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+    Level: MLB
Location:  New York,NY
Team Record:  70-84   .455
Result:   5th in National League
Manager(s):  Leo Durocher
General Manager:   Chub Feeney
Stadium:  Polo Grounds
Attendance:  811,518
Playoffs:  -

New York Giants affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Max Lanier (37)
Youngest Player:  Daryl Spencer (23)
Longest Tenure:  Dave Koslo (10)
Top Hitter:  Alvin Dark (3)
Top Pitcher:  Ruben Gomez (9)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  89.25%
National League Standings
St. Louis8371.53922.0
NY Giants7084.45535.0
Chi Cubs6589.42240.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-04-14@ PHI1W  4-1-0Larry JansenRobin RobertsLarry JansenRobin Roberts 413
1953-04-15@ PHI2L  1-8-4,787Al CorwinCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsAl Corwin 59-4
1953-04-17vs BRO3W  6-3-18,307 Sal MaglieJohnny PodresSal MaglieJohnny PodresHoyt Wilhelm1112-1
1953-04-17vs BRO4L  4-12-29,406 Jim HearnBilly LoesBilly LoesJim Hearn 1524-9
1953-04-20vs PHI5L  1-2-2,538 Larry JansenRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLarry Jansen 1626-10
1953-04-21@ PIT6L  4-5-0Sal MaglieBob FriendBob FriendSal Maglie 2031-11
1953-04-22@ PIT7W  4-2-10,603Jim HearnPaul LaPalmeJim HearnPaul LaPalmeHoyt Wilhelm2433-9
1953-04-23@ PIT8L  5-6-4,372Dave KosloHowie PolletHowie PolletDave KosloJohnny Hetki2939-10
1953-04-24@ BRO9L  4-12-26,334Al CorwinCarl ErskineCarl ErskineAl Corwin 3351-18
1953-04-25@ BRO10W  7-5-19,936Sal MaglieRuss MeyerHoyt WilhelmJoe Black 4056-16
1953-04-26@ BRO11L  4-8-21,270Jim HearnBilly LoesBilly LoesJim Hearn 4464-20
1953-04-28vs MLN12L  1-4-9,638 Larry JansenMax SurkontMax SurkontLarry Jansen 4568-23
1953-04-29vs MLN13L  2-3-3,927 Jim HearnWarren SpahnWarren SpahnHoyt Wilhelm 4771-24
1953-04-30vs MLN14W  1-0-4,109 Sal MaglieVern BickfordSal MaglieVern Bickford 4871-23
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-05-01vs SLN15L  2-3-3,123 Dave KosloGerry StaleyGerry StaleyDave Koslo 5074-24
1953-05-04vs CIN16W  12-4-0 Larry JansenKen RaffensbergerLarry JansenKen RaffensbergerHoyt Wilhelm6278-16
1953-05-04vs CIN17L  5-9-7,248 Jim HearnBubba ChurchBubba ChurchJim HearnBud Podbielan6787-20
1953-05-06vs CHN18W  8-5-3,356 Sal MagliePaul MinnerAl CorwinBob KellyHoyt Wilhelm7592-17
1953-05-09vs PIT19L  0-2-0 Larry JansenJohnny LindellJohnny LindellLarry Jansen 7594-19
1953-05-09vs PIT20W  6-4-9,889 Bill ConnellyPaul PettitHoyt WilhelmPaul Pettit 8198-17
1953-05-10vs PIT21W  4-0-0 Sal MaglieMurry DicksonSal MaglieMurry Dickson 8598-13
1953-05-10vs PIT22W  3-2-17,940 Jim HearnBob FriendFrank HillerHowie Pollet 88100-12
1953-05-12@ MLN23L  1-8-29,967Bill ConnellyBob BuhlBob BuhlBill Connelly 89108-19
1953-05-13@ MLN24L  1-11-9,043Dave KosloJohnny AntonelliLew BurdetteDave Koslo 90119-29
1953-05-15@ CIN25W  7-3-1,452Larry JansenHowie JudsonHoyt WilhelmClyde King 97122-25
1953-05-16@ SLN26L  2-5-13,187Sal MaglieVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellSal Maglie 99127-28
