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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  87-67   .565
Result:   4th in National League
Manager(s):  Eddie Sawyer, Steve O'Neill
General Manager:   Bob Carpenter
Stadium:  Shibe Park
Attendance:  755,417
Playoffs:  -

Philadelphia Phillies affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bill Nicholson (37)
Youngest Player:  Curt Simmons (23)
Longest Tenure:  Granny Hamner (9)
Top Hitter:  Del Ennis (3)
Top Pitcher:  Robin Roberts (1)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  73.49%
National League Standings
NY Giants9262.5974.5
St. Louis8866.5718.5
Chi Cubs7777.50019.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-16@ NY11L  3-5-17,472Robin RobertsSal MaglieSal MaglieRobin Roberts 35-2
1952-04-17@ NY12W  5-3-13,697Howie FoxLarry JansenJim KonstantyGeorge Spencer 880
1952-04-18vs BSN3L  2-3-15,911 Russ MeyerJim WilsonLew BurdetteRuss Meyer 1011-1
1952-04-19vs BSN4L  7-9-9,466 Steve RidzikWarren SpahnBert ThielAndy HansenLew Burdette1720-3
1952-04-20vs BSN5W  4-3-0 Robin RobertsVern BickfordRobin RobertsLew Burdette 2123-2
1952-04-20vs BSN6L  1-2-26,011 Karl DrewsDave ColeDave ColeKarl DrewsDick Donovan2225-3
1952-04-21vs NY17L  4-10-14,609 Howie FoxJim HearnJim HearnHowie FoxDave Koslo2635-9
1952-04-22vs NY18L  1-4-12,405 Russ MeyerLarry JansenLarry JansenRuss Meyer 2739-12
1952-04-26@ BSN9W  8-0-1,893Robin RobertsVern BickfordRobin RobertsVern Bickford 3539-4
1952-04-29@ CHN10W  8-2-8,484Curt SimmonsBob RushCurt SimmonsBob Rush 43412
1952-04-30@ CHN11L  8-9-7,221Bubba ChurchBob KellyDutch LeonardHowie Fox 51501
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01@ SLN12W  6-3-5,596Robin RobertsCliff ChambersRobin RobertsCliff Chambers 57534
1952-05-02@ SLN13L  2-3-9,462Russ MeyerVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellRuss Meyer 59563
1952-05-03@ SLN14L  0-3-5,676Karl DrewsCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerKarl Drews 59590
1952-05-04@ CIN15L  4-5-0Curt SimmonsEwell BlackwellEwell BlackwellCurt SimmonsFrank Smith6364-1
1952-05-04@ CIN16L  7-8-19,780Howie FoxHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiHowie Fox 7072-2
1952-05-06@ PIT17W  6-0-9,008Robin RobertsDon CarlsenRobin RobertsDon Carlsen 76724
1952-05-07@ PIT18L  1-5-7,291Russ MeyerHowie PolletHowie PolletRuss Meyer 77770
1952-05-10@ BRO19W  4-0-0Karl DrewsRalph BrancaKarl DrewsRalph Branca 81774
1952-05-10@ BRO20W  8-1-31,777Robin RobertsClem LabineRobin RobertsClem Labine 897811
1952-05-11@ BRO21L  3-4-9,104Howie FoxCarl ErskineCarl ErskineHowie Fox 928210
1952-05-13vs CHN22W  6-0-5,702 Curt SimmonsJoe HattenCurt SimmonsJoe Hatten 988216
1952-05-14vs CHN23W  9-2-2,212 Russ MeyerBob KellyRuss MeyerBob Kelly 1078423
1952-05-15vs CIN24W  5-1-14,752 Robin RobertsEwell BlackwellRobin RobertsEwell Blackwell 1128527
1952-05-16vs CIN25W  3-2-19,313 Karl DrewsBud ByerlyKen HeintzelmanHerm Wehmeier 1158728
