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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  64-89   .418
Result:   7th in National League
Manager(s):  Charlie Grimm, Tommy Holmes
General Manager:   John Quinn
Stadium:  Braves Field
Attendance:  281,278
Playoffs:  -

Boston Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Walker Cooper (37)
Youngest Player:  Eddie Mathews (20)
Longest Tenure:  Sibby Sisti (11)
Top Hitter:  Sam Jethroe (13)
Top Pitcher:  Warren Spahn (2)
Top Draft Pick:  

Roster Continuity:  67.27%
National League Standings
NY Giants9262.5974.5
St. Louis8866.5718.5
Chi Cubs7777.50019.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-04-15vs BRO1L  2-3-4,694 Warren SpahnPreacher RoePreacher RoeWarren Spahn 23-1
1952-04-16vs BRO2L  8-14-0 Max SurkontChris Van CuykChris Van CuykMax SurkontBen Wade1017-7
1952-04-17vs BRO3L  2-8-0 Gene ConleyJohnny SchmitzJohnny SchmitzGene Conley 1225-13
1952-04-18@ PHI4W  3-2-15,911Jim WilsonRuss MeyerLew BurdetteRuss Meyer 1527-12
1952-04-19@ PHI5W  9-7-9,466Warren SpahnSteve RidzikBert ThielAndy HansenLew Burdette2434-10
1952-04-20@ PHI6L  3-4-0Vern BickfordRobin RobertsRobin RobertsLew Burdette 2738-11
1952-04-20@ PHI7W  2-1-26,011Dave ColeKarl DrewsDave ColeKarl DrewsDick Donovan2939-10
1952-04-22@ BRO8L  1-2-0Max SurkontChris Van CuykChris Van CuykBert Thiel 3041-11
1952-04-22@ BRO9L  1-3-25,002Jim WilsonPreacher RoePreacher RoeJim Wilson 3144-13
1952-04-23@ NY110L  5-9-4,611Gene ConleyRoger BowmanHoyt WilhelmGene ConleyDave Koslo3653-17
1952-04-24@ NY111W  6-3-4,733Warren SpahnMax LanierLew BurdetteDave Koslo 4256-14
1952-04-26vs PHI12L  0-8-1,893 Vern BickfordRobin RobertsRobin RobertsVern Bickford 4264-22
1952-04-29@ PIT13W  5-1-10,008Warren SpahnBob FriendWarren SpahnBob Friend 4765-18
1952-04-30@ PIT14L  5-11-2,861Dave ColeMurry DicksonMurry DicksonDave ColeTed Wilks5276-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-05-01@ CIN15L  6-7-2,497Vern BickfordHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierVern BickfordFrank Smith5883-25
1952-05-02@ CIN16W  2-1-11,050Jim WilsonKen RaffensbergerJim WilsonKen Raffensberger 6084-24
1952-05-03@ CIN17L  1-8-3,682Gene ConleyFrank HillerFrank HillerGene Conley 6192-31
1952-05-04@ SLN18L  3-4-0Warren SpahnGerry StaleyGerry StaleyWarren SpahnAl Brazle6496-32
1952-05-04@ SLN19W  5-1-19,141Max SurkontCliff ChambersMax SurkontCliff ChambersLew Burdette6997-28
1952-05-06@ CHN20L  0-2-5,490Vern BickfordJohnny KlippsteinJohnny KlippsteinVern Bickford 6999-30
1952-05-08@ CHN21W  6-4-2,046Jim WilsonTurk LownJim WilsonTurk LownLew Burdette75103-28
1952-05-10vs NY122L  2-4-5,946 Warren SpahnJim HearnJim HearnWarren Spahn 77107-30
1952-05-13vs PIT23W  3-1-2,831 Vern BickfordHowie PolletVern BickfordHowie Pollet 80108-28
1952-05-14vs PIT24W  4-3-1,105 Max SurkontRed MungerMax SurkontWoody Main 84111-27
1952-05-16vs SLN25W  8-3-7,496 Warren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnVinegar Bend Mizell 92114-22
