W  9-6-5,343Gene ConleyRuben GomezGene ConleyRuben Gomez 664521
1955-04-28@ PHI13L  2-3-12,963Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLew Burdette 684820
1955-04-29@ PHI14L  4-13-12,146Warren SpahnHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierWarren Spahn 726111
1955-04-30@ PHI15W  4-2-7,739Chet NicholsMurry DicksonChet NicholsMurry DicksonHumberto Robinson766313
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-05-01@ BRO16L  4-5-23,968Bob BuhlBilly LoesEd RoebuckLew BurdetteJim Hughes806812
1955-05-02@ BRO17L  0-2-19,976Gene ConleyCarl ErskineCarl ErskineGene Conley 807010
1955-05-03@ PIT18L  0-4-10,784Warren SpahnDick LittlefieldDick LittlefieldWarren Spahn 80746
1955-05-04@ PIT19L  4-5-13,374Lew BurdetteMax SurkontMax SurkontDave JollyBob Friend84795
1955-05-05@ PIT20L  4-9-4,329Bob BuhlNellie KingNellie KingBob BuhlVern Law88880
1955-05-06@ SLN21W  8-5-13,803Chet NicholsGordon JonesHumberto RobinsonBarney SchultzDave Jolly96933
1955-05-07@ SLN22W  9-7-10,758Gene ConleyTom PoholskyGene ConleyTom Poholsky 1051005
1955-05-08@ SLN23W  6-2-13,728Warren SpahnHarvey HaddixWarren SpahnHarvey Haddix 1111029
1955-05-10vs PIT24L  6-9-20,562 Ernie JohnsonMax SurkontMax SurkontErnie Johnson 1171116
1955-05-11vs PIT25W  8-3-12,444 Chet NicholsRon KlineChet NicholsRon Kline 12511411
1955-05-12vs BRO26W  2-1-39,155 Gene ConleyCarl ErskineGene ConleyEd Roebuck 12711512
1955-05-13vs BRO27L  2-6-21,966 Bob BuhlBilly LoesBilly LoesBob Buhl 1291218
1955-05-14vs PHI28W  5-4-24,862 Warren SpahnJack MeyerErnie JohnsonJack Meyer 1341259
1955-05-15vs PHI29W  6-5-0 Lew BurdetteHerm WehmeierDave JollyThornton Kipper 14013010
1955-05-15vs PHI30L  1-9-42,351 Chet NicholsRobin RobertsRobin RobertsChet Nichols 1411392
1955-05-17vs NY131W  9-4-29,139 Gene ConleyRuben GomezGene ConleyAl Corwin 1501437
1955-05-18vs NY132L  2-4-35,102 Warren SpahnJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliWarren Spahn 1521475
1955-05-19vs NY133L  2-3-22,135 Ernie JohnsonJim HearnJim HearnErnie Johnson 1541504
1955-05-20vs CHN34L  2-4-31,103 Lew BurdetteBob RushHal JeffcoatWarren Spahn 1561542
1955-05-21vs CHN35L  1-2-26,279 Chet NicholsWarren HackerWarren HackerChet Nichols 1571561
1955-05-22vs CHN36W  5-1-27,544 Gene ConleySam JonesGene ConleySam Jones 1621575
1955-05-25vs CIN37L  2-13-21,867 Warren SpahnRudy MinarcinArt FowlerWarren Spahn 164170-6
1955-05-26vs CIN38L  4-5-12,173 Lew BurdetteGerry StaleyGerry StaleyLew BurdetteHersh Freeman168175-7
1955-05-27@ CHN39W  7-5-8,848Gene ConleySam JonesGene ConleySam Jones 175180-5
1955-05-28@ CHN40L  2-5-17,772Chet NicholsWarren HackerWarren HackerChet Nichols 177185-8
1955-05-29@ CHN41L  6-9-22,796Lew BurdetteBob RushHal JeffcoatLew Burdette 183194-11
1955-05-30@ CIN42W  7-6-0Warren SpahnArt FowlerChet NicholsHersh FreemanRoberto Vargas190200-10
1955-05-30@ CIN43W  8-4-16,598Joey JayBud PodbielanHumberto RobinsonBud Podbielan 198204-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-06-01@ BRO44L  8-11-18,380Gene ConleyCarl ErskineCarl ErskineGene ConleyJim Hughes206215-9
1955-06-02@ BRO45L  2-13-0Bob BuhlBilly LoesBilly LoesBob Buhl 208228-20
1955-06-03@ PHI46W  4-3-16,362Lew BurdetteMurry DicksonLew BurdetteMurry Dickson 212231-19
