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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Chicago,IL
Team Record:  94-60   .610
Result:   3rd in American League
Manager(s):  Paul Richards, Marty Marion
General Manager:   Frank Lane
Stadium:  Comiskey Park
Attendance:  1,231,629
Playoffs:  -

Chicago White Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bud Stewart (38)
Youngest Player:  Tom Flanigan (19)
Longest Tenure:  Billy Pierce (6)
Top Hitter:  Minnie Minoso (1)
Top Pitcher:  Virgil Trucks (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  67.23%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10351.6698.0
Chi White Sox9460.61017.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-04-13vs CLE1L  2-8-31,026 Billy PierceEarly WynnEarly WynnBilly Pierce 28-6
1954-04-14vs CLE2L  3-6-7,872 Jack HarshmanBob LemonBob LemonJack Harshman 514-9
1954-04-15@ BAL3L  1-3-46,354Virgil TrucksBob TurleyBob TurleyVirgil Trucks 617-11
1954-04-17@ CLE4W  8-1-6,646Bob KeeganArt HouttemanBob KeeganArt Houtteman 1418-4
1954-04-18@ CLE5W  6-2-10,063Billy PierceEarly WynnBilly PierceEarly Wynn 20200
1954-04-19@ DET6W  5-1-13,854Jack HarshmanBilly HoeftFritz DorishBilly Hoeft 25214
1954-04-20@ DET7W  7-2-5,709Virgil TrucksTed GrayVirgil TrucksTed Gray 32239
1954-04-23vs BAL8L  1-3-2,614 Billy PierceJoe ColemanJoe ColemanBilly Pierce 33267
1954-04-24vs BAL9W  14-4-9,038 Bob KeeganVern BickfordBob KeeganVern BickfordAl Sima473017
1954-04-25vs BAL10W  3-2-0 Virgil TrucksDon LarsenVirgil TrucksDon Larsen 503218
1954-04-25vs BAL11W  4-3-16,571 Mike FornielesLou KretlowSandy ConsuegraHowie Fox 543519
1954-04-27@ NYA12W  4-3-4,641Don JohnsonWhitey FordDon JohnsonWhitey FordFritz Dorish583820
1954-04-29@ NYA13L  4-5-9,943Billy PierceEddie LopatEddie LopatBilly PierceAllie Reynolds624319
1954-04-30@ BOS14W  5-0-4,199Bob KeeganSid HudsonBob KeeganSid Hudson 674324
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-05-01@ BOS15W  3-0-14,932Virgil TrucksBill HenryVirgil TrucksBill Henry 704327
1954-05-02@ PHA16W  4-0-0Don JohnsonMorrie MartinDon JohnsonMorrie Martin 744331
1954-05-02@ PHA17L  1-2-12,299Mike FornielesArnie PortocarreroMarion FricanoFritz Dorish 754530
1954-05-03@ PHA18W  14-3-2,307Sandy ConsuegraCarl ScheibSandy ConsuegraCarl Scheib 894841
1954-05-04@ WS119W  8-6-4,675Billy PierceMickey McDermottBilly PierceMickey McDermott 975443
1954-05-05@ WS120L  0-1-3,594Bob KeeganBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldBob Keegan 975542
1954-05-06@ WS121W  5-4-1,952Virgil TrucksCamilo PascualFritz DorishCamilo PascualSandy Consuegra1025943
1954-05-08vs DET22L  1-12-5,910 Don JohnsonNed GarverNed GarverDon Johnson 1037132
1954-05-09vs DET23L  2-3-0 Sandy ConsuegraSteve GromekSteve GromekVirgil Trucks 1057431
1954-05-09vs DET24W  0-0-15,882 Billy PierceBilly Hoeft 1057431
1954-05-11vs BOS25W  2-1-20,090 Bob KeeganLeo KielyBob KeeganFrank Sullivan 1077532
1954-05-12vs BOS26W  1-0-3,970 Don JohnsonTom BrewerDon JohnsonTom Brewer 1087533
1954-05-13vs PHA27L  2-3-3,206 Virgil TrucksMorrie MartinMoe BurtschyVirgil Trucks 1107832