1952-05-17vs SLN26L  4-5-5,483 Jim WilsonCliff ChambersCliff ChambersJim WilsonAl Brazle96119-23
1952-05-22vs CHN27L  0-3-0 Vern BickfordBob RushBob RushVern Bickford 96122-26
1952-05-22vs CHN28W  5-0-2,544 Warren SpahnJohnny KlippsteinWarren SpahnJohnny Klippstein 101122-21
1952-05-23@ NY129L  3-5-24,812Max SurkontSal MaglieSal MaglieMax Surkont 104127-23
1952-05-24@ NY130L  4-5-13,387Jim WilsonMax LanierHoyt WilhelmJim WilsonDave Koslo108132-24
1952-05-27@ PHI31W  4-2-0Warren SpahnRobin RobertsWarren SpahnKen HeintzelmanLew Burdette112134-22
1952-05-27@ PHI32L  4-5-27,225Vern BickfordCurt SimmonsAndy HansenSheldon Jones 116139-23
1952-05-29@ BRO33L  3-7-0Max SurkontChris Van CuykChris Van CuykMax SurkontJoe Black119146-27
1952-05-30@ BRO34L  4-5-0Jim WilsonPreacher RoeClem LabineJim WilsonJohnny Rutherford123151-28
1952-05-30@ BRO35L  2-11-0Dick DonovanJohnny SchmitzCarl ErskineDick Donovan 125162-37
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-06-01@ CIN36L  0-1-0Vern BickfordKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerVern Bickford 125163-38
1952-06-01@ CIN37W  9-4-10,614Warren SpahnFrank HillerWarren SpahnFrank Hiller 134167-33
1952-06-02@ CIN38W  4-1-4,919Max SurkontBubba ChurchMax SurkontBubba Church 138168-30
1952-06-03@ SLN39W  3-2-6,677Jim WilsonWillard SchmidtJim WilsonWillard Schmidt 141170-29
1952-06-04@ SLN40L  0-6-6,732Dick DonovanCloyd BoyerCloyd BoyerDick Donovan 141176-35
1952-06-05@ SLN41W  8-3-4,974Warren SpahnEddie YuhasWarren SpahnEddie Yuhas 149179-30
1952-06-06@ CHN42L  2-7-7,572Vern BickfordTurk LownTurk LownVern Bickford 151186-35
1952-06-07@ CHN43L  3-9-18,131Max SurkontWarren HackerWarren HackerMax Surkont 154195-41
1952-06-08@ CHN44L  5-7-0Jim WilsonJohnny KlippsteinWillie RamsdellJim Wilson 159202-43
1952-06-08@ CHN45W  7-6-38,514Ernie JohnsonBob RushErnie JohnsonBob RushWarren Spahn166208-42
1952-06-09@ PIT46W  3-2-6,973Jim WilsonBob FriendJim WilsonBob Friend 169210-41
1952-06-10@ PIT47L  5-7-10,934Warren SpahnRon KlineTed WilksWarren Spahn 174217-43
1952-06-11@ PIT48L  0-5-9,415Max SurkontMurry DicksonMurry DicksonMax Surkont 174222-48
1952-06-12@ PIT49W  11-2-3,223Ernie JohnsonJoe MuirLew BurdetteJoe Muir 185224-39
1952-06-13vs CHN50L  0-5-4,976 Vern BickfordBob RushBob RushVern Bickford 185229-44
1952-06-14vs CHN51L  1-3-3,053 Warren SpahnWillie RamsdellJohnny KlippsteinWarren Spahn 186232-46
1952-06-15vs CHN52W  4-1-0 Jim WilsonPaul MinnerJim WilsonPaul Minner 190233-43
1952-06-15vs CHN53W  2-0-9,100 Max SurkontJoe HattenMax SurkontJoe Hatten 192233-41
1952-06-17vs CIN54W  5-1-6,455 Vern BickfordHarry PerkowskiVern BickfordHarry Perkowski 197234-37
1952-06-18vs CIN55L  6-7-0 Lew BurdetteHerm WehmeierHerm WehmeierVirgil JesterFrank Smith203241-38
1952-06-18vs CIN56L  1-3-6,197 Warren SpahnKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerWarren Spahn 204244-40
1952-06-19vs CIN57L  4-7-2,198 Ernie JohnsonBubba ChurchFrank SmithSheldon Jones 208251-43
1952-06-20vs SLN58W  12-7-6,458 Jim WilsonGerry StaleyJim WilsonGerry StaleyWarren Spahn220258-38
