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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  92-62   .597
Result:   2nd in National League
Manager(s):  Charlie Grimm
General Manager:   John Quinn
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,826,397
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Walker Cooper (38)
Youngest Player:  Joey Jay (17)
Longest Tenure:  
Top Hitter:  Eddie Mathews (4)
Top Pitcher:  Warren Spahn (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  70.98%
National League Standings
St. Louis8371.53922.0
NY Giants7084.45535.0
Chi Cubs6589.42240.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-04-13@ CIN1W  2-0-30,108Max SurkontBud PodbielanMax SurkontBud Podbielan 202
1953-04-14vs SLN2W  3-2-34,357 Warren SpahnGerry StaleyWarren SpahnGerry Staley 523
1953-04-17@ CIN3L  9-10-1,295Jim WilsonHowie JudsonFrank SmithBob BuhlJoe Nuxhall14122
1953-04-19@ SLN4L  3-4-7,880Johnny AntonelliGerry StaleyGerry StaleyJohnny AntonelliAl Brazle17161
1953-04-20@ SLN5L  4-9-4,391Warren SpahnJoe PreskoJoe PreskoWarren SpahnAl Brazle2125-4
1953-04-22@ CHN6W  15-6-7,995Max SurkontBob RushMax SurkontBob Rush 36315
1953-04-23@ CHN7L  2-6-6,860Vern BickfordWarren HackerWarren HackerVern Bickford 38371
1953-04-25vs CIN8W  8-4-14,492 Johnny AntonelliHerm WehmeierJohnny AntonelliHerm Wehmeier 46415
1953-04-28@ NY19W  4-1-9,638Max SurkontLarry JansenMax SurkontLarry Jansen 50428
1953-04-29@ NY110W  3-2-3,927Warren SpahnJim HearnWarren SpahnHoyt Wilhelm 53449
1953-04-30@ NY111L  0-1-4,109Vern BickfordSal MaglieSal MaglieVern Bickford 53458
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-05-01@ PHI12W  5-2-9,472Jim WilsonKarl DrewsJim WilsonKarl Drews 584711
1953-05-03@ BRO13L  3-4-10,136Max SurkontBilly LoesBilly LoesErnie Johnson 615110
1953-05-04@ BRO14W  9-4-0Johnny AntonelliPreacher RoeLew BurdetteClem Labine 705515
1953-05-08vs CHN15W  2-0-30,293 Johnny AntonelliWarren HackerJohnny AntonelliWarren Hacker 725517
1953-05-09vs CHN16L  0-2-20,906 Jim WilsonBob RushBob RushJim Wilson 725715
1953-05-10vs CHN17W  6-2-0 Max SurkontPaul MinnerMax SurkontPaul Minner 785919
1953-05-10vs CHN18W  4-1-33,721 Don LiddleJohnny KlippsteinDon LiddleJohnny Klippstein 826022
1953-05-12vs NY119W  8-1-29,967 Bob BuhlBill ConnellyBob BuhlBill Connelly 906129
1953-05-13vs NY120W  11-1-9,043 Johnny AntonelliDave KosloLew BurdetteDave Koslo 1016239
1953-05-14vs PIT21W  3-2-15,438 Jim WilsonJohnny LindellJim WilsonJohnny Lindell 1046440
1953-05-15vs PIT22W  4-3-8,744 Max SurkontBob FriendMax SurkontBob Friend 1086741
1953-05-16vs PHI23L  0-3-23,578 Don LiddleCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsDon Liddle 1087038
1953-05-18vs PHI24W  4-0-22,237 Bob BuhlKarl DrewsBob BuhlKarl Drews 1127042
1953-05-19vs BRO25L  1-4-36,439 Jim WilsonRuss MeyerRuss MeyerJim Wilson 1137439
1953-05-20vs BRO26L  2-7-23,450 Vern BickfordBilly LoesBilly LoesVern Bickford 1158134
1953-05-23@ CHN27W  5-3-19,871Warren SpahnPaul MinnerWarren SpahnPaul MinnerLew Burdette1208436
