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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  42-112   .273
Result:   8th in National League
Manager(s):  Billy Meyer
General Manager:   Branch Rickey
Stadium:  Forbes Field
Attendance:  686,673
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Ted Wilks (36)
Youngest Player:  Jim Waugh (18)
Longest Tenure:  Ralph Kiner (7)
Top Hitter:  Ralph Kiner (2)
Top Pitcher:  Murry Dickson (10)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  72.70%
National League Standings
NY Giants9262.5974.5
St. Louis8866.5718.5
Chi Cubs7777.50019.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15@ SLN1L  2-3-15,850Murry DicksonGerry StaleyGerry StaleyMurry DicksonAl Brazle23-1
1952-04-16@ SLN2L  5-6-4,324Howie PolletCliff ChambersCliff ChambersHowie PolletAl Brazle79-2
1952-04-17@ SLN3W  5-3-4,907Joe MuirJoe PreskoJoe MuirEddie YuhasTed Wilks12120
1952-04-18vs CIN4W  3-0-29,874 Bob FriendEwell BlackwellBob FriendEwell Blackwell 15123
1952-04-19vs CIN5L  3-9-10,271 Mel QueenHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierMel Queen 1821-3
1952-04-20vs CIN6L  6-8-0 Murry DicksonHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiMurry DicksonBud Byerly2429-5
1952-04-20vs CIN7L  2-12-23,732 Howie PolletFrank HillerFrank HillerHowie Pollet 2641-15
1952-04-21vs CHN8L  1-7-12,378 Ron KlinePaul MinnerPaul MinnerRon Kline 2748-21
1952-04-22vs CHN9L  2-13-9,321 Bob FriendBob RushBob RushBob Friend 2961-32
1952-04-25vs SLN10L  4-6-1,945 Joe MuirGerry StaleyGerry StaleyJoe MuirAl Brazle3367-34
1952-04-26@ CIN11L  2-9-4,239Murry DicksonHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierMurry DicksonFrank Smith3576-41
1952-04-27@ CIN12L  2-8-0Bob FriendKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerBob Friend 3784-47
1952-04-27@ CIN13L  0-1-16,427Howie PolletFrank HillerFrank HillerHowie Pollet 3785-48
1952-04-29vs BSN14L  1-5-10,008 Bob FriendWarren SpahnWarren SpahnBob Friend 3890-52
1952-04-30vs BSN15W  11-5-2,861 Murry DicksonDave ColeMurry DicksonDave ColeTed Wilks4995-46
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01vs NY116L  5-13-4,801 Mel QueenJim HearnJim HearnMel Queen 54108-54
1952-05-02vs NY117L  3-5-17,111 Howie PolletDave KosloHoyt WilhelmTed WilksGeorge Spencer57113-56
1952-05-03vs NY118L  2-3-7,451 Ron KlineSal MaglieSal MaglieRon Kline 59116-57
1952-05-04vs BRO19L  0-6-19,322 Murry DicksonCarl ErskineCarl ErskineMurry Dickson 59122-63
1952-05-05vs BRO20L  1-5-3,652 Bob FriendRalph BrancaRalph BrancaBob Friend 60127-67
1952-05-06vs PHI21L  0-6-9,008 Don CarlsenRobin RobertsRobin RobertsDon Carlsen 60133-73
1952-05-07vs PHI22W  5-1-7,291 Howie PolletRuss MeyerHowie PolletRuss Meyer 65134-69
1952-05-10@ CHN23L  1-3-7,438Murry DicksonBob RushBob RushMurry Dickson 66137-71
1952-05-11@ CHN24L  2-8-0Ron KlinePaul MinnerPaul MinnerRon Kline 68145-77
1952-05-11@ CHN25W  11-2-14,845Bob FriendJohnny KlippsteinBob FriendJohnny Klippstein 79147-68
1952-05-13@ BSN26L  1-3-2,831Howie PolletVern BickfordVern BickfordHowie Pollet 80150-70
