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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  72-82   .468
Result:   6th in National League
Manager(s):  Eddie Stanky
General Manager:   Dick Meyer
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  1,039,698
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Brazle (40)
Youngest Player:  Dick Schofield (19)
Longest Tenure:  Stan Musial (13)
Top Hitter:  Stan Musial (1)
Top Pitcher:  Harvey Haddix (3)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  74.54%
National League Standings
NY Giants9757.630--
St. Louis7282.46825.0
Chi Cubs6490.41633.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-04-13vs CHN1L  4-13-17,027 Harvey HaddixPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHarvey Haddix 413-9
1954-04-15@ MLN2L  6-7-39,963Vic RaschiWarren SpahnWarren SpahnHarvey Haddix 1020-10
1954-04-17@ CHN3L  13-23-0Gerry StaleyJohnny KlippsteinJim BrosnanGerry Staley 2343-20
1954-04-18@ CHN4W  6-4-15,774Vic RaschiPaul MinnerVic RaschiJohnny KlippsteinGerry Staley2947-18
1954-04-19vs CIN5W  6-3-13,616 Harvey HaddixHarry PerkowskiHarvey HaddixHarry PerkowskiAl Brazle3550-15
1954-04-20vs CIN6L  6-13-11,074 Memo LunaKen RaffensbergerJoe NuxhallMemo Luna 4163-22
1954-04-21@ CIN7W  4-2-14,804Gerry StaleyCorky ValentineGerry StaleyCorky Valentine 4565-20
1954-04-23vs MLN8L  5-7-14,577 Vic RaschiGene ConleyDave JollyCot DealRay Crone5072-22
1954-04-24vs MLN9W  7-3-18,355 Harvey HaddixLew BurdetteHarvey HaddixLew Burdette 5775-18
1954-04-25vs MLN10W  7-6-16,684 Stu MillerWarren SpahnJoe PreskoChet Nichols 6481-17
1954-04-27vs BRO11W  7-3-26,662 Gerry StaleyPreacher RoeGerry StaleyPreacher RoeStu Miller7184-13
1954-04-28vs BRO12W  6-5-9,976 Vic RaschiBilly LoesJoe PreskoJim Hughes 7789-12
1954-04-29vs PIT13L  3-4-7,603 Harvey HaddixBob PurkeyBob PurkeyHarvey HaddixJohnny Hetki8093-13
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-05-01vs PIT14W  5-4-6,745 Stu MillerGeorge O'DonnellRoyce LintGeorge O'Donnell 8597-12
1954-05-02vs NY115W  10-6-0 Gerry StaleyJohnny AntonelliAl BrazleJim Hearn 95103-8
1954-05-02vs NY116L  7-9-26,662 Joe PreskoDon LiddleLarry JansenRoyce Lint 102112-10
1954-05-03vs NY117W  8-2-5,480 Vic RaschiRuben GomezVic RaschiRuben Gomez 110114-4
1954-05-04vs PHI18L  10-14-8,009 Harvey HaddixRobin RobertsMurry DicksonCot Deal 120128-8
1954-05-05vs PHI19L  3-10-8,422 Tom PoholskyRobin RobertsRobin RobertsTom Poholsky 123138-15
1954-05-07@ CIN20L  3-10-8,231Gerry StaleyCorky ValentineCorky ValentineGerry Staley 126148-22
1954-05-08@ CIN21W  7-3-4,023Harvey HaddixArt FowlerHarvey HaddixKen Raffensberger 133151-18
1954-05-09@ CIN22W  10-7-0Vic RaschiHowie JudsonVic RaschiHowie JudsonAl Brazle143158-15
1954-05-09@ CIN23L  5-6-13,214Stu MillerBud PodbielanBud PodbielanStu MillerFrank Smith148164-16
1954-05-12@ PIT24W  13-5-1,559Harvey HaddixGeorge O'DonnellHarvey HaddixGeorge O'DonnellAl Brazle161169-8
1954-05-13@ BRO25L  3-10-6,443Gerry StaleyJohnny PodresJohnny PodresGerry Staley 164179-15