1954-05-14vs PHA28W  4-3-21,613 Billy PierceAlex KellnerDon JohnsonArt Ditmar 1148133
1954-05-15vs PHA29W  7-6-10,331 Sandy ConsuegraBob TriceVirgil TrucksLee Wheat 1218734
1954-05-16vs WS130W  10-5-0 Bob KeeganConnie MarreroBob KeeganSonny Dixon 1319239
1954-05-16vs WS131L  1-3-25,515 Mike FornielesBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldMike Fornieles 1329537
1954-05-18vs NYA32L  3-4-37,158 Virgil TrucksTom MorganJohnny SainDon Johnson 1359936
1954-05-19vs NYA33L  2-3-10,938 Billy PierceEddie LopatBob GrimBilly PierceAllie Reynolds13710235
1954-05-21@ DET34W  8-0-41,641Bob KeeganBilly HoeftBob KeeganBilly Hoeft 14510243
1954-05-22@ DET35W  5-3-10,947Don JohnsonNed GarverMike FornielesDick MarloweBob Keegan15010545
1954-05-23@ DET36W  4-3-26,047Virgil TrucksSteve GromekSandy ConsuegraSteve GromekMike Fornieles15410846
1954-05-25vs CLE37W  4-2-43,039 Billy PierceBob LemonBilly PierceBob LemonVirgil Trucks15811048
1954-05-26vs CLE38W  5-4-9,155 Bob KeeganMike GarciaSandy ConsuegraArt Houtteman 16311449
1954-05-28@ BAL39W  11-6-0Mike FornielesLou KretlowJack HarshmanLou KretlowFritz Dorish17412054
1954-05-28@ BAL40W  14-8-23,184Don JohnsonBob TurleySandy ConsuegraBob Turley 18812860
1954-05-29@ BAL41W  11-4-11,750Virgil TrucksJoe ColemanVirgil TrucksJoe Coleman 19913267
1954-05-30@ BAL42L  2-5-11,287Al SimaDon LarsenDon LarsenAl Sima 20113764
1954-05-31@ CLE43W  6-4-0Bob KeeganBob FellerBob KeeganBob Feller 20714166
1954-05-31@ CLE44L  3-6-39,997Don JohnsonArt HouttemanArt HouttemanFritz Dorish 21014763
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-06-02@ BOS45L  2-5-20,442Sandy ConsuegraFrank SullivanFrank SullivanSandy ConsuegraEllis Kinder21215260
1954-06-03@ BOS46W  9-6-5,148Virgil TrucksHal BrownVirgil TrucksHal BrownDon Johnson22115863
1954-06-04@ BOS47W  7-3-2,621Bob KeeganWillard NixonBob KeeganWillard Nixon 22816167
1954-06-05@ WS148W  5-3-6,363Don JohnsonJohnny SchmitzVirgil TrucksJohnny Schmitz 23316469
1954-06-06@ WS149W  5-3-0Sandy ConsuegraChuck StobbsSandy ConsuegraSonny DixonBob Keegan23816771
1954-06-06@ WS150W  6-0-13,701Jack HarshmanCamilo PascualJack HarshmanCamilo Pascual 24416777
1954-06-08@ PHA51W  9-3-16,615Virgil TrucksBob TriceVirgil TrucksBob Trice 25317083
1954-06-09@ PHA52W  9-4-3,582Bob KeeganAlex KellnerBob KeeganAlex Kellner 26217488
1954-06-11@ NYA53L  2-3-44,445Don JohnsonAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsMike FornielesJohnny Sain26417787
1954-06-12@ NYA54L  0-2-24,870Jack HarshmanWhitey FordWhitey FordJack Harshman 26417985
1954-06-13@ NYA55L  2-4-0Sandy ConsuegraEddie LopatEddie LopatSandy ConsuegraJohnny Sain26618383
1954-06-13@ NYA56W  8-0-60,070Virgil TrucksHarry ByrdVirgil TrucksHarry Byrd 27418391
1954-06-15vs PHA57L  4-11-26,458 Bob KeeganMarion FricanoMoe BurtschyBob KeeganAl Sima27819484
1954-06-16vs PHA58W  11-6-5,773 Mike FornielesBob TriceSandy ConsuegraSonny DixonDon Johnson28920089
1954-06-17vs PHA59W  6-4-5,339 Jack HarshmanAlex KellnerJack HarshmanAlex KellnerDon Johnson29520491
