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Location:  Brooklyn,NY
Team Record:  92-62   .597
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Walter Alston
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Ebbets Field
Attendance:  1,020,531
Playoffs: Season in progress

Brooklyn Dodgers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Preacher Roe (39)
Youngest Player:  Johnny Podres (21)
Longest Tenure:  Pee Wee Reese (12)
Top Hitter:  Duke Snider (2)
Top Pitcher:  Carl Erskine (5)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  94.44%
National League Standings
NY Giants9757.630--
St. Louis7282.46825.0
Chi Cubs6490.41633.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-04-13@ NY11L  3-4-32,397Carl ErskineSal MaglieSal MaglieCarl ErskineMarv Grissom34-1
1954-04-14@ NY12W  6-4-32,436Don NewcombeRuben GomezDon NewcombeRuben Gomez 981
1954-04-15vs PIT3W  7-4-13,496 Russ MeyerMax SurkontRuss MeyerMax SurkontJim Hughes16124
1954-04-18vs NY14L  3-6-23,757 Carl ErskineSal MaglieSal MaglieCarl Erskine 19181
1954-04-19@ PHI5W  9-7-31,294Don NewcombeBob MillerJohnny PodresJim Konstanty 28253
1954-04-20@ PHI6L  3-6-21,921Preacher RoeMurry DicksonMurry DicksonPreacher Roe 31310
1954-04-21vs PHI7W  6-3-27,724 Billy LoesSteve RidzikBilly LoesSteve RidzikJim Hughes37343
1954-04-23@ PIT8W  6-5-10,574Russ MeyerBob FriendBob MillikenBob Purkey 43394
1954-04-24@ PIT9W  3-0-8,671Carl ErskineCal HogueCarl ErskineCal Hogue 46397
1954-04-25@ PIT10L  3-9-8,671Don NewcombeVern LawVern LawDon Newcombe 49481
1954-04-25@ PIT11W  4-2-23,714Johnny PodresPaul LaPalmeJohnny PodresPaul LaPalme 53503
1954-04-27@ SLN12L  3-7-26,662Preacher RoeGerry StaleyGerry StaleyPreacher RoeStu Miller5657-1
1954-04-28@ SLN13L  5-6-9,976Billy LoesVic RaschiJoe PreskoJim Hughes 6163-2
1954-04-29@ CIN14W  7-5-9,885Carl ErskineHarry PerkowskiCarl ErskineHarry PerkowskiJim Hughes68680
1954-04-30@ CIN15W  6-3-13,857Don NewcombeBud PodbielanDon NewcombeBud Podbielan 74713
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-05-01@ CIN16L  6-7-5,427Johnny PodresArt FowlerCorky ValentineBen Wade 80782
1954-05-05@ CHN17W  7-0-3,670Russ MeyerBob RushRuss MeyerBob Rush 87789
1954-05-06@ CHN18L  7-8-4,966Carl ErskineJohnny KlippsteinHal JeffcoatClem Labine 94868
1954-05-07@ PHI19W  3-1-14,743Don NewcombeCurt SimmonsDon NewcombeCurt Simmons 978710
1954-05-08@ PHI20W  3-0-12,364Johnny PodresMurry DicksonJohnny PodresMurry Dickson 1008713
1954-05-09@ PHI21W  2-1-13,818Carl ErskineRobin RobertsCarl ErskineRobin RobertsJim Hughes1028814
1954-05-11vs MLN22L  0-2-19,172 Russ MeyerGene ConleyGene ConleyRuss Meyer 1029012
1954-05-12vs MLN23L  1-5-6,083 Don NewcombeLew BurdetteLew BurdetteDon Newcombe 103958
1954-05-13vs SLN24W  10-3-6,443 Johnny PodresGerry StaleyJohnny PodresGerry Staley 1139815
1954-05-14vs SLN25L  1-10-21,706 Billy LoesVic RaschiVic RaschiBilly Loes 1141086
1954-05-15vs SLN26W  1-0-14,530 Carl ErskineTom PoholskyCarl ErskineTom Poholsky 1151087