1954-05-14@ BRO26W  10-1-21,706Vic RaschiBilly LoesVic RaschiBilly Loes 174180-6
1954-05-15@ BRO27L  0-1-14,530Tom PoholskyCarl ErskineCarl ErskineTom Poholsky 174181-7
1954-05-16@ PHI28W  7-3-0Harvey HaddixSteve RidzikHarvey HaddixJim KonstantyAl Brazle181184-3
1954-05-16@ PHI29L  4-8-24,495Carl ScheibPaul PensonPaul PensonCarl ScheibMurry Dickson185192-7
1954-05-17@ PHI30W  8-0-13,776Joe PreskoRobin RobertsJoe PreskoRobin Roberts 1931921
1954-05-18@ NY131W  9-3-19,053Gerry StaleyLarry JansenGerry StaleyLarry Jansen 2021957
1954-05-19@ NY132W  3-0-6,663Vic RaschiSal MaglieVic RaschiSal Maglie 20519510
1954-05-20@ PIT33W  17-4-4,902Tom PoholskyBob PurkeyTom PoholskyBob Purkey 22219923
1954-05-21vs CIN34W  8-7-15,013 Harvey HaddixFred BaczewskiAl BrazleKen Raffensberger 23020624
1954-05-22vs CIN35L  2-4-13,225 Joe PreskoArt FowlerArt FowlerJoe Presko 23221022
1954-05-23vs CIN36L  6-13-16,216 Gerry StaleyHarry PerkowskiJackie CollumGerry StaleyFrank Smith23822315
1954-05-24vs CHN37L  2-6-11,532 Vic RaschiJim DavisJim DavisStu Miller 24022911
1954-05-25vs CHN38W  9-4-8,936 Harvey HaddixJohnny KlippsteinHarvey HaddixJohnny Klippstein 24923316
1954-05-26vs CHN39L  5-15-8,223 Tom PoholskyPaul MinnerPaul MinnerTom Poholsky 2542486
1954-05-27vs CHN40L  3-7-6,788 Gerry StaleyBob RushBob RushGerry Staley 2572552
1954-05-28@ MLN41L  2-3-34,146Vic RaschiLew BurdetteLew BurdetteJoe Presko 2592581
1954-05-29@ MLN42W  12-7-40,001Stu MillerChet NicholsStu MillerChet Nichols 2712656
1954-05-30@ MLN43W  3-2-37,592Harvey HaddixWarren SpahnHarvey HaddixWarren Spahn 2742677
1954-05-31@ CHN44L  4-14-34,268Bill GreasonPaul MinnerPaul MinnerBill Greason 278281-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-06-03vs NY145L  8-13-7,694 Gerry StaleySal MaglieMarv GrissomJoe Presko 286294-8
1954-06-04vs PHI46W  5-2-11,789 Harvey HaddixRobin RobertsHarvey HaddixRobin Roberts 291296-5
1954-06-05vs PHI47L  4-9-14,519 Vic RaschiMurry DicksonMurry DicksonVic Raschi 295305-10
1954-06-06vs PHI48L  8-11-18,547 Bill GreasonCurt SimmonsBob MillerRoyce Lint 303316-13
1954-06-07vs BRO49L  5-7-18,616 Gerry StaleyPreacher RoeClem LabineJoe Presko 308323-15
1954-06-08vs BRO50W  10-3-22,294 Tom PoholskyCarl ErskineTom PoholskyCarl ErskineStu Miller318326-8
1954-06-09vs BRO51W  3-0-19,383 Harvey HaddixJohnny PodresHarvey HaddixJohnny Podres 321326-5
1954-06-10vs BRO52L  4-7-18,617 Vic RaschiRuss MeyerRuss MeyerVic RaschiClem Labine325333-8
1954-06-11vs PIT53L  5-8-9,820 Joe PreskoVern LawVern LawJoe PreskoJohnny Hetki330341-11
1954-06-12vs PIT54L  2-4-11,365 Gerry StaleyDick LittlefieldDick LittlefieldGerry Staley 332345-13
1954-06-13vs PIT55W  5-0-11,365 Harvey HaddixGeorge O'DonnellHarvey HaddixGeorge O'Donnell 337345-8
1954-06-13vs PIT56W  5-3-16,648 Tom PoholskyBob PurkeyStu MillerPaul LaPalme 342348-6
1954-06-15@ PHI57W  3-1-10,684Vic RaschiBob MillerVic RaschiBob Miller 345349-4
1954-06-17@ PHI58L  2-3-12,881Gerry StaleyRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJoe Presko 347352-5