1952-05-14@ BSN27L  3-4-1,105Red MungerMax SurkontMax SurkontWoody Main 83154-71
1952-05-15@ BRO28L  0-2-14,402Murry DicksonBilly LoesBilly LoesMurry Dickson 83156-73
1952-05-16@ BRO29L  4-6-3,385Bob FriendCarl ErskineClem LabineWoody Main 87162-75
1952-05-17@ BRO30L  7-12-11,067Ron KlineBen WadeBen WadeRon Kline 94174-80
1952-05-19@ NY131L  0-4-4,461Howie PolletSal MaglieSal MaglieHowie Pollet 94178-84
1952-05-21@ PHI32L  3-7-6,202Murry DicksonRobin RobertsRobin RobertsMurry Dickson 97185-88
1952-05-22@ PHI33L  0-6-3,065Red MungerCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsRed Munger 97191-94
1952-05-23vs CHN34W  6-5-8,496 Bob FriendJoe HattenTed WilksWarren Hacker 103196-93
1952-05-24vs CHN35L  5-7-3,118 Howie PolletPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHowie PolletJohnny Klippstein108203-95
1952-05-25vs CHN36L  4-5-5,111 Murry DicksonTurk LownWarren HackerTed WilksDutch Leonard112208-96
1952-05-26vs CIN37W  6-3-6,171 Ron KlineFrank HillerBob FriendFrank Hiller 118211-93
1952-05-27vs CIN38L  4-5-2,150 Howie PolletBubba ChurchFrank SmithWoody Main 122216-94
1952-05-28vs CIN39L  2-5-6,186 Red MungerKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerRed Munger 124221-97
1952-05-29vs CIN40W  4-2-1,070 Murry DicksonHarry PerkowskiMurry DicksonHarry Perkowski 128223-95
1952-05-30vs SLN41L  2-3-0 Bob FriendEddie YuhasEddie YuhasBob FriendAl Brazle130226-96
1952-05-30vs SLN42W  4-3-19,546 Ron KlineCloyd BoyerPaul LaPalmeGerry Staley 134229-95
1952-05-31vs PHI43W  5-3-0 Joe MuirLou PossehlJoe MuirLou PossehlWoody Main139232-93
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01vs PHI44L  1-5-0 Murry DicksonCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsMurry Dickson 140237-97
1952-06-01vs PHI45W  2-1-15,529 Howie PolletKarl DrewsTed WilksKarl Drews 142238-96
1952-06-03vs BRO46L  4-6-19,452 Red MungerRalph BrancaRalph BrancaRed MungerJohnny Rutherford146244-98
1952-06-04vs BRO47L  4-7-14,421 Bob FriendCarl ErskineCarl ErskineBob FriendBilly Loes150251-101
1952-06-05vs BRO48L  0-2-6,328 Ron KlineBen WadeBen WadeWoody Main 150253-103
1952-06-06vs NY149W  8-1-20,163 Murry DicksonSal MaglieMurry DicksonSal Maglie 158254-96
1952-06-07vs NY150L  5-7-7,656 Joe MuirJim HearnGeorge SpencerWoody MainMax Lanier163261-98
1952-06-08vs NY151L  1-9-13,942 Howie PolletLarry JansenLarry JansenHowie Pollet 164270-106
1952-06-09vs BSN52L  2-3-6,973 Bob FriendJim WilsonJim WilsonBob Friend 166273-107
1952-06-10vs BSN53W  7-5-10,934 Ron KlineWarren SpahnTed WilksWarren Spahn 173278-105
1952-06-11vs BSN54W  5-0-9,415 Murry DicksonMax SurkontMurry DicksonMax Surkont 178278-100
1952-06-12vs BSN55L  2-11-3,223 Joe MuirErnie JohnsonLew BurdetteJoe Muir 180289-109
1952-06-14@ PHI56L  2-4-0Bob FriendRuss MeyerRuss MeyerBob FriendJim Konstanty182293-111
1952-06-15@ PHI57W  6-0-0Howie PolletKarl DrewsHowie PolletKarl Drews 188293-105
1952-06-15@ PHI58L  3-6-12,525Murry DicksonHowie FoxHowie FoxMurry DicksonJim Konstanty191299-108
