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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  93-61   .604
Result:   2nd in American League
Manager(s):  Al Lopez
General Manager:   Hank Greenberg
Stadium:  Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Attendance:  1,444,607
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Birdie Tebbetts (39)
Youngest Player:  Bill Abernathie (23)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Feller (14)
Top Hitter:  Bobby Avila (1)
Top Pitcher:  Bob Lemon (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  91.13%
American League Standings
NY Yankees9559.617--
Chi White Sox8173.52614.0
St. Louis6490.41631.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15@ CHA1W  3-2-25,037Early WynnBilly PierceEarly WynnBilly Pierce 321
1952-04-16@ CHA2W  1-0-8,897Bob LemonJoe DobsonBob LemonJoe Dobson 422
1952-04-17@ CHA3W  5-3-9,570Mike GarciaMarv GrissomMike GarciaMarv Grissom 954
1952-04-18vs DET4W  5-0-56,068 Bob FellerTed GrayBob FellerTed GrayBob Lemon1459
1952-04-19vs DET5W  7-5-11,829 Early WynnVirgil TrucksEarly WynnVirgil TrucksMike Garcia211011
1952-04-20vs DET6W  3-2-0 Bob LemonArt HouttemanBob LemonArt Houtteman 241212
1952-04-20vs DET7W  7-2-35,549 Steve GromekDizzy TroutSteve GromekDizzy Trout 311417
1952-04-22@ SLA8L  3-8-15,119Mike GarciaTommy ByrneTommy ByrneMike Garcia 342212
1952-04-23@ SLA9L  0-1-7,110Bob FellerBob CainBob CainBob Feller 342311
1952-04-25vs CHA10W  5-4-4,677 Early WynnBilly PierceEarly WynnBilly Pierce 392712
1952-04-26@ DET11L  0-13-17,922Bob LemonArt HouttemanArt HouttemanBob Lemon 3940-1
1952-04-27@ DET12L  0-1-42,831Mike GarciaTed GrayTed GrayMike Garcia 3941-2
1952-04-29@ PHA13W  21-9-7,858Bob FellerAlex KellnerBob FellerAlex Kellner 605010
1952-04-30@ PHA14L  1-3-0Early WynnBobby ShantzBobby ShantzEarly Wynn 61538
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01@ WS115L  1-2-10,698Bob LemonSid HudsonSid HudsonBob Lemon 62557
1952-05-02@ WS116W  6-2-12,246Mike GarciaJulio MorenoMike GarciaJulio Moreno 685711
1952-05-03@ WS117L  6-7-10,257Bob FellerDon JohnsonBobo NewsomBob Chakales 746410
1952-05-04@ BOS18W  9-6-32,571Early WynnMickey McDermottSam JonesIke DelockMike Garcia837013
1952-05-05@ BOS19W  4-2-8,624Bob LemonMel ParnellEarly WynnMel Parnell 877215
1952-05-06@ NYA20W  1-0-35,914Steve GromekAllie ReynoldsSteve GromekAllie Reynolds 887216
1952-05-07@ NYA21W  7-2-12,644Mike GarciaVic RaschiMike GarciaVic Raschi 957421
1952-05-08@ NYA22W  12-5-12,851Bob FellerEddie LopatBob FellerEddie LopatBob Lemon1077928
1952-05-10vs SLA23L  4-6-14,179 Early WynnTommy ByrneTommy ByrneEarly Wynn 1118526
1952-05-11vs SLA24W  1-0-0 Bob LemonNed GarverBob LemonNed Garver 1128527
1952-05-11vs SLA25W  3-1-27,172 Mike GarciaBob CainMike GarciaBob Cain 1158629
1952-05-13vs NYA26W  10-6-21,576 Steve GromekBill MillerSteve GromekBill MillerEarly Wynn1259233