1952-06-21vs SLN59L  0-9-3,479 Max SurkontVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellMax Surkont 220267-47
1952-06-22vs SLN60L  2-7-0 Vern BickfordAl BrazleAl BrazleLew Burdette 222274-52
1952-06-22vs SLN61L  2-7-10,026 Warren SpahnHarry BrecheenHarry BrecheenWarren Spahn 224281-57
1952-06-23vs PIT62W  9-3-2,654 Dave ColeBob FriendErnie JohnsonBob Friend 233284-51
1952-06-24vs PIT63W  4-3-3,736 Jim WilsonMurry DicksonJim WilsonMurry Dickson 237287-50
1952-06-25vs PIT64W  5-2-1,414 Max SurkontHowie PolletMax SurkontHowie Pollet 242289-47
1952-06-27@ BRO65L  3-8-16,619Vern BickfordJohnny SchmitzRalph BrancaVern Bickford 245297-52
1952-06-28@ BRO66L  2-4-17,862Warren SpahnChris Van CuykJoe BlackWarren Spahn 247301-54
1952-06-29@ BRO67L  5-6-15,630Jim WilsonPreacher RoeBen WadeLew Burdette 252307-55
1952-06-30vs NY168L  7-8-0 Max SurkontSal MaglieSal MaglieMax SurkontDave Koslo259315-56
1952-06-30vs NY169L  0-4-9,010 Vern BickfordLarry JansenLarry JansenVern Bickford 259319-60
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-07-01vs NY170L  3-6-5,442 Sheldon JonesHal GreggHoyt WilhelmSheldon Jones 262325-63
1952-07-02vs NY171W  2-1-1,923 Warren SpahnMonty KennedyWarren SpahnMonty Kennedy 264326-62
1952-07-03vs PHI72L  0-2-1,232 Jim WilsonCurt SimmonsCurt SimmonsJim Wilson 264328-64
1952-07-04vs PHI73W  2-1-0 Max SurkontKarl DrewsLew BurdetteKarl Drews 266329-63
1952-07-04vs PHI74W  3-2-7,610 Vern BickfordKen HeintzelmanVern BickfordKen Heintzelman 269331-62
1952-07-05vs BRO75L  3-5-13,405 Ernie JohnsonCarl ErskineCarl ErskineErnie Johnson 272336-64
1952-07-06vs BRO76L  2-8-7,218 Warren SpahnBen WadeBen WadeWarren SpahnJoe Black274344-70
1952-07-10@ CIN77L  3-5-9,530Jim WilsonKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerJim Wilson 277349-72
1952-07-11@ CIN78W  6-1-1,771Warren SpahnHerm WehmeierWarren SpahnHerm Wehmeier 283350-67
1952-07-12@ PIT79W  5-2-4,999Vern BickfordBob FriendVern BickfordBob Friend 288352-64
1952-07-13@ PIT80W  4-2-0Max SurkontHarry FisherMax SurkontHarry Fisher 292354-62
1952-07-13@ PIT81W  2-1-12,373Virgil JesterWoody MainVirgil JesterTed Wilks 294355-61
1952-07-15@ CHN82W  10-3-6,694Jim WilsonTurk LownJim WilsonTurk Lown 304358-54
1952-07-16@ CHN83L  2-3-6,899Warren SpahnJohnny KlippsteinDutch LeonardLew Burdette 306361-55
1952-07-17@ CHN84W  1-0-5,963Vern BickfordPaul MinnerVern BickfordPaul Minner 307361-54
1952-07-18@ SLN85L  2-7-8,535Max SurkontHarry BrecheenHarry BrecheenMax Surkont 309368-59
1952-07-19@ SLN86W  6-2-12,833Jim WilsonAl BrazleJim WilsonAl Brazle 315370-55
1952-07-20@ SLN87L  4-8-12,363Warren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellWarren SpahnCliff Chambers319378-59
1952-07-22vs CHN88W  6-4-5,280 Vern BickfordPaul MinnerVern BickfordPaul Minner 325382-57
1952-07-23vs CHN89L  2-6-4,308 Max SurkontBob RushBob RushMax Surkont 327388-61
1952-07-24vs CHN90W  3-1-1,691 Jim WilsonTurk LownJim WilsonTurk LownLew Burdette330389-59