1953-05-24@ CHN28W  5-4-0Johnny AntonelliWarren HackerVern BickfordWarren Hacker 1258837
1953-05-24@ CHN29L  2-5-21,250Bob BuhlJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinBob Buhl 1279334
1953-05-25vs CIN30W  5-1-0 Don LiddleBubba ChurchDon LiddleBubba Church 1329438
1953-05-25vs CIN31W  10-3-24,445 Max SurkontHarry PerkowskiMax SurkontHarry Perkowski 1429745
1953-05-26vs CIN32W  6-0-8,720 Warren SpahnHowie JudsonWarren SpahnHowie Judson 1489751
1953-05-27vs CHN33W  9-4-30,936 Jim WilsonBob RushJohnny AntonelliBob Rush 15710156
1953-05-29@ SLN34L  7-11-4,396Vern BickfordGerry StaleyGerry StaleyVern BickfordMike Clark16411252
1953-05-30@ SLN35W  5-2-0Warren SpahnJoe PreskoWarren SpahnJoe Presko 16911455
1953-05-30@ SLN36W  6-4-30,105Don LiddleEddie ErauttBob BuhlEddie ErauttLew Burdette17511857
1953-05-31@ CIN37L  6-8-0Max SurkontBubba ChurchBubba ChurchDave Cole 18112655
1953-05-31@ CIN38W  8-6-13,937Johnny AntonelliHarry PerkowskiJohnny AntonelliHarry PerkowskiWarren Spahn18913257
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-06-02@ BRO39W  4-3-26,288Jim WilsonRuss MeyerLew BurdetteRuss Meyer 19313558
1953-06-03@ BRO40W  14-9-11,557Vern BickfordCarl ErskineJohnny AntonelliBen WadeLew Burdette20714463
1953-06-04@ BRO41L  5-10-13,482Max SurkontBilly LoesBilly LoesMax SurkontJim Hughes21215458
1953-06-05@ PHI42W  3-2-16,025Warren SpahnKarl DrewsWarren SpahnJim Konstanty 21515659
1953-06-06@ PHI43L  2-6-9,144Jim WilsonRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJim Wilson 21716255
1953-06-07@ PHI44W  6-0-0Johnny AntonelliSteve RidzikJohnny AntonelliSteve Ridzik 22316261
1953-06-07@ PHI45W  5-3-20,098Don LiddleThornton KipperBob BuhlThornton KipperLew Burdette22816563
1953-06-08@ NY146W  12-8-7,998Max SurkontSal MaglieMax SurkontSal MaglieLew Burdette24017367
1953-06-09@ NY147W  4-2-23,689Warren SpahnRuben GomezWarren SpahnRuben Gomez 24417569
1953-06-10@ NY148W  6-5-7,364Vern BickfordJim HearnLew BurdetteHoyt WilhelmJohnny Antonelli25018070
1953-06-11@ NY149L  1-3-6,492Jim WilsonLarry JansenLarry JansenJim Wilson 25118368
1953-06-12@ PIT50W  11-2-17,344Max SurkontBob SchultzMax SurkontBob Schultz 26218577
1953-06-12@ PIT51L  2-4-0Johnny AntonelliMurry DicksonMurry DicksonJohnny Antonelli 26418975
1953-06-13@ PIT52W  5-4-5,134Warren SpahnPaul LaPalmeLew BurdettePaul LaPalme 26919376
1953-06-14@ PIT53W  7-3-0Don LiddleBob HallDon LiddleBob Hall 27619680
1953-06-14@ PIT54W  8-0-15,083Bob BuhlRoger BowmanBob BuhlRoger Bowman 28419688
1953-06-15@ PIT55L  2-3-6,548Jim WilsonBob FriendBob FriendJim Wilson 28619987
1953-06-16vs PHI56W  6-5-0 Johnny AntonelliSteve RidzikLew BurdetteKent Peterson 29220488
1953-06-16vs PHI57W  3-2-33,962 Max SurkontJim KonstantyMax SurkontJim Konstanty 29520689
1953-06-17vs PHI58W  9-6-32,771 Warren SpahnBob MillerWarren SpahnBob MillerLew Burdette30421292
1953-06-19vs NY159L  1-15-34,348 Bob BuhlSal MaglieSal MaglieBob Buhl 30522778
1953-06-20vs NY160W  5-3-23,631 Don LiddleJim HearnLew BurdetteDave KosloVern Bickford31023080