1955-06-04@ PHI47W  11-3-6,465Warren SpahnBob KuzavaWarren SpahnBob Miller 223234-11
1955-06-05@ PHI48W  5-4-0Ray CroneRobin RobertsErnie JohnsonRobin Roberts 228238-10
1955-06-05@ PHI49L  2-4-23,431Gene ConleyHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierGene Conley 230242-12
1955-06-06@ PHI50W  5-2-11,815Bob BuhlDave ColeBob BuhlDave Cole 235244-9
1955-06-07@ NY151W  13-4-23,457Chet NicholsJohnny AntonelliChet NicholsJohnny AntonelliWarren Spahn2482480
1955-06-08@ NY152L  4-5-3,961Lew BurdetteRuben GomezWindy McCallRay Crone 252253-1
1955-06-11@ PIT53W  7-4-1,995Gene ConleyBob FriendGene ConleyBob Friend 2592572
1955-06-12@ PIT54L  3-5-0Warren SpahnVern LawVern LawWarren SpahnRoy Face2622620
1955-06-12@ PIT55W  6-5-12,738Bob BuhlMax SurkontBob BuhlMax Surkont 2682671
1955-06-13@ CIN56L  4-6-4,857Chet NicholsGerry StaleyJackie CollumChet Nichols 272273-1
1955-06-14vs PHI57W  4-2-29,252 Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew BurdetteRobin Roberts 2762751
1955-06-15vs PHI58L  0-4-27,759 Gene ConleyHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierGene Conley 276279-3
1955-06-16vs PHI59L  0-3-17,978 Bob BuhlMurry DicksonMurry DicksonBob Buhl 276282-6
1955-06-17vs NY160W  5-4-39,275 Warren SpahnJohnny AntonelliRay CroneMarv Grissom 281286-5
1955-06-18vs NY161W  7-4-33,814 Chet NicholsSal MaglieErnie JohnsonWindy McCall 288290-2
1955-06-19vs NY162W  8-7-38,014 Lew BurdetteRuben GomezRay CronePaul Giel 296297-1
1955-06-20vs PIT63W  2-1-21,510 Gene ConleyVern LawGene ConleyVern Law 2982980
1955-06-21vs PIT64W  6-4-25,510 Bob BuhlRon KlineBob BuhlRon Kline 3043022
1955-06-22vs PIT65W  6-0-23,219 Warren SpahnMax SurkontWarren SpahnMax Surkont 3103028
1955-06-24vs BRO66W  8-2-43,068 Lew BurdetteCarl ErskineLew BurdetteCarl Erskine 31830414
1955-06-25vs BRO67L  3-5-39,153 Gene ConleyDon NewcombeDon NewcombeGene ConleyKarl Spooner32130912
1955-06-26vs BRO68W  4-0-42,056 Bob BuhlRuss MeyerBob BuhlEd Roebuck 32530916
1955-06-28vs CHN69L  3-7-42,088 Warren SpahnSam JonesSam JonesWarren Spahn 32831612
1955-06-29vs CHN70W  14-1-35,135 Lew BurdetteHowie PolletLew BurdetteHowie Pollet 34231725
1955-06-30vs CHN71W  7-4-31,332 Gene ConleyWarren HackerRay CroneHal Jeffcoat 34932128
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-07-01@ CIN72L  2-14-15,098Bob BuhlGerry StaleyJoe BlackBob Buhl 35133516
1955-07-02@ CIN73L  5-10-17,144Chet NicholsJackie CollumJackie CollumChet Nichols 35634511
1955-07-03@ CIN74W  7-3-11,212Warren SpahnJoe NuxhallWarren SpahnJoe Nuxhall 36334815
1955-07-04vs SLN75L  2-4-0 Ray CroneTom PoholskyTom PoholskyRay Crone 36535213
1955-07-04vs SLN76L  4-5-30,948 Lew BurdetteBrooks LawrenceMel WrightBob Buhl 36935712
1955-07-06@ CHN77W  5-1-22,875Gene ConleyBob RushGene ConleyBob Rush 37435816
1955-07-07@ CHN78W  3-2-14,562Bob BuhlSam JonesBob BuhlSam Jones 37736017
1955-07-08vs CIN79W  4-2-0 Warren SpahnArt FowlerWarren SpahnArt Fowler 38136219
1955-07-08vs CIN80W  5-3-38,631 Lew BurdetteRudy MinarcinLew BurdetteRudy Minarcin 38636521
1955-07-09vs CIN81W  5-2-32,096 Ray CroneGerry StaleyRay CroneJohnny Klippstein 39136724
1955-07-10vs CIN82W  7-4-0 Gene ConleyJoe BlackGene ConleyJoe Black 39837127
1955-07-10vs CIN83L  6-7-38,206 Chet NicholsJackie CollumHersh FreemanWarren SpahnJoe Black40437826