1954-05-16vs CIN27W  4-2-14,530 Preacher RoeHerm WehmeierPreacher RoeHerm WehmeierJim Hughes1191109
1954-05-16vs CIN28L  2-7-32,807 Russ MeyerBud PodbielanBud PodbielanRuss Meyer 1211174
1954-05-18vs CHN29L  1-7-11,050 Billy LoesWarren HackerWarren HackerBilly Loes 122124-2
1954-05-19vs CHN30L  3-9-4,046 Carl ErskineBob RushBob RushCarl ErskineHal Jeffcoat125133-8
1954-05-21vs PIT31W  3-2-7,202 Johnny PodresVern LawClem LabineVern LawJim Hughes128135-7
1954-05-22vs PIT32W  3-1-7,061 Russ MeyerJake ThiesErv PalicaJake ThiesJim Hughes131136-5
1954-05-23vs PIT33W  5-4-7,061 Preacher RoeBob FriendPreacher RoeBob Friend 136140-4
1954-05-23vs PIT34W  6-2-18,409 Billy LoesGeorge O'DonnellBilly LoesGeorge O'DonnellBob Milliken1421420
1954-05-24vs PIT35L  2-5-9,386 Carl ErskineMax SurkontMax SurkontCarl Erskine 144147-3
1954-05-26vs PHI36L  6-8-17,097 Johnny PodresRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJohnny Podres 150155-5
1954-05-27vs PHI37L  5-11-3,183 Don NewcombeCurt SimmonsBob MillerDon Newcombe 155166-11
1954-05-28@ NY138L  6-17-38,758Clem LabineJim HearnJim HearnClem LabineMarv Grissom161183-22
1954-05-29@ NY139W  4-2-22,264Carl ErskineSal MaglieCarl ErskineSal Maglie 165185-20
1954-05-30@ NY140W  5-3-47,672Johnny PodresJohnny AntonelliJohnny PodresLarry JansenJim Hughes170188-18
1954-05-31@ PHI41W  5-4-22,386Preacher RoeBob MillerClem LabineBob Miller 175192-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-06-01@ MLN42W  2-0-33,868Russ MeyerBob BuhlRuss MeyerBob Buhl 177192-15
1954-06-02@ MLN43W  7-6-37,044Don NewcombeLew BurdetteBob MillikenLew BurdetteBen Wade184198-14
1954-06-04@ CHN44W  2-1-5,547Carl ErskineBob RushCarl ErskineBob Rush 186199-13
1954-06-05@ CHN45W  8-5-5,547Russ MeyerJohnny KlippsteinRuss MeyerJohnny Klippstein 194204-10
1954-06-05@ CHN46W  8-3-27,275Johnny PodresWarren HackerJohnny PodresWarren HackerJim Hughes202207-5
1954-06-06@ CHN47W  6-4-24,421Don NewcombePaul MinnerJim HughesHal JeffcoatBob Milliken208211-3
1954-06-07@ SLN48W  7-5-18,616Preacher RoeGerry StaleyClem LabineJoe Presko 215216-1
1954-06-08@ SLN49L  3-10-22,294Carl ErskineTom PoholskyTom PoholskyCarl ErskineStu Miller218226-8
1954-06-09@ SLN50L  0-3-19,383Johnny PodresHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixJohnny Podres 218229-11
1954-06-10@ SLN51W  7-4-18,617Russ MeyerVic RaschiRuss MeyerVic RaschiClem Labine225233-8
1954-06-11@ CIN52W  10-8-16,947Billy LoesArt FowlerBob MillikenArt FowlerJim Hughes235241-6
1954-06-12@ CIN53L  1-5-6,590Carl ErskineBud PodbielanBud PodbielanCarl Erskine 236246-10
1954-06-13@ CIN54W  6-5-6,590Preacher RoeCorky ValentineJim HughesHarry Perkowski 242251-9
1954-06-13@ CIN55W  14-2-29,764Johnny PodresMario PiconeJohnny PodresMario Picone 2562533
1954-06-15vs MLN56L  6-7-18,318 Russ MeyerGene ConleyGene ConleyClem Labine 2622602
1954-06-16vs MLN57W  8-4-14,237 Carl ErskineLew BurdetteCarl ErskineLew Burdette 2702646
1954-06-17vs MLN58L  4-6-9,304 Johnny PodresJim WilsonJim WilsonJohnny Podres 2742704