1952-07-25vs PIT91L  2-3-4,126 Warren SpahnMurry DicksonMurry DicksonWarren Spahn 332392-60
1952-07-26vs PIT92L  4-6-2,006 Virgil JesterHowie PolletHowie PolletVirgil Jester 336398-62
1952-07-27vs PIT93W  5-2-0 Vern BickfordCal HogueVern BickfordCal HogueLew Burdette341400-59
1952-07-27vs PIT94W  3-3-3,719 Max SurkontWoody Main 344403-59
1952-07-29vs SLN95L  5-6-6,360 Jim WilsonCliff ChambersAl BrazleLew Burdette 349409-60
1952-07-30vs SLN96W  2-1-5,514 Warren SpahnJoe PreskoWarren SpahnJoe Presko 351410-59
1952-07-31vs SLN97L  3-8-2,543 Vern BickfordVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellVern Bickford 354418-64
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-08-01vs CIN98L  0-2-4,081 Max SurkontKen RaffensbergerKen RaffensbergerMax Surkont 354420-66
1952-08-02vs CIN99L  3-8-1,567 Jim WilsonHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiJim Wilson 357428-71
1952-08-03vs CIN100W  7-4-0 Warren SpahnEwell BlackwellWarren SpahnEwell Blackwell 364432-68
1952-08-03vs CIN101L  0-4-6,091 Virgil JesterBubba ChurchBubba ChurchVirgil Jester 364436-72
1952-08-07vs PHI102L  1-2-0 Vern BickfordRobin RobertsRobin RobertsVern Bickford 365438-73
1952-08-07vs PHI103L  2-10-4,829 Jim WilsonRuss MeyerRuss MeyerJim Wilson 367448-81
1952-08-08vs NY1104W  2-0-4,151 Max SurkontMax LanierMax SurkontMax Lanier 369448-79
1952-08-09vs NY1105W  2-0-3,553 Warren SpahnJim HearnWarren SpahnJim Hearn 371448-77
1952-08-11vs NY1106W  11-10-0 Jim WilsonLarry JansenBob ChipmanMax LanierWarren Spahn382458-76
1952-08-11vs NY1107W  4-2-3,463 Lew BurdetteDave KosloLew BurdetteDave Koslo 386460-74
1952-08-13@ PHI108L  0-3-0Vern BickfordKarl DrewsKarl DrewsVern Bickford 386463-77
1952-08-13@ PHI109W  9-3-11,280Max SurkontCurt SimmonsMax SurkontCurt Simmons 395466-71
1952-08-14@ PHI110L  3-5-3,391Warren SpahnRuss MeyerRuss MeyerWarren Spahn 398471-73
1952-08-15@ NY1111W  4-3-0Jim WilsonLarry JansenErnie JohnsonLarry JansenSheldon Jones402474-72
1952-08-15@ NY1112L  1-3-13,969Lew BurdetteMax LanierMax LanierLew Burdette 403477-74
1952-08-17@ NY1113W  7-3-0Max SurkontJim HearnMax SurkontJim Hearn 410480-70
1952-08-17@ NY1114L  2-4-22,918Warren SpahnDave KosloDave KosloWarren Spahn 412484-72
1952-08-19@ SLN115L  5-7-10,403Jim WilsonGerry StaleyGerry StaleyJim WilsonEddie Yuhas417491-74
1952-08-20@ SLN116L  2-9-8,779Lew BurdetteHarvey HaddixHarvey HaddixLew Burdette 419500-81
1952-08-21@ SLN117L  2-3-7,826Warren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellVinegar Bend MizellWarren Spahn 421503-82
1952-08-22@ CHN118W  4-3-7,883Max SurkontBob KellyMax SurkontBob KellyErnie Johnson425506-81
1952-08-23@ CHN119W  2-1-13,702Jim WilsonBob SchultzJim WilsonBob Schultz 427507-80
1952-08-24@ PIT120L  3-4-0Virgil JesterRon NecciaiRon NecciaiVirgil JesterMurry Dickson430511-81
1952-08-24@ PIT121W  5-3-12,349Lew BurdetteCal HogueLew BurdetteRon Kline 435514-79
1952-08-26@ CIN122W  2-0-4,779Warren SpahnBud PodbielanWarren SpahnBud Podbielan 437514-77