1952-05-14vs NYA27L  3-5-26,028 Bob FellerJohnny SainJohnny SainBob Feller 1289731
1952-05-16vs WS128L  0-2-36,590 Early WynnSpec SheaSpec SheaEarly Wynn 1289929
1952-05-17vs WS129W  9-2-15,202 Bob LemonJulio MorenoBob LemonJulio Moreno 13710136
1952-05-18vs PHA30L  0-2-0 Bob FellerBobby ShantzBobby ShantzBob Feller 13710334
1952-05-18vs PHA31W  6-0-20,200 Mike GarciaSam ZoldakMike GarciaSam Zoldak 14310340
1952-05-21vs BOS32W  5-1-22,737 Early WynnRay ScarboroughEarly WynnRay ScarboroughMike Garcia14810444
1952-05-22vs BOS33L  2-3-5,394 Bob LemonMickey McDermottMickey McDermottBob Lemon 15010743
1952-05-23@ SLA34W  6-3-9,126Mike GarciaNed GarverMike GarciaNed GarverBob Lemon15611046
1952-05-24@ SLA35W  5-3-5,947Bob FellerBob CainBob FellerBob Cain 16111348
1952-05-25@ SLA36L  5-7-0Steve GromekDuane PilletteDuane PilletteSteve GromekSatchel Paige16612046
1952-05-25@ SLA37W  6-2-23,536Sam JonesTommy ByrneSam JonesTommy ByrneLou Brissie17212250
1952-05-27vs DET38L  4-6-15,615 Bob LemonMarlin StuartHal NewhouserBob LemonHal White17612848
1952-05-28@ DET39L  2-6-38,662Mike GarciaTed GrayTed GrayMike Garcia 17813444
1952-05-29@ DET40W  11-4-6,820Bob FellerArt HouttemanBob FellerDick Littlefield 18913851
1952-05-30vs CHA41L  2-7-0 Early WynnBilly PierceBilly PierceEarly Wynn 19114546
1952-05-30vs CHA42L  1-3-36,064 Sam JonesJoe DobsonJoe DobsonSam Jones 19214844
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-02@ NYA43L  0-2-17,793Bob LemonAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsBob Lemon 19215042
1952-06-03@ BOS44W  6-0-34,904Mike GarciaMickey McDermottMike GarciaMickey McDermott 19815048
1952-06-04@ BOS45L  11-13-12,351Bob FellerMel ParnellDizzy TroutSteve Gromek 20916346
1952-06-05@ BOS46W  5-0-9,607Early WynnEllis KinderEarly WynnEllis Kinder 21416351
1952-06-06@ PHA47W  11-4-0Bob LemonHarry ByrdBob LemonHarry Byrd 22516758
1952-06-07@ PHA48W  14-0-0Mike GarciaAlex KellnerMike GarciaAlex KellnerLou Brissie23916772
1952-06-08@ PHA49L  4-12-0Sam JonesBobby ShantzBobby ShantzSam Jones 24317964
1952-06-08@ PHA50L  3-11-21,949Bob FellerAlex KellnerAlex KellnerBob Feller 24619056
1952-06-10@ WS151W  4-3-16,580Early WynnConnie MarreroEarly WynnConnie MarreroMike Garcia25019357
1952-06-11@ WS152L  0-1-14,284Bob LemonBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldBob Lemon 25019456
1952-06-12@ WS153W  7-4-8,383Bob FellerSpec SheaBob FellerSpec Shea 25719859
1952-06-13vs NYA54W  7-1-46,103 Mike GarciaAllie ReynoldsMike GarciaAllie Reynolds 26419965
1952-06-14vs NYA55L  0-11-20,914 Early WynnVic RaschiVic RaschiEarly Wynn 26421054
1952-06-15vs NYA56L  2-8-0 Bob LemonEddie LopatEddie LopatBob Lemon 26621848
1952-06-15vs NYA57L  3-4-69,468 Steve GromekBob KuzavaBob KuzavaSteve GromekAllie Reynolds26922247
1952-06-17vs WS158L  3-4-16,942 Bob FellerBob PorterfieldBob PorterfieldBob FellerSandy Consuegra27222646