1954-06-18vs CHN59W  6-3-14,379 Don NewcombeWarren HackerDon NewcombeWarren Hacker 2802737
1954-06-19vs CHN60W  6-2-11,780 Russ MeyerBob RushRuss MeyerBob RushJim Hughes28627511
1954-06-20vs CHN61W  6-4-11,780 Carl ErskineJohnny KlippsteinClem LabineWarren Hacker 29227913
1954-06-20vs CHN62W  6-3-24,868 Billy LoesHal JeffcoatBob MillikenHal JeffcoatBen Wade29828216
1954-06-22vs CIN63L  1-13-5,554 Johnny PodresBud PodbielanBud PodbielanJohnny Podres 2992954
1954-06-23vs CIN64W  6-3-13,776 Don NewcombeCorky ValentineDon NewcombeCorky Valentine 3052987
1954-06-24vs CIN65W  9-6-4,660 Russ MeyerKarl DrewsErv PalicaKarl DrewsJim Hughes31430410
1954-06-25vs SLN66W  3-1-23,107 Carl ErskineVic RaschiCarl ErskineVic Raschi 31730512
1954-06-26vs SLN67W  7-6-14,149 Billy LoesGerry StaleyJim HughesBrooks Lawrence 32431113
1954-06-27vs SLN68W  8-6-21,192 Preacher RoeHarvey HaddixPreacher RoeHarvey HaddixJim Hughes33231715
1954-06-29@ NY169L  3-4-51,464Don NewcombeSal MaglieMarv GrissomBilly Loes 33532114
1954-06-30@ NY170L  2-5-29,693Carl ErskineJohnny AntonelliJohnny AntonelliCarl ErskineHoyt Wilhelm33732611
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-07-01@ NY171L  2-5-21,560Russ MeyerRuben GomezRuben GomezErv PalicaMarv Grissom3393318
1954-07-02@ PHI72L  6-7-21,929Pete WojeyCurt SimmonsSteve RidzikClem LabineRobin Roberts3453387
1954-07-03@ PHI73W  4-3-8,980Don NewcombeBob MillerBob MillikenBob Miller 3493418
1954-07-04@ PHI74W  5-3-15,420Carl ErskineRobin RobertsCarl ErskineRobin Roberts 35434410
1954-07-05@ PIT75W  8-6-9,603Russ MeyerVern LawBen WadeVern LawJim Hughes36235012
1954-07-05@ PIT76W  7-2-16,905Billy LoesJake ThiesBilly LoesJake Thies 36935217
1954-07-06vs NY177L  2-5-33,616 Preacher RoeSal MaglieSal MagliePreacher RoeMarv Grissom37135714
1954-07-07vs NY178L  2-10-22,712 Don NewcombeJim HearnJim HearnDon Newcombe 3733676
1954-07-08vs NY179L  2-11-30,256 Carl ErskineRuben GomezRuben GomezCarl Erskine 375378-3
1954-07-09vs PHI80W  7-5-13,586 Bob MillikenRobin RobertsErv PalicaMurry Dickson 382383-1
1954-07-10vs PHI81W  10-5-11,047 Billy LoesBob MillerBilly LoesBob Miller 3923884
1954-07-11vs PHI82W  8-7-11,047 Carl ErskineMurry DicksonCarl ErskineJim KonstantyJim Hughes4003955
1954-07-11vs PHI83L  1-3-23,973 Don NewcombeHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierDon NewcombeRobin Roberts4013983
1954-07-14@ MLN84W  2-1-35,470Russ MeyerLew BurdetteJim HughesLew Burdette 4033994
1954-07-15@ MLN85L  0-2-35,470Bob MillikenBob BuhlBob BuhlBob Milliken 4034012
1954-07-15@ MLN86L  8-9-43,633Billy LoesJim WilsonJoey JayErv Palica 4114101
1954-07-16@ MLN87L  1-6-41,778Carl ErskineGene ConleyGene ConleyCarl Erskine 412416-4
1954-07-17@ MLN88W  2-1-39,250Don NewcombeDave JollyJim HughesLew Burdette 414417-3
1954-07-18@ CHN89W  12-6-19,455Russ MeyerDave ColeRuss MeyerDave Cole 4264233
1954-07-19@ CHN90L  4-9-13,173Bob MillikenWarren HackerWarren HackerBob Milliken 430432-2
1954-07-20@ CHN91L  2-3-9,525Erv PalicaPaul MinnerPaul MinnerPete Wojey 432435-3