1952-06-16@ PHI59L  4-5-2,210Ron KlineSteve RidzikJim KonstantyPaul LaPalme 195304-109
1952-06-17@ NY160W  6-2-11,317Woody MainHal GreggWoody MainHal Gregg 201306-105
1952-06-18@ NY161L  2-5-3,346Bob FriendJim HearnJim HearnBob Friend 203311-108
1952-06-19@ NY162W  8-1-0Murry DicksonLarry JansenMurry DicksonLarry Jansen 211312-101
1952-06-20@ BRO63L  4-5-4,679Howie PolletBen WadeClem LabineTed Wilks 215317-102
1952-06-21@ BRO64L  4-14-13,335Woody MainBilly LoesBilly LoesWoody MainCarl Erskine219331-112
1952-06-23@ BSN65L  3-9-2,654Bob FriendDave ColeErnie JohnsonBob Friend 222340-118
1952-06-24@ BSN66L  3-4-3,736Murry DicksonJim WilsonJim WilsonMurry Dickson 225344-119
1952-06-25@ BSN67L  2-5-1,414Howie PolletMax SurkontMax SurkontHowie Pollet 227349-122
1952-06-27vs SLN68L  4-6-16,133 Woody MainVinegar Bend MizellEddie YuhasJoe MuirAl Brazle231355-124
1952-06-28vs SLN69L  3-4-5,417 Murry DicksonJoe PreskoEddie YuhasMurry Dickson 234359-125
1952-06-29vs SLN70W  2-1-14,870 Howie PolletCloyd BoyerHowie PolletCloyd Boyer 236360-124
1952-06-30@ CHN71L  4-5-5,983Bob FriendBob KellyJohnny KlippsteinBob Friend 240365-125
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01@ CHN72W  3-2-47,748Woody MainWillie RamsdellWoody MainWillie RamsdellTed Wilks243367-124
1952-07-02@ CHN73L  3-8-0Murry DicksonPaul MinnerPaul MinnerMurry Dickson 246375-129
1952-07-02@ CHN74L  0-3-16,453Ron KlineWarren HackerWarren HackerRon Kline 246378-132
1952-07-03@ CIN75L  1-5-1,807Howie PolletBubba ChurchBubba ChurchHowie Pollet 247383-136
1952-07-04@ CIN76W  4-2-0Bob FriendHarry PerkowskiBob FriendHarry Perkowski 251385-134
1952-07-04@ CIN77W  5-2-8,253Harry FisherFrank HillerHarry FisherJoe NuxhallTed Wilks256387-131
1952-07-05@ SLN78L  0-5-15,625Woody MainAl BrazleAl BrazleWoody Main 256392-136
1952-07-06@ SLN79L  5-6-0Murry DicksonVinegar Bend MizellEddie YuhasMurry Dickson 261398-137
1952-07-06@ SLN80L  4-6-17,048Paul LaPalmeCliff ChambersHarry BrecheenBob Friend 265404-139
1952-07-10vs NY181W  6-4-15,226 Howie PolletJim HearnTed WilksGeorge Spencer 271408-137
1952-07-11vs NY182W  6-2-4,482 Murry DicksonSal MaglieMurry DicksonSal Maglie 277410-133
1952-07-12vs BSN83L  2-5-4,999 Bob FriendVern BickfordVern BickfordBob Friend 279415-136
1952-07-13vs BSN84L  2-4-0 Harry FisherMax SurkontMax SurkontHarry Fisher 281419-138
1952-07-13vs BSN85L  1-2-12,373 Woody MainVirgil JesterVirgil JesterTed Wilks 282421-139
1952-07-15vs PHI86L  3-10-10,244 Howie PolletCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsHowie Pollet 285431-146
1952-07-16vs PHI87L  7-8-2,569 Murry DicksonRobin RobertsRobin RobertsMurry DicksonAndy Hansen292439-147
1952-07-17vs PHI88W  2-1-0 Cal HogueRuss MeyerCal HogueRuss Meyer 294440-146
1952-07-17vs PHI89W  4-2-5,304 Woody MainKarl DrewsTed WilksKarl Drews 298442-144
1952-07-18vs BRO90L  2-6-19,681 Bob FriendBilly LoesBilly LoesBob FriendJoe Black300448-148
1952-07-19vs BRO91L  1-9-5,662 Howie PolletCarl ErskineCarl ErskineHowie Pollet 301457-156
1952-07-20vs BRO92L  5-8-14,490 Murry DicksonBen WadeBen WadeMurry DicksonJoe Black306465-159