1952-06-18vs WS159L  2-3-13,292 Mike GarciaSpec SheaSpec SheaMike Garcia 27422945
1952-06-19vs WS160L  3-6-5,368 Early WynnConnie MarreroConnie MarreroEarly Wynn 27723542
1952-06-20vs BOS61W  9-2-28,949 Bob LemonMel ParnellBob LemonMel Parnell 28623749
1952-06-21vs BOS62L  1-3-12,987 Bob FellerSid HudsonSid HudsonBob Feller 28724047
1952-06-22vs BOS63W  7-0-0 Steve GromekWillard NixonSteve GromekWillard NixonMickey Harris29424054
1952-06-22vs BOS64W  5-4-38,947 Mike GarciaDizzy TroutMike GarciaDizzy Trout 29924455
1952-06-24vs PHA65W  2-1-18,540 Early WynnBobby ShantzEarly WynnBobby Shantz 30124556
1952-06-25vs PHA66L  9-11-6,261 Bob LemonAlex KellnerHarry ByrdMike GarciaCarl Scheib31025654
1952-06-27@ CHA67L  1-5-39,986Bob FellerBilly PierceBilly PierceBob Feller 31126150
1952-06-28@ CHA68W  5-1-13,548Mike GarciaChuck StobbsMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 31626254
1952-06-29@ CHA69L  2-4-0Early WynnSaul RogovinSaul RogovinEarly Wynn 31826652
1952-06-29@ CHA70L  7-7-38,100Bob LemonMarv Grissom 32527352
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01vs SLA71W  4-3-19,885 Bob FellerNed GarverLou BrissieSatchel Paige 32927653
1952-07-02vs SLA72W  3-2-8,662 Mike GarciaGene BeardenMickey HarrisDave Madison 33227854
1952-07-04@ DET73W  11-0-0Early WynnTed GrayEarly WynnTed Gray 34327865
1952-07-04@ DET74W  10-1-42,035Bob LemonVirgil TrucksBob LemonVirgil Trucks 35327974
1952-07-05vs CHA75W  3-2-43,475 Bob FellerJoe DobsonBob FellerJoe Dobson 35628175
1952-07-06vs CHA76L  2-3-22,187 Mike GarciaBilly PierceFritz DorishMike Garcia 35828474
1952-07-10@ PHA77L  1-11-9,817Early WynnAlex KellnerAlex KellnerEarly Wynn 35929564
1952-07-11@ PHA78W  8-7-8,677Bob FellerHarry ByrdMike GarciaCarl Scheib 36730265
1952-07-12@ PHA79W  5-1-5,175Bob LemonSam ZoldakBob LemonSam Zoldak 37230369
1952-07-13@ WS180W  1-0-0Mike GarciaConnie MarreroMike GarciaConnie Marrero 37330370
1952-07-13@ WS181W  2-1-26,770Steve GromekRandy GumpertMickey HarrisRandy Gumpert 37530471
1952-07-14@ WS182L  4-15-4,174Sam JonesSandy ConsuegraSandy ConsuegraSam JonesJoe Haynes37931960
1952-07-15@ NYA83W  7-3-43,633Early WynnBob KuzavaEarly WynnBob Kuzava 38632264
1952-07-16@ NYA84L  7-8-0Bob LemonJohnny SainJim McDonaldLou Brissie 39333063
1952-07-16@ NYA85L  4-7-0Bob FellerBill MillerTom GormanBob FellerAllie Reynolds39733760
1952-07-17@ NYA86W  11-6-0Steve GromekAllie ReynoldsSteve GromekAllie ReynoldsEarly Wynn40834365
1952-07-17@ NYA87L  4-5-51,114Mike GarciaVic RaschiVic RaschiBob Lemon 41234864
1952-07-18@ BOS88L  2-9-34,477Lou BrissieMickey McDermottRalph BricknerLou Brissie 41435757
1952-07-19@ BOS89W  4-0-18,613Bob LemonSid HudsonBob LemonSid Hudson 41835761
1952-07-20@ BOS90L  7-8-25,318Early WynnDick BrodowskiDizzy TroutMike Garcia 42536560
1952-07-22vs NYA91L  3-7-0 Bob FellerVic RaschiVic RaschiBob FellerJohnny Sain42837256
