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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  88-66   .571
Result:   3rd in National League
Manager(s):  Eddie Stanky
General Manager:  
Stadium:  Sportsman's Park
Attendance:  913,113
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Brazle (38)
Youngest Player:  Neal Hertweck (20)
Longest Tenure:  Enos Slaughter (12)
Top Hitter:  Stan Musial (1)
Top Pitcher:  Gerry Staley (12)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  74.08%
National League Standings
NY Giants9262.5974.5
St. Louis8866.5718.5
Chi Cubs7777.50019.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15vs PIT1W  3-2-15,850 Gerry StaleyMurry DicksonGerry StaleyMurry DicksonAl Brazle321
1952-04-16vs PIT2W  6-5-4,324 Cliff ChambersHowie PolletCliff ChambersHowie PolletAl Brazle972
1952-04-17vs PIT3L  3-5-4,907 Joe PreskoJoe MuirJoe MuirEddie YuhasTed Wilks12120
1952-04-18@ CHN4L  4-5-20,396Harry BrecheenBob RushBob SchultzDick Bokelmann 1617-1
1952-04-19@ CHN5L  1-8-23,362Red MungerTurk LownTurk LownRed Munger 1725-8
1952-04-20@ CHN6W  2-1-29,235Gerry StaleyJoe HattenGerry StaleyJoe Hatten 1926-7
1952-04-22@ CIN7L  1-2-15,533Vinegar Bend MizellKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerVinegar Bend Mizell 2028-8
1952-04-25@ PIT8W  6-4-1,945Gerry StaleyJoe MuirGerry StaleyJoe MuirAl Brazle2632-6
1952-04-26vs CHN9W  4-3-10,997 Cliff ChambersTurk LownAl BrazleBob Rush 3035-5
1952-04-27vs CHN10L  3-6-17,735 Vinegar Bend MizellJoe HattenJoe HattenVinegar Bend Mizell 3341-8
1952-04-28vs CHN11L  3-4-5,007 Harry BrecheenPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHarry BrecheenJohnny Klippstein3645-9
1952-04-29vs BRO12L  1-4-20,384 Joe PreskoPreacher RoePreacher RoeJoe Presko 3749-12
1952-04-30vs BRO13W  14-2-15,901 Gerry StaleyChris Van CuykGerry StaleyChris Van Cuyk 51510
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01vs PHI14L  3-6-5,596 Cliff ChambersRobin RobertsRobin RobertsCliff Chambers 5457-3
1952-05-02vs PHI15W  3-2-9,462 Vinegar Bend MizellRuss MeyerVinegar Bend MizellRuss Meyer 5759-2
1952-05-03vs PHI16W  3-0-5,676 Cloyd BoyerKarl DrewsCloyd BoyerKarl Drews 60591
1952-05-04vs BSN17W  4-3-0 Gerry StaleyWarren SpahnGerry StaleyWarren SpahnAl Brazle64622
1952-05-04vs BSN18L  1-5-19,141 Cliff ChambersMax SurkontMax SurkontCliff ChambersLew Burdette6567-2
1952-05-06vs NY119W  9-4-11,810 Joe PreskoMax LanierJoe PreskoMax Lanier 74713
1952-05-07vs NY120L  1-3-11,211 Willard SchmidtSal MaglieSal MaglieWillard SchmidtLarry Jansen75741
1952-05-08vs NY121L  0-3-4,899 Gerry StaleyDave KosloDave KosloGerry Staley 7577-2
1952-05-09vs CIN22L  3-8-6,954 Vinegar Bend MizellKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerVinegar Bend Mizell 7885-7
1952-05-10vs CIN23W  5-3-4,763 Cliff ChambersEwell BlackwellCliff ChambersEwell Blackwell 8388-5
1952-05-11vs CIN24L  5-8-5,469 Cloyd BoyerHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiCloyd Boyer 8896-8
1952-05-13@ BRO25L  8-14-4,951Joe PreskoPreacher RoeBen WadeJoe Presko 96110-14