1952-05-17vs CIN26L  3-7-5,285 Howie FoxFrank HillerFrank HillerHowie Fox 1189424
1952-05-18vs SLN27L  3-4-12,380 Russ MeyerGerry StaleyGerry StaleyRuss MeyerAl Brazle1219823
1952-05-21vs PIT28W  7-3-6,202 Robin RobertsMurry DicksonRobin RobertsMurry Dickson 12810127
1952-05-22vs PIT29W  6-0-3,065 Curt SimmonsRed MungerCurt SimmonsRed Munger 13410133
1952-05-23vs BRO30L  1-5-30,323 Karl DrewsBen WadeBen WadeKarl Drews 13510629
1952-05-24vs BRO31L  0-5-15,894 Russ MeyerBilly LoesBilly LoesRuss Meyer 13511124
1952-05-27vs BSN32L  2-4-0 Robin RobertsWarren SpahnWarren SpahnKen HeintzelmanLew Burdette13711522
1952-05-27vs BSN33W  5-4-27,225 Curt SimmonsVern BickfordAndy HansenSheldon Jones 14211923
1952-05-29vs NY134W  6-5-3,919 Karl DrewsLarry JansenKarl DrewsHoyt WilhelmKen Heintzelman14812424
1952-05-30vs NY135W  3-0-31,273 Russ MeyerMax LanierRuss MeyerMax Lanier 15112427
1952-05-30vs NY136L  2-4-31,273 Robin RobertsLarry JansenLarry JansenRobin Roberts 15312825
1952-05-31@ PIT37L  3-5-0Lou PossehlJoe MuirJoe MuirLou PossehlWoody Main15613323
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01@ PIT38W  5-1-0Curt SimmonsMurry DicksonCurt SimmonsMurry Dickson 16113427
1952-06-01@ PIT39L  1-2-15,529Karl DrewsHowie PolletTed WilksKarl Drews 16213626
1952-06-03@ CIN40L  1-2-6,441Robin RobertsEwell BlackwellFrank SmithRobin Roberts 16313825
1952-06-04@ CIN41L  8-10-6,075Russ MeyerFrank HillerFrank SmithKen Heintzelman 17114823
1952-06-05@ CIN42L  3-5-2,459Karl DrewsHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiKarl Drews 17415321
1952-06-06@ SLN43L  4-5-7,512Curt SimmonsVinegar Bend MizellAl BrazleJim Konstanty 17815820
1952-06-07@ SLN44W  4-3-10,372Robin RobertsGerry StaleyJim KonstantyBill Werle 18216121
1952-06-08@ SLN45L  3-5-10,399Russ MeyerWillard SchmidtWillard SchmidtRuss MeyerEddie Yuhas18516619
1952-06-10@ CHN46L  5-10-10,125Karl DrewsPaul MinnerPaul MinnerKarl Drews 19017614
1952-06-11@ CHN47L  2-3-18,542Curt SimmonsTurk LownTurk LownCurt SimmonsDutch Leonard19217913
1952-06-12@ CHN48L  1-3-9,646Robin RobertsWarren HackerWarren HackerRobin Roberts 19318211
1952-06-14vs PIT49W  4-2-0 Russ MeyerBob FriendRuss MeyerBob FriendJim Konstanty19718413
1952-06-15vs PIT50L  0-6-0 Karl DrewsHowie PolletHowie PolletKarl Drews 1971907
1952-06-15vs PIT51W  6-3-12,525 Howie FoxMurry DicksonHowie FoxMurry DicksonJim Konstanty20319310
1952-06-16vs PIT52W  5-4-2,210 Steve RidzikRon KlineJim KonstantyPaul LaPalme 20819711
1952-06-17vs SLN53W  2-1-0 Curt SimmonsVinegar Bend MizellCurt SimmonsBill Werle 21019812
1952-06-17vs SLN54L  0-4-0 Robin RobertsAl BrazleAl BrazleRobin RobertsEddie Yuhas2102028
1952-06-18vs SLN55L  1-7-9,973 Russ MeyerJoe PreskoJoe PreskoRuss Meyer 2112092
1952-06-19vs SLN56L  4-6-7,751 Howie FoxCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerHowie FoxAl Brazle2152150
1952-06-20vs CIN57W  3-1-0 Robin RobertsEwell BlackwellRobin RobertsEwell Blackwell 2182162