1952-07-22vs NYA92L  1-8-57,666 Steve GromekAllie ReynoldsAllie ReynoldsSteve GromekTom Morgan42938049
1952-07-23vs NYA93W  7-3-29,697 Bob LemonTom GormanBob LemonTom Gorman 43638353
1952-07-24vs NYA94W  4-2-15,023 Mike GarciaTom MorganMike GarciaTom Morgan 44038555
1952-07-25vs WS195W  4-2-19,906 Early WynnBob PorterfieldEarly WynnBob Porterfield 44438757
1952-07-26vs WS196L  10-11-11,301 Bob FellerJulio MorenoJulio MorenoBob FellerSandy Consuegra45439856
1952-07-27vs WS197W  3-1-0 Bob LemonConnie MarreroBob LemonConnie Marrero 45739958
1952-07-27vs WS198W  3-2-31,494 Mike GarciaWalt MastersonSteve GromekWalt Masterson 46040159
1952-07-29vs BOS99W  4-1-24,704 Early WynnSid HudsonEarly WynnSid Hudson 46440262
1952-07-30vs BOS100L  4-5-24,798 Bob FellerDick BrodowskiDick BrodowskiBob FellerDizzy Trout46840761
1952-07-31vs BOS101W  8-2-11,634 Bob LemonRalph BricknerBob LemonMickey McDermott 47640967
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01vs PHA102W  6-5-22,024 Mike GarciaSam ZoldakLou BrissieBob Hooper 48241468
1952-08-02vs PHA103L  4-6-10,549 Early WynnHarry ByrdHarry ByrdEarly WynnJohnny Kucab48642066
1952-08-03vs PHA104W  4-1-0 Bob FellerAlex KellnerBob FellerAlex Kellner 49042169
1952-08-03vs PHA105L  2-9-31,584 Steve GromekCarl ScheibCarl ScheibSteve Gromek 49243062
1952-08-05@ CHA106W  6-0-0Bob LemonLou KretlowBob LemonLou Kretlow 49843068
1952-08-05@ CHA107L  3-6-40,909Mike GarciaSaul RogovinSaul RogovinMike GarciaFritz Dorish50143665
1952-08-06@ CHA108W  7-1-10,502Early WynnBill KennedyEarly WynnBill Kennedy 50843771
1952-08-08@ SLA109W  10-9-0Bob FellerDuane PilletteEarly WynnDave Madison 51844672
1952-08-09@ SLA110W  7-5-6,594Mike GarciaTommy ByrneMickey HarrisTommy Byrne 52545174
1952-08-10@ SLA111L  3-6-7,752Bob LemonBob CainBob CainBob Lemon 52845771
1952-08-13vs SLA112L  2-5-0 Bob FellerDuane PilletteDuane PilletteBob Feller 53046268
1952-08-13vs SLA113W  9-1-44,528 Early WynnCliff FanninEarly WynnCliff Fannin 53946376
1952-08-15vs SLA114W  7-6-17,113 Mike GarciaTommy ByrneEarly WynnSatchel Paige 54646977
1952-08-16vs CHA115W  4-3-13,502 Bob LemonBilly PierceBob LemonBilly Pierce 55047278
1952-08-17vs CHA116W  6-2-0 Bob FellerLou KretlowBob FellerLou Kretlow 55647482
1952-08-17vs CHA117W  2-1-45,560 Mike GarciaChuck StobbsMike GarciaChuck Stobbs 55847583
1952-08-19@ BOS118L  5-6-11,238Early WynnDick BrodowskiAl BentonEarly Wynn 56348182
1952-08-20@ BOS119W  18-8-14,409Bob LemonMickey McDermottBob LemonMickey McDermott 58148992
1952-08-21@ BOS120L  1-4-10,243Steve GromekSid HudsonSid HudsonSteve Gromek 58249389
1952-08-22@ NYA121W  6-4-33,888Mike GarciaAllie ReynoldsMike GarciaAllie ReynoldsBob Lemon58849791
1952-08-23@ NYA122L  0-1-52,747Early WynnVic RaschiVic RaschiEarly Wynn 58849890
1952-08-24@ WS1123L  8-9-26,076Bob FellerWalt MastersonRandy GumpertEarly Wynn 59650789