1952-07-22@ PHI93L  4-14-0Cal HogueRuss MeyerRuss MeyerCal Hogue 310479-169
1952-07-22@ PHI94L  1-8-0Woody MainKarl DrewsKarl DrewsWoody MainAndy Hansen311487-176
1952-07-23@ PHI95L  1-4-4,611Bob FriendSteve RidzikSteve RidzikBob FriendRobin Roberts312491-179
1952-07-25@ BSN96W  3-2-4,126Murry DicksonWarren SpahnMurry DicksonWarren Spahn 315493-178
1952-07-26@ BSN97W  6-4-2,006Howie PolletVirgil JesterHowie PolletVirgil Jester 321497-176
1952-07-27@ BSN98L  2-5-0Cal HogueVern BickfordVern BickfordCal HogueLew Burdette323502-179
1952-07-27@ BSN99L  3-3-3,719Woody MainMax Surkont 326505-179
1952-07-29@ BRO100W  7-1-11,807Murry DicksonBilly LoesMurry DicksonBilly Loes 333506-173
1952-07-30@ BRO101L  3-4-5,110Howie PolletCarl ErskineJoe BlackBob Friend 336510-174
1952-07-31@ BRO102L  6-7-0Cal HogueJohnny RutherfordJoe BlackPaul LaPalme 342517-175
1952-07-31@ BRO103L  1-4-0Woody MainJoe LandrumJoe LandrumWoody Main 343521-178
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01@ NY1104L  3-7-10,458Harry FisherJim HearnJim HearnHarry Fisher 346528-182
1952-08-02@ NY1105L  3-4-4,174Murry DicksonLarry JansenHoyt WilhelmMurry Dickson 349532-183
1952-08-03@ NY1106W  7-0-0Paul LaPalmeMax LanierMurry DicksonMax Lanier 356532-176
1952-08-03@ NY1107W  10-8-17,965Howie PolletLarry JansenHowie PolletLarry JansenWoody Main366540-174
1952-08-05vs SLN108L  3-4-10,235 Cal HogueVinegar Bend MizellJoe PreskoCal Hogue 369544-175
1952-08-06vs SLN109L  2-7-0 Bob FriendGerry StaleyAl BrazleTed Wilks 371551-180
1952-08-06vs SLN110L  2-3-11,999 Woody MainCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerWoody MainEddie Yuhas373554-181
1952-08-08vs CHN111W  1-0-8,503 Murry DicksonBob RushMurry DicksonBob Rush 374554-180
1952-08-09vs CHN112W  4-3-4,196 Jim WaughJohnny KlippsteinJim WaughBob Kelly 378557-179
1952-08-10vs CHN113L  5-9-0 Ron NecciaiWarren HackerWarren HackerRon NecciaiDutch Leonard383566-183
1952-08-10vs CHN114L  3-4-17,773 Howie PolletPaul MinnerPaul MinnerHowie PolletDutch Leonard386570-184
1952-08-11vs CIN115L  4-10-9,304 Cal HogueHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierCal HogueFrank Smith390580-190
1952-08-14@ SLN116W  5-3-9,524Murry DicksonJoe PreskoMurry DicksonJoe Presko 395583-188
1952-08-15@ SLN117L  4-5-6,115Ron NecciaiMike ClarkAl BrazleWoody Main 399588-189
1952-08-16@ CHN118W  2-1-12,256Howie PolletPaul MinnerHowie PolletPaul Minner 401589-188
1952-08-17@ CHN119L  2-5-0Jim WaughBob RushBob RushJim Waugh 403594-191
1952-08-17@ CHN120W  5-2-20,635Bob FriendBob KellyBob FriendBob Kelly 408596-188
1952-08-18@ CHN121L  3-4-4,911Murry DicksonTurk LownBob SchultzMurry Dickson 411600-189
1952-08-19vs PHI122L  5-10-11,207 Ron NecciaiRobin RobertsRobin RobertsRon Necciai 416610-194
1952-08-20vs PHI123L  1-3-2,755 Cal HogueRuss MeyerRuss MeyerCal Hogue 417613-196
1952-08-22vs BRO124L  2-9-0 Howie PolletBen WadeJoe BlackHowie Pollet 419622-203
1952-08-22vs BRO125W  3-2-21,845 Murry DicksonJoe LandrumMurry DicksonJoe Landrum 422624-202