1952-08-27@ CIN123W  12-7-6,066Max SurkontBubba ChurchSheldon JonesHerm Wehmeier 449521-72
1952-08-28@ CIN124L  4-5-2,346Jim WilsonHarry PerkowskiFrank SmithSheldon Jones 453526-73
1952-08-30vs PHI125L  2-4-0 Lew BurdetteKarl DrewsKarl DrewsLew Burdette 455530-75
1952-08-30vs PHI126L  6-8-5,277 Warren SpahnRuss MeyerAndy HansenWarren Spahn 461538-77
1952-08-31vs PHI127W  1-0-0 Virgil JesterSteve RidzikVirgil JesterSteve Ridzik 462538-76
1952-08-31vs PHI128L  0-4-6,920 Max SurkontJim KonstantyJim KonstantyMax Surkont 462542-80
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBSN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1952-09-01vs NY1129L  1-3-0 Jim WilsonMax LanierMax LanierJim Wilson 463545-82
1952-09-01vs NY1130W  5-1-7,253 Ernie JohnsonLarry JansenErnie JohnsonLarry Jansen 468546-78
1952-09-03vs BRO131L  5-6-6,756 Lew BurdettePreacher RoeJoe BlackWarren Spahn 473552-79
1952-09-04vs BRO132W  6-5-0 Max SurkontBilly LoesMax SurkontJoe Black 479557-78
1952-09-05vs BRO133W  3-1-2,749 Jim WilsonKen LehmanJim WilsonKen Lehman 482558-76
1952-09-06@ PHI134L  6-7-0Virgil JesterRobin RobertsRobin RobertsBob Chipman 488565-77
1952-09-06@ PHI135W  3-1-0Ernie JohnsonKarl DrewsErnie JohnsonKarl DrewsLew Burdette491566-75
1952-09-07@ PHI136L  1-2-6,011Lew BurdetteSteve RidzikSteve RidzikLew Burdette 492568-76
1952-09-09vs CIN137W  1-0-0 Warren SpahnJoe NuxhallWarren SpahnJoe Nuxhall 493568-75
1952-09-09vs CIN138L  0-2-3,175 Max SurkontHarry PerkowskiHarry PerkowskiMax Surkont 493570-77
1952-09-10vs CIN139L  5-6-2,147 Jim WilsonFrank HillerFrank SmithLew Burdette 498576-78
1952-09-12vs PIT140L  1-8-0 Virgil JesterBob FriendBob FriendVirgil Jester 499584-85
1952-09-12vs PIT141W  16-0-2,608 Ernie JohnsonRon NecciaiErnie JohnsonRon Necciai 515584-69
1952-09-13vs PIT142W  8-0-1,957 Warren SpahnRon KlineWarren SpahnRon Kline 523584-61
1952-09-14vs CHN143W  1-0-0 Max SurkontJohnny KlippsteinMax SurkontJohnny Klippstein 524584-60
1952-09-14vs CHN144L  2-3-3,482 Jim WilsonBob SchultzBob SchultzJim Wilson 526587-61
1952-09-16vs SLN145L  6-8-0 Warren SpahnVinegar Bend MizellStu MillerWarren SpahnAl Brazle532595-63
1952-09-16vs SLN146L  1-5-5,240 Ernie JohnsonHarry BrecheenHarry BrecheenErnie Johnson 533600-67
1952-09-19vs BRO147L  2-4-2,306 Max SurkontPreacher RoeJim HughesMax SurkontJoe Black535604-69
1952-09-20vs BRO148L  0-1-6,038 Warren SpahnCarl ErskineCarl ErskineWarren Spahn 535605-70
1952-09-21vs BRO149L  2-8-8,822 Jim WilsonJoe BlackJoe BlackJim Wilson 537613-76
1952-09-24@ NY1150L  8-11-0Ernie JohnsonSal MaglieHoyt WilhelmErnie Johnson 545624-79
1952-09-24@ NY1151L  2-8-3,018Warren SpahnDave KosloDave KosloWarren Spahn 547632-85
1952-09-25@ NY1152L  2-3-1,269Lew BurdetteJim HearnHoyt WilhelmLew Burdette 549635-86
1952-09-26@ BRO153L  4-8-1,440Jim WilsonCarl ErskineKen LehmanJim Wilson 553643-90
1952-09-27@ BRO154W  11-3-4,903Virgil JesterJoe BlackVirgil JesterJoe Black 564646-82
1952-09-28@ BRO155L  5-5-9,453Ernie JohnsonRon Negray 569651-82

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