1954-07-21@ CIN92W  5-1-14,831Carl ErskineBud PodbielanCarl ErskineBud Podbielan 4374361
1954-07-22@ CIN93W  8-5-5,408Don NewcombeKarl DrewsDon NewcombeKarl DrewsJim Hughes4454414
1954-07-23@ SLN94L  4-6-23,535Russ MeyerVic RaschiVic RaschiRuss Meyer 4494472
1954-07-24@ SLN95W  7-6-30,700Erv PalicaBrooks LawrenceBilly LoesAl BrazleBen Wade4564533
1954-07-25@ SLN96W  2-1-29,942Clem LabineHarvey HaddixClem LabineHarvey HaddixJim Hughes4584544
1954-07-26vs NY197W  9-1-33,251 Carl ErskineSal MaglieCarl ErskineSal Maglie 46745512
1954-07-27vs CHN98W  7-6-7,728 Don NewcombeWarren HackerBilly LoesWarren Hacker 47446113
1954-07-28vs CHN99W  3-1-11,185 Russ MeyerDave ColeRuss MeyerDave ColeJim Hughes47746215
1954-07-29vs CHN100L  5-6-4,986 Erv PalicaBob RushBob RushErv PalicaHal Jeffcoat48246814
1954-07-30vs MLN101L  3-9-19,617 Carl ErskineBob BuhlErnie JohnsonCarl Erskine 4854778
1954-07-31vs MLN102L  7-15-12,263 Don NewcombeJim WilsonLew BurdetteDon NewcombeDave Jolly4924920
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-08-01vs MLN103L  6-14-14,268 Russ MeyerGene ConleyGene ConleyRuss Meyer 498506-8
1954-08-02vs MLN104W  2-1-6,524 Billy LoesJim WilsonPete WojeyDave Jolly 500507-7
1954-08-03vs SLN105W  2-1-12,073 Carl ErskineVic RaschiCarl ErskineVic Raschi 502508-6
1954-08-04vs SLN106W  8-7-16,857 Johnny PodresHarvey HaddixJim HughesTom Poholsky 510515-5
1954-08-05vs SLN107L  4-13-10,026 Preacher RoeBrooks LawrenceBrooks LawrencePreacher Roe 514528-14
1954-08-06vs CIN108W  8-1-10,774 Russ MeyerArt FowlerRuss MeyerArt Fowler 522529-7
1954-08-07vs CIN109L  4-5-9,853 Billy LoesBud PodbielanJoe NuxhallJim Hughes 526534-8
1954-08-08vs CIN110W  20-7-10,884 Carl ErskineFred BaczewskiCarl ErskineKarl DrewsClem Labine5465415
1954-08-10@ PHI111L  3-6-31,421Johnny PodresCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJohnny PodresRobin Roberts5495472
1954-08-11@ PHI112W  3-2-24,536Billy LoesMurry DicksonBilly LoesMurry Dickson 5525493
1954-08-13vs NY1113W  3-2-33,467 Carl ErskineSal MaglieCarl ErskineMarv Grissom 5555514
1954-08-14vs NY1114W  6-5-28,956 Russ MeyerRuben GomezJim HughesWindy McCall 5615565
1954-08-15vs NY1115W  9-4-29,271 Billy LoesJim HearnBilly LoesJim Hearn 57056010
1954-08-16vs PHI116L  6-9-15,814 Bob DarnellRobin RobertsRobin RobertsClem Labine 5765697
1954-08-17@ PIT117L  2-4-20,102Johnny PodresMax SurkontMax SurkontJohnny Podres 5785735
1954-08-18@ PIT118W  3-2-18,797Carl ErskineJake ThiesCarl ErskineJake ThiesJim Hughes5815756
1954-08-19@ PIT119W  7-5-9,299Don NewcombeVern LawDon NewcombeVern LawJim Hughes5885808
1954-08-20vs PHI120W  6-4-15,057 Billy LoesRobin RobertsBilly LoesRobin RobertsClem Labine59458410
1954-08-22vs PHI121L  2-6-15,057 Carl ErskineHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierCarl Erskine 5965906
1954-08-22vs PHI122L  0-6-26,349 Russ MeyerMurry DicksonMurry DicksonRuss Meyer 5965960
1954-08-24@ CIN123W  12-4-14,493Don NewcombeKarl DrewsClem LabineKarl Drews 6086008