1952-06-22vs CIN58L  3-5-6,891 Curt SimmonsKen RaffensbergerFrank SmithAndy Hansen 2212210
1952-06-22vs CIN59W  3-0-6,891 Karl DrewsHerm WehmeierKarl DrewsHerm Wehmeier 2242213
1952-06-24vs CHN60W  2-1-13,102 Russ MeyerJohnny KlippsteinRuss MeyerJohnny KlippsteinJim Konstanty2262224
1952-06-24vs CHN61W  6-0-0 Robin RobertsBob RushRobin RobertsBob Rush 23222210
1952-06-25vs CHN62L  1-4-5,128 Karl DrewsBob KellyBob KellyKarl DrewsDutch Leonard2332267
1952-06-27vs NY163W  6-0-13,569 Curt SimmonsLarry JansenCurt SimmonsLarry Jansen 23922613
1952-06-28vs NY164W  7-2-17,182 Robin RobertsJim HearnRobin RobertsJim Hearn 24622818
1952-06-29vs NY165L  3-12-0 Russ MeyerHal GreggHoyt WilhelmRuss MeyerMax Lanier2492409
1952-06-30@ BRO66W  4-0-21,377Karl DrewsCarl ErskineKarl DrewsCarl Erskine 25324013
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01@ BRO67L  3-4-7,184Howie FoxRalph BrancaClem LabineJim Konstanty 25624412
1952-07-02@ BRO68W  4-3-0Robin RobertsChris Van CuykRobin RobertsChris Van Cuyk 26024713
1952-07-02@ BRO69W  2-1-17,216Russ MeyerBen WadeRuss MeyerBen WadeAndy Hansen26224814
1952-07-03@ BSN70W  2-0-1,232Curt SimmonsJim WilsonCurt SimmonsJim Wilson 26424816
1952-07-04@ BSN71L  1-2-0Karl DrewsMax SurkontLew BurdetteKarl Drews 26525015
1952-07-04@ BSN72L  2-3-7,610Ken HeintzelmanVern BickfordVern BickfordKen Heintzelman 26725314
1952-07-05@ NY173W  3-2-12,691Howie FoxLarry JansenHowie FoxLarry Jansen 27025515
1952-07-06@ NY174L  0-2-0Robin RobertsMax LanierMax LanierRobin Roberts 27025713
1952-07-06@ NY175W  4-1-24,238Russ MeyerSal MaglieRuss MeyerSal Maglie 27425816
1952-07-10@ SLN76L  3-10-13,416Curt SimmonsGerry StaleyGerry StaleyCurt Simmons 2772689
1952-07-11@ SLN77W  4-3-13,020Robin RobertsVinegar Bend MizellRobin RobertsAl Brazle 28127110
1952-07-12@ SLN78L  2-3-10,355Russ MeyerHarry BrecheenHarry BrecheenRuss MeyerEddie Yuhas2832749
1952-07-13@ CHN79W  7-3-0Karl DrewsWarren HackerKarl DrewsWarren HackerAndy Hansen29027713
1952-07-13@ CHN80W  9-2-29,065Howie FoxBob RushSteve RidzikBob RushJim Konstanty29927920
1952-07-15@ PIT81W  10-3-10,244Curt SimmonsHowie PolletCurt SimmonsHowie Pollet 30928227
1952-07-16@ PIT82W  8-7-2,569Robin RobertsMurry DicksonRobin RobertsMurry DicksonAndy Hansen31728928
1952-07-17@ PIT83L  1-2-0Russ MeyerCal HogueCal HogueRuss Meyer 31829127
1952-07-17@ PIT84L  2-4-5,304Karl DrewsWoody MainTed WilksKarl Drews 32029525
1952-07-18@ CIN85W  7-5-6,424Howie FoxHarry PerkowskiJim KonstantyFrank HillerJim Konstanty32730027
1952-07-19@ CIN86W  7-5-2,215Steve RidzikJoe NuxhallKarl DrewsBud Podbielan 33430529
1952-07-20@ CIN87W  4-3-9,170Robin RobertsBubba ChurchRobin RobertsBubba Church 33830830
1952-07-20@ CIN88L  5-6-0Curt SimmonsKen RaffensbergerFrank SmithRuss MeyerBud Podbielan34331429
1952-07-22vs PIT89W  14-4-0 Russ MeyerCal HogueRuss MeyerCal Hogue 35731839
1952-07-22vs PIT90W  8-1-0 Karl DrewsWoody MainKarl DrewsWoody MainAndy Hansen36531946