1954-06-18@ NY159W  5-0-31,093Harvey HaddixSal MaglieHarvey HaddixSal Maglie 3523520
1954-06-19@ NY160L  2-5-14,656Tom PoholskyDon LiddleHoyt WilhelmStu Miller 354357-3
1954-06-20@ NY161L  6-7-22,631Vic RaschiRuben GomezMarv GrissomCot DealJohnny Antonelli360364-4
1954-06-21@ NY162L  5-8-7,184Gerry StaleyJim HearnJim HearnGerry StaleyMarv Grissom365372-7
1954-06-23@ PIT63W  7-1-9,301Harvey HaddixDick LittlefieldHarvey HaddixDick Littlefield 372373-1
1954-06-24@ PIT64W  5-1-2,637Brooks LawrenceVern LawBrooks LawrenceVern Law 3773743
1954-06-25@ BRO65L  1-3-23,107Vic RaschiCarl ErskineCarl ErskineVic Raschi 3783771
1954-06-26@ BRO66L  6-7-14,149Gerry StaleyBilly LoesJim HughesBrooks Lawrence 3843840
1954-06-27@ BRO67L  6-8-21,192Harvey HaddixPreacher RoePreacher RoeHarvey HaddixJim Hughes390392-2
1954-06-29@ CIN68L  4-11-15,018Ralph BeardJoe NuxhallHowie JudsonAl Brazle 394403-9
1954-06-30@ CIN69W  11-3-12,021Brooks LawrenceArt FowlerBrooks LawrenceArt Fowler 405406-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-07-01@ MLN70W  9-2-19,791Harvey HaddixWarren SpahnGerry StaleyWarren Spahn 4144086
1954-07-02@ CHN71L  6-7-5,900Vic RaschiHowie PolletHowie PolletVic RaschiBill Tremel4204155
1954-07-03@ CHN72L  1-4-7,410Ralph BeardWarren HackerWarren HackerRalph Beard 4214192
1954-07-04@ CHN73L  2-4-26,597Joe PreskoPaul MinnerPaul MinnerJoe Presko 4234230
1954-07-04@ CHN74W  7-0-25,453Royce LintJohnny KlippsteinRoyce LintJohnny Klippstein 4304237
1954-07-05vs MLN75L  6-8-9,820 Brooks LawrenceJim WilsonJim WilsonBrooks LawrenceBob Buhl4364315
1954-07-05vs MLN76L  4-10-33,381 Vic RaschiWarren SpahnWarren SpahnVic Raschi 440441-1
1954-07-06vs CIN77W  6-0-10,000 Gerry StaleyHarry PerkowskiGerry StaleyHarry Perkowski 4464415
1954-07-07vs CIN78W  5-4-7,891 Brooks LawrenceFred BaczewskiAl BrazleArt Fowler 4514456
1954-07-08vs CIN79W  2-1-10,951 Harvey HaddixJoe NuxhallHarvey HaddixJoe NuxhallGerry Staley4534467
1954-07-09vs CHN80L  4-6-12,495 Royce LintPaul MinnerJim DavisAl Brazle 4574525
1954-07-10vs CHN81W  2-1-11,340 Vic RaschiBob RushCot DealBob Rush 4594536
1954-07-11vs CHN82W  4-3-13,443 Gerry StaleyHowie PolletBrooks LawrenceWarren Hacker 4634567
1954-07-15vs NY183L  0-4-23,024 Harvey HaddixDon LiddleDon LiddleHarvey Haddix 4634603
1954-07-16vs NY184W  5-4-21,610 Vic RaschiSal MaglieBrooks LawrenceMarv Grissom 4684644
1954-07-17vs NY185L  9-10-14,990 Royce LintJohnny AntonelliMarv GrissomHarvey HaddixWindy McCall4774743
1954-07-18vs PHI86L  10-11-18,958 Gerry StaleyMurry DicksonRobin RobertsBrooks LawrenceCurt Simmons4874852
1954-07-18vs PHI87W  0-0-0 0000 4874852
1954-07-19vs PHI88W  5-1-8,488 Brooks LawrenceBob GreenwoodBrooks LawrenceBob Greenwood 4924866
1954-07-20vs PHI89W  4-2-8,829 Harvey HaddixCurt SimmonsHarvey HaddixCurt SimmonsGerry Staley4964888
1954-07-21vs PIT90W  13-12-6,623 Tom PoholskyJake ThiesBrooks LawrenceGeorge O'DonnellHarvey Haddix5095009
1954-07-22vs PIT91W  3-2-7,059 Ralph BeardBob PurkeyGerry StaleyBob Friend 51250210
1954-07-23vs BRO92W  6-4-23,535 Vic RaschiRuss MeyerVic RaschiRuss Meyer 51850612