1953-06-21vs NY161L  0-5-0 Johnny AntonelliRuben GomezRuben GomezJohnny Antonelli 31023575
1953-06-21vs NY162W  6-6-34,343 Max SurkontLarry Jansen 31624175
1953-06-23vs PIT63L  0-1-26,299 Warren SpahnBob HallBob HallWarren Spahn 31624274
1953-06-24vs PIT64L  1-10-21,438 Vern BickfordRoy FaceRoy FaceVern Bickford 31725265
1953-06-25vs PIT65L  4-6-14,841 Don LiddleBob FriendJohnny HetkiBob Buhl 32125863
1953-06-26vs BRO66L  3-4-35,145 Max SurkontBob MillikenBilly LoesMax SurkontJim Hughes32426262
1953-06-27vs BRO67L  3-4-34,360 Jim WilsonClem LabineBilly LoesJim Wilson 32726661
1953-06-28vs BRO68L  1-11-34,375 Warren SpahnRuss MeyerRuss MeyerWarren Spahn 32827751
1953-06-30@ CIN69L  3-6-0Don LiddleHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiDon Liddle 33128348
1953-06-30@ CIN70W  6-4-22,523Max SurkontJackie CollumErnie JohnsonJackie Collum 33728750
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-07-01@ CIN71W  10-2-3,356Warren SpahnJoe NuxhallWarren SpahnJoe Nuxhall 34728958
1953-07-02vs CIN72L  1-3-33,661 Johnny AntonelliBud PodbielanBud PodbielanJohnny Antonelli 34829256
1953-07-03vs CIN73W  11-1-14,121 Jim WilsonFred BaczewskiJim WilsonFred Baczewski 35929366
1953-07-04vs CIN74L  1-5-0 Ernie JohnsonHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiErnie Johnson 36029862
1953-07-04vs CIN75L  1-3-26,511 Don LiddleKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerDon Liddle 36130160
1953-07-05vs SLN76W  4-0-0 Warren SpahnGerry StaleyWarren SpahnGerry Staley 36530164
1953-07-05vs SLN77L  1-4-34,251 Max SurkontStu MillerStu MillerMax Surkont 36630561
1953-07-07vs CHN78W  4-1-37,113 Johnny AntonelliTurk LownJohnny AntonelliTurk Lown 37030664
1953-07-08vs CHN79L  3-7-37,119 Jim WilsonWarren HackerWarren HackerJim Wilson 37331360
1953-07-10@ SLN80W  5-2-22,664Warren SpahnJoe PreskoWarren SpahnJoe Presko 37831563
1953-07-11@ SLN81L  0-5-25,219Max SurkontStu MillerStu MillerMax Surkont 37832058
1953-07-12@ SLN82W  10-1-0Johnny AntonelliGerry StaleyJohnny AntonelliGerry Staley 38832167
1953-07-12@ SLN83W  4-3-31,030Don LiddleVinegar Bend MizellBob BuhlHal White 39232468
1953-07-16@ PIT84L  2-5-11,775Johnny AntonelliBob FriendBob FriendJohnny Antonelli 39432965
1953-07-17@ PIT85W  8-2-11,565Warren SpahnBob HallWarren SpahnBob Hall 40233171
1953-07-18@ PIT86W  4-3-4,674Don LiddleJim WaughDon LiddleJim WaughLew Burdette40633472
1953-07-19@ NY187L  5-7-0Jim WilsonRuben GomezRuben GomezDave Jolly 41134170
1953-07-19@ NY188W  2-1-33,668Max SurkontAl WorthingtonMax SurkontAl Worthington 41334271
1953-07-21@ PHI89L  0-10-0Bob BuhlRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Buhl 41335261
1953-07-21@ PHI90W  7-3-35,174Johnny AntonelliCurt SimmonsJohnny AntonelliCurt Simmons 42035565
1953-07-22@ PHI91L  3-6-12,756Warren SpahnJim KonstantyJim KonstantyWarren SpahnKarl Drews42336162
1953-07-24@ BRO92W  11-6-27,948Max SurkontBilly LoesMax SurkontBilly LoesLew Burdette43436767
1953-07-25@ BRO93L  0-7-18,863Jim WilsonRuss MeyerRuss MeyerJim Wilson 43437460