1954-08-25@ CIN124W  13-2-10,908Billy LoesBud PodbielanBilly LoesBud PodbielanJim Hughes62160219
1954-08-27@ SLN125W  8-4-24,956Carl ErskineBrooks LawrenceJim HughesGerry Staley 62960623
1954-08-28@ SLN126W  7-3-23,868Johnny PodresVic RaschiJohnny PodresVic RaschiJim Hughes63660927
1954-08-29@ MLN127W  12-4-41,654Russ MeyerLew BurdetteClem LabineDave JollyPete Wojey64861335
1954-08-29@ MLN128W  11-4-45,922Billy LoesBob BuhlBilly LoesChet Nichols 65961742
1954-08-30@ MLN129L  5-7-40,326Carl ErskineJim WilsonErnie JohnsonCarl ErskineWarren Spahn66462440
1954-08-31@ MLN130L  0-2-35,398Don NewcombeGene ConleyGene ConleyDon Newcombe 66462638
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBRO PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1954-09-01@ CHN131L  5-9-14,786Johnny PodresWarren HackerHal JeffcoatClem Labine 66963534
1954-09-02@ CHN132W  10-2-12,367Russ MeyerDave ColeRuss MeyerDave Cole 67963742
1954-09-03@ NY1133L  4-7-46,611Billy LoesSal MaglieHoyt WilhelmJim Hughes 68364439
1954-09-04@ NY1134L  4-13-35,342Carl ErskineRuben GomezRuben GomezCarl ErskineMarv Grissom68765730
1954-09-05@ NY1135W  7-4-39,784Johnny PodresJohnny AntonelliJohnny PodresJohnny AntonelliCarl Erskine69466133
1954-09-06vs PIT136L  6-9-26,349 Russ MeyerMax SurkontVern LawBilly Loes 70067030
1954-09-06vs PIT137L  7-9-21,561 Don NewcombeJake ThiesJake ThiesDon NewcombeBob Friend70767928
1954-09-08vs SLN138L  5-6-9,933 Carl ErskineGordon JonesGordon JonesJim HughesHarvey Haddix71268527
1954-09-09vs SLN139W  10-1-5,301 Johnny PodresVic RaschiJohnny PodresVic Raschi 72268636
1954-09-10vs MLN140W  2-1-13,906 Billy LoesLew BurdetteBilly LoesLew Burdette 72468737
1954-09-11vs MLN141W  5-3-7,748 Don NewcombeGene ConleyDon NewcombeGene Conley 72969039
1954-09-12vs CHN142W  4-2-7,748 Carl ErskineHal JeffcoatCarl ErskineHal Jeffcoat 73369241
1954-09-12vs CHN143W  4-3-17,497 Russ MeyerJohnny KlippsteinBilly LoesWarren Hacker 73769542
1954-09-14vs CIN144W  4-0-9,877 Johnny PodresArt FowlerJohnny PodresArt Fowler 74169546
1954-09-15vs CIN145W  10-4-1,169 Don NewcombeBud PodbielanDon NewcombeBud PodbielanJim Hughes75169952
1954-09-16vs CIN146L  3-9-522 Carl ErskineJoe NuxhallJoe NuxhallCarl Erskine 75470846
1954-09-17@ PIT147L  1-9-6,198Billy LoesMax SurkontMax SurkontBilly Loes 75571738
1954-09-19@ PIT148L  0-1-21,308Russ MeyerBob FriendBob FriendRuss Meyer 75571837
1954-09-20vs NY1149L  1-7-26,982 Carl ErskineSal MaglieSal MaglieCarl Erskine 75672531
1954-09-21vs NY1150L  2-5-4,467 Johnny PodresRuben GomezRuben GomezJohnny PodresJim Hearn75873028
1954-09-22vs NY1151W  3-0-3,256 Karl SpoonerJohnny AntonelliKarl SpoonerJohnny Antonelli 76173031
1954-09-24vs PIT152W  6-5-751 Carl ErskineMax SurkontCarl ErskineMax SurkontJim Hughes76773532
1954-09-25vs PIT153W  10-5-4,597 Russ MeyerBob FriendRuss MeyerBob FriendClem Labine77774037
1954-09-26vs PIT154W  1-0-9,344 Karl SpoonerJake ThiesKarl SpoonerJake Thies 77874038

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