1952-05-14@ BRO26W  5-1-6,235Gerry StaleyChris Van CuykGerry StaleyChris Van Cuyk 101111-10
1952-05-16@ BSN27L  3-8-7,496Vinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnWarren SpahnVinegar Bend Mizell 104119-15
1952-05-17@ BSN28W  5-4-5,483Cliff ChambersJim WilsonCliff ChambersJim WilsonAl Brazle109123-14
1952-05-18@ PHI29W  4-3-12,380Gerry StaleyRuss MeyerGerry StaleyRuss MeyerAl Brazle113126-13
1952-05-21@ NY130W  3-0-6,950Cliff ChambersLarry JansenCliff ChambersLarry Jansen 116126-10
1952-05-21@ NY131L  1-8-19,321Joe PreskoDave KosloDave KosloJoe Presko 117134-17
1952-05-22@ NY132L  0-6-8,459Gerry StaleyMonty KennedyMonty KennedyGerry Staley 117140-23
1952-05-23@ CIN33L  1-2-12,235Harry BrecheenKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerHarry Brecheen 118142-24
1952-05-24@ CIN34L  5-11-4,705Cloyd BoyerHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiCloyd BoyerFrank Smith123153-30
1952-05-25@ CIN35W  7-6-0Cliff ChambersHerm WehmeierEddie YuhasJoe NuxhallAl Brazle130159-29
1952-05-26@ CHN36L  0-3-7,128Vinegar Bend MizellBob RushBob RushVinegar Bend Mizell 130162-32
1952-05-27@ CHN37W  8-5-8,173Gerry StaleyJohnny KlippsteinGerry StaleyJohnny Klippstein 138167-29
1952-05-28@ CHN38L  2-7-6,481Harry BrecheenJoe HattenJoe HattenHarry Brecheen 140174-34
1952-05-30@ PIT39W  3-2-0Eddie YuhasBob FriendEddie YuhasBob FriendAl Brazle143176-33
1952-05-30@ PIT40L  3-4-19,546Cloyd BoyerRon KlinePaul LaPalmeGerry Staley 146180-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01vs NY141W  8-7-0 Vinegar Bend MizellDave KosloAl BrazleGeorge Spencer 154187-33
1952-06-01vs NY142W  8-2-32,399 Gerry StaleyMonty KennedyGerry StaleyMonty Kennedy 162189-27
1952-06-02vs NY143W  5-4-9,793 Harry BrecheenSal MaglieJoe PreskoSal MaglieAl Brazle167193-26
1952-06-03vs BSN44L  2-3-6,677 Willard SchmidtJim WilsonJim WilsonWillard Schmidt 169196-27
1952-06-04vs BSN45W  6-0-6,732 Cloyd BoyerDick DonovanCloyd BoyerDick Donovan 175196-21
1952-06-05vs BSN46L  3-8-4,974 Eddie YuhasWarren SpahnWarren SpahnEddie Yuhas 178204-26
1952-06-06vs PHI47W  5-4-7,512 Vinegar Bend MizellCurt SimmonsAl BrazleJim Konstanty 183208-25
1952-06-07vs PHI48L  3-4-10,372 Gerry StaleyRobin RobertsJim KonstantyBill Werle 186212-26
1952-06-08vs PHI49W  5-3-10,399 Willard SchmidtRuss MeyerWillard SchmidtRuss MeyerEddie Yuhas191215-24
1952-06-09vs BRO50L  2-6-17,443 Cloyd BoyerCarl ErskineJoe BlackAl Brazle 193221-28
1952-06-10vs BRO51W  1-0-18,041 Joe PreskoChris Van CuykJoe PreskoChris Van Cuyk 194221-27
1952-06-11vs BRO52W  3-2-23,194 Vinegar Bend MizellBen WadeWillard SchmidtBilly Loes 197223-26
1952-06-12vs BRO53W  15-10-15,694 Gerry StaleyPreacher RoeBill WerleClem LabineBill Werle212233-21
1952-06-14@ NY154L  3-4-20,003Cloyd BoyerLarry JansenLarry JansenCloyd Boyer 215237-22
1952-06-15@ NY155W  14-12-0Joe PreskoSal MaglieEddie YuhasMax LanierWillard Schmidt229249-20
1952-06-15@ NY156L  0-3-41,899Gerry StaleyDave KosloDave KosloGerry Staley 229252-23
1952-06-16@ NY157L  7-8-7,468Harry BrecheenMonty KennedyGeorge SpencerWillard Schmidt 236260-24