1952-07-23vs PIT91W  4-1-4,611 Steve RidzikBob FriendSteve RidzikBob FriendRobin Roberts36932049
1952-07-25vs CHN92L  3-8-10,802 Curt SimmonsWarren HackerWarren HackerCurt Simmons 37232844
1952-07-26vs CHN93W  7-2-4,312 Robin RobertsJohnny KlippsteinRobin RobertsJohnny Klippstein 37933049
1952-07-27vs CHN94W  12-8-0 Russ MeyerPaul MinnerAndy HansenPaul MinnerJim Konstanty39133853
1952-07-27vs CHN95W  3-0-0 Karl DrewsBob RushKarl DrewsBob Rush 39433856
1952-07-29vs CIN96W  6-1-0 Curt SimmonsEwell BlackwellCurt SimmonsEwell Blackwell 40033961
1952-07-29vs CIN97W  4-3-19,055 Steve RidzikBubba ChurchAndy HansenKen Raffensberger 40434262
1952-07-30vs CIN98W  7-3-7,505 Robin RobertsHerm WehmeierRobin RobertsFrank Smith 41134566
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01vs SLN99L  5-10-18,778 Russ MeyerMike ClarkEddie YuhasAndy Hansen 41635561
1952-08-02vs SLN100W  6-2-12,889 Karl DrewsGerry StaleyKarl DrewsGerry StaleyRobin Roberts42235765
1952-08-03vs SLN101W  6-0-0 Curt SimmonsJoe PreskoCurt SimmonsJoe Presko 42835771
1952-08-07@ BSN102W  2-1-0Robin RobertsVern BickfordRobin RobertsVern Bickford 43035872
1952-08-07@ BSN103W  10-2-4,829Russ MeyerJim WilsonRuss MeyerJim Wilson 44036080
1952-08-08vs BRO104L  3-6-16,163 Curt SimmonsChris Van CuykPreacher RoeCurt Simmons 44336677
1952-08-09vs BRO105L  0-6-0 Karl DrewsBilly LoesBilly LoesKarl Drews 44337271
1952-08-09vs BRO106L  2-4-34,606 Steve RidzikJohnny RutherfordJohnny RutherfordSteve Ridzik 44537669
1952-08-11vs BRO107W  7-2-0 Robin RobertsBen WadeRobin RobertsBen Wade 45237874
1952-08-11vs BRO108L  5-9-39,705 Russ MeyerJoe LandrumJoe BlackHowie Fox 45738770
1952-08-13vs BSN109W  3-0-0 Karl DrewsVern BickfordKarl DrewsVern Bickford 46038773
1952-08-13vs BSN110L  3-9-11,280 Curt SimmonsMax SurkontMax SurkontCurt Simmons 46339667
1952-08-14vs BSN111W  5-3-3,391 Russ MeyerWarren SpahnRuss MeyerWarren Spahn 46839969
1952-08-15@ BRO112W  8-3-18,182Robin RobertsJoe LandrumRobin RobertsJoe Landrum 47640274
1952-08-16@ BRO113L  0-15-7,219Curt SimmonsBilly LoesBilly LoesCurt Simmons 47641759
1952-08-17@ BRO114W  2-1-18,863Karl DrewsCarl ErskineKarl DrewsCarl Erskine 47841860
1952-08-19@ PIT115W  10-5-11,207Robin RobertsRon NecciaiRobin RobertsRon Necciai 48842365
1952-08-20@ PIT116W  3-1-2,755Russ MeyerCal HogueRuss MeyerCal Hogue 49142467
1952-08-22@ CIN117L  2-3-9,915Curt SimmonsFrank HillerBud PodbielanAndy Hansen 49342766
1952-08-23@ CIN118L  2-3-3,617Karl DrewsBubba ChurchFrank SmithKarl Drews 49543065
1952-08-24@ CHN119L  0-3-0Robin RobertsWarren HackerWarren HackerRobin Roberts 49543362
1952-08-24@ CHN120W  14-4-33,820Russ MeyerPaul MinnerRuss MeyerPaul Minner 50943772
1952-08-25@ CHN121W  6-3-10,125Steve RidzikTurk LownAndy HansenTurk Lown 51544075
1952-08-26@ CHN122L  2-3-6,035Karl DrewsJohnny KlippsteinBob SchultzAndy Hansen 51744374
1952-08-27@ SLN123W  7-2-9,129Curt SimmonsVinegar Bend MizellCurt SimmonsVinegar Bend Mizell 52444579