1954-06-18vs NYA60L  6-7-45,216 Virgil TrucksHarry ByrdBob GrimMorrie MartinJohnny Sain30121190
1954-06-19vs NYA61W  3-0-27,595 Sandy ConsuegraEddie LopatSandy ConsuegraEddie Lopat 30421193
1954-06-20vs NYA62L  6-16-0 Billy PierceAllie ReynoldsBob GrimJack HarshmanBob Kuzava31022783
1954-06-20vs NYA63W  7-3-37,075 Bob KeeganWhitey FordBob KeeganTom Morgan 31723087
1954-06-22vs WS164W  7-5-23,016 Virgil TrucksMickey McDermottVirgil TrucksMickey McDermottMorrie Martin32423589
1954-06-23vs WS165W  8-6-7,234 Jack HarshmanBob PorterfieldMorrie MartinBunky Stewart 33224191
1954-06-24vs WS166W  5-2-6,990 Sandy ConsuegraJohnny SchmitzSandy ConsuegraJohnny SchmitzBilly Pierce33724394
1954-06-25vs BOS67W  6-4-35,529 Bob KeeganWillard NixonBob KeeganWillard Nixon 34324796
1954-06-26vs BOS68L  1-3-10,127 Don JohnsonFrank SullivanFrank SullivanDon Johnson 34425094
1954-06-27vs BOS69L  1-2-0 Virgil TrucksTom BrewerTom BrewerVirgil Trucks 34525293
1954-06-27vs BOS70W  9-1-29,684 Jack HarshmanBill HenryJack HarshmanBill Henry 354253101
1954-06-29vs DET71L  3-10-0 Billy PierceNed GarverNed GarverBilly Pierce 35726394
1954-06-29vs DET72W  5-0-30,055 Sandy ConsuegraSteve GromekSandy ConsuegraSteve Gromek 36226399
1954-06-30vs DET73L  3-4-8,511 Bob KeeganGeorge ZuverinkBilly HoeftMorrie Martin 36526798
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-07-02@ CLE74L  2-3-0Virgil TrucksBob FellerBob FellerVirgil Trucks 36727097
1954-07-02@ CLE75L  4-5-48,331Don JohnsonEarly WynnEarly WynnDon Johnson 37127596
1954-07-03@ CLE76L  4-5-27,704Sandy ConsuegraArt HouttemanHal NewhouserJack Harshman 37528095
1954-07-04@ CLE77L  1-2-26,842Bob KeeganMike GarciaRay NarleskiBob KeeganEarly Wynn37628294
1954-07-05vs BAL78W  3-0-0 Billy PierceDon LarsenBilly PierceDon Larsen 37928297
1954-07-05vs BAL79W  2-1-18,872 Fritz DorishDuane PilletteFritz DorishDuane PilletteMorrie Martin38128398
1954-07-06@ DET80W  4-0-5,174Virgil TrucksAl AberVirgil TrucksAl Aber 385283102
1954-07-07@ DET81W  9-0-5,099Don JohnsonBilly HoeftDon JohnsonBilly Hoeft 394283111
1954-07-08@ DET82L  0-2-6,214Sandy ConsuegraSteve GromekSteve GromekSandy Consuegra 394285109
1954-07-09vs CLE83W  8-3-43,740 Bob KeeganArt HouttemanBob KeeganHal NewhouserMorrie Martin402288114
1954-07-10vs CLE84W  3-0-23,836 Jack HarshmanEarly WynnJack HarshmanEarly WynnSandy Consuegra405288117
1954-07-11vs CLE85W  3-0-0 Billy PierceRay NarleskiBilly PierceRay Narleski 408288120
1954-07-11vs CLE86W  8-2-45,466 Virgil TrucksBob LemonVirgil TrucksBob Lemon 416290126
1954-07-15@ WS187L  2-3-7,835Bob KeeganJohnny SchmitzJohnny SchmitzBob Keegan 418293125
1954-07-16@ WS188W  4-2-6,891Virgil TrucksDean StoneSandy ConsuegraDean Stone 422295127
1954-07-17@ WS189L  1-3-4,820Billy PierceBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldBilly Pierce 423298125
1954-07-18@ PHA90W  10-2-0Jack HarshmanJohnny GrayJack HarshmanJohnny Gray 433300133
1954-07-18@ PHA91W  4-3-5,496Don JohnsonCharlie BishopSandy ConsuegraCharlie Bishop 437303134
1954-07-20@ NYA92L  1-4-38,072Bob KeeganWhitey FordWhitey FordBob Keegan 438307131