1952-06-17@ PHI58L  1-2-0Vinegar Bend MizellCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsBill Werle 237262-25
1952-06-17@ PHI59W  4-0-0Al BrazleRobin RobertsAl BrazleRobin RobertsEddie Yuhas241262-21
1952-06-18@ PHI60W  7-1-9,973Joe PreskoRuss MeyerJoe PreskoRuss Meyer 248263-15
1952-06-19@ PHI61W  6-4-7,751Cloyd BoyerHowie FoxCloyd BoyerHowie FoxAl Brazle254267-13
1952-06-20@ BSN62L  7-12-6,458Gerry StaleyJim WilsonJim WilsonGerry StaleyWarren Spahn261279-18
1952-06-21@ BSN63W  9-0-3,479Vinegar Bend MizellMax SurkontVinegar Bend MizellMax Surkont 270279-9
1952-06-22@ BSN64W  7-2-0Al BrazleVern BickfordAl BrazleLew Burdette 277281-4
1952-06-22@ BSN65W  7-2-10,026Harry BrecheenWarren SpahnHarry BrecheenWarren Spahn 2842831
1952-06-24@ BRO66L  0-6-11,146Joe PreskoPreacher RoePreacher RoeJoe Presko 284289-5
1952-06-24@ BRO67W  7-4-19,281Cloyd BoyerChris Van CuykCloyd BoyerChris Van CuykEddie Yuhas291293-2
1952-06-25@ BRO68L  1-3-7,754Gerry StaleyCarl ErskineCarl ErskineGerry Staley 292296-4
1952-06-27@ PIT69W  6-4-16,133Vinegar Bend MizellWoody MainEddie YuhasJoe MuirAl Brazle298300-2
1952-06-28@ PIT70W  4-3-5,417Joe PreskoMurry DicksonEddie YuhasMurry Dickson 302303-1
1952-06-29@ PIT71L  1-2-14,870Cloyd BoyerHowie PolletHowie PolletCloyd Boyer 303305-2
1952-06-30vs CIN72W  7-3-6,727 Gerry StaleyEwell BlackwellGerry StaleyEwell Blackwell 3103082
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01vs CIN73W  8-3-9,620 Vinegar Bend MizellKen RaffensbergerVinegar Bend MizellKen Raffensberger 3183117
1952-07-02vs CIN74W  3-0-4,933 Harry BrecheenHerm WehmeierHarry BrecheenHerm Wehmeier 32131110
1952-07-03vs CHN75W  4-1-5,155 Joe PreskoBob RushJoe PreskoBob Rush 32531213
1952-07-04vs CHN76W  13-7-0 Cloyd BoyerJohnny KlippsteinCloyd BoyerJohnny KlippsteinBill Werle33831919
1952-07-04vs CHN77W  4-1-29,954 Gerry StaleyBob SchultzGerry StaleyBob Schultz 34232022
1952-07-05vs PIT78W  5-0-15,625 Al BrazleWoody MainAl BrazleWoody Main 34732027
1952-07-06vs PIT79W  6-5-0 Vinegar Bend MizellMurry DicksonEddie YuhasMurry Dickson 35332528
1952-07-06vs PIT80W  6-4-17,048 Cliff ChambersPaul LaPalmeHarry BrecheenBob Friend 35932930
1952-07-10vs PHI81W  10-3-13,416 Gerry StaleyCurt SimmonsGerry StaleyCurt Simmons 36933237
1952-07-11vs PHI82L  3-4-13,020 Vinegar Bend MizellRobin RobertsRobin RobertsAl Brazle 37233636
1952-07-12vs PHI83W  3-2-10,355 Harry BrecheenRuss MeyerHarry BrecheenRuss MeyerEddie Yuhas37533837
1952-07-14vs BRO84L  0-6-28,985 Cloyd BoyerCarl ErskineCarl ErskineCloyd Boyer 37534431
1952-07-15vs NY185L  3-6-9,868 Gerry StaleyDave KosloDave KosloGerry StaleyHoyt Wilhelm37835028
1952-07-16vs NY186L  7-8-15,326 Vinegar Bend MizellSal MaglieLarry JansenGerry StaleyDave Koslo38535827
1952-07-17vs NY187W  3-2-11,491 Joe PreskoMax LanierJoe PreskoMax Lanier 38836028
1952-07-18vs BSN88W  7-2-8,535 Harry BrecheenMax SurkontHarry BrecheenMax Surkont 39536233
1952-07-19vs BSN89L  2-6-12,833 Al BrazleJim WilsonJim WilsonAl Brazle 39736829
1952-07-20vs BSN90W  8-4-12,363 Vinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnCliff Chambers40537233