1953-05-17@ SLN27W  9-6-19,177Jim HearnJoe PreskoJim HearnJoe PreskoHoyt Wilhelm108133-25
1953-05-18@ SLN28W  8-6-5,098Dave KosloJack FaszholzAl CorwinAl BrazleHoyt Wilhelm116139-23
1953-05-19@ CHN29W  6-4-8,135Ruben GomezWarren HackerAl CorwinWarren Hacker 122143-21
1953-05-20@ CHN30W  16-6-8,170Larry JansenBob RushLarry JansenBob RushHoyt Wilhelm138149-11
1953-05-21vs BRO31W  7-2-46,778 Sal MaglieJoe BlackAl CorwinBen WadeDave Koslo145151-6
1953-05-22vs BRO32W  5-1-13,267 Jim HearnCarl ErskineJim HearnCarl Erskine 150152-2
1953-05-23@ PIT33L  4-8-7,444Ruben GomezPaul LaPalmePaul LaPalmeRuben Gomez 154160-6
1953-05-24@ PIT34W  11-3-20,966Larry JansenJohnny LindellLarry JansenJohnny LindellHoyt Wilhelm1651632
1953-05-25@ PIT35W  6-3-2,369Al CorwinBob FriendFrank HillerBob Friend 1711665
1953-05-27@ BRO36L  3-5-26,430Jim HearnBilly LoesJoe BlackJim Hearn 1741713
1953-05-28@ BRO37L  6-7-11,219Al CorwinCarl ErskineJoe BlackHoyt Wilhelm 1801782
1953-05-29vs PHI38L  3-12-6,253 Larry JansenCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsLarry Jansen 183190-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-06-02vs CIN39L  2-4-10,485 Jim HearnBud PodbielanBud PodbielanDave Koslo 185194-9
1953-06-03vs CIN40W  11-3-3,725 Larry JansenJoe NuxhallLarry JansenJoe Nuxhall 196197-1
1953-06-04vs CIN41W  11-3-2,672 Sal MaglieBubba ChurchHoyt WilhelmJackie Collum 2072007
1953-06-05vs CHN42W  11-1-14,515 Ruben GomezTurk LownRuben GomezTurk Lown 21820117
1953-06-06vs CHN43W  3-0-8,374 Jim HearnJohnny KlippsteinJim HearnJohnny KlippsteinHoyt Wilhelm22120120
1953-06-07vs CHN44L  5-10-0 Larry JansenWarren HackerWarren HackerLarry JansenDutch Leonard22621115
1953-06-07vs CHN45L  2-5-12,184 Dave KosloSheldon JonesTurk LownDave Koslo 22821612
1953-06-08vs MLN46L  8-12-7,998 Sal MaglieMax SurkontMax SurkontSal MaglieLew Burdette2362288
1953-06-09vs MLN47L  2-4-23,689 Ruben GomezWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRuben Gomez 2382326
1953-06-10vs MLN48L  5-6-7,364 Jim HearnVern BickfordLew BurdetteHoyt WilhelmJohnny Antonelli2432385
1953-06-11vs MLN49W  3-1-6,492 Larry JansenJim WilsonLarry JansenJim Wilson 2462397
1953-06-12vs SLN50L  1-3-23,529 Dave KosloGerry StaleyGerry StaleyDave KosloAl Brazle2472425
1953-06-14vs SLN51L  0-1-21,615 Sal MaglieHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixSal Maglie 2472434
1953-06-14vs SLN52L  4-9-0 Ruben GomezVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellRuben Gomez 251252-1
1953-06-15vs SLN53W  3-2-4,413 Jim HearnJoe PreskoJim HearnJoe Presko 2542540
1953-06-16@ CIN54W  7-5-0Larry JansenBud PodbielanLarry JansenBud PodbielanHoyt Wilhelm2612592
1953-06-16@ CIN55L  5-12-18,509Frank HillerBob KellyBob KellyFrank HillerHarry Perkowski266271-5
1953-06-17@ CIN56W  4-1-8,146Ruben GomezHerm WehmeierRuben GomezHerm WehmeierHoyt Wilhelm270272-2
1953-06-18@ CIN57W  6-3-2,610Dave KosloJackie CollumDave KosloJackie CollumHoyt Wilhelm2762751
1953-06-19@ MLN58W  15-1-34,348Sal MaglieBob BuhlSal MaglieBob Buhl 29127615