1954-07-24vs BRO93L  6-7-30,700 Brooks LawrenceErv PalicaBilly LoesAl BrazleBen Wade52451311
1954-07-25vs BRO94L  1-2-29,942 Harvey HaddixClem LabineClem LabineHarvey HaddixJim Hughes52551510
1954-07-27@ NY195W  7-4-21,716Ralph BeardJim HearnBrooks LawrenceRuben GomezHarvey Haddix53251913
1954-07-28@ NY196L  0-10-10,856Tom PoholskyJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliTom Poholsky 5325293
1954-07-29@ NY197W  8-0-8,408Vic RaschiDon LiddleVic RaschiDon Liddle 54052911
1954-07-30@ PHI98W  12-3-12,194Harvey HaddixBob MillerHarvey HaddixBob Miller 55253220
1954-07-31@ PHI99W  3-2-0Brooks LawrenceRobin RobertsBrooks LawrenceRobin RobertsHarvey Haddix55553421
1954-07-31@ PHI100L  5-6-27,204Gerry StaleyBob GreenwoodBob GreenwoodRoyce LintMurry Dickson56054020
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-08-01@ PHI101L  3-8-5,707Ralph BeardCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsRalph Beard 56354815
1954-08-03@ BRO102L  1-2-12,073Vic RaschiCarl ErskineCarl ErskineVic Raschi 56455014
1954-08-04@ BRO103L  7-8-16,857Harvey HaddixJohnny PodresJim HughesTom Poholsky 57155813
1954-08-05@ BRO104W  13-4-10,026Brooks LawrencePreacher RoeBrooks LawrencePreacher Roe 58456222
1954-08-06@ PIT105L  3-7-2,688Gordon JonesDick LittlefieldDick LittlefieldTom Poholsky 58756918
1954-08-06@ PIT106L  5-6-8,624Gerry StaleyLaurin PepperJohnny HetkiBrooks Lawrence 59257517
1954-08-07@ PIT107W  8-6-3,846Royce LintBob PurkeyJoe PreskoBob PurkeyAl Brazle60058119
1954-08-08@ PIT108L  4-12-8,624Harvey HaddixPaul LaPalmePaul LaPalmeHarvey Haddix 60459311
1954-08-08@ PIT109L  3-5-10,790Ralph BeardJake ThiesMax SurkontGerry Staley 6075989
1954-08-10vs MLN110L  0-11-20,593 Vic RaschiJim WilsonJim WilsonVic Raschi 607609-2
1954-08-11vs MLN111L  5-6-9,865 Brooks LawrenceGene ConleyChet NicholsGerry Staley 612615-3
1954-08-12vs MLN112L  1-3-11,234 Gordon JonesWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGordon Jones 613618-5
1954-08-13@ CIN113W  10-8-10,463Harvey HaddixJoe NuxhallBrooks LawrenceJackie CollumAl Brazle623626-3
1954-08-14@ CIN114L  5-6-12,596Ralph BeardFred BaczewskiCorky ValentineBrooks Lawrence 628632-4
1954-08-15@ CIN115W  14-12-12,096Vic RaschiArt FowlerCot DealHowie JudsonAl Brazle642644-2
1954-08-17@ MLN116W  4-1-41,797Brooks LawrenceJim WilsonBrooks LawrenceJim Wilson 6466451
1954-08-18@ MLN117L  1-3-40,320Harvey HaddixWarren SpahnWarren SpahnHarvey Haddix 647648-1
1954-08-19@ MLN118W  2-1-37,255Gordon JonesLew BurdetteGordon JonesDave Jolly 6496490
1954-08-20vs CIN119L  2-3-10,786 Ralph BeardJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallRalph BeardFrank Smith651652-1
1954-08-21vs CIN120W  6-5-12,306 Vic RaschiFred BaczewskiGerry StaleyArt Fowler 6576570
1954-08-22vs CIN121W  9-7-11,082 Brooks LawrenceCorky ValentineAl BrazleMoe SavranskyCot Deal6666642
1954-08-24vs PIT122L  7-8-8,718 Harvey HaddixDick LittlefieldDick LittlefieldHarvey HaddixVern Law6736721
1954-08-25vs PIT123W  13-0-6,826 Gordon JonesJake ThiesGordon JonesJake Thies 68667214