1954-07-21@ NYA93W  15-3-18,597Virgil TrucksBob WieslerVirgil TrucksBob WieslerFritz Dorish453310143
1954-07-22@ NYA94L  3-4-0Sandy ConsuegraBob GrimJohnny SainDon Johnson 456314142
1954-07-22@ NYA95L  1-11-36,722Billy PierceHarry ByrdHarry ByrdBilly Pierce 457325132
1954-07-23@ BOS96W  7-1-18,810Fritz DorishRuss KemmererFritz DorishRuss KemmererVirgil Trucks464326138
1954-07-24@ BOS97L  2-5-12,507Bob KeeganLeo KielyLeo KielyBob Keegan 466331135
1954-07-25@ BOS98W  5-2-0Jack HarshmanWillard NixonJack HarshmanWillard Nixon 471333138
1954-07-25@ BOS99W  4-2-26,068Don JohnsonTom BrewerDon JohnsonEllis KinderSandy Consuegra475335140
1954-07-27vs NYA100W  4-0-53,067 Virgil TrucksHarry ByrdVirgil TrucksHarry Byrd 479335144
1954-07-28vs NYA101L  5-7-38,056 Billy PierceEddie LopatBob GrimJack HarshmanJohnny Sain484342142
1954-07-29vs NYA102L  0-10-22,995 Jack HarshmanWhitey FordWhitey FordJack Harshman 484352132
1954-07-30vs PHA103W  4-2-16,304 Bob KeeganArnie PortocarreroBob KeeganArnie Portocarrero 488354134
1954-07-31vs PHA104W  7-1-4,581 Morrie MartinCharlie BishopMorrie MartinCharlie Bishop 495355140
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-08-01vs PHA105W  6-5-0 Sandy ConsuegraMarion FricanoSandy ConsuegraMarion FricanoBilly Pierce501360141
1954-08-01vs PHA106W  12-1-17,057 Virgil TrucksSonny DixonVirgil TrucksSonny DixonFritz Dorish513361152
1954-08-03vs BOS107W  6-2-30,062 Jack HarshmanFrank SullivanJack HarshmanFrank Sullivan 519363156
1954-08-04vs BOS108W  6-5-8,854 Billy PierceRuss KemmererSandy ConsuegraEllis Kinder 525368157
1954-08-05vs BOS109W  5-1-10,042 Bob KeeganTom BrewerBob KeeganTom BrewerMorrie Martin530369161
1954-08-06vs WS1110W  10-5-25,454 Virgil TrucksJohnny SchmitzVirgil TrucksGus KeriazakosBilly Pierce540374166
1954-08-07vs WS1111L  3-4-9,650 Sandy ConsuegraMickey McDermottMickey McDermottMorrie Martin 543378165
1954-08-08vs WS1112L  6-7-0 Billy PierceChuck StobbsCamilo PascualMorrie Martin 549385164
1954-08-08vs WS1113W  3-0-11,058 Jack HarshmanDean StoneJack HarshmanDean Stone 552385167
1954-08-10vs BAL114L  1-3-25,654 Bob KeeganLou KretlowLou KretlowBob KeeganBob Chakales553388165
1954-08-11vs BAL115W  1-0-7,461 Virgil TrucksBob KuzavaVirgil TrucksBob Kuzava 554388166
1954-08-13vs DET116W  1-0-9,487 Jack HarshmanAl AberJack HarshmanAl Aber 555388167
1954-08-14vs DET117W  4-3-10,878 Sandy ConsuegraBilly HoeftDon JohnsonBilly Hoeft 559391168
1954-08-15vs DET118L  1-2-0 Fritz DorishSteve GromekSteve GromekFritz Dorish 560393167
1954-08-15vs DET119L  7-8-27,193 Virgil TrucksNed GarverNed GarverVirgil TrucksGeorge Zuverink567401166
1954-08-17@ BAL120W  2-0-0Billy PierceBob TurleyBilly PierceBob TurleyVirgil Trucks569401168
1954-08-17@ BAL121W  3-1-18,447Don JohnsonBob KuzavaDon JohnsonBob KuzavaMorrie Martin572402170
1954-08-18@ BAL122W  4-1-13,175Sandy ConsuegraDon LarsenSandy ConsuegraDon LarsenFritz Dorish576403173
1954-08-19@ BAL123W  4-3-3,822Jack HarshmanLou KretlowJack HarshmanLou KretlowFritz Dorish580406174
1954-08-20@ DET124W  8-2-36,544Virgil TrucksSteve GromekVirgil TrucksSteve Gromek 588408180