1952-08-25@ WS1124W  7-2-19,495Bob LemonConnie MarreroBob LemonConnie Marrero 60350994
1952-08-26@ PHA125W  6-3-0Bob FellerBobby ShantzLou BrissieBob Hooper 60951297
1952-08-27@ PHA126L  5-6-5,230Mike GarciaAlex KellnerAlex KellnerMike Garcia 61451896
1952-08-28@ DET127W  9-3-0Early WynnTed GrayEarly WynnTed Gray 623521102
1952-08-28@ DET128L  1-4-53,988Steve GromekHal NewhouserHal NewhouserSteve Gromek 62452599
1952-08-29@ DET129W  4-2-8,130Bob LemonVirgil TrucksBob LemonVirgil Trucks 628527101
1952-08-30@ CHA130L  6-11-43,568Bob FellerHal BrownHal BrownBob FellerLuis Aloma63453896
1952-08-31@ CHA131W  6-3-26,634Mike GarciaBilly PierceMike GarciaBilly Pierce 64054199
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01@ SLA132W  9-3-0Early WynnGene BeardenEarly WynnGene Bearden 649544105
1952-09-01@ SLA133L  1-2-11,082Bob LemonSatchel PaigeSatchel PaigeBob Lemon 650546104
1952-09-03vs DET134L  8-11-13,897 Bob FellerHal NewhouserArt HouttemanBob Chakales 658557101
1952-09-04vs DET135W  2-0-5,077 Mike GarciaBill WightMike GarciaBill Wight 660557103
1952-09-05vs CHA136W  3-0-20,307 Early WynnBilly PierceEarly WynnBilly Pierce 663557106
1952-09-06vs SLA137W  8-3-11,554 Bob LemonBob CainBob LemonBob Cain 671560111
1952-09-07vs SLA138W  4-0-0 Mike GarciaGene BeardenMike GarciaGene Bearden 675560115
1952-09-07vs SLA139W  3-1-36,497 Steve GromekTommy ByrneSteve GromekTommy Byrne 678561117
1952-09-09vs PHA140W  6-1-22,175 Early WynnBobby ShantzEarly WynnBobby Shantz 684562122
1952-09-10vs PHA141W  5-3-16,337 Bob LemonAlex KellnerBob LemonAlex KellnerTed Wilks689565124
1952-09-11vs PHA142W  1-0-7,903 Mike GarciaHarry ByrdMike GarciaHarry Byrd 690565125
1952-09-12vs BOS143W  5-0-33,484 Early WynnSid HudsonEarly WynnSid Hudson 695565130
1952-09-13vs BOS144L  3-4-21,622 Bob LemonEllis KinderMickey McDermottBob Lemon 698569129
1952-09-14vs NYA145L  1-7-73,608 Mike GarciaEddie LopatEddie LopatMike GarciaAllie Reynolds699576123
1952-09-16vs WS1146W  4-3-15,289 Mike GarciaBob PorterfieldMike GarciaBob Porterfield 703579124
1952-09-17vs WS1147W  6-1-5,815 Bob LemonWalt MastersonBob LemonWalt Masterson 709580129
1952-09-19vs DET148W  4-1-8,104 Early WynnHal NewhouserEarly WynnHal Newhouser 713581132
1952-09-20vs DET149W  11-3-20,878 Mike GarciaTed GrayMike GarciaTed GraySteve Gromek724584140
1952-09-21vs DET150W  7-1-22,430 Bob LemonArt HouttemanBob LemonArt Houtteman 731585146
1952-09-22vs DET151W  6-3-3,054 Early WynnVirgil TrucksEarly WynnVirgil Trucks 737588149
1952-09-23vs CHA152L  1-10-5,377 Mike GarciaJoe DobsonJoe DobsonMike Garcia 738598140
1952-09-24vs CHA153W  6-0-4,989 Bob LemonLou KretlowBob LemonLou Kretlow 744598146
1952-09-27@ DET154W  11-6-7,875Bob ChakalesVirgil TrucksBob ChakalesVirgil TrucksBill Abernathie755604151
1952-09-28@ DET155W  8-2-14,910Dick RozekTed GrayDick RozekTed GraySam Jones763606157

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