1955-07-14@ PHI84W  7-1-16,728Bob BuhlHerm WehmeierBob BuhlHerm Wehmeier 41137932
1955-07-15@ PHI85L  0-1-11,794Lew BurdetteMurry DicksonMurry DicksonLew Burdette 41138031
1955-07-16@ NY186L  7-8-9,587Warren SpahnSal MaglieDon LiddleRay Crone 41838830
1955-07-17@ NY187W  3-1-22,413Chet NicholsPaul GielChet NicholsPaul Giel 42138932
1955-07-17@ NY188W  8-7-0Gene ConleyJohnny AntonelliDave JollyJohnny Antonelli 42939633
1955-07-18@ NY189L  5-6-14,698Bob BuhlRuben GomezDon LiddleWarren SpahnWindy McCall43440232
1955-07-19@ PIT90L  3-4-7,953Lew BurdetteVern LawBob FriendGene Conley 43740631
1955-07-20@ PIT91L  3-4-5,568Ray CroneMax SurkontDick LittlefieldRay Crone 44041030
1955-07-21@ PIT92W  5-3-2,568Warren SpahnLino DonosoWarren SpahnLino Donoso 44541332
1955-07-22@ BRO93L  4-8-33,003Gene ConleyRoger CraigRoger CraigGene ConleyEd Roebuck44942128
1955-07-23@ BRO94W  11-6-10,019Bob BuhlKarl SpoonerErnie JohnsonEd Roebuck 46042733
1955-07-24@ BRO95L  7-9-0Lew BurdetteDon NewcombeDon BessentDave JollyCarl Erskine46743631
1955-07-24@ BRO96W  9-2-27,918Ray CroneClem LabineRay CroneClem Labine 47643838
1955-07-26vs PHI97W  6-3-29,534 Warren SpahnHerm WehmeierWarren SpahnHerm Wehmeier 48244141
1955-07-27vs PHI98W  2-1-25,936 Lew BurdetteRobin RobertsLew BurdetteRobin Roberts 48444242
1955-07-28vs PHI99W  4-2-22,335 Bob BuhlMurry DicksonBob BuhlMurry Dickson 48844444
1955-07-29vs NY1100W  5-2-40,492 Ray CroneJohnny AntonelliRay CroneJohnny Antonelli 49344647
1955-07-30vs NY1101W  5-3-31,503 Chet NicholsSal MaglieChet NicholsSal Maglie 49844949
1955-07-31vs NY1102L  3-7-36,126 Warren SpahnJim HearnJim HearnWarren Spahn 50145645
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-08-01vs BRO103L  3-4-3,774 Lew BurdetteBilly LoesKarl SpoonerErnie JohnsonDon Bessent50446044
1955-08-02vs BRO104W  5-3-38,441 Bob BuhlRoger CraigPhil PaineRoger Craig 50946346
1955-08-03vs BRO105L  6-9-42,747 Ray CroneRuss MeyerDon BessentRay CroneClem Labine51547243
1955-08-04vs BRO106L  10-11-32,907 Lew BurdetteDon NewcombeCarl ErskineErnie JohnsonClem Labine52548342
1955-08-05vs PIT107L  5-8-21,791 Warren SpahnDick HallDick HallWarren Spahn 53049139
1955-08-06vs PIT108L  0-2-16,337 Ray CroneBob FriendBob FriendRay Crone 53049337
1955-08-07vs PIT109W  6-3-0 Chet NicholsVern LawChet NicholsVern Law 53649640
1955-08-07vs PIT110W  4-2-26,955 Bob BuhlRoy FaceBob BuhlRoy Face 54049842
1955-08-09vs SLN111W  6-2-32,480 Warren SpahnLarry JacksonWarren SpahnLarry Jackson 54650046
1955-08-10vs SLN112L  2-7-32,894 Lew BurdetteTom PoholskyTom PoholskyLew Burdette 54850741
1955-08-11vs SLN113L  1-7-0 Chet NicholsHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixChet Nichols 54951435
1955-08-11vs SLN114L  0-4-26,001 Bob BuhlWillard SchmidtWillard SchmidtBob Buhl 54951831
1955-08-12@ CHN115L  1-7-11,333Ray CroneBob RushBob RushRay Crone 55052525
1955-08-13@ CHN116W  4-3-19,907Gene ConleySam JonesBob BuhlSam Jones 55452826
1955-08-14@ CHN117W  4-3-24,947Lew BurdetteWarren HackerRay CroneWarren Hacker 55853127
1955-08-15@ SLN118W  12-1-9,964Warren SpahnWillard SchmidtWarren SpahnWillard Schmidt 57053238
1955-08-16@ SLN119L  2-3-9,906Chet NicholsHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixErnie Johnson 57253537