1953-06-20@ MLN59L  3-5-23,631Jim HearnDon LiddleLew BurdetteDave KosloVern Bickford29428113
1953-06-21@ MLN60W  5-0-0Ruben GomezJohnny AntonelliRuben GomezJohnny Antonelli 29928118
1953-06-21@ MLN61L  6-6-34,343Larry JansenMax Surkont 30528718
1953-06-23@ SLN62L  8-15-12,019Dave KosloHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixDave Koslo 31330211
1953-06-24@ SLN63W  3-0-12,034Sal MaglieVinegar Bend MizellSal MaglieVinegar Bend Mizell 31630214
1953-06-25@ SLN64W  9-4-5,846Jim HearnJoe PreskoHoyt WilhelmJoe PreskoAl Corwin32530619
1953-06-26@ CHN65W  9-6-7,598Ruben GomezBubba ChurchRuben GomezBubba ChurchHoyt Wilhelm33431222
1953-06-27@ CHN66L  1-2-13,275Larry JansenWarren HackerWarren HackerLarry JansenDutch Leonard33531421
1953-06-28@ CHN67W  12-2-22,630Jim HearnJohnny KlippsteinJim HearnJohnny Klippstein 34731631
1953-06-30vs PIT68L  1-3-13,805 Ruben GomezMurry DicksonMurry DicksonRuben Gomez 34831929
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-07-01vs PIT69L  3-5-4,429 Sal MaglieJohnny LindellJohnny HetkiHoyt Wilhelm 35132427
1953-07-03@ PHI70L  1-5-4,499Larry JansenJim KonstantyJim KonstantyLarry Jansen 35232923
1953-07-04@ PHI71W  4-2-0Ruben GomezCurt SimmonsRuben GomezCurt SimmonsHoyt Wilhelm35633125
1953-07-04@ PHI72L  4-10-23,664Jim HearnKarl DrewsThornton KipperJim Hearn 36034119
1953-07-05vs BRO73W  20-6-36,733 Sal MaglieClem LabineSal MaglieClem Labine 38034733
1953-07-06vs PHI74W  6-0-6,650 Al WorthingtonBob MillerAl WorthingtonBob Miller 38634739
1953-07-07vs PHI75W  5-3-34,736 Marv GrissomJim KonstantyMarv GrissomJim KonstantyHoyt Wilhelm39135041
1953-07-07vs PHI76W  9-1-34,736 Al CorwinThornton KipperAl CorwinThornton Kipper 40035149
1953-07-08@ PIT77W  10-7-7,095Jim HearnBob FriendLarry JansenJohnny HetkiDave Koslo41035852
1953-07-09@ PIT78W  4-0-3,391Ruben GomezRoy FaceRuben GomezRoy Face 41435856
1953-07-10@ BRO79W  6-1-32,889Sal MaglieBob MillikenSal MaglieBob Milliken 42035961
1953-07-11@ BRO80W  6-0-22,042Al WorthingtonRuss MeyerAl WorthingtonRuss Meyer 42635967
1953-07-12@ BRO81L  3-4-28,196Jim HearnCarl ErskineJohnny PodresHoyt Wilhelm 42936366
1953-07-16vs CHN82W  10-3-14,178 Sal MaglieJohnny KlippsteinSal MaglieTurk Lown 43936673
1953-07-18vs CHN83W  12-7-6,514 Jim HearnWarren HackerHoyt WilhelmWarren Hacker 45137378
1953-07-19vs MLN84W  7-5-0 Ruben GomezJim WilsonRuben GomezDave Jolly 45837880
1953-07-19vs MLN85L  1-2-33,668 Al WorthingtonMax SurkontMax SurkontAl Worthington 45938079
1953-07-21vs SLN86L  6-10-16,340 Sal MaglieGerry StaleyGerry StaleySal MaglieHal White46539075
1953-07-22vs SLN87W  6-5-7,826 Jim HearnJoe PreskoDave KosloCliff Chambers 47139576
1953-07-24vs CIN88W  3-1-12,220 Ruben GomezBud PodbielanRuben GomezBud Podbielan 47439678
1953-07-25vs CIN89L  5-7-8,454 Al WorthingtonFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiAl Worthington 47940376
1953-07-26vs CIN90W  10-6-0 Sal MaglieBob KellyDave KosloJoe Nuxhall 48940980
1953-07-26vs CIN91W  5-1-16,399 Larry JansenKen RaffensbergerLarry JansenKen Raffensberger 49441084