1952-08-28@ SLN124W  10-6-7,632Robin RobertsMike ClarkRobin RobertsHarry Brecheen 53445183
1952-08-30@ BSN125W  4-2-0Karl DrewsLew BurdetteKarl DrewsLew Burdette 53845385
1952-08-30@ BSN126W  8-6-5,277Russ MeyerWarren SpahnAndy HansenWarren Spahn 54645987
1952-08-31@ BSN127L  0-1-0Steve RidzikVirgil JesterVirgil JesterSteve Ridzik 54646086
1952-08-31@ BSN128W  4-0-6,920Jim KonstantyMax SurkontJim KonstantyMax Surkont 55046090
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPHI PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-02vs BRO129W  8-2-0 Robin RobertsBen WadeRobin RobertsBen Wade 55846296
1952-09-02vs BRO130W  9-3-28,582 Karl DrewsRay MooreKarl DrewsRay Moore 567465102
1952-09-03@ NY1131L  3-4-15,984Curt SimmonsSal MaglieBill ConnellyAndy Hansen 570469101
1952-09-04@ NY1132L  3-4-5,219Russ MeyerJim HearnAl CorwinRuss Meyer 573473100
1952-09-05@ NY1133L  4-5-5,391Jim KonstantyGeorge SpencerAl CorwinJim KonstantySal Maglie57747899
1952-09-06vs BSN134W  7-6-0 Robin RobertsVirgil JesterRobin RobertsBob Chipman 584484100
1952-09-06vs BSN135L  1-3-0 Karl DrewsErnie JohnsonErnie JohnsonKarl DrewsLew Burdette58548798
1952-09-07vs BSN136W  2-1-6,011 Steve RidzikLew BurdetteSteve RidzikLew Burdette 58748899
1952-09-09vs SLN137L  4-7-9,254 Curt SimmonsStu MillerEddie YuhasCurt SimmonsHarry Brecheen59149596
1952-09-10vs SLN138W  6-3-7,157 Russ MeyerVinegar Bend MizellSteve RidzikVinegar Bend MizellJim Konstanty59749899
1952-09-11vs SLN139W  3-2-9,177 Robin RobertsCliff ChambersRobin RobertsCliff Chambers 600500100
1952-09-12vs CHN140L  1-5-0 Karl DrewsPaul MinnerPaul MinnerKarl Drews 60150596
1952-09-12vs CHN141L  0-7-0 Bob MillerBob KellyBob KellyBob Miller 60151289
1952-09-14vs PIT142W  5-2-0 Curt SimmonsCal HogueCurt SimmonsCal Hogue 60651492
1952-09-14vs PIT143W  2-1-0 Russ MeyerJim WaughRuss MeyerJim Waugh 60851593
1952-09-16vs CIN144W  4-2-8,690 Robin RobertsNiles JordanRobin RobertsNiles Jordan 61251795
1952-09-17vs CIN145W  7-4-3,089 Karl DrewsKen RaffensbergerKarl DrewsFrank Hiller 61952198
1952-09-19vs NY1146W  1-0-10,882 Curt SimmonsSal MaglieCurt SimmonsSal Maglie 62052199
1952-09-20vs NY1147W  3-2-0 Robin RobertsAl CorwinRobin RobertsAl Corwin 623523100
1952-09-21vs NY1148W  6-2-0 Russ MeyerJim HearnRuss MeyerJim Hearn 629525104
1952-09-23@ BRO149L  4-5-0Karl DrewsJohnny RutherfordJohnny RutherfordKarl Drews 633530103
1952-09-23@ BRO150W  1-0-24,408Curt SimmonsBilly LoesCurt SimmonsJim HughesKent Peterson634530104
1952-09-24@ BRO151W  9-7-2,136Robin RobertsClem LabineRobin RobertsClem Labine 643537106
1952-09-26@ NY1152L  0-8-1,684Russ MeyerSal MaglieSal MaglieRuss MeyerHoyt Wilhelm64354598
1952-09-27@ NY1153W  7-3-3,535Paul StuffelMario PiconePaul StuffelMario PiconeKent Peterson650548102
1952-09-28@ NY1154W  7-4-5,933Robin RobertsJack HarshmanRobin RobertsJack Harshman 657552105

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