1955-08-17@ SLN120W  11-4-10,565Bob BuhlLuis ArroyoBob BuhlLuis Arroyo 58353944
1955-08-18@ SLN121W  5-3-9,819Warren SpahnLarry JacksonWarren SpahnLarry Jackson 58854246
1955-08-19vs CHN122W  7-0-41,569 Lew BurdetteWarren HackerLew BurdetteWarren Hacker 59554253
1955-08-20vs CHN123W  6-1-29,851 Ray CroneSam JonesRay CroneSam Jones 60154358
1955-08-21vs CHN124W  8-1-33,198 Bob BuhlJim DavisBob BuhlJim Davis 60954465
1955-08-23@ PHI125L  3-4-23,991Lew BurdetteMurry DicksonJack MeyerLew Burdette 61254864
1955-08-25@ NY1126W  3-2-6,238Warren SpahnJim HearnWarren SpahnJim Hearn 61555065
1955-08-26@ NY1127W  7-1-14,485Bob BuhlRuben GomezBob BuhlRuben Gomez 62255171
1955-08-27@ NY1128W  5-4-5,954Chet NicholsJohnny AntonelliLew BurdetteWindy McCallErnie Johnson62755572
1955-08-28@ PIT129L  3-5-0Ray CroneDick HallDick HallRay CroneRon Kline63056070
1955-08-28@ PIT130L  0-2-12,032Warren SpahnVern LawVern LawWarren Spahn 63056268
1955-08-30@ BRO131L  6-8-21,995Lew BurdetteDon NewcombeDon NewcombeErnie JohnsonClem Labine63657066
1955-08-31@ BRO132W  13-8-17,604Bob BuhlCarl ErskineLew BurdetteCarl Erskine 64957871
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1955-09-01@ BRO133L  3-6-13,540Ray CroneRoger CraigRoger CraigRay CroneClem Labine65258468
1955-09-02vs CIN134L  0-2-22,105 Warren SpahnArt FowlerArt FowlerWarren Spahn 65258666
1955-09-03vs CIN135W  6-5-23,524 Lew BurdetteDon GrossPhil PaineHersh Freeman 65859167
1955-09-04vs CIN136W  5-2-22,888 Chet NicholsJohnny KlippsteinChet NicholsJohnny Klippstein 66359370
1955-09-05@ CHN137L  0-2-0Bob BuhlSam JonesSam JonesBob Buhl 66359568
1955-09-05@ CHN138W  1-0-25,278Ray CroneWarren HackerRay CroneWarren Hacker 66459569
1955-09-07vs BRO139L  1-3-34,919 Lew BurdetteBilly LoesBilly LoesLew Burdette 66559867
1955-09-08vs BRO140L  2-10-18,335 Bob BuhlRoger CraigKarl SpoonerBob Buhl 66760859
1955-09-09vs PIT141W  3-2-15,614 Warren SpahnDick HallWarren SpahnDick Hall 67061060
1955-09-10vs PIT142W  13-5-11,071 Chet NicholsVern LawRay CroneVern Law 68361568
1955-09-11vs PHI143W  5-4-0 Lew BurdetteHerm WehmeierErnie JohnsonHerm Wehmeier 68861969
1955-09-11vs PHI144W  9-1-26,426 Humberto RobinsonSaul RogovinHumberto RobinsonSaul Rogovin 69762077
1955-09-13vs NY1145L  1-9-20,899 Bob BuhlJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliBob Buhl 69862969
1955-09-14vs NY1146W  9-2-22,312 Warren SpahnRuben GomezWarren SpahnRuben Gomez 70763176
1955-09-16vs SLN147W  9-4-21,123 Lew BurdetteBrooks LawrenceLew BurdetteBrooks Lawrence 71663581
1955-09-17vs SLN148L  1-4-17,862 Humberto RobinsonWillard SchmidtWillard SchmidtHumberto Robinson 71763978
1955-09-18vs SLN149W  2-1-34,695 Warren SpahnTom PoholskyWarren SpahnLarry Jackson 71964079
1955-09-20@ CIN150W  7-0-7,035Lew BurdetteArt FowlerLew BurdetteArt Fowler 72664086
1955-09-21@ CIN151L  5-14-1,503Chet NicholsJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinChet Nichols 73165477
1955-09-23@ SLN152W  4-2-6,910Warren SpahnTom PoholskyWarren SpahnTom Poholsky 73565679
1955-09-24@ SLN153L  3-4-7,474Ray CroneLindy McDanielLarry JacksonErnie Johnson 73866078
1955-09-25@ SLN154L  5-8-9,940Lew BurdetteBen FlowersLarry JacksonChet Nichols 74366875

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