1952-07-22@ NY191L  2-3-0Gerry StaleyDave KosloDave KosloGerry Staley 40737532
1952-07-24@ NY192L  5-9-7,551Harry BrecheenMax LanierMax LanierHarry Brecheen 41238428
1952-07-25@ BRO93W  8-4-21,122Joe PreskoChris Van CuykEddie YuhasJohnny Schmitz 42038832
1952-07-26@ BRO94W  5-3-0Vinegar Bend MizellCarl ErskineVinegar Bend MizellJoe BlackAl Brazle42539134
1952-07-27@ BRO95W  4-3-13,466Mike ClarkPreacher RoeHarry BrecheenJohnny RutherfordAl Brazle42939435
1952-07-28@ BRO96W  3-2-24,219Gerry StaleyBen WadeGerry StaleyBen Wade 43239636
1952-07-29@ BSN97W  6-5-6,360Cliff ChambersJim WilsonAl BrazleLew Burdette 43840137
1952-07-30@ BSN98L  1-2-5,514Joe PreskoWarren SpahnWarren SpahnJoe Presko 43940336
1952-07-31@ BSN99W  8-3-2,543Vinegar Bend MizellVern BickfordVinegar Bend MizellVern Bickford 44740641
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01@ PHI100W  10-5-18,778Mike ClarkRuss MeyerEddie YuhasAndy Hansen 45741146
1952-08-02@ PHI101L  2-6-12,889Gerry StaleyKarl DrewsKarl DrewsGerry StaleyRobin Roberts45941742
1952-08-03@ PHI102L  0-6-0Joe PreskoCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJoe Presko 45942336
1952-08-05@ PIT103W  4-3-10,235Vinegar Bend MizellCal HogueJoe PreskoCal Hogue 46342637
1952-08-06@ PIT104W  7-2-0Gerry StaleyBob FriendAl BrazleTed Wilks 47042842
1952-08-06@ PIT105W  3-2-11,999Cloyd BoyerWoody MainCloyd BoyerWoody MainEddie Yuhas47343043
1952-08-07@ CIN106W  7-4-7,166Harry BrecheenHarry PerkowskiMike ClarkHarry Perkowski 48043446
1952-08-08@ CIN107L  5-8-15,094Cliff ChambersEwell BlackwellEwell BlackwellCliff ChambersBud Podbielan48544243
1952-08-09@ CIN108L  3-12-10,456Joe PreskoBubba ChurchBubba ChurchJoe PreskoJoe Nuxhall48845434
1952-08-10@ CIN109W  3-2-0Vinegar Bend MizellKen RaffensbergerMike ClarkKen Raffensberger 49145635
1952-08-10@ CIN110L  2-4-16,551Cloyd BoyerFrank HillerFrank HillerCloyd Boyer 49346033
1952-08-11@ CHN111L  2-10-6,941Gerry StaleyTurk LownBob SchultzGerry Staley 49547025
1952-08-12@ CHN112W  1-0-18,457Stu MillerBob RushStu MillerBob Rush 49647026
1952-08-14vs PIT113L  3-5-9,524 Joe PreskoMurry DicksonMurry DicksonJoe Presko 49947524
1952-08-15vs PIT114W  5-4-6,115 Mike ClarkRon NecciaiAl BrazleWoody Main 50447925
1952-08-16vs CIN115W  3-1-12,338 Vinegar Bend MizellHarry PerkowskiVinegar Bend MizellHarry PerkowskiHarry Brecheen50748027
1952-08-17vs CIN116W  2-1-19,727 Stu MillerFrank HillerStu MillerFrank Hiller 50948128
1952-08-19vs BSN117W  7-5-10,403 Gerry StaleyJim WilsonGerry StaleyJim WilsonEddie Yuhas51648630
1952-08-20vs BSN118W  9-2-8,779 Harvey HaddixLew BurdetteHarvey HaddixLew Burdette 52548837
1952-08-21vs BSN119W  3-2-7,826 Vinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellWarren Spahn 52849038
1952-08-22vs NY1120W  3-1-25,820 Stu MillerDave KosloStu MillerMonty Kennedy 53149140
1952-08-23vs NY1121W  3-1-26,673 Al BrazleMax LanierAl BrazleMax Lanier 53449242
1952-08-24vs BRO122L  4-10-34,709 Joe PreskoPreacher RoePreacher RoeJoe PreskoJoe Black53850236
1952-08-25vs BRO123L  1-3-23,894 Gerry StaleyJohnny RutherfordJohnny RutherfordGerry Staley 53950534