1954-08-26vs PIT124L  1-2-7,094 Ralph BeardLaurin PepperLaurin PepperRalph BeardVern Law68767413
1954-08-27vs BRO125L  4-8-24,956 Brooks LawrenceCarl ErskineJim HughesGerry Staley 6916829
1954-08-28vs BRO126L  3-7-23,868 Vic RaschiJohnny PodresJohnny PodresVic RaschiJim Hughes6946895
1954-08-29vs NY1127W  5-4-0 Harvey HaddixDon LiddleAl BrazleMarv Grissom 6996936
1954-08-29vs NY1128L  4-7-30,477 Joe PreskoAl WorthingtonAl CorwinJoe PreskoHoyt Wilhelm7037003
1954-08-30vs NY1129L  1-4-15,971 Gordon JonesJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliGordon Jones 7047040
1954-08-31vs NY1130L  3-5-14,081 Ralph BeardDon LiddleWindy McCallGerry Staley 707709-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-09-01vs PHI131L  2-5-7,287 Brooks LawrenceMurry DicksonMurry DicksonBrooks Lawrence 709714-5
1954-09-02vs PHI132L  4-5-4,343 Harvey HaddixRobin RobertsRobin RobertsHarvey Haddix 713719-6
1954-09-03vs CHN133L  3-4-7,684 Gordon JonesPaul MinnerPaul MinnerAl BrazleJim Davis716723-7
1954-09-04vs CHN134L  5-6-10,025 Vic RaschiBob RushJim DavisJoe PreskoHal Jeffcoat721729-8
1954-09-05vs CHN135W  6-2-10,007 Brooks LawrenceHowie PolletBrooks LawrenceHowie Pollet 727731-4
1954-09-06@ CIN136W  8-1-6,570Harvey HaddixJoe NuxhallHarvey HaddixJoe Nuxhall 7357323
1954-09-08@ BRO137W  6-5-9,933Gordon JonesCarl ErskineGordon JonesJim HughesHarvey Haddix7417374
1954-09-09@ BRO138L  1-10-5,301Vic RaschiJohnny PodresJohnny PodresVic Raschi 742747-5
1954-09-10@ PIT139L  2-3-2,615Brooks LawrenceMax SurkontJohnny HetkiGerry Staley 744750-6
1954-09-11@ PIT140W  7-2-1,851Tom PoholskyLaurin PepperTom PoholskyLaurin Pepper 751752-1
1954-09-12@ NY1141W  4-3-19,491Harvey HaddixWindy McCallHarvey HaddixWindy McCallBrooks Lawrence7557550
1954-09-13@ NY1142L  0-1-6,448Gordon JonesJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliGordon Jones 755756-1
1954-09-14@ PHI143W  5-2-5,157Brooks LawrenceRon MrozinskiBrooks LawrenceRon Mrozinski 7607582
1954-09-15@ PHI144W  3-1-1,997Tom PoholskyHerm WehmeierTom PoholskyHerm Wehmeier 7637594
1954-09-17vs MLN145L  4-6-16,865 Harvey HaddixChet NicholsDave JollyHarvey HaddixErnie Johnson7677652
1954-09-18vs MLN146W  3-0-19,901 Gordon JonesJim WilsonGordon JonesJim Wilson 7707655
1954-09-19vs MLN147W  7-6-18,413 Brooks LawrenceBob BuhlHarvey HaddixDave Koslo 7777716
1954-09-20@ CHN148W  7-2-1,746Tom PoholskyPaul MinnerTom PoholskyPaul Minner 78477311
1954-09-21@ CHN149L  3-4-1,746Vic RaschiBob RushBob RushGerry Staley 78777710
1954-09-21@ CHN150L  2-3-2,119Harvey HaddixJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinHarvey HaddixJim Davis7897809
1954-09-22@ CHN151W  6-3-2,853Brooks LawrenceDave ColeBrooks LawrenceDave Cole 79578312
1954-09-24@ MLN152L  2-4-16,094Gordon JonesWarren SpahnWarren SpahnGordon Jones 79778710
1954-09-25@ MLN153L  0-3-34,445Tom PoholskyLew BurdetteLew BurdetteTom Poholsky 7977907
1954-09-26@ MLN154W  2-0-39,845Harvey HaddixRay CroneBrooks LawrenceErnie Johnson 7997909

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