1954-08-21@ DET125W  2-1-12,901Bob KeeganGeorge ZuverinkBob KeeganGeorge ZuverinkDon Johnson590409181
1954-08-22@ DET126L  4-7-18,874Billy PierceBilly HoeftBilly HoeftBilly Pierce 594416178
1954-08-24@ WS1127W  4-0-6,371Jack HarshmanDean StoneJack HarshmanDean Stone 598416182
1954-08-25@ WS1128W  7-2-1,517Billy PierceBunky StewartBilly PierceBunky Stewart 605418187
1954-08-26@ PHA129W  8-1-0Sandy ConsuegraArnie PortocarreroSandy ConsuegraArnie PortocarreroDick Strahs613419194
1954-08-26@ PHA130L  1-4-3,650Don JohnsonCharlie BishopCharlie BishopDon Johnson 614423191
1954-08-27@ PHA131W  11-0-2,208Fritz DorishMarion FricanoFritz DorishMarion Fricano 625423202
1954-08-28@ PHA132W  5-2-1,867Jack HarshmanAlex KellnerJack HarshmanAlex KellnerDon Johnson630425205
1954-08-29@ NYA133L  1-4-41,782Virgil TrucksWhitey FordWhitey FordVirgil Trucks 631429202
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCHA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-09-01@ BOS134L  2-7-5,320Billy PierceRuss KemmererTom HurdBilly Pierce 633436197
1954-09-01@ BOS135W  6-3-10,854Fritz DorishMel ParnellFritz DorishMel ParnellJack Harshman639439200
1954-09-03vs CLE136L  2-3-34,771 Virgil TrucksBob FellerBob FellerVirgil TrucksMike Garcia641442199
1954-09-04vs CLE137W  8-5-34,433 Jack HarshmanEarly WynnJack HarshmanEarly WynnDon Johnson649447202
1954-09-05vs CLE138L  2-8-28,015 Billy PierceArt HouttemanRay NarleskiBilly PierceHal Newhouser651455196
1954-09-06vs DET139L  1-9-0 Bob KeeganNed GarverNed GarverBob Keegan 652464188
1954-09-06vs DET140L  2-3-16,256 Virgil TrucksGeorge ZuverinkGeorge ZuverinkDon JohnsonAl Aber654467187
1954-09-08vs WS1141W  2-1-6,735 Morrie MartinBob PorterfieldMorrie MartinBob PorterfieldDon Johnson656468188
1954-09-09vs WS1142L  0-2-1,842 Fritz DorishChuck StobbsChuck StobbsFritz Dorish 656470186
1954-09-10vs NYA143L  3-6-22,352 Virgil TrucksBob GrimBob GrimVirgil TrucksJim Konstanty659476183
1954-09-11vs NYA144W  6-5-15,334 Jack HarshmanEddie LopatMorrie MartinJim Konstanty 665481184
1954-09-12vs BOS145W  5-3-0 Bob KeeganTom BrewerBob KeeganTom Brewer 670484186
1954-09-12vs BOS146W  7-5-13,637 Billy PierceFrank SullivanVirgil TrucksHal Brown 677489188
1954-09-14vs PHA147L  0-1-9,128 Virgil TrucksArnie PortocarreroArnie PortocarreroVirgil Trucks 677490187
1954-09-17vs BAL148L  1-5-6,991 Jack HarshmanBob TurleyBob TurleyJack Harshman 678495183
1954-09-18vs BAL149W  6-2-2,529 Billy PierceDon LarsenBilly PierceDon Larsen 684497187
1954-09-19vs BAL150L  1-5-6,309 Virgil TrucksDuane PilletteDuane PilletteVirgil TrucksBob Chakales685502183
1954-09-20@ CLE151L  4-7-17,514Bob KeeganBob FellerBob FellerBob KeeganRay Narleski689509180
1954-09-21@ CLE152W  9-7-14,683Mike FornielesArt HouttemanMorrie MartinArt HouttemanSandy Consuegra698516182
1954-09-22@ CLE153L  1-3-4,662Jack HarshmanDon MossiDon MossiJack Harshman 699519180
1954-09-24@ BAL154L  1-2-17,719Virgil TrucksBilly O'DellBilly O'DellVirgil Trucks 700521179
1954-09-25@ BAL155W  11-0-14,755Billy PierceDon LarsenBilly PierceDon Larsen 711521190

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