1952-08-25vs BRO124L  5-9-32,368 Harvey HaddixBilly LoesRay MooreAl BrazleJoe Black54451430
1952-08-26vs BRO125L  3-4-30,031 Stu MillerCarl ErskineClyde KingStu MillerBen Wade54751829
1952-08-27vs PHI126L  2-7-9,129 Vinegar Bend MizellCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsVinegar Bend Mizell 54952524
1952-08-28vs PHI127L  6-10-7,632 Mike ClarkRobin RobertsRobin RobertsHarry Brecheen 55553520
1952-08-30@ PIT128W  12-2-10,500Gerry StaleyRon NecciaiGerry StaleyRon Necciai 56753730
1952-08-31@ PIT129L  2-4-7,871Stu MillerMurry DicksonMurry DicksonStu Miller 56954128
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01@ CIN130W  6-0-0Vinegar Bend MizellBubba ChurchVinegar Bend MizellBubba ChurchAl Brazle57554134
1952-09-01@ CIN131L  2-3-13,729Harvey HaddixHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiHarvey Haddix 57754433
1952-09-03vs CHN132W  6-1-6,373 Gerry StaleyBob SchultzGerry StaleyBob Schultz 58354538
1952-09-04vs CHN133W  1-0-7,298 Stu MillerWarren HackerStu MillerWarren Hacker 58454539
1952-09-05vs PIT134W  4-0-4,327 Vinegar Bend MizellBill BellVinegar Bend MizellBill Bell 58854543
1952-09-06vs PIT135W  7-4-7,329 Harvey HaddixMurry DicksonAl BrazleMurry Dickson 59554946
1952-09-07vs PIT136W  4-3-9,298 Gerry StaleyHowie PolletAl BrazleJim Waugh 59955247
1952-09-09@ PHI137W  7-4-9,254Stu MillerCurt SimmonsEddie YuhasCurt SimmonsHarry Brecheen60655650
1952-09-10@ PHI138L  3-6-7,157Vinegar Bend MizellRuss MeyerSteve RidzikVinegar Bend MizellJim Konstanty60956247
1952-09-11@ PHI139L  2-3-9,177Cliff ChambersRobin RobertsRobin RobertsCliff Chambers 61156546
1952-09-12@ BRO140L  5-8-29,093Gerry StaleyPreacher RoeJoe BlackGerry Staley 61657343
1952-09-13@ BRO141W  5-2-19,352Stu MillerKen LehmanStu MillerKen Lehman 62157546
1952-09-14@ NY1142W  14-4-20,283Harvey HaddixDave KosloHarvey HaddixDave Koslo 63557956
1952-09-15@ NY1143L  1-12-4,316Al BrazleSal MaglieSal MaglieAl Brazle 63659145
1952-09-16@ BSN144W  8-6-0Vinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnStu MillerWarren SpahnAl Brazle64459747
1952-09-16@ BSN145W  5-1-5,240Harry BrecheenErnie JohnsonHarry BrecheenErnie Johnson 64959851
1952-09-19@ CHN146W  5-3-5,595Stu MillerJohnny KlippsteinEddie YuhasJohnny KlippsteinAl Brazle65460153
1952-09-20@ CHN147L  1-4-14,081Gerry StaleyWarren HackerWarren HackerGerry Staley 65560550
1952-09-21@ CHN148L  2-3-25,375Vinegar Bend MizellBob RushBob RushJoe Presko 65760849
1952-09-23vs CIN149W  4-3-5,198 Stu MillerHarry PerkowskiEddie YuhasFrank Smith 66161150
1952-09-24vs CIN150L  1-6-3,741 Vinegar Bend MizellKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerVinegar Bend Mizell 66261745
1952-09-25vs CIN151W  4-3-3,593 Cliff ChambersHerm WehmeierEddie YuhasFrank Smith 66662046
1952-09-26vs CHN152W  10-3-5,823 Gerry StaleyWarren HackerGerry StaleyWarren Hacker 67662353
1952-09-27vs CHN153L  1-4-9,253 Stu MillerBob RushBob RushStu Miller 67762750
1952-09-28vs CHN154L  0-3-17,422 Harvey HaddixPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHarvey Haddix 67763047

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