1953-07-27@ MLN92L  0-13-29,380Jim HearnWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJim Hearn 49442371
1953-07-28@ MLN93L  0-2-30,021Al WorthingtonBob BuhlBob BuhlAl Worthington 49442569
1953-07-29@ MLN94W  3-2-31,430Ruben GomezMax SurkontRuben GomezMax Surkont 49742770
1953-07-30@ MLN95L  0-5-24,439Sal MaglieLew BurdetteLew BurdetteSal Maglie 49743265
1953-07-31@ CIN96W  9-2-11,497Larry JansenBud PodbielanLarry JansenBud Podbielan 50643472
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-08-01@ CIN97L  9-10-4,122Al WorthingtonKen RaffensbergerJackie CollumMarv Grissom 51544471
1953-08-02@ CIN98L  0-5-0Jim HearnHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiJim Hearn 51544966
1953-08-02@ CIN99L  1-3-17,501Ruben GomezFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiRuben Gomez 51645264
1953-08-04@ CHN100L  3-5-8,889Sal MaglieBob RushBob RushSal Maglie 51945762
1953-08-05@ CHN101L  6-9-0Larry JansenJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinLarry JansenDutch Leonard52546659
1953-08-05@ CHN102L  6-7-15,594Al WorthingtonTurk LownWarren HackerDave Koslo 53147358
1953-08-06@ CHN103W  12-6-6,553Marv GrissomWarren HackerHoyt WilhelmWarren Hacker 54347964
1953-08-07@ SLN104L  1-2-9,885Ruben GomezVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellRuben Gomez 54448163
1953-08-08@ SLN105L  3-8-14,636Larry JansenGerry StaleyGerry StaleyLarry Jansen 54748958
1953-08-09@ SLN106L  2-6-17,880Al WorthingtonJoe PreskoJoe PreskoAl Worthington 54949554
1953-08-11vs BRO107L  0-4-45,604 Sal MaglieCarl ErskineCarl ErskineSal Maglie 54949950
1953-08-12vs BRO108L  5-6-23,328 Ruben GomezJohnny PodresClem LabineHoyt Wilhelm 55450549
1953-08-13vs BRO109L  8-9-30,931 Al WorthingtonBilly LoesClem LabineHoyt Wilhelm 56251448
1953-08-15vs PHI110W  4-1-0 Marv GrissomCurt SimmonsMarv GrissomCurt Simmons 56651551
1953-08-15vs PHI111L  2-5-9,873 Larry JansenSteve RidzikJim KonstantyLarry Jansen 56852048
1953-08-16vs PHI112W  8-1-0 Jim HearnRobin RobertsJim HearnRobin Roberts 57652155
1953-08-16vs PHI113W  4-3-16,926 Ruben GomezKarl DrewsRuben GomezKarl Drews 58052456
1953-08-17vs PHI114L  2-5-2,885 Dave KosloBob MillerBob MillerDave KosloJim Konstanty58252953
1953-08-17vs PHI115W  6-0-2,885 Al CorwinAndy HansenAl CorwinAndy Hansen 58852959
1953-08-18@ BRO116L  3-4-31,158Al WorthingtonBilly LoesClem LabineJim Hearn 59153358
1953-08-19@ BRO117L  5-7-20,559Marv GrissomRuss MeyerBob MillikenHoyt WilhelmJim Hughes59654056
1953-08-20@ BRO118L  0-10-17,785Ruben GomezCarl ErskineCarl ErskineRuben Gomez 59655046
1953-08-21@ PHI119L  6-7-15,925Jim HearnBob MillerSteve RidzikDave KosloJim Konstanty60255745
1953-08-22@ PHI120L  1-7-22,554Sal MaglieKarl DrewsKarl DrewsSal Maglie 60356439
1953-08-22@ PHI121L  5-6-22,554Al CorwinJim KonstantyJim KonstantyAl WorthingtonRobin Roberts60857038
1953-08-23@ PHI122L  3-6-12,929Larry JansenCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsLarry Jansen 61157635
1953-08-25vs SLN123W  3-0-0 Ruben GomezVinegar Bend MizellRuben GomezVinegar Bend Mizell 61457638