1952-08-23vs BRO126L  2-3-8,844 Jim WaughClem LabineClem LabineJim WaughJoe Black424627-203
1952-08-24vs BSN127W  4-3-0 Ron NecciaiVirgil JesterRon NecciaiVirgil JesterMurry Dickson428630-202
1952-08-24vs BSN128L  3-5-12,349 Cal HogueLew BurdetteLew BurdetteRon Kline 431635-204
1952-08-26vs NY1129L  7-14-14,011 Murry DicksonJim HearnHoyt WilhelmMurry DicksonMax Lanier438649-211
1952-08-27vs NY1130L  4-5-4,069 Howie PolletBill ConnellyBill ConnellyHowie PolletLarry Jansen442654-212
1952-08-28vs NY1131L  7-14-3,561 Jim WaughDave KosloDave KosloJim Waugh 449668-219
1952-08-30vs SLN132L  2-12-10,500 Ron NecciaiGerry StaleyGerry StaleyRon Necciai 451680-229
1952-08-31vs SLN133W  4-2-7,871 Murry DicksonStu MillerMurry DicksonStu Miller 455682-227
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01vs CHN134L  0-6-0 Howie PolletJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinHowie Pollet 455688-233
1952-09-01vs CHN135W  5-4-13,031 Cal HogueBob KellyMurry DicksonDutch LeonardRon Kline460692-232
1952-09-03@ CIN136L  0-1-4,230Ron NecciaiKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerRon Necciai 460693-233
1952-09-04@ CIN137L  2-7-1,519Jim WaughHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierJim Waugh 462700-238
1952-09-05@ SLN138L  0-4-4,327Bill BellVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellBill Bell 462704-242
1952-09-06@ SLN139L  4-7-7,329Murry DicksonHarvey HaddixAl BrazleMurry Dickson 466711-245
1952-09-07@ SLN140L  3-4-9,298Howie PolletGerry StaleyAl BrazleJim Waugh 469715-246
1952-09-09@ NY1141L  6-11-2,894Cal HogueBill ConnellyBill ConnellyCal HogueGeorge Spencer475726-251
1952-09-10@ NY1142L  2-3-3,742Murry DicksonJim HearnHoyt WilhelmMurry Dickson 477729-252
1952-09-11@ NY1143L  4-5-3,094Howie PolletSal MaglieSal MaglieHowie PolletHoyt Wilhelm481734-253
1952-09-12@ BSN144W  8-1-0Bob FriendVirgil JesterBob FriendVirgil Jester 489735-246
1952-09-12@ BSN145L  0-16-2,608Ron NecciaiErnie JohnsonErnie JohnsonRon Necciai 489751-262
1952-09-13@ BSN146L  0-8-1,957Ron KlineWarren SpahnWarren SpahnRon Kline 489759-270
1952-09-14@ PHI147L  2-5-0Cal HogueCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsCal Hogue 491764-273
1952-09-14@ PHI148L  1-2-0Jim WaughRuss MeyerRuss MeyerJim Waugh 492766-274
1952-09-16@ BRO149L  2-4-13,422Murry DicksonBilly LoesJim HughesMurry DicksonJoe Black494770-276
1952-09-17@ BRO150W  4-1-5,895Howie PolletBen WadeHowie PolletBen WadeMurry Dickson498771-273
1952-09-19vs CIN151L  3-4-5,485 Bob FriendHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierBob Friend 501775-274
1952-09-21vs CIN152L  3-4-22,393 Ron NecciaiBud PodbielanBud PodbielanRon Necciai 504779-275
1952-09-26@ CIN153L  0-5-3,893Cal HogueBud PodbielanBud PodbielanCal Hogue 504784-280
1952-09-27@ CIN154W  9-6-2,084Jim WaughBubba ChurchBob FriendHarry Perkowski 513790-277
1952-09-28@ CIN155L  2-3-7,345Ron NecciaiKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerWoody Main 515793-278

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