1953-07-26@ BRO94L  2-3-33,421Johnny AntonelliClem LabineBob MillikenJohnny Antonelli 43637759
1953-07-26@ BRO95L  1-2-33,421Lew BurdetteCarl ErskineCarl ErskineLew Burdette 43737958
1953-07-27vs NY196W  13-0-29,380 Warren SpahnJim HearnWarren SpahnJim Hearn 45037971
1953-07-28vs NY197W  2-0-30,021 Bob BuhlAl WorthingtonBob BuhlAl Worthington 45237973
1953-07-29vs NY198L  2-3-31,430 Max SurkontRuben GomezRuben GomezMax Surkont 45438272
1953-07-30vs NY199W  5-0-24,439 Lew BurdetteSal MaglieLew BurdetteSal Maglie 45938277
1953-07-31vs PHI100L  1-5-0 Johnny AntonelliRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJohnny Antonelli 46038773
1953-07-31vs PHI101W  0-0-29,802 Max SurkontBob Miller 46038773
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-08-01vs PHI102W  5-0-23,791 Warren SpahnJim KonstantyWarren SpahnJim Konstanty 46538778
1953-08-02vs PHI103W  6-1-31,300 Bob BuhlSteve RidzikBob BuhlSteve Ridzik 47138883
1953-08-02vs PHI104L  1-4-0 Don LiddleCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsDon Liddle 47239280
1953-08-03vs BRO105L  0-1-0 Lew BurdetteRuss MeyerRuss MeyerLew Burdette 47239379
1953-08-05vs BRO106W  5-3-30,741 Max SurkontCarl ErskineErnie JohnsonCarl ErskineLew Burdette47739681
1953-08-06vs BRO107L  3-4-34,077 Warren SpahnBilly LoesCarl ErskineWarren Spahn 48040080
1953-08-06vs BRO108W  3-2-34,077 Bob BuhlClem LabineDon LiddleRuss Meyer 48340281
1953-08-07vs PIT109W  9-2-26,902 Vern BickfordMurry DicksonVern BickfordMurry Dickson 49240488
1953-08-08vs PIT110W  7-4-17,163 Lew BurdetteBob HallLew BurdetteBob Hall 49940891
1953-08-09vs PIT111W  7-4-0 Max SurkontPaul LaPalmeErnie JohnsonPaul LaPalmeDon Liddle50641294
1953-08-09vs PIT112W  10-3-33,376 Jim WilsonRoy FaceJim WilsonRoy Face 516415101
1953-08-10vs SLN113W  8-2-34,950 Warren SpahnHarvey HaddixWarren SpahnHarvey Haddix 524417107
1953-08-11vs SLN114L  3-4-34,436 Bob BuhlStu MillerStu MillerBob Buhl 527421106
1953-08-12vs SLN115W  8-2-0 Johnny AntonelliWillard SchmidtErnie JohnsonWillard Schmidt 535423112
1953-08-12vs SLN116W  5-3-36,241 Lew BurdetteGerry StaleyLew BurdetteAl BrazleWarren Spahn540426114
1953-08-14@ CHN117L  4-11-12,862Max SurkontWarren HackerTurk LownJohnny AntonelliJohnny Klippstein544437107
1953-08-15@ CHN118W  2-0-20,296Warren SpahnBubba ChurchWarren SpahnBubba Church 546437109
1953-08-16@ CHN119W  4-2-0Vern BickfordPaul MinnerLew BurdettePaul Minner 550439111
1953-08-16@ CHN120W  6-2-39,903Bob BuhlBob RushBob BuhlBob Rush 556441115
1953-08-18@ CIN121W  8-2-12,188Johnny AntonelliFred BaczewskiJohnny AntonelliFred Baczewski 564443121
1953-08-19@ CIN122W  3-2-4,875Warren SpahnJoe NuxhallWarren SpahnJoe Nuxhall 567445122
1953-08-21vs CHN123W  5-4-37,243 Lew BurdetteBubba ChurchLew BurdetteBubba ChurchDon Liddle572449123
1953-08-22vs CHN124W  2-1-31,854 Bob BuhlHowie PolletBob BuhlWarren Hacker 574450124
1953-08-23vs CHN125W  10-2-0 Warren SpahnPaul MinnerWarren SpahnPaul Minner 584452132