1953-08-25vs SLN124L  2-9-15,363 Al WorthingtonGerry StaleyGerry StaleyAl Worthington 61658531
1953-08-26vs SLN125W  13-4-4,235 Jim HearnHarvey HaddixJim HearnHarvey HaddixAl Corwin62958940
1953-08-27vs SLN126L  3-6-3,469 Dave KosloCliff ChambersEddie ErauttDave KosloHal White63259537
1953-08-28vs MLN127L  1-3-10,012 Larry JansenWarren SpahnWarren SpahnLarry Jansen 63359835
1953-08-29vs MLN128W  4-1-7,945 Ruben GomezLew BurdetteRuben GomezLew Burdette 63759938
1953-08-30vs CHN129W  10-1-0 Jim HearnBob RushJim HearnBob Rush 64760047
1953-08-30vs CHN130L  2-6-7,285 Al WorthingtonWarren HackerWarren HackerAl Corwin 64960643
1953-08-31vs CHN131W  13-4-1,702 Marv GrissomJohnny KlippsteinMarv GrissomTurk Lown 66261052
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNY1 PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-09-01vs CHN132W  10-9-1,405 Sal MaglieBubba ChurchDave KosloJohnny Klippstein 67261953
1953-09-02vs CIN133W  4-3-1,672 Ruben GomezBud PodbielanRuben GomezBud Podbielan 67662254
1953-09-03vs CIN134L  2-9-1,078 Larry JansenFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiLarry JansenBob Kelly67863147
1953-09-04vs BRO135L  6-8-29,736 Al WorthingtonRuss MeyerClem LabineLarry Jansen 68463945
1953-09-05vs BRO136L  7-16-23,636 Jim HearnBob MillikenBob MillikenJim Hearn 69165536
1953-09-06vs BRO137L  3-6-25,331 Ruben GomezPreacher RoePreacher RoeRuben Gomez 69466133
1953-09-07vs PIT138L  7-9-0 Al WorthingtonBob FriendBob FriendAl Worthington 70167031
1953-09-07vs PIT139L  3-5-6,903 Jim HearnPaul LaPalmePaul LaPalmeJim Hearn 70467529
1953-09-09@ SLN140W  8-3-7,487Dave KosloGerry StaleyDave KosloGerry Staley 71267834
1953-09-10@ SLN141L  6-7-2,927Al WorthingtonStu MillerHal WhiteAl WorthingtonAl Brazle71868533
1953-09-11@ CHN142L  2-5-4,722Ruben GomezBob RushBob RushRuben Gomez 72069030
1953-09-12@ CHN143L  1-7-6,169Jim HearnJim WillisJim WillisJim Hearn 72169724
1953-09-13@ MLN144L  1-2-0Larry JansenWarren SpahnWarren SpahnLarry Jansen 72269923
1953-09-13@ MLN145W  7-4-33,223Marv GrissomJohnny AntonelliMarv GrissomJohnny Antonelli 72970326
1953-09-15@ CIN146L  3-4-4,014Ruben GomezFred BaczewskiFred BaczewskiRuben Gomez 73270725
1953-09-16@ CIN147W  4-3-1,268Dave KosloHarry PerkowskiDave KosloHarry Perkowski 73671026
1953-09-19vs PIT148W  4-1-0 Al WorthingtonPaul LaPalmeAl WorthingtonPaul LaPalmeLarry Jansen74071129
1953-09-19vs PIT149L  5-6-2,744 Jim HearnJim WaughJim WaughJim HearnMurry Dickson74571728
1953-09-20vs PIT150L  4-8-4,717 Ruben GomezBob FriendBob FriendRuben Gomez 74972524
1953-09-22@ PHI151L  3-9-4,100Larry JansenCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsLarry Jansen 75273418
1953-09-23@ PHI152L  1-2-4,030Marv GrissomRobin RobertsRobin RobertsMarv Grissom 75373617
1953-09-25@ PIT153W  6-2-3,367Al WorthingtonBob FriendAl WorthingtonBob Friend 75973821
1953-09-26@ PIT154W  5-3-1,385Jim HearnJim WaughLarry JansenJim Waugh 76474123
1953-09-27@ PIT155L  4-6-17,367Al DarkCal HogueCal HogueAl Corwin 76874721

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