1953-08-23vs CHN126L  2-7-36,119 Jim WilsonJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinErnie Johnson 586459127
1953-08-25@ PHI127L  1-6-0Johnny AntonelliRobin RobertsRobin RobertsJohnny Antonelli 587465122
1953-08-25@ PHI128W  6-2-31,596Lew BurdetteBob MillerLew BurdetteBob Miller 593467126
1953-08-26@ PHI129L  5-6-13,918Bob BuhlKarl DrewsKarl DrewsBob BuhlJim Konstanty598473125
1953-08-28@ NY1130W  3-1-10,012Warren SpahnLarry JansenWarren SpahnLarry Jansen 601474127
1953-08-29@ NY1131L  1-4-7,945Lew BurdetteRuben GomezRuben GomezLew Burdette 602478124
1953-08-30@ PIT132W  19-4-0Johnny AntonelliJohnny LindellJohnny AntonelliJohnny Lindell 621482139
1953-08-30@ PIT133W  11-5-9,458Bob BuhlPaul LaPalmeDon LiddlePaul LaPalme 632487145
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1953-09-02@ BRO134W  9-8-30,877Warren SpahnRuss MeyerBob BuhlClem Labine 641495146
1953-09-03@ BRO135W  6-1-12,215Lew BurdetteCarl ErskineLew BurdetteCarl Erskine 647496151
1953-09-04vs SLN136L  2-4-34,092 Johnny AntonelliStu MillerStu MillerJohnny Antonelli 649500149
1953-09-05vs SLN137L  5-7-27,722 Warren SpahnGerry StaleyCliff ChambersWarren SpahnAl Brazle654507147
1953-09-06vs SLN138W  3-1-0 Bob BuhlJoe PreskoBob BuhlJoe PreskoWarren Spahn657508149
1953-09-06vs SLN139W  3-3-32,837 Don LiddleJohn Romonosky 660511149
1953-09-07@ CHN140L  3-4-0Lew BurdetteWarren HackerWarren HackerLew BurdetteTurk Lown663515148
1953-09-07@ CHN141L  4-6-27,401Jim WilsonHowie PolletHowie PolletJim Wilson 667521146
1953-09-08vs PHI142W  3-2-28,629 Johnny AntonelliJohnny LindellJohnny AntonelliJohnny Lindell 670523147
1953-09-09vs PHI143L  0-2-31,049 Warren SpahnBob MillerBob MillerWarren Spahn 670525145
1953-09-11vs BRO144W  9-8-34,260 Lew BurdetteRuss MeyerDon LiddleClem Labine 679533146
1953-09-12vs BRO145L  2-5-34,884 Bob BuhlCarl ErskineCarl ErskineBob Buhl 681538143
1953-09-13vs NY1146W  2-1-0 Warren SpahnLarry JansenWarren SpahnLarry Jansen 683539144
1953-09-13vs NY1147L  4-7-33,223 Johnny AntonelliMarv GrissomMarv GrissomJohnny Antonelli 687546141
1953-09-15vs PIT148L  5-7-32,145 Lew BurdetteBob FriendBob FriendLew BurdetteBob Hall692553139
1953-09-16vs PIT149W  7-3-18,912 Bob BuhlRoy FaceBob BuhlRoy Face 699556143
1953-09-19vs CIN150W  5-2-32,482 Warren SpahnKen RaffensbergerWarren SpahnKen Raffensberger 704558146
1953-09-20vs CIN151L  3-5-0 Johnny AntonelliBud PodbielanBud PodbielanJohnny Antonelli 707563144
1953-09-20vs CIN152W  3-0-36,011 Joey JayJoe NuxhallJoey JayJoe Nuxhall 710563147
1953-09-22@ SLN153W  4-3-0Lew BurdetteStu MillerLew BurdetteStu Miller 714566148
1953-09-22@ SLN154L  7-10-11,509Don LiddleJoe PreskoEddie ErauttDon LiddleHarvey Haddix721576145
1953-09-23@ SLN155W  2-1-6,439Warren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnVinegar Bend Mizell 723577146
1953-09-26@ CIN156L  7-10-1,660Bob BuhlBud PodbielanFrank SmithDon Liddle 730587143
1953-09-27@ CIN157W  8-2-8,426Warren SpahnFred BaczewskiWarren SpahnFred Baczewski 738589149

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